even just other characters from monster


Riley’s entitlement issues have been presented in a myriad of ways since the beginning of the series. Often in lower key ways, and usually before she learns the ultimate lesson of the episode. This character flaw is present when Riley makes decisions even if it is not explicitly shown. Most of the time Riley does something good it benefits another person while also benefiting her in some way, so it’s not necessarily a bad thing because she is being helpful to others. GM Her Monster is just the first time that this character flaw has been explicitly called into question. Which needed to be done so that Riley could learn and grow from this experience. Learning that good deeds aren’t about getting rewarded all the time is a part of Riley’s growth. Character flaws are human, and like this episode said the thing human beings are entitled to is to make wrong decisions. We often learn from them and grow.

I watched the Power Rangers movie yesterday and I enjoyed it. It had a good amount of cheesiness and drama and the characters had just enough equal treatment. Red ranger is the leader so of course he gets more in this first movie, but I believe they’ll be expanding upon the other rangers even moreso in sequels.

It seriously brought back some nostalgia growing up as a 90’s kid. That theme song. Those little quotes from the TV show (make my monster grow!).

There was a good amount of humor, the autism and yellow ranger/queer portion was not some throwaway gimmick, and it was just enough of a modern reboot to draw in younger peeps I think.

I have hopes now!

Is the Great Sea Poisonous?

As he stands over Tetra’s bed at the end of Wind Waker, Ganondorf says that nothing lives in the Great Sea…

Is he being melodramatic, or is he simply stating something that everyone knows but never mentions because it’s so obvious?  

Let’s look at the evidence:

  • Link has lived on an island his entire life but can’t swim for more than twenty seconds.
  • Aside from Tetra floating beside Link at the end of the game, no other characters are shown swimming.
  • The game doesn’t allow Link to dive, even for short periods.
  • Just off the coast of Pawprint Isle, Link encounters a boat full of professional divers. They all wear heavy helmets, and their leader tells Link that nothing lives in the water.
  • No one else in the game – including Link – attempts undersea exploration. There are a few submarines scattered about, but they are abandoned and filled with monsters.  
  • Lenzo (the Picto Box guy) refers to Link’s home on Outset Island as “a small fishing village,” but there are no fish or nets – or even any boats – anywhere on the island.
  • There is a surprising lack of fish motifs on buildings, interior decoration, and clothing.
  • No one ever gives Link a fishing rod.
  • The Rito are the descendants of the Zora. They were granted wings by some higher power because the Zora apparently could not survive in the ocean.
  • As established in Twilight Princess, Gorons can breathe underwater (or perhaps don’t need to breathe underwater); but, with the exception of a few traveling merchants, Link never sees any of them.  
  • Despite having a strong seafaring culture, Bokoblins die when they hit the water.
  • The only creatures that Link encounters on the Great Sea are monsters or demigods.  
  • Gulls fly above the water, but they do not float on it, and Link cannot dive into or otherwise touch the water when he takes control of one with a Hyoi Pear.
  • When Link frightens the crabs commonly found on beaches, they hide by running into the grass or burrowing into the ground, not by jumping into the water.

I’m tempted to conclude that Ganondorf is right, and that nothing can live in the Great Sea. Aside from being a matter of keeping the game mechanics manageable, what purpose does this serve? Why would the water of the Great Sea be poisonous?

Thoughts on Rafe Rafe
I actually typed this up after I first finished the game. Though a lot of these thoughts seem to be the general consensus. 

(SPOILERS if you haven’t finished the game).

Rafe is one of the best “baddies” in the series by far. At the end when he was calling Nathan out on all of his achievements, on all of OUR achievements from the other games it felt so real and personal. He’s the only one who has ever come close to killing Nate, and not with crazy magic or freaky monsters. Just pure, raw emotion and the uncontrollable need to remove the obstacle in his path (even at the cost of his own life) which was truly terrifying, but also one of the reasons I was so drawn into his character and the overall story.

The game made me question at times who the villain of the story actually was. Of course I can’t condone the actions of ANYONE putting the life of Nate and the gang at risk (because I love them) but stepping back, I think the main characters had more of a direct connection with the history of Libertalia. I see Sam as Avery (yes, the villain) Nathan as Tew and Rafe, representing the other pirates who founded Libertalia. So looking from Rafe’s perspective, he had the wealth and he put his trust into Sam who ultimately betrayed him. Nathan tried to dissuade Sam who was blinded by the treasure. Luckily this time they made it out alive but overall, it felt like history was repeating itself, not just in the way of getting treasure, but the betrayal too. Even Nadine left him in the end and I think that’s what finally unhinged him.

Rafe lost it at the end, which was totally justifiable since everyone he had trusted had thrown it back in his face. In the beginning he was playing things fair and square (which is easy when you’re loaded XD). He got Sam out of Prison and he was going to buy the cross (not steal it) and even when Nate (who we found out he had a complex against) got in his way, he offered more than once to let him bow out and not just kill him on the spot. In the end he went crazy Rafe out of apparent jealousy but really I think Rafe respected Nathan a lot. Even without Rafe’s wealth, Nathan had achieved so much. Plus he had friends and family he could depend on. It was just the actions of the other parties involved (mostly Sam) that made the stakes higher which turned his admiration into uncontrollable envy, to the point of murder.

I wish they had explored his character more. I was shocked by what he came out with at the end, though it made sense. I was secretly hoping that he would turn good after Shoreline dumped him and for old times sakes, he’d be accepted to join team Drake and Nadine would become the main villain. It would have been kind of cool to do that as in contrast with the history of the place, it would have been like the pirates finally succeeded. And with it being the last game, it would have been nice for them to FINALLY get the treasure, like all of it haa. Plus I think Nadine just disappearing was a bit of a waste though I understand it needed to happen to set him off. But I still loved the ending so I’m satisfied with crazy Rafe too haha 

I loved pretty much every character in the game and no one died (yay) except Rafe, which was a shame. It’s so painful to watch him die at the end Q^Q 

(and just FYI, I use the word “Villain” very loosely. Every characters actions are justifiable to them in some way. They all see themselves as doing the right thing)  

Mass Effect Andromeda-

  • No mini map with the driving thingy (where am i, where am i going. Only god knows)
  • lack of climbing mechanics 
  • autosave system is shit
  • glitchy as FUCK
  • the character customization is a wreck (will make a good monster factory episode tho)
  • the voice acting doesn't correlate to the situation/ mood “sorry my face is tired from…. everything” (also because of this the flirt scenes are cringy and just unwatchable at this point)
  • The characters are disconnected
  • the animation of liquid doesn’t even match up to how physics work
  • noot noot
  • this game had a bigger budget than the other mass effect games.
  • the game is now an official Meme™ (own know your meme page)

I don’t really think it’s Bioware's fault, I think EA is cutting corners and made the team on the game rush their work and now we have this. It honestly looks unfinished and not really worth the money they are asking for it, that and it doesn't look like the budget was $40 million.

Andromeda is up against Horizon zero dawn and Breath of the wild, two beautiful open world games that have already released this year…

OK, so, real talk. I think I’ve finally calmed down enough to talk without bias (well, much) about what my real problem with Stiles boils down to. And it’s not any single scene, it’s not any single trait, it’s not the character at all. 

It’s the fact that Stiles consistently breaks the biggest theme of the show.

When 5x11 happened, so many of us vented about how there is just no acceptable reason for hurting someone to make yourself feel better, for your coping mechanism being inflicting physical (or emotional) violence. Here’s the simple, fundamental problem with the fact we had to even make that case ourselves, rather than the show.

Because with EVERY other character, the show agrees with us. The show makes the same argument. With. Every. Character. Except. Stiles. From day one, the single most prominent theme on the show is the worst monsters are human, and falling prey to your own anger and hurt is what leads you down the road to becoming one.

Time and time again, Scott is tempted by the villains, even by his friends - give in to the anger, frustration. It’s allowed, you’re only human, kill the villains like you secretly want to deep down and you can be free of them, it’ll be better for everyone. When Peter taunts him with how ‘incorruptible’ he is in the S4 finale, when he rants about how Scott’s too pure to draw the blood of even his enemies, he’s not talking some abstract purity of spirit. This is Peter, who’s preached all season about the power he derives from anger, who revels in his own ferocity. In his final showdown with Scott, he WANTS Scott to get angry. He wants Scott to lash back at him. He wants Scott to show himself as just as much the monster as he is. Peter, with his smug superiority and his confidence that he has always been the alpha, he has always been the strongest, the smartest, the one who others should follow….this is his big grievance with Scott, the thing he hates him for, more than ‘stealing’ the Hale power, because Peter knows damn well that Scott DIDN’T do that, that his power didn’t come from the Hales but from within Scott himself. The S4 finale is Peter trying to kill Scott, sure, but just as much it’s him wanting to prove - you’re not better than me. And the show, Scott, they both say - YES I AM.

Derek’s entire evolution as a character is from a young man burdened by tragedy, one who had grown accustomed to turning that anger and that pain into his strength. Who’s retreated so deep into himself and his primal ‘fight and survive at any cost’ instincts that the pain of others isn’t quite real to him. He doesn’t particularly want to hurt people, he just doesn’t care. He can’t afford to care, because that might make him doubt the power of his own anger and pain and he NEEDS that. It’s all he has. But that changes. He forms connections over the first two seasons. He sees Scott (who even Peter says is like Derek used to be) proving there’s alternatives to his methods. He’s unable to avoid facing what happened to kids who were his responsibility, because of his own choices. He chooses faith and forgiveness for the villains in 3A rather than vengeance. He tries to support instead of lead in 3B. And by the time he and Liam are in a van together driving down to Mexico to rescue Scott and Kira, and Liam’s struggling to learn control in the short time they have, when they need any angle that might work - Derek doesn’t even TRY to teach Liam as he once taught Scott, and Isaac and Erica and Boyd. He doesn’t say anything about Liam tapping into his bottomless well of anger to harness control. Because that’s the entire point. He’s learned (or remembered) a better way. That was NEVER the most effective method. By this time, the show, Scott, and Derek - once the biggest proponent of this method - all agree, teaching a teenage werewolf to burrow deeper into his pain, to hold on to his anger and bring it raging to the forefront…it’s not a good thing. It’s not a thing to be advocated. And the only people on the show who still endorse this are the villains, Peter and Kate.

When Scott rescues Liam from the well in S4, they talk about the younger boy’s anger. Liam flat out says ‘My dad told me when kids get angry, they do one of two things. They hurt other people, or they hurt themselves’. The show full on calls that out as wrong, even if it is human and understandable. The narrative is explicitly clear in that conversation, and the entire trajectory of Liam’s character arc after that….the entire point of Liam’s character is not accepting that he only has two options. This is his struggle. This is what fighting against his anger is about for him. This is how he chooses not to be a monster, how he finds a better way. By not letting his anger be the reason he hurts other people or himself.

We can see this in every character on the show. From Isaac, growing from a jaded abused boy who just wanted everyone around him to be as miserable as he was, to the kid who’s practically in tears when he’s taught how to use his powers to take pain from a dog. From Allison, who succumbs to anger and pain in her grief for her mother, only to vehemently acknowledge in the aftermath of her actions that they were not okay, that her grief did not justify the hurt she did to others as she rededicates herself to ‘protecting those who can not protect themselves’. Malia, living for months with the pain and memories of her family’s deaths and driven to see them avenged by killing the Desert Wolf, only to choose to save Deaton even if it means her vengeance goes unsated. 

Time and time again this theme is consistently repeated all across the board, with virtually every main character.

Except Stiles.

Stiles is the only character who from S1 til now, can consistently be shown retreating into his own anger and hurt and using that as his justification for lashing out at others (most often his best friend). And the show doesn’t use these instances to have Stiles come to see this as a problem, as every other character has. It doesn’t use them to force him to grow, and evolve, and become better than he started as. It doesn’t try to defend these behaviors either - because it knows it can’t, not when it’s put so much effort into showing it as wrong with every other character.

So it just ignores it entirely. Every time Stiles breaks the theme of the show, every time he becomes the teenager Liam’s dad talked about, the one who hurts others because he’s angry, because it’s either that or hurt himself…the show just moves past it as soon as it’s done, without ever acknowledging that he was in any way wrong to do so, because that would require it be addressed and dealt with, in the same way that theme’s been addressed and dealt with whenever it’s become apparent in the other characters’ behavior.

And that’s just….so frustrating. And bewildering, and mind boggling.

You have the second most pivotal character on the show, behind only the lead character in significance, and you CHOOSE to actively have him work against the single most visibly expressed theme of all five seasons of your narrative.

And that will always be why I just…I don’t understand Stiles. I don’t get the point of him, if they’re going to make him that removed from what everything else on the show is geared towards.

Is it because of fandom? Is it because the show is actually afraid to change Stiles in any significant way because they know they hit a winning recipe with him way back in S1 and fandom loves him just the way he is? Are they afraid of accidentally moving him in a direction that might make fandom like him less? So they keep him engaged in the same patterns of behaviors he’s engaged in since the pilot, even though the rest of the characters and show have long since moved past treating that as justifiable?

Because that’s genuinely the only reason I can think of for something so…glaring. I honestly don’t get it, and its why he frustrates me so much. Because inexplicably, he’s this lone holdout arguing against the themes and messages all the other characters have endorsed with their arcs, and because he’s the fandom fave, the vast majority of fandom chooses to stand behind him, even though he’s the one breaking the entire theme of the show, and I just can’t wrap my head around WHY a room full of writers and producers all think he’s worth sabotaging their own intentions with their show and it’s themes, when its not remotely necessary. They’re fully capable of having him evolve past this behavior, of calling it out and addressing it and having him learn from it and grow. They’ve done it with EVERY OTHER DAMN CHARACTER.

its my headcanon, despite that there is basically 0 information on Gaster and he’s not even a “real character” is that he’s nice. He just seems creepy bc hes caught in a creepy and sad situation where he can only ever be a voyeur on the world he fell out of. I mean, if he was a monster, monster souls can’t persist without kindness and love. So if he’s still got a soul, he must still in some sense be nice.

I mean like the entire point of the game is that there are no “monsters.” No “abominations.” No “sinister other.” Only people who have cut themselves off, or have been cut off, from caring for those around them. So that people treat Gaster as a terrifying presence that Should Not Be bugs me because that right there is the entire concept of “monster.” And our ordinary mindset is dedicated to eradicating these anomalies from our norm. Which is what the game deconstructs as evil.

so i had this terrible idea of drawing a Mary Sue cat as some sort of eldritch god monster. this shit doodle with these two garbage characters is the result

basically Godstar is a godlike entity from the stars, HENCE HER NAME. she originally was called Stargod, but when she became leader of a Clan she just made up called HellClan, she realized Starstar sounded stupid so she swapped around her regular name. also she fangirls over Giygas the same way other Mary Sues fangirl over Scourge.

also, there’s Bluntclaw - he’s the universe’s chew toy because all of the crazy shit in the clans tends to get him involved even though he’s done nothing to deserve it. poor guy.

That’s beautiful. Blunt claw is bae <3 Thank you for the submission. -Admin Desukit



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