even kris is participating

EXO Reaction: Finding out you’re on a different team while participating in Idol Olympics.

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Xiumin: “Why is Y/N on the pink team?”

Luhan: *Commentator/ reporter asks how he feels about you being on a different team* ” I’m sad that we can’t play on the same team.”

Kris: *Doesn’t even know you’re participating* “What’s Y/N doing here?”

Luhan: ”She’s a members of the blue team.”

Kris: “Why am I only hearing about this now.”

Suho: “Although we’re not on the same team, I’m still going to support you.”

Lay: *Waves and cheers as he sees you enter the stadium*

Baekhyun: "What did I do to deserve this?”

Chen: “Why?”

Chanyeol: *Tries to act like he’s disappointed, but he can’t keep a straight face*

D.O: “ How can you be on a team that doesn’t have all this?”

Tao: “I must be dreaming, there’s no way we can be on different teams.”

Kai: *Cheers you on as you run*


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