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Memory (Part 1/?)

A/N: Sooo I got this idea after I watched the vow, (great movie btw) It’s not requested, I’ve just had in it drafts for a really long time. I’m not sure anyone’s really going to like it? But I figured I would post it to see what happened. I’ve already gotten a few more parts written, so if you like the story please let me know so I can post those! Anyways, I’ll stop rambling  Love you all! 

Pairing: Green Lantern Reader x Dick Grayson (Nightwing) 

If you could describe it in one word, blank. 

It had been blank before. Why had it gone?

The first thing that came back to you was sound. A constant, steady beeping. A machine rising and falling. The worried and hushed whisper of voices, voices, people… you felt a hand brush over yours. Touch. The lingering placement spoke of worry and care. Your mother maybe? Your father? 

You felt an itchy sheet underneath you, and you laid on a rather stiff bed, the mattress odd and unforgiving. 

Almost as odd as the stench of disinfectant. Smell… like sickness and bleach… like a hospital.

Hospital, you frantically blinked open your eyes. White light, much too bright assaulted you as you rapidly tried to adjust. 

As if through a tunnel you could hear the heart monitor beeping rapidly, the shuffling of feet, the even louder murmur of voices. 


You hated hospitals. 

You were covered by a thin sheet, tubes were attached to your arms, you were trapped. How did you get here? Why were you here? Who are you people?
The heart monitor’s beeps increased in frequency, urging your heart to beat faster to keep up. 

A few People rushed To restrain you, and unfamiliar faces crowded your vision.
Too many people, too many hands, curling yourself up, you cradled your throbbing head and cried out. 

Oh god, make it stop, make it all stop, take you back to when it was blank. 

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Tbh I feel like if Jon got that yellow power ring back he wouldn’t even join the Sinestro Corps, he’d show up to steal a battery and try to punch Sinestro and then just go back to Gotham to wreak havoc.

Like can y'all imagine Jon willingly allying himself with Sinestro? Because I can’t.

I can see him trying to clock Sinestro in the face because “This guy looks like the leader of y'all and this is the best ‘fuck you’ I can think of.”

Man has tried to punch Batman you cannot tell me he wouldn’t try to punch Sinestro.