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Dear Stranger Things fandom:

Someone needs to write me 20k words of Steve awkwardly trying to be generally less of a giant douchebag while friend-wooing Jonathan (for Nancy) and Jonathan awkwardly trying to accept this wooing because he did kind of save their lives and he and Nancy are friends now, and it’s okay to have more than one friend, even though, wow, he’s never even really had one before? And it should be weird because he totally has the hots for Steve’s girlfriend, and Steve knows it, and Nancy knows it, and Jonathan knows that they both know it, but it’s somehow not … weird? It works? Even though Jonathan goes home and jerks off more than he usually does (which is a lot, because he is 17) and maybe he’s not always thinking about Nancy when he does, but maybe this is just how it is when your friend has really nice hair and strong hands… And eventually they both realize that maybe there’s no “friend” qualifier in the wooing and Nancy screams internally “FINALLY!”

And then threesome.


((also i literally took this selfie during class just to use it as reference for the self-portrait part of this worksheet. this shit wasn’t even for art. it was a form i had to fill out about myself for fucking chemistry))

After my ex disappeared (before he reappeared voluntarily, but that’s a different story) on me last summer I started drinking even more than I usually did. I wanted to be a bartender and get the in on how to be one. I wanted to be chummy with the bartenders at established dives because everyone knows each other and that’s more or less how you get into places. Before you know it at least every night I was at one of three or four places people knew me at (my face ofcourse never my name because even my awful nickname Channi was too hard to remember). I didn’t want to believe that this new found habit wasn’t necessarily the cause of being left but rather a hereditary problem or a disease. I’m still not ready to call it a disease of it is one.
I was drinking and spending my money, drinking and spending my money. I met cool people, fucked up people. Mostly people I could relate to. Made connections and memories. Did very bad things. Continue to surprise myself with the messed up things I do. Part of me is ready to say bye to it all but it’s this jumbled routine I indulge in because it’s my new home. Those choices can’t be linked to my ex anymore. It’s linked to a deeper problem I can’t elaborate on through my phone because it’s so knotted on my head I can’t unravel it at this point. I lost so many years to my depression and I’m only two months short of being 26. That’s still baby years. What have I done?

what she says: I’m fine.

what she means: Von Hohenheim began his life as a nameless slave. He probably wasn’t given a choice to offer his blood to the dwarf in the flask. He worked hard to make something of himself, and as a result every person in his life was taken from him. He literally watched as everyone he knew died. Not only that, but he had to live with their voices screaming in his head for thousands of years. He listened to them. He was never alone! Not for one second!! And all he wanted to do was make it right again! He thought he never deserved happiness because of what he let happen in Xerxes, and he called himself a monster!! But you know what?! He met Trisha. And he loved her so goddamn much, but the years he spent with her were just a minuscule fraction of his existence. All he wanted to do was live and die by her side, but instead he had to save the world. He had to save the world, and as a result, he wasn’t able to see the woman he loved as she died, and one of his sons hated him for what he thought was a cruel abandonment of their family. And at the very end of Hohenheim’s life, he realized that he still wanted to live, but he also knew that it was enough. It was enough to have Edward and Alphonse recognize him as a father, and as a human, rather than the monstrosity he believed he always was. Point is, Hohenheim deserved better, oh my god, he deserved so much more……I just…,,dsfj

anonymous asked:

What kind of bird do you most want to see?

Listen, there is not a single bird on this earth that I do not want to see HOWEVER that being said, there are a few that I am even more excited than usual to see:

Groove-billed ani.  I mean come on, just look at those fluffy little dinosaur faces

Hoatzin. AKA the stinkbird, these guys process vegetation the same way cows and other ruminants do, HOW COOL is that. Also their babies have grabby little claws on their wings like ungainly little dromaeosaurs. Adorable.

Shoebill. I mean. Duh.

Booted racket-tail. Look at those PAAAAANTS

Seriema. Closest living relative to THE  TERROR  BIRDS so what’s not to like (also they’re dorks)

Secretary bird. For reasons that should be obvious.

This EXACT golden eagle. One day, we shall be united my love

In Camping Trip Star is incredibly cute and considerate with Marco, listening to him and feeling sorry when her father ruins his plans… and she looks at him, like a lot, even more than usual.
I’ve clearly lost every last hint of objectivity, but to me most of this episode reeeeally looks “different”, not just the normal “looking at someone while you talk with them”.


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