even my sister said it was bad


Peter Capaldi as the presenter for Single Documentary at the BAFTA Scotland Awards (Sunday, November 6, 2016).

After the number of times he’s lost in the Best Actor category or not even been nominated for Doctor Who, it was no surprise for him to say this cheeky remark to the audience. :) My sister and I both watched the ceremony live and felt bad for him. We laughed a little, but also said, “Oh, Peter! You’re never a loser!” XD

The Actor Television category came up later and he once again lost for Doctor Who, and just like the other times, we were deeply disappointed. Again, this does not mean we’re not happy for the winners, who deserve the award just as much as him. We’ve just gotten so tired of Peter getting snubbed every single time at every awards show. We’d loved to see him win for that role at least once, but that unfortunately hasn’t happened so far. It’s plain upsetting, especially when it’s someone who’s not only talented and done amazing performances, but he’s also a lovely and caring person.

GIFs made by me from the video, British Academy Scotland Awards Full Ceremony | BAFTA Scotland.

Met quite the assortment of people since moving to this new place. 

One was the neighbor whos part of the duplex we are. Seems very nice, was friendly, has a cute kid and apparently takes care of a handicapped kitty. Soft spoken and just a little bit funny snarky. Good vibes.

Other neighbor. Has dog that he claims is ‘an escape artist’ but shes not fixed and appears to be currently pregnant. Stuck his hand in our fence when he thought no one was looking (I was), then claimed that one of our dogs tried to nip him (she didnt). Also said “Glad that they’re some white people living here now.” (makes me worried because my sister has a half black young nephew who they babysit) Also the dogs dont seem to trust him and I trust the dogs judgement. Bad vibes.

Then there was the random guy who was not a neighbor that showed up at the door one night. He was so quiet that the dogs didnt even hear him walk up. He wore sunglasses at night and a big yellow and grey puffer jacket, and spoke  VERY slowly with a slight southern twang. He said he had been at the park and noticed we didnt have curtain/blinds up yet. So he asked if we wanted some and came back later with a random assortment of blinds and a cocker spaniel name Honey. Im 90% sure this guy was baked as fuck and probably doesn’t remember where his blinds went. ???? vibes

LP stopped me at Kmart yesterday.

I was so pissed.
I asked my sister to go to Kmart with me so that I could get makeup and offered to get her some too, but I told her that I may or may not lift anything because I wasn’t sure how crowded it’d be and all that, so she agreed to come with me.
When leaving, my brother asked us not to lift anything because he had a bad feeling about today, THEN my mom stopped us when we were leaving and told me not to shoplift. She’s been onto me for a while, but it don’t matter because I don’t live with her. I don’t even know how she’s onto me. I’m guessing that my sister probably told her when she was mad at me or something. My mom also said that she’d pray that I get caught if I do lift.
We went anyways because I needed to buy some stuff for my house. We browsed the makeup for a little while and I put some things in the buggy that I was considering lifting. My sister really had to pee, so she went to the bathroom. After I found what I needed; I went to look for her and saw a man in a suit with a ear piece in and he was talking to a woman near the bathrooms. I went in and left my buggy on the outside and didn’t see anyone in there so I walked out and grabbed my buggy and went to look down aisles for my sister. The guy in the suit started following VERY close behind me for like 30 seconds until I turned down another aisle. I found my sister and whispered to her that LP was following me and she said “Okay, well we wont get anything.”
I went back to the makeup and saw a black man with an empty basket and he kept staring at us and I was thinking ‘Okay, he’s def LP because why else would he be in the makeup aisle?’
I left my buggy in the aisle and grabbed some cheaper makeup to buy then grabbed the stuff I needed for the house and went to check out. SO many SAs were staring at us and even giving us dirty looks. When I pulled out my wallet to pay, the cashier kept eyeballing my purse, as if she was trying to see inside of it. I just ignored it and we left. When we were walking to my car in the parking lot, some skinny guy who looked like a thug walked towards us and said “How are y'all?” He was acting sketchy, so I was scared. I honestly thought that he was about to rob me or something, then I thought 'meh, he’s probably gonna give me a bs story and ask for money.’
He said “I’m LP.” And I just stared at him blankly because I could barely hear him and then he said “I’m with Kmart Loss Prevention. I noticed that you bought some feminine products, but I’m wondering where the makeup went.”
I was like “I bought makeup too. I did leave some in a buggy down an aisle because I decided that I didn’t want it.” He asked “Can I see your purse?” And I was still sketched out because I didn’t know if he was lying about being LP. I didn’t wanna hand my purse to a strange man and him take off with it, so I asked “Can you even legally do that? You aren’t a cop.” And he got an attitude and said “Of course I can do that. Let me search your purse”
I almost said 'No, call the cops and you can’, but then I remembered that I had a magnet in my purse and I’m sure that a cop knows what it’s for, so I was just hoping that this LP guy wouldn’t know. I just scoffed and said “Fine, search it.” And opened it for him. He glanced into it and moved a few things around and said “Alright, file a complaint with us if you’d like.” then walked back inside.
I had a book in the bottom of my purse and my magnet was underneath it, but he didn’t look under the book. I called when I got in the car and told them that I wanted to file a complaint about their LP. The woman said “And why would you want to do that? They’re doing their job. We have undercover Loss prevention for a reason.”
And I said “I’m not mad about him doing his job. I’m mad that he obviously didn’t have a reason to search me AND i thought he was a stranger that was about to rob me. He should’ve taken me inside or went about it in a different way.” The woman told me to call back tomorrow and speak with the manager then hung up. I grabbed my bags and marched myself in there and returned every thing that I bought because I was pissed that they searched me FOR NO REASON.
My mom called later and spoke to the LP and he said “I know that she took makeup. If I would’ve moved that book in her purse, I would’ve found it.” And she was like “Then why didn’t you look under it? I looked in her purse and her car and didn’t see a thing of yours, so no, you didn’t have a reason to search her.”
My sister told my mom about it because she was scared, thinking that the guy was gonna rob us too. Lol. So, my mom called and complained.

Lessons from this story:
-If people are obviously following you, take out everything that you’ve lifted (if you have anything) then leave. Don’t take the risk. I’m glad that I didn’t.
-Kmart has undercover LP and I’m sure other stores do too. They are literally the people that you’d least expect. The guy that stopped me was covered in tattoos and dressed like a thug. He literally didn’t come across as LP to me.
-Don’t keep your lifting materials in your purse, even when you aren’t lifting.

I look so bad in the photo im not even gonna xD story timmee. Okay so i was waiting outside the room cuz the staff divided the lines so some people r in the photo op room & some are outside the room. When i got into the room i started to shake & freak out. Our Plan A pose was out cuz the photo op line was moving really fast. So we go with Plan B which is my sister goes on his back n i go in front. When it was our turn my sister said “Can I go on our back?” & he couldn’t hear so he was like “Whats that?” And he leaned in closer to my sister & she repeated what she said. And Jensen said “Well, of course you can go on my back but that is only because you are so cute” & he kneels down for my sister. Then i go in front of him & i said “can i stand in front of you” n he was like “yeah of course” n he pulled me into him n i died inside. Right after i turned around & said “thanks jensen” n he kneeled down for my sister n he said “no problem. Have a great day y'all” n i started to freak out n i cried when i left the room.

Our first encounter

A/N; I couldn’t exactly wrap my head around this. I had too many ideas. The k-drama actually helped me. Which I’m glad you all inFIREd me. With your recommendations. I can’t believe I actually said that! BTW It’s late right now, so excuse my unedited writing. I feel kind of bad because I’ve been behind on requests. But I’ll get on it when I have time!

Simon D scenario

You were incredibly nervous. It was your first time meeting the AOMG crew. You were Jay Parks’ sister, and they probably had high expectations of you. You could sing well, but you could rap even better. Jay was the most excited for you. He always knew you’d go far, but he’s glad he can be the one to take you far. Your hands were slightly trembling.

“Are you that nervous Y/N?” Jay laid his hands on top of yours. He could always see through you.

“Could you blame me? I’m joining AOMG. People would probably think I only got in because I’m your sister…”

“Don’t be silly you had to go through a process too.” He smiled

“Really?” The corner of your lip raised slightly.

“Yes, Simon had to see what you were bringing to the table.”

Your eyes grew wide.

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I was so glad to see that you like Hamilton because I've basically been listening to it on repeat for weeks. Do you have any favorite songs from the album for musical and/or historical reasons?

There isn’t a bad song on the Hamilton: An American Musical cast recording, so let that be said first of all. It’s all worth listening to, and everything is good, from a historical standpoint and from a musical standpoint.

Here are my personal favorites (I’m limiting myself to a Top 5, even though that’s like choosing between my two dozen, non-existent children):

1. Wait For It – This is my favorite song of 2015 in any genre. I genuinely believe that Wait For It transcends the story and the style and could be a hit on the radio. As much as I love Hamilton, that can’t be said for most of the songs, but Wait For It could and should be on the radio.

2. Cabinet Battle #1 – Here is a perfect example of everything revolutionary and amazing about Hamilton. A rap battle between Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton with historically accurate lyrics about Revolutionary War debts, states’ rights, and the formation of the American financial system. Good rap, good history, with special appearances by George Washington in the Mekhi Phifer hosting role and James Madison as Jefferson’s hype man! If this isn’t good enough for you, bend over and I’ll show you where my shoe fits.

3. Say No To This – You did Eliza wrong, Alexander, but I understand. I wouldn’t be able to resist Jasmine Cephas Jones (aka Maria Reynolds), either, especially after I heard her hit that note when she sings, “If you pay, you can stay”. I grew up listening to 90′s hip-hop and R&B, and the only thing better than a great rap song from the 1990′s is a great slow jam. Say No To This is Hamilton’s great slow jam.

4. Satisfied – While the ladies of Hamilton mainly hold things down throughout the show with their beautiful singing voices, Renée Elise Goldsberry (as Angelica Schuyler) proves that her name better be in the conversation when talking about the best rappers from the Hamilton crew – something that was reinforced when she showed Lin-Manuel Miranda, Daveed Diggs, and Black Thought (from The Roots) how it’s done in the Hamilton BET Cypher.

5. Alexander Hamilton – By limiting myself to a Top 5, I really made it difficult because I feel like I’m short-changing Leslie Odom, Jr., who is so amazing in Hamilton that he actually makes Aaron Burr likable and a sympathetic figure; or Daveed Diggs, who is the best pure rapper in the show and dripping with charisma as Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson; or Christopher Jackson, who is George Washington. And I don’t just mean that he plays George Washington; Christopher Jackson IS George Washington. Period. Christopher Jackson will always be George Washington for me, beginning with the first time I heard him on the Hamilton cast recording. So, I’m going to choose the first song from the album – and the first song that Lin-Manuel Miranda revealed to the world, back in 2009 at the White House, when he spit some amazing bars about “the ten-dollar Founding Father without a father”, back before everyone knew what that was referencing, and told everyone that he was working on a “mixtape” about Alexander Hamilton. Because I’ve heard that song so many times – and I listened to that White House performance hundreds of times before the Hamilton musical ever hit the stage, plus it is used in various ways and with various alterations as a reprise throughout the cast recording – it is sometimes overlooked. But that song is a fucking masterpiece, just like the play itself and every soul that embodies the characters within it. That song is pure hip-hop, just like the musical itself, and it’s taken to another level by the history that is passed along through the lyrics. But the lyrics themselves? It’s beyond my ability to properly review or summarize how good this song is lyrically, and that’s why it is a perfect jumping off point for a lyrical, historical, musical dream like Hamilton: An American Musical. Stop reading what I’m writing and go listen to the album!

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lol, you're 20. like i get you don't want to date anyone underaged, i wouldn't either. you don't need to be rude about it. whoever that 17yo was probably feels a bit shitty now. idk, you just seemed like a kinder person.

Well, I guess you were wrong. *biggest eye roll imaginable*

Lmao, that was sarcasm. Joke.

On a serious note, I don’t think I was rude. I certainly didn’t mean to be. Intent matters when you’re going to call someone a bad/mean person, and my intent was to inform, not to harm.

I even said there was nothing wrong with them, just that I wasn’t interested for many valid reasons.

Like, think about what you’re trying to come at me about? Saying they were my baby sisters age which made me uncomfortable? Saying my friends would rightly laugh at me for dating a minor when I’m a grown woman?

It’s not like I said, “Lmao, ew. No. Fuck off, jailbait.” I took all of the “blame” of saying no in this situation onto myself. I did not vilify or insult them in any way. I did not so much as insinuate anything was wrong with them.

Lmao. Why am I wasting my time replying to this anon? Bye. If you’re that extra, there’s the door. Unfollow. I don’t need people like you stressing me out over nonsense. Bye. The door. Good luck. Best wishes. Don’t forget your coat.


Trying to make up a patient history thingy for new doctor reasons.  (My medical records are scattered over five states.)  Just the physical stuff, even, since the mental health bullshit is its whole own list of suck-age, but I need a referral for that anyway.

Like “Oh, migraines. RIGHT.  Those are a thing.” But they suck but they are SO MUCH less bad than they were.  I’ve also been advised not to take Imitrex or any of the drugs in that class because my mom and my sister both had severe enough allergic reactions to them that it was a bad idea because breathing is important.

Like … okay, do I mention that my back hurts?  Is that even relevant?  My lower back hurts a lot of the time.  I take Advil for it.  I can’t remember any specific injury type things.  I VAGUELY remember twisting weirdly once, going to the ER, and they said heat, ibuprofen, and gave me a muscle relaxer.   I don’t even remember what STATE we lived in when that happened, though.  I’m pretty sure it would have been after I was 21?  But then it was at least four years ago.  And then it was aggravated when I was caring for my mother because she kept falling.

My memory is pretty well shot for a period of at least 15 years here.  I spent another 3 ½ years (ending in July 2016) on increasingly non-existent sleep.  (To the point that through NOVEMBER I was still falling asleep here at random intervals, in mid-conversation.)

Have I mentioned the “absolutely terrified of trying new psych meds” thing?  Because I REALLY am.  And I know all the reasons it’ll be okay and nobody is going to try to make me take more mood stabilizers or more atypical anti-psychotics or generally things that treat problems I DON’T ACTUALLY HAVE.*  I’m just trying not to panic about that specific part when that part is further off.

*At this point my brain pretty much looks like: Depression is CAUSED BY the PTSD and the feelings of worthlessness that happen when I can’t DO anything, because I’m panicking and/or can’t focus, which is caused by the ADHD and Anxiety.  So I’m pretty sure that if we can get the anxiety and ADHD nudged in the right direction, the depression will be less of an issue.  I am working really hard on the PTSD thing already, and it sucks.  But I’m doing it.

[her names only 2/3 right]

Your moms memory is fading with this glazed over surrogate of a new named brunette and you know you love her still. That’s the problem isn’t it. She’s trying so hard, never had anything, until now and you wished it out. Guilty and unhappy is the worst combination. Eats you alive until there’s nothing left. Your heart belongs to a long haired brunette and she’s never giving it back. Actions said she won’t fight for you; never has. Can’t call her a liar. Screaming the voices in your heads, high pitched, must be your sisters bad dreams but her brothers not there only half the time and I’m only half the right. Not even in the picture but my hearts in the mixture. Faceless because you wanted it nameless until it got out and then you were shameless, reckless to the point of abandon and I’m the one abandoned. Thought you left her in NYC, really left her in Michigan and really left your heart in Portland and I’m the one distorted. Can’t make the clouds blow over like it’s perpetually hazy and I’m forever dizzy. Loved myself the most last fall and now look how we all fall.

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1/2 By A talking about your sister and how much he cares for her still out of the two girls as well, but then would ignore her when he would talk with you again like you said is very upsetting. In my opinion, I think a teacher should help all of his students in any way she/he can and not pick favorites because that just makes other students feel isolated or alone. So, I would suggest you talk to him about it because even though your sister can be quite manipulated, she is still your sister.

I completely agree with everything you said. I told my sister I would speak to him because no matter how much she annoys me and no matter how much I care about A, she’s my twin. We’ve been inseparable since we were born and it broke my heart to see her feel so alone. She’s manipulative because she’s in a bad state I know that’s not who she is because it wasn’t who she was, and I’ll protect the sister I know is still inside her till the day I die. I won’t let her feel this alone because the school/teachers are letting her down

In her 6th year Lily hexed a fellow Gryffindor that bad,that poor thing stayed 1 week in hospital wing,because she said that Teddy is not Lily’s brother and not even a Wotter.Lily had detention for the rest of the month and at breakfast she received 2 Howlers. First from her parents saying ,,LILY LUNA POTTER I’M NOT EVEN MAD AT YOU I WOULD DO THE SAME THING IN YOUR PLACE” with Harry in background,,THAT’S MY GIRL” and second from Teddy ,,BEST SISTER EVER. LOVE YOU LILS”.No one could erase Lily’s smile that day, she knew she did a good choise.

Lily and Teddy at Potter Manor.Winter Break 2023.

Taken by Teddy


“So Derek-”

“No.” Derek responded not letting Isaac continue his sentence. “You don’t even know what I’m going to say.” Isaac said looking at your brother with wide eyes. 

“You and (y/n) are plotting something, the two of you keep whispering about something. I know my sister, whatever it is it can’t be good.” Derek said not looking up at Isaac. 

“We’re not plotting anything–well anything bad.” Isaac said fumbling with his hands. “Alright then, fine, ask me.” Derek turned his attention to Isaac. “Well, I know you’re really close to your sister.”

“That’s right.” Derek said nodding for him to continue. 

“And I know you always have her best interests in mind, and you want her to be happy and protected.” Isaac took a deep breath–he was still under Derek’s intimidating gaze. 

“Is there a point to all of this?” Derek asked suddenly worried about where Isaac was trying to lead the conversation. 

“Well, yeah, I think you should know that (y/n)-” He paused and under Derek’s harsh gaze cracked. “She’s dating Scott.” He said switching the topic off of him. Derek stood up quickly. “What?!” He screamed. “Since when?” He asked. 

Isaac shrugged. “I don’t know, I saw them sneaking off earlier.” He said as Derek stormed passed him and marched out the door. Isaac took a deep breath when he heard Derek’s car pull out.


“Scott?” You asked raising an eyebrow at your secret boyfriend. “I’m sorry! I caved, you’re brother can be very scary when he wants.” Isaac explained making you groan. 

“He’s a teddy bear.” You said rolling your eyes. 

“With you maybe. To the rest of us he’s a full groan rabid grizzly.” He said sarcastically. 

“We’re gonna have to tell him eventually.” You said. “Yeah, eventually, let’s try again in a year.” He offered up making you roll your eyes. 

“Wimp.” You muttered under your breath.

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Funny Scene between Guren and Shinoa

Extracted from OnS Light Novel 5 Chapter 1

Warning: Spoilers of Chapter 1 ahead

Guren: (Mahiru and I are) not lovers.  ಠ_ಠ

Shinoa: I heard you guys made out. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Guren: Bleh. (Mahiru) even bothered to tell you things like that.  ಠ_ಠ

Shinoa: I heard your skills were super bad. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Guren: AHH? ლಠ益ಠ)ლ

Shinoa: Ah haha. Just joking. My sister likes you a lot, how can she tell me something like that.”  😂😂😂

He glared at Shinoa, irritation evident on his face.

Guren: You devilish brat. (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

Shinoa: Ah haha. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Mahiru literally gives ‘Trash Boyfriend’ a whole new meaning. Err Shinoa you are only seven when you said this omg…. ._. 

Little Sister

preference list here

You were grounded for having bad grades. It was a Saturday night and you arranged big plans with your friends. You and calum were pretty close. Even though he was two years older than you, you guys always had each other’s back. You walked into Calum’s room just across from yours and saw him playing around with his bass guitar. 

“I need your help.” You said as you leaned against his door. 

“I’m not buying you drugs, fucktard.” Calum said, his eyes still focusing on the bass. 

“I don’t want drugs! My friends and I are heading to the theater for a late movie and I need you to cover for me, and maybe give me a ride?” You smiled innocently. He grabbed his car keys and announced to mom that he was hungry and went to get pizza. You snuck out the window and side hugged Calum tightly for being the best brother ever. 


luke squinted his eyes as he read your math homework over and over again until he finally understood it. “This is so easy oh my god, y/n!”

You rolled your eyes, and sighed. “Yeah, it is. Totally makes sense why it took you ten minutes to read that.” 

“Hey!” He objected, “I took that class last year and I passed it. The answer is 21.” You wrote down his answer, but as Jack walked past you guys, he glanced down at your answer and laughed. 

“The answer isn’t 21! It’s asking you which equation is relevant to the answer.” Jack wrote down the answer for you as Luke sunk down in his chair. 

“Didn’t I tell you that earlier, y/n?” Luke laughed. 

“You said 21!” You yelled. 

“Nuh-uh!” Luke argued.


“Don’t pour too much, shit face!” michael grabbed the creaming developer for bleach away from you. Today was a teaching planning day at school, so you and Michael had the day off alone at home. 

Michael recently dyed his hair a different color, but changed his mind today to a different color. Before testing it out on his hair, he wanted to try it out on your hair. 

“Mum’s going to kill you.” You warned him. He rolled his eyes and carefully applied bleach to your dark hair. “I wonder if she’s going to ground you for life, or cut down on your weekly money allowance. I hope she does both!” 

“Shut up. I hope the monster comes out from your closet.” Michael teased. You watched a scary movie last night, so him saying that made your heart pound a little. 

“Don’t say that!” You closed your eyes shut, “Can we play video games after this?” 

“Of course! Now stop moving so I don’t mess your hair up. Don’t want your hair to look a like a lion now do you?” Michael laughed as you shook your head with disappointment. 


“Fuck!” ashton immediately tightened the grip on his seat belt. “Don’t make the car go so fast!” 

“Calm down, grandpa. Just teasing.” You laughed and turned the music up all the way. You loved messing around with Ashton’s head. He muted the music making you whine and roll your eyes. 

“No music, y/n! If a police or ambulance siren goes on, how are we going to hear it?” Ashton gulped hard. He was terrified of letting a unexperienced seventeen year old drive a car for the first time. He was surprised you even passed your driving test. 

“Ash, I hate to break it to you, but I hate driving with you. Mum and Dad have been teaching me a lot while you were away. So please take your negative attitude out of the car and maybe, just maybe, we will survive this car ride.” You flashed him a bright smile as he shook his head. 

“No, no, no as much as I love you little sis, I’m going to drive us to McDonalds, okay?” As much as you wanted to argue, there was no point because Ashton always won at the arguments. 

“Whatever floats your boat, old man.” You whispered to yourself. 

This has been on my mind for a couple of days.

The other day, there was a conversation on FB that was started by a person (that doesn’t like Rin) who claimed that everyone that said they could identify with Rin were basically only looking at his ‘good’ qualities and ignoring how ‘neglectful’ and ‘selfish’ he could be.


I can identify with Rin BECAUSE of his negative aspects. In the first season, he was obviously in a bad place - thus, he cut himself off from his friends and rarely ever even spoke to his sister. I do the same thing. For me, it’s a matter of not wanting the people close to you to see you in such a disheartened state and also feeling like you just have nothing to offer. It isn’t a matter of being ‘selfish’ and not caring about your friends and family’s emotions at all. In fact, it’s the opposite. You don’t want to bring them down with you.

He occasionally gets so overwhelmed to the point of lashing out - this is the result of trying to hold things in and deal with them yourself. Even I know that bottling everything up inside is a horrible thing to do because eventually you’re going to break (yet I still do it cause I’m smart). This is also another reason why I tend to go for LONG periods of time without speaking to the people close to me. I KNOW what will inevitably happen. I KNOW that everything is going to pour out and more often than not, it comes out as anger. You are angry at yourself.

You ever have those times where you just REALLY need to be alone but you have that one person that insists you need to talk and will NOT STOP? Yeah… My best friend has been on the receiving end of me finally exploding before all because she wouldn’t give me the breathing room I needed right then. I felt completely horrible after, and apologized but, sometimes you can’t take back the things you say. (ANOTHER THING! HOW CAN IT NOT BE OKAY FOR RIN TO BLOW UP BUT HARU DOES IT IN SEASON 2 AND THAT’S PERFECTLY FINE?! ANYWAY…)

Rin isn’t ‘bad’ or ‘evil’ for the things he’s done. He was hurting and sometimes you don’t know how to translate that properly or you are trying to deal with it on your own and it ends horribly. Emotional pain can make you act in ways you normally wouldn’t.

I WISH I could identify with Rin because of his positive qualities - his ambition, how brave he is - even with showing his emotions, his ability to pick himself up and dust himself off and try again, how he isn’t afraid of change and growth, how he strives to better himself in every way and how he always tries to push his friends to reach their full potential - especially when they can’t see it themselves.

Now, let’s talk about the other characters.

Sousuke: HE IS NOT POSSESSIVE! And he doesn’t hate Haru. Yes, he can come off as ‘cold’ or ‘an asshole’ but he is neither of those things. He’s cares a great deal about this friends. And his closest friend, Rin, he wants to see succeed. He is selfless, pushing his own emotions off for his friends so that they can do what makes them happy. Okay, he lied. But it wasn’t to harm anyone else - it was to help his friend and be able to swim with him again. The main negative thing that I see about Sousuke is that he doesn’t care about himself as much as he should and he can be a little pessimistic. He’s a sweetheart, though.

Haru: I may joke in my fics about him being ‘emotionally stunted’, but anyone who spent more than just a few minutes getting to know these characters knows that isn’t true AT ALL. He doesn’t adapt well to change so he tries to avoid thinking or talking about subjects that ultimately bring up this issue. I feel that he spends more time quietly observing whatever situation he’s in and taking everything to heart. He shows how much he cares about others often but he just finds it difficult to express himself or find the words to do so. He is also a sweetheart.

Makoto: HE IS NOT AN ANGEL! LoL. I don’t mean that he’s this secret stalker/psycho that constantly thinks about killing anyone that talks to Haru or whatever and is only one step away from going on a rampage, but he does ‘manipulate’ Haru on occasion but it’s only to sway Haru into putting himself in a situation he needs to be in. Makoto is very perceptive of what’s going on around him and he knew that if he left Haru alone, to make his own decision, Haru would have never went back to meet up with Rin again and therefore they would have never reunited as friends. Makoto basically gently pushes his friends in the direction they need to go. But here again, we have a character that would rather his friends be happy than doing what makes HIM happy.

Anyway, this is all my opinion. I know that people see things differently but *shrug*. I love these boys for who they are and do not think any of them are ‘bad people’. Misguided at times but that is what makes them so lovable - they have faults, they aren’t perfect.  I joke about them from time-to-time but when I see genuine hate for one of them (especially if things are said about them that aren’t true in any way. Example: Rin doesn’t care about his friends, Sousuke is obsessed…) I feel the need to TRY to explain that maybe they’ve just been misunderstood.

I like the other characters in the series but just don’t really have anything in common with them. Ok, I’m done :D Stop hating on other people because they like a character you don’t.