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It's actually weird that Eleanor's not in Miami. This weekend is a big deal for Louis both personally and professionally. He should want her there. She has the availability and resources to be there. His friends would certainly understand her being there. If you have the opportunity to support your significant other on a big occasion, you take it.

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" Ink.....If it wasn't for you....I probably wouldn't even be alive......"

“… Alli…”

“I’m so happy to have met you. I’m so happy you’re still alive.” He embraces her, nuzzling her. “I always love seeing you smile! Never let anyone take your happiness away!”

As loathe as he is to admit it, Harry picked up traits from the Dursleys in childhood. They were his only influences, after all. 

Some of them, he doesn’t even notice. When he spoons six cubes of sugar into his coffee but adamantly refuses cream, he doesn’t remember making the same for Vernon so many times the order is practically muscle memory. When Quidditch matches have their inevitable funny moments - when somebody is nearly unseated by a Bludger, or when a low-flying bird distracts the Keeper at an opportune moment, he doesn’t recognize the harsh snort of unexpected laughter as Dudley’s someone got hurt laugh. When he’s drying dishes at the sink in front of the window at the Burrow, he doesn’t feel himself craning over the stained yellow for a view at other inhabitants of the house messing about in the yard, neck stretched the way he had watched his aunt’s stretch for years. 

The ones he does notice make him feel sick. The knee-jerk reaction towards beggars in the street at Diagon Alley, the grumbling over the news, the satisfaction in making someone - usually Kreacher, loathe as he is to admit it - feel small. He knows that it’s part of having been raised by human beings - you pick up negative traits (Ron and Ginny do it, too, they fuss over clean socks and get work too ingrained with politics), but still. 

It hurts to know that he’s still so intimately connected with that part of himself. 

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Marching Band (High School AU?) What the RFA squad would play/be doing like color guard or conductor etc

(here goes all my barching mand knowledge hhhh sorry if anything is ooc or not accurate!)


  • a drummer
  • beause honestly…. that’s what he does
  • he wanted to play a trumpet or something when he was younger but he soon realized his lungs couldn’t possibly even play that, leave alone march and play
  • sometimes he mixes up right and left but he’s improving! he’s getting much better!


  • everyone knows she’s fit to be the conductor, but she’s just…. not?
  • she’s one of the boosters
  • moving equipment, carrying water, making sure everything is in order
  • the band has never been so top-notch and ready to go ever since she came in


  • he’s usually the leader of the trumpets
  • singing helps his lungs, sure, but playing and marching do wonders for that even more
  • looks unfairly handsome in the uniform
  • looks like he came right out of a movie where the king is coming and the trumpet people start playing all beautifully and every other trumpet player is lowkey jealous that he steals the spotlight


  • the conductor of the band
  • even though he’s a good and actually pretty good conductor, when he’s not actually doing that he tends to butt heads with other band members
  • more specifically, Zen, who always has something to complain about
  • he constantly says he’d put Zen in the very back if he wasn’t such a good player
  • nobody dares mess up because he has such a scary face they all dread to see what would happen if he went angry


  • the baton twirler
  • everyone just kinda ????
  • and the worst part about it all isn’t that he’s the baton twirler- he’s free to be whatever he wants to be sure- but the fact he’s just… so much better as a tuba player??
  • it’s clear he knows how to play a tuba and has taken classes but he just. refuses to admit it
  • makes Jumin want to rip out his hair because the band doesn’t have enough tuba players and the one person who knows how to play the tuba refuses to leave the role of baton twirler
  • but in all fairness, he’s pretty good at twirling the baton and gives a flare to the band so at least he has that going on for him

One thing that will always annoy me with love live fans is when they act like you are personally attacking them when you say their best girl is your worst girl :T like I never said I hated her or insulted her or anything??? I just said she was my worst girl.. and like I didn’t even know she was your best girl so idk why you think I’m attacking you????? Like what the heck???? People call my best girls their worst girls and I don’t care :T idk why y'all have to take it so seriously


Is it like Cheryl’s official role to point out when the show is engaging in outdated cliches about gay people and how they should have died in the 90s. was that part of her casting description.

Like seriously. this didn’t even make any fucking sense. Cheryl’s like “your routine did not have fire” and then Veronica’s like “OKAY BETTY LETS MAKE OUT” like what the fuck. what kind of logical leap is that. what does that have to do with cheerleading.

Literally the only way this makes sense is if Veronica wants to kiss Betty so badly she’ll make up the flimsiest pretense possible (and honestly her behavior during this entire episode would have supported that. She has acted way more interested in Betty than she has in Archie. Like really). BUT THEY’RE NOT GOING TO GO THERE WITH THAT, AS HER ACTOR HAS ALREADY CONFIRMED IN A TOTAL ASSHOLE WAY, SO.

like there is ltierally no reason for this scene to exist. I’d assume that Cheryl would like, ask to kiss to get on the team as “bullying” or whatever. Granted this is better. but it also. is so dumb.

I just remembered the worst thing about the new Beauty and the Beast was when at the end of the movie the beast is turned back into a human man and belle is like “I think you need to grow a beard!!” Like this bitch really just implied she’s only into him when he looks like a fuckin scruffy animal. Belle is lit into beastiality and Disney wasn’t even tryna hide that shit !!! She nasty.

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hi! i know you have a lot of nb/trans/queer characters and with your recent posts abt your webcomic (which im looking forward to btw!) im curious if you're going to have queer and trans characters in there too? sorry if this isn't a question ur ready to answer! you can ignore me

The characters featured most prominently in Killjoys all fall under the queer umbrella, actually. But I’d prefer to address the specifics in the comic itself. Sometimes people reveal details about their characters just for brownie points and I’d like to avoid that vibe, yknow? Gender identity and sexuality aren’t even remotely a focus for the story (or a topic at all tbh), but you can be sure there’ll be background details and dialogue to naturally confirm stuff like that over the course of the comic.

honestly tho the short answer is GOD YES I just want more quality nb/trans characters and I’ll make em myself if the media won’t give me stuff to relate to

My birthday isn't until Monday and we just went out for tonight bc that's when we all were free and it honestly didn't even feel like it was a night out for me at all? And that was really hurt me? Nothing special. No one even bothered to take my fucking check for me at the very least or buy me a drink. Like I know that's so petty but it's like damn

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So Sam wasn't on the group hike last Sunday. (thank you Lynette...) I think it's weird he was doing another hike alone but who cares Sam and Cait were at the mall alone on Saturday.

Well, we’ve got a pic of the group on the way up the hill that doesn’t include even the complete group we know was there. A summit video that suddenly stops panning before it reveals Cait’s conversation partner. A pic of Sam planking on the mountain. And a reporter reporting that Sam wasn’t there.
Sounds like the pictures here are telling one story in Sam and Cait’s own words, and the “official” account is telling another. Wouldn’t be the first time that’s happened concerning Sam and Cait and time spent together outside of work…

Fanon Lotor be like

i am not even sorry just take this

putting on some lipstick before the show for a lil extra good luck! (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑ (Viktor totally bought some expensive cosmetic brand makeup for his fav student /winks)

ayyy whatever makes a boy feel good yea