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finally getting around to listening to The Adventure Zone/talking about old DnD campaigns = this morning’s warm up

Gladstone is a rogue, Donald is a paladin, Fethry is a druid!


→  day six: best moment you’ve experienced while being a fan

  • april 10/11, 2017: what i like to call ‘little mix takes new orleans’. the time when the girls came to new orleans, went on an adventure, and then i got to see them live for the dangerous woman tour.
Gryffindor is in Danger
  • Hufflepuff: *gets extremely overwhelmed and worked up*
  • Slytherin: Hey, Huff, try to stay calm as much as you can, okay?
  • Ravenclaw: Yeah, we can't help Gryff if we're not in the right frame of mind. Let's all just take a breather and try to calm down, okay?
  • Hufflepuff: *furious* No!
  • Hufflepuff: Our friend is in trouble! We have to put our heads together and get them out of it!
  • Slytherin and Ravenclaw: *stunned silence at seeing Hufflepuff blow up like that*
  • Hufflepuff: And if you two aren't with me 110% then get the hell out!
  • Slytherin: *calmingly* Okay, alright...we want to help them, too. We'll help you.
  • Ravenclaw: *also calmingly* Yeah, we want Gryff back here safe with us, too. We just need everybody to be calm and collected if we're gonna do that. I'm sorry for bringing up taking a break. I just don't want you to overwhelm yourself, okay?
  • Hufflepuff: *taking deep breaths* Okay, yeah, I'm sorry. I'm just-I'm freaking out. If anything happens to Gryff...
  • Slytherin: Nothing's gonna happen to Gryff. I promise you. And I don't break my promises. Ever. Alright?
  • Hufflepuff: Okay.
  • Ravenclaw: Let's do this.
  • Simon: Has band mate head over heels in love with him
  • Simon: Pulls Clary (sorta)
  • Simon: Pulls Maia
  • Simon: Has the Seelie Queen crushing on him
  • Simon: Pulls Izzy
  • Simon: Most definitely has Rapha crushing on him
  • Simon: Has vampire queen completely besotted with him
  • Simon: I wish I could pull like Jace
  • Jace: You either got it or you don't

me thinking about the dating patterns of harry styles and his commitment issues and the possibility of him being exposed to the predatory behaviors of older women during his sexual maturation informing said commitment issues and his tendencies to date women that remind him of his first sexual encounters as a coping mechanism– 

You know, I honestly worry for Mike Hanlon. I really hope he doesn’t ever act ‘selfish’ or ‘rude’ or display any negative, realistic emotions in the movie because we all know the fandom will latch onto that and use that as an excuse to ignore/hate him (see: Lucas Sinclair )

We know the same people will be able to overlook that in any other losers or even Bowers + Hockstetter, but he will probably be CRUFICIED if he so much as breathes angrily. He’s going to be downplayed and ignored enough as it is…

crazy-fruit  asked:

Did you do some fruit preserves? My day has been absolutley shitty. Woke up at 4am bc a mosquito found it a good idea to bite me (still need to find and kill it), searched for more appartmens only to find the perfect one but the person has no time to meet me next week and I'm at a point where I just want to crawl into my bed and do nothing. Not even drawing sounds like a fun activity to me right now. (sorry for the vent) Got a fluff Rebelcaptain headcanon for me?

I ended up not making any peach preserves. One went bad and spoiled a bunch of my fresh peaches, so I wasn’t really left with enough to do that kind of extensive canning. But that’s okay. There’s perhaps enough just to eat fresh and maybe make some peach ice cream or a peach cake.

It’s been a nice day so far for me, and I am sorry to hear that yours has been terrible so far! I know how that apartment hunt has been a real drag for you, and sometimes being trapped in the purgatory of the unknown is worse than not getting a place you want.! And don’t get me started on mosquitos! I don’t know about you, but I have something of an allergy to them and my bites will swell up like knots on my body!

I was trying to come up with a fluff head canon but came up with a non-fluffy AU instead? How’s this:

Everyone survives Scarif somehow, but Cassian is seriously injured. He’s in the medbay for ages and ages, in a medical coma. Jyn’s not sure where she stands in the rebellion except that she feels anchored there by Cassian. Some time passes, and then a message arrives to her through Bodhi through cryptic channels: her father, Galen Erso, is possibly somehow alive. She is torn whether to stay or go, but this is her father–her second chance at family again, and so reluctantly she leaves the rebellion and Cassian.

It turns out that Galen survived the bombing on Eadu, and Krennic had dragged him onto his ship as he escaped. Jyn never had the chance to speak to her father as she did in canon, and so thought he perished when more Alliance fighters bombed the flight deck. After recovering from his injuries on Eadu, and after the chaos of the destruction of the Death Star, Galen was able to escape and find a way to get his message to his daughter.

When Cassian wakes, his first words–his first thoughts are for Jyn, but she’s gone. But he has strange memories of talking to her in his dreams–or rather, dreams of her talking to him. He dreams too of giant trees and mountains. He wants to find her but his injuries and his duties to the rebellion keep him where he is.

But when a mission takes him to Takodana, he flies by the Giant Forest that rests atop a mountain near Maz Kanata’s castle, and something draws him there beyond his orders. Taking a few extra days after he completes another recruitment mission for Draven, he wanders into these high-altitude woods with its Giant Trees and feels as though he’s been there before. In those woods, he runs into a man walking alone–an older man who he’s seen before not in is dreams but through the scope of his sniper rifle: Galen Erso.

And when Galen invites this kind but sad man to his home to rest a while, dinner and a bed are not the only thing Cassian finds again: because he finds Jyn, who had spoken to him of this place as he slept, as though she knew he’d fine his way back to her eventually.

Saturday Social


Animal Jam’s Total Eclipse event (August 2017)

Jamaa Township, Appondale, and the Lost Temple of Zios.


Ford before marriage: *only eats healthy and organic grown, extra well done cooked food with carefully calculated calories count which matches his daily needs only enough to keep himself not dying also sweets and sugar are vile creations and their very existence in this planet is abominable*

Ford after marriage: *offers to make his wife and his daughter some sticky, sweet and heavily sugar-glazed things such as cinnamon roll/シナモンロール and mitarashi dango/みたらしだんご and actually agrees to make and eat such unhealthy option with empty calory for the family breakfast just because*

So over the last few weeks I recently hit a personal milestone of 600+ followers on this blog, and that absolutely blows me away because this is such a weird mismash of fandoms, ships and personal nonsense. 

So in order to celebrate and to properly say thanks to all of you, I decided to do a give away of sorts, with not just one, but two options and here’s how.

  • First please be following this blog
  • Second pick either a 1) Character Aesthetic Moodboard or 2) Ship Aesthetic Moodboard.
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  • My inbox will be open for requests until 5pm EST Monday, August 21st

I am requesting that you please keep your requests to fandoms or ships that I have knowledge about, I also would personally really appreciate if we can steer clear of any underage content. If a ship has an underage character, I will adjust accordingly to my preferences.

You can check out my archive here if you’re curious or just send me a PM with any questions. I will be working on these as I receive them, but please be aware that I do work a full time job and all fandom obligations come second to personal obligations, but have no fear I will complete every single request received.  

Once again, thank you all so much for giving me such a great experience these past few years. I’m so excited to get to make Nice Things for all of you!  

Love, Bex ❤️

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