even is its not exactly great


The Romanov women who were celebrated as great beauties in their day:

Empress Elizaveta I Petrovna (1709-1762)

“She is a beauty the like of which I have never seen … an amazing complexion, glowing eyes, a perfect mouth, a throat and bosom of rare whiteness. She is tall in stature, and her temperament is very lively. One senses in her a great deal of intelligence and affability, but also a certain ambition.”

Empress Elizaveta Alexeievna (1779-1826)

“Her features were fine and even, and her face a perfect oval; her beautiful complexion was not high in colour but its delicacy was totally in keeping with her expression, one of angelic sweetness. Her fair ash coloured hair floated about her neck and forehead. She was dressed in a simple white tunic, gathered by a belt knotted simply around a waist slender as a nymph´s. This young woman appeared exactly as I have described her, standing against the backdrop of an appartment ornamented with classical columns and draped in pink and silver gauze; she looked so ravishing I cried out, “Psyche!” It was in fact Princess Elisabeth, wife of Alexander.” 

Empress Alexandra Fyodorovna (1798-1860)

“The Empress is a tall graceful figure … her little head beautifully set and her expression pleasing and features regular, her hands and arms beautifully shaped and an air of imperial dignity and grace I never saw before. Her dress was perfect - simple and of dazzling whiteness, with a necklace, fringe, drops, etc. that I can only compare to dark blue glass eggs for never did I see their like.”

Grand Duchess Olga Nikolaevna (1822-1892)

“The Grand Duchess Olga, the second of the emperor´s daughter, has no rival in beauty among the Princesses of Europe, an in this instance, flattery, in asserting her to be the loveliest girl in her father´s dominion, scarcely outstrips the truth.”

Grand Duchess Alexandra Iosifovna (1830-1911)

[Alexandra] loved the Russian extravangance and magnificence, which was entirely in keeping with her extraordinary beauty, her marvelous hair in particular. A few considred that she resembled Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots, whose style of dress Sanny copied. All of Europe spoke of her astonishing jewels, of her pearl necklace, in which each pearl was the size of a nut. … [She] always took a passionate interest in anything which related to the beauty of other women. With typical feminine jealousy she would ask: “Who is the more beautiful, the Empress of Austria or I?” The Empress´s beauty was much praised, and the Grand Duchess Konstantin worried: “Is my hair as fine as the Empress´s? Don´t you think we have the same figure?”

Grand Duchess Elizaveta Fyodorovna (1864-1918)

“I like Ella very, very much. She is so feminine; her beauty is something I will never tire of. Her eyes are extraordinarily beautifully defined and her look is so calm and gentle. Despite her gentle nature and her shyness, one sense in her a certain self-assurance, a recognition of her own strength … [Her husband] was talking to me about his wife and he was enraptured by her, full of her praises.”

Princess Irina Alexandrovna (1895-1970):

“One day when I was out riding I met a very beautiful girl accompanied by an elderly lady. Our eyes met and she made such an impression on me that I reined in my horse to gaze at her as she walked on … [Another time] I had plenty of time to admire the wondrous beauty of the girl who was eventually to become my wife and lifelong companion. She had beautiful features, clear-cut as a cameo, and looked very like her father." 

Grand Duchess Tatiana Nikolaevna (1897-1918)

“She’s a grand princess from head to toe, so aristocratic and regal. Her face is pale matte, only the cheeks are slightly rosy, as if pink satin is trying to escape from just under her thin skin. Her profile is flawlessly beautiful, as if cut from marble by a great artist.  The widely set eyes provide uniqueness and originality to her face.”

Grand Duchess Maria Nikolaevna (1899-1918)

“Maria Nikolaevna can easily be called a Russian beauty. Tall, healthy, with sable eyebrows and a bright blush on her open Russian face, she is especially lovely to a Russian heart. You look at her and involuntarily imagine her dressed in the Russian boyar’s sarafan; snowy muslin sleeves around her hands; on the highly decorated bodice semi-precious stone; and above her white brow, a kokoshnik with the traditional pearls. Her eyes illuminate her entire face by a unique, radiant luster; they sometimes seem black as long eyelashes throw shadows over the bright blush of her soft cheeks.”

I have often thought that the sum of who you are as a person and the state your life is in at any given moment is a lot like a long mathematical formula. The numbers in it are the key people and events that have shaped you as a person and the symbols represent how they affected you. Sometimes they will add to you and sometimes they will take away from you… Sometimes they divide you and other times they will multiply your happiness greatly… And so, the answer at the end of all that is the person you are and the value your life holds to you as of that moment… And just like in mathematics, that end result is the sum of all that came before it; all those people and events and the various ways they affected your life up until that point. If you were to look back and imagine changing any one of them – or even removing them from the equation altogether – you can see exactly how the remaining factors would have affected you and know just how different you would have been in the end…
When I look at my life and its events laid out in order, I not only see the overwhelmingly positive affect that meeting you had on me as a person – I also notice something else… something quite profound.
There was a point not long after you came into my life where I had a lot taken from me. It was a great loss and it reduced me to one of the lowest points in my life… And when I look back on it and I remove you from the equation; if I look at the value my life would have held at that point… I see that without you – it would have been nothing…
And I guess what I’m trying to say in a very roundabout way is….
I think you saved my life.
I Heard Some Crazy Thoughts on Earth

By Splungonius Moonk 

Many Galactic Citizens are curious about the inhabitants of the Federation’s newest acquisition, Earth. The planet’s dominant species are an odd bunch with a history marred by violent conflict over trivial matters such as “who has the best god,” and “who owns the black ground sludge that powers everything.” 

For the good of all Galactic citizens, and my own curiosity, I immersed myself amongst the humans, all while using my Glaarg-given telepathic abilities to eavesdrop on their thoughts. The results of my research were intriguing, but I was left with more questions than answers.

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Have I ever told you guys that I hacked Pokemon FireRed and it’s exactly the same as the original except I changed all of Green’s dialogue so he’s super hardcore flirting with the player character the entire game

I also changed the sprites so it’s original Red

Kiss Already - Archie Andrews

Request: From the prompt list can I request 10. and 48 with Archie Andrews? 💕💕 

AAA this is my first Archie Andrews >.< I thought I’d give it a go! :) I went for less dramatic/descriptive and I really like it so yaaay 

Words: 2,113 

10: “Why don’t they just kiss already?”

48: “Is there a special reason, as to why you’re wearing my shirt?”

“Tell him, tell him, tell him, tell him,” Veronica and Betty chanted in your ear, causing you to roll your eyes. You were currently sitting in the student lounge, your two best friends at your side, trying to pass the time. The conversation had started casually, talking about online shopping and food. Somehow though, after just a few minutes, the conversation had drifted towards your unavoidable crush on Archie Andrews.

You and Archie had been best friends since you pushed him over in the sandpit when you were 4. You couldn’t exactly remember why you did it, or why he wanted to be your friend afterwards but you were glad that everything had turned out the way it had. The two of you were inseparable, constantly going to one another for support, advice or general banter.

You weren’t entirely sure when your feelings had truly developed into something more than platonic interest, but it was killing you inside currently to spend casual time with him, when you really just wanted to cuddle with him in your arms, to be his girl. You’d even put yourself through supporting Betty when she tried to confess her own feelings, but Archie had turned her down and it had temporarily destroyed her. You didn’t want the same thing to happen to you, you didn’t want to ruin the friendship that you treasured more than Pop’s burgers. 

Betty had found out though. You thought she would be mad at you, think you were going behind her back, but she had just squealed and instantly named herself ‘your personal Cupid’, along with Veronica, much to your dismay. Now everywhere you looked was just a reminder that you weren’t with the boy you loved. 

Veronica and Betty had noticed you staring at him in the student lounge, whilst he talked to Jughead. They were now poking you and teasingly chanting words of encouragement in your ear, pretending they were creations of your mind, your conscience telling you to make a move. They even started singing “Kiss The Girl” from The Little Mermaid, but replacing the word ‘girl’ with ‘ginger’.

“Can you not?!” You groaned loudly , burying your face in your hands. When you looked back up, Jughead and Archie were staring at you and your face instantly flushed bright red with embarrassment. 

As a way to ‘apologise’ Betty had offered for you to come round to her house for a sleepover and binge junk food with her whilst watching chick flicks. You needed to take your mind off of Archie before you went mad.

You were currently sitting in her lounge, waiting for her to return with a selection of DVD’s for the evening, for such a simple task she was taking an awfully long time. Suddenly she rushed into the room, her eyes lit with that mischief that always sent you into a state of nervous paranoia. That look meant she was planning something devious. 

She walked up to you slowly, her hand on her heart in mock sadness, as she gave an exaggerated sniffle. You groaned as you got off of the sofa and turned yourself to face her.

“What happened?” You rolled your eyes at her and she let out another obvious pretend sigh.

“Polly needs me,” Betty picked up her handbag from the coffee table, “So you can’t stay, I’m so so so sorry!”

At this moment, Veronica Lodge casually strolled through the door.

“Ready to go Bets?” She smirked, waving her car keys around before waving at you. You cocked your eyebrow, staring back and forth between your two best friends.

“Sure Ronnie, be there in a sec,” Betty smiled at her girlfriend before turning back around to you. “It’s a sister emergency so I have to go RIGHT NOW, but don’t worry! I found a last minute replacement so it’s all good,” She grinned. Suddenly you heard another pair of footsteps enter the house.

“The door was open,” Archie’s voice came round the corner of Betty’s hallway as he walked into the room, where you were trying not to cringe and the others were trying not to squeal.

“Byeeeee (Y/N)!” Betty chirped in a sing-song voice before grabbing Veronica’s arm and racing out the house. 

The door slammed shut and you and Archie stayed there for a minute in awkward silence before he decided to speak up.

“Betty told me you needed cheering up for some reason, but she was busy. She thought that considering I live next door and we’re best friends, I could take her place,” He explained, and you just nodded in response. You walked next door to Archie’s house and settled down in his room. You sat on the end of his bed and he sat on a chair in the other corner. You weren’t used to being so awkward around him, but you just couldn’t find the words to say. You were smitten and it made you tongue-tied. 

“Hey, you know I said that we’re best friends?” Archie got off of the chair and sat down on the bed, scooting close to you and taking your hand. You nodded, tensing up at the physical contact.

“We’re still like that right? Recently you’ve been so distant and I just thought, maybe you didn’t want to be around me anymore. Especially with the whole recent events with Miss Grundy and my music… I’ve just been so scared of how people see me and I don’t know what I’d do if I lost you,” He let it all out and you felt your face blush crimson. Somewhere in your brain was telling you that he had just friend zoned you, but you were also analysing his words for secret messages. Maybe he cared so much about what you thought because he liked you back? Maybe he missed you? Maybe and most likely you were making a mountain out of a mole hill…

You noticed he was waiting for your response and you cleared your throat before smiling up at your best friend. “Of course we are Archie, I totally support you and your music, you’ve just been under stress recently and I understand that. Love you okay” You were kicking yourself for this new found confidence. ‘Love you okay?’ What was that?! You rested your head on his shoulder, trying not to cringe as he tensed up. You let out a breath though, as he relaxed and wrapped his arms around you. 

Originally, you planned to stay the night. You didn’t have any PJ’s though, so Archie decided to be a gentleman and offered you some of his own clothes. You wore a pair of shorts and a plain grey sweater that was large and baggy on you, causing Archie to chuckle. He stepped back and looked at you in awe. You caught him staring and suddenly felt self-conscious.

“W-what?” You stammered, trying to angle your body so you were facing away from him, he just shook his head and smiled.

“You just… uh, you look really cute in my clothes,” He stared down at the ground smiling and your eyes widened, heart fluttering inside.

Eventually, your plan had a last minute change. Fred Andrews came home from work early for the day, and told you with a guilty face that you couldn’t stay round tonight, as he had to have a long talk with Archie. You respected them enough not to ask what it was about, although you were a bit curious. Archie had given you an apologetic hug and had promised to make proper plans with you in the near future.

In a rush to give them their space, you left quickly, gathering your stuff together and heading home before you Skyped your Cupid’s.

They were pleased to hear you’d made progress, but disappointed in that there was no kiss or exchange of romantic words… yet.

“(Y/N) (L/N) you have 10 seconds to get up before I kick you out the door,” Your mum scolded loudly. You sat up and rubbed your eyes, squinting at the morning sunlight that streamed through your blinds. 

“What Mum?” You groaned, throwing a pillow at her. She threw it right back at you.

“Fifteen minutes until school starts and you’re not even out of bed! Hurry up!” She opened your blinds fully, so that the sunlight shone directly at you, waking you up properly. The words your mum said slowly registered in your mind before you began to panic and fell out of bed. Your mum rolled her eyes, leaving you to get ready.

You still needed to do your hair, teeth, makeup and grab something to eat on the way to school for breakfast. You didn’t have the effort in you to care about what you were wearing, so you slid on a pair of jeans and khaki converse. You sniffed your armpit, realising that whatever you had on your top half smelt pretty good so probably didn’t need to be changed. It smelt like safety and comfort… if that was possible… something so familiar. Oh well.

You rushed out the door, yelling a ‘thanks’ and ‘goodbye’ to your mum as she chuckled at you. 

You’d made it to school with 2 minutes to spare. You leaned against your locker, trying to catch your breath as you wheezed. You hadn’t ran or even exercised properly in a long time and the rush was finally taking its toll on you. Despite the fact that your best friend and long term crush was a great athlete, with the body to show it, you just weren’t exactly in shape.

Turns out the rush was pretty much a waste anyway, as you had a free period first and the whole hallway was disrupted by the sound of you kicking your locker door in frustration, before facepalming and running off to the student lounge. 

“Operation Smoochie is a go,” Veronica looked dead serious as she explained yet another plan on how to get Archie to kiss you. You just stared at her bewildered.

“Smoochie?” Jughead raised an eyebrow skeptically.

“Well it can either be taken as an extended word for smooch, or combining both the word ‘smooch’ and ‘Archie’,” She tapped her temple, everyone else gave her doubtful looks. Betty supportively rubbed Veronica’s back but shook her head at her, as if to make it clear that nobody thought ‘Operation Smoochie’ was appropriate. The plan itself didn’t even seem like it could work.

“Well do you guys have any suggestions? A plan? A name? I’m all ears. This has been driving me up the wall ever since I got to this damn town (Y/N), YOU need to sort this out,” Veronica flopped back into the sofa, defeated.

“Sort what out?” Archie came up behind you, placing his hands on your shoulders and causing you to jump and squeal. He laughed as he took a seat on the armrest next to you. 

“Her… girls night sleepover plan… it’s been in the making for a long time and she’s yet to get properly organised,” Betty saved you, and you sighed in relief, smiling at her thankfully as she winked at you. You all turned back to Archie, who as staring at you intensely, irresponsive. You blushed under his gaze and waved your hand in front of his face, as if to snap him out of his trance.

“Andrews, is there a special reason as to why you’re staring at me,” You laughed it off, as all your friends sat back and observed the exchange.

Is there a special reason as to why you’re wearing my shirt?” Archie retorted, gesturing towards the grey sweater. You felt your jaw drop as you realised this was the sweater Archie had given you to wear last night. That’s why it had smelt so familiar and sweet. Both of you were blushing and Betty and Veronica were grasping at each other’s arms, trying to contain themselves from running around excitedly like 3 year olds.

“I didn’t even realise,” You timidly smiled up at Archie and he smiled back at you… almost lovingly? He shook his head and slung his rucksack over his shoulder. 

“I have to go to last minute football practice, come watch?” He extended his hand hopefully to you and you took it, standing up from the sofa and linking your arm through his. You left the student lounge, talking amongst yourselves and laughing in your own little world.

Veronica sighed dreamily. “Why don’t they just kiss each other already?” She whined and the rest of your group nodded in agreement. It was inevitable, you two would have to kiss at some point, especially if Veronica had anything to say about it.

This was cuuute

Defending You

Requested: What about a protective Shawn one where you have some trouble with your family in the sense that they poke fun at you for certain things and it really upsets you and you tell him and then at a family dinner it happens again and he stands up for you because you never say anything :) (btw I love your writing)


Your name: submit What is this?


It has been two years since you and Shawn started dating, so he knows nearly everything about you now. He knows that your relationship with your family is interesting to say the least. You love them because they’re your family, but at the same time, they’ve often been really critical of you, and you were never sure exactly why. You’ve always felt like nothing you could do was good enough for them. And you feel like your parents always compare you to your brother who is a doctor and your sister who is a lawyer. You’re in your second year of University studying English, which your parents don’t consider a real study. They’re always sending little jabs your way regarding your job and pretty much all of your life choices.

It makes you sad every time you have to go to family dinners or anything else with them because it is honestly so difficult listening to them talk and feeling so judged by the people who are supposed to love you no matter what. Tonight is yet another of those nights that you have a dinner. They don’t happen too often. Maybe only once every few months and that is about as often as you see your family. 

“Are you sure you want to go?” Shawn asks you while pulling off his t-shirt to change into the dress shirt you laid out for him. He’s hesitant because he knows you always feel sad and hurt after seeing your family, and he hates to see you like that.

Originally posted by shawnruinedme

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anonymous asked:

How about Steve vs. the terrifying Chicken with the commandos witnessing this fight????

It was bound to happen, they were wandering through woods and rural areas and villages and, look.  

Bucky knew it was going to happen sooner or later but he never thought it would be this great.   

They’d been marching so long he wasn’t even sure exactly where they were but he figured he’d ask first thing after he had some sleep.  They’d found a farm that was fairly isolated and was unoccupied; ransacked or abandoned he didn’t know, but he knew it was cover enough for the night.

Gabe and Morita split the night watch and Bucky bed down in a corner with good sightlines.  

And slept through until the most magical of moments.  When he woke, he was aware of three things: he had to take a leak, he was the last one awake, and Steve was still lying in the spot he’d bed down in, but was currently having a staring contest with a chicken.

The Commandos were watching out of sheer curiosity.  Cap wasn’t afraid of anything so what he was staring at, Bucky was sure they didn’t know.  

Bucky knew.

Steve had been eleven and frail as anything when one of Ms. McLaughlin’s chickens had gotten loose and chased Steve all the way down the block, pecking at his heels and clucking up a ruckus.  And Steve had been terrified of chickens ever since.  

Bucky couldn’t help it and he eeked out the tiniest, high-pitched giggle.  

Which is apparently all it took to freak the chicken out, who started the flap her wings and cluck and Steve fell over himself to get away and made sure to toss a boot at her in the process.

She ducked the boot and Bucky briefly considered seeing if he could catch and train her; Steve had great aim so if she managed to duck, she was no slouch.

The Commandos were still standing perfectly still, though looking increasingly confused (and amused).  Bucky was holding his sides and praying to anyone that would listen that he didn’t piss his pants.  

She managed to corner Steve and start pecking at him.  Steve still had one boot and he was shoving at her with it, unwilling to throw it and have her dodge again.  

Dum Dum was the first to recover and he hustled over and scooped the chicken up in his hands.   

“I got ‘er, I got ‘er.”  She fluffed herself up and settled in Dum Dum’s arms.  

“Oh come on!”  Steve pouted, affronted.

“You two clearly have a long-standing blood feud.  I say we end this peacefully, we got enough war on our hands.”  Dum Dum looked down to the chicken, walking outside with her as he spoke.  “He won’t bother you again, ma’am.”

Bucky gasped for a breath as a new bout of laughter took over, and hurried outside himself, Steve’s You guys are asses! following him.

happy valentines day, pals!!! this is a list of the wonderful people ive gotten to know through inuyasha, and boy there’s a lot of them! under a read more to keep from flooding dashboards so read on to see me use words like “i love” and “like” and “omg” and “!!!” 1000 times!

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Is it the end of Ymir?

You know, I did a review of what meant to me the “death” of Ymir in a single page of the manga, but we will analyze this situation and see that there are many contradictions that it is almost impossible to ignore if we talk about the fate of Ymir

I know that even though it all looks like shit.

But there is even a small chance that this live Ymir by these points

The first one is my favorite

This chapter clarified many things one of them was the size of users of titan power. This size is predetermined. This means that the serum does not affect the size.

Some will ask Why do I say this?

The answer you can find in Eren he was a Titan of 4 meters in its normal form but to get the power of Attack of his father was 15 meters.

Armin his normal Titan form average 10 meters, but his colossal Tittan form measures equal to Berthold ie 60 meters

The varying size of the changing Titans is the feasible proof that the serum does not affect the size of the  Titan shifter at all.

I know that the vision of the Armin Titan is the imagination of Zeke Jaeger but the truth I do not think that changes, that is to say the rule of the Titans is absolute.

Remembering that until now they never say that the serum influences the Titans Shifter so it is very worth this point.

Although I believe that the Titan Beast could be the exception for its own power Titan that we do not know as it is but that is for another post.

But Galliard contradicts all these facts the real question is Why is your Titan so huge? Has no sense

Now let’s see the size of the Ymir Titan that is 5 meters and as we saw before it is logical that the one who devours it is also a small Titan. Because if Marley could actually increase Galliard’s size

Why did not he do it with Picke and his Titan power? Since it is very small.

Theoretically in terms of power Titan it is impossible for Galliard to have done so.

Second point (program of the warriors).

As you know the recruiting is given in 5-7 years, but they are never given the Titan power immediately they are tested for years.

It is obvious that they do not select only 7 candidates between boys and girls. First they do some tests to get discarded quickly.

Now as we saw in that little flashback of Reiner (We saw Berthold, Annie, Galliard, Marcer) exclude Pike because Reiner reminded the previous 4 chosen to see only the four new candidates.

.But this Flashback reveals me that obviously of all the children who were in the program.
They were selected as candidates to inherit the Titan powers. But to choose which candidate was going to take some power was another matter

All candidates for warriors (normal) are small are not older, to inherit the powers of the Titans.

According to the calculations Reiner obtained its power Titan, to the 11 years, Annie obtained it to the 9 years.

This can be understood that Galliard already received the power of Titan the same year as Reiner, Berthold, Annie, Marcel, but was not selected to go to the Mission in Paradise

The same mentions that he wanted to “ingest” the Titan armored but could not (which indicates that he received in the past another Titan power).

You know something curious that I could distinguish is that the warrior woman Pike is more “close” to Galliard and there is also an irony in all this, Galliard and Pike were the two normal warriors who were not sent to the children’s mission to Paradise Island obviously Are much closer.

Now knowing all this, why Galiard would be the exception to this rule and would be granted the power of Titan at such an advanced age ?.

It’s more if they had an older candidate for Ymir’s Titan power. Why was not he selected to be war chief? O Why new recruits are 12-year-olds, if they could have much larger candidates for normal warriors?

Simply loses meaning

Now the chief of the warriors is always the oldest and inherits the strongest power of Marley (apparently).

Your candidate is much older than ordinary warriors. Obviously there were many candidates for this “War Chief” position.

But the one selected to carry this power was Zeke, now the new chosen from the candidates was Colt and this was decided in 4 years.

Now let us remember the 4 chosen to inherit the powers of Titan and to be normal warriors, it is obvious that all will be new warriors but the only thing that is being decided is What power are going to take? And one of the most requested is the Armored power as seen in the past by Galliard.

The narrative is misleading at this point or rather simply do not say

Since they may notice that even though there is competition, they are all like Reiner and his friends after all will inherit the Titan powers.

With this it is shown that all normal warriors (they have 2 years left) even though they were not mentioned these facts can be deduced.

Now I ask them Does it make sense that Galliard would devour a Titan power at a late age instead of simply being selected for war chief as it is even greater than the new one selected ?.

Does it make sense that you have not chosen to inherit Titan’s powers much greater than what we have seen?

With all this analysis will realize that it is improbable and an inconsistency that Galliard had his powers at such a late age.

This is my second point for which I do not think Galliard has devoured it

My third point (Special Abilities)

As we all changeable Titans have special abilities, I will use two examples to show this point

Titan Attack

Its power is to be very offensive its power of attack far surpasses to other titans regular and even changing of its size.

This is reflected with Grisha and Kluger who despite being worn out and not having trained their Titan power (this is important at this point).

They had enough power to kill the solitudes of Marley and the other to kill Frieda that owned the parent respectively (which as we know the Progenitor does not have much physical power since it was the First King himself who owned Frieda and fought but could not do anything against Grisha).

Titan quadruped

You see the titan that has a great speed but very different from the one of Ymir (ironically before the majority thought that this changing Titan was the one that devoured to Ymir by being even smaller 4 meters exactly).

Its specially designed way to run fast, load things and serve as a small tank of meat is fascinating.
Having understood these two points, we look at the Titan de Galliard

Now let’s see the Titan of the jaw

As we saw that it has a large size is not a Titan that measures much more than 10 meters, something strange and contradictory (considering the first point where the rule of the size of the Titans is predetermined is present, but continue)

Galliard is another type of agility where he uses his great jaw and his hands to destroy everything abruptly his agility is based on big jumps a type of agility that suits his abilities, since being bigger has more resistance and can be more destructive with Everything that you want emphasizing that it has a great jaw that has no comparison with the one of Ymir.

Now compare it with the Ymir Titan

The Titan Ymir is a small 5 meter as a quick killer, since it does not use jerky attacks, like the titan of the jaw, his attacks combine with his agility complemented to perfection with his claws and teeth to kill quickly, but never to Had a high destructive level and resistance is almost nil.

In addition Galliard has that jaw that is its maximum power and its characteristic more remarkable than of any Titan, something that Ymir should have also assimilated a bigger size so that it makes sense, if we think it well his jaw of Ymir had nothing of special , The only thing he possessed were sharp teeth, but remembering that Zeke Jaeger himself possessed this and Eren’s mouth is bigger than hers.

Having seen this point is sufficient proof of the great contradiction of the argument that Galliard was devoured to Ymir in terms of Titan’s powers logic. I mean just watch

Many justify this by saying: “Galliard trained his Titan power so he got that Jaw”.

I could tell those people.

Does training make a titan changing much bigger than it is?

Did the quadruped Titan have to train to get that specially made way to load things?

Or if Ymir had eaten Reiner, would he have become small and would not assimilate the size of the Titan along with the Armudra just by not training ?.

It really does not make sense, it’s a huge contradiction and so far I do not see a real answer, it’s one thing for training to do things out of the ordinary like Annie, Reiner and Berthold.

But another is to increase size and give physical abilities completely opposite to power Titan, bone (Titan jaw obviously gives you a big jaw, which Ymir never had).

Fourth Point (The imnovador of what we knew of the memories)

What we have seen so far and for a long time almost all the fandom supposed, was that the memories only affected the bearer of the coordinate and the real blood.

But this is no longer true … something I noticed in this chapter is that in various situations it was seen as they used the word “Inherit”, when they talk about Titan power, even “devour” but when it touched the subject of Ymir in those two pages never mentioned those words, in her they only spoke of small memories.

The strangest thing is that why face Reiner on this fact right now?

Galliard had 4 or 3 years to do this supposedly and something more. Note that in those memoirs he got recently he was trying to see his brother and that is why Reiner’s images sometimes came unconsciously, which was what he resembled.

Oddly enough, she did not even vaguely mention her feelings for Historia, which was basically her second motivation, she only managed to see a small part of the memories and that they were all related in some way to Marcel.

This reminds me at the same time that Eren was chained in a special cave. Where when touching Eren came memories of Frieda to Historia and Rod Reiss. The truth I assumed that this process was because they were of the royal blood and Eren had the coordinate since we assumed that no other changer could see memories. But that is denied in this chapter.

As I remember how Christa killed Rod Reiss but by having contact with him he could see flashes of his memories.

Something that has never been mentioned is what would happen if a changing Titan touches another in the cave of memories?

Kluger said that the royal family have a connection to the 9 powers … but he also said that all the changing Titans (all 9 powers were connected) maybe Galliard got those little flashes of his memory related to Marcel in some other way And if we consider the other 3 points above is a feasible option

But something that many forget in this issue of “memory”

It is that Kluger himself had not received memories of his predecessor and was very surprised to say the last words he said to Grisha very rare.

But he told everything he knew to Grisha but this detail that he inherited the memories, he never said it like he never said that he had stolen a power of Marley because he had not.

Grisha himself in his books never wrote about Kluger’s childhood or life beyond what Kluger himself told him.

Now they do not believe it strange that just Galliard received flashes of “memories” since Reiner, Ymir, Berthold, Annie, Grisha, Kluger in the past did not receive this.

(Concluding that Inheriting the Titan powers is not a feasible proof of inheriting memories or small memories).

All these details indicate that the answer may not be simply in the coordinate, but in that cave of the memories since all the ceremonies were given there.

No one knows what happens if a changing Titan touches another changing Titan in the cave. That is why these details of the small parts of Ymir’s memories are somewhat confusing and mysterious.

Fifth Point (the narrative)

Narratively do not mention this by the way in which even his meeting of Galliard and Ymir in the cave is a strange thing unlike what we saw on other occasions

- there was no serum

- there are no guards around to keep it from going
-not even the precautionary Buccaneer so that Eren would not be converted.

Once again it was not necessary to show his death, simply having shown Galliard’s titanic form in normal mode before devouring it was sufficient, but also nothing.

Now returning to the chapter, there is a rather curious panel in which separates the two warriors and the war chief at one end, and on the other side are Marley’s instructors.

Reiner was with the boys accompanying them, have wondered where is the normal 4 warrior with 5 power?. 

He was not in the war, they did not mention it at any time. At the meeting or at the meetings of the other warriors,

It was even discovered that Marley does not know anything that Zeke Jaeger is a member of the Royal Fritz family with a simple comment.

Also the human arms are referred to the Ackerman (what completely discards that they are part of the 9 powers).

I even talked about the four Titan powers that were in Paradise

Another thing that was said was that Reiner had made a recon on Paradise Island, it would not have been better to say …. “The Fifth Warrior or call him by his name” made a recognition that would prove his existence.

But again nothing

Seeing all this Do you seriously believe that the Ymir Theme is as simple as it seems?

Sixth Point (The powers have not been merged to Exception of Eren Jaeger)

Some who realized the inconsistencies in the appearances of the Titans and even the power.

They say “Maybe I already had a power and they merged.” The truth is not so bad that argument, it would be logical to a certain extent, but the argument falls in the context of how organized Marley.

-First if they would actually grant two powers to a single warrior, obviously they would not give the normal warriors but the war chief who in this case is considered a “miracle.”

- Second Marley does not do this, since they distribute their powers in an equitable way since when merging powers are no longer separated until the day of death of the user since if it were transmitted would be 2 powers in one forever and wait for the death of your Changing is something they do not do.

-Third, the narrative itself, again this detail is not mentioned unlike the amount of information received and also loses consistency.
Zeke himself developed claws ironically after Ymir went out with them (some say they took the liquid out of his Titan). But the other obviously if they speculate that he devoured it at least should have a small physical detail of it.

On the basis of all this can be said with certainty that there was no fusion of powers


In the anime the normal form of the Titan of Ymir was modified so that it did not have sharp claws or teeth of Beast that had in its first appearance in the sleeve

But after devouring Marcel this changes completely and the real change is evident.

Your Titan stays the same size and gives you extreme agility, claws and fangs (but your jaw does not grow)

Honestly this is a change too big for it to have been made on purpose by the anime producers, that is to say this modification is not only in the anime. But in the own opening of the series.

For what purpose or with what intention was this done ?.
Since it would be irrelevant if Isayama killed Ymir so this gives a lot to think about.

After seeing these 6 logical points that are present in the manga the claim that Ymir has been devoured has too many inconsistencies and contradictions, since it violates many rules established by the manga itself regarding the powers of the titan.

descent into rarepair hell
  • me: wow, I sure do love [story]! so many awesome characters and themes, the writing's great, and there's even some really cool fanfic -
  • brain: ship the thing.
  • me: um?
  • brain: you see these two idiots?
  • me: yes?
  • brain: that's the thing. we ship it now.
  • me: but -
  • brain: ship it.
  • me: but there is exactly ONE FIC for this pairing EVER -
  • brain: ship it.
  • me: - it's got zero chance of becoming canon -
  • brain: ship it.
  • me: - they hardly even interact, I don't know why you'd consider investing in -
  • brain: SHIP. IT.
  • me: ...
  • me: I hate you, myself, and everything we stand for.
  • brain: shhh. headcanons.

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Which of the Dragon kings do you think did the most irreparable damage to the dynasty

Thanks for the question, Anon.

That’s a good question, because while there were certainly kings who did harm to the dynasty, it’s difficult to point to one above all the others who was the most harmful on a dynastic scale.

Certainly, I think, there’s no way to talk about this sort of metric without talking about Aerys II. Aerys had already used his reign to undermine that foundational political principle of the dynasty, the Aegon Doctrine: instead of rewarding loyalty and hard work for the dynasty with advancement, Aerys actively insulted, undermined, and even openly competed against his long-serving Hand so that all could see the exercise of his authority. Worse, when Brandon Stark and his companions came to the capital to protest a legitimate grievance - the apparent stealing away of the daughter of a Lord Paramount by the crown prince - they were not only imprisoned, but the companions executed alongside their fathers (who had themselves not only done nothing in furtherance of their “conspiracy”, but had followed the king’s orders to come to the capital and answer for their sons). Even Rickard and Brandon - a Lord Paramount who had committed no crime and an heir whose threat to the crown prince was at best debatable - were not spared, and indeed condemned to gross mockeries of justice in their executions. I would find it extremely difficult for the dynasty to come back from such action. Aerys had publicly declared to the realm that the crown had the power, at its whim, to execute the highest-ranking lords in the realm and their heirs, even if they had been convicted of no crime - about as blatant a rejection of the feudal contract as you could get.

At the same time, however, it would be foolish to think that reaction to Aerys’ tyranny happened in a political vacuum. The coalition of lords who fought on the rebel side were not a random assortment, but a group specifically founded in the wake of two unhappy (at least, unhappy in their eyes) reigns. Aerys I and Aegon V had made men like Rickard Stark, Hoster Tully, and Jon Arryn question the dynastic authority of the Targaryens over them: between Aerys’ abandonment of the Starks and Lannisters to fight Dagon on their own shores and Aegon’s attempt to strip the lords of their traditional privileges, I think these men felt the crown was forgetting its proper place in the feudal order. Is this to say rebellion against the Targaryen dynasty was inevitable following their reigns? Perhaps not, but I certainly think that at least some of the Lords Paramount expected changes to come to the dynasty as a result of the reigns of Aerys I and Aegon V - or, as an alternative, the dynasty could be replaced.

Of course, they may well have drawn inspiration for that latter option from the Blackfyre Rebellions, and for those one can place the blame squarely on Aegon IV. By deliberately muddying the succession - not only legitimizing his bastards but giving Daemon the sword borne by Targaryen kings - Aegon established his favorite son as a seemingly very viable alternative to the bookish and pro-Dornish Daeron II. In the major dynastic conflicts before the First Blackfyre Rebellion - the bloody reign of Maegor the Cruel and the Dance of the Dragons - the question had been which member of House Targaryen had the right to sit the Iron Throne. In the First Blackfyre, however, the choice was between a Targaryen and a Blackfyre - a subtle difference, to be sure, but one that opened the possibility of another line replacing the dynasty. What’s more, the first Daemon came perilously close to succeeding, and that because he had the backing of mighty and ambitious secondary lords. Once the great lords of the realm came to understand that the Iron Throne belonged not to the Targaryens but to the family that sat it, I think the Targaryens as a dynasty were in trouble.

Now, you might even go back to that Dance of the Dragons if you want to find irreparable harm to the dynasty. Obviously, the Dance was extremely destructive on a physical scale, but the blinkered selfishness of Aegon II and Rhaenyra meant that the dynasty’s greatest tool - its dragons - were put on the path to extinction. Of course, we don’t know what exactly happened between the end of the Dance and the death of the last dragon in 153 AC, so it’s difficult to assess how much dynastic blame Aegon II and Rhaenyra deserve on this score. Nevertheless, while the Targaryen monarchy could and did see great post-dragon kings, the dynasty depended on its dragons to keep the balance of power: the Conqueror and the Old King were skilled diplomats, but both were more than willing to bring out the dragons when reasserting the feudal relationship. Without the dragons, the Targaryen dynasty was permanently crippled, entirely dependent on its sworn Houses to respect the liege-vassal structure without fear that the crown could on its own retaliate militarily against them.

And then, to go way way back, I firmly believe that the dynasty came close to collapse with its third king, Maegor the Cruel. Maegor’s overwhelmingly sadistic and bloody tyranny needs little repeating, except to say that his actions turned virtually the entire realm against him. More infighting in the royal House as a result of his conduct might have convinced the lords of Westeros that they had been far better off in their petty kingdoms, that the Aegon Doctrine was a bad bargain with mad and heretical dragonriding aliens. Only the heroism of Alyssa Velaryon and Rhaena Targaryen managed to save the dynasty from the shambles into which Maegor had thrown it.

Suffice it to say, there was no one moment that on its own sealed the doom of House Targaryen; each moment of dynastic weakening and ultimately death built upon those that came before it, so that the fall of the house of the dragonlords was the natural conclusion to the poor choices of multiple ancestors.

The Queen Regent (NFriel)

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Have you ever heard of guerrilla gardening? Because I can see eco terrorist Obito grudgingly giving up the terrorist part-- or at least using his powers for Good-- but guerrilla gardening is something I can see him doing without even realizing like. I just imagined a kid brought up doing it like nbd it's just how we have fun on weekdays? #no regrets Plus once the flowers happened it'd be great. Texas Garden Club has given me a few scholarships over the years. Angry gardener Obito gives me life

I had not, but I have now looked it up and that is exactly what Obito would do omg. 

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Okay but what do think about the way Rick handles hostages? Like what if Stan had a gun to his head and Rick was bluffing to try to get the enemy's guard down, but the shit he says to convince the guy that he doesn't give a shit about Stan kinda stings? And, more importantly, the soft way he assures Stan afterwards that it was all just a bluff?

i think stan would have a bit more hostage bluff situation savvy and would know what’s going on, but it probably still stings.  i bet he’s even less likely to get reassurance out of rick because rick is probably just like “yeah, you knew exactly what i was doing, we make a great team”, and like hell is stan going to let him know he was emotionally affected by anything rick said

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Not that I totally agree with that rude/bitchy anon about drinking, but as a grown ass woman who has partied hard in her early and late 20s, *mom voice activated* please be safe! And a lot of Undertale fans look up to you and who might be underage/impressionable and YES ppl can make their own choices but just be safe. There was a girl in my city this past weekend 'getting prepped for the long weekend' and with friends (she knew since prek) left her and she got quite hurt.

! Thanks ! ♥

i really dont drink that much….. but yaknow after a long week of janitoring, which is not exactly what i planned to be doing at this point in my life, its pretty great to have a drink or two and just chill :)) but yeah, sorry.

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This blog is great, but you need to tag your anti stuff. It's unfortunate that it's even being reblogged here. This is supposed to be a positive place about Kara, not about putting other characters down.

I’m sorry you consider reblogging posts calling out Kara being disrespected not a positive thing. We love her dearly, and that’s exactly why we do this. We have already explained the blogs policy about this a long time ago, and who ever does not agree with it is free to unfollow. We’re free to run this blog as we like just like you are free to not follow our content. No hard feelings.

inspired by me ranting at my gf @isakneven about isak x even sharing clothes and loving it. its long oops.

  • just imagine one cold day, even decides that its a good day to not layer up and he just, shrugs off the idea of layering bc “i’m not cold isak.” and isak doesn’t wanna force him but he layers up himself and even is just out with like a sweater and a beanie.
  • and then later even starts shivering and turns to isak but he doesn’t wanna admit that be should of worn more and isak just shakes his head and pulls off his outer layer (which is one of those puffy big jackets- probably a windbreaker) and places it on even’s shoulders.
  • even just smiles sweetly at isak in thanks and angles his head for a kiss and isak lets him.
  • lets just think about even stealing isak’s hats okay.
  • imagine once isak is more comfortable in public, even becomes such a little shit. 
  • (they totally become one of those couples who tease each other about everything and anyone who looks at them has to smile bc they’re just so lovesick and flirty)
  • he’ll be walking next to isak down the street, their hands touching as they walk, shoulders bumping. they’re talking about something, bantering like they always do, and even will steal isak’s hat and place it on his own head.
  • he knows he looks silly but it makes isak laugh and it makes his cheeks turn just a little red and even loves making isak smile 24/7.
  • and even will put on a fake serious face and be all like, “what? don’t i look good? you don’t think so???”
  • and isak initiates!!! hand holding!! he tangles his hand in even’s and pulls him closer as he looks at him, his eyes sparkling as he reaches up to adjust the hat on even’s head. 
  • he says “you’re wearing it all wrong.” (bc ofc even is wearing it exactly like you’re actually supposed to isak, smh)
  • and even’s just being all goofy like “really??? I think i look great. but not as great as you.”
  • isak just rolls his eyes but his heart is racing, he feels like its about to jump out his chest.
  • (he never gets used to even complimenting him and calling him hot and admiring him but he loves it so much and even loves it and he can see the affect it has on isak so he makes it his mission to always show his appreciation.)
  • but back to this - even wont give isak his hat back for a while that day and isak doesn’t ask for it back. he not so secretly loves it when even wears something of his.
  • now. concept: isak and even wearing each others clothes at school.
  • isak ends up wearing even’s beanie, shirt and jacket and vice versa.
  • (and this is totally bc even has slept over so many times he’s ended up having to keep some (a lot) clothes at isak’s place.
  • so the enter the school and they meet up with the boys and one of them, literally could be any of the boys, (they’re all such evak stans ok) points it out and says, “hey even, isn’t that isak’s shirt?? I swear i was with him when he bought that.”
  • and isak just rolls his eyes bc “way to point out the obvious.”
  • and even just smiles and nods in agreement.
  • and then the boys start ribbing them all like “aw u guys, so cute wow so domestic when’s the wedding??” (if you thought they haven’t waited for a time till isak had a significant other so that they could do this - you’re wrong)
  • isak is getting a lil embarrassed bc he isn’t used to this and playfully elbows mahdi, “oh shut up! - like you’ve never shared your clothes with your gf!”
  • and mahdi just laughs and raises his hands, surrendering, “true true man, you got me there.”
  • jonas is just there like the supportive silent friend he is, but he’s secretly laughing at isak’s reaction but he’s glad his friend has someone like even to make him happy.
  • and magnus? he’s gonna say something like, “so do you guys also share underwear too or what?”
  • even just bursts out laughing with the rest of the guys bc he’s so used to magnus’ questions by now, and isak’s face oh boy he just wants this conversation to end asap.
  • but these are his friends and he knows its ok and he decides to strike back (just like he did at the pre-drink at his place)
  • so he says, “yeah sure, why not.”
  • and the boys’ jaws drop and magnus is like omfg but highkey proud bc his boy is getting some, jonas is fucking laughing into his hand as he tries to muffle it, and mahdi is full on cackling, bro slapping isak on the back with, “oh man, good for you! dw magnus is only jealous no girl wants to share his underwear with him!”
  • magnus only wanted an answer to his very valid question.

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"Oh yeah I work at mart of wals I get it haha!" Great than maybe you can kindly STOP TELLING ME HOW TO DO EVERY STEP OF MY JOB? THANKS. It's already annoying when customer's dictate every step(telling me I need to scan a bag while I'm clearly in the process of doing exactly that, hand scanner over the barcode) it's even more annoying when an admitted retail employee does it. Don't you know how irritating that is??

She was in love with words.

She read them, listened to them, and wrote them down. She lived and breathed stories and sayings and quotes and poetry. Every morning when she woke up she wrote words from her favorite song on her arms and legs in the place that sadness plagued her. Every night as she went to bed, using sharpie, she covered her stomach with the worded versions of things she had heard people say to her during the day, whether they were kind or not. She loved the ways some words tasted in her mouth: sour or sweet or bitter. She loved the way they sounded, how they were just noises in the air, but somehow still had the power to manipulate feelings. She was obsessed with how they could stand still on a page, and still escort her off to distant lands. The girl was content with the creations of other people. She was obsessed with stories, and yet never wrote one of her own.

This girl loved words.

But then there came a time of great darkness in her life. Suddenly other people’s words weren’t enough to stop the sadness pressing under her skin and bubbling through her eyes. She read and listened and spoke and copied but the poems and stories just weren’t enough. Every night she wrote song lyrics over her arms and across her stomach and on her ankles. She wrote compliments and curse words just under her shirt line. People said she was “fat” and “ugly” so she wrote those letters on her hips and convinced herself that the criticism was healthy.

At first she let the sharpie fade away naturally, but after a while she’d spend hours scrubbing at the words just to make room for more quotes and stories. People began to notice the ink stains on her legs when she wore shorts, and saw that she felt uncomfortable in front of even her friends. Soon, in addition to previous comments, she began to hear other things people said about her. How she was distant and odd and did not fit in. And she believed that she deserved the comments. But the hurt of them bubbled and pressed against her skin. So she did the only thing she knew how to do: she covered the pain with words.

Soon her ribs were covered with the dark marker repeating the same word: “sad”.

And the girl convinced herself that other people’s words were enough to define her.

Until one night when suddenly the words were not enough. And the sadness and anger towards herself was bursting her skin at the seams. She wanted to rip and shred at herself until the sadness leaked right out of her. She was too full of hatred and confusion, and no matter how many times she wrote on her skin, she just felt sadder and sadder.

And that’s when she picked up the paper. She slid open her nightstand drawer to show a simple notebook, gifted to her by her mom two years ago. Taking the sharpie, she placed it shakily on the paper. No, she did not have the best grammar. No, the poem did not entirely make sense. But she wrote and she wrote and she wrote. And for the first time in her entire life, the words that flowed beneath the pen were her own. It wasn’t an old poem she read a long time ago, it wasn’t song lyrics from her favorite band, and it wasn’t even something she had heard someone say. It was her own, broken but beautiful words.

And the pen filled up one page, and another page, and yet another page. As she wrote, she could feel the sadness leaving her. The great tension that was once within her, threatening to explode her being, now seeped onto the paper. She wrote about sadness, and heartbreak, and the hurt that she held deep within her chest. She wrote about mountains and skies and riverbanks. She wrote about death and tears and depression.

What she wrote didn’t exactly have good spelling, or a good story structure, or even correct punctuation. But it was what she knew in her heart to be true, and she began to realize that what it meant to her defined its worth over anything else. 

The Thalmor are terrifying, and here’s why

Skyrim players are familiar with the Aldmeri Dominion and its Thalmor agents, but what exactly are their goals? Why did they start the Great War? Doesn’t the worship of Talos seem rather trivial? The White-Gold Concordat was more than just the banning of a religion, or even a power-grab.

Keep reading