even the caption is a pun

I took a nap earlier and had a dream where Trump started having celebrities and press critical of him killed and used as materials for the border wall and Ben Garrison drew a cartoon of like Beyonce’s face on a brick being added on the wall by a whistling Bob the Builder Trump and the caption was ‘All in All you’re just another Cuck in the wall’ and I woke up not from the brutality of what was happening but the sheer frustration of this political cartoon existing because that wasn’t even a pun

JNPR Headcanons (sorry, it's long)

•It’s obvious that Ren & Nora, and Jaune & Pyrrha are besties. But Ren & Jaune are bros while Nora & Pyrrha are like sisters

•Actually, the team is one family

•Edit: Everyone on this show has their own inner demons just like we do. They’re not perfect and they struggle with their own issues, team JNPR especially
-Jaune really cares about what others think of him and works so hard to be a hero and lovable and kind
-Nora is sort of the same way only her anxiety manifests itself as constantly moving and babbling. She really tries not to come off as a pest (& she isn’t) bc she doesn’t want anymore people leaving her (bc they always do). Sometimes the words of others effect her more than she let’s on (which leads to issues w/ her & Ren later in their relationship)
-Pyrrha cares more about people seeing her for who she really is. She not a trophy that’s won. She’s not a centerpiece. She’s Pyrrha
-Ren doesn’t really try to be more sociable. He knows that his quietness comes off as being shy, but those who know him know that he simply doesn’t have much to say. He does make his opinions known, though, and when he speaks more, you know that he thinks you’re trustworthy. His main issue is talking about what’s wrong. He gets so silent when he’s upset or angry. The only person that can crack him is his best friend.

•Jaune & Ren take turns being the dad (Jaune is Daddy Jaune in battle, Ren is Daddy Ren any other time)

•Pyrrha is mommy all the time

•When Jaune sees Nora, he thinks of one of his younger sisters & it makes him feel a bit less homesick

•Nora loves getting the team to do crazy shit like JNPR tattoos, sky diving, & swimming w/ Grimm sharks

•Speaking of tats
-They all have a JNPR tat with juniper berries & one of their emblem
-Nora has lighting bolts, boop, & a syrup bottle
-Jaune has a heart with ‘Arc Family’ on it
-Ren has the date of the attack on his village & Nora’s emblem
-Pyrrha has ‘Destiny’ written in a flower and her kids names

•As stated before, Nora & Pyrrha’s periods sync up and their boys handle it well

•Jaune bc he has sisters who go through the same thing & Ren bc he’s been with Nora forever

•Nora likes cuddles, heat, massages, sleep, & food during that time. She’s actually kind of of quiet during that time & a little more mopey

•Pyrrha is very irritable during that time and enjoys solitude unless she’s w/ Nora

•Birds of a feather suffer together

•The dress Jaune wore is actually Coco’s

•Bets get insane, esp when RWBY, CVFY, & SSSN are involved

•They do tons of partner sparring, but they love team sparring (every man for themselves)

•Nora & Pyrrha are the most well rounded with everyone else’s weapons, Ren coming after, & Jaune is last

•Pyrrha is the first awake to run, Nora gets up no later than 7 every morning, Jaune trudges along, Ren sleeps in bc fuck mornings

•They do team studying a lot which entails quizzes with candy for those who get questions right and punishment for getting it wrong

•It’s the only way Jaune or Nora will study for anything

•Jaune & Nora aren’t dumb. Jaune genuinely doesn’t get it sometimes and gets bored in class. Nora is smart, but lazy

•Pyrrha’s favorite class is Port’s. His lectures are interesting

•Jaune’s favorite class is… probably none… he’s not doing well in any right now…

•Nora’s favorite classes are Oobleck’s (watching him zip around is fun), Peach’s (science and explosions), Goodwitch’s (fighting), & her math class

•She’s a wiz at math

•Ren enjoys Port’s and Goodwitch’s classes

•They have a system where they copy Pyrrha’s notes if they miss something (they’re detailed af)

•Pyrrha is easily scared and reacts a little violently (punching shit) and she doesn’t do supernatural shit ever

•Edit: they’re all pretty chill about hanging around the dorm in undies and bras (it took Jaune some time, though)

•Jaune & Nora are DC fans. Ren & Pyrrha are Marvel fans. All enjoy X-ray and Vav

•They totally go to comic cons, cosplay, & gaming conventions together. You cannot tell me otherwise

•Passing the aux chord isn’t normally an issue until someone (Nora and Jaune) starts playing showtunes & rapping to Hamilton

•Ren is the only one who appreciates Yang’s puns

•Jaune & Ren are skilled cooks and normally don’t allow Pyrrha or Nora to help, but they do sometimes cut veggies and stir (Nora, stop adding spices right now! Pyrrha, do you even know what oregano is?)

•Jaune loves dead memes & is still raving about deez nuts & Harambe

•The group chat on ChatSnap is a total mess & any important info gets burried under memes, selfies, and videos
-Nora’s CS is mostly pictures of her team & friends
-Ren’s is filled with professional photos w/ some deep caption
-Pyrrha’s is clumsily trying to figure what she’s doing
-Jaune has awkward selfies & recordings of Pyrrha when she’s off guard

-Nora isn’t as bad as Yang or Qrow, but she’s no saint with cursing
-Ren doesn’t curse… out loud
-Jaune doesn’t unless he’s irritated
-You’d have to really push Pyrrha past her breaking point to get her to say fuck

•Edit: they totally have a naughty jar for swearing & making inappropriate jokes

•Edit: Nora is the go to person for charging scrolls, but is also the person to break them

•Edit: I like to think that she could be a defibrillator

•They often spend holiday break with Jaune’s family

•Ren, Nora, & Pyrrha have practically been adopted into the family

•Jaune’s older sisters work hard to get them all paired together-together

•If Pyrrha gets hurt, Jaune is worried but he’s not freaking out. He knows she can handle herself

•If Nora is hurt, Ren cannot focus & goes on a killing spree

•Jaune & Ren’s bro time is spent cooking, watching anime, or just talking

•They went to the doubles round during their 2nd year at Beacon
-Nora & Pyr the first year

•They mostly enjoy video games!
-Jaune is more into games like Myth of Welda, Remnant Bound, Underneath Remnant tale (totally uncreative), & trivia games
-Pyrrha likes the games at the arcade where you shoot stuff & party games (Xario Cart, Xario Partee, and Xario and Tonic at the Extremely Hard & Profesional Games)
-Nora likes anything violent (esp GTA)
-Ren doesn’t play very often, but is a God at rhythm/dance games (with Nora, those two are unbeatable & always get a perfect score)

-Nora is energetic, a little destructive after a few, & cannot hold her liquor
-Pyrrha is seductive af, but she rarely gets that far. Only once or twice
-Jaune is sleepier & clingy
-Ren very rarely drinks & can hold it exceedingly well

•Team bonding is normally spent watching a movie with pizza and cookies, bowling, arcades, or going out to dinner

•All team activities are classified as a double date when they’re dating

•Renora dated first, then Arkos

•There was a brief period where Nora actually broke up with Ren & Pyrrha was with her while Ren was with Jaune until they figured things out (I may write something on it later)

•However, it was Arkos that got married first

•The team are maids of honor & best men at each other’s weddings

•Pyrrha laced her bouquet with metal to control where it landed after she threw it (Nora “caught” it) -Ren proposed soon after in a quieter place

•If the couples argue, one normally goes to the other couple’s house to vent and cool down before going home

•Renora had 3 kids: Kensley, Ming, & Iman (adopted)

•Arkos had twins Louise & Eros

•Before the kids came, they went on team missions very often. After they’re all out of the house, they start again

•They also go on partner missions & swap who goes with who each time (Jaune/Nora, Ren/Pyrrha, couples, guys, girls)

•They often go on family vacations together & celebrate holidays because they’re one big family

•Pyrrha & Nora retire to teach at Signal

•Jaune & Ren join them soon afterwards

oKAY BUT imagine alec’s first Pride like aaa
  • everyone at the institute Knows because he keeps bringing it up in every single convo and they have inside jokes abt it
  • “did you hear alec today at the briefing” “yea lol he only mentioned pride like ten times” “i think it was a record”
  • he’s super excited because he’s finally allowed to feel happy about who he is and who he loves and he can’t wait to be able to show it to Everyone
  • izzy and jace (and everyone else) being supportive and excited for him
  • the weeks drag on and alec’s planning every detail about the day just to be sure nothing goes wrong
  • finally it’s The Day and alec wakes up too early bc he can’t wait
  • magnus makes him paint rainbow flags on his cheeks and he’s grumpy but actually thinks they’re super cute
  • he paints magnus’ nails w/ bi colours (bc he’s painted izzy’s nails before he’s rly good at it)
  • they hold hands the entire march and alec is grinning so hard his face feels like it might split
  • magnus giving him these knowing Looks and smiling and being so glad to see alec so happy
  • alec excitedly pointing out different flags and pins and shit and thinking all the puns are rly clever and creative and he loves them
  • alec buying pins for himself and it feels like a quiet rebellion against the stuck up people at clave
  • alec taking pictures of different sapphic signs and sending them to izzy like “look it’s u”
  • and sending jace bi memes with captions like “so sad you’re there all bi yourself, wish u were here”
  • alec feeling like he Belongs for the first time in his life, like he’s finally where he’s supposed to be
  • that spark not really leaving even after they go home and it’s dusk and everything’s settling down
  • alec sitting down with magnus and just talking and feeling content and it’s all sweet and domestic
  • just. alec feeling accepted and accepting himself and being content :’))
  • i want to cry

Image caption: - Do you ever get enough sleep?
- Spilling? Where to am I spilling out?*

Pun: Высыпаться - to have enough sleep, from спать - to sleep;
Высыпаться - to spill out, to pour, from сыпать - to spill, to pour.

It’s a pure accident that these two verbs look alike in the imperfective aspect, but this makes the joke even funnier :)

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Magnus introduces Alec to snapchat and Alec is so weirded out by the filters at first but then he gets the hang of it and always sends Magnus videos of him with different filters and cheesy romantic puns like the deer one he'll send him kinda like bobbing his head even tho there's no music and then he starts laughing at himself but the caption says "You are so DEER to me"

LISTEN TO ME OH MY GOD ALEC ABSOLUTELY LOVES SNAPCHAT!! he 100% has like a 200 day steak with magnus bc he literally never stops snapping him, like he’ll send him a pic with the bee filter and say “will you bee my date tonight?” or the deer thing you said or the one that sometimes pops up with the planets flying and he’ll be like “i think we have chemistry don’t you?” and then wink really badly bc let’s face it, alec can’t wink, and then magnus will just snap back a selfie of him laughing with the filter and the caption says “you idiot planets are astronomy” and then also alec would see the videos of that girl that keeps using that square face snapchat filter and saying a bunch of cringy pickup lines to that guy Steven and he would get highkey obsessed with her and every time that filter would come back he’d get super excited and wouldn’t even care if they were in public like he’d literally just start snapping while they’re hanging out with everyone and he’d just yell out “MAAAGNUSSS” “wha- oh no alec please don’t-” “i might not go down in history, but i’ll go down on you” and everyone would just be like ALEC NO and he’d just laugh and be like ALEC YES and magnus would just shake his head bc his boyfriend is an idiot and simon really needs to stop showing him dumb videos bc he gets way too attached and yeah basically i love the idea of alec using snapchat you get the idea

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Hi! I really love your art and the fact that you post so often is amazing. How do you manage to keep being inspired and draw so much? I try to draw as much as I can that but my family situation doesn't allow me to stay chill more that, lmao, a couple of hours a day basically.

Oh hey!! Thank you so much, I’m glad you like my stuff!

It probably doesn’t show but I struggle a lot with posting on this blog often. I get ‘inspired’ to draw the most after brainstorming with my pals. We think about situations that would be funny with certain characters, puns and all that stuff. Even the captions! A good slice of the drawings I post have some kind of input from someone else, and that can really make you feel more invested in what you’re doing!

I find it nearly impossible to just…draw a character without having in mind what I wanna do so honestly I’d really recommend talking with friends about ideas.
They don’t have to be great, they can even be plain like:
“Sasuke can’t open water bottles in the ending because no arm” or “Lapis hugging people with her wings” and so on. And with a list of things you wanna draw you’ll never run out of ideas!

Draw Your OTP/Squad bases also are fun when you’re feeling completely uninspired.

Having a blog is good to keep you motivated in updating it but don’t let it become a chore! It’s ok if you don’t post for weeks, I do that too.

Regarding my family situation, while I prefer not to talk about it in detail atm, I don’t have a supportive family when it comes to my ambitions and what I wanna do in life, however these tips also help me going through that!

Good luck!

21st century headcanons: les amis and social media

enjolras somehow manages to turn every social media platform into an opportunity for angry political rants (”enjolras, you know people don’t usually use their snapchat story for posting long critiques of the gender binary right?” “yes, so?” “just checking”). but he also posts a lot of candids of his friends with soppy captions that surprise people who don’t know him very well. 

combeferre uses facebook a lot but never really to write statuses - he just shares loads of articles and photos and stuff that interests him. his snapchat story is always full of photos of plants and insects - with the proper latin names as the captions - and group selfies, so many group selfies.

grantaire is really into memes, obviously - his fave is pepe, followed by the breadsticks meme. also he has a ‘secret’ side tumblr where where he posts lots of his art, mostly digital paintings of the amis (he’s really shy about it so they pretend not to know it exists but actually most of them check it at least twice a week for new pictures)

courfeyrac considers it his sworn duty to like/favourite/retweet/reblog every single selfie any of his friends ever post, and does so with impressive efficiency (”seriously courf i posted that like 30 seconds ago that’s impressive even for you” “you’re welcome”). he probably owns a selfie stick.

feuilly he really likes photography, and he’s also really good at it; his tumblr is a mixture of his two fav things to photograph: beautiful cityscapes and portraits of his friends, which are always super cute and well composed - like 90% of les amis’ profile pictures have been taken by feuilly. also he’s super into 8tracks and posts new mixes at least twice a week (he always makes mix CDs for peoples birthdays instead of cards)

joly he’s everybody’s best friend on snapchat because he sends all of them like 20 snapchats a day of random things that made him think of them (he does this even when they’re all together in the same room). he really really loves emojis, so half the time he’ll reply to messages with just a series of emojis that the recipient has to decode.

bousset his instagram feed consists entirely of loads of selfies with joly and musichetta on instagram with dorky inside jokes or puns as the captions. he and joly and grantaire have a vine account which is just them doing ridiculous stuff but somehow got really popular (they are now officially banned from vining during meetings because things got out of hand) - gavroche is their number one fan.

jehan they have like four different tumblrs all for different things: one where they post their own poetry and photos they’ve taken of the sky, a personal one that’s mostly just selfies and shitposting, a fandom blog, and one of those weird aesthetic blogs that just posts photos of plastic bags and smashed up plates and shit. also their snapchat story is always like 800 seconds long.

bahorel posts OOTDs on instagram like, every single day (feuilly usually takes them for him) and if he thinks one of his friends is looking particularly good one day he’ll post pictures of them too - it’s usually musichetta or cosette or jehan. constantly getting into arguments with people on social justice facebook groups, but he’s super good at debating so he usually wins. also, he snapchats the rest of les amis literally every time he ever sees a cat. 

musichetta she posted some selfies that got hundreds of thousands of notes on tumblr one time and then sort of accidentally became kinda tumblr famous, which she finds hilarious. she gets lots of questions from young girls about sexuality and body image and stuff and lovingly answers every single one. 

eponine runs a blog where she posts feminist critique of films and tv shows - chetta and cosette both write guest posts for her every now and again. she doesn’t have many photos of herself as a child so she makes a point of posting loads and loads of photos of gavroche and azelma on facebook and instagram. also her tumblr is unapologetically hipster af 

marius he uses old-style emoticons with noses like this :-) (everybody teases him about it but they actually find it really cute) and is really bad at remembering what abbreviations mean so courf usually has to remind him. he’s always the one who uploads photo albums to facebook after parties and stuff, always with a funny thing somebody said as the album title.

cosette she has a youtube account for videos of her singing (marius shares every one she ever posts, naturally, and valjean made her teach him how to use youtube so he could watch and like them all). she’s also super into tumblr astrology - she’ll constantly text everybody to inform them what kind of pasta or whatever they are according to their sign.

I really wanted this caption to be like some sort of clever pun but for some reason the phrase “Gravy Falls” keeps replaying in my head it’s not even clever fuck, so have that for now also I never draw Dipper even though I adore him so uh yeah I’ll end the description here.


I’ve spent the past 2 days scrambling to finish off my new designs but they’re finally on sale in my Etsy shop (FloraPatch)!

I’m really proud of these new ones (and there are even more none pink ones in my shop if pink’s not your colour)

Aaaaand please don’t remove my caption :)

Take Hold of Me

There seems to be an abundance of Maya grabbing hold of Lucas’s shirt and jerking him to her lately, so this little scenario was born.

Riley asks to be evened up.

“…and he said if he caught him chewing gum in his class again, he’d put fliers up all over school with Trevor’s picture on them and a caption, saying ‘I can’t stop chewing gum in class no matter how many times I get chewed out about it’.”

There was laughter and a few groans at the awful pun when Riley got through with the story. She and her five friends were gathered around the coffee table in their usual spot at Topanga’s, where they were taking a break from doing their homework.

“That sounds like Kellerman,” Maya responded. “He’s always making the corniest jokes. Doesn’t he know everybody would probably laugh at him more than they would Trevor if he did something like that?”

“I don’t know. Trevor would probably take a little heat on it too,” Lucas disagreed. “I know I wouldn’t want to get ragged on for having my picture up all over school on some goofy flier like that.”

“Speaking of fliers,” Zay spoke up, changing the subject. “Did you guys see the ones they put up today about the school talent show?”

“I did,” Smackle answered, as several others nodded. “Were you thinking about entering, Zay?”

“I am, actually. Thought I might show ‘em some of my killer dance moves.” Grinning, he moved his torso and arms to a silent beat in a smooth display of those ‘moves’ from his chair. ”Maybe do something classical, mix in a little freestyle…” he suggested, still moving his hands, and the others gave murmurs of approval at his idea. “I don’t suppose any of you would want to join me so I don’t have to get up there and and go solo would you?”

“Get up on stage and dance in front of the whole school? No thanks,” Farkle said in immediate rejection. Dancing goofily at a school dance was one thing, but putting himself in the spotlight while doing it wasn’t anything he had a desire to do.

“Unfortunately, dance has never been a pursuit that I’ve had an affinity for, so I, too, must say no,” Smackle added apologetically.

When Zay’s gaze went to the trio sitting on the orange chairs, as the only ones left, Lucas snorted and shook his head. “You already know you don’t want me up there with you. You’ve always said I look like one of those giant windsock things when I dance. I’d rather not have the whole entire school saying that about me too,” he said wryly. “Face it, man, you’re kinda out of luck here. The only ones of us who could even hope to keep up with you when you dance are these two.” He gestured with his thumbs to the girls sitting on either side of him. And he wasn’t just being generous by including Riley in the estimation. Her coordination really had improved after working with Coach Kelly and the squad the previous year. Her innate lack of grace was still kind of an issue, but she did alright.

“But Riley’s moves are more of the cheerleader variety. And good luck getting this one to do anything like a school talent show.” His lips were twisted in a smirk as he directed the last part at Maya.

She immediately took offense and grabbed him by the front of his shirt to jerk him towards her until he was only inches from her face. “You sayin’ I don’t have any talent, Ranger Rick?”

Riley watched as their shared ‘boyfriend’ allowed himself to be pulled into her best friend’s personal space. All she could see was his back and Maya’s face over his shoulder, but that was enough for Riley to tell that in spite of her best attempts at intimidation, Lucas’s shoulders were relaxed when he lifted his hands in surrender and spoke to her placatingly.

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What in the fuckery is Cat-pturing? They teach her how to invent words in that fancy boarding school? Go home Cortese you're drunk.

At first I had no idea what she was talking about! I couldn’t figure that word out until the context of the picture and the caption came together in my mind. She was trying to make a pun, a horrible pun but a pun never the less. Cat-pturning doesn’t even make any sense! She couldn’t go with old faithful, purr-fect? She had to go off in her own world and create a pun that would confuse an English professor. FYI, she was trying to make capturing and cat (because of the shoes) one word, it did not work.

I think you’re onto something, nonnie! From now on when she makes a post, it’s obvious she’s posting now and not having one of her minions do it, we’ll just assume she’s had a drink or two. I’d say half of her captions make absolutely no sense and the other half sound like they’re out of a textbook. So when the captions make our heads turn, like today’s post, we’ll just assume Gen made the post and had a glass of wine beforehand. When the captions sound like they’re out of a textbook, like the coconut oil caption, we’ll assume one of her minions took over the instagram for the day. 

At least now we have a game plan!

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Romance is all fine and good, but what about just being friends with the OW crew? How about some friendship headcanons for McCree, Hanzo, Genji?


  • McCree’s friendship is a place to come home to
  • You can go days or weeks without talking to him, both of you doing your own thing, and when you reunite it’s always as familiar as if he just stepped out for a quick smoke

  • There’s rarely any awkwardness with Jesse, he’s hard to offend and quick to forgive. That isn’t to say he’s a pushover, but it takes some effort to really make him mad

  • For him friendship lies in the quiet moments, those times when there’s nothing to do but spend time with those you care about. Sharing in a daring gunfight, jumping on moving trains, risking your lives for each other, that’s when you become kin, but he’s glad just to have people with whom he can watch a TV show or trade funny anecdotes

  • Not much for high speed activities. He’ll steal the horse with you but he’d prefer not having to ride it. It wasn’t always like this. As a young man only the likes of Lena and Fareeha could keep up with him, but these days he lives for the lazy dog days


  • in his younger years friendship is all about (friendly) competition. Who gets the better grades, who wins more often during your chosen sports, who has the most extracurriculars. Hanzo is fiercely competitive. He may not be the kind to shove seven hotdogs into his mouth because you double-dared him, but he’ll insist it isn’t because of any lack of ability but because it’s disgraceful
  • Even when he gets older that side of him shows occasionally. It’s more subtle but he tries to best you in training and that’s how you’ll know he cares about what you think and do.
  • It’s up to you too initiate anythinng though. He’s both too proud and too awkward to actually ask you to spend time together
  • Tends to put his foot in his mouth a lot. He doesn’t mean to be rude but often it comes out like it anyway.
  • But he’s quietly observant too. He notices what you like to drink in the mornings and prepares a cup for you along with his coffee (contrary to popular belief Hanzo does in fact drink coffee, although only in the mornings. He can’t function without.)
  • You can talk for hours. It will start with something simple, an article he’s read on the internet, something Winston said earlier and before you know it you’re deep in conversation, comparing facts, points and opinions. He’s stubborn and sometimes hard to disabuse from an opinion he’s formed but if you show you’re willing to change your mind then he will generally return that favour.


  • You know that thing about stealing horses with McCree? Genji passes by the horses and instead steals cars and challenges you to impromptu street races. 
  • (metaphorically. Mostly.)

  • He’s mellowed out with age and enlightenment but even so being friends with him means being on your feet a lot. If there’s an event in town Genji will go to it and will usually try to drag everyone else along.

  • It’s hard to get some one on one time with him. Most of your time together is spend in groups, although he has a knack for making everyone feel like he came out only for them.

  • Sends you at least half a dozen texts each day with heavily edited pictures of random things he saw. Jack sleeping, a squirrel in a tree, lettered coffee mugs in a store that he arranged to spell f u c k.

  • They’re usually captioned with lame puns.

  • Ah yes, the puns. So. Many. Puns. It doesn’t help that thanks to his extensive education paid for by his family he’s fluent in about five languages and pun-savvy in six more. He can make a pun from everything

  • Prank wars too. They don’t happen often but when they do they’re devastating. The worst part is how he manages to drag even the most innocent bystanders into it. You quickly learn that under Genji’s guidance Zenyatta has a vicious streak.

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what social media do you see each of the boys using most/having the biggest following on? also i hope your day is going well!!!!

Ah, thank you! I hope your day or night is going well too!!


  • his most popular social media sites are Facebook and Instagram, because they’re very public, and his fame and popularity gets him many friends/followers
  • his Facebook is very professional and volleyball-centric, although with a lot of pictures that he’s tagged in of him posing with people (friends, fans, etc), he’s not especially active on it
  • his Instagram is a little more personal, with like, gym selfies, pictures of meals he’s made/is having at restaurants, nice scenic pictures, general selfies, lots of flower and neighbourhood cat pictures, cute new clothes he’s bought, etc. Very cutesy captions with a few emojis and a tasteful amount of tags. It’s all very #aesthetic, and a carefully curated gallery that provides a very flattering picture of him (and, frankly, anyone else he associates with in the pictures)
  • his snapchat would probably give you the most unfiltered, unedited idea of who he is, but it’s the most private, only his teammates and some friends from other teams have him on snapchat
  • it’s all about Iwa-chan… like, two times out of ten it’s a joke, but most of the time it’s just the mundane shit the two of them do every day (“Iwa-chan & I saw neighbour’s cat again!!”, with a pic of Iwa-chan greeting the neighbour’s cat, or “Iwa-chan & I got popsicles!!! Yay!!” with a picture of them holding popsicles)
  • he probably tried to start a cute aesthetic blog, in the same vein as Instagram, but kept getting drawn in by alien conspiracy shit that was not at all #aesthetic… he deleted… he didn’t need that kind of temptation in his life


  • Oikawa made him get an Instagram account, for the sole purpose of liking all of his pictures (“Don’t you get enough likes?” “But I need to know that you liked it Iwa-chan!”), and there aren’t any pictures on it… yet
  • kind of an old man when it comes to social media… he’s like bah, what a waste of my time! (and I mean really, what in his life does he need to take pictures of that Oikawa hasn’t already taken five pictures of from different angles?)
  • he has a Facebook, but it’s only to keep in touch with relatives that never visit, and any status updates or pictures he posts are always full of comments from elderly grannies and aunties (“Oh! Is that dear little Tooru, what a handsome young man he is now… you both are of course… give your mother my love…” etc)


  • wishes he had as many Instagram followers as Oikawa (he still has a fair few)
  • a similar sort of content as Oikawa, but more outfit of the day pics, city and train station pictures, and fancy restaurant food
  • although the images themselves are as carefully selected as Oikawa’s, a lot of Makki’s captions are like dumb inside jokes or an ironically ludicrous amount of long non-existent tags
  • it makes him seem like he doesn’t take himself so seriously, but he does. he looks great, why shouldn’t he. but he doesn’t want people thinking that… he’s just a laidback guy… he’s not. he looks great, why-
  • fairly active on Facebook too, although it’s mostly just sharing what he posted on Instagram and digging up people’s embarrassing posts from 2008 and 2011 by commenting on them (Oikawa hates that. hates it!!!! fuck off Makki!!!!!!!!)
  • after Kunimi, he uses snapchat the most… it’s all jokes and mocking though, not this mundane nonsense Oikawa snaps about


  • not especially active anywhere… he just forgets to check until Makki or Oikawa calls him up like why haven’t you been liking my Insta posts????
  • similar to Iwaizumi, he made an Instagram account just for liking Makki and Oikawa’s posts (he had double the pressure), but he actually posts some things on it, mostly of flowers in his mum’s shop, but sometimes of Kunimi’s cat, and the captions are like museum labels or something “Creamsicle, ginger Maine Coon, sat on the sofa.”
  • helps Makki make fun of people’s old Facebook posts
  • his snapchat is the same as his Instagram, but with a few more shots of teammates (his are less mocking more mundane, like Oikawa’s)


  • has more important thing to be doing (no, he doesn’t, he just doesn’t have any friends)
  • even if he somehow gets popular in third year, he probably still won’t see the appeal
  • like, we probably all know that one person with absolutely no social media presence
  • that’s Kyoutani
  • he secretly has a dog blog, you know the ones that make it seem like the dog is the one running the blog, and he posts pictures of his dog (”This is me in the park!”) and makes posts about her walks and reblogs pictures of sausages because Princess loves them 


  • Oikawa got him into Instagram… there are so many good dog photos to like
  • he has a Facebook account too, but like Instagram, he just likes other people’s things, but doesn’t have much activity himself
  • there are a couple pictures of him on Facebook that Watari tagged him in, of them cooking or out and about on the town and such
  • has a snapchat… just sends snaps of good looking dogs to Watari for now, but I’m sure he’ll send them to Kyoutani too when they get on better


  • very busy on Facebook, posting pictures and sharing cute cooking and baking videos, amongst other things
  • has an Instagram too, although he’s a little less active there, but has a fair number of followers, he mostly posts pictures of food he’s prepared or pictures of his cat
  • sends snaps with bad puns or other bad jokes as the caption, with some related pic as the image


  • like Kyoutani, Kindaichi has a very small social media presence
  • he has a Facebook account but that’s about it, and he mostly just leaves granny comments on everybody’s posts (alternatively, just comments about how cool the person/the picture/the post is)
  • doesn’t even have a snapchat to enjoy the team’s snaps…


  • very active with the snapchat, there is never a time when is he not taking snaps of his teammates doing foolish things with clever captions, or his teammates just doing the same dumb shit they always do with clever captions
  • he only has other teammates on snapchat though… he wouldn’t make fun of them outside of the team, that’d just be cruel
  • can’t be bothered with anything else, even though Oikawa and Makki are trying to make him get on Instagram, because he takes really good pictures when he’s not just ridiculing his teammates!! (they also want him to like their pictures, but Kunimi is not such a softie as Iwa-chan and Matsun)