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The Archie Andrews hate is unnecessary because:

  • He’s a high school student struggling with what HS students are SUPPOSED to be struggling with. Their career path. (This makes for a funny meme tho so that’s ok)
  • He’s doing what any normal teenager would do when a murder happens in the town..which is to move on.
  • He spent all summer helping his dad with his struggling business.
  • Is a statutory rape victim
  • was manipulated by the person who raped him to not talk about Jason causing him even more guilt.
  • Used his body as a human shield to step b/w Jughead and Reggie and got a black eye for it.
  • Offered Jughead a home as soon as he saw his living conditions without second thought.
  • Stood up for Jughead and told his dad that Jughead should not be sinking because of his fathers relationship with FP.
  • Apologized to Betty for not being there to help even though the previous episode he had offered it and she turned it down with Jughead.
  • He does his best to help his friends when they actually bother telling him what’s going on in their lives.
  • Archie is a character with faults who sometimes needs to think about what he says before blurting it out but overall, he does his best to be there for all his friends.

In conclusion:

Archie Andrews is a sunshine child who doesn’t deserve this hate.

P.S. Feel free to add on.



2015 has been an incredible year!! I’ve seen some improvement after comparing to my 2013 & 2014 summary. Hopefully it can be fully coloured by 2016 haha!  Thank you so much to the bandom, phandom and Until Dawn fandom for welcoming me with open arms! I wonder what other fandoms that will be installed for me next year!

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