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What would be the Mercs' reactions to modern-day internet and memes and the likes.


Soldier: orders 500 MREs and all day watches videos in the weird part of youtube. doesnt even know what a meme is but keeps making them.

Heavy: Skype nearly makes him cry. he can actually SEE his family and talk to them to. has a little lap top way to small for his hands and carries it around showing his family to everyone and introducing them,

Demo: SO many phone calls from the FBI because he keeps googling ‘how to make a stronger bomb’ and the like.

Spy: old man trying to use a fancy computer. types with his index fingers. 

Scout: shit poster. his facebook profile pic is a cannabis leaf unironically decorated with Blingee.

Sniper: gets really into nature videos and Netflix. has the best wifi so he can watch blue planet in a tent. 

Engie: has one of those youtube channels where he puts stuff in a compressor just to see it break.

Pyro: Edge lord, keeps flipping bottles, vine star, becomes god of youngest generation


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  • The really secret about it type of fan
  • Like you wouldn’t expect him to like girl groups until you see his wallpaper
  • Lowkey but hardcore your fan
  • Likes the most random things about you
  • ‘I like the smol mole on her arm’
  • how he came to know you?
  • well, he was up at midnight you know, just staring at his phone like everyone does
  • and he’s doing the thing where you just randomly click through youtube videos because you’re bored
  • Wonwoo was scrolling through the next recommended videos when he saw this cat being weird video but when he went to go click on it, his hand slipped and he clicked on the video below it
  • and he’s just like ‘well im too lazy to go back now’
  • the video was a vlive and yes you were the one doing the live
  • Wonwoo was initially going to click on another video, but then he heard your voice
  • It was soo sweet and soothing to his ears that he just stopped and started watching
  • and he fell
  • HARD
  • Suddenly it’s 7 in the morning, the sun is starting to peek out and Wonwoo knows your birthday, your birth place, your favorite song, your pets, your favorite food and color
  • Wonwoo didn’t fall for your music, he fell for you and your personality
  • He thinks this is just a small phase, that he’ll get over it in a week
  • But now it’s six months later and his folder of photos of you has gone over 600
  • Wonwoo does finally take time to listen to your group songs, and he’s just over the moon when he hears your voice
  • Stumbles across a video of you doing a cover and he’s sitting in the dark, in the middle of the night, with his heart jumping out of his chest
  • Heard you rap once and lost it
  • bc you were so good but then you got all shy about it in the video and Wonwoo was melting
  • absolutely LOVES when you pull out them pun jokes
  • like he’s sitting there in his room, in the library, in the café, laughing his ass off like it’s the funniest thing he’s ever heard
  • doesn’t forget to remind people of that moment
  • ‘remember when they said…’
  • Created a Tumblr blog dedicated to you
  • Got really confused the first week on how to use the site
  • for the first two months he reblogged a lot of stuff just pertaining to you
  • got really interested in those things people call gifs
  • so he learned everything he could about it and mastered the art of gif making in a few weeks
  • started making gifs of you
  • they got really popular because at first he just did regular ones from vlives and interviews but then all of a sudden he’s making these cute and aesthetically pleasing ones of you
  • and the whole kpop world is freaking out
  • people requested him to do other idols, or at least other members but he’s like
  • ‘sorry I only do them for y/n’
  • He met Joshua on Tumblr
  • Joshua messaged Wonwoo privately, asking if he can use Wonwoo’s gifs that he made from one your interviews and translate it to english
  • (bc that particular gif was the part of the interview that you talked about Joshua’s bias)
  • Wonwoo took like 3 days to answer because he was so nervous and hesitant
  • Finally agrees to letting Joshua use it
  • Wonwoo discovers the world of crediting the gif maker when Joshua puts a little credit at the end of the post
  • Wonwoo doesn’t know how but he continues to talk to Joshua and finally one day Joshua’s like ‘bro you should join this group chat I’m in’
  • And Wonwoo’s like sure because it’s 1 in the morning and he’s dead tired and he doesn’t know what he’s saying because he knocks out dead asleep after he sends that message
  • Wakes up the next morning to 1,000 new messages and two guys names Cheol and Woozi screaming all caps about their biases
  • Wonwoo discovers he fits right in with these dorks and now he has best friends who he can talk to about you
  • Gets really emotional at like 3 in the morning about you and everyone is just
  • ‘wonwoo are you okay’
  • The guys are all talking about their past experiences with fanmeets and concerts and Wonwoo is there like ‘lol never been to one’
  • The group chat falls dead silent for 5 minutes
  • Everyone’s screaming and now everyone is determined to help Wonwoo meet you
  • Luckily, thanks to mama Jeonghan, he has connections and is able to bring Wonwoo with him to the groups next fanmeet
  • Gets really nervous the more he gets closer to the venue
  • And Jeonghan is laughing and sending pic and videos of Wonwoo being nervous to the groupchat
  • Wonwoo’s standing there in the crowd, and when you come out with your members, he’s so frozen
  • He’s SHOOK to the core bc ‘she’s real. SHE’S ACTUALLY REAL. I SEE HER’
  • Jeonghan took a video of that moment and everyone in the group chat is laughing
  • It’s at the part of the fan meet where everyone is going on stage to meet the idols and Wonwoo is next and his hands are literally shaking because you’re the first one
  • He feels his stomach churning and he’s so scared
  • Jeonghan already went up, and so Wonwoo is looking at him in the crowd who’s giving Wonwoo a thumbs up
  • And Wonwoo wants to cry because HE’S NEXT
  • Jeonghan literally stops taking pics and videos of his bias to capture Wonwoo’s moment
  • It’s Wonwoo’s turn to go and you look over at Wonwoo and everything just stops
  • All sound is drowned out, he’s staring into your eyes, taking in your features, your straight hair, the cute flower crown on your head, the way your lips curl up into a smile, and you give a small gesture for him to move forward
  • and it isn’t until a staff is pushing him that he snaps back into reality
  • he hears you giggle when he sits down, he thinks he’s going to pass out
  • your hand brushes his when he gives you a cute plush doll and suddenly he feels nauseous
  • ‘you don’t look good’ you give him this concerned look, and you touch his hand asking him if he’s sick
  • Wonwoo shakes his head and he’s cursing because HE DOESN’T KNOW WHAT TO SAY
  • You’re trying to get him to talk but he’s so quiet so you’re like ‘who’s your bias’ since it kinda seems he doesn’t like you
  • But he spits out the word ‘I like you’
  • And you give him the biggest grin and he’s swooning, and he’s seeing the next people start to move and now he’s rushing to get everything out
  • ‘I really really like you and your music and you’re really cute when you rap and you’re so nice when you help the other members and I find your puns and jokes really funny and I hope you win on the next music show’
  • It all came out really fast and you’re processing everything and it’s possibly the sweetest thing you’ve heard in a while, so you smile really big while grabbing his hand
  • And for the next minute Wonwoo is in heaven because you don’t let go of his hand and you’re asking him random questions as you sign the pages and answer his question
  • Almost falls to his knees when he goes back to Jeonghan
  • Jeonghan is screaming because he got the whole thing on video and he took nice pics
  • Now Wonwoo is screaming because he can relive the moment
  • Wonwoo post all the pics and videos to his blog and obviously gives credit to Jeonghan
  • Lets just say Wonwoo never misses a fanmeet after that, and he even goes with the other guys
  • For his birthday, everyone is screaming
  • The group chat fills with pictures of just you in celebration to Wonwoo’s birthday
  • His followers are sending him birthday messages
  • Jeonghan reposted those first moments of Wonwoo meeting you on his fansite
  • To Wonwoo’s luck, you did a vlive on the day of his birthday
  • And as he’s watching, he sees these messages on the chat screaming ‘IT’S WONWOO’S BIRTHDAY PLS SAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY’
  • And it’s 12 boys screaming it at the same time so you notice it, and you’re laughing before saying ‘Happy Birthday Wonwoo, I love you!!’
  • Wonwoo died
  • Rip Wonwoo July 17th 2017
  • Puts a gif of you saying Happy birthday to him on his blog and everyone freaked
  • Made the gif his header
  • Cried for a week after
  • Fanboy Wonwoo just adores you so much, he’s seen you so much that he’s no longer nervous when he meets you at the fanmeets. And you find him really cute and nice to talk to, you’ve recognized him so much that you wave to him in the crowd and honestly Wonwoo can’t find anyone more perfect than you who smiles his way and remembers his name.

ok i think i have a theory for seventeens comeback which i hope WILL NOT BE ANYTIME SOON!!!!

remember how we had teasers and we need to figure out what their prime numbers are and like idk if y'all have seen that video of a chinese exo-l doing a cover of kokobop using a calculator??? ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EXlC77V4R60

I really don’t know why but i think if we put all their prime numbers together on this type of calculator or even on our phones (like how you need to press certain numbers to get the melody of happy birthday) 



so what you y’all think?????? hahahahaha please don’t take this seriously its just a random thought i had i mean i just came back from school and i need to pack i leave tmr lmao 

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In your opinion, what are the jikook moments that you think most obvious? like, the ones that make you think 'ah, yes, they are real' the most?

It didn’t happen like that for me , it’s not like I saw a moment and was like ah yeah that’s it; they’re 100% together, end of story , but more like from watching the progress / stages of their relationship , especially from jungkook’s side watching him acknowledging his feeling for jimin and even becoming more open about it, when he was really shy around him , pushing him away when he was younger ,but in reality it was just because he was confused  , as he was still figuring out who he is, yet trying to show that he cares about jimin by keeping his “tsundere” image with him,  satellite-jeon  talked about this part in the best way possible and said everything there’s to say, so i’m not going to talk too much about it.  so now i think jungkook knows how he feels about jimin , and has accepted it . He even changed his ideal type so that it fits jimin when,like when jimin couldn’t do aegyo and looked well just weird when he did it jungkook’s ideal type was : someone who “can’t do aegyo” but later on when jimin became totally okay with doing aegyo and even did it without being asked jungkook changed his ideal type to someone “ who does aegyo” , kookminworld on youtube pointed this thing out . there is also the thing they did when they were sorry for my language eye-f***ing through the front cam/ mirror freshipping noticed it , it’s in this vid  , as you can see jimin looked more and more turned on each sec while looking at jungkook , there’re so many more moments like these that are meant to be just between the two of them …. 

there is also this recent analysis about jimin staying in jungkook’s hotel room and hiding when taehyung came to do vlive with him , it’s deleted now because the peopel who made it aka “kookminworld” were afraid that dispatch might find it and cause some huge scandal or something  it’s from this vlive , jimin and jungkook were basically together in jungkook’s hotel room with the lights turned off with jungkook wearing nothing , with some loud music playing , and jimin not wearing his hoodie, i wonder what they’ve been doing hmmm, also jungkook kept saying “oh my make up is smeared all over my face” and looked nervous as hell during that whole live , wandering around the room searching for anything suspicious , and taking forever to open the door at the  beginnning! then after opening it , he was still not wearing the robe , then what was he doing that took that long ? and the bathroom light which was originally turned off but later when jungkook is sitting you can see it turned on … and jimin’s voice saying “ oh you scared me”  to jungkook at the beginning and taehyung not reacting at all … as if he was used to this whole thing by now . don’t even get me started with the unconscious tongue in cheek thing jungkook does , or when he stares at jimin for several seconds without remembering to blink ..

there’is a lot more to say but this is already longer than it should be , so i’ll just stop here :) i t’ve also talked about this here

Jack & Mikeys new video & why I'm disappointed

I’m not just upset with mikey new video Im upset with jacks new video as well. The worst type of videos I hate are the one when male youtubers degrade females like with smash or pass, guessing their age, even fuck, marry or kill. Knowing jack has a younger sister doesnt he think how she will react to her older brother basically degrading women based on their looks what is that teaching to young girls with insecurities. Moving on the Mikeys video now I stated in my previous post why I didnt like his video but I will say it again on this post. Me being half Latina and after watching Mikey new video with jack really bugs me. Especially the part when mikey said a girl looks Latina cause of her skin tone and he begins to make fun of the culture.

Im just shocked that they still filmed these types of videos after both receiving major backlash of Mikeys smash or pass video. I’m disappointed in both of them I thought they would have changed their ways and be more mature then to post stuff that degrades and make women feel insecure about themselves cause they look older or they don’t look fuckable.

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Is it kinda cool kinda weird how much W2H has stuck with people? Like people keep doing art n stuff or are even now just joining the fanbase, for your cartoon from years ago now! That's so inspiring? Like, what does it feel like?

It’s pretty much exactly what you just described; kinda weird, but cool!  It’s hard to elaborate on exactly what it feels like, because it’s sort of changed over the last couple years.  I remember when it first started gaining traction, in the weeks after I graduated, and just being so excited to wake up every morning and check the tumblr tags to see what new fanart there was.  I remember seeing little milestones: the first fanart of Mephistopheles, the first AMV, the first cosplay attempts.  Maybe someone shared it on another website and I got a little more traffic on the video… it wasn’t even on Youtube yet, it was just on Vimeo, with all my other animation assignments. 

People started to realize that I like interacting with fans, so I’d get all kinds of questions.  I’d spend so much time typing, just elaborating on the ideas I had for the story, the characters, or how the universe would work.  What powers do demons have?  What are angels like?  I’d really sit there and think about my responses… I wanted to give people intriguing explanations that would maybe help give them some ideas, for their fan works, you know?  I gave so little with the actual film, but it felt like people were into it because they could sense that maybe there was a larger world planned, a bigger idea behind it.  I certainly wasn’t producing much in the way of a continuation, so that seemed to be a good compromise.  

I tried to reblog everything I could, and after awhile there was just SO much… I would sit down once maybe every couple weeks and just go through the tags and try to catch up with it.  I didn’t realize you could queue stuff, so immediately after I’d get a bunch of messages from people telling me how excited they were for my, like… bi-weekly stream of reblogs… just W2H flooding their dash or whatever, haha.  I got so behind, after awhile, and I’m only just recently trying to get back into it and get better about it.  

There’s been some weirdness to come of it too, for sure.  There’ve been a couple fans who were just, like… reeeeaaaallly crossing over some personal boundaries.  And I was as respectful as I could’ve possibly been with them, for as long as I could’ve possibly been, but at a point I just had to start ignoring some people.  I try to be helpful, but at a point, it’s like… I’m an animator, I’m not a therapist.  There were really only a couple pointedly inappropriate cases, but there was definitely a point where it felt like I just needed to take a break from it.  Some people kind of take interactivity for granted, and the boundary between creator and fan gets a little harder for them to see.  I don’t feel this is an issue any more, but it’s definitely been a little overwhelming a couple times.  There’s good weirdness and there’s bad weirdness, haha.  It’s generally good weirdness, which I’m thankful for!

There’s so many funny little things too, like… once or twice I’ve seen people who were pretty young when they first watched W2H say things like “Oh man, I can’t believe I liked this, I was so young back then…”  BACK THEN!  Of course it’s “back then” to a 15-year-old who was really into something when they were 12, and now they’re embarrassed by it!  Haha… but to me it’s like… idk, I made it when I was 24-25 and now I’m 28.  Like not only is the concept of “back then” totally different to me, but it’s also really funny to see a younger person looking at something I made, as an adult, and go “oh, I’m an adult and this is childish now”… haha.  It’s been interesting to see the fandom develop over the years, people coming and going… it’s really somethin’! 

I could talk about the kinda cool/kinda weird all day long, so I’ll just leave it at this!  Haha.  Thanks for the good question.  Lots of memories, for sure.

You’re a Youtuber (13 Reasons Why Preference)

Description: What your videos would be like if you were had a youtube account with different characters from 13 Reasons Why


Warning: none

A/N: So I’ve been watching tons of danandjon on youtube in the past 24 hours so this happened. None of the gifs are mine. The sources should be attached to them. :) Thank you for reading…also I am almost to 1k followers? How did that even happen?? I really appreciate y’all and if you like this type of thing more than what i normally do let me know because I want to make y’all happy. :)

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dad no omg

Morality just wants to be cool

i’m v aware that I’m not funny thanks, fite me

God, writing this made my brain hurt.

@princey-and-hottopic and @prinxietys y'all I could tag you so I’m gonna do that

((this was originally supposed to be an angst but I’ll write that later))

Warnings: None (if I missed something make sure to message me!)


Morality really missed the old days.

As the oldest to appear in the mindscape, he had been the one to greet each new side with open arms and plenty of cookies!

But things have changed. They never sat together for meals, they barely talked anymore, barely even saw each other.

Morality just wanted things the way they used to be.

So, he did what anyone does when they want to know something. He grabbed his laptop and searched google.

“How to be a cool dad??” Was the first search he typed, waiting for the screen to load and give him his answers.

A short list of YouTube videos popped up, the first being, “the coOOL DAD LOL!!1!!¿!¿”


‘That seemed like a creditable source!’ Morality thought while he clicked on it, the transparent bubbles of the YouTube loading scroller rolled around his screen.

When the video loaded Morality immediately cringed at the bad quality. Everything was fuzzy, but he would gladly go through that for his kiddos.

A man in shiny gold parachute pants ran out, a snapback on backwards and shutter shades over his eyes. He ran into the crowd of kids and dabbed, neigh neighing away slowly as he kickflipped on a skateboard and rolled away, still dabbing, shouting “swag, yolo” and other various slang terms as he went.


Morality was in complete shock. Is…was that really how “Kool Kids” acted??


If that was really what he was supposed to do then… That’s what he would do.. I guess?

Still a little stiff, he toddled over to his closet,digging through the depths of the area to find his old clothes.

–[next morning]–

Anxiety stumbled into the kitchen, nearly tripping over his own feet as he walked to the coffee maker, pouring it into Prince’s dry bowl or Coco Puffs.

“Okay MCR, that was my bowl. “Prince said from by the fridge, the gallon of milk clutched in his hand.

Anxiety grabbed a spoon, taking a big mouthful of the coffee-cereal wreak with a smirk.“Get over it Aurora. Unless you like extra caffeinated Coco Puffs, it’s my bowl now. "He hefted himself onto the counter, taking another large bite to spite the fanciful side and sagging his shoulders against the microwave.

Logic was the next to enter the kitchen, grabbing a couple eggs from the fridge and starting to make himself a couple fried eggs. "I hope you didn’t use all the coffee to create your abomination of a breakfast."Logic muttered, casting a slightly irritated and disappointed look at the nearly empty coffee maker.

As the three made their respective breakfasts, it wouldn’t occur to them that this was the first time in weeks they had all been in the same room for more than a minute, or that Morality had yet to arrive.

But they were about to notice Morality. Oh boy were they about to.

Morality made a mental note that skateboarding on carpet was difficult, the wheels sinking into the plush rug underneath him. Slowly but surely he scooted his way to the kitchen, checking to make sure the baseball cap he got from Thomas was just perfectly crooked.

When Morality skated (when did he get a skateboard??) into the kitchen, Anxiety choked on his cereal.

The father figure was wearing a pair of silver hot pants with a tank top, snapback flung backwards over fluffy and wild hair. He had a shark tooth necklace and his normal lensless glasses were replaced by shutter shades.

He looked like a love child of the past and future fashion styles and honestly Anxiety was unsure how to react.


Through shutter shades Morality dabbed, giving Anxiety a fist bump. “What up my wiggity whack dude bros??” Morality asked, doing a quick cabbage patch before swaggering over to the fridge and pulling out a dank box of frozen waffles.

“My Krazy Kiddos just chillaxin in the digs?” He asked in the same over the top voice, dabbing twice.

“Morality what the hell has gotten into you??” Logic said, surprising them all. The teacher looked at Morality incredulously, his eyes wide.

“Some krazy Kool kidzs spirit!! I’m your cool pops, you whack dad!!” Morality proclaimed, ju-juing on that (non-existent) beat.

With that, his waffles popped and he rolled on out of the kitchen, leaving the rest of the sides to stare in horror.

Okay, Morality was becoming an issue, Logic decided.

He started to show up that way to videos to. He was screwing Thomas moral compass up and worst of all he kept using those stupid slang words.

Logic rarely understood Morality when he spoke, but this was too much. What did dank even mean???

This he spent much of his week avoiding Morality and plotting with Prince and Anxiety on how to get remold Morality back.

They approached him one day while he was in his room, spray painting slang words on his walls.

“Morality, we need to talk-”

Morality spun around, wearing four snapbacks at once and a mullet. “What’s up muh krazy kidz? How can your kool pops-icle help you out??”

Logic cringed, Prince taking over the conversation.

“Morality this is getting out of hand, why did you change yourself like this?? Why won’t you stop?”

Morality frowned, Prince was being super un-rad about this. “It’s all for you my special Bois!”

All three blinked. “What?”

Morality swagged up and down, a funky fresh beat all up in his noggin.

“My three favorite bros had been all separated which was v un-rad my broskis. But now that I’m hopping and popping you’ve been spending more clock wags together than in a long time babes. ”

It took a brief moment for them to decipher what Morality had said. Anxiety stepped up, pulling Morality into a hug. When he let go and stepped back, the snapbacks and mullet cane with him, Anxiety throwing them to the side.

“Morality. Dad. I’ll admit, I’ve been a but distant recently, but this is over the top. ”

Morality nodded dankly. “Yeah, i’m picking up what you’re throwing down. I just wanted it to be like old times, ya know?? When we would at least be chillaxin on the couch with a poppin movie and some hot corn…..”

They all stepped forward, embracing Morality tenderly.

Prince was the first to speak. “How about this, we can have movie and dinner nights??” Morality nodded softly, squeezing Prince’s swol bicep comfortingly.

Anxiety was next. “I’ll….. Hop and bop out of my room more often, how about that?” Morality nodded excitedly, a peek of his old self appearing behind the six pairs of shutter shades.

Logic finally stepped up. “I can make time for you all between my researching sessions…. I suppose. ” Morality squealed, grabbing all of them and pulling them into an embrace, a couple pairs of shades falling off.

“You guys are my baes…. And my ultimate fam.”

Just this once they rest decided to let that comment go, as it seemed to be affectionate.

But dank Morality would never be returning.

Ever again.

Gotham Preference - Discovering Your Youtube Channel

Requested by anon: could you do preferences for selina kyle, bruce wayne, jim gordon, harvey bullock, edward nygma, oswald cobblepot and fish mooney. for them finding out the reader has a youtube channel with a couple million subscribers? sorry if thats too many people.

A/N: These turned out away longer than I expected. Whoops. Also I kept this kinda neutral as to whether or not the reader is friends or in a relationship with the characters. Especially with Fish. Hers kinda came out as a mentor-student type relationship.

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i honestly am really fucking tired of youtube at the moment and i'm not in a creator. but thanks for answering! love you both :)))

So is everyone 🙃 A friend of mine who keeps her videos SUPER clean, doesn’t even swear (like not even the word ass) got one taken demonetised recently and appealed it with YouTube. They said they wouldn’t monetise it because it wasn’t suitable for a five year old. When she asked why they LITERALLY (I shit you not, I could go find the screenshot) straight up basically said “We don’t know”. Like. YouTube. What the fuck are you doing.

Also horror channels and gaming channels are being hit hard. Apparently having anything like “Dead” “Dying” “Death” “Evil” etc in the title makes it unfriendly. Do you know how many video games, creepy pastas and Top 10 type videos that’ll fuck up?🙃

They’re also able to auto flag text on thumbnails so if there’s any random ass word on there that they dislike you’re screwed. It’s an absolute mess.

The Dark Side of YouTubers

Welcome to Otaku Connection Disconnection. Prepare to look at your YouTubers in a different way. You never know what secret’s are behind their smiles. As everyone has a dark side, and every now and then…they will show themselves. Let us begin shall we? 

What are the Dark Sides of YouTubers called?

Most people call them second players, or 2p! for short, but some 2p! have names. Although, there can be several different dark types of YouTubers. All having different names and reasons for existing. 

How do they come to exist?

Second players are mainly fan-made, but some YouTubers actually use them. A few YouTubers even make their own 2p! and incorporate them into their videos. Allowing fans to fall in love with the idea and make theories about them. Some people getting close to the past or story about how the 2p! was created. 

What is it that the Dark sides do?

Depending on the dark version of the YouTuber it can range from murder to just wanting attention. They get what they want, and will do anything to get  it. If you can get on their nerves, be prepared to die. There is no way to escape them. You will suffer horribly, and wish you’d never crossed their path. Although, a few will make you deals or play a game with you. The prize? For you to keep your life, but some won’t keep their word so you’ll die in the end. 

YouTubers relationships with their Dark Sides

Dark sides will attempt to kill the first player, the YouTuber/Original, or to take over their bodies. Very few seem to have been “successful” in murdering/taking over their first player. If they are “successful” is it the second player we’re watching or our YouTuber being controlled like a puppet? Maybe even making the YouTuber a hallow shell for them to play with. Some YouTubers will fight against their counterparts in their own way, or make deals with them. How? Is unknown

Examples of YouTubers Dark Sides


The second player of JackSepticEye, mainly is know as being a virus or demon trying to take over his body. He’s seen in a couple of Sean’s (Jack’s) videos. (Screen Shotted from Jacksepticeyes S̺͍͉͔͉̞̪Ḁ̸̰̮͝Y̶̪ ̳͇̭͍̥̭͉ͅG̕҉̡̦̲O̤̫͖͎̗͜͞ͅÒ̴̬̠̺̪̥͉̳͉̥͝D̨̺̦̯͙͙͔̯͚͠B̸̬̻̝͉͍̻̀͝Y҉̫̝̖̹̝̠͠E̲̩͟͝ͅ)


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One of the three dark versions (Darkiplier, Warfstache, and Googliplier/ Google IRL) of Markiplier. Darkiplier appears whenever Mark is acting strange. Darkiplier has been known as “The Host” as well. He’s taken over Marks body, and is in control when Mark tries to escape. Darkiplier waits patiently to store up strength to take over Mark. In “A Date With Markiplier” when you get onto the video of “Freedom” he explains how he’s been waiting. 


Natemare plays and messes with his victims, mainly toying with their emotions. His insanity and intelligence make him extremely dangerous, as he will act on impulse. Natemare doesn’t really go after Nate as he is an alter ego, and he does as he pleases. Getting what he wants mainly by killing.

Hope you learned something today victims. 

We’rE KiLLers and WE’ll GET wHaT wE wANt.

D̴̖̔̌o̴̢̢̭͔̜̬͐̾̍ ̶̫̖̱̮̻̜͚̼̩̺̖͚͔̅̆̎͋̀̊͂͂̈̈́̓͐̂n̵̯͙̥̼̩̯͔͓̝͑͆̓̔͗̄ͅͅo̷̧̧̧̮̙̞̰̗͇͈͖̬͍͂t̸̳͓̞̱̅ ̷̢͔̺͕͉̦̥͔͍̦̎̿m̵̻̣̤̭̤̩͚͛̋̈͗̎e̷̯̞̞̜̝͊̽͗͑̑͆͗̔͛͜͠ͅs̸̡͙̭̩̤͖̰̻͕̻͖̯͍̰̻̅̿̑̎s̸͚̎̉͑̾̄̃̚͘͘͝ ̷̫͇͕̹͍̥̪̻͇̬̱̝̺̈́̀ẅ̶͍̗͍̤̽̃̍̃͐̈́̚͝i̶̮͚̐͊͂͊́̑̈̎͜͝͝t̸͙͍̿̑̀͛̂̔͊͒̕͠h̵̛͕͇̤̲̥͎̰̺͂̋̋̅͑͆̔͋̈́̒̚͜͝͝ ̷̯̲̻͇̓͒̾̒̉̏͑̕̕͝ů̵̲̉̀̈͂͋̐̌̆͐̀̚s̴̤̭͉͙͊̾͛̽̂̎̊̽͛̽̽̊̅̋͝

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Hello! If you had ONE piece of advice regarding becoming fluent, what would it be? TY for your hard work!

hello! (and thank you!)

i’ve said it before, i’ll say it again (i’m actually working on a big ass post about how to become fluent step by step) : surround yourself with french.

french youtubers. french movies. french music. french blogs. french books. french tv shows. french podcasts. french newspapers. french twitter accounts. literally you could just type “playlist chansons françaises” on youtube, click and come back on tumblr and scroll away for hours.

anything, really. it doesn’t have to feel like a burden. it should not, never. it’s not about “i’ll come back from school and sit on the bed with my french dictionary and learn a page/memorize a hundred verbs”

make that effort of 1/ listening, 2/ reading to french - even if you think that you miss vocabulary or don’t know enough grammar rules. your brain works even if you don’t realise it. you’ll learn how to pronounce “in” or “ain” our way. you’ll learn how to build sentences (and that’s v important, i’ve had conversations with followers where i had to read whole sentences out loud in order to guess what they meant. you can’t speak or write french by translating english expressions and putting le everywhere). practice every day if possible.

and good luck! x 

Until Dawn characters as Youtubers.

Sam- A vegan lifestyle vlogger. Lover of animals. 

Ashley- Booktuber 

Chris- gaming channel 

Josh- Scary prankster 

Jess&Emily- beauty&fashion 

Matt- Fitness channel 

Mike- All types of stuff, animals, trying weird candy, pranking friends and maybe even a hair tutorial (everyone wanted to know how he gets that hairdo) 

Hannah&Beth- Twin channel 

Of course they all collaborate. 

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How did you learn to use photoshop? :)

i’m actually self taught in all things photoshop! i took media studies in high school thinking we’d do stuff like graphic design and computer stuff (i even took information technology to make sure i did something with ps) and not once did we ever crack out ps :( 

i learnt a lot of what i know from just playing around with different junk on there. youtube tutorials are also your friend! there are also a lot of really helpful tutorials on tumblr too! if you wanna learn about making gifs then type in the search ‘gif tutorial’. the same goes for graphics, icons and lots of other stuff. 

don’t be afraid to mess around with it! photoshop is actually really tricky but once you master the basics then the rest is pretty straightforward.

here’s some links to help you get started! <3

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Hello! Your posts are very insightful and a great read. However, when you answer questions about functions that aren't part of your stack, where are your insights coming from? I'm currently struggling to pin my type down, and would like to know how to gain an objective understanding of the functions. Is it even possible to understand the functions fully if they're not the dominant/ auxiliary? How can I be sure of the accuracy of my knowledge?

Before I knew people of different types, I relied on what I’d read / gathered from YouTube videos / external sources / discussion of those cognitive functions in the MBTI community. But now if I’m not sure how to answer a question, I go to people I know who have that function high in their stack and ask them for clarification / insights / to describe how they ‘see’ the world.

Sometimes I consult an ENFJ friend when talking about Fe/Ni (she gives me a lot of insights, because her mother is an ESFJ and so she can clearly outline and illustrate for me the differences in their approaches to similar situations and how they react differently based on the Si/Ni filters), and I sometimes send my INTJ friend an INTJ-centric post before I post it, for her input. (I also discuss it a lot in general, so I collect information when people talk to me about their type. I’ve learned a lot about Ti/Se interaction since an ISTP started sharing with me.  And being online buds with an ENTP has given me a front row seat to Ne/Ti/Fe:)

The best you can shoot for is a theoretical understanding of cognition not in your stack; and a theoretical understanding of your own functions in reverse order – I, for example, do not know what it is like to be a Si-dom and store information like they do; all I know is that Si ‘eludes me’ – it is strong in some ways, weak in others, and both feels irritated by and in awe of higher Si.

Ask yourself, if you weren’t focused on functions / the hairsplitting of functions, and just general overall types – what type would you be? Your first instinct, without over-thinking, may be correct, especially if it requires very little explaining in order to be seen as that type.

- ENFP Mod

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Can you share you study skills/tips please?

Sure thing anon! Here are my top 10 tips: 

Tip #1: Pay attention in class and actively take notes. 

In order to learn, you have to be an active reader and an active listener. When I take my notes down during class, I always do them in pencil (more on that later,), I write down the main points on each lecture slide, and I write down any important things my professor may have said that wasn’t on the slide. 

Tip #2: Read the dang textbook and other reading materials your professor may have recommended. 

Even though I can get bored very quickly while reading a chapter on “equine nutritional needs with respect to phosphorus and nitrogen”, I try to at least find the points that my professor had covered in class and read them in the book; sometimes, the text may be simpler and clearer than the lecture. 

Tip #3: Don’t listen to music or have the TV on while studying. 

Up until about two months ago, I used to be an avid listener to music while I studied–usually instrumental. However, (FOR ME), I found that I was listening to the music instead of to the words that I was writing down or reading. I have found that when I’m rewriting my notes or reading my textbook without music, my brain becomes more interested in what I’m writing down or reading and I start actually thinking about the topic. I actually became more productive.

Tip #4: Take notes, and then take notes again, and then take notes again. 

My process of notetaking is arduous but well-worth it. First, I write down my notes in pencil during class. Then, every weekend (before class begins on Monday), I go back over that previous week’s notes in pen, and I highlight the main important points with a yellow highlighter. This helps for memory retention for me, so I can break up the material week-by-week. Sometimes I will even type my notes on my computer as well. Then, about a week before the *Big Test*, I take some blank printer paper and re-write my notes in a more…open and free way. For instance, instead of only bullet points (like I use in my notebooks), I use brackets and I draw pictures and diagrams, and I use multiple colors, and I use arrows, etc. and I try to make it as pretty and as educational as possible for myself. 

Tip #5: Watch videos online. 

You’d be surprised at how much stuff there is on the internet. Last quarter I was taking an equine biomechanics class and I needed to know all about the different stay mechanisms and how the joints were put together. I was having trouble envisioning it in my mind, so, on a whim, I went onto Youtube and typed in “horse hock anatomy”, and, voila, there was a very clear and concise video that helped me remember the information on my exam. If you can’t find good videos, there are usually pretty good websites or articles with helpful information as well. 

Tip #6: Form study groups!

Even if you prefer to study alone (which I do), having just at least one other person who is suffering through the same information as you is incredibly helpful, as you can support each other and help each other learn through the class as you wade through the water hose of information that is being sprayed at you. Even just someone to review with; having someone is very helpful. 

Tip #7: Study using the Pomodoro method!

Oh man, this method BOOSTED my productivity. Basically, you study for 25 mins, then take a 5 min break, study for 25, 5 min break, study for 25, 5 min break, study for 25, 10 min break, and then repeat. It helps you see an end goal– “Oh, I only have to put my phone away for 25 mins, then I’ll check my messages!” etc. There are plenty of apps (I know Google chrome has an extension!) that you can use! 

Tip #8: Don’t pull an all-nighter right before the test.

Tbh, by that point, you kind of know-what-you-know. That’s my philosophy. You’re not going to learn anything new within 6 hours before the test. You have to set yourself up for success early on when it comes to studying! 

Tip #9: Keep an academic agenda!

I have a simple academic agenda that I use every single day, where I write down everything that I need to do for each class– I’ll even write in there, “study ch 14″ or “re-write notes!” or “print out the lab!” etc. Being able to check things off of a nice and organized list feels really good and feels very productive. 

Tip #10: Take good care of yourself!

My momma always told me, “your health should always come first, even above school!” And that’s coming from a woman who pushed me very hard academically when I was younger. Sometimes, it’s hard to stay motivated, and it’s easy to get burnt out. Take care of yourself! Eat good food, get a good night’s sleep, drink plenty of water, go exercise, take a break! You definitely deserve to feel good and healthy, no matter what! 


My Life lol

Drunk, faded

Browned out, looking all shady

Two months since I fucked a lady

Young man dick going crazy

Standard Saturday

I’m about to get a cab and masturbate

Then I see a hot girl I bet I could date

“Lemme get your cat girl, no Hathaway”

That what I thought not what I said to her

Instead I walk up to her like

“I know you heard of the kid

You heard what I did

You heard of my shit

The murderous spit”

She’s like “Naw

You’re being weird

What are you talking about?”

I’m like “Aw.”

Pulling out my phone like a boss

YouTube bout to get her off

But as I type the y-o-u

Some porno pop up

I’m like

“Hold up, how di-, that’s not even me like, I don’t jerk off mobily.”

Then her friends coming up and want to know if everything is okay

I’m like

“Naw this a rape, can’t tell? Give me a break please, get the heck away.”

I turned to her

“Let me buy you a drink.”

She like “Fine.”

Told the man two Patron

She like “Lime.”

Said he tried twice the card got declined

I’m like

“Are, is this, could it be a machine issue?”

He was like “Naw.”

I was like

“Obviously there’s something wrong

I got dough like, I’m not broke, I got donuts with the same card like about an hour ago.”

He like “Dude, I don’t know.”

Now I’m looking at the girl she just wanna go

And I ain’t talking bout with me, bro. I mean alone

I got one more chance to prove myself so I’m like-

“Look, I’m athletic, girl. I’ve gotten several rec-league MVPs

At my crib I’ve got some pizza. Plus a little bit of weed

In my room I’ve got a TV. Plus I recently did sheets

Girl, I even have a fridge that has the water on the door like with the crushed ice”

You know I don’t give a damn whatcha playin’ right now

This is me coming at you as a man right now

Lemme freak

Lemme freak, god dammit, lemme freak

Just lemme freak, please god

Just lemme freak

The girl from the first verse

Somehow let me fuck

Fast forward, seven months

We in love

Some real serious relationship-type shit

Despite this I ain’t fucked for days

Tried last night but was pushed away

But I’ve been acting well behaved today, I smell okay

Adele Pandora’s playing, now she laying

On the floor and I’m praying this bitch is horny

I go and give her a smooch

She kissing Dicky back, so I play with her boobs

Bad move, she don’t like that

Bad mood, her boss being mean to her

Via email, she wanna write back

I’m like “Right now?”

She like “Yeah, what do I say, can you just help me?”

“Ok, whats the context?”

Then she like “Well, he talks to Jane before coming to me.”

“Who’s Jane again?” I said

She like “Wow, you should know that.”

“Ok, I guess I forgot.”

She like “Dude, that’s my other boss.”

“Ok, true, so shouldn’t your first boss go to the other boss before you? Right?”

“But Jane isn’t hands on!” she yelled

“Ok, well I just don’t understand the dynamic then, I don’t work with these people.”

She started crying

“Wait stop, what the fuck is this?”

“Naw, you don’t ever take my side!”

About an hour later til’ I’m on her good side

We in bed, hands on her good thighs

I try to kiss, she like “Good night.”

But I’m like-

“Look, I just turned off The Departed for a movie about a bee

I’ve been cutting back on farting, tweeting, arguing, and weed

Yesterday I wore a cardigan at dinner with your sweet, and supportive…

And during the fourth quarter, of the Eagles!

Now reward it!”

You know I don’t give a damn whatcha playin right now

This is me coming at you as a man right now

Lemme freak

Lemme freak, god dammit, lemme freak (It’s all I need)

Just lemme freak, please god

Just lemme freak

Fast forward some more, June 16, 2074

Old LD looking old as fuck

Still with the same ho, holding up

My life sucks, legs hurt

Friends dead, realtors

“Would you shut up? Fuck.”

My dick looking like it’s tinfoil

Her tits looking like they hard boiled eggs

On top of that, she insane

Like I don’t even think she knows who I am

Our kids moved away, we’ve been doing the same shit for days

Maybe months, who knows

Probably going to die soon

Pretty scared I ain’t even going to lie to you

Think about it all day, on my last legs

But I’m going out with a bang

I got pills they invented back in ‘57

I took five, that’s a bit excessive

I look high, take a look at my thighs and good god that’s a little erection

It’ll work though

Now I’ve gotta find the ho

I’m pretty much blind at this point, I don’t know if I mentioned that yet…

But I am

Made my way into the bedroom and there she is

I’m like-

“Look, I don’t know if you’re aware that you’ve been throwing out my shoes

What I do know is I’m sick of doing nothing here with you

All my blood is in my dick, I’’m probably dying pretty soon

Are you even comprehending what I’m saying, please acknowledge that you hear me.”

You know I don’t give a damn whatcha playing right now

This is me coming at you as a man right now

Lemme freak

Lemme freak, god dammit, lemme freak (Lemme freak)

Just lemme freak, please god

Just lemme freak 

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I decided to check out which bughead video is the most popular so I filtered my YouTube to sorting by view count. Then I got curious about b*rchie so typed that in... Imagine my surprise when not even the first 15 videos that came up weren't even b*rchie ones. The bughead makeout posted 3 days ago was under the tag before any b*rchie scene. If that doesn't tell the writers how unpopular that ship is...

Errybody knows that Bughead is endgame, it’s just written in the damn stars. This thing with Betty and Archie is that they just haven’t set it up in anyway, right from the get go in the pilot, for them to be romantically involved. The only thing we saw was some old school crush feelings for Betty but the look Archie gives Veronica as she walks in just speaks volumes to how we are expecting this to go. It’s just not the direction the show is going in and anything to the contrary would seem very unnatural and forced at this point 

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You know how isak spent some time stalking Even and he watched that interview with him in the middle of the night? Do you think Sana does that with Yousef, watching the balloon squad's videos on YouTube,paying attention only to Yousef?

oh my god sTOP anon this made me feel some type of way i’m???? PROBABLY AND NOW I’M EMOTIONAL