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Loving the Devil (Authella - chapter 9)


Part 9: teasing the Devil 

Of course, there was no immediate “happy ever after” for them; quite the contrary, at first their situation proved to be even more unstable than the usual.

Cruella couldn’t easily get used to her new conditions: the rational part of her hadn’t accepted the life growing inside of her yet, while the instinctive one was completely taken by irritation and a strange form of emotionality. In all of this, Isaac’s role was important, even if often circumscribed to a sort of scapegoat; however he had found right in that occasion his determination and his ability to stand his ground. They fought, not with high pitch but often, and against any expectations he was the one to get the best of it. Sure, it was about essential matters - such as not smoke, not drink and not drive during pregnancy - but even if the woman was forced to surrender, she felt frustrated anyway… And unavoidably she took any chance to react.

“Cru, where have you put the keys of the car?”

A melliflous smile was the immediate answer. She had chosen the playful method this time.

“I don’t know, darling… Why don’t you try looking for them?”

The man looked at her for some moments and it was in the end his turn to smile. He perfectly knew her so far, he had found out her deepest secrets (or at least he hoped) and living with her he had learnt her habits. That mischievous expression then was just a further proof for his suspect.

“Do you want to bet that I guess immediately?”

Her eyes shined curiously and also challenginly. With that silent but determined encouragement, Isaac approached more until he was able to touch her; giving her a quick amused glance, he started to untie the first buttons of her shirt until he uncovered completely her bra. He lingered just a moment on the fabric and then – once he let the hand slip inside – on her soft skin, but that wasn’t his aim though. In fact, a few seconds later he extracted again his hand, but not before having picked a certain something. And that something was now waving in front of her eyes.

“How- How did you guess?” she asked, slightly widening her eyes. She actually seemed surprised.

“I know you, my love. Your bra is practically Mary Poppin’s bag” he replied, while already heading back to the door with his precious keys in hand.

“Wait… Do you really want to leave me like that?!”

Now she seemed disappointed. Whatever she had thought of doing, the awakened libido in pregnancy wasn’t suggesting her to tie the buttons of her shirt. But Isaac didn’t respond to that tease and simply gave her a silent solicitation to hurry up. He had booked a table for 8 o’clock and they were already late – or so he kept saying at least since ten minutes. Apparently, if she was Mary Poppins, he was the White Rabbit.

Sighing heavily and looking up to the sky, Cruella fixed her clothes and, after grabbing her purse – because she didn’t put everything in her bra after all – reached him out of the house. And the vision of the car was like adding fuel to the fire.

“Damn it, why can’t I drive? Pregnant women drive all the time!”

That protest, now no more so playful, had a simple glare as an answer.

“Normal women? Yes… You? Not a chance!” he answered then with words as well, showing a brave irony.

Cruella puffed annoyed, but for some strange reason she felt in awe by the man’s confidence; without resisting, she let him open the door at the passenger side for her and then, once she was seated, she even allowed him to fasten the seatbelt around her body.

In other words, she let him win for the unteempth time, even if she didn’t hold herself from complaining about his slow and boring drive.


Sparkling water in place of wine and banned any raw vegetable or ready-sliced meat: even that night Cruella had unwillingly submitted to Isaac’s new presumed degree in medicine, but she had taken revenge with a million of strange dishes ordered behind the justification of “cravings”. Actually, just in her third month of pregnancy, she hadn’t had not even one of them, but this fact didn’t prevent her from the sadic amusement of awakening him in the dead of the night and send him to search for strawberries. And it was February, in an isolated town.

Too lost in her reverie, she missed the scene of the happy greeting from the Golds, and when, with widened eyes, she finally focused her attention on them, she just grasped Belle’s graceful figure and the hopping Rumple’s one walking away hand in hand.

But if she was staring at them, someone else was staring at her.

“Don’t make that face, Cru… Mr Gold will be my bestman, after all”

Cruella’s eyes widened even more and now they were alll focused on the man in front of her. She knew that the two men had become close friends, but yet she didn’t expect them to be that close.

“But… Why the hell haven’t you asked me anything about it?”

Isaac just chuckled sincerely amused by that predictable reaction and simply shrugged. He had learnt so far how to handle her irritation very well.

Ask you? I believe you didn’t ask me anything about the choice of Ursula and Maleficent as your bridesmaids…”

“And who should they be otherwise? The old shewolf and her nephew?”

The man didn’t answer at that point. In fact, not even if he had written the whole fairytale book again, something like that could have happened – he thought and in silence he agreed with her.

“Anyway…” he started again after a short while and his tone softened slightly while changing the topic. “Is everything ready for the wedding?”

It was Cruella’s turn to shrug, but her nonchalance wasn’t probably so faked. “My dress is almost ready, darling.”

The only thing I really care about – she would have liked to add, but she knew that her total disinterest in the ceremony was already well-known.

However, Cruella’s unusual tact was completely balanced by Isaac’s answer.

“Well, also Gold’s car is ready… You know, in case I decide to leave you on the altar” he said in fact with a teasing smile.

And it was that smile more than his wisewreck to be the last straw. Cruella let her fork fall loudly on the plate and, not caring about the general attention she had then attracted, she let out all the hidden resentment she had been preserving toward him. She had critized Isaac’s kindness and naivety more than once, but now that mix of cinism and sarcasm was becoming unbearable.

Mostly because, even if she knew it was all a product of fiction, he was proving himself to be a good actor though.

“Stop it!”

And the man this time pretended to be confused too. “To do what?”

“To play the villain!” she quickly exclaimed. “I am the bitch between me and you, I am the sarcastic, emotionless, nasty one… I am the villain

At the end of that little scene she even had some tears in her eyes. But it was not Isaac to have obtained that much, that was just one of the many inconvenients of pregnancy.

“I thought you liked my mascular side…”

“Yes, but I meant in the bedroom!” she replied and the hint of mischievousness in her voice made a big contrast to the exasperated expression.

Maybe it was right because of that contradiction that the author slighlty chuckled and grabbed without too many hesitation one of her hands.

“It’s true, you are the villain. But that’es exactly the reason why I have to behave like this… It can really be hard living with a devil, you know?” he admitted honestly, not caring about showing his fragility now. “But I’m doing all of this just because I love you and I’m trying to find the better way to make things work”

Apparently, the play was over and he was back to be the same puppy blinded by love as ever. If that was a bad or a good thing she still wasn’t ready to say, though. He had just told her that he loved her and, like everytime he did, she ended up feeling embarassment, shame and most of all a sort of bother for those words that – both of them knew it – she would have never been able to say back.

“Oh, darling, honestly I like seeing your… sweetness” she said, even if the word she was going to say was actually submission. Hoever, she didn’t hide her glare while in a sudden twitch she broke the disgustingly and publicly romantic contact between their hands. “…But maybe not too much


I know, I’m late with this chapter and honestly I don’t know when I’ll be able to write the next one:/ It’s not even an important chapter, but I hope you liked it anyway:)

the best feeling in the world is those nights where you’re feeling music even more than you usually do and it elates you to pure euphoria and you’re on a natural high and everything feels amazing.


“I have visited lairs, burrows and nests across five continents, observed the curious habits of magical beasts in a hundred countries, witnessed their powers, gained their trust and, on occasion, beaten them off with my travelling kettle.”

Tatiana Maslany will be absolutely amazing in one scene, even more amazing than usual. In my opinion, it’ll be one of her best performances in the entire show. It’s so crazy how she’s able to give so many feelings in one scene, playing two different characters. This clone confrontation will be amazing, it’ll be so emotional and so powerful.
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just-sitting-on-the-internet asked:

I would love to hear your thoughts on the new Dan and Phil games video! As I thought it was just so funny and cute :)

& I’ll combine this with another question I received: “Omg did they come off as insanely in love and coupley to you too as well in that video or is it just me??”

To start off with….I loved the video. So many great moments. Although I was slightly disappointed that Dil didn’t end up with a guy (desperately wanted to see their reactions), I’m still excited to see the storyline moving along a bit.

Did I think they seemed couple-y in this video? Well, I always think that lol. But I definitely agree that they gave off that vibe even more than usual. I of course can’t know for sure if they’re a couple but I’m 100% certain that they operate as a unit. As always, everything is “we” and “our” when it comes to them. I’m not saying that is completely unheard of for two best friends but it is certainly less common. This is something I am constantly bringing up but I do find it to be extremely telling. If you watched them while removing the pretense of “we’re just friends,” it would be nearly impossible to not not make assumptions. If you back up for a moment and look at their life, everything screams “couple.” Their house is not just a house, it’s a home. A home that they have built together, all of their belongings intertwined until there’s so little distinction between “mine” and “yours.” They’re not the typical roommates with post-it notes on their milk and separate shopping lists, that’s for sure. Those boundaries don’t seem to exist for them. They live as a couple. I can’t say that they are a couple but they do live as one. Sometimes I forget what is usually deemed as “typical” for two young males rooming together and then the realization hits and it’s just so blaringly obvious how different Dan and Phil are. They are clearly not conforming to that mold. 

Nearly 4 years of living together with no sign of wanting or preparing to move on? Instead we get domestic arguments about house plants and talk of future pets, joint gifts, meals and tv shows always together, coupley vacations and plans for a koi pond/garden oasis. It’s just so….apparent to me. I’m sorry, this isn’t intended to be some sort of “phan is real” post but wow but this video just struck a chord in me. There’s just something so special and different about what they have and at the end of the day it makes no difference what label is placed on it. They’re more of a unit than most couples I know. It’s really incredible.

Notable moments in the video under the cut…

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