even midorima admits it


This is the face of the generation of miracles recognizing that Akashi is back.

I really wanted to write smth nice butttt I’ve no idea how to haha, so have this bunch of headcanons!


- Akashi would treat his birthday like any other day, no questions asked. He’d probably indulge himself in something tho, it could be something silly, like an entire day where he’d eat only tofu dishes, or something minimalistic, like a ride with Yukimaru.

- The GOM in their second year, threw a surprise party for Akashi. Even now he thinks fondly of that day.

- Rakuzan of course, loves to make a big deal of Akashi’s birthday. The first time, they only wanted to be let off practice, but then, they grew to love the slightly startled, slightly disbelieving expression that Akashi wore, and they’ve made it a tradition. (Even Mayuzumi attends, even tho Mibuchi has to drag him in. Every single time.)

- Midorima is usually the first to wish him. And as much as Akashi liked to tease Midorima about how he kept alarms to wish Akashi at exactly 12, Akashi would be very disappointed if Midorima forgot. Thankfully, Midorima is too particular about the details to actually forget.

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The GoM holding a sleepover :D

Awh, this is cuute~ I assume this means them having a sleepover together? : D If I’m wrong, then feel free to tell me and I’ll rewrite^^

None of the Miracles were willing to ask why on earth Akashi had invited them to a “pleasant get-together” at his household. Sure, he was a friend to them all, as well as a fellow team mate, however the sheer fact that this was Akashi Seijuurou left the group more than puzzled. 

Despite this, everyone somehow wound up stood at the porch of Akashi’s huge house on the following Saturday, all of them, even Murasakibara, thinking of the better things they could have been doing that day.

“I was actually expecting this.” Kise remarked, eyeing the grand door before them.
“I bet he has servants.” Aomine added, supporting the blonde’s words.
“Why’s the knocker a lion~?” Murasakibara drawled, completely changing the subject.
“Idiot, it’s not a real lion.” Midorima snapped, leaning forward to knock on the door. The group had only just noticed that they had been stood at the porch for over a minute, not one of them even thinking to knock.
“But it looks like a lion." 
"It looks more like a cat!”
“They’re the same damn thing, Kise.”
“No, they’re a differen-

"You’re on time.”

At the same time, everyone turned to notice Akashi standing proudly at his porch, almost as if he was looking down at the other Miracles, which he really wasn’t. Besides Tetsuya, of course.

Greeting each of them individually, Akashi lead the group of males into the hallway, carefully observing them as they removed their shoes. 

“I am satisfied that you were all able to make it today.” The red-head stated in a plain tone, putting on a smile. “I am sure that we will all have a pleasurable night.”

A regretful snort escaped from Aomine, earning numerous glances and an extreme death-glare from Akashi. 
“Daiki, is anything the matter?”
“Nothing, nothing.” The tanned male replied, scratching the back of his head. “Just the way you said that.”
“Leave your childish thoughts for later, please. I have prepared a number of games that I feel shall satisfy us all.” This, of course meant Akashi, having no idea what went on at sleepovers, had Googled ways for the teenagers to have fun.

“I shall now lead you to the front parlour where I will depart to retrieve beverages and small supplements.”

Though they had only been in the Akashi household for an extremely short while, the Miracles were already dreading what was to come. Due to this, they had each made excuses to not be part of the games which their red-headed captain had planned for them that night. Well, apart from twister, which Murasakibara had won at by literally crushing each and every one of them with his unbearable weight.

In fact, the most mature game Akashi had planned was Monopoly, which even Midorima did not wish to participate in. The red-head had taken into account that his friends were not quite as mentally superior compared to himself, so planned games such as “musical chairs” and “pin the tail on the donkey”. This, however, simply made his “friends” feel patronized, as it would do to any other teenager. 

As Akashi left the room to prepare for the next game, all the Miracles could do was exchange awkward glances. 
“…I wonder if there’s a pool here.” Kise eventually piped up, killing the silence. 
“I don’t see why they would’t have one.” Kuroko replied in a polite tone; one of the few things he had actually said that night. 

“….So, what do you think he has in plan for us?” Aomine groaned, rubbing his head. “I don’t think I can stand another second in this creepy atmosphere, it’s as if Akashi’s trying to force himself into us or something.”
“Don’t be so rude.” Midorima scolded, crossing his arms. Although he hated to admit it , even Midorima did not wish to be there.

Slowly, Murasakibara stood up, earning confused looks from the rest of the Miracles. 
“Where are you going, Murasakibara-kun?” Kuroko asked with a slight frown,  almost fearful that the childish giant was going to go home without Akashi’s consent. 
“Ah, m’gonna get something to eat…” The purple-haired male announced, sluggishly making his way out of the room. “I bet Aka-chin has a huuuge refrigerator….” He added.
“Well, that just happened.” Aomine remarked.

“What if Akashicchi makes us play Shogi?” 
"I wouldn’t be surprised, Kise.”
“I think I wanna go home…”
“Can we just respect the fact that Akashi hasn’t brought up the subject of winning, please.”
“Of course he has, what do you think all of those games are for?”
“You should see the movies he has.”
“I think I saw Garfield.”
“No, that’s Murasakibara’s.”

“Right, well I’m going to look for Akashi’s stash.” Aomine announced, preparing to exit the room. 
“What do you mean?” Kise almost whined. “Don’t leave me with Midorimacchi!”
"I’m here too, Kise.” Kuroko announced. 

“Come on, don’t you want to know what kinda material Akashi’s into? I bet he’s into S&M.”
“M&M?” Murasakibara chimed, returning to the room with an armful of snacks. “Where’s the M&Ms?" 
"S&M.” Aomine corrected the taller male, going to leave again. 
“What’s that, mm~?” The giant responded, assuming the letters were some kind of new snack.

Making sure Akashi wasn’t going to return any time soon, Aomine carefully made his way upstairs the huge house. Much to his surprise, the male managed to find Akashi’s room pretty easily; spying the red-head’s spare blazer hung up on his door. 

The room was, as expected, completely spotless. One would think that the room was a guest room judging by the lack of trinkets or personal items. Maybe Akashi kept everything tidied away? 

Chuckling darkly to himself, Aomine carelessly pulled open a draw, immediately hitting the jackpot. There were numerous magazines neatly placed inside the draw, only to be demolished and pulled out by Aomine, who wanted to see what kind of material the captain was reading. 

“Horse & Rider - Prepare for cross-country and bad behaviour boot camp!" 

Aomine was surprised; he was right. Akashi was into S&M, judging by the choice of words in the magazine, regarding “bad behaviour boot camp”. Riding, as well. 

Though it made no sense why the front illustration featured a man riding some horse in the middle of a field, unless of course the magazine was in fact not a porn mag, and instead an innocent thing regarding pony club or whatever the hell Akashi’s hobbies consisted of. It was only then that Aomine remembered the red-head owned a horse. 

"May I ask what you are doing in my bedroom?”

Almost having a heart attack, Aomine quickly spun himself around. The male feared that Akashi would assume he was trying to steal his precious pony magazine or something and kick him out of the basketball club. 

“I was just…Looking for the bathroom.” The light lied, clenching his fists before quickly stuffing the magazine back into the draw.
“I am no fool, Daiki. What do you wish from me?”

The tanned male sighed, finally deciding to pop the question everyone that night had been thinking. “Akashi, why did you invite us here tonight?”

“…My father believes I have no friends.”
“Why didn’t you just lie to him and pretend you had friends round. He’s not home, right?”
“…Lies are bad, Daiki.”

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How would the GOM(minus Kise)+Kagami react to having fangirls?

Kuroko: It confused him how so many girls suddenly noticed him as he walked by,pointing and swooning as he looked in their direction. He wasn’t used to being the center of attention so it made him feel a tad uncomfortable. There were a lot more eyes following his every move and he didn’t know how to deal with that fact. For a moment, Kise popped into Kuroko’s mind—this is how the model felt, right?—but he felt too stubborn to ask the blonde for help or advice.

Kagami: It was bad enough that one girl had cornered him, a gift in her small hands and a flirtatious smile on her face. It was worse that she had brought along an entire posse of likeminded females. Each and every one of them had something to give to him or some sort of bento they wanted him to try. As they each pushed each other get closest to him, Kagami could feel the temperature in the room rising—or was that just his skin? He’d soon find himself passed out in the mix of it all.

Aomine: There was a crowd of girls standing in the audience, a large banner with his name painted on it in deep blue letters being raised by them. He was pretty sure they weren’t allowed to bring those sort of things into the gymnasium, but he had to at least acknowledge how bold his fans were. As they cheered his name, Aomine let the glory of his fame inflate his ego and he let off a grin. Of course, he didn’t let that stop him from concentrating on the game at hand.

Midorima: Several different versions of his lucky item for the day were sitting on his desk. At first, he’d seen it as a blessing, thanking the girls for thinking of him, but when their display of affection continued on for weeks, even Midorima had to admit that enough was enough. Neck high in lucky items that could last him a lifetime, he’d politely ask the girls to stop buying him gifts. Of course, he had to take back that request immediately after when they asked if they could give him kisses instead.

Murasakibara: Chewing on the puff pastry that had been gifted to him by a shorter girl, Murasakibara tried to balance the massive amount of sweet’s bags in his arms. He didn’t really know how much he’d been given, but he did know it was enough to probably last him until the weekend. As yet another girl bounced up to him, nervously handing over a package of candies, he thought to himself: he could get used to having so many fans around.

Akashi: The Akashi before he had fangirls and the Akashi after were one and the same; he hadn’t let the fame change him one bit. He was still courteous toward the girls, yet he upheld his strong, demanding façade. Not once taking advantage of their love for him, he’d thank them graciously each time they braved their fear to approach him and gave him a gift. It didn’t happen often—since what could you give the boy who has everything?—but he was grateful nonetheless.