even really have to get to the idolatry as dehumanization thing

A Message to Mr. Repzion the Atheist


By Michael


Still making yourself a party to a quasi-fascist form of socialism, eh, Mr. Repzion the Atheist? You’ve got a little polymorphous perversity going on there too, I see, a little of the ol’ repressive tolerance from the Marxist Frankfurt School of Critical Theory, a little politically correct cheer for what ails us, as you lecture on any number of moral issues from … well, from no ontologically justifiable premise whatsoever given that all is materiality according to you.


I swear to God, atheists are the most Pollyannaish, the most boorishly moralizing, twits of all. Everything about them is legalistic gibberish.

Give us some of that old-time religion. Some of that old-time religion. Give us some of that old-time religion, and pass the beets and peas!

I know. I know. I’m making crazy talk.

Folks like you have been feeding yourselves a line of bullshit for so long that your minds have gone all reprobate, so much so that even the most manifest truths strike you as the sounds of barking madness. Your heads are stuffed with the drivel of that old-time religion.

Oh, by the way, when you were still dabbling in Christianity, did you ever nail down what Paul was talking about in Romans concerning the truth that mankind holds in unrighteousness? It’s a real daisy.

How many times have you mocked the most obvious truths, Mr. Repzion, when pulling on the heartstrings of some poor sap’s doubt, or so you believed, with that practiced tone of voice and that feigned look of sincerity and opened-mindedness?

That's rather slippery of you, Agent Repzion.

Only you deceive yourself in that conceit, and those of us who know the voice of the Master regard you with a truly sincere and profoundly grave sense of sadness.  

Well, let’s see. You’re about 450 videos into the atheist phase of your career … give or take a hundred, right? Let’s say we have you down for at least four lies an average per video. Gee wiz!  You have nearly 2000 lies under your belt just in videos alone. In truth, however, the ultimate ramifications of your blather fly right over your head—from the most profoundly ontological to the most readily apparent.  

Those Christians, for example, losing their businesses for refusing to do the pagan tango is a rather startling revelation for some at the other end of the homo agenda. Sorry, I don’t do “gay agenda” as I’m a little too squeamishly “homophobic” to tolerate the hypocrisy of that old-time religion and the downright fascist conflation of tolerance and governmentally imposed acceptance that’s always gone along with it in history. Of course, the truly emphatic, classical liberals of universal individual liberty and justice have always understood what homo marriage was really all about. You still don’t seem to have picked up on that. I guess when they start pinning crosses on Christians you’ll harangue Christians for that too.  Well, after all, it’s their own fault!  It’s not like the government needs to get out of the peoples’ marriages and families, and out of matters of education in the absence of school choice.

Stupid Christians!

They must either conform or off with them to the gulag for a little remedial training, a little reeducation in some of that old-time religion dished out in the state schools, but now dished out as if on steroids. Oh, those bigots of Christianity!  What nerve!  Silly rabbits.  Don’t they know that liberty is for kids, the stuff of fairytales?

But I guess I’m old-fashioned when it comes to liberty and justice for all. I’ve always held to the principle that natural rights are universally inalienable. I guess I just never got over my distaste for bullies feigning victimhood. I was the mixed martial arts kid in high school who took exception to those who pushed the smaller and weaker kids around, including a few who were homosexuals, by the way. I never put a real hurtin’ on anybody, mind you, just had a little talk with them, laced them up with an extra measure of behave-yourself.  Know what I mean?

Oh, well, what’s a fellow like you to do who sat right on top of the first principles of the Imago Dei, loitered so very near them, yet so very far away from them at the same time … and then, one fine day, just up and walked away from them altogether?  It’s too bad you weren’t arrested for trespassing, but I still hope the Holy Spirit quickens the written word stored in your heart soon.

Oh, by the way, that’s one of the things the first principles of the Imago Dei would have alerted you to, you braying jackass. That is, Christians had every right in the world to oppose homo marriage as a matter of defensive force against the manifest nature of the statists’ initial force, as the latter made it crystal clear from the very beginning that they intended to collude with corrupt politicians and judges to violate Christians’ inalienable rights of parental consent, free-association and private property with public accommodation codes and in the public education system under the regime of its one-size-fits-all subversion of the principle of the separation of church and state. Assholes like you deserve a size 13 upside your demagogic heads. Next time you pick on a Christian for opposing homo marriage, keep what I just told you in mind.  I wouldn’t want you to be unaware of your hypocrisy or of the actual motives and outcomes in the real world beyond your fantastic lies.  Political slander is a form of murder as it encourages folks to dehumanization others via the suppression of the latter's fundamental human rights.   

Well, I need to scoot now. Cheers and, of course, Sieg Heil, you fascist pig!

(Oh, I’m sorry.  I’m not one for pretensions of civility in the face of certain kinds of evil.  I have a family and a business, a livelihood, with which I provide for my beloved, and I will not bow the knee to your statist idolatry either.) 

Oh, wait!

So that you’ll be without excuse in the future when you demonize Christians in the minds of pitchfork-wielding barbarians… . 

The Repressive Tolerance and Double Speak of Homofascists

And because of people like you who won’t tell the truth about what the government’s doing—not Christians, you idiot!—Christians will now have to do the following over matters that were settled the moment the Constitution was ratified and even before that in nature, but of course tyranny never sleeps because assholes like you will always be with us:

Civil Disobedience to Answer Homofascism

By the way, from whence do you think the notion of universal free will in terms of the Golden Rule, the natural law of the Anglo-American tradition of classical liberalism, derives? Hint:

Morality Unites and Liberates! 

We should all be standing shoulder-to-shoulder against the government demanding that it get out of our private affairs altogether so that folks can freely associate with whom they will, including homosexuals. That way we’re not compelled to war against each other in the defense of our Bill of Rights, divided and thusly conquered. Note how I used the term homosexual this time in the spirit of universal human liberty.

This is the essence of the problem and the only just solution, you idiot, that mostly only Christians understand! 

Quashing the BS and Cutting to the Chase

You’re not smarter, wiser, more logical or more reasonable than the average Christian. None of you pagans or humanists are, and you never have been. The vast majority of you are statists, enemies of the classical liberalism of universal individual liberty on which this nation was founded, and you always have been. Leftists are mindless, group-think bots and collectivists. Their politics are narcissistic, even sociopathic. They demand the right to dissent, the right to discriminate, but do not grant that precious and necessary right to those with whom they disagree. And you’re just another fascist punk taking sides against Christians who are arguing that government needs to get out of our private affairs altogether due to the exigencies and the imperatives of natural law. But fascists like you are having none of that because you need the government to regulate the private affairs of the people in order to demonize others and suppress the rights of those with whom you disagree. Hence, Christians are justified to oppose each and every plank of your fascist agenda, including homo marriage, in self-defense, you as-obtuse-as-a-pile-of-bricks dimwit.  

The feminazis, the homofascists and the SJWs (the cultural Marxists of the Brave New World) are not about preserving liberty and justice for all. Neither are those who call themselves egalitarians. All of that crap is about the tyranny of governmentally imposed equal outcome. They oppose the privatization of these things precisely because they cannot otherwise impose their ideology. All of you leftists oppose the privatization of the human affairs that are … well, you know, private. It’s not just those on the fringe of you who are jerks. They’re merely the outliers of the very same hypocrisy of you. All collectivism is evil and tyrannical. And the vast majority of atheists are not about liberty and justice either. It’s the very rare atheist who is not a statist thug, and atheism is the stupidest superstition of them all.

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