even the cameo parts are cool

the eileen involvement this season has been great and i’m happy because she’s not just my favorite female character she’s also my favorite in the entire show, but i’m also a little sad that the attention has pretty much shifted all to her more than any other females. the only big thing margaret did after getting involved in the love triangle was get her own episode, local news legend, which was awesome and even ended sort of cliff-hangery but they never followed up on it. and after giving her all that development in seasons 5 and 6 cj only made a brief cameo in season 7, she hasn’t been involved in the show since she broke up with mordecai. starla even moved in with muscle man when they got married but we only saw that like once or twice and the show never went anywhere with it.
so yeah it’s cool that eileen has come so far and has spent season 8 as her own individual character (now even officially part of the main cast) who’s not just tied to rigby because of their relationship, but i just wish we could’ve seen the same from margaret or cj, or starla to a slightly lesser degree. we haven’t even seen any of them since the first minute of s8, since they’re back on earth. i still think it wouldve been amazing if they had done one episode on earth for every few in space, like madeline queripel’s comics, where she shows margaret writing letters to eileen about how she’s doing (cj and starla have even appeared in them!).
plus i sort of miss back in earlier seasons where margaret and eileen were a duo. their friendship was and still is the realest. ;__;