even that one tooth

i’m kicking myself for not noticing this until op podcast pointed it out but shout out to this luffy who is very obviously carrot omfg



BTS Reaction - They meet their girlfriend’s family

the-real-yaoi-jesus said: Your blog gives me LIFE!!! ;v; Alsoooo… If possible could you do a BTS reaction to where their S/O’s family wants to meet them and their S/O gets really super embarrassed when their mum shows embarrassing pics..? Again Only if possible

HIIII sorry this took so damn long!! Enjoy!!


He was terrified to meet your family - that is, until your mom broke out the baby pictures. “Oh look! Here Y/N is in the bathtub, oh, she was such a fussy baby.” Your mom gushed, looking up at Jimin’s expression. He was trying to hold back laughter as you hid your face in your hands.

“Do you have any pictures of Y/N when she was in ballet?” He asked smugly, and your mom dug out more pictures from your dancing days. You only groaned and promised to yourself that Jimin would get it later.


He’d be pretty excited to meet your family, while you prayed your parents wouldn’t show him any old pictures of you. When she pulled out a picture of you butt-naked as a baby, Taehyung didn’t hide his amusement.

“Aww, that’s so funny. Did she always misbehave like that?” He asked politely to your mom, while you immediately got the underlying expression he was trying to convey and groaned.


“Oh, look at this one, Jungkook. How cute was my little Y/N?” Your mom gushed. Your dad was on the couch eyeing your boyfriend closely while he was shown various pictures of you as a kid. “Oh, she was in her little duck costume for Halloween that year. How adorable!” 

Jungkook gently took the picture from your mom’s hands and waved it in front of you, smiling like an idiot. “So cute,” he retorted, and you only flipped him off.


This boy would not only be excited to meet your family, he would ask to see pictures of you. Your mom would be more than happy to, bringing out the old box of family photos taken over the course of your childhood.

He’d be flipping through each one until he found a particularly embarrassing one and showing it to your mom, while you groaned in agony. “Y/N, come on, I’m sure you did great as an Oompaloompa in Willy Wonka.” He’d snicker. “You suck,” you’d mewl, pouting.


He’d be stiff and awkward at first, but then he’d really let his windshield wiper laugh come out when your mom broke out the baby pictures of you. “This entire box is of Y/N. Look, there’s even one when she lost her first tooth!”

Seokjin would pick up the picture and smile lovingly at it before turning to you with a little pout on his lips. “Look how adorable you were,” he’d draw out, before walking over and kissing your cheek. Your face would flame bright red.


Your parents would be impressed with him at the start, and he’d only laugh when your mom gave him baby pictures to look at. His eyes would analyse ever photograph and you’d be sitting in the chair, your face hidden in your hands as he flipped through each picture.

He eventually found the worst one - you were in your little baby bikini making the ugliest face you could muster at that age. “Can I have this? He asked your parents, and Namjoon would totally blackmail you with it every chance he got.


He’d be nervous to meet your parents, and was a little quiet at first. When he told them that he produced and wrote his own lyrics, your mom would squeal and go, “Y/N used to write lyrics all the time!” Before grabbing a pink piece of paper and a picture of you sitting on the floor as a kid writing on the same paper.

“Oh - oh, these lyrics are great, Y/N,” Yoongi would snicker, “I think I’ll have to use them in my next song.” You’d only blush and smack his arm.

I do appreciate that “Muh Toothbrushes” is the Ancom equivalent to “Muh Roads” except while any Ancap can think of a thousand and one ways to privately fund roads, Communists have yet to put forth to me even one coherent answer to why toothbrushes are personal property but the tooth cleaning setup at the dentists office is not.

Ride of My Life

I didn’t have much choice in accepting the ride; I’d been walking for hours and this was the first person to even slow down. A young british guy like me hitchhiking around the southern states of America had seemed like a wild adventure at the time but I had to admit it had been a lot tougher than I thought. So when the scuffed up window rolled down and I saw the young but built redneck looking back at me I didn’t have much choice. Not that I had a problem with hicks per say, but my university education and hipster hair and clothes screamed that I came from a different world and I was worried we’d have nothing in common and be forced to make awkward conversation. Plus I was worried he’d realise I was gay and though I didn’t want to generalise I thought it was best to keep it on the downlow while I was travelling in these parts.

Still though a few minutes later we were making basic chit chat in the front of his beat-up pick up truck, just the usual stuff, where I was from, where I was going. He seemed friendly enough as he spoke through his thick southern drawl, but it was obvious we were the type of people whose paths would never normally cross. He didn’t seem very educated or wordly, I doubt he even had a passport. In fact he told me he literally lived in a trailer not far from where I was headed (talk about your stereotypes) but at least he didn’t seem dangerous. Definitely a bit of a backcountry slob though. The place didn’t smell great for a start, the air was stale and every breath clung with the scent of old sweat and smoke, maybe weed too I thought. And no sooner had I thought it, he produced a prerolled joint from behind his ear (gross) and proceeded to light it as he drove, it hanging out of his mouth. A few puffs and he offered it to me, it was his “home grown special stuff” he said and I was grateful for a chance to maybe bond over something, plus I hadn’t had a smoke for a few weeks anyway. So I toked it down, the thick smoke making me splutter embarrasingly at first, he laughed at my attempt and I felt myself growing red at the thought of emasculating myself in front of this “man’s man”. Still it was strong shit and after a few more tokes a heavy stupor lay across my thoughts, taking the edge off. The conversation dropped as I fell into a quiet daze. We finished the joint between us as I stared at the long highway stretching into the distance in front of us, only looking away when a movement of his hand distracted me. He was itching himself, right in his crotch. Big, clumsy fingers loudly scratched across the mesh of his flimsy red shorts. No class, part of me thought, but for some reason I couldn’t look away as a huge lump began to form under his course fingers. Don’t get me wrong, he wasn’t my type at all, I liked well-dressed smart guys to be honest, the sort of people I could talk about books and theatre with whereas this guy was clearly a brute; his broad features, slightly bust up nose, gym clothes in the middle of the day. Nice but dim probably. He even had one of his front teeth missing giving him a gap toothed smile whenever he leered towards me, just like he was doing now. The lump in his shorts got bigger. Was he getting a hard on? I bet he had a giant cock though, I thought licking my lips, a thick, meaty one. In my stoned state I didn’t even realise I was staring at that growing monster in his shorts but unfortunetly for me he noticed where my eyes were fixated. Still pawing at his rapidly inflating tool he asked me if I was “a little faggot” and again humiliated I turned away blaming my heavily stoned state. Here he was this alpha male, macho fucker and I had come across like some desperate little fag. He wouldn’t let it go either though, continuing to call me a faggot, a pussyboi, a bitch, a cockslut. He didn’t sound angry just kind mocking, a little contemptuous but mainly teasing. I started to try to protest but he silenced me with the force of his voice, the words slowly staining my mind. What must he see me as? Just some slut who couldn’t say no to trying to get dick in him, sucking off strangers for rides… I felt my own cock getting weirdly hard at that embarrasing thought though, him seeing me like that, degrading me. He said it was okay, he understood and that his cock was such a monster most girls couldn’t handle it but really slutty boys couldn’t say no to it. They would seek him out and beg him to fuck their empty, hungry holes with that beast. He told me to see myself and I didn’t want to, I was so stoned and the strangely erotic situation was scaring me slightly but I was also so curious to see just what was down there, what a real, masculine, american cock looked like. So I looked.

Even through the shorts I could see that it must have been at full mast now, and what a monster it truly was. A thick pole the width of my wrist and at least 9 inches. No wonder the girls were afraid of it, he could split me in half. And yeah, I knew some guys had a real thing for getting big cocks inti them, filling them up to the limit; I bet they would have had a field day with this. I was more of a top with my previous boyfriends anyway but none of them were anything like this guy, they didn’t have that unapologetic sleaziness, stroking his cock in front of me. It was a bold move, asserting his dominance. Part of me wondered if I could take it, was I as good at sex as those slutbois who threw themselves at real butch men like this. While I stared he just grinned at me, chuckling deeply, “I knew you liked it you little faggot. Want a closer look?” A heavy hand landed against the back of my shaggy hair and pushed my face into his crotch, he was so strong I couldn’t have fought back even if I wasn’t as stoned as I was right now. My nose crushed against the monstrous dick through the thin material of the shorts  and I couldn’t just feel it’s musky heat but I could also actually feel the veins throbbing against my face, sending my own heartrate racing. His hands stroked my head but kept me there as I breathed more and more of that masculine scent. Old cum, sweat, dried up piss. It was all so removed from my normal world it almost felt exotic; and that became erotic. I’d never been that promiscious; I didn’t use Grindr or have sex with people I met online. I was respectable, decent, responsible. I had always been sensible but right now a voice in the back of my mind was telling me to just do it, let myself go, try something new, try being a slut. And that’s why I’d come on this trip anyway right? That’s why we all go travelling? To try new things. To discover who I really was outside the confines of my own life back home. And maybe I was just a little faggot slut after all.  Smiling against his cock at the freedom of the idea, I started to think of porn I had seen, of the slutty twinky guys and filthy depraved sex pigs and started to try and emulate what I had seen.

I began moaning in pleasure then quickly jerking my head back and forth, rubbing as much as I could of my face into his crotch, coating myself in his macho scent and making grunting noises. It was so slutty and dirty I could feel a wetpatch start to form in my own boxers. He roughly jerked my face a few inches back from his dick and with the other hand he tightly grabbed at the shorts until they gave way, ripping a large hole that sent the huge cock springing up a slapping me into the face, smearing sticky precum on my cheek. The way he did it, he didn’t even care about ripping his shorts, he didn’t give a fuck about anything other than his own cock and pleasuring it. I admired it and part of me couldn’t help imagining those broad hands ripping a hole in the back of my own underwear…
I got a quick look at the veiny, delicious but slightly crooked cock before he shoved my face back against it so I could slurp all over it. He wasn’t cut and I quickly began to suckle on the loose forskin, slimy with precum. Sure I had tasted cum before but never like this, even that had a strong flavour that I couldn’t place. Wanting more, wanting to really let myself be the slut I have never dared to be before, I impaled my mouth around that fat juicy alpha-cock, my lips being stretched to their limit trying to fit it all in my mouth. He whispered words of encouragment telling me how hot my fag mouth was, how good I was at sucking a man’s cock, it made me feel dirty and proud at the same time and I increased my efforts until my mouth started to turn red with the strain of it’s stretching. He jerked my head back to face his; he had another joint in hand and we took turns passing the hazy smoke between our mouths, feeling the scratch of his raspy unshaved jaw against mine. He wasn’t a good kisser by my old standards; he just agressively mashed our mouths against each other and stuck his tongue to the back of my throat but again the man’s lack of skill and delicacy put into perspective how much I was debasing myself to him. It felt amazing, but then we did something else even dirtier. He lifted up his arm, exposing the unkempt, damp patch of hair under his arm then told me to “taste a real man”. This was another first for me, I would never normally do that stuff it’s way too gross but here I was now; hip, british yuppie sticking my face into some sleazy dumb rednecks pits and drinking up the sweat for all I was worth. The smell of musk, of that masculine mix of sweat and cheap deodrant invaded my head just like the pot had done. Nobody had ever treated me like this in the bedroom, so focused on their own pleasure and treating me like a toy - so roughly with such little respect just like the faggot I was becoming. He pulled my hair back again, looking me in the face, the face covered with his own scent, marking me as his. He spat in my open mouth, it made me feel so low and dirty that I tried to beg him to do it again, to dominate me in every way but I could barely talk. My eyes were rolling back into my head in pleasure. He laughed and told me he knew I was a slut the moment he stopped and that faggots only wanted one thing, to milk strong, dominant men with their boypussies. We pulled over to the side of the empty road and I unstrapped by belt. Big hands ripped and pulled at my jeans until they were thrown into a heap behind his seat and I wasted no time in straddling him. The juicy fat monster he had for a cock slipped up and down the crack of my underwear as I gyrated my ass on his crotch sending pulses of cum leaking from my own pathetic dick into the material. I stuck my hand in, scooping out a load of cum which I then used to slick that big throbbing club dick up, so it was ready to go into my waiting hole. What was left on my fingers I sucked off. I didn’t even take off my underwear off in the end, I just pulled one leg hole to the side so that my own hole was left exposed then slid my body down his cock. Man it hurt at first, but as soon as that god like organ finally popped into my hole and I suddenly dropped down to the hilt, it felt better than anything I had ever experienced. Getting fucked in a car by the side of the street by some rough sleazy stranger…. but that dumb hicks cock filling up my insides made me feel more like a man than I had ever felt before. Only a real man knows how to be a good cock slut. He continued to tell me how much fun I was having, how fun and easy it was to be such a slut and let superiour, stronger men like him own me and my hole. I giggled then started bouncing up and down in pleasure, hearing the slap of skin against skin until the brute started to moan, less than a minute in and warm wet seed started to fill my insides, spurting out my hole an down his own cock. He’d cum in me so fast, just abused my hole as a quick cum dump. It left me wanting more - more loads in me that was.  

He drove back to his trailer in the end and I came with him. A dirty, messy little shithole, the place looked and smelt like all he did was watch porn and jackoff in there but it was perfect. And as he kept telling me, that’s all I wanted to do now too, just embrace my inner slutpig and see just how much I could degrade myself to him. And you know what would be really really slutty and really really fun? Staying there full time as his dumb little bitch, smoking weed and then sucking his cock, eating out his pits, licking his feet, drinking his piss. Forever, or at least until the brute tired of me or my hole got too stretched out to milk his cock properly. I could even start an online blog, with photos and videos showing the world what a slut I had become. Yeah, become an exhibitionist slut, because faggots like me, all we want is cock. Maybe he could even make some money from whoring out my tight British ass to other fucking sleazy backcountry rednecks. It sounded so hot, after we spoke about it I begged him to fuck me stupid again, lifting my legs up and showing him my hole, I begged him to put his monstercock in me and fill my belly with thug cum. Fuck me on the floor amongst the unwashed clothes and dirty plates where I belonged. 

The next day, sore but happier, dumber and hornier than I had ever felt before, we burnt my passport and old clothes (I wouldn’t need them anymore) in the fire pit before he sat on the beat up old armchair smoking a joint while I lapped at his naked hairy balls and thought about how lucky I was that he found me and how lucky I found myself.          

my-mochi-jimin  asked:

What are your favorite Jin and Jimin pictures?(seperate or together) I love love loooove your blog btw :)

Thank you for your love and support my dear! This post is just for you ^^

Jin: Anything that involves him looking natural, comfortable, His lips just pop to me, his eyes gleam, he’s wearing glasses, or his hands are showing (I love his hands…)

Jimin: Anything where he’s being cute or just plain out sexy. I love his jawline but I also love his chubby cheeks 100%. I can’t get enough of his smile. I especially love black, silver, and orange haired Jimin. I die for any little bit of facial hair or natural acne scars or even his one crooked tooth that show through because it’s so realistic.

Meeting Mr & Mrs Scamander

A short drabble about meeting Newt’s parents for the first time.


Originally posted by dailywizardingworld


“are you ready to go darling?’ Newt called through into your bedroom, where you stood fussing over your reflection in front of the mirror, your stomach in knots.

Newt popped his curly head around the door, a smile on his freckle sprinkled cheeks, ‘oh you look fantastic’ he complimented as he made his over to you. Wrapping his arms around your waist, stooping down so he could rest his slightly stubbley  chin on your shoulder. He looked lovingly at the reflection of the pair of you, “you’ll be fine love’ Newt reassured as he stroked his thumb over your cheek, seeing the worry on your face.

“I know that they will adore you, just as I do’ he placed a light kiss to your temple, the knot in your stomach had started to unwind slightly, the combination of Newt’s voice, words and touch soothing you. You gave Newt a shaky nod, and before you could change your mind, he disaperated.

You reappeared in front of an old stone farm house, you could see the forest that crept up behind it and hear the hippogriffs within.

With one last reassuring squeeze of your hand along with a peck on the cheek, Newt knocked on the hard wooden door. A tall woman with wild curly strawberry blonde hair swung the door open, and bundled her youngest son up into a hug upon seeing him. “oh sweetheart we’ve missed you. You feel thin, are you eating? How have your travels been? How are the creatures? Oh this must be y/n, she really is as pretty as your letters say.’ Mrs Scamander babbled, still grasping a blushing Newt by his upper arms, before passing him over to his father, who was stood behind her, a smirk on his face, at his wife’s actions, so she could greet you properly.

“y/n it’s a pleasure to finally meet you. Come inside sweetheart, dinners just about ready.’ She ushered you inside, where Newt grabbed your hand and pressed a quick kiss to the back of it.

He lead you into the large kitchen, where pots and pans were stirring themselves, a scrubbed worn wooden table along with mismatched chairs sat in the middle  of the room, a barn owl sat on its perch hooting softly at Newt, who gave the bird a little wave.

Newt lead you to a seat, and pulled it out for you before sitting down himself. He placed his hand on your knee, trying to reassure you. “tuck in’ Mrs Scamander encouraged. It was mouth-watering, you chatted as you ate, Mrs Scamander asked about your family and how you got on with newt’s creatures while Mr Scamander inquired about your career.

“go through to the living room, we’ll bring the tea’ Mrs Scamander pushed as Newt lead you to the cosy sitting area. You were still a little nervous, so you decided to walk about the room, keeping your mind occupied. You came across a collection of old framed pictures of the Scamander’s, you found little Newt in the front, covered in even more freckles, one front tooth missing, as he beamed at the furry little creature he held delicately in his small hands.

You grind at the pictures, as the grown up Newt that you knew, wrapped his arm around your waist. “That can’t be you, you were never that little’ you joked gesturing to the picture, he only chuckled in response, giving you a slight squeeze.

“I knew they’d love you’


Have a great day and be safe

Castiel The Dentist

++Dean x Reader
== Here’s a short little dose of cuteness! 

Request:: can you do one where dean and reader get toothaches and cas has to fix in secret dental bay in bunker that sam didnt mention and reader gets fixed easy but dean needs to have baltasar alfie sam gabe and reader hold him down

“Oh man, I should’ve backed off from all that candy.” Dean rubbed his jaw, wincing at the sharp pain ringing in his teeth. 

“Not you too!” you were rubbing some gel on your gums to help ease the tension. You were pretty sure it was your wisdom teeth trying to make their grand entrance. The dentist you saw last year mentioned them, and said they need to be removed soon to avoid any problems. The throbbing, hollow feeling in your jaw made you regret not going back. It was radiating to the side of your head and you were getting a lot of headaches lately. 

“Okay you two, we can’t afford to lose hunters to tooth decay,” Sam laughed. “I’ll get Cas on it; he can use the equipment in the dental room.”

“Dental room?” You and Dean said in unison, both still rubbing your jaw.
Sam couldn’t help but laugh at your puzzled expressions. “Yeah, if you two decided to explore things other than yourselves, you might find all kinds of surprises in this place.”

Dean raised an eyebrow. “Don’t say it like that… it makes it sound… weird.”

“Well, it’s just as you said,” Castiel stood up straight after observing your mouth. “Your wisdom teeth are trying to come in, but there’s no room for them." 

"I beg to differ,” Dean mumbled. You squinted your eyes at his cheekish grin.

“I’ll have to put you under, because this will be a surgical operation,” Cas looked at you with a hint of concern in his eyes. “Are you okay with that?" 

"Go right ahead, Doc,” you smiled. “I’d rather get it done and over with so these headaches will stop." 

Cas rested his hands on your forehead, and you were out in no time. When you woke up, Cas was there by your side and you could see Dean sitting in the corner of the room, his face looking really pale. 

"How are you feeling?” Cas asked. 

“Great, actually. The pain is gone!” You hopped off the chair, surprised at the lack of repercussions of just having surgery. Cas must have healed everything right after the surgery. 

“I shouldn’t have watched that. I don’t think teeth are supposed to make that sort of noise.” Dean’s face was twisted in disgust and it looked like he was about to get sick. 

“Your turn,” You winked at Dean and kissed his cheek. He flinched from the pain.

“Oh,” you winced for him, “I’m sorry babe! I forgot that was the bad side.” You kissed him again, this time on his forehead. 

Dean reluctantly got into the chair and leaned back. He squinted his eyes when Cas tilted the bright light in his face. “Is that really necessary? You’re an angel, don’t you have night vision or something?" 

You laughed, shaking your head. "Dean, don’t be an ass.”

Cas looked over Dean’s teeth for a few moments, “Ah,” he mused, “No wonder you’re in so much pain. There’s a molar that needs pulled." 

"A-wha-nee-pull?” Dean’s speech was muffled by Cas’ fingers being in his mouth. 

Cas removed his hand. “A molar needs to be pulled,” he repeated, “It’s all but gone in there, I don’t think I can save it. Luckily it’s just a molar and won’t affect your appearance, if that matters." 

"Of course it matters,” Dean laughed nervously, looking at you. “So, what, you pluck it out and all my problems are gone?”

“Dental-related problems at least,” Cas changed his gloves, and grabbed the proper tool for the job. Dean eyed it down, worry etched in his face. 

“What are you going to do with that? What’s that for?” his eyes were wide as he watched Cas check the tool’s movements, making sure it was ready. 

“To pull that tooth out. I’ll numb the area beforehand, of course.” Cas put on a visor and flipped it over his eyes. 

“No, no, no,” Dean shook his head, “I think I can deal with a bad tooth, no thanks." 

"Dean, it’ll be over before you know it,” you were at his side now, trying to calm him down. 

“That big metal thing is going into my mouth, and it’s going to pull an entire tooth out of my jaw! It’ll be like losing a part of me. No.”

“Oh, don’t be so dramatic,” you laughed, feeling guilty that you found this so humorous. “If I can sit through a surgery, you can sit through one tooth extraction." 

"Extraction? That makes it sound even worse.” Dean looked distressed.

You sighed, “You’ll be fine, just sit back and relax. I’m right here." 

Dean leaned back and Cas proceeded to numb his gums, but before he was able to start pulling the tooth out, Dean started thrashing in the chair. "I can’t do it! No!”

“Do you want me to put you under as well?” Cas asked. 

“No, I want out of this chair,” Dean’s brows furrowed. 

“We’re gonna have to hold him down.” Cas said to you. “Hold his hands?" 

You felt awful as you looked at the fear in Dean’s eyes. "Please, Dean, it’ll only take a few moments." 

You alone weren’t able to hold Dean down, so Sam tried to help. Then Gabe. Then Alfie. And finally Balthazar, before Dean was still enough for Cas to remove his tooth. But by the time he was ready, Cas had to numb the area again. The tooth was finally out, and everyone released Dean. 

He sat up, felt his jaw, then grinned. "That wasn’t so bad, I didn’t feel a thing!" 

"Yes, and it only took me, your brother, and three angels to hold you down.” You tried to fight back the laughter that was building up. 

“What? I don’t like dentists.” Dean shrugged.

so this dentist visit was Hell™ bc it went from “quick after treatment check up” to “might as well fix these two tiny holes” to “somehow even five anaesthetic injections aren’t enough to numb this one tooth”??? worst dentist visit ever?! fffuck i legit cried and screamed like a baby oh my gods my entire face felt numb but not that one damn tooth smh

but i was once again praised for always brushing well so there’s that lol

So I’m taking a course on early cinema, and we learned about this film series called The Hazards of Helen. The Hazards of Helen was made in 1914, and the protagonistwas a working woman (a telegrapher for a train company for crying out loud), who had adventures where she defeated the bad guys and saved the day in every single episode. In terms of follow-ups, it is the most successful film series of all time. It got 118 sequels. In the series, Helen (who did all her own stunts 1910’s style and also occasionally directed the shorts) parkours onto moving trains, beats up the bad guys, jumps into lakes, and drives motorcycles into rivers Evel Knievel style. And this one just one of several hugely successful series of this format. Basically, it turns out that up until the 1920’s, female-lead adventure serials, all of them starring working or otherwise powerful women, were far and away the serial blockbusters and most popular films of the time. Pretty much every studio tried to leap onto the success bandwagon and make their own women’s adventure franchise.

Tldr 100 fucking years ago a female-led superhero film got 118 sequels and every other studio tried to imitate its success, and in two thousand fucking fifteen, we have to fight tooth and nail to get even one. That is seriously fucked up. 

FAQ- frequently asked questions

What programs do you use?

I mainly use paint tool Sai for the bulk of the actual drawing while I use Photoshop CS6 for enhancements (textures, color changes,resizing text)

What brushes do you use?

I made a post about this a few months ago click here to find out!

Do you use textures/screen tones:

I do and I would say 95% of my textured art is just me adding noise to the picture if your not sure what that means click here to my super short tutorial about it  

What tablet do you use?

A Cintiq 12 and also a Cintiq companion when I’m away from home.

Can I use your art?

Why yes, you can for pretty much everything anything but steal credit or make a profit off of it and no you don’t need to ask my permission first just do it :)

Can I use your AUs or ideas form your AUs?


Do you take requests or commissions?

At this time I’m not :( sorry

What’s your age?,location? sex?, gender?

I’m a 26 year old  Northern Virginian cis female.

Have you ever drawn <insert character name here>?

I tag all my Hetalia fanart with aph <insert country name> or 2p <insert country name> (minus the bracts) make use of the search function on my blog to find what your looking for and if you come up with nothing then I haven’t drawn that particular character 

How come your spelling and grammar is so bad?

Well I’d say 75% of it is because I’m dyslexic and the other 25% is laziness. This is my hobby blog not my portfolio so I’m not really interested in going over everything with a fine tooth comb or even a large tooth one.

Also no I do not have a portfolio blog though I really should…

Can I message you?

Sure you can! I’m more likely to respond if you send a message with your screen name than just a anonymous just because I don’t like clogging up my blog with a lot of questions I think most people come to my blog for my art and not my stunning personality ;)

Also if you send me a compliment anonymously I totally read it and get all the nice warm fuzzies just because I’m not posting for the reason I stated above doesn’t mean I don’t apprentice them very much and thank you all for sending them :)

Yuta as a boyfriend :-)

Group: NCT

Member: Nakamoto Yuta

AN: i looooooooooove yuta ;;;;;;-)

  • he’s always either hanging out with ten or hansol
  • i mean who do you ship yuten or yusol???
  • that smile
  • dear lord you know why it’s called the healing smile
  • all he has to do is flash even ONE tooth and u dead
  • rather than healing smile it’s the killing smile
  • however when you’re feeling really down
  • he knows all he has to do it hold you and smile
  • like not even saying anything him just sitting there smiling at you
  • you’re mood is lifted in like a minute
  • sm and their hairstylist and wardorbe
  • mhmmmm did yuta dirty
  • however whenever you see him with his electrifying hair and his japanese skirt
  • you can’t help but to be like
  • so we all know how he adores outside and summer time
  • also he love doggies
  • so to get to the point you guys actually met at a dog park
  • you were bringing your dog so it could play around with the other dogs
  • while you sat on the bench, keeping a close eye however on your dog, reading a book and soaking up the warmth of the sun
  • after about ten minutes your dog is gleefully playing around and having a blast
  • and you’re fully invested in your book
  • so you start to feel a paw hit against your leg and some whining
  • you look down and see the cutest little white pomeranian looking up at you
  • “are you lost sweetie?” you say picking the dog up
  • you look at the collar and it says the owner’s name should be
  • ‘nakamoto yuta’
  • you decide to stay where you are because you don’t want to lose your dog as well
  • hopefully the owner will come buy here looking for his dog
  • you brought water and treats so you give some to the fluff ball making it less skittish
  • you see a boy running your way dog leash in hand
  • “oh my gosh thEre you ARE!”
  • “uh, nakamoto yuta?”
  • “oH! yes!! you can just call me yuta though. thank you for finding my dog and keeping it company.”
  • “ohohoh no problem, really.”
  • “maybe I should thank you in some way,,,,,,,”
  • “y/n, and nono it’s fine you don’t have to.”
  • “yes I do! how about we meet here tomorrow, without the dogs, and I take you to get some lunch?”
  • yOu just met him and????? but he’s kinda cute thouuuugh
  • “sure, i’d like that.”
  • “sounds like that plan! we’ll meet right here then! around 12! I’ll see you tomorrow!”
  • and boy that was the first time you had seen that pearly white smile and his and hot dayum you were already crushing
  • so you show up around 11:55ish
  • and he’s already there?
  • “oh yuta!”
  • yuta slings his head up so fast you thought it might give him whiplash
  • “y/n!”
  • “how long have you been here?”
  • “just got here, don’t worry!”
  • but in reality he’s been here since like 11 because one he wasn’t risking you being there first and he needed some time outside to prepare himself for seeing you
  • so you guys walk to this little cafe on the corner
  • you pick a cozy booth in the back that has the sun shining on it
  • a sign maybe?
  • so after you’ve both ordered
  • “I’m really glad someone like you found my dog.”
  • “someone like me?”
  • “yeah someone super cute.”
  • boiiiiiiiiiiiiIiiiiiiIIIIIIIIIIII are you blushing
  • there he goes with the smiling again
  • there goes your sanity
  • so throughout the whole dinner he just compliments you
  • you guys talk about yourselves
  • at the end of lunch
  • “when can I see you again?”
  • “I’ll be at the dog park tomorrow, if you would like to stop by there?”
  • “it’s a date.”
  • you bid each other goodbyes
  • when you get home it hits you
  • he. said. date.
  • unfortunately you got super sick and couldn’t make it to the dog park
  • you would have told yuta but you don’t have his number or anything
  • yuta shows up at the dog park with a big bouquet of flowers
  • he sees someone sitting at your bench
  • and it’s not you
  • :-(
  • “maybe they’re late” he thinks
  • so he sits there for a full hour hoping you would come
  • but you never did
  • so he gets up and goes home all bummed
  • so you’re sick for a couple of days
  • and have no idea yuta has stopped by dog park everyday
  • so you’re not 100% better but your dog desperately needs a walk
  • and you, not going to lie, miss yuta
  • so when you get to the dog park
  • you see someone at your bench
  • with semi dried up flowers?
  • you slowly approach
  • “y-yuta?”
  • “y/n!” he says letting out a sigh “you’re back! I thought you were giving me a hint that you didn’t like me.”
  • whaaaaaaattttttttttttt
  • “no! of course not! I’ve been sick. whose flowers are those?”
  • “oh they’re yours! they are a bit dead, I’m sorry I got them a few days ago. I can get you some more?”
  • you lean in and softly grab them, smiling, and then grabbing yuta and pulling him into a hug
  • “they’re perfect.”

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Even Villains Have A Sweet Tooth

TITLE: Even Villains Have A Sweet Tooth


AUTHOR: teacuphiddlesfics


GENRE: Romance/Crime/Erotica

FIC SUMMARY: OC is sick and tired of the villainous - and handsome - Tom Hiddleston scaring off all of her customers


WARNINGS/TRIGGERS/AUTHOR NOTES: NSFW, Sexual Content, Swearing in upcoming one shots. No warnings that I can think of for this specific one, however. I saw this prompt, and I knew I had to do it with Jaguar!Tom. And then that new ad came out, and made me want to write this even more. Hope you all enjoy. I’m feeling like more Jaguar!Tom needs to be written.

“Oh no, not again,” I slammed down the tray of warm cupcakes and stormed out of the kitchen.

It was happening again. All of my sweet, kind customers were running out of the bakery like the building was on fire. Without even looking out the front window where that shiny black Jaguar would be sitting, I knew who would be standing at the counter. And I was furious. I had had enough.

Keep reading