even the diamond ring is forged

Raphael Imagine

I wish I had time to write this in detail, and maybe I will one day. 

But my favorite headcanon for Raph and his s/o is that when he really decides that he is wants to ask them to marry him.

He freaks out. 

All of his self loathing and doubt about being a giant mutant turtle that lives in a sewer of all things come flooding back and for a week he runs off and hides. 

His S/O calls him a few times, then his brother and his s/o, but it really hit him hard when he hears the panicked messages and sobbing that it’s never been about him being a mutant turtle, and that his s/o truly does care and is currently in pain and sacred out of their mind. So he calls them and they talk and he genuinely apologizes. 

He’s run off but never without a reason that the others know about, that someone knows about. 

He spends the night at their house that night and the next day he gets to work. He needs a ring. 

He’s going to do this shit.

But it can’t be any ring. He refuses to steal it, and he absolutely refuses to give them one he found in the sewers. He thought about making one, but the love of his life deserves everything, so he’s going to get those damn jewels.

He tries to think of ways to get the money together, and he can’t so he goes to Donnie, and though he won’t tell Donatello what it’s for they hatch a plan. Too many months later and a LOT of carving, knitting, and forging he’s got a considerable sum. Even Donatello is a little surprised at how much Raph hoarded.

Raph spends every last cent in one go on a silver ring with a large ruby set in the center of a diamond lotus. When April hands it to him a week later, he withdraws again, spending a lot of time staring at the tiny box, flipping the lid open and shut. He’s nervous again. Terrified really.  The ring is one thing but he can’t even offer a proper ceremony, a proper home.

Mikey finds the box. The whole family immediately knows. Donnie and Splinetr smile. Mikey says that if Raph chickens out, he will ask instead.

 Leo puts a hand on his shoulder and tells him that married or not he still has a job to do. 

They laugh together.

Raph pops the question a week later. It’s risky being out on street level, New York never sleeps. But it’s Christmas time again, and the city was ablaze with lights, people and gorgeous displays. It was hard not to resist the pull of it all.

It’s too cold for world famous banana pudding, but Raph, covered head to toe in coats and scarves agrees to wait nearby, his heart beating out of control as he checks his pockets every five seconds. 

They use the rooftops to get to Central Park, he doesn’t set them down till they get to his set destination, Belvedere Castle. Well past visiting hours, he sneaks up to the highest observation floor. His hat comes off and his scarf gets pulled down. Nuzzling their shoulder as they look out over the lake, Raph can’t decide why he even thought his city was beautiful without them in it. He wanted to wait till after they ate, but he couldn’t. He was too nervous. He kisses their cheek as he pulls away…. 

..and drops to one knee. 

The pudding falls. Raph catches it with his other hand out of reflex. 

But with both hands full, he can’t catch the love of his life; the force of the hug sends them all sprawling back into the snow. 

A few heated kisses later, he remembers the ring.

athingor3  asked:

I'm Supercat trash. God help me. I need fluffy & sexy. Cat figures out Kara is Supergirl after they've been dating a bit and then complains in her Cat way that Kara has never carried her to bed.


Kara flinched, watching the calculated triumph blossom in Cat Grant’s expression. The media mogul raised a finger to point at Kara. “You’ve been holding out on me, Krypto-girl.”

“Cat,” Kara whined, tossing herself down on the couch to wait out the Cat Grant storm.  

She had finally messed up, flying back to Cat’s apartment without changing from her supersuit. She had just been so exhausted fighting aliens all night, while running around at CatCo all morning. She just wanted to snuggle up in bed with her girlfriend and ignore everything for the next few days. That was until she hadn’t thought and flew straight in through the open balcony doors, strode over to Cat, and kissed her lightly on the lips. Cat’s eyes had grown almost comically wide.

“How long did you think you could keep this from me?” Cat accused, hands on her hips. Her gaze was piercing, making Kara’s skin crawl with its accusations.

Kara sat up, gesturing for Cat to join her on the couch. Cat glared at her a few moments longer, before sighing and giving in. She sat a good foot from Kara. Kara rolled her eyes, moving closer so she could take Cat’s hands.

“I’m sorry, Cat. I should have told you sooner,” Kara admitted.

“You’re damn right, you should have. When were you planning on telling me? How far would we have to get in this relationship before you’d include me in this? Our wedding?” Cat snapped, eyes averted to the coffee table as though she couldn’t bare to look Kara in the face.

Kara’s thumb froze on its journey across Cat’s knuckles. In fact, her whole body seemed stuck on those words. “Would you-I mean…wedding?”

Cat sighed, loudly and dramatically. “I supposed that one day that would be up for discussion. Was I incorrect?”

Though she said the words in a nonchalant manner, Kara could see the hurt swirling in her green eyes. Of course Kara had thought of marrying Cat. She wanted nothing more than to live the rest of her life with the woman in front of her, but never in her wildest dreams did she imagine the other woman felt the same.

Reaching out, she placed gentle kisses to each of Cat’s knuckles. “Of course, I want to marry you someday, Cat Grant. I’ve even got the…”

She trailed off her eyes going wide. She had not meant to bring up the ring sitting in the top drawer of her dresser back at her apartment, the ring which was made from metal taken from her ship, with diamonds she forged with her heat vision and small chunks of blue kryptonite. She had hoped to one day give it to Cat, not that Cat needed to know that right now.

“Even got what?” Cat said, smirking at the flustered look on Kara’s face.

“Nothing,” Kara squeaked.

“Mhmm,” Cat hummed, eyes narrowing as they studied the blushing Krytonian’s face.

“Cat, I love you,” Kara said, diverting her attention. Cat smiled genuinely at the words, only perhaps the third time she had ever said them. “I was planning on telling you soon. Honest. I just…I didn’t want you to get hurt.”

Cat sighed again, taking Kara’s face into her hands. “You and your outrageous sense of duty and honor. I can handle it, and I know that were anything to threaten me, you’d laser them into the next galaxy.”

Kara didn’t have a chance to agree as Cat kissed her. Her head swam as the rather chaste kissed melted into heat and tongue and teeth. Soon Kara found Cat straddling her, skirt pushed up high on her hips. Kara’s hands gripped Cat’s bare thighs as she ground down into the superhero. Cat pressed her against the couch, mouth traveling from Kara’s lips down her jawline to nibble at her ear.

“All this time I’ve been so afraid you’ll break,” she whispered, hot breath against Kara’s ear sending shivers down her spine, “And you turn out bullet proof.”

Her teeth found Kara’s pulse point, and bit down hard. If Kara had been human, there would have been blood, but as it were, Kara only felt pleasure shoot through her system. So all this time, Cat liked it rough. Kara felt a jolt of pleasure course through her at the thought.

“All these muscles,” Cat continued, her nails and tongue following separate pathways along Kara’s body, making Kara’s muscles ripple beneath her skin. “Could have been put to so much better use.”

“Oh?” Kara said breathlessly, “How so?”

Cat drew back, running a finger along Kara’s jaw to bring her attention right to Cat. “You’re a bright girl. Figure it out.”

Kara’s arms tightened around Cat’s waist as she stood up. Cat’s legs wrapped tightly around Kara, arms snaking around her neck. “Is this what you want, Cat? You want me to carry you to bed?”

Another open mouth kiss lead to a few moments of feeling each other up, before Cat drew back and answered. “It’s a good start.”