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you know, people like to insult pandora hearts and kuroshitsuji by comparing them to eachother so often that… now i don’t even care. But i do suddenly want to see pandora hearts characters cosplaying as kuroshitsuji charas. i mean, how cute would that be??


  • gil trying to dress as sebastian, but his curls aren’t staying gelled down and he’s scared of his own kitty prop  
  • oz cosplaying as ciel and behaving like twice the little shit
  • break stealing alice/oz’s scythe and cosplaying as the undertaker while chewing on a “dog treat” instead of candy 
  • elliot cosplaying as edward and everyone wondering why his appearance and behavior haven’t really changed and elliot getting really pissed off at no one noticing how good his cosplay is
  • alice cosplaying as grell and running around chasing gil (sebastian) with a chainsaw
  • leo not wanting to participate and not wanting to take off his glasses, so elliot “compromises” and forcibly dresses him up as mey-rin.
  • vincent and echo “cosplaying” as lau and ran-mau by vincent just sitting around with echo on his lap. elliot getting PISSED at both his brothers for not taking the cosplay seriously enough (because he’s a lit nerd)
  • see also: echo as doll instead (cute???)

apparently reylo “erases finn from his own narrative”?

sorry, didn’t realize finn’s sole narrative purpose was to be a romantic interest to rey and couldn’t exist in the narrative non-romantically


A monster in my mirror but I did not run away
I did not shed a tear or hide beneath my bed
Though the monster looked at me



A few miscellaneous drawings from my trip.

I was surprised to hear the French to say “wee-fee”. I find it so cute omg.


Somebody treated my family to some very nice Portuguese food in Paris. Therefore I bring to you — mussel man. [Why did I even think of this.]

Oh I’ve also passed through Belgium at some time.


FitzSimmons Fandom Appreciation Post (#2)

Soo, I’ve been noticing an odd amount of hate being spread in this fandom and I?? Don’t??? Like?? It?? At?? ALL?? Because everyone here is an actual gift and super important!! I made one of these when I was very new to the fandom but I was only scratching the surface of awesome people and the things they do, so I’m back with an updated version because sometimes you just need a reminder that you’re awesome and great and beautiful and this fandom wouldn’t be the same without you. Anyways, *cracks knuckles* let’s spread some positivity!

First off, thanks to @thefitzsimmonsnetwork , @teambiochem , @leofitznetwork , @jemmasimmonsdefensesquad @teamengineering  for bringing the community together.

Thanks to @inevitablyfitzsimmons for being an actual BABE. Like honestly, you’re so sweet and kind and pure and what did we do to deserve you in our fandom.

Tip your hats to @superirishbreakfasttea a boss lawyer, great fic writer, and overall sweet person who handles hate better than any one I’ve ever seen.

@agl03 AKA the mama hen of this ship. Thanks for calming us down when the rumors start to fly and thanks for answering meta’s and spending your free time writing fics for me us.

@grapehyasynth Honestly, what can I say. THE FLUFF QUEEN. Thanks for dedicating so much time to writing drabbles and answering asks and I still remember when you were very new to the fandom and you asked if I could write you a thing because you didn’t have time. oh, how the tables have turned (I’ll write that thing for you one day, I didn’t forget about it!)

Thanks to @agents-of-frickle-frackle  @leotitz @agentsofpsych for the crack posts that are the actual best.

@dilkirani My favorite fanfiction writer, I can only aspire to write the way you do.

@shieldsil @theskyefalls and @eclecticmuses for the fantastic art. These people were #blessed with the art abilities I could only wish for. Honestly amazing and will always be seen as more than just “doodles”. ;)

Thanks to @blake-wyatt who just has thee BEST tags in history, like I don’t know what I would do without them.

@ughfitz who’s just super sweet, I can’t even.

@agentsoflove thank you for spreading positivity.

@wakandandperthshire @bioforensics @fitzsimmonsinthetardis Just overall great people that I don’t know much about but I know they are great and loved and awesome and yeah.

@mynameiseco @blacklolitarose @stelenaisinfinite for the UH-MAZE-ING fan videos. They are so beautiful and amazing and deserve more recognition and I watch them multiple times a day because they are just sooo good. 

@cardb0rdeaux your edits are simply divine! You’re so talented, stay awesome!

Tip your hats to @fitzsimmonsfic​ for “doing the lord’s work” and finding us fan fiction. 

Major thanks to @jemmamaximoff @agentcalliope @nerdlove4thewin @memorizingthedigitsofpi @agentverbivore @comickid99 @chinese-bakery @everyl1ttleth1ng @perthshirekisses *deep breath* @thelatenightstoryteller @recoveringrabbit @agent-85 @agentlukaofshield @writeonthrough  @plentyofmalk @theclaravoyant @notabadday @consoledacup @amanda-rex @jessiecrimefighter and so so sooooooo many more it’s kinda overwhelming and I feel really bad I couldn’t recognize everyone but the list just keeps going. Fan fiction writers, in my opinion, deserve thee BIGGEST thanks. From all the AU’s to period fics, The crack to the heavy angst, this fandom would not be the same if it wasn’t for fanfic writers. So take a bow, pat yourself on the back, and remember that you are the base of this operation and life wouldn’t be the same if we couldn’t laugh and cry at your amazing writing.

A thanks to just overall awesome people that deserve to be recognized like  @jemmasimmuns @jemmasimmonsy @welldonefitz @idecaesteckers @mrsdecaestecker @jemmaleopoldfitzsimmons @fitzsimmonns @mech-bull @msdevindanielle @ohifonlyx33 @unbreakablejemmasimmons@omgfitzsimmons @fitzsimmonsies @fitzsimmonss @fitzsimmmonsy @fitzsimmonsftw @pesto-aioli @simplyshipping @leggy–peggy @sciencebiaatch @sciencebabies44 @onewordtest @leopoldfitzsimmons @leosimmons a wonderful collection of people that do things from gifs to edits to videos to fan fiction to just being kind, y’all rock!

I really truly, apologize if I forgot anyone but just know if you’re reading this, regardless if your name is one this list or not, you are important and fantastic. Never stop being you and remember, despite any hate you may receive, there are people that care about you and appreciate your existence . Feel free to tag anyone I missed, stay awesome, spread positivity, and it’s a pleasure shipping with y’all.

My OTP: Two Random Interns.

I overheard two IM interns talking in the work room and I don’t know the situation but I overheard them talking:

“I would want you as my doctor.”

“You would? W-well, I would let you take care of me in an emergency. I trust you.”


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people: omg! Maya NEVER gets the boys its always riley who gets the boys and thats unfair!

me: does it matter?

people: stfu ur only saying that bc you ship rucas!! u r so biased!!

me: whatever

*sometime later josh finally openly admits he likes maya back and promises her that someday they will be together*

same people: EW WTF IS THIS?!?! pEdOsHaYa!1!11 hes like 80 years older than her!1 puT JOsh in JAil!! #MayaHartDeservesBetter #LucayaWillRise

me: … wtf


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an incomplete list of great blogs

Fanfiction blogs, both currently producing great fic and on hiatus. Since I’ve been on tumblr, these are the lovely folks who have inspired me and encouraged me with their beautiful words, stories, and characters. I am frontloading these recs today in case I do not get home as early as I hope (we’re leaving at noon and it might be 8 or 9 pm before we get back. :/). I encourage you to check them out. <3

These are from multiple fandoms, and some are multifandom blogs. I adore you all. You’re amazing, and I’m so grateful that you do what you do.

@themightyzan, @gerundsandcoffee, @noodle-noggin, @dualwieldingtymber, @belowbedlam, @more-aoe, @mirabai0821, @slothquisitor, @happywife416, @rhetoricalrogue, @dualwieldingtymber, @pterodactyldrops, @valammar, @fanfoolishness, @empress-emesh, @lechatrouge673, @trulycertain, @lustfulpasiphae, @siawrites, @velynven, @knight-enchanted, @fun-lovin-sea-monster, @flowerbabytrevelyan, @carpe-cullen, @inquisitorhotpants, @exposed-mama, @welseykels@head-bitch-inquisitor, @fire-is-her-water, @rayeliann, @therutherfordwife, @barbex, @anotherdayforchaosfay, @adjectivebear, @queenmelisende, @drenntrev, @elfrooted

This year’s edition of #sexlaughterhonesty week introduced me to quite a few new sweethearts and talents and I am slowly becoming acquainted with their work. @crisontumblr, @sarcasmfish, @lizmapes, @jessicapendragon, @mysdrym, @rederiswrites, @reaping-cain

And I know that some folks get uncomfortable making lists. They worry about leaving people off (so do I) and hurting people’s feelings. And I certainly would never want to do that either. Please don’t feel the need to reciprocate. I absolutely don’t want you uncomfortable. I just can’t see not taking an opportunity to spread some love in the event that I *might* mess up. In life we can’t always see the harm we might do, we can’t always see how we might hurt someone, on purpose or accidentally, but we can be kind willfully, and intentionally, and that’s what I try to do. If I’m very lucky, that will balance out the mistakes in the end. <3


I was gone the whole day and now I’m back with my face 🐶

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Story Time!

I want to start off with a little project I did for my college speech class.

I was so enamored with this game called Undertale, that I for real sat down the day before I was due to present (after a week of debating what topic I should do) and wrote a three page, paragraphed presentation and 8 page powerpoint as to why one should take time out to play Undertale by Toby Fox.

The topic was persuasive. And it was, at the time, my highest grade in the class.

Now, I’m not going to sit here and present that to you, you’re here because of course, you’ve already played Undertale, and it clearly had enough impact on you that you’re in the fandom, following AU blogs, and enjoying other people’s characterizations of the characters Frisk, Chara, and the like.

See where this is going yet?

One of my main points in the presentation was this, and I quote from my paper:  “… but the main sprite was left both gender ambiguous AND ethnically ambiguous

Which I also stated to be one of the main attractions of the game. It’s submersiveness. Getting to know the character, becoming the character. Yes, I understand the argument that Frisk is their own person in a sense, but not everyone will necessarily feel that way. Hell, my name sure isn’t Frisk, but I had no qualms self inserting myself into the role. The game is what you make of it, there is no set interpretation. You see Frisk and Chara as two children who are being influenced or not-so-influenced by the otherworldly force (the PLAYER), then cool, bud. Fine. That’s completely ok. You see yourself playing as Frisk, or as Chara (or Narra-Chara if you’re into that theory), then yes that is also totally and completely ok. No one is attacking you or your interpretation.

Except. They totally are.

And for the life of me I can’t understand why. I can understand people being happy about the birth of possibly canon Nonbinary Characters, I am nonbinary myself. One of my best friends is nonbinary. I’m more than happy to have a video game in which the protagonists and more than just a few side characters use they/them.

But, buddy pal. Gender ambiguity does not equal nonbinary. It can be nonbinary, sure. But, it does not equal nonbinary.

Now, Toby can one day state that, yes, they are canonically NB, but until that day comes, step off your high horse and stop attacking people for choosing to gender/partially-gender/give another identity to Frisk and Chara. They/Them is more than used for NB people, it is also respectfully used to refer to someone who’s gender you don’t yet know or cannot fully discern. Which would be understandable for a game like this in 2015, right? Moving towards a cool future and respecting that the little boy/girl you meet on their adventure may not actually be a little boy/girl, but maybe a little child, or the opposite of what you initially viewed them to be.

I don’t care if someone goes with them being cishet, genderfluid, transgendered, hella homo, straight asf, etc etc. And neither should you. It’s never that serious. Since when should other’s personal headcanons and interpretations affect how you live your life? It’s unbelievably childish.

And you know what, yeah, there’s a lot of children in this fandom. But, now’s a good time to start growing up, especially if you’re not an actual kid. Especially if you’re choosing to participate in a public platform and activity (a.k.a, a Fandom). If you see someone with headcanons that aren’t problematic or don’t affect you in any way, then you block them, unfollow them, etc, move on with your day.

Don’t vague. Don’t vague bash. Don’t go into their inbox or messages with clap-clap receipts™. Hell, write your joke threat posts and vocalize your discontent all you want because they can follow the above advice, and I encourage it, scroll scroll and go on with their day.

But in all seriousness, some people can be seriously affected by this whole completely unnecessary debate and feel personally attacked. When a character they love, a character who is essentially a blank slate and can be written how they like, and built how they like, is bashed because gender headcanon debates- that can hurt people, guys. Seriously, grow up, keep your anger among-st you and your friends. Don’t promote hate and bashing. And don’t force your not-confirmed-but-you’re-oh-so-positive-it’s-canon-headcanons on others. Have your headcanons and be respectful about ‘em, too.

There’s a reason Toby said “skip” to the gender questions in his interview.

He wanted to avoid all of this with certain confirmations and allow people to believe what they want.

But, here it is anyway.

goodnight!! i don’t know why, but i kind of just have the urge to wish u all a good night… even tho some of u are sleeping, and some of u are just waking up, and for some of you it’s mid-afternoon - i just like the concept of wishing all of u goodnight at once. like i’m tucking u all into bed with soft cotton covers and fluffy pillows , y'know ?? idk this is so out of the blue but i lov u, ur beautiful and i hope that whenever ur next sleep comes, it’s a good one xo

Okay, here’s the thing, people. Realizing that making someone’s skin color lighter equals white-washing/colorism? That’s like the very first day of Racism 101 shit, okay? And I realize that some people are still struggling with that lesson, but I still think it’s high time that we all moved on regardless.

There’s another lesson that I think it’s time you learned.

White-washing is also removing certain facial features in favor or making them look more white/eurocentric.

So if a character/person of color canonically has, for instance, big lips, or a large nose, or epicanthic folds, or bushy eyebrows, or dark eyes, and you replace them with features that make them look whiter?


You are engaging in white-washing.

In the case of rvb, which canonically has very few people of color, especially those seen on screen, white-washing the few it has is especially heinous. So please, stop whitewashing Locus.

He, in canon, has dark skin and a very broad nose, both of which makes him look very different from almost every other main character in the show. Please keep both of those things in place when drawing him as a character.

Oh man you guys. Max has been messaging me nonstop about the pjo zombie au… and let me tell you, my heart is breaking with every scene he’s wrote me. I’m half way though one of the more heartbreaking and angsty scenes, and oh gosh. OH GOSH. Do you guys even like this au? Cause if you do, I’ll continue with it. But if not, then I’ll suffer in silence and not bring out the older brother percy angst. Cause OH GOSH.

That whole debacle was stupid but lets just be happy it’s over.

My favorite thing about Rize is that she’s built up to be this mysterious femme fatale figure throughout TG’s narrative, but then when we actually see her life from her perspective she’s just a girl who wants to live her life without men being creeps. 

Like, of course she does enjoy going on dates and eating cute boys. But when she’s not doing that, she just wants to read and venture around to interesting places. And she can’t do that without the men around her romanticizing/sexualizing her left and right. And she HATES it, which is one of the most relatable characterizations I can imagine.

She notices Banjou starting to like her and do all of the usual nice guy™ routine and she literally says: 

And her reaction to being catcalled by random guys on the street is so on point. That angry smile. The urge to violently behead the person catcalling you. It’s what most femme people usually experience on a regular basis.

TL;DR: Rize is wonderful because, despite how other people view her as this mysterious figure, she’s really just a girl who is FED. UP. with men she doesn’t like getting in her personal space.

ceruleanmoonlight  asked:

Hi! When trying to report thered,chatnoir on instagram should I put the real artist's URL as 'my client' bc instagram wont allow me to report the user unless its my work being stolen.

Hello! First of all, give yourself a hug from me for being AWESOME and on top of art thieves.

Originally posted by coloursong

Unfortunately, Insta (and many other websites) do not currently allow anyone other than the main copyright holder (an artist, a company, or a company’s lawyer, for example), to submit reports. The best way you can support an artist when you see their work reposted is

a) message the artist with a link so the can report the image asap, and

b) post a non-harrassing comment, (for example: Whose art is this? Who is this by? Does this artist give permission to repost? Where can I find the original? etc. etc. so as not to bully the art thief, but still bring attention to the fact that it might be stolen. If you know 100% that the artist doesn’t allow reposts (for example, like me!) you can comment something more direct (but still not bullying/harrassing!!!) like “did you get permission to post this?” or something similar.

Thank you so much for being awesome! This fandom would be lost without people like you<3 <3 <3