even the 5th to an extent in my opinion

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Can you please go into detail about your ideas behind the duality of Grindelwald's face and expressions? How does that duality fit with book Grindelwald and his personality/ideals/motiviations?

I can’t go too much into this in a meaningful way just by this one photo tbh. The blue-grey eye is clearly supposed to be the intact one. I see a lot of emotion there. Based on his eye-acting alone I see a subtle vulnerability. Then that half of his lip is twitched upwards and creates this effect of self-assurance and narcissism. It also bodes well with out idea of Grindelwald as a person who looks quite amused and ready to crack a joke most of the time.

The other half of his face is much more relaxed. The black eye in itself may be used as a symbol for the most basic kind of duality (good/bad: his ‘good’ side is more well lighted, the other one is in the shadows), even though I don’t think that it is that simplistic with Grindelwald. However, if we consider his expression what I see is this… numbness I guess and cold determination. His lip seem a little frowned and there is not much emotion in that eye. It seems to me watchful, inquisitive, and I think that my impression of determination is affected by the line above his eye which could be natural but I think it is affected my his movements to some extent. I am not sure if the eye will be the effect of injury, if they are going to somehow go down a horcrux-storyline etc.. Nevertheless, I am interested in how his face connects to Dumbledore. When we see the whole picture, it is quite clear that the side that Dumbledore can see is still the less distorted one. 

Let me start by saying that their postures are 100% intentional in my opinion. Their distance is understandable. After all they are not supposed to even meet until the 5th movie. If you print this and make it into a cylinder they would actually be like the edit that has being going around. Gellert’s darker side is the one that would be closer to Dumbledore in this case. As a biased shipper I am just going to interpret this as an indication that Albus was the only chance for that part to be whole. Gellert seems extremely confident, almost relaxes but in an almost meretricious way (he is a politician and a showman) AND he is 200% aware that he is being watched. You see him smoldering and the moment that Dumbledore’s head turns Grindelwald raises his head, his smile drops, his shoulders are more tense, there is annoyance, butterness and at the very end of the clip he closes his eyes and there is the slightest hint of sorrow in his face when he reopens them. It also seems that Albus’s head keeps following his reactions until the very end.

P.S.: I LOVE the costume. There is so much detail and I think it reflects Grindelwald’s personality and his interest in status. The more ‘traditional’ elements also reflect his alignment with many of the beliefs and interests of the old wizarding families.