even more in b&w

The Archie Andrews hate is unnecessary because:

  • He’s a high school student struggling with what HS students are SUPPOSED to be struggling with. Their career path. (This makes for a funny meme tho so that’s ok)
  • He’s doing what any normal teenager would do when a murder happens in the town..which is to move on.
  • He spent all summer helping his dad with his struggling business.
  • Is a statutory rape victim
  • was manipulated by the person who raped him to not talk about Jason causing him even more guilt.
  • Used his body as a human shield to step b/w Jughead and Reggie and got a black eye for it.
  • Offered Jughead a home as soon as he saw his living conditions without second thought.
  • Stood up for Jughead and told his dad that Jughead should not be sinking because of his fathers relationship with FP.
  • Apologized to Betty for not being there to help even though the previous episode he had offered it and she turned it down with Jughead.
  • He does his best to help his friends when they actually bother telling him what’s going on in their lives.
  • Archie is a character with faults who sometimes needs to think about what he says before blurting it out but overall, he does his best to be there for all his friends.

In conclusion:

Archie Andrews is a sunshine child who doesn’t deserve this hate.

P.S. Feel free to add on.

BTS Single Dads

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This one……..got away from me a lil’. ^^;

Single Dad!AU - Part One - Part Two - Part Three -


  • has a little girl who is most definitely Daddy’s Little Princess™
  • wears tiaras and tutus at her tea parties and OWNS IT
  • lets her help him w/ the simple things when he cooks
  • like washing the vegetables or taste testing
  • there won’t b a day where jin hasn’t made her the best lunch
  • is the dad all the moms look like w/ heart eyes
  • he cries the first day of day care
  • bc wow…….his baby has grown so much
  • she is 3 seokjin chill
  • doesnt know what to do w/o his bundle of joy
  • b u z z e d  when it’s time to pick up his princess
  • spots his daughter skipping out but damn near has a heart attack
  • his baby……his LITTLE GIRL was HOLDING HANDS with a BOY THAT WASN’T HIM
  • calm yourself seokjin he is a child
  • “Who’s that pretty girl you’re holding hands with, sweetie?”
  • your voice chimes from behind him, going over to the two toddlers and affectionately rubbing your son’s head
  • jin freezes and watches you like…..hey………you’re kinda cute………
  • snaps out of it when his daughter sees him and squeals
  • your eyes settle on jin and youre like wow he’s so handsome no wonder his kid’s beautiful??????
  • you shyly introduce yourself to him and he does the same
  • then his daughter’s askin him if she can go play with her new friend at the park
  • now jin’s lookin at two sets of puppy eyes and your pretty smile
  • next thing he knows these little play dates become regular whenever his schedule is free
  • n you and him begin to spend time together after dropping your kids off
  • have lil dates of your own when he doesn’t have shoots n you don’t have work
  • don’t realize how close you’ve become/how you feel about each other until one day your son calls him ‘dad’ n later on in the day his daughter calls you ‘mommy’
  • neither of you bother correcting them????
  • so you just melt into this family unit wordlessly and it all just slips into place, you take care of his daughter whenever his idol life takes up his time
  • all you know is that if anything were to happen to that man or his daughter, you’d b right there by his side
  • you know that he feels the same

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That's the One, a doctor blake mysteries fanfic | FanFiction

A story to go with these two photos

So I was watching panic! at the disco’s music video for LA Devotee. and has anyone ever noticed how Illuminati/cult leader!brendon, looks like Darkiplier?

I mean, I don’t know. i guess it’s the editing of the video. but I can’t stop thinking about how alike it is? Hell, if I went and edited brendon’s skin so it was B&W like Dark’s,

he’d look even more like him. And now I just can’t stop linking the two. Okay, so I’ve seen theories that ‘dark’ is an entity that hides in marks body, or is trapped. I’m not sure of the complete details. And now I’m sitting here like, what if the same entity, is inside brendon? Or what if, brendon IS dark? it’s probably really out there. But some of the personalities I’ve seen for dark, match the ‘evil’ personalities brendons’ portrayed in his music videos. Not only that, remember brendon was like ONE of the few guys who made guyliner a thing? They’re also both in complete darkness and wearing suits?

AND. brendon urie, watches ‘markiplier's’ videos. He’s a fan of markiplier. So what imagine if this was insanely connected in some way? What if all dark egos stemmed from one monster? I’m completely spitballing. BUT I COULD NOT GET OVER THESE TWO COMPLETELY RANDOM, UNRELATED THINGS, BEING ALMOST IDENTICAL!

@markiplier EXPLAIN URSELF!!

@darkiplier-support-group also tagging u guys bc I thought you’d find it interesting XD

edit: (also its strange how this darkiplier looking brendon is in the song about Los Angeles. JUST SAYIN). 



2015 has been an incredible year!! I’ve seen some improvement after comparing to my 2013 & 2014 summary. Hopefully it can be fully coloured by 2016 haha!  Thank you so much to the bandom, phandom and Until Dawn fandom for welcoming me with open arms! I wonder what other fandoms that will be installed for me next year!

Jan: FOB; laugh
Feb: Sketch Dump I
Mar: Fairly Local
Apr: Uma Thurman
May: Sketch Dump V
June: Sketch Dump VI
July: Young Blood
Aug: Precious dorks
Sept: Don’t play with your food
Oct: All I see is you
Nov: Fantastic Foursome
Dec: You’re the stars in my galaxy


Blade Runner (1982) - Black and White

“A Little clip I made as a tribute to my favorite movie.
The photography of this movie, already perfect, seems even more beautiful in B&W. Music by Ben Frost” - SirCarma (Youtube Source Channel)

anonymous asked:

Total offense but you would outline Sam's freckles on his collarbones/back with black eyeliner before highlighting with white eyeliner. You're welcome. -becca


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