even sinestro

Tbh I feel like if Jon got that yellow power ring back he wouldn’t even join the Sinestro Corps, he’d show up to steal a battery and try to punch Sinestro and then just go back to Gotham to wreak havoc.

Like can y'all imagine Jon willingly allying himself with Sinestro? Because I can’t.

I can see him trying to clock Sinestro in the face because “This guy looks like the leader of y'all and this is the best ‘fuck you’ I can think of.”

Man has tried to punch Batman you cannot tell me he wouldn’t try to punch Sinestro.

@supagingergiraffe they actually did give him a ring Lex Luthor just stole it like a dickweed.

Also the Sinestro Corps has far more unstable personalities than Jon and whether or not Jon gets chosen isn’t up to Sinestro, it’s up to the ring.

Honestly I think Jon would refuse to even join the Sinestro Corps, he’d probably steal a power battery and book it back to earth after slugging Sinestro. If there’s one thing certain about Jon it’s that he doesn’t like being ruled.