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i miss all the good things about s1. the amount of cool missions, the gem technology, steven being chubby, steven's deeper voice, animation flaws that were actually normal and not just the animators being lazy, pearl not being such a whiny bitch... so many things. especially the missions and gem tech!! i wish we could've gotten explanations for more of the gem tech.

Exactly! I found season 1 so interesting as we had a insight into gem tech and a little on their culture.. Pearl even wanted to show Steven some gem culture with the mirror (which turned out to be Lapis) but now.. nothing..? Stevens voice sounded much better imo I loved the excitable little Stevie we got back then the places visited were beautiful!! Ahh I love season 1!

Never say die - Chapter 14

Pairing: Axl Rose x reader
Words: 1906
Summary: Reader accidentally time travels back to 1985 where Axl, Duff, Slash, Steven and Izzy find her

Never say die masterlist

A/N: Okay i’m so sorry this comes so late. Again. I’m so disappointed on myself rn lmao and i know you are as well but i try. I hope you still like this even a bit lmao, let me know what you think again. 

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Axl’s POV

I opened my eyes and immediately the sun was shining straight to my face which made my headache so much worse. I had passed out on the couch last night apparently. I didn’t remember shit what happened last night, just some short random moments but nothing huge.

I remember Duff totally embarrassing himself in front of bunch of hot young women and Slash leaving the place with two chicks. I didn’t even see Steven and Izzy at all during that night. They came with us to the bar but soon just disappeared.

I remember calling to Amy in some point but i have no clue what we were talking about. After that everything’s just black.

Soon i heard a phone rang very loudly and i groaned, holding my head. I couldn’t stand any loud noices right now and especially wasn’t in the mood to talk with anybody now. I walked towards the phone and hang up and after that walked to my bedroom after taking few painkillers.

I managed to vomit probably like three times, i was surprised that every organ inside me didn’t come up. After like an hour and half i heard someone opening the door and come inside to the apartment. I heard loud steps coming closer to my bedroom and when the door to my bedroom flinged open, i lifted my head from the pillow and looked at the figure who came in, narrowing my eyes.

”What the f –”

”Why the fuck haven’t you answered to our calls?” Izzy shouted. ”We’ve tried to contact you like 10 times probably and i knew you were at home!”

”Jeez, could you chill a bit,” i said quietly and got up to sit on the edge of the bed. ”What the fuck is so important? It’s not like the city is in flames and we’re gonna die.”

Izzy groaned and rolled his eyes. ”Yeah, not we, but Amy.” And those words made me fast move my gaze on Izzy, eyes widening.

”What the hell do you mean Amy?” i yelled panicking.

”He was in a car accident yesterday at night and she’s now in the hospital,” Izzy told me and i could see the sorrow in his eyes. My heart skipped a beat, probably atleast two, and my stomach dropped, tears almost ready to roll down my cheeks.

”W-what are you saying?” i asked, my voice shaking. He took a deep breath.

”She’s fine. A few bones broken, bruises everywhere and so on but she survived,” Izzy said and i could breathe properly again. My heart was still beating faster than ever before, so fast that it almost hurt.

”Thank god,” i whispered and closed my eyes for a moment, trying to calm down a bit.

We rushed to the hospital as fast as we could. Scarlet was there with Sam and Jon, they had been there apparently the whole night. Jon held Amy’s hand and also Steven was sitting next to her. After a while also Duff and Slash came to visit. Soon Scarlet and Sam had to leave to work, they couldn’t skip a day of work, their boss would probably kill them otherwise.

”Jon, you should go home as well,” Sam said and looked at Jon, concerned. ”You’re ill, you have fever and everything. Amy’s gonna become sick soon too because of you.”

”No, i’m staying here with her, i have to –,” Jon started but Scarlet interrupted him.

”No, you have to rest. She’s fine, okay? She just needs to rest, she can go back home in no time, okay? The guys will take care of her now, you’ve been here all night,” Scarlet stated seriously and raised her eyebrows. It took a while but finally Jon agreed with Scarlet and left.

Duff and Slash couldn’t stay any longer, they were both vomiting all the time and Izzy and Steven had to keep their long hair away from their faces so that those wouldn’t be in puke either. I sat next to Amy and eventually i was left alone when also Duff, Slash, Steven and Izzy left, asking if i was fine alone with her.

Amy’s POV

I opened my eyes and still felt pain on my body. I looked around me for a while until noticed Axl sitting next to me on a chair, asleep and squeezing my hand. When i moved a bit to get a better position on the hospital bed, Axl immediately woke up and focused his gaze on me.

”You’re awake, thank god!” he exclaimed and got up to hug me tightly. I tried to hug him back but then winced when he hugged me too tightly, hurting my ribs. He noticed it and let me go, apologizing. ”You scared the hell out of me,” he said with a bit shaking voice. ”Don’t ever too that again, okay? Promise.”

I smiled a little. ”I’m fine, Axl. A bit damaged but i’m fine,” i said reassuring him but he still looked at me very concerned and took a deep breath. ”Look, i promise to be more careful from now on. Okay?”

”Okay,” he whispered and tried to calm down again.

We chatted for a while about random things and i tried not to laugh too much but it became impossible. ”I was supposed to spend Valentine’s Day with Jon today but then this happened and he became sick,” i told him and shook my head. ”He’s leaving on their tour in a bit over a week so it would have been great to get to spend time with him as much as possible,” i said and sighed, shrugging, until brought my eyes back on Axl’s eyes, smiling. ”But you’re good company as well. Don’t you have better things to do though?” i asked.

He furrowed his eyebrows but then chuckled. ”Nothing is more important than you right now,” he said smiling and squeezed my bruised hand again. ”I can’t leave you alone, i’d never want to.” His words made me smile widely and he was about to say something else too but then a knock on the door interrupted us.

The door opened and a man came in. ”Amy and Axl? Am i in the right room?” he asked and we nodded confused. ”Some guy named Izzy told me to bring these for you,” he continued and gave us bunch of different movies, chocolate, popcorns and two pizzas which smelled extremely delicious. ”And these are for you, Jon sent them,” the man said and gave me bunch of lilies.

”What, why?” i asked and took the flowers on my hands and smelled them. They were so beautiful. There was also note on them which said ”try to recover soon, babe. Love you!” and had a heart on it, it really warmed my heart.

There was also a note on one of the movies’ cover and Axl read it.

”What does it say?” i asked him curiously and by now the man was already gone.

I bought you pizzas so you, and especially Amy, won’t starve because hospital food is shit – i’ve been there. And i also rented you some movies so you won’t bore yourself to death there. Have fun. -Izzy,” Axl read outloud.

”Aw, that’s so nice of him. What movies did he rent for us?” i asked. Axl put the note away and showed me the movies. There were five of them and we had still basically all day time to watch them all, it wouldn’t get boring at all.

”There’s two action movies, two horror movies and some romantic comedy,” Axl said and let me read the back covers of each movie.

”Wow, atleast they seem great,” i said surprised. ”Let’s watch this,” i suggested and offered Axl the first action movie. He nodded and we took all the stuff with us to find some empty room we could use where’s a tv. We had seen one here before.

My leg was broken though so i needed to take a wheelchair to get there, i felt so helpless when Axl was pushing me forward in the hospital corridors.

We sat on the couch and Axl went to put the movie in the tv and then came to sit next to me.

”I wonder if the pizza is cold already,” i chuckled and took a bite when the movie started playing.

”I’m surprised Izzy remembers what’s my favorite. Last time he bought one with pineapples it was horrible,” he laughed but i turned to look at him fire in my eyes. He noticed the look on my face. ”Oh my god, don’t say you’re one of those fuckers who eat pizza with pineapples.”

”Hey, you can’t eat pizza without them what the fuck. Pineapples are great,” i stated but he scoffed, pretending to look hurt.

”Well that’s a huge lie, what the hell, woman.”

Our argument didn’t last for long and finally we decided to concentrate on the movie. We watched the rest of the movies as well. One of the horror movies was so bad that it felt more like a shitty comedy and we couldn’t stop laughing.

The other horror movie was the opposite, it was great and scary as hell and Axl just laughed every time when i became scared of some scene and hid under the blanket which we shared together. In some point we had eaten all the chocolate we had and i tried to make Axl to go to the store to buy more but he said it was already enough. We still had a little popcorns left though.

The last movie we watched was the romantic comedy one. I wasn’t very into to romantic movies etc and that stuff you know and neither was Axl but we decided to try if it was atleast alright.

”Axl, can i ask you a question?” i asked suddenly in the middle of the movie and looked at him, furrowing my brows. He looked at me back, a bit concerned about the expression on my face. He nodded which was a sign for me to continue. ”Do you love me? You said last night that you loved me. Is it true?”

He was quiet for some time and just looked at me, a bit shocked to be honest and unsure what he should answer.

”Pfft of course i love you, what kind of question is that?” Axl said, chuckling nervously. ”Yeah, you’re like a sister to me.” He looked quickly away from me for a moment and didn’t say anything for a while.

”Oh. Okay,” i answered, kind of disappointed actually which was weird. He turned to face me again.

”Look, i’ve done some crazy shit when i’ve been drunk,” he said, his hands shaking. ”Once i decided with Izzy to adopt a baby together,” he said chuckling and it made me chuckle. Yeah, i’ve heard that already before though. Izzy’s great as well when he’s drunk.

But I don’t know why but his words hurt me a bit. Did i love him? Oh, please, woman. No, of course not, you loved Jon. And if i did for some reason have feelings for Axl, it was just a little crush. I’m sure about that. Atleast i hope so. I couldn’t just ruin our friendship and especially my relationship with Jon. He’s such a nice guy and i couldn’t just leave him like that. I’m sure this feeling will fade away soon.

Realizing that the new Stevenbomb and promo means that there will be a lot more normal positive content and fan art in the Steven Universe tag instead of those dry-as-a-desert critical posts:

Also realizing su critical blogs are already nitpicking everything from the not-even-one-minute trailer and complaining about how Pearl is crying again:

me listening to the new beauty and the beast soundtrack
  • belle: ok
  • how does a moment last forever: nice
  • belle (reprise): good
  • gaston: yesss
  • be our guest: ewan mcgregor!!¡¡!
  • days in sun: fuck I might cry
  • something there: sweet
  • how does a moment last forever (reprise): close to tears but not crying
  • beauty and the beast: not crying but i might
  • evermore: okayWHAT THE FUUCK is THIS DAN STEVENS my fucking HEART I CANNOT brEathE *sobbing*
  • mob song: but EVERMORE

Some stuff I drew from the past few days.

Still trying to find out what style I’m comfortable withhh, eughh.

I know the different sizes on the SU characters comes from the different storyboarders and artists and that’s cool I’m cool with that but just imagine if it was a real-time Gem thing due to their forms being affected to changes in environment, situations (feeling in danger vs. feeling safe), and emotional stability.

Then imagine being Connie, hanging out, when suddenly Steven just goes squish and drops like a two inches right before her flippin’ eyes.