even my cat

Today my cat was hit by a car and she is no longer with me. I loved her more than my entire family. She was mean and was only letting you pet her for 10 seconds. My hands were full of scratches. She was me in cat form. And she was only with me for a year and two months.
Goodbye my friend.

I have noticed a lot of people seem to be glorifying obesity in their pets. Saying things like, “Oh look at my cat she’s so fat and I love her haha”, and the cat is morbidly obese. Like… That isn’t something we should be praising? You need to look after your pets, and if they are highly overweight, you need to take responsibility and take measures to ensure that they lose weight and live a healthy life.

That’s just my two cents, I guess.

i think i forgot to tell you all that yesterday when i was on my pokewalk at the park a friendly black cat came to say hi to me and rubbed against me until it was distracted by some grass and left


#MLFandomWeek: Miraculous Holders | Secrets.

Centuries before now were created magical jewels granting fabulous powers: The Miraculous. Throughout history, heroes used these jewels for the good of humanity.


Thank you again for the cute title suggestion!

Don’t propose to me with a ring
Propose to me with a basket of puppies and concert tickets

It’s one of the worst feelings when a pet dies, especially if you’ve had them for a very long time. To others, your pet is just another animal among many they didn’t know, but to you they were family. Only you knew their distinct personality, the little quirks and habits that separated them from the rest of their breed and made them unique. You remember their companionship and cuddles, the times they cheered you up when nothing else could. They gave you love unconditionally, without a word ever being spoken. 

Spend time with your pets. Love them. Cherish them. Never take them for granted. They won’t be around forever.

oh right i drew this really quick picture of shimmer because i wanted to put her on the artfight thing. i kinda didnt want to but shes the only oc i have that ive managed to not forget about after a couple months (i think ive had her for like 2 years now) so i think she deserves to be on there. maybe someone’ll want to draw her i don’t know. i doubt it though

So I didn’t pay attention to my cat for 2 seconds so she dramatically went to lie down under my bed and pretend to be all sad even though she’s so spoiled and chubby because she’ll eat anything sweet I happen to leave out. Anyway, she reminded me of the darkling  ╮(. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)╭