even she hates it

Okay, LOOK. I have tried to give Mary a fair shake here, I really have. I GET that she is out of place and she didn’t ask to be brought back. I do not think it is unreasonable for her to want her space, to figure out things, to get a balance in the world.

I don’t even completely hate that she’s working with the British MoL. Like, yeah, they’ve got James Bond level gadgets and proficiency. For someone who’s primary value in hunting is saving lives, I 100% understand why they appeal. 

But HOW DARE she look Sam Winchester in the face and tell him that they’re doing good work? HOW DARE she go behind his back to work with the people that kidnapped, tortured, and nearly killed him?

It’s not like Sam and Dean haven’t worked with people who’ve done terrible things to them before–exhibit A, the highly contentious relationship with Crowley. But they always got to do them on their terms.

Mary LIED TO HER SONS to work with people who had actively done them harm, and she did it because she knew they wouldn’t approve. If she felt so strongly about it, so should have come to the boys with her reasons before she made any sort of choice.

Even after last week’s episode, I was frustrated but not mad at Mary. But when she looked Sam in the eye and tried to use a fucking Mom Voice to scold him for his hesitance to work with his torturers, I FUCKING LOST IT. He could barely look at her!!


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Hcs for a mc who can turn into a cat?

So, I’ve literally never done HC’s I’m going to make them short paragraphs. Hope that’s ok. Not sure who you wanted these for so I just did the RFA and Saeran, because, I freakin love Saeran and can’t leave him out. Plus, I can’t do HC, I have to make up a scenario, hope you are satisfied with it.

And by the way, I think you are trying to kill Jumin and Seven, maybe even Zen since his is allergic. Possibly Jaehee? Since she hates cat fur? Wait a minute, are you trying to take out the entire RFA except for Yoosung? SAERAN?


Seven groggily enters the kitchen after spending hours hacking. He heads to the fridge for some milk when he hears a soft “meow”. At first he assumes it’s meowie, but he should be in the bedroom with you. Then he feels something slide across his leg, looking down he sees the cutest tabby in the world. He doesn’t even think about how the hell did this cat get into my fortress. The boy is stricken. He picks you up and nuzzles your face. His stubble tickles you and you sneeze. “Oh my god, that was the cutest little sneeze! You are the cutest, wittle, thing, yess you are!” You continue to purr and enjoy the attention until his hug gets a little too tight and he starts to yank at your whiskers. You’ve had enough. You begin to transform back into a human while still in Seven’s arms. He is surprised and lets you go almost immediately. His eyes are as round as saucers as he views this cute little tabby turn into the love of his life. What…just…happened. You stand in front of him, naked, and he watches in amazement as the last few whiskers fade from your adorable round cheeks. “Surprise!” you giggle, a little embarrassed. “You’re, you’re a cat?” he asks a little dazed. “Well, technically I’m a woman who can turn INTO a cat.” His face breaks out into the widest, goofiest grin. He grabs you and twirls you around, “Best girlfriend ever! Do it again, do it again! I want to pet your fur.” And the boy actually begins to purr himself he is so happy. He can now combine his love of you with his love of cats.


You watch as Jumin absently pets Elizabeth the 3rd while reading the morning paper. You have decided that you will tell him today and you’re fairly sure he will still love you. You walk over to the sofa and sit on the coffee table, facing Jumin and Elizabeth. He puts the paper down and smiles at you, “Good morning kitten, ready for breakfast?”. You smile back and shake your head. “Is something wrong?” he asks, leaning forward and taking your hands as he drops the paper by his side. “Not, not really, I just have something to tell you. Or, rather, something to show you.” “Oh?” his eyebrows knit together questioningly. “Now, don’t freak out ok? Just, just remember that it’s still me.” His eyebrows furrow even deeper but he says nothing. You stand up and take your robe off, underneath you are completely naked. His eyebrows go up, assuming this is a sexual thing, a small smile plays around his lips, but then he sees fur springing from all over your body and you shrink all the way to the floor. He jumps up and scoots away a little, blinking his eyes at the tawny fluffy cat that you have become. A few seconds tic by, you walk towards him and purr. “MC? Is that you?” you meow and nod. Elizabeth meanwhile hisses at first but then comes over to investigate. Jumin kneels and pets you, “What do you think Elizabeth? Isn’t she beautiful? I’ll have to buy you a diamond collar to go with those beautiful amber eyes!” the man is already planning everything he is going to need to buy (excluding the cage because he knows you won’t like that). You purr louder and jump into his arms. His eyes are warm and welcoming, he sits back down with you on his lap and now pets you and Elizabeth, could he get any happier?


He’s been raging all night and you haven’t gotten any sleep! You’ve thrown pillows at him but he just absently yells over his shoulder he’s sorry, but you know good and well that he is not. Finally, you’ve had enough. You jump out of bed, hissing so loud that even through his headset Yoosung heard you. Startled at the odd animalistic sound, he turns in his chair just in time to see you jump in the air from the bed at him, only, mid jump you changed, landing as a pissed off Russian Blue on his chest. He is so freaked out he pushes you off and falls off his chair. You hiss at him again, your ears laid back, stalking your prey. This boy better recognize you need your sleep! He scoots back on his ass until he hits the dresser. Through his headset, you can hear the rest of his party screaming at Yoosung to get the fuck back into the game! We’re getting killed out here, where’s my heals? You jump on his chest again and bare your teeth, digging your claws into his shirt and yes, into his skin. His eyes are wide and confused. “M…MC?” he asks finally, seeing your eyes and recognizing them. You stop hissing and sit on his chest, your eyes droop and you begin to lick your paw. Slowly he raises his hand and pets your head, that actually feels good, you begin to purr and lay down, he is very comfy. You knead his shirt underneath you until it’s perfect and you fall asleep on him. Not knowing what else to do, Yoosung stays in that awkward position, letting you sleep. He doesn’t want to wake you up again, the boy has learned his lesson. He wonders if you’ll want milk in a bowl when you wake up.


“I just don’t understand it! Where does this fur keep coming from? I’ve had to vacuum twice today, and it just keeps showing up.” You feel guilty, because, well, you can’t help but shed. But Jaehee looks so stressed and OCD about keeping the place clean. She never says anything, but you know that you don’t keep up your part of the work. You have to tell her before she thinks she is going crazy. “I’d swear Mr. Han was sneaking Elizabeth in here when I’m not looking but this fur is dark brown.” “Uhm, Jaehee?” “Hmm?” she answers absently. “It’s, well, it’s my fault about the fur.” She stops the vacuum and turns to you. “What do you mean? Did you get a cat without telling me?” she was calm, but you could see that she was upset by the idea that you would do such a thing without consulting her. “Not exactly.” She pushed her glasses up and blinked at you, confused, “What do you mean, ‘not exactly’?” “I’m the cat.” She huffed and turned back to the vacuum, “That isn’t funny MC, did Seven put you up to this?” You put your hand on hers and pulled her away from the vacuum. She sighed but let you take her other hand. Looking into her eyes you said, “I’m telling the truth Jaehee. I should have told you before I moved in, but, I was too scared and embarrassed.” “To tell me you were a cat?” Jaehee’s lips formed a tight line, she was becoming annoyed. She was all about facts, not fiction, and this was clearly fiction. “I guess I’ll have to show you.” You kissed her lightly and smiled when her lips softened from the white line of irritation. You began to undress. “What are you doing?” she gasped. You just laughed and said, “Relax, it’s just easier this way. I don’t want to get trapped in my blouse again.” Once naked you transformed. Jaehee gasped louder this time and took several steps back. You didn’t move but just sat and stared at your girlfriend with the most pathetic eyes you could muster, and mewled, swishing your tail back and forth slowly. “Oh…my…god…it really is you!” You reverted back quickly and redressed. You couldn’t look at her. “Are you very upset with me?” you asked, tears stinging your eyes. Suddenly you felt arms around you and Jaehee’s head resting on your shoulders. “You’ve done the impossible MC.” “Huh?” “You’ve made me love cats. Well, one cat anyway.” And she kissed your neck and nuzzled into it. This cat she could live with.


Zen would be at work all day so you decided to roam the apartment in your cat form. It had been so long since you were able to transform, you hadn’t wanted to trigger Zen’s allergy. It was so difficult for you being with a man who was allergic to you. Thankfully only in cat form. You reminded yourself to make sure and clean up before he came home. But it was so satisfying to curl up on his pillow, with the smell of him still on it. How you longed to have his delicate fingers run through your fur. You fell asleep and lost track of time, before you knew it, Zen was opening the bedroom door. “Babe? You in here? I’m….what the hell?! Where did you come from!? Get out, get out!!” You hissed as Zen chased you off the bed screaming, then he was stopped dead in his tracks by a bout of sneezing, shit! Poor baby, you ran back to him only to have him kick at you and drive you towards the kitchen. He grabbed the broom and started swatting at you. Ouch, that hurt! He had you cornered and was trying to swat you towards the door. You quickly transformed so that he wouldn’t hit you again and you sat there, on the floor, in the kitchen, tears in your eyes, wrapping your arms around your head as the broom came sweeping in again (see what I did there). Zen stopped just before connecting with you and dropped the broom. “Princess?” his nose was stuffy and he still couldn’t stop sneezing, but he knelt by you and wrapped you in his arms. “I’m sorry Zen, I didn’t know how to tell you. I wasn’t going to, I didn’t want to cause an allergic reaction. I fell asleep, I was going to clean up, I swear.” “Shhh, shhh.” He soothed you, even though he was the one who sounded miserable. “I’m sorry I hit you, and kicked you! OMG I kicked you, MC I’m so sorry, did I hurt you?” he asked and inspected her body just in case. “No, I’m fine, but you’re not. I won’t do it again, I swear, I’ll never become a cat again.” You cried. “Don’t be silly! I’ll go to the doctor’s tomorrow and get some allergy medicine. I want to see every side of you my princess. I’d love to snuggle with you as a cat.” “Really?” you sobbed. You couldn’t believe he would do that for you. “Of course! Just, well, don’t tell Jumin, I’ll never hear the end of it!” you both laughed until Zen began a sneezing fit that wouldn’t stop. You pulled him into the shower and made his stay there until you had cleaned up the rest of the apartment and removed all the cat hair. Then you joined him, where he asked you to purr for him. Cats weren’t so bad.


“Want to see something weird?” you asked Saeran. “Sure.” Was his quick answer, he never wasted words. He stared at you with those mint colored eyes, he was always so calm, cool, and collected. At least, when he wasn’t having one of his anxiety attacks. You kinda hated how cool he was in most situations, especially when you were angry and he just looked at you with those eyes, like you were overreacting and he had to coddle you, or placate you. It was infuriating. The boy had plenty of emotion in bed, but try getting anything out of him otherwise and you were just hitting your head on a wall. You were wearing one of his t-shirts and sitting on his bed watching a movie. His attention was all on you. Eye contact was not something he struggled with when it came to you. You shivered a little, what if he freaked for real? Maybe you shouldn’t, but you were in too deep now, you had to. Facing him, you were on your knees sitting on your heels. You took off the t-shirt and you felt him stir on the bed. He probably thought you were going to show him some new position, or technique, he liked learning new things about you in bed. You held out your hand to him and shook your head. He did look disappointed, it made you blush, knowing how much he wanted you. You closed your eyes and imagined yourself as a soft ball of fur. You imagined he would shoot out of bed and freak out before accepting the fact that you had just turned yourself into a checkered tabby. But when you opened your eyes his face was right above you. There was a questioning look in his eyes, but he wasn’t that fazed by what he had just seen. Damnit! You pouted and hissed at him. “Someone’s a little cranky.” He said, before smiling at you and picking you up. You growled loudly but he just chuckled and rubbed behind your ears. Oh that felt good! Before you knew it, you were purring and putty in his hands. Damn that boy! He kissed the top of your head and nuzzled your nose. You licked his cheek and were gratified by his laughter. Well, you wanted emotion, you got it, you just had to turn into a cat to get it.

Sorry if this wasn’t what you were expecting. :/



Tonight was the Daughter & Father Dance at Mikoyo school. I couldn’t tell who was more happy, Kiah or Miyoko. Kiah went full out with a tuxedo and all lol. At the dance, Kiah said that they both had a blast dancing and that sometimes she would leave him to dance with her friends. He was texting me at the dancing saying that she’s growing up so fast. He told me he went to the bathroom and cried for a minute. Even though I hate that she’s growing, that’s life. She’s growing into a beautiful lady<3

Monday 8:27am
I woke up with you on my mind.
You called me babe last night —
my heart is still pounding.

Tuesday 10:53pm
Today I realized we won’t work.
What we are is hurting her.
And I think she matters more to me than you do.

Wednesday 11:52pm
I broke things off with you today.
She barely said a word.
I’ve never regretted anything more than this.

Thursday 4:03pm
I shouldn’t have sent that message.
You shouldn’t have been so okay with receiving it.

Friday 9:57pm
I almost messaged you today.
I didn’t.

Saturday 8:49pm
I’m walking around town in search of alcohol.
They say that liquor numbs the pain of having a broken heart.
I want to put that to the test.

Sunday 2:32am
I heard you texted a girl you’ve never spoken to before.
I wonder if it’s because you’re trying to replace me.
I can’t help but wish you weren’t.
I thought I was irreplaceable.

—  a week with you on my mind, c.j.n.