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(”ノ°▽°)ノ   The secret behind Bokuto’s hot body…BOYFRIEND TRAINING MOTIVATION GO!!

errr. So while i was obsessing over Bokuroo with @snowflakers I came to realize that everything i’ve drawn for them up till now was just…either being retards or suffering. So have some smooches.

That is all.


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this is Magnificent o_o

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Thoughts on other Decidueye?

“I uh…  I’ve actually never met another Decidueye before.  …uh… Nice to meet you??”

Student Missing at Hogwarts

Rita Skeeter

Hogwarts. The school in which we send our children to when the time comes for them to learn magic, the school we went to ourselves when we were just children. It was a safe haven all throughout the war against You-Know-Who, but is it still safe?

How can it be, when there is a student missing?

“We didn’t notice at first,” a sixth year Gryffindor  said when asked about his missing roommate, “He keeps different hours then us - comes in real late and heads out early. He likes to walk around the grounds, see?”

In fact, it was a sixth year Hufflepuff that first noticed the Gryffindor was missing.

“I didn’t really worry at first,” the female Hufflepuff, a friend of the missing student, said, “Sometimes he’ll skip meals and even classes to go help Hagrid with whatever needs doing, Hagrid’s never complained and he always keeps up with his work so the teachers never stopped him. The thing is, he never misses Care of Magical Creature - it’s his favorite class and the only one we share so we make a point to go since it’s hard to spend time together otherwise - but that day he did. And I just knew something was wrong.”

The student went straight to Professor McGonagall, the Deputy Headmistress and Gryffindor House Head, who in turn went to the Headmaster when a quick search failed to locate the missing Gryffindor.

Headmaster Dumbledore canceled several classes so that more teachers could help do a more thorough search that brought them to the Forbidden Forest.

Sources say that Professors McGonagall and Flitwick accompanied Mister Hagrid into the forest to search for the student but there’s yet to be any news on whether he - or his body - has been found.

Our sources also say that Headmaster Dumbledore did not partake in the search due to informing the student’s family- whom have all declined to comment but are understandably distressed about the situation - of the situation.

Is this a simple tale of a student whom wandered too far into the Forbidden Forest? Or is this a more complex story of some nefarious plot targeting this poor sixth year Regardless, the question on all of our minds is this:

Where is Charlie Weasley?

if Marinette has the fox miraculous...
  • She will become the ultimate sneak. She wants to be gone, you cannot find her anywhere. She doesn’t want you noticing her coming to you or sneaking away, you will not notice. Maybe an even better sneak than if she was the Black Cat. 
  • She’ll rely on cleverness and persuasion to meet her objective, not as confronting as she in the show for foxes aren’t known for being confronting. 
  • She is even more of an opportunist, making use of every chance she has to reach her objective. 
  • She also will not shine out as bright as a fox, sticking more to the shadows. 
  • Trixx works on teaching Marinette how to chill, encourages her to go at her own pace and do what she wants. 
  • Through Trixx, Marinette is even more of a night owl. Trixx likes to stay up at night and isn’t good at reminding Marinette that she needs to go to sleep she has stuff to do tomorrow.
  • Marinette totally makes use of the power of illusions to help her design. 
  • When Marinette’s overly excited with Adrien she has a tendency to scream. Trixx thinks it’s so cute, Marinette freaks out, and Adrien so confused. 
  • Trixx is a huge Adrienette shipper and will actually matchmake in secret to see her ship to come to life. 
  • Marinette is totally aware of this and does not appreciate Trixx stahp. 
  • When Marinette gets too excitable Trixx is pretty chill, unless it’s something she’s excited for too then will egg Marinette. 
  • Between the two, Marinette is the responsible one. 
  • If Marinette goes by the name of Huli Jing, Trixx really likes to delve into Marinette’s Chinese heritage, offering the curious girl knowledge of her heritage, customs, and of course delving into the lore surrounding foxes. 
  • Marinette is especially irked in Volpina. 
  • She’s the fox hero?
  • Uh, hell no. 
  • Not only pursuing her crush, but declaring she’s the fox hero? Marinette’s ready to fight. 
  • Marinette and Trixx are a cuddly duo. The cuddliest of cuddly. 
  • Marinette also becomes more supportive from the shadows, she’ll approach those that need comfort and reassurance and give them the boost they need. It was Foxes are meant to do. 
  • Despite how creative she is, Marinette struggles musically, specifically with her flute. Because of her love of Jagged Stone, most music experience Marinette has is the guitar which she has dabbled in but never fully learned how to play. 
  • Thankfully the miraculous will answer to her and just allow her to use the flute as a guide when making illusions. 
  • When irked in battle, Marinette has a tendency to use her flute as a staff and hit her opponents. Trixx has to remind Marinette time to time that flute isn’t supposed to be used as such. 
  • It can take the heat, but it’s not it’s intended purpose. 
  • Marifox’s favorite tactic in battle is “Where’s Marifox?” 
  • Cue all the illusions of fox!Marinette running around while the real one sneaks in for a surprise attack.
  • First Alya becomes suspicious of Marinette being the Fox, she makes use of her illusions to make separate Marinettes. She’ll do this a few times to secure that no one will suspect her. 

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well bunnybee, if it makes you feel any better, i didnt know about fireflies before it started getting this attention, and now i know how pretty a song it is and how skilled the members of owl city are ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

i appreciate that! honestly though it’s even more admirable cause Owl City is just one guy. It’s not a band! It’s just one dude, Adam Young

Gtjsefanclub Anniversary Day 1: Sleeping




Signe wasn’t even sure why that clock was still in the bedroom. When they had first moved in she had insisted to Sean that the rhythmic ticking helped her to sleep, but now she wasn’t so sure. As a matter of fact, at the moment it made her want to leap out of bed, tear the thing off the wall and chuck it out the window.

To be fair, she’d always had a racing mind. Part of her anxiety meant that it took her a while to actually go to sleep. On a good night, she might be just drifting off around midnight. Her boyfriend, Sean, knew this all too well. He had fallen asleep hours ago, yet here she lay, trying to put her restless mind at ease. Sleep would be hard to come by tonight.  

It had been all over the news. For weeks now, the only development had been what the symptoms were. It started slowly at first, then it took over its host like a virus, producing rapid change in the span of a few months. People all around the country, in ALL different countries, were affected. Everywhere, the recommendation was clear; go see a medical professional as soon as possible. By going to the doctor tomorrow she would finally get a definitive answer, along with a plan for treatment. Whether or not it would be good news remained to be seen.

Sean was actually the first one to notice. That was saying something, given his off-the-wall state made it difficult for him to notice, if you’ll pardon the pun, small details. They had planned a few errands to complete that day, culminating in a run for snacks to accompany their movie night. They were just about to head out when Sean stopped her, pocketing his cell phone. He placed his hands on her shoulders, physically straightening her out. Then came the tentative question; “Are you…did you get shorter?”

To which the obvious answer was “of course not”, until she noticed that indeed she had to look up just the tiniest bit more to look her boyfriend in the eyes. She wasn’t exactly tall to begin with. However, something had seemed off that morning; her toes wiggled with just a bit more room in her boots. Hadn’t the sleeves of her blouse come a bit too far past her wrists?

That was a few days ago, when the change had been almost imperceptible. It was much more pronounced to her now. At her current height the top of her head reached just above his shoulder, a good two or three inches missing from her stature.  

“Worryin’ isn’t gonna do you any good.”

She turned her head to meet tousled green hair and bright blue eyes that seemed to glow in the dim light of the moon. “How did you know I was awake?”

“’Cause I know you.” He replied groggily, reaching over to the nightstand to catch a glimpse at his phone. He winced at the bright light and the much too early wake-up call: 3:21. “Not to mention you were up until three o’clock last night drawing for no reason.”

“It’s that clock keeping me up tonight. It’s not my fault.”

“I told you ‘bout the clock. ‘White noise’ my ass.” He chuckled. They lay in silence for a few more moments. “Still nervous ‘bout tomorrow?”

Signe gave him a sheepish look. “Just a little bit.”

“All you’re doin’ is making me feel bad for trying to sleep while you’re over here tossing and turning, Wiish.”

“I’m so sorry. Let me just roll over top of you while you’re trying to sleep. That should help.” She settled onto her side, letting her arm flop over onto his face to prove her point.

He gave her a sleepy smile, and made to playfully lick her arm. She retracted it just in time, then settled on her back to stare up at the ceiling. He knew that indeed she had been trying to sleep these past few days, but since her little revelation she’d been even more of a night owl than she had before. She’d just as often wake up and meander around the house than she would actually stay in bed this time of night. “I’m just sayin’, you’ve got your health to think about too. Plus I’m not dragging your grumpy self through the city tomorrow.”

“I’m never grumpy.”

“Tiny anger ball?”

“It me.” She laughed. “But if anything, you’re the bear in the morning.”

“…Guess you’ll just have to bear with me, eh?”

Signe let out a soft snort into her pillow. Sean just chuckled low, brushing the hair out of her eyes. “Sleep now. It’ll all be better in the morning, you’ll see.” He gave her hand a gentle squeeze before rolling over to his side. “G’night, Wiish.”

He was right. There was nothing to do about it now. This was a problem for tomorrow. Well, for the morning at least, a few hours from then. The issues in her mind’s eye softened a bit, but it would be an hour more before she would finally drift off into a restless sleep.

——————– ——————– ——————– ——————-

Featuring the green bean and the woosher! Yes, this is going to be a story arc involving the two. Some days it’ll be written from both of their POV’s, sometimes Jack, sometimes Signe. You’ll just have to read on to find out what happens!

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The source of all my problems

Met a girl in the parking lot, and all I did was say hello..

otp aesthetic

↳ diner au edition for @rorywilliamsrps

“What?” He finally spat out, sitting up straighter and looking back at the plate of chips like he was afraid it might start dancing on the table. “What is this? I didn’t ask for this. I think you’re confused. Did you hit your head? Is this a prank? I’m not sure what you’re lot do for fun these days— Are you trying to poison me!?”

“Um,” was the first word her brain and mouth were able to agree on, followed by, “I’m sorry?” Her eyebrows raised in surprised as her gaze fell from the grumpy owl sat in front of her to the plate of chips, and back again.

“It was… a nice thing,” she defended, one hand moving to rest on her her, “I was being nice. Thought you could use it.” 

He gave pause when she declared that it had been meant to be a nice thing and if at all possible, his expression grew to be even more confused and owl-like. “Why?”

AYSML: Chapter Update!

I haven’t updated And You Saw Me Low in ages, and the newest chapter was half finished for almost 3 months, waiting for me to continue while I was working on other stories.

Many thanks to Liam for beta reading this chapter! <3

Title: Unexpected Letters Never Bear Good News

The next day, Draco discovered another Ministry owl on the roof of his house, even though he wasn’t expecting any letters from Granger, even less so from anyone else. He wasn’t even late with his updates, as Granger’s visit just before New Year’s Eve did count as an update, thus resetting the counter.

When he let the bird in, he recognised it as the same indignant looking owl that had delivered the notice about Granger’s visit. He didn’t think it was possible that an owl could look even more indignant, but this owl managed it easily.

“Keep still, you bloody bird!” Draco muttered when he tried to get the letter off its leg. His fingers were already showing red streaks, as the owl had tried twice to bite him. However, he was fast enough in untying the laces before the owl could go for another bite, despite the small bowl of owl treats right in front of it. “Wait outside in the tree,” he said, pointing outside with a glare.

The handwriting on the letter was indeed Granger’s, though it seemed to be scribbled down in a hurry; he reluctantly opened it. Any unexpected letter never held good news in his experience.

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This arrived today from the good old USA. Heather I cannot begin to describe how happy this has made me… The pickle card was beautiful ha ha and the words inside even more so. The owl is the cutest damn thing I’ve ever seen and it’s taken pride and place in our hallway, I can’t believe you made him, you’re so talented, omg.. My favourite colours too! The Evil Rick key chain is a thing I didn’t even know existed… Omg thank you ahh so much. He now lives on my house keys so I can take him with me everywhere I go. Thank you so so much for my Birthday presents, I am utterly blown away! I am so lucky to have met you.


“I feel like a postcard…I wish you were here.”

BTS Reaction to Finding Out That You’re a Wizard/Witch from Hogwarts

FORGIVE ME IF I GET ANYTHING WRONG. I’m not a big fan of Harry Potter and I haven’t read the books D: I’M SORRY but here you go anyway. None of the gifs belong to me! I hope you like it anon~ <3







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Y/N: Yoongi. I need to confess something.

Suga: What is it?

Y/N: I’m a wizard/witch…from Hogwarts…

Suga: How high are you right now? Maybe you should sleep. It’s late.

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J-Hope: Y/N, I’ve never seen you wear these robes.

Y/N: Uh…

J-Hope: Why are they all black? You gotta dress more brightly or else people will think you’re some sort of goth.

Y/N: I’m a wizard/witch, Hobi.

J-Hope: Excuses excuses now let’s buy you some colorful clothes.

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Rap Monster:

Y/N: I’m a wizard/witch from Hogwarts.

RM: Don’t joke with me.

Y/N: I’m not.

RM: But how is that possible? Isn’t Harry Potter a fantasy? Hogwarts is simply words on paper - it’s not real, right?

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Y/N: Oh that’s mine–


Y/N: Yeah. I was meaning to tell you later but I guess my plans changed.

Jimin: Jagi, I love you even more. I want the owl too.

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Y/N: I’m a wizard/witch, Tae.

V: Me too!!! You’re so cute when you roleplay.

Y/N: But I’m not joking.

V: …so you’ve seen the legendary three? Harry? Hermione? Ron???

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Y/N: I’m a wizard/witch from Hogwarts.

Jungkook: *turns into a kid* DO THE ROOMS ACTUALLY MOVE????? Y/N CAN YOU TAKE ME THERE? PLEEAAASSEEE!!!!! Please? Please.

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