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“I have no knowledge of babies” - Sherlock Holmes x Reader

#9. Shopping for baby supplies. Yay some more Sherlock ! I fucking love that show…anyway, I really hope Sherlock isn’t OOC, I really tried to make it as in character as possible…AS USUAL, ANY FEEDBACK IS WELCOME :DI really hope you guys will like it : 

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Before meeting you, Sherlock never thought about having children. 

Hell, he never even thought about having sex at all ! It just wasn’t something that ever interested him. He always pegged such activities as a big waste of time, utterly useless. And yet, when he met you, all of his strong beliefs in the subject shattered. He already felt very strange when he met “the woman”, Irene Adler, but you ? Oh it was something else. 

For starter, you were way smarter than Irene, and that was saying a lot. You often found solutions to problems before Sherlock, which he thought was infuriating…and yet which also made him extremely attracted by you. You quickly plagued his every thoughts, and he found himself craving for your presence more than once. When he confessed those weird things he was feeling to John, the ex-military doctor chuckled and told him :

-There’s nothing weird in what you’re feeling Sherlock, you’re probably just sapiosexual. Which would explain a lot. 

-Excuse me ?

-You’re sexually attracted by intelligence. Only, so far, you never met anyone that was smart enough to take your fancy.

-My brother is more intelligent than me and I don’t… 

-…Of course you had to make it weird. You know damn well what I mean, and you’re lying to yourself if you say you don’t feel something when (Y/N) is around. 

-I feel things alright, I just don’t know how to explain them.

-Some feelings cannot be explain. They’re just there. In your heart, in your mind, everywhere in your being. 

-That’s ridiculous. 

-Whatever you say Sherlock, whatever you say. 

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3x01: Informal thoughts and screechings

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Here are some thoughts, great moments, snippets of dialogue that struck me, etc, with links to some of my other reactions 


  • Hearkening back to Dougal kiling the wounded after Prestonpans. It feels heinous then; it feels heinous now 
  • ((lovely contrast later of Hal being shocked and offended by the thought of executing a man who was lying down. You’re a good bean, Hal.) 
  • THERE”s that rando redheaded kid from all the BTS shots. We hardly kent ye, little ginge
  • Every single little moan or grunt from Jamie hurts me in such a good way 
  • Charles and his birthday cup. I. CANNOT. 
  • It’s so evident in the filming how small the scottish forces are. So so futile 
  • Jamie literally kills a man with grass
  • Jamie and Murtagh’s battlefield moment. What a sweet, funny moment they shared in the thick of battle. There was no grave ‘I love yous’ (though I would have loved that too). They grinned and laughed. How wonderful is that? 
  • Jamie and BJR lying together through the night is so haunting. Every single position they’re in is just so….dare I say it? INTIMATE? Ugh, so perfectly done, the discomfort and terribleness of that dynamic, even in death. 
  • Ugh, same with that moment they both pass out and they basically fall to the ground cheek to cheek. 
  • BJR DID keep my JimJam warm through the night, though, and put lots of pressure on that leg wound. He gets one single point to Slytherin. 
  • Claire walking toward him on the battlefield but then it’s Rupert. What Jamie’s actually moaning is ‘harshing…my…buzz…..bro…..’
  • OH, but hearing their theme playing absolutely destroyed me 
  • Claire and Frank are every househunters couple. We’re a normal couple on a teacher’s salary. HERE IS THIS MASSIVE PALACE THAT IS SOMEHOW WITHIN OUR BUDGET. 
  • “I mean to rustle me up some vittles”– I mean, Frankie boy, you evoke cowboy culture, and you’re gonna get it. Dinner’s on the fire from now on. You brought this upon yourself
  • “I’ll be happy with whatever you make.” 
  • “Your husband must like it, that’s all that matters, I suppose”. Claire’s face. 
  • Claire trying to believe that Frank’s “Very progressive…very….open-minded”. Oh darling. You’re trying really hard and bless you for it. 
  • MY. GIRL. CLAIRE. READS. THE PAPERS. stay woke, girl, don’t let the misogynistic fuckers get you down. 
  • Honestly they’re laying the misgynistic fuckery on VERY thick but I love it. Ready for Revenge of Claire
  • Claire: “Oh yes…” *teeth gritted* “ I’m VERY happy”. SHIIIIIIIIIT
  • I freaking love how Claire flinches when Frank touches her. Hearkens back to the wedding 
  • “Why change something that works perfectly well?” like…husbands, Frank? Just a guess? 
  • “That’s one the reasons I like this country. It’s young….eager….it’s constantly looking toward the future.” IS CLAIREBEAR IN THE HAM FAM???
  • I’m thinking Claire wanted citizenship as a backup plan, if she ever chose to leave him… and Frank knows it. (I’ll have to think on that some more)
  • I SO love that Frank emphasizes that she CAN leave. I’m still of the opinion that had the fog of depression and grief lifted sooner, she would have. Once the baby was born though, there was enough hope to make her want to try, and then things just get more complicated by Frank and Bree’s genuine affection for one another, closing the window of opportunity for Claire faster and faster 
  • Curious if this Killick guy will take the place of Ewan Cameron in the book (the kiss on the hand is making me curious). (but also nervous because I could REALLY do without that whole reverend/madwoman/strangler storyline)
  • Jamie’s weak “HAH”. I need this gif for laughing while dying scenarios. 
  • Jamie crying for Rupert… oh it hurts. 
  • I need the Gaelic translation STAT. I suspect it’s a prayer? 
  • Frank writing to the reverend–really curious to see how they handle this thread. If he knows so early in the 20 years, it feels even more of a nasty think to do on Frank’s part (to keep it from Claire). But I’m optimistic! wait-and-see. 
  • Hal and Jamie’s and Wallace’s dialogue is like… CRAZILY VERBATIM FROM THE BOOK. WHAT A NICE TOUCH!!!! 
  • “Look….either shoot me….or go away….” (i need this gif too) 
  • “A boy of about sixteen.” Jamie grins “Oh aye….My wife and I had this great roleplay for his benefit…..I actually did most of the benefitting….LORD it was so damn hot that night after we got some alone-time. like HOLY GODSssssssssclaireimiss you so much…..Sorry, what was the question?” 
  • “I willna tell if you don’t” – Jamie you smartass love of mine. 
  • HAL “baby blues” GREY. 
  • Their little moments about the ashtray and not braining the doctor are honestly so sweet and hesitantly hopeful
  • Claire, honestly, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for keeping those contraction groans mild and ignorable. This televised pregnancy/labor -phobic viewer thanks you greatly 
  • Where’d she get the red hair?”  SUCH a perfect way to end the ep. All that fragile rapprochement and hope, and a MASSIVE crack re-forms. Sets the tone for their marriage so perfectly. 
Mafia!BTS React to their firstborn

A/N: I have one more request to do and then my request box will be empty so feel free to send things in! Check my rules in my bio please~

Warning: Mention of miscarriage, kidnapping, death, and swearing.



He’d be on a mission when one of his men notified him that you went into labor. He couldn’t just leave in the middle of a heist so he quickly did what he had to do before running over. Sadly, he didn’t show up before the baby came into the world. He met with the doctor and the doctor said that you were resting with the baby. Quietly, Jin opened the door and saw you sitting in a bed, leaning your back against the wall and with a pink blanket in your arms. He rushed to your side and sat next to you. His hands were still dirty, both with blood and actual dirt, but compared to the perfect skin of your first born daughter neither of you cared.

“Daddy’s doing everything he can to make this world safe for you.”


He wouldn’t leave your side from the moment you two found out you were having a baby. There were people out there trying to kill him or at least ruin everything in his being. This meant you were in danger as well. This never stopped him from living the most normal life he could provide for the both of you, the life you both wanted. He was secretly scared that you would be hurt by someone that wanted to get back at him, and when your water broke in the middle of the night he woke up to you crying he feared the worse. He rushed you to the mafia’s doctor and nearly a day later, a baby boy was born. Yoongi’s cold guy persona melted for the first time in front of one of his men that day.

“Look at your tiny fingers and toes!…Tell anyone and I’ll kill you.”


Ball of sunshine here was the happiest gang leader anyone has seen, 100% of the time he has a smile on his face even before he met you. When the baby arrived he would be the one to throw a big party with all of his men there. Not only one party, more like three. One for the announcement of the pregnancy, another for the gender reveal, and a last one for the arrival. He has everything separate from his…career.

“I don’t want you to end up like I did. Be a better person then I will ever be.”


There were a bit of complications with conception between the two of you. Unfortunately you guys had a few miscarriages before you actually had given birth. The whole thing was a wild roller coaster for you guys, so when you were holding twin boys in each of your arms, he couldn’t help but cry and laugh at the same time.

“Baby, I love you so much. And I love you three so much.”


You were eight months pregnant when a rival gang managed to kidnap you. They didn’t hurt you since your baby bump made it obvious you were with child, they just kept you in a dark room with only a candle and some water bottles. Every couple of hours or so someone with a mask on would give you a plate of microwaved food and leave. They only wanted you for ransom, knowing Jimin would pay anything to have you back, but what they didn’t know was that you were going into labor in their dark, and apparently soundproof, room. When one of the masked people came in to feed you they were surprised to find you holding a baby and you shirtless, your hoodie and tshirt wrapped around the crying baby in your arms. You were rushed to their doctor because now they’re screwed when Jimin finds out, and he did from one of his spies. A bit later Jimin walks in calmly, scaring the living daylights out of the rival gang members. He sits next to you and examines the baby and yourself before wordlessly escorting you two out of the enemy base. It was like nothing ever happened. Even the ride home was quiet for the first two minutes until he saw it safe to talk.

“Are you two alright? The baby’s healthy right?”

“Yes, we are both okay.”

“They’ll pay for taking you and our child.”


He’s the guardian of his godson, Minsoo. His parents died when he was a baby and has been in Taehyung’s care since then. He knows how to be a dad so when he found out he and you were going to have a baby he was ecstatic. He upped security, though. “Just in case,” he would say. It was a good call though, since it saved you for the entire pregnancy. When the day came for the baby to arrive, Taehyung was actually nervous. He was shaking and stuttered as he tried to calm you down during contractions because this was the part of fatherhood he never got to be apart of, the labor.

“Why is there so much blood?!”


He may be the youngest but he’s seen some shit in his life so he’s way more mature than the others, even those who are older than him in most cases. He wouldn’t be scared of starting a family, especially when you and him recieved threats from enemies that the baby will only be another target to hit. He was ready for a war if that’s what it meant to protect his family.

“Bring it on, bastards.”

BTS when you beg them to show you the new choreography beforehand but they can’t

Kids, thank you for celebrating Hobi’s birthday so well, I’m very proud of everyone <3 Are you hyped for the mv tomorrow? And I’ll try to reblog some pictures/videos of the concert as well tomorrow night :*

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Al eonni loves all 1115 of you <3 

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Jin: [insert gif: shows you a “tiny preview”]

You: “I’m sure you just made that up. That’s not part of it, am I right?”

Jin: “Kekeke sorry~ It really isn’t~ Be patient for a bit longer, okay?~”

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You: “Oppa, for real, can’t you just show me what the new choreography will look like once? I won’t tell anyone, promised~”

Yoongi: “[insert gif: starts explaining quietly, not looking into your eyes and pouting a bit so you’ll go easy on him] Ahh I know, baby, but Bighit made us promise not to show anyone so … if I make one exception now …”

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Hoseok: [It tortures him a lot that he can’t show it to you just yet~]

You: “Oppa, what about the new choreography? You went practicing it again today, didn’t you? I know you did~”

Hoseok: “[insert gif] Ah … baby … I can show you everything, everything else~ Just not that one~ What do you want to see instead, huh? I’ll dance for you the whole night to make up for not being able to show you the new one yet~ Just tell oppa~ What do you want me to dance for you instead?”

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Rap Monster

You: “But you even showed me the song beforehand! Why not the choreography? It really doesn’t make sense [insert pouty you]”

Namjoon: “[insert gif: some smart ass explanation why it doesn’t make sense to only show you his part because it’s a complicated choreography that only makes sense when all seven members are involved]

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Jimin: feat. you as Hobi

I kind of couldn’t decide at first whether Jimin would suffer from it like Hobi or whether he’d tease you, but I went with the first option~ 

You: “[pouty like Hobi] You treat me like just any other fan, you know, it’s so mean. I can start stanning another group any time and stop caring about my boyfriend’s activities and-”

Jimin: “[insert gif: backhugs you~] Don’t be stupid, _______~ If Bighit would’ve let me, you’d have been the first person I’d have shown it too, okay?”

You: “[still not satisfied]”

Jimin: “[holds you more tightly~] Don’t be sad~ You are most important to me~”

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You: [try aegyo just to get him to show you a bit of the new dance~]

Taehyung: “Omo! I almost got weak just now~ You’re too cute~~”

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You: “[pouty and whiny] Kookie, please~ Please, please, please~ Show me something from the new choreography :(”

Jungkook: [insert gif: teases you by imitating your pouty face, almost cracks up though] 

You: “Jeon Jungkook, you little brat! Don’t make fun of me :/”

Jungkook: “Ah~ Just wait one more day, okay? Only one more day~~~”

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I hope your headcanon requests are still up :) Cause I'd love to read everyone's (team Dragonstone's but also Jon's and Dany's) reactions to Dany being pregnant :)

Headcanons are always open :) 

Team Dragonstone-

Tyrion: he knows that the baby is going to make everything more complicated. He wants himself to be happy about it but he can’t quite be, because there’s part of him that knows that they’re in a war and both in danger and it’s just not the right time. And if something happens to one/both of them, he’s absolutely not going to be the one who looks after the baby (but it also clears the problem of having an heir to succession up pretty quickly)

Missandei: is just excited about the baby. She always takes care of Dany, helps her through morning sickness etc. and then when the baby is born she loves taking care of her when Dany is in meetings

Grey Worm: will defend the baby with his life, just like he does her mother. The baby has a soft spot for him and he can get her to stop crying when no one else does

Jorah: at first Jorah is sad that the baby’s not his but he realizes how happy it makes both of them and eventually he moves on. Besides, he loves the baby too

Jon: shocked at first, obviously, then conflicted when the news about his parentage comes out. But eventually he moves past that because he would never leave Dany-especially not to father a bastard (leading to a marriage at Winterfell). They argue over baby names (Jon wants a Stark name, Dany wants a Targaryen name) and he’s super protective of her (he doesn’t want her to go on raids but she won’t let him take the dragons out without her) and then he stays with her while she’s in labor. He’s determined that even if he doesn’t survive the wars to come, his wife and child will 

Dany: probably the most shocked and concerned about the safety of their child. But she can’t let herself stay on the sidelines, at least for minor raids. She has plenty of other women to help her-most notably Missandei, Arya, and Sansa. She tries not to let her get too attached to the baby because she still doesn’t really trust herself to carry one after what happened to Rhaego, but she can’t help it. Sometimes in the later months she talks to the baby on long nights when Jon is out fighting, hoping that the stories will help him return safely. In the last couple of weeks before she goes into labor she’s the most nervous she’s ever been because she’s so close to the end and she’s afraid she’ll do something wrong. But it’s all worth it when she meets her daughter for the firs time. She’s determined that even if she doesn’t survive the wars to come, her husband and child will 

Enjoy <3

XF Fic Challenge: “Talking in the Park”

Author: @2moms-0fucks

Rating: Teen? Maybe

Summary: Set post Per Manum, Scully discovers something in Mulder’s apartment that leads them on a conversation of what could have been.

Notes: I wrote this a year ago, to be honest. I never fleshed it out, and simply cleaned it up to submit for the challenge. It’s cracky. BOY IS IT FLUFF CRACK. Submitted for @xfficchallenges - Dialogue Only Challenge. Ugh. This is so cracky. i’m totally geeking out on the idea of conversations because so many conversations never happened in this series. But…oh well…I DO hope you enjoy it.

“Talking In The Park” by: 2moms-0fucks

“Mulder…? Why do you have all these books?”

“I uh… I got them when you started the treatments…”

‘What to Expect When Your Wife’s Expanding’? 'Test Tubes and Testosterone: A Man’s Journey Into Infertility and IVF’…?”

“Scully… I uh”


“I should donate them or something…”

“You read them?”


“But I thought–”

“That I just wanted to be the donor?”


“You wanna go for a walk for a minute?”

“Mulder, I–”

“Come on. It’ll make more sense…I promise.”

“Mulder those books…”

“Look, I know, Scully…”

“When I asked you to be the donor - to be the father…, you never said you wanted to play a bigger role…”

“Would you have allowed me?”

“You would have been the father – of course I would have. I would have let you play as much of a role as you wanted.”

“When you asked me to help you have a baby, I was… nervous. I was terrified, actually. It’s not like my own father was the epitome of ‘Leave it to Beaver’… and I was concerned that the same men who were behind everything would somehow use the baby to…hurt you… And I was being selfish…”

“Being concerned about my safety isn’t selfish.”

“No, I was. I was entirely selfish. But I can’t really explain it. A part of me – A large part of me didn’t want– It’s complicated Scully. I don’t know if you’ll understand…”

“Explain it. I want to know. A large part of you, what?”

“A large part of me was afraid of losing you.”

“Mulder, we’re partners…”

“Scully, you don’t know that. You really think you were going to continue with our work pregnant or with a young child?

“Well. I—“

“When I said yes, I told you I was afraid of it coming between us… I knew it was going to come between us. Eventually. No matter who the father is, a baby would change–”



“For the record, Mulder, I wouldn’t have… I mean, there isn't… You weren’t my first choice.”

“That makes a guy feel good, Scu—“

“You were my only choice.”

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Grey’s Anatomy 14x04 Review

Let’s start with the nonessential, could have been left out, made me wish I could fast forward scenes commentary:

The New Interns

Wow, we spent several minutes looking at interns who were all there for comedic relief and would never be hired. There is not one intern who is being hired from the many the writers chose to show on-screen. So, waste of time. Also, not very funny either… Kind of repetitive considering old storylines (i.e.; Cristina interviewing candidates).

Richard and Catherine

Does Catherine enjoy being annoying? Like, she was doing more than teasing. It was insulting how she treated Richard. Yes, everyone has a past, but you don’t rub it in someone’s face to make them uncomfortable. And what was the point of their drama anyway? They had enough dinner drama without the “former lover” angle.

Jackson and Maggie

I think they could have a strong brother/sister bond. I mean, Maggie defended Jackson and he appreciated that. She was a buffer and an ally, something he’s been lacking lately. I am glad, though, that the writers shut down Jaggie as a romantic entity through Catherine’s brother/sister comment. They cannot and should not be dating. It’s too weird and uncomfortable. Also, Japril all the way. In fact, I think he was attracted or intrigued by Maggie’s rambling at the dinner because it is an April-trait. I don’t think the realization was conscious, but rather he saw in Maggie what he missed with April. 


I actually rather enjoyed her scenes. I am glad she returned to church, both alone and with Harriet, because her religion is important to her.  Between praying this episode and talking to Jackson last episode, she is growing into herself and finding herself post-baby (both babies). She is learning to stand up for what she needs and that is essential. Her character is worth so much more than heartbreak and being pushed around.


Is it bad that I don’t really like the script version of Megan? I mean, first, no matter how nicely you were treated, you were still a captive. You were still harmed and kept hostage. You were cut off from your family and life is not the same from one country to the next. How can you come back near-normal? And why did she forgive Nathan so easily? Where was the doubt, the insecurity, the anger, the hurt? Besides that, she’s also very abrupt and rather mean. I don’t even say this just in terms of Amelia, but also most of people she comes into contact with. She’s short with Owen, impatient, angry, and basically calls him an idiot for marrying his wife who she barely knows. She gangs up on him, bringing Teddy and Evelyn into it. She doesn’t like Amelia or the doctors. She’s yelling at everyone. I guess, for the most part, it’s how she treats Owen that bothers me the most. I just don’t like her personality.

I am glad she gets to have her child by her side (who is, by all accounts, adorable), but it doesn’t excuse her in my eyes. Like Meredith, she is self-centered and angry. She hurts those who love her and never apologizes. Both women have good moments; however, they are not fully redeemed in my eyes and I doubt they ever will be. Your pain and suffering does not give you a free pass to be an asshole.

Nathan, Meredith, and Megan

This needs to stop. How many times can the writers write this back and forth of who he loves. It is basically the same sentence repeated over and over again with no resolution. I don’t care who ends up with who. In all honesty, Meredith is looking up at the ceiling remembering Derek and Megan just wants her kid so Nathan doesn’t even have to factor into the equation. The writers need to put an end to this poorly-written love triangle and make a decision already. Seriously, put us out of our misery and stop wasting valuable screen-time.

Now, for the fun part. What we’ve all been waiting for…and pretty much the only two things I was watching for 🤣


Amelia is my favorite character of all time. I don’t think that’s much of a secret. As much as I hate that she had to deal with another obstacle, it let me breathe freely knowing her actions last season were influenced by the tumor. It made me confident in my love for her character and integrity. She is so much more than last season and so much more than a tumor. She is amazing. I am hoping, like in this episode, her recovery includes more talk of LA and her Private Practice life. Not only do I love PP Amelia (and hope to see more of her on-screen), but it makes her who she is. More people need to see that. Meredith needs to see that. Megan needs to see that. Owen’s seen some of it, but we need on-screen scenes and deep conversations about her past. We need more. I think this is the opportunity to do it.

I did like the humor mixed in with her post-surgery complications; it gave a little lightheartedness. I mean, now we know she speaks French and German. I appreciate how many people stayed with her and rotated in and out. It shows how many people love her. Her emotional and pain-filled scenes made my soul ache, but it was necessary. One, it shows that she is still fighting. Two, it further proves Caterina’s amazing talent as an actress.

One of my favorite scenes was when she hugged DeLuca. It is true, everything he said, and it put things in perspective for Amelia and the audience. She has been living a life with a tumor pressing on her frontal lobe. When something is removed, whether it be physical like a tumor or mental like an eating disorder, normal life feels abnormal. You feel like you are missing something or are “wrong,” when in fact you are getting accustomed to being healthy and strong. It was a turning point for her and for people who may have been confused about Amelia’s behavior and reactions up until now.

Owen and Amelia

I am disappointed that Owen and Amelia did not have more screen-time, particularly when Amelia woke up. However, I understand it. Owen and Amelia deal with their emotions rather similarly–they run, whether it be through drugs, going on another tour, leaving the state, or focusing on work/other worldly happenings. Owen was terrified that Amelia would die or come out of surgery a completely different person. He was terrified she wouldn’t love him anymore. And, yes, I know he was planning to cut the ties before he found out about the tumor, but it’s one thing to walk away before getting even more hurt and another to find out the truth. Like Owen said back in Season 12, he was relieved that the plane crash happened because he and Cristina could stay frozen in time. I think he felt the same way about leaving Amelia–he was leaving her before she chose to leave him. And, the truth is, he has always loved her–he has never stopped. That thought was just too painful for him to bear.

Throughout the entire episode, I was waiting for a scene with them and we finally got it. He was prepping for her to come home, stocking all her favorite foods (because he knows her so well) and getting her things together. He wanted her to come home. I was disappointed that Amelia wanted to stay with her sisters, but soon enough it came to light why. She was scared and upset and feeling utterly horrible and guilty. Those emotions, her repentance toward her actions despite them being influence by the tumor, shows just how much the tumor had taken over. She never wanted to hurt him. And, yes, she has to take some responsibility, but that’s not the real her. She didn’t want to go to her home with Owen, not because she doesn’t love him, but because she loves him so much that she doesn’t want to hold him back. She wants to set him free. True love is doing what is best for the other person even if it may hurt you. It’s putting them first.

What I love is that Owen was hearing none of it. He loves her in sickness and in health. He knows that they have hurt each other and yet there is still time to fight. He is not giving up hope yet. He wanted her to come home. His hand holding, his speech, his posture, him stocking the fridge, all of these things point to him loving her and wanting to keep her close. 

I really thought it would end on that cliffhanger but kept my fingers crossed for more and, luckily, we got another scene. That simple scene, with Amelia looking out at the rain and Owen driving them home, reassured and affirmed the hope I’ve held for them. (Did you see Owen looking at her and her smiling while the speech overlay spoke about trusting that we got it right? I can’t stop watching the tender beauty in that scene.) It is symbolic, in a sense, they are moving toward a new life together, on a new foundation, but with the same love. The rain is coming down softer now and it will clear. It is not forever. And the two of them? They are on this journey together, forever and always.

Let’s Try

Title:  Let’s Try

Character(s): Actor Tom

Chapter Number/One Shot: One Shot

Rating: T

Genre: Romance

Summary: A pregnancy scare leaves Eva and Tom wondering what they want.

Warnings: None

Author Note: I found this in my drafts and forgot how much I enjoyed writing it. Expect more fics out of the drafts in the coming days.

“What do you mean, you think you might be pregnant?”

I bit my lip at his voice. I don’t think he meant to sound as harsh as he did. He was likely just exhausted from the long media tour. He tended to be a bit of a grouch at the end of an exhausting day. But it still made me wince.

“Well, we did have pretty vigorous sex when I flew out to see you last,” I pointed out. 

Tom scoffed. “We were careful. We always are.”

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Lullaby-Part 9 (Conclusion)

Summary: Dean and you deal with the aftermath…Just read it, I don’t want to give anything away. ( PART ONE ) ( PART TWO) (PART THREE) (PART FOUR) (PART FIVE) (PART SIX) (PART SEVEN) (PART EIGHT)

Prompt: inspired by @deanwinchesterxreader

Characters: Dean, Sam, Reader

Pairings: Dean X Reader

Word Count: 2000

Warnings: Language, ANGST, DEATH, pregnancy!complications, Depression, self-hate

A/N: Hope you enjoy! I’m really sorry…ANGST and TRIGGERING  Please know that I am warning you now.Any feedback is appreciated, also if you wouldn’t mind liking and rebloging.I am so thankful for all y’all reading this series.

The inside of your nose feels dry and itchy, the stench of bleach filling your nostrils, everything smells too clean. There was a faint beeping and something was warm against your thigh. Your eyes didn’t want to open, lids heavy. What the hell was happening?

You force your eyes open, blinking frantically against the harsh white light. What was going on? You couldn’t remember anything besides going to bed with Dean. Where the hell?

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Confessions | Part 3 (final)

Thank you all so much for the requests to continue this imagine! I would insert some screenshots here, but there’s honestly too many to do that. I really appreciate everyone who has read, liked, or reblogged this little fic series. I hope the ending is as good as you imagined! ^^

pairing: jimin x reader

genre: angst, smut

word count: 5.5k


part one | two | three

Three weeks later and you still couldn’t shake that image of Jimin crying out of your head. His words came in whispers in your dreams. “You know I don’t want to be doing any of this.” “I would do anything to take away your pain. No matter what it cost me, I would do it.” The images your brain had stored against your will played behind his words. Their pregnancy shoot; the premiere; the casual snaps the paparazzi had gotten of them baby supply shopping. Jimin holding her hand. Jimin with his arm around her. Jimin smiling your favorite eye-crinkling smile at her. Every morning you’d wake up exhausted from the torturous dreams. And every day you tried your hardest to stay away from the news you knew would be coming soon: the birth of Park Jimin’s son.

Your parents had been diligently taking you to a therapist since you’d gotten out of the hospital. Most of the sessions all you could do was cry, not even able to speak any words. Other days you’d spend a small part of time reminiscing about the short happy times you got to have with Jimin after his career took off before you’d dissolve into a puddle of tears. You didn’t feel any better but you knew it was healthier to speak about it than to continue the way you had before.

It was a Saturday morning. You’d purposely stayed up late last night watching an old movie so that you’d sleep longer during the day. Your parents were going on a day trip to a neighboring city and you knew you didn’t want to be alone for long. A few of your friends had offered to come spend the day with you but you’d turned them down. You weren’t really ready to socialize yet and knew you wouldn’t be much company. If you were going to spend all of your time thinking about Jimin anyway, you might as well do it alone.

You were dreaming again. You knew you were because Jimin was there. His sweet voice. His light touches against your cheek. The warmth of his body as he leaned over you. You sighed in relief. At least it was a happy dream for once.


Your brain had saved his voice perfectly. You would never be able to forget it even if you wanted to.

“Jagiya, please wake up for me.”

You smiled. You knew this memory. Jimin had been able to stay the night with you and you’d woken up to him making you pancakes, too excited for you to try them to wait for you to wake up.

“Y/n, please wake up. I have so much I need to tell you. Open your eyes, jagi. I need to see them.” His fingers ghosted down the side of your cheek.

“If you don’t have pancakes then go away,” you murmured, rolling over in bed. “That’s my price, dream ChimChim.”

“‘Dream ChimChim’?” he repeated. “Jagi, this isn’t a dream. Open your eyes. Look at me.”

Your fingers warmed as Dream ChimChim clasped your hand in his. His thumb traced gently over your knuckles, a habit he’d never gotten rid of from his trainee days. This was definitely the best dream you’d had in months. You’d better take advantage of it, even if this would hurt you when you woke up.

“Kiss me, Dream ChimChim,” you whispered. “I miss your lips so much.”

You felt the bed shift beside you, a small rush of warm breath crossed your face and you finally felt what you’d been longing for as Jimin’s soft, full lips pressed against yours. Your body tensed, wanting to respond but sitting in some fight-or-flight mode. Why did it feel so real? His lips pulled away and you fought back the desperation that filled your stomach. You weren’t ready for the dream to end. You weren’t ready to lose him again yet.

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White Walls

White. All you could see was white. Bright white walls that burned your eyes as you slowly tried to regain conscious of your surroundings.

Looking down at yourself you see that you lay on a bed with white sheets covering you and what seems to be your pregnant belly. You look up and see medical equipment connected to some tubes that attach to your arms and hands.

What am I doing in a hospital? You thought. What happened?

As you begin to sit up you notice a head resting on one of the corners of your bed whom seem to be sleeping. You try to sit up more to get a better look, you quickly recognized the purple haired person.


The head immediately jolted up at the sound of your voice. He quickly made his way to your side and with one hand grabbed your hand tightly as the other caressed your cheek.

“(Y/n), how are you feeling?” He whispers. Now that you had a better and closer look at his face you can tell he hadn’t slept. His face was drained and his eyes looked puffy which probably meant that he was crying but, why?

“Did you sleep well?” He asked with a smile on his face. He has now stopped caressing your cheek and now began rubbing your tummy.

“Why are we here?” You asked completely ignoring his questions as you stared at him with concern.

His smile quickly faded. He cleared his throat before he began to speak.

“You and our baby weren’t feeling so well so I brought you guys to get a quick check up to make sure everything was fine. But don’t worry-”

“How long have we been here?” You ask not caring that you interrupted him.


“How. Long. Have. We. Been. Here.” Your stare boring right through him.

He looks down as if he were thinking of an excuse. He looks up, your eyes still attached to his face.

“We have only been here for a while love, I already told you.”

Lies. He was never good at lying and you knew when he was telling you the truth and right now he wasn’t. But you knew that he wasn’t going to tell you the truth no matter how much you insisted.

“Hmm, a while I see. Explains why you are still wearing the same clothes you wore two days ago. Also explains how your face clearly shows the amount of sleep you haven’t been getting.”

His eyes nearly popped out his head at how surprised he was that you didn’t believe anything that he said and that he was caught in his own lies.

The room remained silent and you stared at each other for a few seconds before Yuta stormed out the room.


It was no use he was already gone. You sighed as you rubbed your belly. Even though Yuta didn’t tell you exactly what was going on, you couldn’t help but think the worst. The thought alone of something happening to your baby made your heart ache and want to shatter into a million pieces. You weren’t going to let nothing happen to your baby, whatever happened you would protect it until your last breath if it came down to it.

 Everything is going to be okay baby. You will be okay, I promise. I won’t let no one and nothing hurt you. A tear runs down your cheek as you begin to drift to sleep once again. 

 ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ •~ 

 The sound of two voices awoke you from your sleep. You slightly and slowly open your eyes to see who they were coming from. You can barely see anything due to the bright light that was coming from the window. You open your eyes a bit more and you see that Yuta is facing your way and is talking to what seems to be the doctor. You can tell from his facial expressions that he is not happy at all. Frustration and sadness are reflected more than anything else. His eyes getting more and more watery as his discussion continues with the doctor. You try your hardest not to move a lot so you can hear what they are talking about because you knew that if they realized that you were awake they would quickly shush the doctor and have the conversation elsewhere.

 “We don’t have much time, Mr. Nakamoto. You must choose now, things have gotten more complicated and we’d lose them both if we don’t hurry.“

 “How can you ask me to choose just like that? You think this is easy?! “

“ I know this is one of the hardest decisions anyone has to face in life but its better to save one, rather than having both of them go.”

 Save one, rather than having both of them go? The words replayed repeatedly in your head as you began to feel dizzier by the second as you tried to process what the doctor was trying to say.

There’s a possibility my baby won’t live?! Your head spun ten times faster than it already was. How can someone so pure and innocent be so close to being brought out into the world but also so close to be taken out of it. A little human who won’t be able to live as long as you would’ve wished. Who won’t be given the opportunity of living their life just like you were given. The thought alone of your baby not being able to see his dad made your heart ache the most. 

Yuta wants nothing more in life but to have your baby in his arms and give it all the love that you knew he was capable of giving. Which is why it’s hurting him more than ever to have to choose between you and the baby. He loved you and a lot. You are the love of his life just as he is yours. Your lives without each other would be a total tragedy. But you knew that both would agree that if it was between you and the baby, you guys would choose the baby without a doubt.

A loud and hard noise made you break from your thoughts. You slowly look up and you see that it came from Yuta banging his fist on one of the tables. You can tell that he was angry. Anger, frustration and sadness only seem to reflect off from his face. He ran his hands through his hair as he finally made eye contact with the doctor. 

“How much time do I have?” Yuta says as he wiped the tears that were beginning to leave his eyes. 

“Not a lot. We must act fast before we can no longer save them.” Yuta’s eyes begin to fill themselves with more tears. 

You knew how much this was hurting him, it hurt you just as much, but you knew once you guys talked it out he would not think twice and would choose to save the baby.

“Yu-ta.” You say as you start to fully open your eyes and begin to sit up. Both Yuta and the doctor make eye contact. Taking that as cue the doctor begins to head towards the door and leaves you and Yuta alone.  

He wipes away his tears as he comes over to sit next to you and grabs your hand as he smiles weakly. With your other hand you caress his check and lean in to kiss him. The kiss was short but sweet. It felt so sincere and full of love. You slowly start to move away as you see confusion splattered on his face. You give him a smile.

 "What was that for? He asked.

“I just wanted to kiss you since it may be the last time I feel your lips on mine.” You say as you lower your eyes from seeing his face because you knew you wouldn’t be able to handle his reaction. 

“Wait what? No. No!  We’re not doing this, I have already made my decision.” He says as he stands up rather quickly due to his anger that is starting to build up once again quickly inside him. You meet his eyes. 

“I have too and I’m happy to know that we both made the same decision. Our baby will-.” 

“I want you.” He bluntly said. 

“What?!” You were trying to comprehend what had just spill out of Yuta’s mouth. 

“I have made my decision…I want you to live.” You were in utter shock, unable to speak. He was choosing YOU over the baby that he had always dreamed of having?! How was this even possible! As you much as you tried to wrap your head around it you couldn’t and wouldn’t ever understand. 

Rage quickly building inside of you as you looked up at him, he looked down to avoid your gaze glaring at him. “How can you do this to me, to yourself, to OUR baby! What happened to all that you said that you wanted to do with our baby once we had him in our arms?!” You say as your voice gets louder with ever word you speak. 

“I don’t want nothing if I don’t have you with me.” He says as he looks up at you with teary eyes. “What?! We are talking about OUR baby Yuta! A baby who hasn’t been out into the world yet. A little innocent baby who we shouldn’t be deciding if he should live or not! You can’t do this to him!” 

 “No! YOU can’t do this to me! How can you possibly think of leaving me all alone! How do you think I feel knowing you want to leave this world without me. If that’s the case then take me with you cause I don’t want to be in a world where there is no you!” He says as he gets closer to you and grabs your face in both of his hands. You move your face away from his hands and violently pushing him away from you. 

“How can you be so fucking selfish and just think about your needs.” You say as you begin to cry. Yuta tries wiping your tears but you turn away from his touch. You can see that it hurts him. 

“I really thought you loved our baby but I guess not.” You say as you look down at your belly and rub it softly. “But I do and I promise that I won’t let you or no one hurt him. 

“I love him just as much as I love you. This has been a very hard decision for me believe it or not but I don’t want to lose you. (Y/n) we can always have another baby.” He says as he tries to grab your hand but once again you neglect his touch. You began to shake your head. 

“What if we can’t anymore? What if this was and is our only chance of becoming parents? Could you live normally knowing that we let our only chance go?” Your anger slowly beginning to cool off. Yuta remains silent as he looks down at your belly and thinking about what has been told to him. 

“What if I’m not meant to be a dad? What if I don’t have what it takes?” He says with sadness in his eyes. You bring your hands to his face as you rub your thumb across his cheek. 

“Don’t say that, you will be a wonderful dad. I know you will.” You say as you bring him in another kiss.


Yuta’s POV

I open my eyes to the blinding light that was shinning through the open window. I stretch a little before I try to remember where am I as I turn to see her sound asleep right next to me. I smile at how beautiful she looks so peaceful compared to how she was a few hours ago. 

“Yuta, promise me that you will take care of our baby and give him all the love he deserves.” She says as she stares right at me. I smile and and give her a small peck. 

“I promise love, now rest.” The sound of the heart monitor makes makes me break from my thoughts. I turn to kiss (Y/n) a kiss so she can wake up. She doesn’t move. She has always been a heavy sleeper so I kiss her again but this time I continue kissing her multiple times since this usually wakes her up. Still nothing. 

“Baaaaabe waaaake uuuup!” I say as I begin to slowly shake her but that doesn’t work either. I continue shaking her, she still doesn’t budge. 

The sound of the heart monitor starts going off with a loud beep. My heart drops. 

“No! No! No! (Y/n) please wake up! Please babe! Don’t leave me (y/n) please! As I’m screaming and hugging her the machine is still going off. The sound numbing me as I hold her close and kiss her. Tears running down my face wetting hers. 

I feel a pair of hands pull me away from her. I see that nurses and the doctor are rushing in and attending (Y/n). I try to break free from the hands holding me back. I didn’t want to leave her and my baby here. I want to be close to them. I fight and fight to get free but it is no use. 

”Please save them doctor, please I beg you!“ I yell as they slowly close the door on my face. I stare blankly at the closed door still numb from all that has happened and is happening. I don’t know what’s going on but all I know is that my life is falling apart as well as my heart.

To Be Continued… 


Life is beautiful!!
Source: www.Reddit.com
parents: Congratulations, little boy or girl! You’re going to exist!
embryo: Oooh, what does that entail?
parents: So many things! You’re going to be sentient, first of all. You will experience pleasure and pain. You will feel a wide variety of emotions, some of which will be augmented by your human intelligence!
embryo: That sounds complicated.
parents: It will be! The human experience is such a complex one, due to our high intelligence combined with our primitive instincts! We are probably the only creatures on the planet that have existential woes!
embryo: ….
parents: In fact, we’re creating you to help alleviate some of our existential woes! You will make us feel immortal and significant in the universe, even though we’re not. You will give us a illusory sense of purpose in life!
embryo: Gee, parents, I’m not sure I like the sound of existence. Do you think you could just abort me?
dad: Tough shit, kid. We want a baby.
mom: God wants us to choose life!
embryo: God?
parents: God is one of our many coping mechanisms. You’ll need some of your own to deal with how incompatible the universe is with human needs. We also use positive thinking, distractions, and logical fallacies such as the just world hypothesis.
embryo: Please, I don’t want this!
parents: Your animal instincts will take care of that after you’re born. You’ll want to live even if you’re miserable. Suicide will be extremely difficult to carry out even if you’re in constant agony.
embryo: Holyshitholyshitholyshit! Abort mission! Abort mission!
mom: There are puppies here. You’ll like them.
dad: And rainbows.
mom: We have your life almost entirely planned out for you; we just need to figure out your sex.
dad: You will have a gender identity that matches your sex, and you will marry someone of the opposite sex and reproduce with them so that this cycle of madness may continue for eons.
mom: You will have our political beliefs and religious beliefs.
dad: You will need to have a high-paying job to survive our country’s economic climate. You’re going to be in school for a very loooooong time.
embryo: School?
parents: So you can work for the rest of your life!
embryo: Look, this isn’t right. You wouldn’t make a decision this major for someone who already exists, would you?
parents: But you don’t exist yet. That makes it a-okay.
embryo: This is so pointlessly selfish!
mom: No, not having kids is selfish. That’s what people say, for some reason.
dad: Stop being a baby!
embryo: I haven’t even started yet…
parents: Life will be pretty fun while you’re still little and cute. Look forward to that.
embryo: How long will I not be little and cute?
parents: For most of your life.
embryo: What am I going to spend my life doing, besides what you planned out for me?
parents: We can’t tell you exactly, but you will basically pursue pleasure and avoid suffering.
embryo: Every day for my entire life?
parents: Yes! You must always be doing something to maintain an emotional homeostasis! You will be a reaction machine! You will be pulled by the puppet strings of your physical and emotional needs!
embryo: Whyyyyyyyy?!
parents: Life is beautiful!
embryo: I already disagree!
parents: Stop being a pessimist. Remember what we said about positive thinking?
embryo: This is insane! This is so pointless!
parents: If you hate life so much, you’re just going to die anyway.
embryo: ……………………………………………………….

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Hey :) I really love your Clexa Eleven AU - it's truly wholesome and adorable. But I can't help but be curious, have they had the awkward, eleven walking in on them during the night? I just think that Lexa would be so awkward and embarrassed 😂

chapter 23 (good lord) of the clexa eleven au

You’re getting to the age when kids are starting to complain about getting up early. Even Lily, who is perpetually in motion, groans about school’s early start time.

You get it. Back in the group home Mike would have to pull the pillow out from under your head to get you up, and then help you down the rungs of the bunk bed so you wouldn’t stumble in your early-hour stupor.

It’s not like that anymore. Now, you’re what Clarke calls a “morning person.”

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Title: only one i’ve never looked for
Rating: T
Warning: B A B I E S (and implied sexytimes at the end but mostly babies)
Character: Scorpio
Alternative Moment: Musings on Love, Post-Blessed End
Summary: She didn’t even realise demi-gods were a thing. Though really, nothing should surprise her anymore. 

Requested by: Anonymous. Here’s a short little fluff piece to apologize for my little absence!

“Are you absolutely certain-”

“Hiyori, if you don’t tell me what it says right now-”

“Okay, okay!”

She holds her breath, sitting on her bathroom floor as Hiyori gazes at the small, white device that has far more power than a piece of plastic should.

She’s been feeling off for the past month, fatigued but moody with just enough nausea to be considered annoying, when she realized how long it had been since her ‘time of the month’. And yet the easiest of explanations contains the most complications, so she finds herself torn as she anxiously awaits her friend’s response.

“It’s positive.”

Deep down, she was expecting this answer. But that doesn’t make it any easier to process.

She isn’t ready to be a mom. She is very, painfully aware of this. She’s still young, attempting to sort out her own path and anticipating where she will be led in the coming years. More than that, Scorpio isn’t ready to be a dad. He is still working desperately to come to terms with his own complex history, he doesn’t have time to forge a path for another.

Absently, she thinks of the little girl Scorpio saved last month, how abhorrent her life was when she’s at an age of wonder and whims. She saw how hard it was for him, watching the face of innocence thrown into the awful, painful brutality of the world. She saw Scorpio’s raging, whirlwind reaction and how the wounds of the past still tore him apart.

But, perhaps she’s not giving him enough credit. He’s healing. It’s slow, but it’s there in the way he smiles easier and no longer glowers at any unfortunate human he crosses paths with.

Still, this is a whole different ball game.

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It’s a bunch of really quick answers to asks!! Blah!! Here we go!!

Anonymous said to glass-scientists: (this message took me a lot of courage hah) so uhm, i really like you! as a person i mean, and not in the “in-love” way, but i relate to a lot of your, well many stuff actually! your “obsession” (pardon the hard word) w all things sciencey (me too! since elementary! and now im studying actual lab stuff!) and w JH ofc! i really enjoy TGS and it encouraged me to study harder for college (bc, well, science) and thank you for existing in general, please have a nice day!

I’m glad my comic was inspiring to you! Good luck with your Science! I hope you become a fantastic mad scientist someday!

Anonymous said to glass-scientists: how is the relacion of jekyll whit her parents ?

Jekyll has a polite but distant relationship with his parents. They provided well enough for their son but were never too big on affection.

Anonymous said to glass-scientists: Hello, genderfluid anon here once again! Thank you for answering my strange question (although I must admit, that did leave me quite flustered and off-guard) and yes, I am here for the long run! Well, I’m flattered I have my own chronicals now, ta! And that’s all I think I had to say at the moment, merci et a bientôt!

Agh, I’m sorry I flustered you! :( I’ve been worrying over this ask for several days now. Is “flustered and off-guard” a good thing or a bad thing? If you’re not into naked things I will not respond to your asks with naked things again! Apologies!!

Anonymous said: What would Hyde do if he found someone abusing a defenseless animal? Also, what are his feelings towards hunting/hunters? Jekyll’s reaction/feelings?

Hyde would beat them up for sure! (Mind you: Hyde is happy for any excuse to beat someone up.) As for hunters, it depends–if we’re talking regular old hunters, both Jekyll and Hyde are probably neutral on the subject, since they are city boys who would not likely encounter many hunters. But if we’re talking monster hunters who hunt the kind of supernatural creatures Hyde is fond of (almost all of them), he would probably beat them up as well.

Anonymous said to glass-scientists: Do you think you can do some tutorials for Jekyll, Hyde and possibly some other characters? I entirely understand if you don’t want to.

I’m afraid I’m unlikely to have time to make any tutorials in the near future! I am just eternally behind schedule. That’s what my life is now. :( I’m sorry! I may change my mind on the off-chance I start a Patreon page, but right now I have noooo idea how I could find the time to pull that off.

(wheh wheh more whining about being busy)

Anonymous said: I love how throughout the years of you posting your concept art, Jekyll’s nose slowly increases in size.

Honestly that’s just me getting a better idea of how to draw the guy over the years. He was always supposed to have an Adrian-Brody-sized nose.

Anonymous said: I know I asked this before but imma ask again because I’m needy pest like that. Does Jekyll or, anyone in the Society, have a tattoo? Because it turns out tattoos were an absolute rage in Victorian England.

Jekyll would soooooo not be down with having a tattoo (perfect gentlemen don’t have tattoos!) but I’m sure some of the Lodgers have them! Jekyll probably wishes they didn’t.

Anonymous said: If a publishing company offers you the opportunity to produce physical copies of The Glass Scientist, would you go with it or let it slide?

Sure! I’ve never worked with a traditional publisher before, but I’d certainly be up to talking with one!

Anonymous said: Does Robert intentionally/forgetfully not wear his wedding ring? Or do you just forget to draw it in?

I forgot to work it into his design. :( Oops. I’m not good with that kind of design detail work.

Anonymous said: *not really related to TGS* I just saw that you worked on Gravity Falls and now you work of Star vs the Forces of Evil *wheezes* wwhhhhyyyyyy are you such a perfect angel baby art person *choking* you’re liiiike everythiiiing I’ve eeverr wanted to beeeeeeee. okay bye

I am really not such a perfect angel baby art person! I can’t even remember to draw in Lanyon’s wedding ring! But thank you!!! And please don’t choke!

Anonymous said: In a modern setting, would Lanyon’s carriage be replaced with a stretch limo or a really fancy/expensive car, like a Rolls-Royce?

The super expensive, classy car, for sure. I think a limo would be too flashy for Lanyon! With that said I don’t know what kind of car he would have exactly because the only thing I know about cars is that some of them are hybrids and some are not.

Anonymous said: What do you mean by “We are all bisexual”?

I mean that we are all bisexual!

Anonymous said: I would like to thank you so much for your portrayal of Griffin his pissed-off level is just right

You are most welcome! :)

Anonymous said: Is there any hope for some Jekyll/Lanyon love going on in the future?


Anonymous said: WAIT A SECOND. Was your old Lanyon in love with Henry??

It’s complicated. And spoilers!

Anonymous said: So I just read Bleeding Heart, I just so happen to be staying at a cabin way out in the middle of nowhere by myself at the moment, tonight’s a full moon, and the dogs I’m watching are losing their minds over something in the woods. If I don’t encounter a werewolf by morning I’m going to be so disappointed, hahah.

I really hope you didn’t die, anon!

Disclaimer: Bleeding Heart is a work of fiction, do not attempt to help/befriend/kill real life werewolves!

Anonymous said: *shamelessly decided to start reading your comic because Jekyll is gorgeous and the colour themes were pretty, is now hopelessly attached to the entire concept as a whole and still thinks Jekyll is gorg*

I am glad the pretty colors tricked you into reading my silly fake science comic!

Anonymous said: Is Jekyll married/engaged/involved with someone in your version? So far haven’t seen a ring in the comic, but he has been wearing gloves so..

Jekyll is super super single. He is single and not even remotely mentally stable enough to mingle.

Anonymous said: Are we ever going to see a scientist who focuses on corporeal undead!

That’s not a bad idea! I may draw a zombie scientist into the Society some day!

Anonymous said: Is there anyone who’s asexual? Just curious

I’m pretty sure Jasper is asexual but not aromatic. Frankenstein’s Creature is both asexual and aromantic but is also sort of the one one of his/their* species so I’m not sure if that counts?

*I haven’t decided on the Creature’s gender yet.

Anonymous said: Hi! I was looking back at all the old questions from that “get inside your head” thing, and one of them really caught my eye: so, what does Hyde think about at night before he goes to sleep? And /does/ he sleep…?

Hyde can’t sleep! He lives in a state of perpetual alertness. If he wants to sleep, he needs to transform back into Jekyll. If he lost the capacity to transform, he would go insane within a matter of days. And then probably die. It would be like that one ‘Russian Sleep Experiment’ creepypasta.

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I have searched Tumblr far and wide for your awesomeness (mainly because I forgot the name my bad~). Doesn't have to be GIF if that's too complicated, but how would the boys react to finding out their significant other really liked the sound of their heartbeat?

Hey, there! :) Hope you like it ^^

Namjoon: I feel like Namjoon, being Namjoon, would be actually embarassed if his partner told him this lol He’ll probably blush and laugh awkwardly, completely ruining the mood but still be super adorable while doing so 

Yoongi: I think Suga will be shocked at this. He’ll probably mask his surprise pretty quickly, though, by asking something like “You do? Thats a weird thing to like.” But he’ll remember it so next time he could cuddle you closer to his chest ^^

Hoseok: I feel like our J-Hope will have the cutest reaction out of all of them lol He’ll be like “Really? Then let’s cuddle even moore~” or something like this. Aegyo alert!

Seokjin: Jin being the oldest and wisest (LOL) will giggle like a school girl if he hears something like this lmao. He’ll be too shy to tell you to cuddle more, but he’ll probably smile at you and pat your head in a gesture of love

Taehyung: The second cutest reaction goes to him, in my opinion, as he’ll probably smile like crazy and embrace you before you know it. Maybe his hyungs wouldn’t think of this as something as important but he seems like the guy who loves every compliment coming from his significant other.

Jimin: Oml his reaction would be sooo cute. I think he’ll get embarassed and start mumbling things and act all manly and strong, as if the words didn’t touch him, but when he actually looks at you, he’ll get red by the minute and look away.

Jungkook: Our poor baby, that’s not even a baby anymore, would actually be one of the most mature in this situation, I feel like. I see him smiling lazily at you, having his hand around your shoulder and saying something like “I like yours too, hun” 

Thanks for the request! :) After this reaction, all will be concerning no more than three members. (Read more about it in here)

Just like it says on the above graphic this is a guide to twin pregnancy. I’m going to start this off with a disclaimer. DISCLAIMER: No two pregnancies are exactly alike and that goes for singleton pregnancies and multiples pregnancies. This guide is based predominantly on my experience and the knowledge I gained through my doctors, reading, research and the experiences of other twin moms that I have encountered. I am writing this guide because I’ve seen a lot of misinformation in guides to pregnancy before and I haven’t seen a guide on twin pregnancy. Seeing as I have firsthand experience with twin pregnancy and pregnancy with one baby I thought it might help someone. So here we go!

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Prompt: Denise does a blood test for Carol because she could be pregnant. Carol's upset and confused and scared not only for herself but also for Daryl because she doesn't know how he'll react and doesn't want him to feel overwhelmed. For xmas, Daryl collects the result and tells Carol the good news and he's so proud/happy which makes Carol emotional so he looks after her. Cuddling and snuggling ensues.

“How long will it take?” Carol asked fiddling nervously with her hands.

“Give me a few days with this, it’s the first time I’ve done it and I want to be positive before I let you know,” Denise replied drawing the blood out of her arm. 

She sighed a little at the pain and grimaced realizing what day it was in just three days, not that she was keeping count but certain residents of Alexandria certainly were. Rick decided that he was feeling in good spirits when he announced a few weeks ago that they’d all be celebrating the day together. Since then Daryl had been sent out constantly hunting in the attempt to find enough bird meat to feed Alexandria, it left very little time to see him and so she’d not actually mentioned to him about the possible baby growing inside of her.

“So I’ll know Christmas day?” she asked, hell of a damn gift that would be.

“Yeah sure, I’ll get you the results done by then,” Denise responded taking the blood and securing it in a tube, “you’re all done here.”

She applied pressure with a cotton ball that Denise handed her where the needle went into her arm.

“You told him yet?” Denise asked casually as possible while tidying away.

Carol bit the side of her lip not looking up at her, “no, not yet, no point worrying him if it’s actually nothing.”

“Still better to be prepared though right?” Denise questioned settling down next to her.

“I just…” Carol trailed off, she didn’t know what she would tell him, how he would take it, he didn’t ask for this, hell neither did she, what good was it bringing a child into this world the way it was? It’s not like she wouldn’t love her child though, she’d love and protect it fiercely with all her heart. But she wasn’t as young as she used to be, what if there were complications? It had happened with Maggie, with Lori…god she was scared.

“I don’t think you’d get the kind of reaction you’re scared of,” Denise spoke when she didn’t continue her sentence.

“But what if I do?” Carol whispered, tears threatening to fill her eyes, Daryl had never expressed that he’d ever wanted kids. Sure she had no doubt in her mind that he would be the greatest dad in the world, she’d seen how he was with Judith, with baby Glenn Jr, he was amazing and he didn’t even realize it. But still a child of your own can be overwhelming to say the least, it was easier for her at least, she had a child once before…

“He loves you Carol and if you are pregnant he will love the baby just as much I have no doubt about that,” Denise consoled, “it’s not definite that you’re pregnant yet, my advice would be to tell him before you find out, that way you’re both prepared and you don’t have to go through this alone.”

Carol nodded knowing it was probably the right thing to do, just the thing she didn’t want to do.


It was the longest two days of her life, Daryl was around more but not enough, between the two of them neither one was never not busy. Carol was constantly in the kitchen, preparing food for everyone to cook up on Christmas morning, Daryl was helping rearrange the dining room so that their family could all fit around a table together. Despite the busy time Carol felt like the day had dragged on forever and she was praying for tomorrow to be over already. 

Eventually late that evening she went up to be, half expected Daryl to already be there, but of course he wasn’t, off doing more errands no doubt. She sighed and let her head fall in her hands, she still hadn’t told him, he was going to be so pissed. Despite her constant worry it didn’t stop exhaustion taking over her as she crawled back onto the bed, curling up into a ball and falling into a restless sleep.


All he wanted to do was go to bed, he was dead on his feet and he had no doubt that he wouldn’t enjoy tomorrow. His family had never celebrated Christmas, not conventionally anyway. His dad would spend the day getting pissed as he did most days while he demanded his mother make a roast, just for him of course. God he despised that man, at least this Christmas couldn’t be worse than the ones he was forced to spend with his old man.

He got to the second step of the stairs, eager to hopefully spend some time with Carol, before he got called back down, the anger was steaming off him now.

“What?” he grunted turning around to see Denise all smiles from the living room door way.

“I need to talk to you, just quickly, it’s important,” she said ushering him back down.

He rubbed his eyes with the heel of his palm before biting his tongue and following her. She better make this damn quick.

Denise knew Carol hadn’t told him and she wasn’t usually one to meddle or interfere but she knew this would be for the best. She’d spoken to Tara about it and she was adamant that Denise had to tell him before Carol. 

“Whatta want?” he asked not in the mood for talking anymore.

“Okay, you might want to sit,” she suggested patting the seat next to her.

“Gonna take that long huh?” he grunted collapsing down next to her.

“Right, okay, um…”

Shit she wasn’t even sure how to word this.

Daryl cocked an unamused brow at her, “just spit it out, I don’t care none.”

“Well Carol had to have some blood tests done the other day…” 

Nope that was a bad way to start off the conversation.

“What why?” he immediately questioned, “she okay? What’s wrong? She ain’t said nothin’ bout this?”

“Okay calm down it’s nothing bad,” Denise reassured taking a deep breath, maybe she shouldn’t have done this.

“Well what is it then?” he frowned growing quickly impatient.

“She had to have blood taken so I could test it-”

“Test it for what?” he interrupted. 

“God,” she ran her hand over her face panicking Daryl even more, “I’m not really sure I should be the one to tell you this, but Tara thought it would be nice for you to tell her tomorrow, being Christmas and all- but I mean I don’t think she’d really thought through- how you’ll react-”

“Cut to the chase woman,” Daryl yelled when her rambling ceased to stop.

“Carol’s pregnant,” she blurted out, good lord that was a lot harder than she anticipated. 

“What’d ya say?” Daryl asked even though he’d heard her clear as day.

“Carol…Carol had blood tests done because she thought she might be pregnant, she was right, she is in fact four weeks pregnant,” Denise almost winced waiting for his reaction but it had yet to come.

“She’s- she’s,” he wanted to say the word but it died on his lips, a smile replacing it instead.

Denise saw his mouth upturn and she felt a huge weight lifting off her chest.

“So I’m going to- to be a-” again the words died on his lips and this time Denise finished it off for him.

“A dad yes, congratulations Mr Dixon,” she said with a grin as she stood up, “you’re not to tell Carol until the morning though okay?” 

He nodded the shock still in place, “Yeah okay, um, thanks.”

“Good night Daryl,” she called as she shut the door behind her.

He sat there for a long while letting the fact sink in, he was going to be a dad and a damn better one than his, he’d make sure of that. He already knew Carol was an amazing mom and he actually found himself excited to tell her the news.

He understood why she’d kept it from him, he wouldn’t have even been able to tell you what his reaction would have been until it happened.

Eventually he crept up the stairs into their room to find unsurprisingly she was already asleep. Carefully he peeled back the covers and slid into bed beside her, finding comfort in the fact that she rolled over into him, her arms wrapping around his waist tightly. Her stomach pressed against his he couldn’t help but smile at the life he knew was growing inside her.


He woke early that morning, way too early, somehow during the night he’d lost all his covers Carol now cocooned in them. Cautiously he tugged at the edge, taking the opportunity when she stirred to slip back under, shielding himself from the bitter morning air. Their skin to skin contact is what woke her, letting out a small gasp at the contrast in hot to cold.

“M’sorry,” he murmured pressing his lips to her head, “go back to sleep.”

But she couldn’t, not now, today was the day, the day she found out if she was carrying his child while he was unknowing of the matter. It actually made her feel quite nauseous, although that could also just be morning sickness.

“It’s alright,” she spoke softly, “I’m up now.”

She went to pull away the covers, knowing that she should probably put the meat on to cook.

“Naw, stay with me a bit longer,” he grunted pulling her make against him getting a light giggle out of her.

He nuzzled his mouth against the crook of her neck and she stilled, she had to do this now, before she found out, she had to prepare them.

“Daryl,” she whispered checking he was still awake.

“Mmhmm,” he hummed against her throat.

“I need to talk to you about something,” she spoke quietly now, half wishing he’d just fall back to sleep.

Unfortunately this caught his attention, getting him to sit upright, Carol doing the same.

“I need to talk to ya too actually,” he confessed, looking rather nervous.

Her stomach was in knots, what did he need to talk to her about?

“I think I should go first,” she offered, attempting to control her nerves.

“Nah, I really need to go first,” he insisted.


“Well the thing is…god I’m nervous,” he admitted chuckling.

“What is it?” she asked chewing down on her lip.

“Carol you’re pregnant.”


How the hell could he know?

“You’re four weeks pregnant.”

“I-“ she was having about a good as a reaction as he was last night.

“Denise told me,” he explained.

Her eyes widened then, “seriously?”

He nodded, holding back his own reaction until hers had settled in.

Her hand absently dropped to her stomach, “are you- are you okay with this?”

Daryl laughed, “that’s you’re worried about? If I’m bein’ completely honest Carol I’m over the fuckin’ moon.”

Carol’s face broke into a smile, “really?”

“Really,” he confirmed, his smile matching hers.

And then she broke into tears, big uncontrollable tears.

Oh god he’d said the wrong thing, shit.

“What the fuck?” she blubbered, “I’m not even upset I’m just relieved, damn hormones.”

He let out a breath of relief and chuckled, pulling her into his chest, cradling her head.

“God you scared me,” he mumbled into her hair.

“S-sorry,” she spluttered, “I was scared too.”

“Yeah well you don’t have to be, I ain’t goin’ nowhere, gon’ take care of you both,” he said soothing her out of the state she’d worked herself in to.

“I love you,” she whispered, pulling away from him to look him in the eye.

He nodded going a bit shy, “I love you too, gonna love this baby s’well, y’know that right?”

She grinned at him, her eyes still glistening from the recent tears, “yeah I know that, you’re going to make an amazing dad.”

Daryl felt a bit choked up at that, just hearing the words from her mouth was enough to get him to want to believe it.

“And you’re gonna be an amazing mom,” he said before leaning forward, pressing a soft lingering kiss to her mouth.

“Wanna stay in bed a lil’ longer?” he offered.

She nodded, curling herself around him as he laid back down, “merry Christmas Daryl.”

He buried his face into her hair breathing her in before responding with a smile, “merry Christmas Carol.”

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i have been instructed by zoe to come ask you about triangulation of desire because apparently you have a lot of thoughts on the matter, and i just watched the fast and the furious and i am shipping brian x dom because i am shipper trash.


It just so happens that I have A LOT to say on the matter. So buckle up let’s get going. 

INTRO: Or, what is the triangulation of desire, and why is Catherine always yelling about it? 

So first, some “acadmic” definitions. The theory of triangulated desire was first articulated by René Girard in Deceit, Desire, and the Novel and the modernized by Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick’s Between Men: English Literature and Male Homosocial Desire. Girard suggests that the basis of any love triangle is not, in fact, a desire shared by two parties (almost always men) for a single beloved object (almost always a woman). He writes, “the bond that links either of the rivals to the beloved” is “equally powerful and in many senses equivalent” to the romantic bond between the rivals and the beloved object. BASICALLY THIS MEANS THAT THE DUDES HAVE AN EQUALLY INTENSE RELATIONSHIP, IF NOT MORE PASSIONATE, THAN THE ONE THEY EACH HAVE WITH THE LADY.  

The woman is basically objectified in almost all ways. Her own personhood is denied, and she functions as a tool, a shared object through which the two rivals can funnel their emotions through. Sedgwick suggests that “the beloved is determined in the first place, not by the qualities of the beloved, but by the beloved’s already being the choice of the person who has been chosen as a rival”. But what does that mean, Catherine? It means the the choice of the woman is pretty irrelevant. That’s why she often is the sister (or wife) of one of the parties. She is therefore bound to him (particularly in patriarchal terms where the brother was expected to basically own his sister and protect her sexuality and virginity). SO DUDE ONE DOESN’T CHOSE THE LADY CUZ HE LOVES HER, HE CHOOSES HER BECAUSE DUDE TWO ALREADY HAS SOME SORT OF CLAIM ON HER. SHES REALLY JUST A VESSEL FOR THE FEELINGS THE MEN HAVE FOR EACH OTHER. ITS KINDA FUCKED UP. 

BUT CATHERINE, does this mean that all these dudes secretly want to just fuck each other but they cant so they fuck the same lady instead? NO IT DOES NOT. This is a dramatic oversimplification. Sedgwick takes great pains to make it clear that desire between the two male parties does not have to be homosexual in nature. (It can be though!!!!). The issue here is that because of PATRIARCHAL SOCIETY AND MANDATORY HETEROSEXUALITY these dudes are conditioned to fear showing any type of affection for each other because they have to perform masculinity and masculinity means never saying i love you to your bros. So what do they do instead? Whichever lady has the misfortune of being one party’s girlfriend/sister/wife becomes the member of a love triangle. BUT THIS IS NOT SOME QUEERBAITING, SHERLOCK SHIT - THIS DOESN’T MEAN ANY TIME TWO DUDES ARE BROS IT MEANS THEY SECRETLY WANNA FUCK. YOU KNOW WHY YOU SHOULDNT DO THAT I AINT GOING TO EXPLAIN IT TO YOU THIS IS ALREADY LONG ENOUGH. 

So Catherine, what are some good examples of this? 

  • William Faulkner’s Absalom, Absalom and the relationship between Bon, Henry, and Judith. (This is an example where the dudes actually really want to fuck each other. They can’t, its the Civil War and they’re in a Faulkner novel. Instead Henry makes his sister, Judith, marry Bon instead. There is also an element of incestuous desire between Judith and Henry which is also sometimes a component of the triangulation of desire - a sister and brother are into each other, but incest, so they find a third party who can be besties with one of them and marry the other)
  •  A more contemporary example - True Detective. Here are two bros who I would say did not want to fuck each other, but instead worked out their relationship and conflicted passionate feelings for each other through Maggie, Marty’s wife, who is deemed a more appropriate venue for such strong emotion. 
  • Most Shakespearan love triangles contain elements of this BUT THIS IS GETTING SO LONG I SHANT GET INTO IT

AND NOW THE GOOD STUFF: Or, The Fast and Furious, Dom and Brian, and the effects of mandatory heterosexuality on pop culture. 

So, first question DOES THIS MEAN DOM AND BRIAN ARE DTF?!? I dont know friend. That is up to you. I think you could interpret their relationship in many ways. But I think it’s impossible to argue with the fact that of all the romantic couples in these beautiful films, DOM AND BRIAN HAVE THE MOST INTENSE, THE MOST PASSIONATE, AND THE MOST TORTURED RELASH. Let’s consider, for example - 

  • I would certainly never argue that Brian doesn’t love Mia, but I think initially a huge part of why he goes for Mia is because she’s Dom’s sister. Dom is an almost mythical presence to him at first - WHO IS HE SO MYSTERIOUS SO STRONG SO CAR SO FAST. He wins his invite to the party because he did Dom a solid, and it’s there that he meets Mia. Getting closer to Mia is a way of getting closer to Dom, getting to know Dom, making Dom less untouchable. (Again, I 100% think Mia has a shitload of agency and that Brian truly loves her. I’m talking about v early Mia/Brian here, everyone be cool).
  • Dom’s reaction when he finds out Brian is a cop (UTTER AND CRUSHING BETRAYAL) vs, say Mia’s (confusion, disappointment, acceptance of nuance, moving on within 1-2 scenes) MEANING BRIAN/DOM IS CENTRALIZED AND EMOTIONALLY PRIORITIZED IN THE FILMS 
  • When Dom finds out Letty is still alive maybe, he goes straight to Brain for help. Even though Brian has a beautiful babby he immediately drops everything to follow his bro into battle. And Mia is like “I feel better knowing both of you are out there together you need each other” or whatever. Meaning Mia is more committed to her husband and her brother being there to support each other than she is concerned with her husband being there TO TAKE CARE OF THEIR NEWBORN BABY. AKA SHE TOO PRIORITIZES THEIR RELATIONSHIP. 
  • this scene whatever bye 
  • honestly dom and brian spend more time staring into each others eyes than they do looking at their respective girlfriends 
  • basically i would argue that because Dom and Brian have the most passionate and intense relationship in the series, Mia functions as a sort of intermediary through which each of them can explore the strength of their feelings for each and protectiveness over each other (again see scene re dom joking about brian being a good father)
  • Again, this does not mean Mia is not a strong character w agency, all the fast and furious ladies are the bomb. But you cant argue with the fact that the central relationship of the series is Brian and Dom - it is put through the most tests, is the most consistently passionate, and is the central conflict of the first film - basically its developed in a way that neither Mia/Brian nor Mia/Dom is

BUT CATHERINE, THIS IS UPSETTING BECAUSE ITS CENTRALIZING MALE FRIENDSHIPS OVER WOMENS NARRATIVES. yes. it can be shitty but also because we live in a shitty world where mandatory heterosexuality and performances of masculinity are so rigid, this is often the only way male friendship / homosocial desire / homoerotic desire can be expressed - it has to be coded through the triangulation of desire. It’s v much present in a lot of media, were just generally conditioned to ignore it BECAUSE WERE CONDITIONED TO PRIORITIZE MALE NARRATIVES/FEELINGS OVER WOMENS STORIES ANYWAY.