even my screenshot is weirded out

Pixelberry Choices Ads

So I saw that an anon asked @hollyashton​ about a master post containing all of those weird Pixelberry ads. Yeah, those ones, the really misleading ones. I don’t think I have them all, but I have been taking screenshots every time I see one, so here’s what I have for anyone interested!

Which ones do you think are the worst/funniest? Are there any that you want to see made into a book?

So, the first two minutes of each episode of Stevenbomb 6 has been leaked. Along with multiple screenshots. This happens for each episode, usually the Monday or Tuesday before they air. However, this happened for each Stevenbomb 6 episode with the exception of Lion 4, five days before they come out on the CN App. 

Since I’m impatient, I watched the two minute clips and saw the screenshots. I’m going to share my thoughts and opinions on them below the cut. I already watched Lion 4, so I wont mention Lion 4 too much. 


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anonymous asked:

(mac anon again) I just took out all of my mods, deleted all my saves, and deleted all my screenshots to see if it would help, and nothing :// it crashed again but it seems to always crash as I click on makeup which is weird??? Idk my sims 4 runs super smooth even on ultra and when I played w tons and tons of cc so idrk what the deal is with ts3. Whatever tho I still love ts4 so hopefully my favorite aspects of ts3 will be added to ts4 (seasons and pets) thanks for your help though love u 💗💗💗

aw im sorry that nothing of that sort helped :( you can also try and just install ts3 base game and try to play around a little and see how it runs? and slowly put in SAFE cc, bc there is a lot of shitty ts3 cc that can really kill your game. that’s all i can really say. in ts2, i installed it and everytime i was in cas i clicked makeup or something and it’d crash. i eventually gave up, some games are just weird on certain computers i guess. like it use to work and now its all changed and wonky. 

sometimes i get rly self-conscious about my icon bc most people i associate on here have screenshots of their fave characters as their icons and then i see screenshots of other people’s icons with me in them too and i stick out like a sore thumb like heck it’s not even a ygo cosplay i rarely post much tutu content because there isn’t nearly as much on here but i’m so proud of my cosplay but also i want people to think of me as yugi the way i associate people with the character that their icons are

Be a Fan (:

After reading so many things on social media directly mentioned towards any P!ATD member and crew members, I strongly felt the need to write this and share this with people.

Definition of fan:

• an enthusiastic devotee, follower, or admirer of a sport, pastime, celebrity, etc.

Definition of creep (slang):

•A disgusting and obnoxious person.

A prime example of a fan:

I truly am a fan of my favorite band Panic! at the Disco. I support them by buying their band merch, their songs, and attending their concerts. I absolutely love their music and respect what they do. I do not judge them based on their lifestyles or actions. I do not disrespect the members’ families/friends and direct mean things towards them. I don’t constantly bug Brendon Urie about past events because no one likes to be constantly reminded of events that occurred years ago.

Some examples of creeps:

•Tweeting “DADDY” to Dallon Weekes. Unless you are Knox or Amelie. Which you are not. (I know some of you try to be funny, but even Dallon mentioned it is straight up “weird as shit”.)

•Tweeting Brendon nasty disgusting tweets. Yes we know he is a magnificent beautiful human being, but would you like it if people told you every day “FIST ME” “SUCK MY ASS”? Also, it’d be nice if people would stop sending him things related to the “milk fic”. Even he has stated that it is very creepy. I would post screenshots of disgusting/weird tweets that are directed towards Brendon, however, I don’t want to single anyone out.

•Invading the privacy of any band member. (Like I said before, they’re humans just like us, you wouldn’t like it if someone were to stalk you.)

•Tweeting to Sarah anything having to do with “Ryden”. Come on guys she is a happily married woman and it sucks that she has to deal with hate everyday from people who tweet these things towards her. It’s been 5 years dammnit. (Sarah if you ever somehow read this, you are a very beautiful person inside and out and I am extremely glad that you make Brendon so happy.)

•Being weird towards Zack. I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t like it if you were his age and there are 13-17 year olds that constantly tell you extremely innapropriate things.

(Also, I’m pretty sure Zack would appreciate if you guys would stop requesting him on Instagram. Come on people, it clearly says that his IG is private and it’s staying that way. (I wonder why? Oh yeah because there is creepy mean people out there!))

Now, according to the first amendment I know we are all entitled to freedom of speech but I just want people to respect these people I admire. I absolutely love and look up to Brendon Urie and he is the main reason why I have this immense ambition to be a great musician. I admire Dallon, Kenneth, and Dan for being outstanding musicians and great entertainers. I respect Zack for keeping the band safe and the crew for making each show run smoothly.  Be a loving fan towards the band. Respect the crew. Be kind to any friends/family related to the band. I know you guys mean no harm with the creepy stuff and you just want to be noticed by any member but maybe because of you guys we aren’t allowed to meet and greet the band after the shows. Maybe because of the creeps, Brendon won’t go on snapchat anymore. (I miss sending him appropriate and friendly snapchats. )The creepy fan who gave the band cookies made out of hair is the reason why I can’t make delicious homemade treats and give them to the band.

If any of you fans are still reading this, do me a huge favor. Go tweet something kind to any band member, crew member, or family of the band members. Go post hearts on the Panic! Instagram page to show your love towards them. Thank them for the stuff they do. Let us just all be nice towards them:)

P.S Brendon if you ever ever see this, thank you for being around for 10 years in the music business. Your music and lyrics are outstanding and you are such an amazing entertainer. Please stay rocking until you are 80 years old. I promise I will always be your fan. You are my hero and I love you.


^ This is a very good reminder to yourself Jack. Always be true to yourself. :)

Screenshots from TRAPPED UNDERGROUND | Vacate The Room (HTC Vive Virtual Reality)! :D

I’m really liking this new set up for these videos. :) Jack’s new lens on his camera helps see so much more of the room he’s in and that’s perfect for these videos because Jack almost always moves around a lot in these videos. Although sometimes when he zooms the lens out the different perspective is so weird and messes with my eyes. xD I don’t mind though it helped make the video more fun for me to screenshot. ^_^


^ That is the face of a broken man. 

…Actually not true that’s also my face right now after watching this video twice!

Screenshots from Sonic Dreams Collection #1! o___o

I’m sorry but WHAT EVEN WAS THIS GAME?! I thought Tender Cut and Plug and Play was weird but this… I just can’t even describe it in all honesty! I literally have no words right now, this game took the words right out of me! I mean it was kind of weirdly funny at first but then it took a very dark turn into not being funny and just weirded out. But it was a good video though despite the game being weird as all hell. Haha! :)


Tails partied way to hard.

ALRIGHT. Clearly, we’ve all seen the accusations of Mark taking advantage of someone. If not, read it here and here. Hopefully, you get just as mad as did. Not at Mark, of course, but at the girl who’s playing victim. Now, watch as we break down step by step.

‘It was summer of last year and he tweeted about himself getting a snapchat, along with a few other youtubers. I, giddy with excitement, snapchatted him for proof it was him. He replied with a silly selfie and I was on cloud nine all day but too shy to send anything else.’

Too shy is the keyword here. The next part reads:

'Night came and he tweeted about the lack of boob pics he received on snapchat. I caught a wave of confidence and snapchatted him, asking if he wanted to do a “shirtless trade”. He replied with a stern face that said “Okay but no screenshots!”’

This is already becoming less believable. You couldn’t send selfies but boob pics you have no trouble sending? Flawed logic right there. Plus, if he 'replied’ just to you, it’s already a false statement. From what I can tell, he replies to people in multitude, aka multiple people at once. So if he did 'reply’ other people would have received it. He wouldn’t make an exception for one person. NEXT!

’I sent him one or two topless photos and he replied smiling, saying “Wow, you’re beautiful.” He sent me a picture of a dark set, saying “Can’t send one- filming rn”. So I continued to send him photos I deemed sexy enough. I was enraptured by him and desperate to continue my hold of his attention. He replied twice, one with a smirk, encouraging me to “keep bugging him” and one asking for “full frontal”. Soon, though, he stopped reading my snaps or replying. I stayed up too late waiting for his reply and the next morning, he tweeted he deleted his SnapChat.’

Yet again with the 'he only replied to me’ crap. Which is rlly the only thing to pull out of that statement. 'He replied to me and only me’ seems to be a constant theme. And if he’s 'filming rn’ then how is he replying to the snaps? Flawed logic at it’s finest.

’I was confused, heartbroken, but determined to gain his approval again. I waited patiently for him to snapchat again, sending my own photos every now and then, desperate, but I never got a reply. I even spoke to a friend of his and fellow YouTuber about it over SnapChat a month later. He told me that his friend probably knew he made a mistake and would come around eventually. It never happened. I never got an apology, let along another hint he knew I was alive. Until a few weeks ago.’

So now we have another mysterious Youtuber who who she 'snapchatted’ with. Who is this person? Idk. And neither does she. Because he probs doesn’t exist. And an apology for what, hun? There’s nothing to apologize for!

’Roll around to present time, I have an amazing boyfriend. One evening, before I took a shower, I decided to send him a topless photo. My snapchat friends list was short and, by combination of distraction and my slippery thumb, I sent the snapchat to the wrong person. I didn’t realize until a bit later when I saw my boyfriend hadn’t replied. I looked and felt my heart stop. The Let’s Player had been accidentally sent my photo. And it had been seen. I started in shock for a few seconds until something else came up- the symbol of a screenshot.’

Need I even say something about this? You take a pic, somehow send it to Mark even tho he deleted his Snapchat, so he wouldn’t even be listed in those contacts unless you added him again. Hmmm. Suspicious much? And there’s no proof that he screenshotted the image. Don’t you think that you would at least try and have evidence to back up your claim? No? Wow okay.

’I panicked. I quickly sent a few snaps, asking why he had screenshot it. He replied with a disgusted face, saying “I didn’t, you weird person.” I was sobbing by now as I tried to apologize and find out what the fuck had just happen but my snapchats were no longer being read or replied to once again. Every inch of me felt disgusting and I shook with the anger that I had possibly upset a role model of mine. Flashbacks of the summer this first happened punched me in the gut and I frantically got in touch with my boyfriend. I cried all night. Nothing comforted me.’

*sigh* Really? He replied with 'you weird person’? Do you REALIZE how unbelievable that is? Gosh. It’s not even remotely true anymore. Nothing even happened! You 'sent nudes’, he 'replied’, he stopped 'replying’, and then you somehow send more images of yourself and he keeps the image and called you 'weird’. I’m sorry, but this doesn’t add up in the least! Yet AGAIN with the 'replied to only me’ thing and all. How long do you expect people to believe that? And this is the only other evidence she has besides 'sent’ emails:

It’s not like it’s even directed towards her. Like, that’s saying this was meant for me because I sent him those pics. Yet again, people will do ANYTHING to shit on famous people. And why on Earth would you take the initiative to send boob pics to someone anyways? He was joking around!

TL;DR: Long story short, it’s a made up story you shouldn’t believe or support because there’s so many flaws to the story. Please don’t let this change your view on Mark. He doesn’t deserve this kind of bullshit. He deserves happiness. This has happened before and it’ll happen again. Just remember; the Mark described here is the Mark we know and admire. And that’s the important part. So don’t let her fool you! Poor Mark’ll probably have to make an announcement dismissing (or confirming on a rare occasion) the accusations. 

Support the one who made you happy countless times and believes in you 100% and not the one who you don’t know.


OKAY, so my brother showed me this picture (below) and was like “Hey look the balloon kid’s under the desk!”  Now I was farther away, and the first thing I noted was the pink eyes so I said “That can’t be him it has pink eyes. It’s probably (old) chica. The balloon guy has blue eyes.” So my brother went kind of quiet and was like “those are pink eyes.” And i was just kinda of like “Duh no really” and left. buT THEN HE CAME IN MY ROOM AND SHOWED ME THE PICTURE MORE CLOSELY AND LET ME TELL YOU THAT WAS NO CHICA


Now my first reaction to finding out this was asking my brother where he found the picture, so if I could dismiss it if he just found some random tumblr post with a false screenshot bUT NOPE HE GIVES ME A LINK TO THE VIDEO- which can be watched here 

So why is this important? Who cares about him anyway?

Well from what I’ve seen, BB makes noise to attract animations to your room ( he says hello and laughs, so the aimatronics go “Oh, there’s a person!” ) So think about it. I didn’t even notice this guy when my brother first showed me the picture, And if there is two BB’s then that means, you can have two in your room at a time calling the amatronic’s to your room in larger groups and very quickly. Also from what I’ve seen, even if you don’t have these guys in your room, (Old) Bonnie and (old) Foxy seem to appear quite often. plUS THERE IS THE ADDED PRESSURE OF GETTING TO WIND UP THAT MUSIC BOX SO DOLL MAN DOESN’T ATTACK YOU. AND LET ME TELL YOU FROM WHAT I’VE SEEN WORKING WITH ONE BB IS HELL ALREADY, I’M PRETTY SURE IF YOU GOT TWO THERE’S NO WAY YOU’D GET TO THE MUSIC BOX IN TIME.

Now, it may infact still be the same BB BUT the irking thing is that he has pink eyes. While I just might have dismissed something like this in the first game, (seeing as the animatronic’s can go from using their colored eyes to the pitch black eyes and their pupils going white ) But the thing is from what I’ve seen, it only looks like new chica pulls of this trick. And ye I can hear it now “so?!?” Well the thing is, look at BB. Look at him. Do you think he was built as well as the others? Surely if he was, he could take you out on his own, right? But no, he just says hello and giggles to attract other animatronics to finish you off. And his Hello and laughter actually make sense. You see, the new animatronics would have to be built to make motions (ie, bonnie strummuing their guitair ) not to mention they have a built in face sensor. With all that, it would make sense the smaller, more of a decorational animatronic have a few audio clips to greet costumers, most likely the kids. He’d only have a little room ( assmuing he has the face sensor, and that takes a bit of room ) So the few laughs and “Hello” works. So what am I saying with all this?

I hardly doubt he’d be able to change his eye color.

I’ll probably try to polish this up when I have more information later, but for now feel free to think about it and even throw in your two cents.