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 Scott McCall

I was walking home from Deaton’s animal clinic after my shift when I felt a presence behind me.

“Hello?” I called looking around.

I didn’t hear anything so I continued on my way. Normally I was okay walking home by myself but tonight felt different. I felt a chill run down my spine. I gripped the strap of my bag and picked up my pace. I don’t know why but I couldn’t get over this fear that I was being followed.

“whoever you are leave me alone!” I screamed before sprinting down the alley that would eventually lead to my house.

I was looking back when I tripped over my feet falling to the ground. I hit the ground hard causing the contents of my backpack to spill all over the pavement. I could still feel the presence as I struggled to gather my books. Suddenly someone grabbed my arm causing me to scream.

“y/n hey it’s okay it’s just me!”

I looked up and there was my co-worker and friend Scott McCall. I was relieved to see him.

“Scott?” I questioned looking at him.

“are you okay?” Scott asked helping me up.

“I thought someone was following me.” I admitted looking at the ground.

“here let me help you.” Scott said bending down and helping me pick up my books.

We reached for the same book causing our hands to touch. I quickly pulled mine back and tried to fight the smile that appeared on my face.

“thanks.” I said grabbing the book from him.

“do you uh want me to walk you home?” Scott asked rubbing the back of his neck nervously.

I couldn’t fight the smile that appeared on my face.

“sure Scott that sounds great.” I said shyly.

The rest of the walk to my house was silent but I definitely felt safer with Scott by my side. We walked up to my porch still not saying anything.

“thanks Scott you really didn’t have to do this.” I said turning to face him with a small smile on my face.

“I know I didn’t but I wanted to.” He said returning the smile.

I reached over and gave Scott a hug. He returned it wrapping his arms around me. He pulled away quickly.

“y/n you’re bleeding.” He said looking at my knee.

I looked down to see my pants were torn and I had a large cut on my knee.

“wow I didn’t even feel this.” I said giggling a little.

“let’s get you cleaned up.” Scott said grabbing my hand and walking in my house.

He brought me to my kitchen and picked me up before sitting me down on top of the counter. He walked over grabbing some paper towels and running them under the water from the sink. He came rolling up my pant leg and pressing the towel to my bleeding knee. I flinched quickly grabbing his hand.

“sorry.” I said letting go.

“It’ll only hurt for a little.” He said walking over and getting a bandage,.

He came back over putting it on the cut. I couldn’t help but admire how sweet he was.

“all better."  He said smiling and standing up.

"thanks.” I said for the third time tonight.

Scott and I just stood there looking at each other until his gaze dropped down to my lips. I felt my heart rate speed up as he slowly leaned in. I met him the rest of the way connecting my lips to his. I could feel him smiling throughout the kiss. He pulled away resting his forehead on mine.

“I’m all better now.” I said not being able to stop the smile on my face.

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Stiles Stilinski

Stiles and I were both really awkward and clumsy people so when it came to our relationship things usually got really bad really fast. Today was no different. Stiles was supposed to come over to study for the chemistry test but I had a different idea. I was ready to take our relationship to the next level. I knew that Stiles was too shy to bring up the sex talk so I knew I had to be the one to do it. Earlier this week I went to the store and purchased some lingerie, I was currently sitting in my room in the outfit I bought.

“so babe I have a question about page 45 in the textbook.” Stiles said walking in looking down at his chem textbook.

“yes baby?” I said in the most seductive voice I could manage.

Stiles looked up immediately dropping his textbook. I could see his cheeks starting to turn pink.

“uh w-w-what are you doing?” Stiles stuttered looking at my body up and down.

“what do you mean baby?” I purred standing up and walking over to where he was standing.

“uh why are you uh wearing that?” Stiles said gesturing to my outfit.

“you don’t like it?” I asked suddenly feeling insecure.

“no no my gosh I love it, I am just confused.” Stiles said not taking his eyes off my body.

“I was hoping that we could you know take our relationship to the next level.” I said hoping Stiles would catch on.

“what do you mean?” He said swallowing hard.

seriously how dumb could this boy be?

“SEX STILES I’M TALKING ABOUT SEX!” I yelled throwing my arms in the air.

“oh.” Stiles said rubbing the back of his neck nervously.

“just forget about it.” I said gathering my robe and walking to the bathroom.

“no wait.” Stiles called.

He went to run after me but slipped on his textbook. He fell crashing right into me.

“oh my god y/n I’m so sorry.” Stiles said getting off me.

“my arm, I think you broke my arm.” I cried clutching my arm that was slowly turning a deep shade of purple.  

“oh gosh.” Stiles panicked.

He ran over picking me up and taking me to his jeep. I put on clothes while he drove to Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital. I was seen by Dr. Dunbar my arm was indeed broken. Stiles stood in the waiting room while I was fitted for a cast. He came in later looking distraught. He sat down beside me taking my hand in his.

“wow I’m boyfriend of the year, my girlfriend wants to have sex and I break her arm.” Stiles said looking at me.

I didn’t mean to but I started busting up laughing at the situation causing Stiles to laugh too.

“We are some couple huh.” I said leaning my head on his shoulder.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way.” Stiles said kissing my forehead

“me either. I love you Stiles.” I said kissing him.

“I love you too baby.” Stiles said when he pulled away.

If just kissing him gave me this feeling I couldn’t wait to know what having sex with him would do to me.

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I was just getting to my last patient of the night. I was completely exhausted from the day but I sucked it up going in to my last patients room. Cora Hale. I felt bad for her, she was just a young girl and she was dying. Doctors couldn’t figure it out either. I was the newest RN here and Cora was my first ever patient so I felt extra sympathy for her. Even worse, her brother Derek was taking it really hard.

“hey Derek.” I said offering him a small smile.

“oh hey.” He said looking up.

Derek was always here, he never left. I had to talk the security guards out of throwing him out on multiple occasions. I felt for him. I lost my little sister in a car accident a while ago so I knew what losing a sibling felt like.

“any changes?” I asked looking at her monitor.

“no, nothing.” He said grabbing her hand.

I took this time to get a good look at him. He looked like he hadn’t slept or eaten in days. I walked over placing my hand on his shoulder.

“Derek, how about you let me take you down to the cafeteria and buy you a coffee?” I offered slightly nervous.

He was an attractive man, someone that a girl like me would probably never have a chance with. He looked between me and Cora like he was debating it.

“She’ll be fine Derek, besides you look like you need some if your going to stay awake.” I said smiling slightly.

He nodded his head while standing up. I checked Cora’s monitor once more before following Derek. As soon as we were out of the room Derek stopped before turning around to look at me.

“thank you.” He said grabbing my small hand in his large one.

I gave him another smile, squeezing his hand.

“no need to thank me Derek, it’s my job. Now let’s go get that coffee!” I said walking.

Derek followed beside me not letting go of my hand. I could feel my heart beat race with each step we took with our hands intertwined. We rounded a corner to be met with a women. She had red eyes, claws and fangs. I had to rub my eyes to make sure I wasn’t seeing things. I noticed Derek tense from beside me.

“Derek, Derek, Derek I’m sorry about your sister.” the woman said growling at Derek.

Derek dropped my hand, his chest was heaving.

“y/n get out of here.” Derek said in a low voice.

“Derek I can’t leave you.” I said afraid of what this woman was capable of.

“better listen to him sweetheart.” The women snarled again.

“go.” Derek said.

His tone was completely different now, scary almost. I started to back up slowly until I bumped into someone else. I turned around to be met with another creature. This time it was a man with red eyes, claws, and fangs. I did the only logical thing I could think of. I fainted.


“y/n wake up.” A voice whispered in my ear.

I felt something cold pressed on my forehead causing me to slowly flutter my eyes open. Derek was standing over me pressing a cold rag to my forehead.

“Are you okay?” Derek asked looking concerned.

“please tell me none of that was real.” I said looking at him.

“none of what? We were going to get coffee and you just passed out.” Derek said feeling my forehead.

“oh yeah I knew that.” I said blushing.

I know what I saw. But I dropped it not knowing what else to do. You can’t just tell someone you saw people that looked like animals.

“so still want that coffee?” He asked shyly looking at his hands.

“yeah that’d be great.” I said smiling.

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Isaac Lahey

I let out another moan as Isaac kissed down my neck. A few more thrusts and we had both finished. Isaac rolled off of me getting up and putting on his underwear. Isaac tossed me my underwear and his t-shirt. I quickly slipped them on and curled back up in my sheets. I took this time to admire my handsome boyfriend.

“what are you staring at?” Isaac asked a little smirk on his face.

“just my perfect werewolf boyfriend.” I answered smirking as well.

Isaac looked down. It was hard for him to accept compliments since his dad pretty much told him he was worthless his whole entire life.

“you don’t mean that.” Isaac said quietly.

“Isaac listen to my heartbeat. you. are. perfect. to. me.” I said slowly.

His smile grew with every word that I spoke.

“come here stay the night.” I said patting the bed beside me.

Isaac smiled crawling in bed beside me. I leaned in to him letting him wrap his arms around me. He kissed my forehead before resting his chin on top of my head.

“I love you Isaac.” I said cuddling closer to him.

“I love you too baby.” Isaac said.

I soon fell asleep listening to the rhythmic patterns of his heart beat. I was awoken to Isaac violently shaking in bed beside me.

“Isaac wake up.” I said shaking him.

“No I don’t want to go in the freezer!” Isaac screamed thrashing some more.

“Isaac please wake up.” I said shaking him some more.

I knew he was abused by his father but I didn’t know how bad it was until now. Isaac shot up, his eyes were golden yellow and he had his claws and fangs extended.

“Isaac.” I said not daring to move.

Isaac looks at me raising his claws.

“Isaac wait no don’t!” I yelled.

 I quickly move my arm to cover my body. He claws my arm leaving five long bleeding gashes. I gasped from the impact falling out of the bed. Isaac gets up still in his wolf form. I think he’s still in his dream.

“Isaac baby please wake up, you don’t want to hurt me I know you don’t.” I cried holding my bleeding arm.

Isaac still walked forward growling at me. I backed up until I hit my bedroom door. He closed the distance wrapping his hands around my throat.

“Isaac.” I gasped trying to pry his hands off my throat.

He still wouldn’t wake up. I started to get light headed quickly I did the last thing  I could think of to wake him up. I took my hand and cupped his cheek, stroking it with my thumb.

“I love you. I love you so much.” I whispered.

Isaacs eyes started to shift back to their beautiful blue color and his grip loosened. Suddenly he dropped me to the ground fully transforming back to himself. I gasped for air relieved I could breath again. I grabbed the sweatshirt on the floor covering my bleeding arm.

“y/n?” Isaac said with tears in his eyes.

He looked at me, my neck no doubt covered in bruises from his fingers, my arm bleeding pretty badly.

“oh god what did I do.” Isaac said looking horrified.

I was scared too. For the first time I was scared of him. He approached me causing me to flinch. He stopped dead in his tracks a heart broken look washing over his face. He let a few more tears fall down his face before running out of my house. I wanted to run after him and tell him everything was okay but I couldn’t make myself move, I was frozen in fear.

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Liam Dunbar

I felt the stare of all the students as I walked down the halls. They knew something was up. Being the girlfriend of Liam Dunbar was dangerous. Lately he was angry and out of control and students were starting to figure out that they didn’t exactly live in the world they once thought they did. Liam was a werewolf  the only one left in school. I walked to my locker which was right beside the boys locker room.

“have you seen Liam lately?” Mason asked coming to stand beside me.

Liam hasn’t talked to me since Brett Talbot died. Liam lost control in front of a bunch of people and was hiding now. Scott promised me that he’d find him and everything would be okay but nothing was okay. Nolan walked past me and Mason glaring.

“just ignore them, I got to head to class but text me if you hear from Liam okay?” Mason said giving me a hug.

I nodded my head turning back to my locker. I felt another presence behind me.

“Mason I haven’t heard from him.” I said turning around, but it wasn’t Mason.

There were a few boys from the lacrosse team. I only recognized two, Nolan and Gabe.

“if you’re looking for Liam I haven’t seen him.” I said quietly.

The boys looked at each other smirking.

“oh we found Liam we were actually looking for you.” Nolan smirked.

Suddenly the boys grabbed me by my arms and legs. I started fighting back kicking and screaming but they quickly pushed me in the boys locker room. All of the other lacrosse team members were holding Liam. He had a bloody nose and busted lip. His eyes got wide when he saw me. The boys dropped me on the floor in front of Liam.

“Liam.” I gasped at the sight of him.

“Let her go.” Liam growled.

“we had it all wrong, we should’ve known you could take us beating you but what about putting a couple bruises on this girlfriend of yours?” Gabe said sadistically.

“don’t please.” Liam begged.

One boy grabbed me by my hair yanking me off the floor. Liam started to breath heavily trying to fight his inner wolf from escaping.

“Liam don’t.” I said not wanting anything to happen to him.

“what are you protecting him from?" Gabe asked getting in my face.

"go to hell.” I spat.

Gabe punched me straight in the face.

“STOP.” Liam growled his breathing becoming even heavier.

“Liam I can take it.” I said not really believing my own words.

Gabe punched me again. I could feel blood trickle down from my nose.

“I SAID STOP.” Liam growled louder now.

I could tell he was seconds away from shifting.

“do something about it." Nolan taunted.


I never thought I’d be so happy to hear that voice. Coach Finstock came in grabbing Gabe and Nolan by their necks.


Liam ran over to me. He took his shirt off and held it on my bleeding nose.

“GET OUT ALL OF YOU. I CAN’T STAND TO LOOK AT ANY OF YOU!” Coach yelled ushering the other students out of the room.

Coach came over looking at me and Liam. He patted us on the back before helping us up.

“you shouldn’t have done that. You took a punch for me.” Liam said stroking my cheek with his thumb.

“Liam, I’d do anything for you.” I said honestly.

“I love you.” Liam said leaning in.

“I love you too.” I said before connecting our lips.

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Brett Talbot

I was out on the bleachers of Devenford Prep working on homework. I usually spent my free period this way. I wasn’t exactly what you call popular. In fact I was invisible to almost everyone. Seriously google earth couldn’t even find me even if I was dressed up as a ten story building. When people do notice me I usually get bullied. I was about to do another calculus problem when I heard boys yelling. The lacrosse boys came running out on the field.

“oh hey nerd girl, we’re having an extra practice here so you might want to leave.” A popular boy named Jake yelled causing the other boys to laugh.

I looked down feeling my face become red.

“you need all the practice you can get Jake, she could probably own you on this field.” Another boy yelled causing all the players to laugh even louder.

I looked up at the boy who spoke up for me. It was Brett Talbot the most popular boy at Devenford Prep. He was captain of the lacrosse team and every girl at the school wanted him. He looked up at me offering me a small smile. I shyly looked down at my math book.

“She could not!” Jake said getting defensive.

“then you better leave her alone and get to practicing.” Brett said high fiving his team mates.

I couldn’t fight the smile on my face. Brett Talbot stuck up for me. I was a nobody and he stuck up for me. The boys started practicing making it hard to focus on homework. I was on the next problem when a voice yelled.

“y/n watch out!”

I made a mistake looking up. One of the boys lacrosse balls hit me right in the face. I could feel the sting making tears come to my eyes. Some of the boys rushed over crowding me. I started to panic, I wasn’t used to this and I was very uncomfortable.

“guys back up, give her some space.”

The boys dispersed leaving only Brett Talbot standing in front of me.

“are you okay?” Brett asked kneeling in front of me.

I was speechless, literally.

“come on let me take you to the nurse.” Brett said grabbing my arm.

He walked me to the nurses office asking me repeatedly if I was alright. It was really sweet. The nurse gave me an ice pack saying I’d only have a minor bruise on my cheek. I was sitting on the table swinging my feet when someone walked in the room. Surprisingly Brett was still here.

“I told you they still needed practice.” Brett said rubbing the back of his neck.

“yeah the aim was a little off.” I said showing him the bruise on my face.

“does it hurt?” He asked sitting beside me.

It actually hurt a lot but I didn’t want to tell him that.

“uh not to bad.” I said shrugging my shoulders.

Brett sat down beside me grabbing my hand in his. Suddenly my cheek didn’t hurt anymore. It was weird it’s as if he took away my pain I knew that wasn’t possible though.

“I’m really sorry about that.” Brett said looking at me.

“don’t be sorry it wasn’t your fault. Besides you stuck up for me.” I said smiling at me.

“yeah well Jake’s an idiot you aren’t a nerd I wish I was as smart as you, then maybe I wouldn’t be failing calculus.” Brett said looking down at his feet.

“you can’t be failing calculus you’re the best player we have on the team!” I said  looking at him.

“I won’t be if I’m ineligible.” He said shrugging his shoulders.

“I’ll tutor you.” I offered.

Brett looked up at me smiling.

“that’s sweet of you but I don’t want you to feel like I’m using you.”

“you aren’t using me, I offered.” I said giving him a smile.

“I’ll make you a deal, you tutor me and I’ll make sure that the lacrosse players leave you alone.” Brett said extending his hand.

“why would you help me?” I questioned honestly wondering why he was trying to help me.

“why wouldn’t I. You’re nice, smart, beautiful.” He said slowly not looking at me.

Wait was thee Brett Talbot nervous?

“you really think that?” I asked perking up.

“I don’t think, I know.” Brett said meeting my eyes.

“then you got a deal.” I said sticking my hand out.

 Brett smiled shaking my hand. I could tell this was the start of something beautiful.

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Theo Raeken

I didn’t expect to fall for the enemy, but I did. I fell hard. Even after he tried to kill me, I still felt the longing to be with him. I was under his spell and I just couldn’t break it.

“maybe we should call Theo.” I offered receiving glares from all of the other pack members.

“Theo? You mean that little lying, murdering psychopath.” Liam said crossing his arms.

“Liam he saved your ass on more than one occasion and he helped us defeat the wild hunt, I mean if we’re being hunted by actual professional killers, another set of claws wouldn’t hurt us.” I defended glaring at the other beta.

I looked to our alpha Scott for guidance. I could tell this was weighing heavily on him. We were losing people and it was killing him. He wanted to save everyone but we were already losing. Satomi’s pack was dead, our pack was next. I was only 18, I didn’t want to die yet. I was born a werewolf, I didn’t get to chose the life I wanted.

“they think you’re killing innocent people. Theo actually did kill innocent people.” Mason said defending Liam.

“but we’re not do my eyes look blue to you.” I said flashing my golden eyes.

“and it doesn’t matter if he did, they’re going to hunt all of us either way.” I added crossing my arms across my chest.

“Scott what do you think?” Liam asked.

Scott looked between me and Liam.

“I think if you can find him y/n, another set of claws would do us good.” Scott said exiting his house followed by a complaining Liam and Mason.

I smiled to myself. Now I just needed to find him. I picked up my phone dialing his number. He didn’t answer, he never did. After the wild hunt, Scott told him that he wasn’t needed anymore. I felt bad for him.  I walked out of his house going to the sheriffs station. Hopefully I’d be able to find some information there. As I was approaching the Sheriffs station, I heard the click of a gun from behind me. I turned around slowly showing my eyes, fangs, and claws.

“easy there.” The guy holding the gun said.

I looked around me to see I was surrounded by a group of men holding loaded guns all pointed at me.

“go ahead pull that trigger.” I growled taunting the men .

The guy smirked before pulling the trigger. I was easily able to dodge his bullet. I ran at the man tackling him to the ground. Another shot at me making my attention turn to him. I ran at him grabbing the barrel of the gun and snapping it. I growled throwing him into a wall. There were so many of them I didn’t see the man approaching behind. He shot the gun hitting me directly making the bullet go in my back and out through my stomach. I clutched the wound dropping to my knees.

“wolfsbane.” I coughed becoming paralyzed.

A man came over bending down to face me.

“we have a special place for monsters like you.” He said before punching me and knocking me out.

“y/n get up.” I heard a faint voice say

“Y/n get up.” the voice said louder now.

I slowly fluttered my eyes open, but I couldn’t move. I was in a dim room chained to a chain link fence. I started to freak out.

“y/n look at me.”

I knew that voice. I looked over to see Theo chained beside me. On my other side was two other werewolves.

“where are we Theo?” I questioned looking around the room.

“you’re in my house now.” A voice said coming in the room.

“Schrader?” I asked looking at the figure.

“the one and only.” He smirked.

“let us go or I’ll.” I started but was quickly cut off.

“or you’ll what, I control you now.” Schrader said walking over to his desk.

That’s when I heard the electricity buzzing and realized what he was doing. He grabbed the dial turning up the voltage. We writhed in pain as he shocked us. The other werewolves beside me started talking earning us more shocking.

“will you guys shut up and let me do the talking!” Theo growled at us.

Theo turned to Schrader giving him a smirk that made me weak at the knees.

“what they let you shock us a little but not do any real damage.” Theo taunted.

I looked at him wide eyed. He might be tough right now, but I just got shot with wolfsbane causing my healing abilities to be a little slow.

“oh you want more.” Schrader asked walking up to Theo.

“No we’re fine, tell him who you killed.” I said to the other werewolves.

“oh yeah I want more.” Theo said growling.

Was he trying to get us killed? Schrader made sure we could see him turning the dial to the max setting. He flicked the switch causing us excruciating pain. I growled feeling the volts sink in to my skin. Theo growled pulling his arms. I realized what he was doing. He broke free tackling Schrader to the ground. He fought with Schrader only shortly before getting the upper hand. He turned the switch off cutting off the flow of electricity. My head drooped signifying how weak I was feeling. Theo came over to me cutting me loose. I fell in his arms.

“Theo if you ever do something that stupid again. I’ll kill you.” I said in between heavy breaths.

“nice to see you too.” He said smiling at me.

“seriously though I will kill you.” I threatened but he could see through my fake attitude.

“you couldn’t kill me, you like me too much.” He smirked cupping my cheek with his hand.

I could feel the blush spread to my cheeks. He leaned down slowly but stopped when someone cleared their throat.

“are you going to get us down?” The girl said.

“I’m still thinking about it.” Theo growled looking at her.

“we’ll finish this later.” He said turning to me and winking.

I never meant to fall for the enemy but I was glad that I did.


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Imagine being one of Negan's wives and Carl having a crush on you, only for your husband to start teasing him about it a little too much

(I turned this from a Daryl to a Negan ome shot as it has been a while since i’ve wrote one for him :3 Especially some fluff! Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gifs not mine/found them on google/credits to the original owners.)

Since you had been so good with your begging and pleas, Negan had decided to take you along to his recent visit to Alexandria.

He called it a date between you and him and it made you laugh to hear him say that, without denying him, you also love the idea of being the only wife for one day.

It had been quite some time since Negan had made a deal with the community there and from what you’ve heard about the place you couldn’t help but want to visit to see it with your very own eyes.

The drive was long enough but you had quite some time to fool around and enjoy the company of Negan.

Upon arrival at the gate, you weren’t disappointed. The walls were high and everything seemed so secure with not even one walker in sight that you just had to make a comment about how drab the Sanctuary looked in comparison.

“Wow…This makes our home look like way crappier than it already does!”

Your husband laughed and shook his head at your comment. Leaning closer, he whispered in your ear, “Really? Better than our sweet home? Do you need me to show you every corner of our place…with my dick inside you…to be reminded of how great it is all again…”

You held in your laughter at his joke and pushed him away from you, asking him to stop as he kept trying to get closer and closer.

He was always like that with you, making crude jokes while you were being innocent for a moment. You like that about him actually and for once it made you forget about what the world had become.


Although, he was this cheerful and in a mood, it came to a stop when the cars themselves stopped. After he stepped out, being a gentleman to you he hand led his hand to help you out of the car.

The gate opened to reveal the people there and with no hesitation you smiled softly as you would usually.

You greeted them and from their expressions, you could tell they hadn’t expected someone like you to be around all of these Saviors.

It felt a little awkward as they got quiet from your bright way of greeting them but nonetheless they acknowledge you, despite it mostly being from the way Negan had glared at them.

You took in the view and your amazement couldn’t be stopped. The houses and the people, truly reminded you of your neighborhood.

Without even asking, you kissed Negan’s cheek and walked passed him, having decided to take a tour on your own, while he and the others went on about their business.


Luckily for you, it was a warm sunny day, making it easy to just wander around. It had been quiet some time since you had seen any other people than the faces you knew, you couldn’t help but smile at each of them.

Suddenly, you took notice of a young boy walking around while pushing a stroller. You knew for a fact, that there must’ve been a baby inside and quickly you made your way towards him.

You just love kids so much, you had to hold the baby, especially since it’s been ages since you’ve seen one.

As you got closer to the boy, you carefully greeted him and smiled.

“Hi…It’s a nice day to take a stroll…”

As Carl heard you, he stopped himself. He looked at you from head to toe and could tell you were probably several years older than him yet nonetheless, you were quite pretty to him.

Not to mention how nicely you were dressed, it made him blush at the thought of how pretty you were, not even for a moment that he thought you were among the Saviors.

He stuttered and looked away, realizing his actions and simply answered, “I-It is!”

You chuckled and approached him, trying to catch a glimpse of inside the stroller. He noticed you and as you looked back up at him, you shrugged and tucked your hair behind your ear.

You saw the child and instantly couldn’t help but let out how cute she was.

“Aw…Is this your little sister?”

He nodded and opened the visor to reveal the cute little blonde girl. He told you her name and signaled you that you could stroke her hair.

“Yeah, she is…Her name’s Judith…”

“Judith…That’s a pretty name…Do you mind if I hold her?”

It unnerved him to hear you and made him realize he had no idea of where you came from. He seemed in deep thought and ended up staring at you even more to check if you had any weapon on you.

He figured things out and nodded at you. “No not at all…Go ahead…”, he said as he stood by and took her out for you.

Your smile grew to see her and even more as you held her in your arms.

“Wow…Such a pretty little girl, you are…Yes you are…look at your small little hands…so cute…”

Compliments from you, kept pouring in as you held the little girl. She was undeniably adorable and from the way she acted with you, she clearly enjoyed you.

She cupped your face and laughed as you playfully shook your head and kept her entertained for quite some time, even earning you a little peck from her.

It surprised Carl to see his little sister get so comfortable with a stranger but still made him smile to look at you both.

“I think she really likes you…”

You turned your attention back to him and nodded along, joking around with him.

“I think so too…She really has good taste in people!”

As he laughed, you then ended up staying by and playing with her for a long while, making Carl grow to trust you.

You both spoke to each other as well and had seem to hit it off well. He thought it was easy to speak to you and couldn’t help but laugh and smile from your genuine humor.

He just felt so comfortable, he had forgotten about his worries for a moment and you had both ended sitting by the porch of his house.

He even noticed how prettier you were and couldn’t stop himself from staring at your features. He blushed every time you would look back at him and even worst when you had praised him for being so brave.


As the time passed, you had notice everyone starting to walk away and decided to get up. You handed him his little sister back and smiling at him, you said, “Well…I guess I have to get back now…My people are about to leave…”

It caught him off guard, you were apart of the Saviors, he couldn’t believe it.

“Y-you’re with them?”

You nodded and ruffled his hair to try and cheer him up from his obvious worried and concern look.

“Don’t worry…Not all of them are bad…”

He liked the way you had touched him and you noticed how hard he blushed from it. It made you smile again and wanting him to trust you, you pecked him quickly on the cheek.

“See you next time, Carl…”

As you said that and were about to walk away, suddenly a familiar voice roared.

“Woah! Holy shit! Carl! Are you trying to steal MY woman!”

It was Negan and he was making his way towards you both rather quickly. He stared at the boy wide eyed and with a rather funny expression, not understanding the situation.

Hearing him, you turned back to look at him and just shook your head, knowing that he was probably going to make some bad jokes about it.

In all honesty, it shocked Carl even more to know that you were with Negan and couldn’t hide his disappointment from him.

“S-She’s with you?”

Negan smirked and approached closer to you, grabbing your waist tightly to him. You stared at him and he stared back at you. He was smirking, oddly it seemed more than genuine and you couldn’t tell if it was because he was having fun or was it because he was admitting to you being his, either way it made your heart skip a beat to see him like that.

“Hell freaking yeah! She’s mine! What did you think?!”

Carl was oddly getting pissed and just didn’t want it to be true that you belong to Negan, especially as he knew you weren’t the only wife he had.

He felt somewhat bad and feeling confident about himself, he got up and faced your man.

“I just didn’t think someone like her would willingly want to be with a psycho like you!”

He nearly spat at Negan and his comment definitely made him laugh. You laughed as well and shook your head.

“Goddamn! Right on! Now that is the badassness I wanted! Wanna fight me for her?”

You rolled your eyes at his comment and grabbed his arm to pull him away.

“Come on Negan…Stop messing around with him…I’m so sorry Carl…”

He didn’t budged and stared at the boy for a long while with his big grin, wide eyed and realized something. He kept blushing and staring at you, making him understand that he certainly grew to have a crush on you.

However, he had also witness you pecking on his cheek and knew that also had to be another reason behind his redness.

Instead of leaving him alone, he leaned backwards and made another comment to see his reaction.

“Are you still blushing? Oh come on! You’re supposed to be a badass…Not a blushing boy… Don’t tell me it was that kiss…Come on when a hot woman, like Y/N, kisses you, you don’t lose your balls like that! If you’re going to steal my woman might as well be worthy of it, kid!”

He kept egging him on and you just felt bad for him and even more when your husband mentioned the young boy’s missing eye.

“Tell me…Did you show her…Your awesome missing eye…You know…The socket…the dried up blood…”

You could see that from his words, Carl suddenly was shying away from him. His head dropped down and himself trying to cover his bandage with his hair as Negan kept getting closer.

“Don’t be like that! Show her your eye! You like her don’t you! If you do then show her what you are and who you really are! A psychopathic future serial killer with a disgusting eye…That’s who you are…”

His nose was now crinkling and you knew he was more than on the verge of tears, and that you couldn’t handle it, the idea of child crying was a little too much for you.

You pulled Negan back and went closer to Carl. Turning towards your old man, you crossed your arms and sternly told him, “Alright, enough Negan…You’re making him cry…It’s not funny anymore…”


As Carl heard you, he figured you would side with him even more if he gave you a real show and just decided to go with it. He teared up even more and as you heard him, you turned to look at him to wrap your arm around his shoulder.

You pulled him closer and with your other hand you wiped his tears away. It made Negan instantly jealous and suddenly he stood up straight, trying to ask you to come back to him.

“It’s okay Carl…Don’t listen to him…He’s always like that…”

He nodded and you felt his breathing being ragged. It tore you up even more and stroking his hair, you looked him in the eye and said, “You don’t need to worry so much about your eye…You’re a charming young man…That’s just a little scar, don’t let it be your weakness and bring you down…Especially not from a big man child like Negan!”

You shot your gaze back at him and he looked shocked. It made you smirk to see him that way and as you looked back at Carl, you noticed him nodding and wiping his tears away.

“Thank you, Y/N…”, he mumbled under his breath. It made you feel oddly warm to cheer him up that way and you couldn’t resist to peck him on the cheek again and pull him into a hug as you said your goodbyes. His sister cheered him up as well with her own hug and you all stayed in a little embrace for a moment, making your husband more than jealous of the situation.

“Don’t mention it…See you next time…Okay…”, you said as you stroked his hair back and cupped his cheek for a moment.

You then looked back at Negan and crossing your arms, said, “And you mister! No more teasing him like that…he’s not yours to torment!”

He couldn’t find anything to say and as you approached him he opened his mouth, only for you to push him away and walk pass him.

You were being playful with him and laughed as he called your name from behind. He turned back to look at Carl and noticed him smiling.


He had thought of apologizing for it but seeing him like that, dumbfounded him and pointing towards him, he said,“Wh-Why the hell are you smiling? Y-you were a mess earlier…”

Carl shrugged and feeling bold told him, “I was…But you know…I can pretend…and I got Y/N to cheer me up…She kissed my cheek twice…She hugged me…and most importantly she picked me over you…”

And with that, he turned back to walk in his house, leaving Negan shocked behind.

It made him stutter out, “Y-you! You tricked her! Unfair! Hey come back out!”

In a slight panic, he ran back towards you and started acting like a pouty and grumpy kid.

“Y/N! Y/N! Y/N! Wait for me!”


He was quite fast and surprised you as he stood near you. Walking with you towards the cars, he held your arm and reported to you what had happened.

“Carl lied to you! He was faking it! The tears and everything else!”

You rolled your eyes at him and shook your head to hear him. You just had a feeling Negan was being petty and acting like that just to get your attention.

“Yeah right…Your words and attitude really didn’t get under a young boy’s skin…Jeez Negan…Like i’d ever believe that…”

“B-but- He admitted it!”

“No buts mister…I’ve seen you make grown men and women cry like that from your unnecessary comments…so a young teenager is no exception…”

He frowned even more and looked away from you, he just couldn’t believe you weren’t siding with him.

You laughed to check on him and decided to cheer him back up as you got nearer to the cars.

“Are you seriously jealous of a teenager, Negan?”

He looked back at you and seemed to hesitate between yes and no. You sighed and cupped his face and told him, “Well you shouldn’t…I love you…Not anyone else…”

At those words, his smile came back and he chuckled. Shrugging out of excitement, he held your hands in his and asked you, “Really?”

“Yes, really…Now stop acting like a baby…and get over it…”

He bit his lip and ended up nodding in agreement until you added more.

“Also…No more teasing him like that…I know you were trying to be playful…But that’s not the way to get to know a kid at first…Maybe when you get closer, you can start teasing and roasting him like that…”

He looked up and down and took a deep breath before looking back into your eyes. He reluctantly nodded and ended up agreeing.

“Fine…i’ll try…I won’t hurt his little feelings…”

“That’s good to hear…”

You nodded along and pecked him on the lips to hear his answer. You stared at each other with a smile and about to laugh, only for him to add a little something.

“Yeah…but that doesn’t mean I won’t keep my eyes off of him from now on whenever you’re around…”

As you opened the door to get in the car, you stood still for a moment and tilted your head to the side as you asked him to explain.

“What do you mean by that?”

He seemed taken aback and ended staying by the open car door just as you before answering you in his loud voice.

“Don’t tell me you didn’t notice?! Y/N it’s been the subject matter since the freaking beginning! He clearly has some weird fucking crush on you! Did you see the way he looked at you?!”

You laughed at his meaning and knew it was the perfect moment to tease him about it.

“Negan, language! And…Of course I noticed! It’s me we were talking about…Of course that was bound to happen…I just have that magic on every guy!”

You wiggled your eyebrows at him and smirk mischievously, leaving him hanging as you stepped in the car.

He followed you and was trying to convince you of never coming back to make sure Carl wasn’t going to have his hopes up, only for you to laugh and be adamant about coming back and keeping the promise you made to the young man, making him get frustrated again.

"She used to be my queen." Bellamy Blake/ Roan imagine.

You and Bellamy had been together since the Ark. So you were one of the 100 that were sent to see if the Earth was habitable.
Turns out it wasn’t.
While things had been trying between you and Bellamy since Clarke had left. You two had been fighting over little things lately.
You both had changed since the young teens who knew peace back on the Ark. You had seen so much death that much like Octavia, you went to the grounder path.
Right now you two were arguing about whether or not Clarke leaving was selfish.
“Clarke had every right to leave Bellamy!” You grunted as he brought the topic again.
“Whatever.” He rolled his eyes.
“What happened to you?” You whispered as you realized how distant he’d been lately.
“(Y/n)-what the hell does that mean?!” He raised a brow. Jaw clenched.
“What happened to sweet Bellamy? Ever since we hit Earth you’ve been cocky.” You asked as a matter of factly.
“Me?! You’re asking what the hell happened to me?! (Y/n) look at you! You’re a grounder!”
“Oh and suddenly that’s bad?! You’re sister is one!”
“(Y/n) you’re not even you anymore. Makes me mad.”
“And you think I’m totally cool with you being like this?!” You shrieked.
“Get out. We’re done.”
“Excuse me?!” You scoffed.
“Leave. Out of my life. Or the camp. See if I care.” He growled.
Octavia, who had been spying on the conversation heard her brother and gasped.
(Y/n) pushed back tears.
“Okay.” She stated strongly.
Bellamy realized what he said.
“Don’t ever expect to see me again. Bellamy Blake.” She whispered as Octavia ran over.
(Y/n) heard a crack of thunder as she turned on her heel. She felt as thought her heart weight a ton.
“Bellamy! What the hell!” Octavia shouted. Light rain scattered over the camp as Bellamy stood there.
(Y/n) pulled her hood up as she mounted her horse.
“Goodbye Arcadia.” She murmured as she nodded for someone to open the gate.
“OPEN THE DAMN GATE.” She shouted as no one went to open the gate.
“Let’s go Whiskey. GO.” She shouted over the rain, which was now heavily pouring.
She didn’t stop till the camp looked to be the size of her thumb.
“Good riddance.” She whispered as a tear rolled down her face.
Time proceeded as it does.
(Y/n) grew stronger in certain practices. Like being known as an infamous warrior who fought for a cause. Much like a black widow figure.
This was talk of all the people, Trikru, Azgeda, Polis. A certain Ice Nation king took notice.
“Find her. Bring her to me.” He ordered.
Not three days later she was brought in. A bag over her head as she kicked and screamed. Not doing much good due to the gag in her mouth.
“Hir yu laik.” (Here you are King.) The servant.
“Leave us.” He ordered and everyone filed out. He walked up to (Y/n) and gently took off the bag and rag.
“Huh. No one ever said you were as gorgeous as you are.” He smirked and she rolled her eyes.
“No one ever said you were cocky. Guess we were both misinformed huh?” She stated icily.
He smirked.
*Time lapse*
Bellamy fought the guards as they pushed him away from the throne room.
“I demand to speak with Roan now.” He barked angrily. He pushed open the doors.
Roan raised a brow as he sat back.
“Roan. We need to talk.”
“This should be good.” He rolled his eyes.
“Your highness, Artemis requests to see you. Immediately.”
Bellamy rolled his eyes. What could be so important.
“Ah. My darling queen.”
“My handsome king.” Bellamy whirled around as his eyes widened.
There she was. She looked great. Her hair was longer. A crown happily sat atop her head much like the one Roan had on his head.
“Bellamy. Meet my queen…(Y-”
“(Y/n).” He whispered.
“And how do you know this.”
“Because she use to be my queen.” Bellamy stated sadly.


This is going to be such a long post….

What to say about Jack’s show…

It’s weird. You watch someone on YouTube for so long and somehow, they don’t seem like a real person anymore, even though you keep telling yourself that they are. It just becomes routine to watch someone on a daily basis, it becomes the “norm” to you… To forget about all the shit you’re going through, to listen to what feels like a friend, or just to have someone talking while you’re busy doing something. It maybe the only bright part about your day, week, month, or even year. Hell, it’s probably been the only bright thing about my life since my brother died almost 4 years ago. To know that each day, you’ll have a reason to forget about everything bothering you, to smile, and to laugh. Even though these people you watch may not seem real anymore, it’s comforting to watch them. When I get in a dark mental space, I just watch YouTube, which has replaced my TV, and these YouTubers pull you out of that dark place, and you feel, well, sort of normal.

It’s not until you see someone live that all these feelings and emotions come flooding to you. Your mind knows they’re real, but when you see them live for the first time, your brain starts to believe it as well. Personally, only when you meet them, does everything ‘click’. That’s the only downside about these types of shows. I feel the exact same way when I see a band live… I can’t really explain how my brain works…

Anyways, going to see Jack, and it being his first solo tour date, was nothing more than astonishing, an honor, and a huge pleasure. No one has ever seen this show before, and to be at the very first show is something that I will never forget.

I personally feel like Jack is the most personable YouTuber there is. He seems absolutely and 100% genuine in everything he says, and to him saying it’s not about the fame, popularity, number of subscribers, or money, I truly and honestly believe him when he says that. And to hear him tell the story of, pretty much his life, growing up, starting on YouTube, to where he is now, is again, an honor.

Listening to Jack tell these stories of key parts of his life was just incredible. Everyone calls him the “loud Irish YouTuber”, and I can confirm that that is a perfect description of him. He’s so bombastic and talks to the crowd like he’s talking to each individual person in the audience. You feel, well, special.

Going back to the stories he told, it’s so different hearing these stories in real life than through a YouTube video… This was so much more intimate, and you learned so much more about him… What makes him tick, what he’s gone through to get to this point, and you can see why he is such a genuine person.


It’s 2:30am, and my sister and I just got back from Jack’s Milwaukee show… And wow… I don’t even know where to begin. My mind is going a million miles an hour, and I want to say so much, and am speechless at the same time. My mind won’t let me process what just happened… So, I’ll just start at the beginning.

Coming up to Jack’s shows, I was beyond excited because we had 2 chances to see him live, something that most likely won’t happen again. After the Chicago show, I was still happy because we still had the Milwaukee show. Going to the Milwaukee show had me feeling a lot of different things. I was so excited to see how he was on stage compared to his first show.

During the show, you can tell how much more confident he was, that he wasn’t as nervous for the first show, but Jack, you looked pretty damn tired. Even though we had heard the stories from the Chicago show, my sister and I were still laughing so hard. Jack just has a way with words and how he tells stories. You can listen to him say the same thing, but the way he says it was just a little bit different, and it felt like I was hearing the story for the first time. The show was again, amazing.

After the show, my sister and I already said that we would try to meet Jack because, well, he has never been here and we know we would never have the chance again. There was so many people waiting with us. The security guard told us that Jack wouldn’t be coming out until 2am, that he will ignore everyone, and he will be surrounded by cops, and will not talk to anyone. Everyone but about 20 people left. So, we sat and stood around for hours… Probably about 3 hours. It was a little after midnight and there was 6 people left, and everyone was saying how it was probably time to leave.

We then spotted a group of people walking from the front of the building, and I instantly spotted Jack, and jumped up. We all looked at each other and stood in a line for some reason. Jack came up and said we were crazy for waiting this long, and I was the first one to ask him for a hug. Let me tell you something, Jack’s hugs are the absolute best. He just kept hugging tighter and tighter, and wow, writing this is making me tear up, something I have only done twice since.

He turned to my sister and I and we got to thank him. I told him about my brother, and a few other things. I didn’t say everything I wanted to say, but I said the important things. I’m so happy I got to tell him that he’s helped me out so much ever since my brother passed.

It’s been a very rough almost 4 years with really bad depression and PTSD, and constantly reliving the day I couldn’t save him, so to meet the guy that has helped me so much, helped me even more. He talked to us for almost 10 minutes and I cannot believe how sweet the guy is. He actually seemed to want to learn more and cared about everything my sister and I were telling him. Now I can say with 100% certainty that Jack is such a genuine and humble person.

We wanted the other 4 girls to have a chance to talk to Jack so we talked to Arin for almost another 10 minutes… I’ll write about that in a different post.

Vernon told us that they had to go, but before they left, Jack ran up to my sister and I and gave us such a big hug. I’m still at a loss for words right now…

I’m happy… I haven’t been this happy in the almost 4 years since my brother died. It’s just such a weird feeling… But I’m also sad at the same time, emotional too. I’m happy because I met one of the main people that I have looked up to, and someone who has helped me overcome some really rough shit. I’m also sad. Sad because those 15-20 minutes went by extremely fast. Sad that I know he will forget about my sister and I. Sad that I’m positive we’ll never meet him again. Sad that we can’t just sit down with him for a little, and just talk, and fully explain how thankful I am. There’s just so many conflicting emotions going through my head right now.

I think I’ve written more than enough, and it’s a few days later… I’m just going to end this with one last thing:
@therealjacksepticeye, I know I said this already, but I really just want to reiterate it. You have helped my sister and I so much more than you will ever know. We lost our brother on October 31st, 2013, when he was only 18. My brother and I played video games together all the time. We had the same exact hobbies. We did so much together. When he passed, it felt like my life was over. Then I found you. I found the loud Irish YouTuber, and at that point, I didn’t realize just how much you would help me down the road. You make me laugh, but most importantly, you make me smile at least twice a day, no matter how shitty I feel, or how bad my depression or PTSD is. You’re videos are sometimes the only good part about my day, and other times, they help make my day so much better.

Now, I really don’t have anyone to play games with, so my sister watches me play games. Not as much as I would like, but she used to always watch my brother and I play. I wish I could play video games like I used to when my brother was here.

Anyways, I just want to thank you again. You do not know how much you have helped my sister and I out, and I don’t think I will ever find the right words to explain.

We both really hope you come back to Chicago/Milwaukee again because we would love to see your show again, and see how it’s changed from the “test run”. (It would be lovely if you came back!)

We will never forget Sunday night. We still can’t process that we met you… Our minds still think it was all just a great dream. We really do hope we get the honor of meeting you again.

Thank you from the bottom our our hearts, and keep doing what you’re doing, because you have helped countless people. We love you! ❤️

P.S. My sister wants to ask you to a drum off. She’s been playing for almost a decade. 😊

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Warning: None

A/N: This wasn’t requested but it is of the new episode. Keep requesting


“You don’t have to do this, you know that right? I know you weren’t Jason’s number one fan” you tell your boyfriend, Jughead

“Look I may have hated Jason, but he is your brother and with all the attention on your parents and sister, who’s looking after you” he explains carefully. Everyone in town knew how horrible your parents were and everyone who went to your school knew what Cheryl was like and even though your sister and you got closer after his death doesn’t mean that it wasn’t harder for you than anyone else when everyone worried over Cheryl.

When Jughead arrived at your house he immediately tried to find you, which was in Jason’s room and he walked over and sat next to you on his bed.

“Thank you Jughead, I don’t know where I would be without you” you sigh out, resting your head on his shoulder

“Ready to face the people?” Jughead asks you softly

“Might as well get this over and down with” you sigh, Jughead stands and holds out a hand for you to take, pulling you up when you place your hand in his. As you both stand there for a minute you pull him into a hug, no matter how strong you appear on the outside it was difficult for you and Jughead was the only one to know that. While in the embrace your mother, Penelope Blossom, walks by stopping when she sees that Jason’s door is open and she peers into it see you and Jughead

“What are you doing in here?” she demands, causing you and Jughead to pull apart quickly

“We were just leaving mother” you reply with your head bowed, flattening out your bright green dress

“What? To get ready for the service? You’re not even dressed yet (y/n)” your mother pressed

“This is what I’m wearing to the service, Jason always said how he loved me in green, he said it brought out the colour of my eyes, so I’m wearing it for him” you reply, trying to be confident but failing under the intense gaze that your mother had. Jughead turns to look at you with admiration in his eyes proud to call you his girlfriend as it was difficult for anyone to stand up to Penelope Blossom.

“You’re as bad as your sister, hurry up and get out of his room” she demands, walking past her you and Jughead quickly rush out of your brother’s room to go to the area where the memorial was being held

“(Y/n)! There you are I didn’t think I could do this without you. Can I borrow you for a second?” your sister, Cheryl Blossom, asks when she sees you before you and Jughead walk into the room

“Yeah sure, I’ll be right back” you direct the last bit towards your boyfriend and he nods understandingly and proceeds to walk into the room. You and Cheryl walk to her room where you help her into her outfit, the both of you decided to go out of the social norms and dress like Jason would have wanted you to dress like.


If Jughead wasn’t proud of you before he certainly was now, the moment he saw your sister and you walk down the aisle wearing what you were wearing, sticking together despite your parents, he knew one thing for certain, that he was absolutely, positively in love with you and he made sure to tell you after the ceremony.

Diamonds aren't sister. Ignore me if you like.

I actually don’t mind ppl claiming the diamonds as sister, I’m alright with that. Though I always get harassed by many of them for shipping them.

Anyway I have some opinions about that diamonds aren’t sister at all. And this might not make sense because my English suck.

-let’s say that Ruby and Sapphire have the same chemical composition and crystal structure, they’re same gem type but different and they’re together as lovers. Yellow and Blue diamond are same type of Diamonds but they’re different just like Ruby and Sapphire having same gem type. Even we don’t know much about the diamonds, but so far we know that it was confirmed that Blue have deep love for the diamonds. (I think as she care for them.)

I know they’re not together as lovers (well I wish they were. Hoping so.) but I enjoy drawing them together as couples.

-here another reason gems can’t be sister unless they would like claim them as sister just like amethyst calling Jasper as sis. Though Gems aren’t still humans nor have blood related. They all are aliens with mass hologram body. (They’re bunch of talking rocks.)

Also here another that Garnet once said about “family doesn’t exist in homeworld” if I recall.


Once again if you claim the diamonds as sister, that’s alright. I actually like that even though I also ship them as none related sister. I hope I didn’t got anyone mad or anything over this. And sorry for my bad English, I did my best.

Mean - Part 2 [Harrison Osterfield series]

A/N: Hello there!! Thank you so much for the support for this series. Honestly I’m really scared that I’ll lose inspiration and motivation to write this story, so I’m trying to churn out a new chapter every few days. Hope you guys enjoy this! Do like and reblog (here’s me being desperate)

Summary:  You and Harrison share the same group of friends, but somehow you can’t stand each other. All of your friends wonder how long it’ll take for you two to get along, or maybe even fall in love.

Word Count: 1, 311

Pairing: Harrison Osterfield x reader

Warnings: swearing, Asshole!Osterfield

Masterlist | Mini Masterlist

Part 1 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7

Three years later

You sat down in the chair by your desk, facing the wall in front of it. The pictures on the wall seemed to stare back at you, memories pouring out of them. Your eyes drifted to a picture of your boyfriend, now ex boyfriend. You frowned. The sound of paper ripping echoed in your room as you tore apart the pictures of him. You scanned the wall for any pictures of him, ready to get rid of them.

You spotted a picture of you, your boyfriend, Tom and Harrison at a party. Harrison was frowning. You remembered that party. A fight broke out between your boyfriend and Harrison. It took you and Tom ages to break that fight up. You never knew that that fight was about, probably a disagreement. Harrison never liked your boyfriend. He always had something to point out about him. Flaws, his actions, all the little things that your boyfriend did seemed to bother him. Even his presences seemed to put Harrison off.

“Finally. He’s gone.” Harrison sighed as he plopped down in the couch. Your boyfriend just left your apartment, in which you shared with Harrison and Tom.

“Why do you dislike him so much?” You fired back, looking at him for answers. Was your boyfriend that bad?

“He’s such a dickhead. He cheated on his previous girlfriend you know…”

“And you cheated on my sister.” You said flatly.

“At least I learnt my lesson. At least I’m a decent human being.” Harrison spat. “All he does it flirt with girls when you’re not around. He’s terrible! Why can’t you see that? What do you even see in him?”

“I see a caring, charming and supportive man. He’s a decent human being. Unlike you.” You said in disgust. “Why? Are you jealous? That he’s getting all of my love?” You smirked at Harrison.

“God. Why would I need love from such a desperate and pathetic girl? I’m pretty sure no one wants love from you. Your boyfriend is just your charity case.” He rolled his eyes.

The words pricked your heart. Pathetic? Desperate? Charity case? How could he? You were not a charity case. You were annoyed, and your pms made annoyed you even more. Anger bubbled inside of you as you thought of a comeback, or any statement. You had no words. You were at the end of your rope. You were mad. So so mad at him. You grabbed your keys and wallet. You needed to think.

You sat in the booth of your favourite diner, sipping a chocolate milkshake. You needed some chocolate to soothe your nerves and to satisfy your cravings. You though about what Harrison said. Would your boyfriend cheat on you? Does he flirt with other girls? Was he really what Harrison had described?

You wanted to text your boyfriend so badly, but he was on the way to the airport for a flight. You sighed. Megan? No, she’s at her parents place. Harry? No, he’s filming overseas. Sam.

You picked up your phone and was about to text Sam Holland. Suddenly, a strong grip pulled you up, dragging you out of the your seat. You looked up at the person who was dragging you. Harrison Osterfield.

“Let go of me!” You struggled. Why was he here?

He remained silent as he pulled you out of the diner. It was pouring.

“What were you thinking?” He grabbed your shoulders, shaking you, as if he was trying to shake you into reality. The rain pelted down onto you, soaking your whole body. Not a bit of skin was left untouched by the rain.

“Y/N! What were you thinking? You could’ve gotten hurt! It’s late.”

You stared into his striking blue eyes. They searched you for an answer, a reply, something that could put his worry at peace. You shrugged.

“I needed to think. Calm my nerves. I don’t know. Why do you even care?” You hissed.

“Because…” he searched for words.

“Because what? You need to ship me off to my charity case boyfriend so I can leave you alone?” You snarled.

“Gosh damn it! It’s because I car-” He started, but was interrupted by Tom.

“Nice one Haz! You found her!” Tom handed you and umbrella. “Let’s head home shall we?”

You stared at the picture. You’ve wondered about what Harrison was about to say. You tried to get him to say it, but he always brushed you off when you asked.

You jumped when you heard the sound of keys rattling. They were home. Tom and Harrison had been away for the past eight months. They were on a press tour for Spiderman: Homecoming and filming for Chaos Walking.

You walked to the front door, ready to welcome them back. Your eyes lit up when you saw your contraption that you had set up earlier.

“Thank God we’re back. I’m so tired. I want to mu-” Tom said as he walked in. He stopped when pink slime trickled down his face.

“What the fuck is this?” He asked, looking at you.

“Surprise?” You smiled cheekily.

Tom rolled his eyes and walked past you, bumping into you in the process. You frowned. What’s up with him?

“He’s not in the best mood. Paparazzi went way out of the line today.” Harrison said as he walked in with his luggage.

“I guess I should start cooking dinner.” You said sheepishly.

You stir fried minced meat, you chopped garlic and onion. You were cooking pasta, their favourite. You were stirring the sauce when suddenly, sauce started splattering, and a large amount of it got onto your shirt.

Tom was probably still mad, so you called for Harrison to get you another shirt. He passed you the shirt and took over cooking. You slipped off the dirty shirt and put on the clean one while his back was turned.

You stood next to him, wanting to take over. He refused to let you take the spatula from him, because he wanted to learn how to cook. You looked at his face, his blue eyes focusing on the pan.

“Oh my gosh Haz! You ruined it!”

Harrison looked at you, colour draining from his. He realised that all of your hard work had gone to waste.

“I’m so sorry… I could help you make another one.”

“I’m kidding. You’re doing great!”

He nudged you playfully, causing a giggle to escape your lips. You

“That was the first time you ever called me Haz.” He stated. He was right. It was. You never called him Haz. Always ‘Harrison’ or ‘HARRISON OSTERFIELD’ or even ‘HARRISON FUCKING OSTERFIELD’. You flashed a small smile and put your attention on your dinner.

“Be careful! Don’t burn it!” You pointed out.

“Y/N don’t worry… it’ll be fine.” Harrison smirked. “Don’t try to change the topic ya?” You looked down again. You didn’t know what to say.

“You know… We’ve changed. We’re both more mature now. I’m sorry for what I’ve done in the past. It was stupid. Forgive me.” He looks at you, warmth is in his eyes. He seemed genuine. He looked like he really wanted to be forgiven, unlike before when his apologies were empty.

“I know you may not be ready to forgive me. So I’m offering you a deal. Let’s be friends. For one month. We treat each other like friends. It’ll be a trial, so after a month, you can choose if you want to continue disliking me or we can officially become friends.” He offers as he scoops the sauce into the bowls.

What an offer. You furrowed your brows as you weighed the offer. Pros and cons. There weren’t many cons to be honest, it wasn’t like you disliking him would create some distance that could potentially ruin the whole sharing an apartment thing. Right?

“So what do you say?”

“You have yourself a deal Osterfield.”

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Thinking Out loud/Peter Pan Smut

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Most of these are taken from my Wattpad account! (Twtrash01)

Send me requests for the following Fandoms: Teenwolf, Vampire Diaries, Dolantwins, OUAT(Peter Pan, Robbie Kay, Supernatural, Suicide Squad, The 100. Basically I’ll write for any fandom. I’ll write non-smut as well. Be specific in what you want! *I DON’T OWN ANY GIFS*

“Why aren’t you afraid?” The infamous Peter Pan asked me.

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Zach Dempsey #5

Request: Hey can I please have a Zach imagine where your family and Zach’s family are having dinner, your little brother and Zach’s little sister are best friends and Your little brother acting like a protective older brother even though he’s only 10 and Zach’s little sister teasing you guys. And just a really cute ending. Thanks xxx

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But nonetheless, please give me feedback on the imagines and help a girl out here! Xx

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Zach and I have known each other for quite a while now.
Considering my little brother Sean and his sister May have been friends ever since they went to kindergarten together.
That again lead our parents to befriend her parents and soon, a new tradition was established:
Wednesday evening dinner dates.
Zach and I were forced to attend from the first time on and it was awkward, to say at least.

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The first time I saw Haru-chan swimming, it was early in my elementary school years, but I thought “there’s a mermaid at that swimming club!” Haru-chan’s swimming form was that beautiful. So much so that even my elementary school self could tell. It was just like I was watching a mermaid from a foreign animation swim freely in the ocean.
That day, I was so excited that when I got home I reported it to my sister.
“There was a boy who swims like a mermaid at the swimming club!”
My sister looked down at me with cold eyes and said,
“Nagisa, you’re so stupid. A Mermaid is just what what they call a female merperson.”
She said it with such a pompous air.
“Then what is a boy merperson called?”
I asked, but my sister couldn’t think of the word at that time.
“See even you don’t know, do you, sis……?”
I said to my sister to make fun of her in return, and looked back at her with cold eyes.

Probably because she felt bad about it, it seems the next day, my sister looked it up in a dictionary, and then came up to me and said pridefully, “a male merperson is called a merman.” But I thought merman was a weird word. ‘Mermaid’ obviously suited Haru-chan better. Besides, I felt like it didn’t matter if Haru-chan was male or female. Haru-chan was Haru-chan and whether he was a boy or a girl, he was a mermaid.

That Haru-chan is in front of me now.
He’s holding a carving knife in his hand, and is silently carving an Iwatobi-chan, the mascot character of Iwatobi City. In the fairy tale, in order to stand on land, the mermaid’s voice was stolen in exchange for legs. Haru-chan never talked that much, but since he became a high schooler, it’s like he stopped talking completely.
His personality is probably a little different from before too. I guess you could say he’s become more silly. I mean, I don’t think that elementary school Haru-chan would have carved dozens of special favor Iwatobi-chan prizes for new club members. But honestly that doesn’t matter. It’s a really small change. Haru-chan is Haru-chan. What’s inside Haru-chan hasn’t changed at all. I love Haru-chan whether it’s the one from before or now.
I smiled while watching Haru-chan silently carve the Iwatobi-chan figures, when Mako-chan showed up late.
“Sorry, sorry. You’re both already here, huh?”

Jughead & Reader: I Need You

Summary: Jughead told you he couldn’t be with you anymore and he seemed to have left for good. But some time alone changed his mind when his father was taken to jail.

Listen to: Transatlanticism - Death Cab for Cutie

Jughead Jones, the once misunderstood, soft-spoken loner who buried his nose in books, fought for his family and friends, was standing before you a broken, inconsolable mess. He was just a boy but now he looked as if he had lived ten years more. The bags under his eyes were dark and heavy, accenting the paleness of his skin as tears rolled down his cheeks. His chin was trembling, his eyes were red, and his voice was breaking. 

“She doesn’t want me,” he said. 

Staring back at a guy who looked almost like a stranger to you, you sighed heavily. “Who doesn’t want you?”

“My mom,” he said as he wiped the tears from under his eyes, not looking in your direction. He was almost too shy to look you in the eyes as he was at his most vulnerable. But Jughead had been your boyfriend for almost a year and he was your best friend for six years. Seeing him hurt and upset was nothing new, as unfortunate as it was. 

“Jughead,” you whispered as you reached over and put your hand on his. He pulled his hand away from your touch and you sighed. “That’s not true.”

He stood up and started pacing your room with his hands gripping his hair. “I called her and told her I wanted to come and see her. She told me not to come. She said I would just get in the way.”

“She doesn’t mean-” You tried to spin the story a little to shed some light on his mother’s possible situation but he snapped when you tried to defend her.

“Don’t tell me what she means!” He yelled. “I was just on the phone with her. She said she doesn’t want me. My mom doesn’t want me, my dad is in jail for murdering Jason and I’m all alone again!” 

You stood up. “You’re not alone, Jughead. You have me,” you told him. 

He shook his head. “I’m a fucking failure. Everything I touch, I ruin. I tried to stop my mom and sister from leaving, but they left. I tried to get my dad back on track, but he ended up killing a kid my age.” He looked at you as he cried. “He killed someone my age. It could have been me.”

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Fresh Start - Part 6

Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader

Featuring Cisco Ramon, Felicity Smoak, Oliver Queen and Thea Queen.

Words: 1412

Warnings: none

Tags: @onceuponateenpanwolfian@gothesimplethingsinlife @writingsofagirlintomanyfandoms  @kindfloweroflove @moonlightbae14 @jade-cheshire

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Notes: this one takes place in Star City so there will be no Reader-Barry moment but both of them are named of course! 

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PART 1  /  PART 2  /  PART 3  /  PART 4  /  PART 5  /  PART 7  /  PART 8  /  PART 9

That morning Barry tried to call you a thousand times and all of them he was sent to your voicemail. At the beginning he just tried to call you again, but then he started leaving messages, apologising over and over again for leaving you, trying to meet up with you again but you wouldn’t return his calls.

“What’s with you today man? You’re completely off” Cisco asked.

“It’s…” he sighed. “It’s this girl I met at the station” he shrugged looking at his best friend.

“(Y/N)?” He asked. Barry nodded as he leaned against the table. “What happened?”

“I was on a date with her last night when the robbery took place” Barry explained. “I…left her there alone and now she’s not returning my calls or my messages” he said.

“You’re screwed” Cisco chuckled, earning a serious look from his friend. “The second time you meet up with her and the second time you leave her alone. It’s not me talking. It’s the facts” he shrugged.

“I know” Barry sighed as he took his phone out and tried to call you again.

Once again, you didn’t pick up the phone but at least you sent him a quick message saying you were in Star City.

“She left” Barry frowned as he read the text message.

“What?” Cisco asked confused.

“She’s back at Star City” the speedster replied looking at Cisco. “Did I really mess it up that bad?” He frowned.

Cisco sighed looking at his friend, wishing he had an answer that would make him feel better. But he didn’t.

By the time you got to Star City, you went straight to the hospital, not wasting any time. Once you found out in which room your sister was you hurried upstairs to find Felicity waiting at the door.

“Felicity!” You exclaimed running over her.

“(Y/N) what are you doing here?” She asked surprised when she saw you.

“Oliver told me” you replied giving her a quick hug. “What happened? How is she?” You asked.

“She had a…car crash” Felicity frowned. “She will be fine but they had to perform a surgery due to an internal bleeding” she explained.

“Oh god, where’s Oliver?” You asked.

“In there with her, you can go as well” she said rubbing your arm.

“Thanks” you said.

Taking a deep breath, you opened the door of the room and walked in quietly. When you looked up, you almost started crying as you saw your sister unconscious on the bed, her hear bandaged and cuts and bruises all over her face and arm. Oliver was seated next to the bed but when he saw you, he got up and walked over you to hug you tight.

“What happened?” You asked hugging him back.

“Car crash” he whispered not letting you go. “Thanks for coming” he added finally pulling away.

“Nothing to thank for” you replied shaking your head before walking to the bed. “Oh my god, Thea…” you teared up. Seeing her up close was even worse.

“It’s not as bad as it looks” Oliver said behind you.

“That’s something I guess” you whispered taking her hand carefully. “Has she been unconscious the whole time?” You asked while Oliver sat down again.

“Yes” he nodded looking at her.

“But she will be ok, won’t she?” You asked.

“Of course” he replied looking at you. “She’s strong. You know she is” he added. With a gulp you nodded your head and looked down at her again.

You two stayed silent just looking at her. Her breathing was constant and her heartbeat was normal as well, but seeing her like this was too much for you. And your phone constantly buzzing with Barry’s calls and messages wasn’t helping at all. You weren’t in the mood to think about him and what he had done at the moment. Thea was more important.

“It looks like someone really wants to talk to you” Oliver commented when you took your phone out after it buzzed for the third time in ten minutes.

“Indeed” you sighed typing and quick text and turning off the phone.

“Who is it?” He asked curious.

“No one important” you replied. The last thing you needed was Oliver taking on his protective brother role.

Back in Central City, Barry felt so guilty. He knew what he had done was so wrong but he never thought you would take it so personally. Of course, he couldn’t blame you. You didn’t know a thing about his double life so for you, all he had done was leaving you alone. But what excuse could he say now? Work again? It wouldn’t work and you didn’t deserve it.

“What am I going to do?” Barry asked.

They were waiting for Caitlin to find out where Black Siren might be to help Gypsy. She had come to this world chasing her after the meta from Earth-2 killed the chief of the police department back in Gypsy’s earth. Meanwhile, Barry couldn’t keep his thoughts away from you.

“Don’t worry, those earbuds I built won’t be affected by the Siren cry” Cisco said.

“I meant about (Y/N)” Barry replied. “It’s not like a can tell her I’m The Flash but every time we’ve been out, something came up. What am I supposed to tell her?”

“I think right now you need to be focused on this, Barry” Cisco advised him. “(Y/N) will be back and you will be able to make it up for her. Right now…we have another problem” he said looking at the screen. Barry nodded and walked to stand next to him and look at the computer.

“You’re right. Sorry” he said looking at Cisco.

“No problem” he smiled and patted Barry’s back. “But she hit you hard huh” he added with a smirk.

“You have no idea” Barry sighed, not really understanding where all those feelings about you came from.

Somehow, Oliver had convinced you to go the cafeteria at the hospital to grab something to eat with Felicity. You didn’t really want to. All you wanted to do was being with Thea and being there when she woke up, but Oliver insisted and you didn’t really have the strength to argue with him.

So there you were, with a sandwich in front of you as you told Felicity about your few days in Central City.

“And who’s the guy?” She smiled.

“What?” You hadn’t said anything about Barry so it kind of confused you that she asked.

“Since you turned on your phone, that thing hasn’t stopped buzzing. I don’t think a friend would be that interested on reaching you. Plus, it says Barry on the screen” she said pointing at the phone.

“I hate you” you laughed putting the phone away. “It’s nothing. He was helping me with an article I had to write” you shrugged. “Then we went on a date and he literally left me there alone so I’m not returning his calls”

“He left?” She frowned.

“Yep” you chuckled. “He got a phone call, went out to talk and never came back in” you shrugged. “Don’t tell Oliver, please. He would freak out if he knew that there is a guy around” you asked her.

“Don’t worry about it. My lips are sealed” she winked at you.

“Thank you” you smiled at her. “You will always be my favourite Oliver’s ex-girlfriend” you smirked.

“Shut up” she laughed.

Your phone buzzed again but you didn’t even look at it since you supposed it was Barry but since it didn’t stop you looked at it and got up. It was Oliver. Thea was awake. Felicity and you hurried upstairs without even finishing your food.

“Thea, thanks god” you said when you walked into the room and saw your sister awake.

“(Y/N) what are you doing here?” She frowned.

“Oliver told me. I wasn’t going to stay at Central City knowing you were here” you told her.

“Oliver’s an idiot” she sighed taking your hand. “But I’m glad you’re here” she smiled a little at you.

“I’m here” Oliver said.

“I know. Still an idiot” Thea smirked making you laugh.

“I’m so glad you’re ok” you sighed squeezing her hand.

“I’m a Queen, of course I am” she winked at you. “But really, you didn’t have to come all the way here” she repeated.

“I’m here and there is nothing you can do to change it” you shrugged.

“You’re so stubborn” she sighed.

“I’m a Queen, of course I am” you smirked.

“Fuck you” she laughed making you laugh as well.

After a while the doctors came in to check on your sister so the rest of you were told to wait outside. Felicity said she had to take care of a few things and, after saying she would be back later, she left, leaving you and Oliver alone.

“How are you?” He asked after you took a seat.

“Better now” you smiled at your brother while he sit next to you. “I’m just happy she’s ok” you added with a shrug.

“Me too” he nodded after letting out a huge breath. “I’m also glad you’re here. We miss you, you know?” he said looking at you.

“And I miss you too. Every single day” you smiled at him.

“How’s college?” He asked leaning against the seat.

“Really interesting!” You told him with a big smile. “I love most of my classes and people is really nice and helpful” you said.

“I’m glad you like it” he smiled. “But I still miss you” he said making you laugh.

“You can visit anytime you want” you shrugged.

“Believe me, I will. Specially to find out who’s that guy that won’t stop calling you” he said pointing at the buzzing phone in your hand.

“Stop that” you laughed throwing the phone in your bag.

You’re Not My Brother Pt. 2

(gifs are not mine)

PAIRING: Dean x sister!reader, Sam x sister!reader, John x daughter!reader


CHARACTERS: Reader, Dean, Sam, John

WARNINGS: None, i guess. 

A/N: So, as a few people asked me for a second part, here it is. In case you diddn’t read the first part and you want to catch up, here is Part 1. As always, thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy it. Feedback is gladly welcome and thank you for all those lovey comments you left last time.

Also, the italics part is a throwback to the first part.


I stared at the door, trying to digest I was coming back to my old life, the life I had decided to run away from and leave behind. I breathed in and out and then finally knocked the door twice. From the other side of the door I heard a grumble and the sound of lazy feet rubbing the wooded floor.

The lock clicked and the door slowly opened. John Winchester, my dad, was behind it.

On my way from Sonny’s to the motel I had wished the one who would have open the door was Y/N, I imagined her jumping to my arms and embracing me in one of her warm hugs, truth was I knew deep down she wasn’t going to answer the door, deep down I knew dad was going to be the first one to see me when I return.

Not a word came out of my dad’s mouth until I was in. “It was about damn time, kid.” He told me as giving a rough clap on my back.

My eyes searched through the motel room, mostly trying to find my brother and sister, but for my big surprise and relief, they weren’t there.

“They went to buy breakfast,.” John said, he sat on a chair and analyzed at me. “In the meantime, why don’t you tell what made you come back.”


“Okay, just one more.” you told Sam. He had been telling bad jokes since you went for breakfast and even though you didn’t wanted him to stop, you were almost in front of the room and dad didn’t like noise, especially when the noise was a laugh.

“Why are ghosts bad at lying?” He started.

“Why are they bad at lying?” I asked.

“Because you can see right through them.” He said and you both laughted.

You opened the door still laughing, not caring what your dad may say. Sam’s laughter stopped as we stepped into the room and so did yours. Was that…

“Dean?” Sam whispered.


Neither Y/N nor Sam seemed happy when they noticed I had returned.

Sam was shocked and silent and Y/N, she was the one who made me feel like crap, her look was tough and somehow it still managed to be sad and hurt, she had only looked at me once and since then her sight had been nailed to the floor.

John had informed me before that both had been pretty upset after Y/N came back without me, they had been silent and off and just about two weeks ago, they had finally found a way to get over me and keep on with their lives.

Knowing that the whole thing was because of me should had made their hate be a lot easier to handle, but it wasn’t, in fact, it made it a lot harder. I had failed and hurt them, two things I promised I would never do, I had broken the promise I had once made when they were younger about never leaving them and always protect them.

“Hi.” I shyly initiate, afraid I could say the wrong thing.

Sam and Y/N stood quiet, making the room fall into a heavy silence.

John cleared his throat and then spoke. “As you may see, Dean has come back as I told you he would and I hope you make him feel welcome to the family again.”

Only then Y/N’s sight left the floor.


He had to be kidding you, he had left you and now he was welcome into the family as if nothing had happened? The whole thing was so unfair, you had finally found the way to live without him and then he comes back again out of nowhere. Wanting you to pretend as if everything was alright and play the happily messed up family you were again.

The same anger you felt when you asked John about your brother all those months ago, came back. The difference was that now you were not just mad at your dad, but your brother too.

“Why should I?” you asked.

John’s sight lands on you and you can feel Dean’s impressed look over you. “I see that flash of bravery has come back to you, is it going to be this way now?”

“I want to know why he has been accepted so fast in.” you claimed, trying to expose your point of view to your brothers and father.

“Repeat it.”

“I want to know why he has been accepted so fast in.”

“Repeat my saying.” He made himself clearer.

“Which one?” you dared to ask even though you already knew what he was talking about.

John looked at you expectantly.

You sighed “Saving people, hunting things… the family business.”

“The family business.” He smiled proudly at you and then asked. “And Dean is…?”

“A traitor.”


Her words hit me like a train, I knew she hated me but not that she hated me that much. I barely passed the nod formed on my throat, as attempting to erase the tears from my eyes.

“Y/N.” Sam, who had been silent all this time, spoke.

“I’m telling the truth and you all know it, even him.” She said as looking and pointing at me with her index finger. “You should go back to your happy apple pie life and that new family that you found, we don’t need you anymore.”

My sister tried to sound rude and mean, and though she accomplished it, she couldn’t completely hide her hurt of loss.

She was right, I didn’t deserve to come back to the family, not with what I had done.

“Don’t you see?” she angrily screamed at John. “He left us, family doesn’t leave you behind, family doesn’t try to forget you and abandons you, family sticks together. He’s not family.”

And with that she storms out of the room. Sam starts walking towards the door and I stop him with my hand. “I’ll go get her.”


You ran away from the room and to the place you had visited a couple of times to think over the last few weeks, which was a little park that was barely visited. You liked that place, you had always wondered why it was so lonely, it was peaceful and calm with a beautiful sight to tall trees and singing birds. Sometimes you would walk around, others you climbed a tree, others you just hanged out on the swings and other times you played with kids who visited your park.

You sat on one of the swings and took in your hands the cold chains in which they were hanging. While closing your eyes, you breathed in the soft air, the cold breeze caressed your face. The sound of the air hitting the trees made you feel safe. It was almost perfect, it practically made you forget everything, that’s what you loved most about that place, it was you and only you.

You let yourself be weak and cry. You had thought about Dean’s return a hundredth times and you had planned on many ways to tell him how you felt, but when you actually saw him, everything turned in a different way. It was shocking how much you still loved him after all he had done. All you could see was your brother, the man who had raised you and protected you from all evil.

Your thoughts were a mess, you couldn’t decide whether if Dean was bad or good. Yeah, he had eliminated all the things that hurt you, but he had hurt you too.

“I hadn’t seen you in a swing for years.”

As soon as you heard those words, your eyes rapidly opened.


It was cute to see her on a swing again at this age, she looked the same as when she was a little kid and I took her and Sammy to the park when dad wasn’t around.

She stared at me without saying a word. I could see that something was on her mind, probably it was something related to me and all the mess I had caused.

Carefully, I walked towards her and took the swing next to hers, her sight never followed me, it stood still in the place that they found me at first. My hands touched the chains of the swing, I had followed her with the intention of talking to her, but as I sat next to her, no words were enough to utter what I felt.

Silence was what followed, a big and large silence, not even the birds sang.

No more than three minutes passed when she began to stand up.

“Wait.” I told her “Where are you going?”

“I don’t know.” She said as shrugging and then she walked away.

“What?” I stood up from the swing and ran to catch up with her steps. Once I was by her side, I took her arm in my hand and pulled her to make her stop.

She angrily turned her head to me. “Did dad send you?”

My steps stopped, making Y/N turn around. She looked at me confused by my uncomfortable face. A silence followed.

“What?” she asked me.

I opened and closed my mouth several times before asking. “Did dad send you?”

She laughed. “No, he didn’t. He said you were lost or something like that, can you believe it? Cause I did not…”

“Then I’ll stay.” I said, interrupting her.

“No, he didn’t.” I whispered.

“So you do remember.” she said.

I uncomfortably scratched the back of my head and said. “I do remember, I remember everything and you have no idea how sorry I am.”

“You didn’t seem sorry that day.”


Dean told me why he came back. Monsters had followed him and he knew that while he was there, the bad would keep on coming. He told me how two little kids had almost die. At the end he killed the monster and nobody got hurt, but that was enough to make him take a step back and leave.

Dean stared at his hands and then back at you, he opened and closed his mouth several times after finishing telling you the story while tears began to slip down his face. You could tell he was having a hard time to figure out what to tell next.

You waited for your brother to tell something first but nothing came out of Dean’s lips. Not until he noticed you were looking at him.

“I’m sorry.” He finally spoke.

“You’ve already said that.” You reminded him.

“I mean it.”


“I do.” he assured you.

“I know.”

“No, you don’t.”

“I do know.” You whispered.

“Y/N, please.” He pleaded and you listened. “What I did… I don’t know if you could ever forgive me, I know what I did, I will face the consequences and try to make it up, but if you decide that you can’t trust me anymore, I will understand.”

“I forgive you.”

“Come on, Y/N/N, you haven’t.” he sadly said. “I haven’t even forgiven myself.”

“You should.”

“I left you and Sam alone.” His voice broke. “I’m selfish, I should’ve stayed, I should never have left you… I’m sorry.”

Dean was a mess of tears and sobs, so you did what he always did when you were like that, you surrounded his body with your arms in a hug.

You returned to the motel before the sun went down, both Sam and your dad were waiting for you inside.

Once you got in, John asked Dean to go with him and pick up dinner, to which Dean agreed. Your little brother and you were left alone in the room.

“What did he tell you?” Sam asked.

You explained to him why Dean had come back, that he had asked for your forgiveness and that he truly seemed sorry for what he did.

“Sammy?” you started. “Are you still up to apply to Stanford in a couple of years?”

He nodded.

The only way to make things right and fair with Dean was only if you and Sam did the exactly same thing that he did to you.

“Me too.” You said as smiling. “We should totally go.”

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That’s my girl (part2)

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

Plot: (Requested) part 2 of “That’s my girl“

Word Counting : 1094

Pairing : Theoxreader

Warnings : spoilers of s6 ep14-17 (I think)

Requested by: @lynnperkins32

part 1

It was late in the afternoon, and everybody had returned from their ‘missions’. Y/n finally met with her loving boyfriend, Theo. She didn’t tell anyone about the incident at the school. She was afraid of telling them because she didn’t want her friends to think of her as weak and not able to protect herself. That’s why she decided on an oversized hoodie which she stole from Theo. As Malia and Scott disappeared in her brother’s room, she took Theo to her room for some –alone time- with him.

While making out Theo caught the faint scent of blood and quickly stopped.

“Are you on your period?” He shyly asked her with a small smile “What??” she laughed because of the random question. “I smell blood” He added somewhat confused.

“Oh… It’s really nothing, I had a small accident, don’t worry about it” She made a pointless attempt to hide the truth from Theo

“C’mon…. you know better than lying to a werewolf” He said while kissing her neck and her jaw repeatedly.  

And he was right. She did knew better than that so she decided not to answer at all.

“Babe, you know you can tell me anything” He suddenly got solemn and looked at her eyes. “What truly happened?” But y/n wouldn’t open her mouth. She just stared down silently and he grabbed her arm to get her attention.”Y/n…” He said kindda irritated by her attitude while squishing gently her arm earning a muffled shriek from her. “What the…” He quickly looked at her arm and went to raise the sleeve of the hoodie

“No!!!! Stop!! It is nothing!! Theo!!” she panicked while her boyfriend tried to take a look at the damage.

Theo was fast and saw the bandage which was wrapped around her arm. “Do you want to explain this?” He asked a little upset that his girlfriend was keeping things from him.

“Not really” She said avoiding eye contact.

Theo sighed and took y/n in his arms hugging her tightly. “How did that happened?” He asked never once breaking the hug. “I promise I’ll try and be civil about it.” He said earning an laugh from y/n.

“Ok… It really is nothing, just some nutjobs at school… they were going around school ‘testing’ students to see if they well…. you know… supernatural” She said avoiding mentioning the names.

“What the … Are they for real?” He asked looking at her. “yep.” “Can I see?” He questioned his girlfriend and y/n hesitantly got her hoodie off to show him the cut. She started unwrapping the bandage and Theo took a closer look at the stitches. “Does it hurt?” he said observing the wound. “Not much… well not anymore” And that was all he needed to hear to bring his hand close to the cut and y/n saw black veins forming on her and his skin. And the pain vanished completely.

She looked in his eyes and smiled at him “You didn’t have to” She said and leaned in to kiss him which he gladly accepted. “Aaaanddd now… tell me….” He said between the kisses. “ Who is the fucker who hurt dared to touch you?”

“Theo… please… I don’t want any attention to be given to this“ She said pleadingly.  “Yeah, well, I don’t want any assholes hurting or harassing my girlfriend, but that didn’t happen, did it?”

“Theeeoooooo…” She said and went to kiss his cheek “can’t you forget about it?” She kissed his cheek repeatedly to get her way but Theo wasn’t having any of this. “Babe, even if you’d let me fuck you like, right now, there is no way in hell that I won’t make that moron pay” He said making y/n stop and look sincere in his eyes “Theo, stop thinking about it… really” “If you just tell me the name…” “Just forget it, for the love of god“ “I’m an atheist, remember?” “Theo, I’m serious! Don’t..” “The name” “Ok! That’s It!” y/n said pulling the hoodie over her head. “ If you don’t get over it, I promise you, I won’t sleep with you until you do”“Ok, look, I promise you not to do anything, I won’t hurt them and go after him. I just need to know who was he, so I can keep an eye on him, you know, just to be extra careful when they are around.”Theo said and y/n almost believed him, but either way, she was very tired to even care about Gabe’s life at that point. “Well…. It was Gabe”

“Wait, the same one who beat up Liam?” He asked

“Yes, that one, now do you want to keep talking about him or….” y/n said cheekily and went to kiss his neck

Theo smirked at her while he leaned her backwards, so he would be on top, and their heated make out session continued until they heard a knock on the door.

“Ok, ok that’s enough Reaken, get of off my sister” Scott said while entering into y/n’s room

“Scott…. I swear one day, I will hunt you down, and I will hurt you so bad, that even an alpha would need days to heal!” y/n said annoyed by her brother’s action


Everyone was planning their next move until suddenly Lydia screamed “Get Down!”

Shots were heard and lasers were seen through the window. Theo took y/n in his arms protecting her from the whole mess.

This went on for some time and after the shooting stopped and everything was silent again, Malia Scott got up to help their friends and family while Theo look over to y/n who groaned in pain.

“whoa whoa…… hey don’t move” He said when he watched a red wound at her waist.

“Theo…it hurts… uhhhh….. just tell me ….  Is it bad?” She said through greeted teeth while making a great effort not to scream.

“Babe.. look at me” He said not wanting her to worry “Look at me “ he whispered in her ear trying to calm her down.

“It’s ok, you’ll be ok… it’s just a scratch, a big scratch, from a bullet” he added observing the wound.

“Is everyone else ok?” She asked wanting to get her mind off the pain.

Theo for the first time after the shooting looked up and watched everyone either lying down in pain and covered in blood or, in the case of Scott and Malia, trying to help the others and call for an ambulance.

“Well?” y/n got a little worried because of Theo’s hesitation

“Y/n… they are hurt” He spoke again


It’s Complicated: Part Four

                                      “ITS COMPLICATED”

SUMMARY: Shorter than most, your frame had shown a curve much different than a Natasha Romanoff or Wanda Maximoff, glasses along your ears to match. Hired on as an assistant to the avengers - dealing mostly with the technology side, you werent keen on being surrounded by them. It wasnt until you realized, the moment you met Bucky Barnes - you knew your life was now going to become complicated, falling for a man you knew in your heart could never fall for a girl like you.

Notes: Ugh I just love writing these two. Let me know what you think! there’s some violence in here, cussing, and smut.

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It’s an Extraterrestrial Matter

Listen, this is a headcanon, it’s not fact, so don’t come at me if there are inaccuracies, it’s just how I feel Kara is as a character, okay, and of course I had to write it through Sanvers’ eyes. Enjoy! P.s. Sorry for any spelling and/or grammar mistakes!

“What’s the deal with your sister?" 

Alex looks to her right to see Maggie coming up beside her, leaning against the counter, the detective is staring straight forward, as Alex had been previously before, watching the scene, the family, in front of them, arguing and laughing over a game of scrabble that Alex had excused herself from only to get another glass of wine - and only after she had threatened the lives of her friends not to change any of the tiles or cheat… Alex took her scrabble very seriously. 

The agent frowns at her girlfriend and looks back out at the scene, Kara was flustered, laughing in her over top way that Alex had seen her do around James, a lot, but this time it was directed at something Lena Luthor had just said and the others were staring at Kara like she was insane. 

Alex chuckles a little and turns her back on the scene, focusing now on Maggie who turns her body towards Alex. "What do you mean?” Alex questions with confusion and Maggie looks at Kara briefly. 

“Listen, I know the whole gaydar thing isn’t a science-” Alex laughs at that and Maggie rolls her eyes. “I mean you definitely don’t have one-" 

Hey!“ Alex protests. So maybe she was a little oblivious when it came to that sort of thing - not that it really mattered since she had Maggie, she didn’t need anything else. ”You’re the one who read me wrong, remember?“ 

"Okay but that’s just because you started flirting with me all of a sudden.” Maggie retorts and Alex narrows her eyes. 

“I was not flirting, I was being a friend." 

"Right, and that worked out didn’t it Danvers?” Maggie was teasing her, of course she was, and, if it wasn’t for Maggie’s beautiful stupid grin, and her dimpled cheeks, and shining brown eyes, Alex would’ve teased her right back but she was just a little, well, a lot, distracted. 

“You kissed me.” Alex reminds her and Maggie crosses her arms and raises an eyebrow, her full blown smile falling into a smirk and god was it sexy. 

“You kissed me first.” Maggie responds and Alex blushes a little at the memory. She was so embarrassed by that day, still, despite it working out in a good way, the best way possible, but, still, it got her here, standing in Kara’s kitchen with her girlfriend, she still couldn’t believe it, she had a girlfriend

“You were asking about my sister,” Alex says, changing the subject, she’d let Maggie win that round but she wouldn’t win the next one. “I have to warn you though, if you’re about to say something bad against her, I wouldn’t.” Alex may like Maggie a lot, hell, maybe even love, but if she said something against Kara, if the pair hadn’t got along well, then Alex doesn’t even know what she would do. 

“No, no, I love little Danvers,” Maggie says dismissively and Alex chuckles at the nickname that Maggie has bestowed upon her little sister. “No, I mean, I just can’t get a read on her…” Maggie says thoughtfully and Alex knits her eyebrows together in confusion. 

“She’s clearly flirting with Lena, well, she’s being flirted with,” Alex turns to look at them again to see Kara fiddling nervously with her glasses while Lena just smiles and eyes her little sister. The agent narrows her eyes suspiciously at them, they were getting awfully close these past few weeks after Kara had saved Lena from a kryptonite explosion. “but your sister clearly likes her.” Alex tunes back into Maggie’s voice and turns away from the gathering for a moment. 

“But then she’s also had relationships with guys right? Like James… and that Adam dude you told me about,” Alex almost laughs at the concentration on Maggie’s face and raises one eyebrow and smiles in amusement; it was like she was trying to figure out some extreme math equation and not Alex’s little sister’s love life. “and I get the sense that she’s not straight, she clearly has something going on with James, and obviously Lena, I mean, that one is really obvious-" 

"Are you trying to figure out if my sister is straight or gay?” Alex interrupts Maggie’s thoughts and the detective presses her lips into a thin line and places her hands on her hips in exasperation. 

“No case left unsolved,” The detective states and Alex laughs at her girlfriend and Maggie rolls her eyes. Alex holds her stomach a little from all of her laughter, taking a deep breath to help replenish her oxygen supply, even her eyes were watering. “Fine, is she bi?” Maggie asks outwardly and Alex manages to gather herself, and takes a deep breath to compose herself, before responding. 

“Kind of,” Alex answers and Maggie turns her head to the side and a crease forms on her brow in confusion. “she came to Earth when she twelve." 

"So…?” Maggie asks, still not getting it, she shakes her head and Alex takes a step closer. 

So, Krypton wasn’t like Earth, it didn’t have gay, straight, bi, it was just, you meet someone you like, you mate them,” Alex explains with a shrug. “I mean, I’m sure some kryptonians did have preferences for some genders but, they were efficient guys up there, reproduction was done in like tubes, actually, Kal is the only naturally conceived kryptonian in centuries, but, on Krypton, they were just encouraged to marry whoever they fell in love with, and Kara grew up with that incentive.” Alex says and Maggie listens intently, clearly very invested in the details - and she calls Alex a nerd. “Plus they were restricted to one baby per family and Kara’s DNA is really complicated, who knows if same sex couples could have biological babies, the Kryptonians were a really advanced species, plus, hello, aliens.” Maggie laughs at that and Alex smiles in response. 

“To answer your question, Kara’s kryptonian, she’ll choose her mate based on compatibility, on what she likes about them, not on gender, so I guess she’s pansexual, if you want to earthly brand her." 

"What did the Kryptonians class as being compatible?” Maggie asks curiously and Alex shrugs, they don’t know an awful lot about the kryptonians, only what Kara can remember, what Kal had learned from the fortress and the other pieces of information gathered from their pods. 

“Who knows? Probably intelligence, to them we’re like cave men who could only dream about being on their level.” Maggie smiles and leans in close to Alex, wrapping her arms around her waist and Alex smiles gazing down at her girlfriend. “But, you know, Kara also grew up with Earth’s social construct and, compared to Krypton, it’s pretty fucked up. So people automatically assume she’s straight, and I guess when I came out to her I reminded her of Krypton, about how being straight isn’t the only option." 

"Enter Lena right?” Maggie asks with amusement, because Alex is oblivious but she’s not that oblivious, and Alex laughs leaning her head forward to press it against Maggie’s. 

“Enter Lena Luthor.” She confirms - she did have the intelligence. 

They stand in silence for a moment, just enjoying one another’s company, Maggie can feel Alex’s thumbs gently stroking at the back of her neck and she’s more than willing, more than content, just to stand there and not move… but she has to ask something else, because she’s already opened the Krypton can of worms, she might as well go all the way. 

“So Mike,” Maggie says and Alex’s eyes flutter open, momentarily distracting Maggie, and she pauses when she feels Alex’s thumbs stop stroking and she almost whines for her to continue. “He’s from decks- dacks- Daxam?” Maggie’s face scrunches up adorably and Alex grins at her fumble with the planet’s name. 

“Yeah,” Alex responds. “same social construct as Krypton, except, maybe a little looser on its morals, party central according to Kara." 

"So that’s why James calls Mon-El frat boy.” Maggie chuckles and Alex nods. She’d noticed that James and Maggie had been getting along quite well recently and she loved that her friends seemed to love Maggie, a lot, because they were her family and they were all important to her. 

“Yep, but it was colonized by Krypton way back when, before they left the planet to itself, but, you know, the whole be with who you want to be with thing was still pretty strong, hell, according to Mon-El they even had polyamorous relationships.” Alex explains and Maggie nods her head in understanding. 

“So you totally pick up on the whole Winn and Mon-El thing too right?” Maggie asks and Alex laughs out loud this time, nodding her head repeatedly, because of course she picked up on that - Winn was the least subtle person she knew, he was even worse than Kara. “I’d like to hear more about Krypton, it sounds fascinating.” Maggie admits and Alex smiles softly. 

“I’m sure Kara would tell you some stories,” Alex says. “she likes to keep the memory of Krypton alive in her head, so she doesn’t forget it, she’d be more than happy to talk to you about it.” Alex says and Maggie nods her head, she might just have to ask the blonde about the planet. 

“Oh snap!” Alex’s head peers over Maggie as she hears Winn’s excited yell. 

“Alex! Lena just beat your score!” Kara shouts and Alex narrows her eyes. 

“Oh hell no.” Alex mutters and Maggie chuckles, placing a kiss to Alex’s cheek, she turns her around and past her butt towards the living room where the game of scrabble was commencing. 

“You’re going down Luthor!” Alex says and Maggie shakes her head at how competitive Alex was especially when it came to scrabble. 

“That’s not the first time I’ve heard that before.” Lena says with a smirk and Maggie’s eyes widen while Kara, who was beside her, starts blushing to a blood red, almost like she might explode. 

Kara Zor-El of Krypton was such a prude.

ACOMAF Part 2.2 The House of Wind: Chapters 28-40 (Rhys POV)

Part 1 The House of Beasts: Chapters 1-13
Part 2.1 The House of Wind: Chapters 14-27

Chapter 28: Rhys Interrogates the Attor and Feyre Asks Him Out After
Chapter 29: Rhys Takes Feyre Out with the Squad & She Hears the Music
Chapter 30: Feyre Trains with Cassian
Chapters 31-32: Arriving in the Summer Court
Chapters 33-34: Party on Tarquin’s Boat; Rhys Gets Jealous
Chapters 35-37: Feyre, Rhys, & Amren Steal the Book from Tarquin
Chapter 38: Rhys Receives the Blood Rubies and Has a Nightmare
Chapters 39-40: The Queen’s First Visit

Chapters 28-40 of ACOMAF, from Rhys’s POV, all linked to AO3 above. Chapter 28 is also here below the cut. Hope you enjoy!

@kitashiwrites Thank you, Kate, as always for being the best beta ever. This would not be happening without you. (None of my fics would, let’s be real here.) <3

Chapter 28

Summary: Rhys comes back frustrated from how things ended with Feyre while visiting her sisters, and receives even more bad news when Azriel gleans new information out of the Attor. But Feyre isn’t quite as heated when Rhys returns home to the townhouse and even manages to surprise him a little bit with her first real night out in Velaris.

Are You All Talk

I winnowed directly from the townhouse in Velaris after dropping Feyre off. I hadn’t even said goodbye to her.

Azriel was waiting.

And so was Cassian, who greeted me deep below the mountains of the Hewn City. So far down in dingy cells and chambers, the only sound heard for miles were the screams Azriel elicited every so often from the Attor under Truth-Teller’s sharp blade.

Feyre could wait. She’d remained icy all through breakfast - and so be it. Right now, this took precedence.


Cassian picked up the pace beside me as we met in the hall and walked to the prison room. It wasn’t a bar cell like the one Feyre had stayed in, but it gave me a shudder of remembrance all the same. I hadn’t been down here in… a while.

“Fifteen minutes before he told us a task force sent from Hybern had infiltrated our northernmost border,” Cassian informed me, his face a hard line. Still wet drops of silvery blood speckled the gauntlets over his leathers. “Five minutes before he admitted to closing in on Illyrian territory with a few other choice beasts.”

Only five minutes.

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No Pictures (G Dragon x Reader)

P.S This was requested by an anon. This came out soooooo long, but I love it and I hope you do. Enjoy!


Jiyong always wanted to have a family, settle down and have kids with a good woman. It was like his dream, he had all those blessings but he didn’t really feel complete without that. He felt like something was missing.

He met you while he was staying at a hotel in USA. He was there for a concert, you were there because you were visiting your family, but your sisters were staying over at the house with their husbands and kids, you were used to being alone and having your own place and privacy so you stayed at a hotel. He saw you at the hotel’s gym, it was past midnight and he liked to go when it was empty, like you. You were a night owl and the different time zones were kicking your butt. When he walked in you were sitting down, wiping your face with a towel, when you stopped he finally could look at your face, you looked beautiful to him. You had those big almond shaped eyes, the big eyebrows and cheeks but you weren’t completely round, you had faded cheekbones, your big nose and those puffy lips. You were unsually beautiful, you weren’t the cutie with the button nose, you were stronger, he could tell by the way you looked at him, you were full of stregnth.

You knew who he was. You lived in Korea for a long time, everyone knew him and his band.You tried to ignore him and focus on your work out but his eyes never really left you, he took in every bit of information. How you put more pressure to your left leg that the right, porbably cause of an injury, how you whispered the number you were at a set when it started to get difficult.


He saw you again. You were walking out of your room, it was at the same haul with his, you smiled at him, a kind and wonderfull smile.


“Anyohaseyo (hello)”

You said back. he looked at you like an alien, it made you let out a giggle. A lot of people were very suprised that you spoke korean,  you grew up in an area that had a lot of asian immigrants, so since you were a toddler you hanged out with people of all ethnicities. You didn’t mind though, it gave you an open mind and free acess to delicious food.

“You speak korean?”

“I live in korea”

You replied. That brought a bigger smile on his face, if you lived in Korea that meant it was easier to come closer to you.


“Yes, I’m a kindergarden teacher”

That was even better. it showed to him how much you loved kids, which was true you always liked playing with kids, they were so innocent and pure.

“That’s amazing. So why are you here?”

“Family reunion, let me guess, you are here for a concert”

You said. he nodded as he let you walk in first at the elevator.

“Are you coming?”

“No, got better things to do”

You teased. He liked that, you were feisty he preffered women that had a bit of an attitude, it showed that they could stand up for themselfs

“Well then I guess I have to find another way to see you again”

During your dating they were a lot of things you both had to get over, plenty of times you tried to break up and take seperate ways, but you always ended up together,you were like magnets, no matter how far you went you would end up together.

Your relationship went through a lot. Having to hide it from the public, then a scandal came out that exposed you, which meant you basically had no privacy, the hate, the media talking trash. Jiyong didn’t know how you managed through it, you stood there stronger than ever, with your head held high and the fire in your eyes. He knew that there was no other woman like you, no one was as strong, as loving, as caring, as patient as you. That’s why one random night, when you layed next to him, he opened the drawer and took out a small box, he opened it and brought it in front of you, an amazing ring in it, that made your jaw drop to the ground and your eyes go wide.

“(Y/F/N) you are the woman of my dreams, no matter what we went through you turned the other cheek and stood tall, dancing your way through the fire. Will you marry me?”

You couldn’t speak, you just hugged him and kissed his lips, as the tears welled up in your eyes, it was the first time he ever saw you cry. He slowly placed the ring on your finger, admiring it.

“I love you”


The wedding was extravegant. Jiyong wanted this to be the most amzing wedding anyone ever saw, something that would shut the media, no one could say anything, it was perfect. Your beautiful mermaid dress, with a long veil that your two nieces held as you walked down the aisle. You got married in America, since you wanted it to be next to the beach, the sun was setting as you walked down the aisle, with a big smile and your dad by your side. Everyone you loved was there, supporting you and smilling to you, Jiyong teared up just by looking at you. No one could deny that you were the perfect couple, they could feel how much you loved eachother.

Your little boy quickly after. Jiyong wanted to have a kid as soon as possible, when you told him the knew he was happier than ever. He was with you through everything, he helped you at every single thing. He still could remember the feeling when he got the little boy in his arms, while you layed on the hospital bed asleep. The little man had his eyes closed, his tiny hands into fists, he was so tiny and innocent, he was the result of your love, a perfect combination of you and him. He let the tears run down as he promised to never let someone hurt him or you

Of course one kid wasn’t enough. When chanwoo turned one, you and Jiyong started trying for another one. A little girl this time came to your life, she was mesmerizing, Jiyong wanted to protect her through everything, from an injury to a heartbreak. Chanwoo fell in love with his little sister, even when she started crying at night, he was the first one to go to her room and slowly rock her bed, trying to calm her down, he wouldn’t go to bed until she went back to sleep. Little Areum had everyone protecting her

But of course the media weren’t as understanding. You tried to avoid public appearances with the kids, they were too small and innocent. You were very protective over them, no one could hurt them, you wouldn’t care who they were or what could they do, you would do anything for your kids.

The couldn’t stay in the house all the time. Jiyong had just come back from a tour and wanted to treat you all, Chanwoo loved to go to the park, and Jiyong wanted to take you out for some fresh air, you loved your kids but you were tired, he knew he had to do something to relax you.

At first no one paid attention to you. Chan woo runned around happily with Jiyong, while you played with 8 month old Areum who just started crawling. You started noticing a few paps, you quickly got up with Areum in your arms, going to Jiyong

“Baby, paps are here”

He turned and saw them. He huffed and looked back at you, he wasn’t going to let them win

“They will take a few pictures and then leave, we are not ruining our day because of them”

He reassured you, giving you a small peck on the lips, before your son looked at you and said ‘ew’ making you laugh. You decided to make the kids eat, Areum had just stopped breastfeeding, Jiyong fed her with her bottle, while you helped little Chanwoo eat.

The paps were getting more and more, they were starting to get closer and screaming. You started getting anxious, you didn’t want them to get near your children.

“Jiyong let’s just go”

You said. You weren’t taking no for an answer, when they saw you packing up they started yelling and getting even closer. Jiyong held little Areum in his arms, while you held Chanwoo’s arm

“(Y/N) did you lost the baby weight?”

“Are you having more kids?”

“Show us their faces”

The voices were demanding. Areum got scared and staryed crying, you were getting mad, as jiyong bounced her and gave her kisses trying to calm her down. Not only you got mad, but also Chanwoo was furious, a pap that got too close was met with an angry toddler, that pushed him back with all his power

“Leave, no pictures! my sister’s sad!”

He yelled. He was adorable, you got him up in your arms, trying to get to the car, but he just kept talking

“Bad people, I hate you! my sister is scared. I said no pictures”

You kissed your son’s head. When Areum was born you were scared he would get jealous, but no he was the happiest kid alive. He loved his little sister and protected her. He even made Jiyong look all over the room to make sure no monsters were there to scare her.

“Stop it!”

He said, while you got in the car. He went close to his sister who was slowly calming down and slowly pet her head, smilling at her

“It’s okay, don’t cry. We love you”

He said to her. You looked at them, feeling your eyes burn, seeing your little man loving his sister so much was so adorable and so rewarding, you did something right.

“No crying, they are gone”

he said and kissed her cheek. The little girl stopped crying and smiled at her older brother, you hugged your son and gave him a kiss

“You are such a good boy”

“They are bad people”

He said, reffering to the paps. You and Jiyong giggled at his adorable pout

“They are, but they won’t hurt you”

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anonymous asked:

With all of these spoiler pictures could you write a drabble about Jughead running out of the dance with Archie, Betty and Veronica following him please? Ps loved your first piece and hope you can write some more soon!

It was time. 

Betty and Jughead had collectively decided that they would tell their friends about their newfound relationship after the school dance. They knew coming out in front of the whole of Riverdale High would go disastrously wrong so they had concluded that Pop’s would be the ideal location. There would be no Cheryl Blossom, no gossiping jocks; just the people that mattered. They would all go for their customary post-dance milkshakes and then Jughead would reach for Betty’s hand and they’d tell everybody together.

However, like most situations in life, things did not go to plan.

The dance was in full swing and Jughead watched from afar as Archie approached Betty. As always, he was dressed to the nines in a tux and dress shoe ensemble that Jughead knew cost more than his annual salary at the Drive-In. And, to match Archie’s perfect façade, was Jughead’s girlfriend, Betty Cooper. Her petite frame was adorned in a silver silk that looked just as soft as her skin. Her blonde hair was swept to one side and she looked down at her shoes as Archie spoke into her ear. Despite not being able to hear much over the load music, Jughead could hear strings of Betty’s usual chatter and the melodic sound of her laughter.

Quickly yet surely, jealousy sprouted through Jughead’s veins. He knew, for a fact, that a guy like Archie was better for Betty than he was. Archie was the all-rounder – the guy that everybody adored. He was funny and friendly and talented and smart; in the long run, Archie could give Betty the world. Jughead knew that Betty liked him and he knew they had a good thing going but, for how long? Betty was a social butterfly, the world was her oyster, whereas Jughead was comfortable skating through life unnoticed. He wasn’t right for her, at least not on paper. Jughead watched as Archie escorted Betty onto the dance floor, the two rocking their bodies left and right to the sound of Josie and the Pussycats’ new disco number. Their smiles and their goofy moves was enough to make Jughead feel belittled.

Before he could even register what he was doing, Jughead was making his way to the exit, a mixture of sadness, anger and jealousy pasted across his facial features. As he rushed out of the high school and gymnasium and into the fresh air, Jughead felt a weight lift off his shoulders. He took a seat on the steps leading to the school building, his head falling to his knees as realisation hit him – he wasn’t good for a girl like Betty Cooper. Jughead’s heart began to race at an impossibly fast level; his hands growing clammy at the thought of never kissing her or holding her again. As the thoughts dawned on him, he heard footsteps following him from behind. The clatter of heels and leather dress shoes had him turning around with a look that embodied his current emotions – a scowl.

“Juggie,” An out of breath Betty huffed. Jughead couldn’t help but admire how beautiful she looked with her pink-tinged skin and her big doe eyes. “What’s the matter?” Betty stepped closer to him, a light doubt settling within her. She had
seen him watching her from the corner of her eye and she couldn’t help but jump to the conclusion that Jughead had run out after seeing her and Archie together.

“Nothing, head back inside, you guys enjoy your night.” Jughead shook her off and smiled at Archie, Veronica and Kevin who were stood, confused, in the hallway. He didn’t want to have this conversation, not no. He wanted Betty to enjoy her dance and he wanted to make this experience memorable, for her sake. He didn’t want to be the reason for causing any conflict or drama, not tonight.

“No, I want to talk about-“

“Bets, don’t let me ruin your night, honestly.” As Veronica, Kevin and Archie watched, they noticed an underlying tone to the conversation that they didn’t understand. Jughead looked a little too upset and Betty seemed a little too worried about it.

“Juggie, I’m not leaving until you tell me what’s wrong.” Betty folded her arms against her chest firmly, standing her ground. Jughead waited in silence, testing to see if she’d fold under his intensive stare.

She didn’t.

Jughead wrapped his fingers around her arm, pulling her closer to him so their conversation couldn’t be overheard by their friends. The two couldn’t help but feel the sparks that ignited within them at the mere proximity of each other.

“Betty, I see the way you two are together, you’re perfect-“ Betty opened her mouth to interject but Jughead cut her off instantly. Her mouth closed quickly like that of a fish out of water. “Archie’s good for you; unlike me, he can make you happy, give you everything-“

“What?” Betty, unlike Jughead, wasn’t interested in keeping her voice down. Her voice had startled the others and they descended further out into the dark of the night to see what was causing Betty and Jughead to bicker. “Me and Archie? Where is all of this coming from, Jug?” Jughead piped in but, like he had done earlier, Betty cut him off speedily. “No, Jughead! You don’t get to do this … run when things-“

“When things what, Betty?” Now the two were both screaming and the pieces of the mystery jigsaw began to come together in Veronica’s head. She silently watched as the couple bickered, mentally slapping herself for not noticing their relationship earlier. “I was never good enough for you! And I never will be. I’m a Serpent’s son who has nothing going for him. I can’t be the guy that you introduce to your mom or the guy you can hold hands with down the street … that’s not who I am and I can’t change that-“

“I never asked you to be that guy, Jughead!” Betty threw her hands up in the air in disbelief. How had her and Jughead gone from sneakily kissing in the janitor’s closet to this? Where had this self-doubt and Archie outrage come from? She adored him and she adored him in a way that she had never experienced for Archie. Betty had always been in love with the idea of being in love with Archie but her feelings had never been truly real. She hadn’t experienced true love until she’d kissed Jughead. “I love you for being you, for God’s sake. I love you because you’re the guy who sneaks into my room to hold me when I’m upset, I love you for stealing my food, for helping me see my sister, for helping me feel cherished, for protecting me.”

“You love me?” Jughead elongated every syllable within the three letters; his mind circling in disbelief. Betty Cooper, his girlfriend, loved him. And, from what she’d said, she loved him for everything that he doubted about himself.

“Of course I do, you idiot.”

Jughead wasn’t even sure if he could form a coherent sentence in response but what he did know was that he wanted to kiss her. He wanted to kiss her bad. With two long strides up the narrow stone steps, Jughead was clutching Betty’s face, his lips encasing hers. He could hear two male gasps but, it didn’t bother him; they were meant to find out tonight anyway. Betty simply smiled against his lips, her hands tangling themselves into his brunette hair, knocking his beanie off in the process.

“I love you too, Betty Cooper.”