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@thunderboltsortofapenny said: No no let’s do this! Why would steve need to be fake married. Or why would bucky need to be fake married to Steve. We need a reason. #Viper do the thing #It’ll be fun!

So I did the thing, and it’s stupid and terrible, but here, have it:

Bucky’s an EMT. Normal guy, just living his life, trying to help where he can. And then one day, all of a sudden, the aliens are invading NYC, and Bucky’s out there helping, right in the middle of the danger zone because of course he is.

There’s a fight going on, and a bunch of freaks in weird suits seem to be fighting the aliens, but Bucky doesn’t have much time to focus on anything other than all the people in dire need of medical attention. He does what he can to help, grabs the first metal bar he can find and fights only the aliens getting in his way, and works himself to exhaustion. Then there’s a blast, and it sends a man flying right into the wall next to him.

“Hey, you okay?” Bucky asks, rushing to help him, and though Bucky could’ve sworn the blow was hard enough to crush anyone’s ribs, he’s surprised to see the man–who must’ve been on his way to a costume party–stand up practically unscathed.

He’s got broad shoulders and a strong jaw and eyes of the prettiest shade of blue Bucky’s ever seen, and even with his face covered in soot and grime and blood, Bucky’s heart skips a beat.

For a few seconds the man seems a bit disoriented, then he finally registers Bucky’s presence. “What are you doing here?? Get out of the streets!”

“I was–” Bucky starts, and is cut off by an explosion right above their heads and a bunch of debris raining down on them, and a hand shoving him aside.

When he comes to, which is a surprise in itself, the dust has started to clear, and the man who’s clearly saved his life is carrying him as if he weighed nothing, concern in those beautiful eyes and a big, warm hand pressed tenderly against Bucky’s neck, checking for a pulse.

He locks eyes with Bucky and sighs in relief, the hint of a smile on his plush lips, but the hand remains where it is. “Hi,” he says. “You all right?”

“Y-yeah… Thank you,” Bucky replies, but he doesn’t move to free himself of the man’s arms. His stomach is doing something weird, and the man surely has other people to rescue, but for a few seconds they both just stay there, shell-shocked and staring at each other like the world around them has stopped.

Then something blows up nearby, and the spell is broken.

Carefully, the man helps him to his feet, makes sure Bucky’s in one piece, and then says, “Find shelter, okay? Stay inside.”

Bucky’s not planning to, but he can’t find it in him to tell that to this incredible man, so he slowly licks his lips and nods. Before turning around to leave, the man offers him a small, shy smile.

- - - - -

During the next few weeks after the Chitauri attack on NYC, every single piece of footage of the Avengers fighting against the aliens and helping civilians goes viral. Phone videos, security cameras, blurry pics.

The most popular, by far, is a snapshot of Captain America carrying a guy, who can be seen fighting aliens and helping people in other videos, bridal style, thumb caressing his jaw, and both looking like lovestruck teenagers.

Bucky can’t go to the grocery store or even do his job without being stalked by the paparazzi or Cap’s groupies or just random people wanting to know what his Avenger name is, and for how long he’s been dating Captain America.

- - - - -

“You’ve ruined my life!!” Bucky tells him, because of course, of course Captain America would pick Bucky’s park for his morning run. Of course Bucky’d slip on wet leaves on the pavement precisely this morning, and of fucking course Captain America would just happen to be around to catch him at just the right time. Bucky’s seeing red.

“I’m sorry,” Captain America says, and it’s extremely unfair just how genuine and how much like a kicked puppy he looks.

Christ, Bucky wants to punch him.

- - - - -

Steve’s been living in PR hell.

He’s spent the past weeks “saving” girls and boys alike from getting hit by a bicycle, or fainting, or a fuckton of equally stupid shit.

The second anyone spots Captain America, there’ll suddenly be some kind of dangerous situation going down, and someone hoping Cap will carry them bridal style to safety and maybe fall head over heels in love with them in the process.

Steve is tired and done and ready to get back in the ice for another few decades, and shares Pepper’s worries that someone might actually put themself in real danger soon.

“We should handle this before it gets worse,” Nat says. And Steve agrees, of course, but he just doesn’t know how.

“Just marry the guy,” Clint suggests.

Steve almost chokes to death on his own spit.


Clint shrugs. “Why not? Half the world already thinks you’re dating…”

“Clint, he hates me…”

“Only cause people keep pestering him about this. If you two get married it’ll be a circus, but then it’ll blow over. He can’t even do his job right now, right? So you pay the guy for the trouble, yadda yadda, then when this is over you two get a quick divorce, and that’s it. Problem solved.”

For two minutes, no one else opens their mouth. Then:

“He’s got a point…”

“Tony, no,” Steve whines.

“You saw the footage, how he was helping those civilians… If you have to marry someone, he’s not a bad candidate,” Nat says, and then smirks. “Plus, he’s cute.”

Steve already knows he’s lost this battle, but that doesn’t help him feel any better about this. Yes, he’s cute. Yes, he’s a brave and kind and smart guy. Yes, Steve could very easily pretend to be married to him for a while and yes it’d help them both. None of that’s the problem.

The problem is that he kind of really likes the guy.

The problem is that the guy hates him.

This is a really, really bad idea.

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What in the hell is going on? 😂 why is that person so against you giving advice to students? If a teacher said the same things you do but instead they did so in a classroom, I think that person would have a different opinion. Now what's the the difference? advice is advice...

Not sure, guess no one has ever helped him (or his friend). I would feel bad but it seems they would not accept help even if it was offered. I honestly don’t know what offends him so much or why does he follow if it is so horrible!

Originally posted by neaarty

*waves at @lhugbereth* From the God AU, for Promptio week. Not bad for an hours work. 

And Now I’m off to bed. One more day of work and then I can really get some writing done!

It was no great secret that the House of War wasn’t the most well liked among the Citadel. Gladiolus tried not to take it personally; no one liked war, not even the gods. They lost worshippers, saw the cities and temples built in their honor ransacked and toppled, and had to listen to frantic prayers, knowing all too well there wasn’t much they could do. And yet war was needed. It shaped the world, encouraged growth and innovation, among other things.

It was terrible and miserable and brought only unhappiness. No one liked war and so they liked those who brought war, who oversaw it carefully and guided its path, who nudged some to victory and showed only the path to defeat to others, even less. Worse, where War went Death inevitably followed and even the Gods feared Death, their king, their strongest and only true immortal among them. At the end if all things there might not be Love or Knowledge or War, but there would always be death.

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yet SU crits have the nerve to complain that THEY'RE the main ones to get anon hate

i dont know if they’re the same anon because i only just checked my inbox for the first time in hours and the one started with that orc post and this ones about the teletoon post?

i don’t even have words to explain how devastated i am for marco. no one deserves this as much as he does, and i really wanted to see him out there scoring the winning goal, but football can be really cruel sometimes.

now bvb, do it for marco and help him lift this trophy up because he’s died for you so many times and he really, really wants this bad

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I think because camila was the first one who did solo project which succeeded and afterwards she left as well. Let's not blame girls for feeling insecure about the fate of the group. Now as she's gone. And group is rumoured to be broken up after 5h3. There is no harm in being supportive of each other for solo stuff. Idk why some ppl are comparing this time to the time when camila did solo? I think the dynamics changed after camila's departure? And I can't recall girls saying bad stuff either?

Of course there’s no harm, it’s good, and like you said, the dynamic has completely changed, because Camila, being first leaving, was the one who took all the shit for her solo projects, so now it’s easy peasy for the other girls, plus they obviously need to show an united front as a 4 piece. And the girls never said anything bad when Camila was doing her solo collabs, but they didn’t show even 10% of the support that they’re showing now for Mani and Lauren - I guess that’s what’s bothering people the most - even though none of this is directly the girls fault, management is behind all of it, all the time.

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I have this one hoodie, this one big as shit gray hoodie that I wear everywhere. My dysphoria has been bad all week, and when I feel like that- I go and wear my hoodie all day. Now, I live in Florida and it's summer- and my mom demands I take my hoodie off, and she even made me get weave in to act more "normal". I told her I'm trans like 5 times, how do I make it clear to her that I'm trans and it hurts when she does stuff like this?

You should sit down with her and talk.
That’s usually how I’d imagine dealing with problems like this.
Explain that wearing that hoodie helps with your dysphoria, and you might be willing you wear something lighter (only if you are comfortable with it) as long as it was “men’s” clothes too.
Also explain how you’d like to look, including your hair.
Maybe it’d help her see what she’s doing is negatively impacting you.

Best of luck 💙💙💙

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Hi 😸 So about six months ago one of our snakes escaped its enclosure and despite constant searching and worrying we couldn't find him. Until this morning that is when our 5 year old came in telling us he was in the lounge room💕. He is in good health and didn't even snap when my partner caught him and he is so much bigger now. I'm super glad he's is back in his enclosure and safe but I still feel like a bad snake parent so does anybody else have any escaped snake stories?

I am so glad you found him omg! <3 
I had Thresh escape once (when I was a very new keeper and kept him in a glass tank) when I forgot to latch one side. Luckily he had found his old hide in the storage under his cage and was just sitting under it :P

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tbh it feels like crewniverse doesnt know how to do OP characters, ill admit ive never seen the shows the previous anon mentioned, but like crewniverse contradicts themselves so much, establishing steven cant do something, but now he can, without any practice?? like its especially bad bc hes not fully a gem yet has every gem ability?

EXACTLY! How is the boy so powerful if he isnt even full gem? At one point the kid couldnt do anything and now hes like Jesus? What? He suddenly discovers new powers without any practice like you said and has already mastered them? Remember in season 1 when the gems said to him that his mother can heal and he should try to heal Amethyst and they’re was a whole plot with him sometimes having troubles with that power and now its just.. oh look another power! Look how good he is! :D

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can u guys plz pray for my mom. shes old, her health is bad, her life has been so shitty, my father and brother treat her terribly, shes literally so weak and has arthritis and works herself into the ground. its like watching her slowly die. but shes just one of those people who thinks its a woman's duty to sacrifice and to worship men. my father is a disgusting abusive piece of garbage but shes still lived with him. even i have suffered so much for it. and now its ramzan & her work is doubled-

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Just thought I'd share: I'm watching TW with my dad who has never seen it - I told him I'm only watching through season 3 b/c it gets so bad, but I think he thinks I'm kidding lol. Every time we see an adult on screen he's like "is THAT the alpha?" Even Kate! Peter's the only one he hasn't questioned! He loves Stiles and hates all the other kids - he likes that Lydia's smart but thinks she's a b*tch. He thinks Sc*tt is a total idiot. He only calls coach "Cupcake" now. I love it.

Amazing, keep us updated!

     WHEN HE IS 9   his nightmares consist of childish things - like running down the Temple’s corridors with no end in sight, falling from a great height with no way to halt his descent, being lost in a large crowd with no one to hear his call for help … these are bad dreams that are easily dealt with  ( the kind words of the Masters, a soft hand on his shoulder, guiding him back to his room )  & even more easily forgotten.

     WHEN HE IS 13   his nightmares are filled with images of boredom, of promises unfulfilled, of potential unrealized; he may never be a Padawan, if he is not chosen, & he may never be the Jedi he has dreamt of becoming … of course, after a time of uncertainty, these dreams fade & he welcomes the newest challenge - a life of service & guardianship, learning by his Master’s side.

     WHEN HE IS 15   his nightmares are gruesome, bloody - images of death & destruction &  the sister he had never asked for, but whom he had found nonetheless, being shot down in front of him before he could reach her; he dreams of war & how it ravages a people, how it kills their children, how it murders their souls; he dreams of being abandoned to this war, of never being saved, & even though he wakes up in the Temple, he feels constantly as though he is back in that place, fighting for his life & for a people that are not his own but who had given him a taste for family

     WHEN HE IS 21   his nightmares fly by unnoticed; he is too busy, he is too serious, to pay them much heed; he is becoming the Jedi he always dreamt of being, & that means pushing aside any wishes or hopes he might have that do not align with this vision of himself - any bad dreams are forgotten by the end of his morning meditation.

     WHEN HE IS 26   his nightmares are of his Master breathing a final breath in his arms; he dreams of the Sith’s red blade & the rage in his own heart; he wakes up in a cold sweat, guilt & righteous fury battling in his chest, but what wins is always grief - that hollow echo in his heart when someone says his Master’s name … he has these nightmares for the rest of his life. 

     WHEN HE IS 33   his nightmares are confusing & unreadable; he sees a vast darkness, he sees Anakin & not Anakin, he feels as though his body will collapse under an immense pain, he feels —- he speaks of these dreams to Master Yoda only.

     WHEN HE IS 35   his nightmares are of Geonosis, & the many Jedi lost under the scorching sun; he dreams of that fight in the hangar, when he had lain helpless, when he had watched the boy he had sworn to protect pick up his lightsaber & fight on his behalf & then watched as that boy fell beneath a Sith’s onslaught. He dreams of friends he will never see again.

     WHEN HE IS 36   his nightmares are of her, her last breaths, her last words, her laugh, her smile, everything she is & almost was — he wakes up holding the crystal she had given him, he whispers her name, he tries to go back to sleep but always fails.

     WHEN HE IS 37   his nightmares are tinged red & black, the colors of Zigoola, the ancient Sith stronghold; the headache that was borne on the desolate planet under the influence of the Sith Holocron plagues him even in dreams, & he is assaulted by flashes of horrors, by cries of the dead, by the hatred & the anger he had denied a foothold all his life … he speaks of these dreams to no one, just as he speaks of that planet to no one. 

     WHEN HE IS 38   his nightmares are of battle, of the screams of the dying, brothers in arms, his soldiers, his responsibility, the weight of the Republic on his shoulders, explosions & shrapnel & blaster fire careening out of control & catching him off guard, He dies in his dreams, & he breathes a sigh of relief because finally he is allowed to rest, but then he wakes in the morning & must run back to the war

     WHEN HE IS 39   his nightmares are fire & blood & cries of pain; he sees his brother fall to his blade, sees his friend die after placing her children in his arms, sees the end of all he had held dear as it disintegrates into ash - he feels countless friends & almost lovers ( FAMILY ) die in his arms over & over & over again.  He wakes up hoarse, aching, & shivering in the cold desert air. 

     WHEN HE IS 45, 50, 55 & ON   his nightmares are all of these & more - scenes he never saw, scenes he’s seen too often … he wishes for the kind hand of a Master to guide him back to peaceful sleep, but he has forgotten what peace feels like, & he knows that he doesn’t deserve it.

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Thank you for still having this blog and helping people! I had a bad year and couldn't get myself to do things I enjoy, and that included reading these amazing fics. Now I'm in a better place and I wanted to find new and happy fics, and where else could I look for that, right? So before I continue my favorite activity, I wanted to thank you, the owners and the authors and the readers and all of the fandom, even the ones who left, thank you for helping me be a happy person again 😊

Thank YOU for the beautiful note! It is our extreme pleasure and we are so happy you’re in a better place! Much love to you!

Lynne & Zinnia

i’ve been thinking about you a lot recently. but it’s the kind of thinking that comes with heartache. you effect me so bad but you don’t even know it.

usually my feelings for you come in little waves but now i’m drowning. i’m drowning in this idea that maybe you like me too. or that maybe we’d end up together. or that one day you’d save me and i’d be able to breathe again.

—  journal excerpt #4 – 01/13/17

Can you say salty? Sexualized where? Touka, an adult, decided to have sex with the man she loved, where is the problem? She wasnt the only one that was naked and exposed. We got naked Kaneki too, it wasnt just sexy naked Touka for fans and Kaneki to ogle. Why isnt anyone saying shit about Kaneki being “sexualized”? is that not a double standard? Are we saying Kaneki, as a man, cant be sexaulized?  I mean dude was pretty naked as I recall. If their problem is Touka being sexualized why dont they feel the same for Kaneki? He was equally naked, we even got a close up of his ass.

Also 99.9% of the time we have seen Touka on screen she’s been fully clothed. We’ve never seen her in some super sexy get up, which wouldn’t even be a problem as long as its in character. So I fail to see where she’s been the victim of being sexualized for fan service.

To the other people bitching about Touka being depicted as :one of those women" you can shut your misogynistic mouths. We know damn well what “that kind of woman” means. Again why are we going after only Touka? Is she having sex by herself? No, Kaneki is a fully willing participant too. Yet I dont see people implying he’s “that kind of person”. 

Is the problem that she initiated? Are people saying that women who initiate sex are “sluty”? What are we just supposed to wait for a guy to ask us marry them and then wait for them to make the move? What kind of stupid logic is that? 

Then we have people implying that Kaneki is the victim of pressure or assault when Touka clearly pulls away from the first kiss and Kaneki goes back for more. Also note that Touka on the bottom when penetration happens not on top. Kaneki is the one in control in that moment. Its his move, he either pushes forward and penetrates or nothing happens. Kaneki is willing and happy about this.

Haters need to stop trying to hide behind fake concern for Touka or the quality of the manga. Stop trying to hide behind this idea that Ishida disrespected Touka by depicting her making love with the man she loves. People keep calling it hentai but if you’ve ever seen hentai then you know its far more detailed and explicit then this chapter. Hentai has girls bodies on full display, breast bounces around all over the place, genitals fully exposed, positioned in was to show off their bodies. Often the guy is transparent at times just so you can see the females breast, vagina, ass or anus on full display. How in the seven hells is that in anyway similar to how Ishida drew touken making love? Yeah, its not.

Women are not these pure objects for people to place on a pedestals and then toss aside when they no longer fit the “pure” image. Touka isnt any less for having sex, she isnt a slut or a horrid person. Even if she had banged 1, 5 or 20 guys(or women) she’s still not a slut. She lost her virginity and she isnt any less for it and no one should lose respect for her or Ishida for it.

Kill this idea that woman having sex is bad, gross or takes away from a woman.

Everyone with these backwards ideas and stupid ass view can shove it. Touka wasnt horrible sexualized, she isnt now a “slut” and she isnt a abuser either.

(sorry binche for this long rambling submission)

heartbreak chronicles {1} | M


Contains: bad crack, smut {fuckboy!jimin}

Words: 10,164

Summary: Park Jimin had it all — good grades, a place as the soccer team’s captain and, more than that, the broken hearts of at least half the campus’ population. Though, one thing he did not have was someone willing to break his heart and, after you were dragged inside a miraculous plan to play that part, the last thing counted on was the preposterous idea that, perhaps, you could fall for him as well.

[img cr]

A/N: I tried out a “lighter” writing style for… whatever this is. Hope you guys like it! | This fic is based on the movie “John Tucker must die”SUB!BTS COLLAB

The girl’s request echoed on the warm air of your living room, dancing on silence as your body was covered in shock. For an instant, you truly believed you had misheard her words, replacing them for something much more unrealistic. Regardless, as the quietude fell like a blanket over the two of you, you noticed, at last, that your friend could not be more serious. “You want me to do what?” You finally asked, flabbergasted.

The night had started normally — and that was all that you could ever wish for. All that you wanted was to rest after an exhausting week, merely putting your your pajamas and watching shallow TV shows until your tiredness forced you to go to sleep. You wanted to get some pizza and gossip with your roommate about the most frivolous of subjects, allowing for the storm of stress and unfinished projects to disperse from around your head.

However, she had a different idea of how that night would unfold. “We want you to break his heart,” Lisa told you with utter serenity, as if the words that had left her mouth were no more than mundane. “Thought that was quite clear.”

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i wish i could do things right and i wish i had motivation to get up

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I write a bad pick up line on your cup every time I’m your barista’ Or ‘Should I be concerned about how much caffeine you’re taking in’ For Percabeth

“Coffee guy has a crush on you,” Piper says without preamble, flicking a page in her reading.

“Uh huh,” Annabeth mutters, dragging a highlighter over a line in her book. It’s only after she’s finished an irritated scribble in the margin that the words really penetrate. She glances up at her friend, who is leaning across the table looking amused. “What? No. Don’t be ridiculous.”

“I’m always ridiculous. And always right. He keeps refilling your coffee.”

Annabeth, who has been lost in a haze of architecture for longer than the hour Piper has been sitting in the cafe with her, has not really been aware of her drink being refilled. She’s reached for her mug when she wanted a drink, and the mug has always had coffee in it. The logical inconsistency between the amount of times she’d reached for the cup and the cup never being empty had not really jumped out at her until now.

“If he’s refilling my coffee and not yours, that just makes him rude.”

“Oh, no. He’s been refilling mine. When you started swearing at your book before, it nearly overflowed, and it wasn’t because he was scandalised.”

Annabeth sighs, refusing to glance over her shoulder at the coffee guy in question. It’s not like she doesn’t already know what he looks like, the guy is six foot tall with a build like an Olympian swimmer and a jawline that could cut glass. She manages to drag her brain to a halt before it starts listing things to compare his eye colour to: Piper is smirking at her reading in a way that suggests she’s learnt how to read minds.

“He was probably impressed with my command of the english language.”

“He was impressed with something, all right.” Piper shuts her folder with a snap. “Right, i’m done here.”

“That reading was fifty-one pages, you’re so full of shit.”

“The fact that you know how long my readings are is terrifying, you know that?”

“Do your homework!”

“Can’t hear you, running away to get a restraining order!” She’s halfway to the door by the time she sing-songs that, leaving Annabeth with her nearly empty coffee mug and a cafe full of people giving her the stink eye.

“If you need an alibi, I can testify that you’ve been here pretty much all day.”

Coffee guy has a nice voice. Warm, smooth, just this side of deep without sounding like the trailer guy. It takes Annabeth an embarrassing amount of time to register that she’s thinking this because he’s standing right next to her, holding a coffee pot. It’s a good thing her self control is world renowned, because she uses all of it to keep from jumping out of her skin.

“What? I - no, she’s joking. We’re friends. Really.”

His grin is distractingly crooked. “I’m convinced.”

“I’m gonna kill her,” Annabeth mutters, hoping against hope that she’s not blushing, or something equally ridiculous.

“That’s probably not going to help in court.”

Her brain is - slowly - retreating out of coffee-and-study survival mode. A joke, she realises belatedly, and the rueful laugh escapes her before she can think to bite it back. And - something in coffee guy’s shoulders relaxes, just a little bit. Nervous, she thinks, and finds herself predisposed to like him. Smart boys know to think very carefully before approaching Annabeth Chase, and that’s the way she likes it.

She tucks an errant curl behind her ear. “I’ll plea insanity. Over-caffeination.” She glances down at her cup. “Actually, would you mind–?”

His face scrunches up with something like concern. “That’ll be your sixth cup.”

“Aren’t you the guy who’s been topping me up?”

“Grover seemed to think you might, I dunno, eat us or something if you ran out. I was protecting the good people of the cafe, but apparently cutting you off means stopping a murder.”

A groan escapes her, something like shame crawling up the back of her throat. Annabeth knows she’s got a serious case of resting bitch face (and she’ll fight anyone who suggests that’s a problem),but she doesn’t want the entire campus to be terrified of her.

Just wary.

“I’m not…actually some hyper-violent lady with a hair-trigger, honestly.”

“Oh hey no, I didn’t mean to–” And he’s groaning? He rubs the back of his neck, which is slowly turning red, and Annabeth starts to feel less off-kilter. “I’m bad at flirting.”

She’s definitely going to murder Piper. This is her fault somehow, Annabeth’s sure.

“Same,” she rushes out, before over-thinking can make this even messier. Her whole body feels energised, jittery, and she doesn’t think it’s the coffee. “Um. Just one more refill? To get me through the last bit of this chapter?”

“Wh - uh, right. Sure!” He squints at her. “You don’t mind?”

Annabeth rocks her mug from side to side, watching the dregs of her drink slosh from side to side. Black, no sugar. It seems like the safer option right now.

She takes a breath.

“Haven’t decided yet,” she says. “I’ll let you know when i’m done with this chapter.”

She’s not looking at him directly, but his grin is wide enough to be seen from space, let alone the corner of her eye.

“You got it,” he says happily, topping her mug off. He’s on the verge of pulling away when he pauses, like he’s remembered something. “It’s Percy, by the way. So you don’t have to keep calling me coffee guy.”

And then he’s gone, leaving Annabeth to seriously reconsider committing that murder.