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Do you think sam should own it and just take a pic with her and post it?

I think that Sam should do what he wants since at the end of the day it’s his life. If he truly wishes to have privacy then he should be allowed that and people should respect that wish. Do I have serious side eye that he posted his location yesterday of all days, in a place where a supposed SO currently was, yes. If you want privacy then don’t post a photo like that. Follow through with your wishes and post a generic running photo, even an old photo, but not one that is so contrived and staged feeling. It seems like Sam is willing to take one for the team one too many times, and I think that he should find some self respect, he deserves it.

Half cosplay, half my rad photoshop skillz

(Amelia, the Burrowing Owl Siren from @emo-rock-tale)

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I want to share my opinion here... everything that I see including MM and Sam, are related with MPC even this new photo. I think she's his friend and probably they work together on this. The most part of this fandom started to freaking out and suddenly forgot all the good things and proofs that happened (I can understand you guys it's confusing sometimes)... they're just friends and Sam has proven she's with cait a lot of times!! so less drama and smile and wave guys ;)

You know, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if this is MPC related…hence the post in the MPC group. It’s one of the first things I thought. less drama, more smiles = zen shipping. it’s gr8. 

That wasn’t the only painful experience to come out of that night. Apparently, after I passed out, Tommy and Nikki made me the subject of a photo shoot: they took a picture of my face, with Tommy’s balls dangling above it, and the next morning made copies of it, had them laminated, and passed them out to everyone on the tour. I think the photo even became the official image for their All Access pass. I’d been tea-bagged for all the world to see.
—  the part of Slash’s book that made me die laughing

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milly pls answer this if u see it :( so i was talking to this guy from tumblr and we ended up texting for a couple weeks and i even sent him nude photos and it was just a more than friends type of thing. long story short i found out he had a gf and i found her blog!!i confronted him and he called me a fool and denied everything so i messaged her and told her. i guess she broke up with him or whatever bc he messaged me saying i'm a shitty person. did i do the right thing? i'm stressing

you 10000000% did the right thing. tear down that fucking lying asshole !!!!!!!!! you did the right thing telling him his girlfriend. you are not a shitty person

there’s this definate shift in “netizens” if you will. new people, especially americans who have sorta just got the hang of the internet, but they use it to harass ppl, or argue things they know nothing about…

but i noticed this shift 2 years ago, when i noticed an overwhelming number of commenters on a youtube video using their real names , even middle names, and photos….

i think this goes hand in hand with everything being linked. facebook is linked to your phone why not to youtube.etc. 

gone are the days of net anonymity., 

putting on some lipstick before the show for a lil extra good luck! (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑ (Viktor totally bought some expensive cosmetic brand makeup for his fav student /winks)

ayyy whatever makes a boy feel good yea

Voltron Characters and their VA’s: Part 2

Electric Boogaloo.  You all liked my post of Voltron voice actors and their tweets, so I give you voice actors and their beautiful faces 

Shiro: Josh Keaton

Lance: Jeremy Shada

Keith: Steven Yeun

Pidge: Bex Taylor-Klaus

Hunk: Tyler Labine

Coran: Rhys Darby

Matt Holt: Blake Anderson

Haggar and Zarkon: Cree Summers and Niel Caplan

I honestly couldn’t find a picture of Allura’s voice actress looking silly because she literally always looks like actual royalty, so here’s Kimberly Brooks probably blessing Pidge and Lance

(All photos were taken from public accounts)