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Logan and William in Westworld 1x05 “Contrapasso”

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That wonderful and hilarious moment when you and one of your best friends make each other exactly the same Christmas present - an emergency spoons case!


I’m sorry, but why does no one ever TALK ABOUT THIS

non werewolf monstrous aesthetics

yoshiko: growth. change. metamorphosis of her body to match with metamorphosis of her mind. wings (feathery, usually, and black always) and little fangs for a fallen angel aesthetic. cloven hooves, barbed tail, or spines across a gangly, sickly body, things that need to be hidden under a thick cloak or conspicuous clothing. hidden from view, despite how she acts proud.

maru: old. perhaps incorporeal. ageing slowly. an imposing form contrasting with the soft and quiet temple girl. perhaps she is the guardian spirit. perhaps a cursed child. hunger never sated, always pushed below in shame and fear. sharp eyes and a keen memory. too keen. knowledge across her skin, or words, things she wants to remember. from her mouth, the voice of a thousand ancient cycles.

ruby: gentle and soft, fairy-like. butterfly wings. golden eyes. thorns and vines creeping up her skin. or, a cocoon like self defence system, or camouflage, or a piercingly loud wail. looks pretty from afar but do not touch, or touch gently. one day she will shed away her childish self and become a fully realised creature of beauty and danger.

you: strength, bone crushing strength. perhaps extra limbs. webbed fingers, almost scales that glint and catch the sun. a toothy grin with too many teeth. a monster of the seaside and the open ocean. regardless of appearance, always a friend. animals love her. she wants to be loved.

chika: a compelling voice, an infectious laugh. tough hide, used to taking many hits. claws, for climbing. tail, for balance (perhaps it curls around, prehensile). might seem most human at first glance. hard headed, adorned with rams horns. small, but fast. her heart on her sleeve, literally - living tattoos silently convey her emotions.

riko: despite asking you never really know. despite watching you never really understand. sometimes there are undertones of something unfamiliar in her voice, in her movements. when she sings it is as a siren song, at night you dream of her and she eats off your face. of course, she would never do this. she is too kind. too meek. but she could.

dia: larger than life, physically or in spirit. reminiscent of majestic beasts, like dragons or phoenixes or kirin. ice cold eyes. shining, glittering skin - thousands of stones or scales or ice embedded in her skin. splitting off, spitting out shards of herself in protection. take your eyes off her, and she’s everywhere at once. do not draw her ire; the earth itself quakes at her visage.

kanan: either large and hulking, or long and flowing. fins or frills or fur, floating through the water with her hair. long tail. a fast swimmer. too large to hide except far from the city. double lidded eyes and long jaws and gills for swimming and hunting underwater. sheds her form like a seal skin, stepping barefoot on the sand again.

mari: the skies. the mountaintops. her form is constantly shifting. her extrasensory abilities are profound. a fragile, glowing heart. cybernetic, robotic, mechanical. lineage, hereditary, genetic. extraordinary healing abilities. “magic”, a terrifying power, eyes that always reflect the light in complete darkness. do not trust your eyes.

Remember us // art+ words: r.i.d


all the boys // panic! at the disco

girls and women stanning/shipping villains as they always have is vastly less disturbing than the fact that we now feel the need to call ourselves trash and garbage because of it


Holy angels, in Heaven blessed, 
My spirit longs with thee to rest. 

I have no excuse for this and have no idea where it came from.

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Dear Asshole

Every week, Laura sends him a small selection of his fanmail she finds either particularly funny or particularly touching. This week, Derek’s under fire from not only Laura - as his publisher and sister, she holds double the sway she normally would - but from his editor, too. So he’s missed a couple of deadlines - what modern fantasy writer doesn’t miss deadlines? Really, he’s just fitting in - Laura should be grateful that he’s finally living up to the genre’s stereotype.

This week, Derek only receives one forwarded letter from Laura and he finds himself eyeing it suspiciously where it sits, ostensibly innocent, on the counter of his tiny breakfast bar.

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“some fiddauthor-as-vampires comic” -PAGE 1 - page 2 - page 3 - page 4

i dunno if its a good idea to post this so soon before the new ep airs, but i already put too much work into this first page of the newest fiddauthor ghoul AU thing i’m making–

this takes place in the canon timeline, Stanley just got called up by Ford to come to gravity falls and has no idea why his brother is a glowing green goblin. – more on this story as it develops – 


Well..this is the reason I haven’t been posting any Micah Grey art recently. I’ve wanted to do something like this for ages?? Micah’s vision at Twisting the Aces, plus some from the flashback vision things. This took a while.(You can see the non cut up version at society6)

So… I’m playing through this part again, and one thing keeps nagging at me:

Is anyone else bugged by the fact that Liara says the Shadow Broker’s ship “follows the sunset” on Hagalaz, when it clearly does the opposite?

No?  Just me?  OK, I’ll shut up….