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it annoys me when people say they wouldn`t watch a sana season, because why wouldn`t you? sana is such a great character, she is so smart and an amazing friend, and her religion could be a big part of the season (which in this year exactly could be very educational for some people) no offence but people watched a season where william was such a big part and he`s an asshole. sana is AWESOME, she deserves a season and julie doesn`t disappoint, so it`s gonna be great.

lol yeah its really ??? when someone would rather watch a season with william than sana or even


The Romanov women who were celebrated as great beauties in their day:

Empress Elizaveta I Petrovna (1709-1762)

“She is a beauty the like of which I have never seen … an amazing complexion, glowing eyes, a perfect mouth, a throat and bosom of rare whiteness. She is tall in stature, and her temperament is very lively. One senses in her a great deal of intelligence and affability, but also a certain ambition.”

Empress Elizaveta Alexeievna (1779-1826)

“Her features were fine and even, and her face a perfect oval; her beautiful complexion was not high in colour but its delicacy was totally in keeping with her expression, one of angelic sweetness. Her fair ash coloured hair floated about her neck and forehead. She was dressed in a simple white tunic, gathered by a belt knotted simply around a waist slender as a nymph´s. This young woman appeared exactly as I have described her, standing against the backdrop of an appartment ornamented with classical columns and draped in pink and silver gauze; she looked so ravishing I cried out, “Psyche!” It was in fact Princess Elisabeth, wife of Alexander.” 

Empress Alexandra Fyodorovna (1798-1860)

“The Empress is a tall graceful figure … her little head beautifully set and her expression pleasing and features regular, her hands and arms beautifully shaped and an air of imperial dignity and grace I never saw before. Her dress was perfect - simple and of dazzling whiteness, with a necklace, fringe, drops, etc. that I can only compare to dark blue glass eggs for never did I see their like.”

Grand Duchess Olga Nikolaevna (1822-1892)

“The Grand Duchess Olga, the second of the emperor´s daughter, has no rival in beauty among the Princesses of Europe, an in this instance, flattery, in asserting her to be the loveliest girl in her father´s dominion, scarcely outstrips the truth.”

Grand Duchess Alexandra Iosifovna (1830-1911)

[Alexandra] loved the Russian extravangance and magnificence, which was entirely in keeping with her extraordinary beauty, her marvelous hair in particular. A few considred that she resembled Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots, whose style of dress Sanny copied. All of Europe spoke of her astonishing jewels, of her pearl necklace, in which each pearl was the size of a nut. … [She] always took a passionate interest in anything which related to the beauty of other women. With typical feminine jealousy she would ask: “Who is the more beautiful, the Empress of Austria or I?” The Empress´s beauty was much praised, and the Grand Duchess Konstantin worried: “Is my hair as fine as the Empress´s? Don´t you think we have the same figure?”

Grand Duchess Elizaveta Fyodorovna (1864-1918)

“I like Ella very, very much. She is so feminine; her beauty is something I will never tire of. Her eyes are extraordinarily beautifully defined and her look is so calm and gentle. Despite her gentle nature and her shyness, one sense in her a certain self-assurance, a recognition of her own strength … [Her husband] was talking to me about his wife and he was enraptured by her, full of her praises.”

Princess Irina Alexandrovna (1895-1970):

“One day when I was out riding I met a very beautiful girl accompanied by an elderly lady. Our eyes met and she made such an impression on me that I reined in my horse to gaze at her as she walked on … [Another time] I had plenty of time to admire the wondrous beauty of the girl who was eventually to become my wife and lifelong companion. She had beautiful features, clear-cut as a cameo, and looked very like her father." 

Grand Duchess Tatiana Nikolaevna (1897-1918)

“She’s a grand princess from head to toe, so aristocratic and regal. Her face is pale matte, only the cheeks are slightly rosy, as if pink satin is trying to escape from just under her thin skin. Her profile is flawlessly beautiful, as if cut from marble by a great artist.  The widely set eyes provide uniqueness and originality to her face.”

Grand Duchess Maria Nikolaevna (1899-1918)

“Maria Nikolaevna can easily be called a Russian beauty. Tall, healthy, with sable eyebrows and a bright blush on her open Russian face, she is especially lovely to a Russian heart. You look at her and involuntarily imagine her dressed in the Russian boyar’s sarafan; snowy muslin sleeves around her hands; on the highly decorated bodice semi-precious stone; and above her white brow, a kokoshnik with the traditional pearls. Her eyes illuminate her entire face by a unique, radiant luster; they sometimes seem black as long eyelashes throw shadows over the bright blush of her soft cheeks.”

If you’re a bystander to a medical emergency...

A group of amazing bystanders did such an excellent job on a call yesterday I figured everyone could use a guide of what to do if you witness a medical emergency. (Even for you doctors and nurses out there-you may be the BEST provider ever but the prehospital environment can be pretty different and these are some great specific ways to help the patient’s overall care)

1. Make sure its safe to help. Seriously. Please please please do not put yourself in danger. So many people get killed every year stopping on the side of highways, ect-not only is it the LAST thing we want to happen, but it can also make a situation that much worse. 

2. Call 911. Get help going. Its okay if you don’t know exactly whats going on. Its okay if you don’t know if anyone else has called. They’d rather you call and have it be nothing than nobody call at all.

3. Stay calm. Take a deep breath. This is not your emergency, it is theirs and you need to keep a calm head to help. 

All Patients

Other than doing CPR if needed the MOST important thing you can do to help EMS out is to write down the patient’s name, date of birth, social(if you can get it), medical history, and allergies. You might be able to get information from the patient, a bystander who knows the patient, or a wallet/medical alert bracelet. This saves US so much time and searching.

When EMS arrives, be prepared for ONE person to calmly explain exactly what you saw. Helpful phrases are if the patient complained of anything before the emergency occurred, and if they made any abnormal movements(like twitching). Telling me the patient had a seizure when I’m not sure what you think a seizure IS, is a lot less helpful than ‘he started jerking, foaming at the mouth, and he peed on himself’. 

Don’t be offended if we’re doing things while you’re talking. We have just a few minutes to assess the patient, figure out what may be going on, stabilize life threats, and figure out how to get to the ambulance with the patient. Multitasking doesn’t mean we’re not paying attention or that we don’t appreciate everything you’ve done-it just means there is a lot to do at once. 

If you’re a medical professional, identify yourself but don’t try to take control of the scene. We have specific guidelines based on what we can allow bystanders(even doctors) to do. Its like this-I know how to start an IV, but I can’t go in the hospital and start an IV on your patient because you’re the one responsible for them in that setting and I have no ability to practice there. Believe me, if we need you to do something, I WILL ABSOLUTELY ask you. As it is, I’m just incredibly appreciative that the patient had a solid basis of care established. 

Unresponsive with no pulse

3. If the patient is unresponsive, ask another bystander to find an AED immediately. If you are the only person there do the following-

 Feel for a pulse by putting two fingers gently on the side of the patient’s neck. If there is no pulse or you’re not sure, immediately start pushing hard and fast in the center of the patient’s chest between their nipples. Hum ‘Staying Alive’ to yourself to keep the right rhythm(you’re aiming for at least 100 compressions per minute and you want to compress at least 2 ½ inches down on their chest.). Don’t stop compressions unless someone is there that can switch out with you, you become so tired that you cannot continue, or an AED arrives. Don’t worry if the patient has no pulse but appears to be gasping. This is normal and you’re not hurting them-its just something that sometimes happens when someone is dying. 

4. When an AED arrives, open it up and turn it on ASAP. Thats literally all you need to do. Its going to talk you through everything else. 

Unresponsive with a pulse but not breathing or only gasping

5. Tilt their chin back and put your mouth over their mouth. Pinch their nostrils shut. If its a child, put your mouth over their mouth and nose. Give 1 breath and watch their chest to see if it rises. If it does not rise, try to tilt their chin back again and give another breath. Give rescue breaths every 6-8 seconds. 

Unresponsive and breathing with a pulse

6. Roll the patient onto their side so that if they vomit, they won’t choke. Keep them safe and warm and look for any clues to what may have happened(did they bite their tongue? Did they urinate on themselves?)

 Responsive with various complaints(in no particular order)

7. If they have chest pain-give them 4 tablets of 81 mg baby aspirin. Seriously. Saves lives. Carry it in your pocket everywhere. 

8. Provide comfort measures specific to the situation(aka cool compresses for the forehead, ect.) General rule is to keep the patient safe and warm. 

9. If they’re a family member or you have access-gather the patient’s medications together in one spot for EMS to take to the hospital. 

10. If the patient is a known diabetic and feels that their sugar has dropped, the best things to give them are things like orange juice and peanut butter crackers-basically complex sugars and carbs. While better than nothing, candy bars and sodas are too sugary and will shoot their blood sugar up really fast only to have it crash again later if they don’t get complex carbs into them. 

11. If the patient is responsive but confused and you’re not sure if they can swallow, DO NOT GIVE THEM ANYTHING TO EAT OR DRINK. 

12. If the patient has been exposed to something they’re allergic to and they are complaining of things like feeling like they can’t breathe, like their tongue is swelling, they have hives, or are vomiting, ask if they have an Epi-pen. If they do, pull it out of the package, pull out the cap(but don’t put your fingers over where the cap was!!!) and push the pen firmly against their thigh until you hear a ‘click’. Count to 10 and then release the pen. You don’t need to take off their pants to do this. If they don’t have an epi-pen, give them 2 benedryl tablets.

13. The best way in the world to calm down someone who is having a panic attack is to be calm yourself. Eliminate external stressors, removing them from the environment if possible. Sit quietly with them, and talk softly. Ensure they stay safe and warm(seriously. 90% of first aid is keeping folks safe and comfortable). Talk them through breathing slowly to the count of ten in through their nose and out through their mouth like they are slowly blowing out a candle. 

14. If someone is bleeding profusely, the best and #1 thing to do is apply pressure directly to the site of the bleeding with a (preferably gloved) hand. If pressure doesn’t stop the bleeding and its an extremity wound, tighten a belt above the wound until the bleeding stops. Secure the belt at this point until help arrives to take over. 

15. Birthing babies! If baby is coming there isn’t really anything you can do to stop it. The best indicators that birth is imminate is the patient reporting a feeling of needing to go to the bathroom OR (no shit) the appearance of a head/hair in between the patient’s legs. Mom will do the work here. Your job is to keep mom calm, and to gently support the baby’s head/body as it emerges. It will be slippery so- Don’t. Drop. The. Baby. If you see the umbilical cord wrapped around the baby’s head, gently and quickly unwrap it before the rest of the baby is born. After baby is born, vigorously rub it dry with a towel to stimulate crying. If the baby does not cry/remains blue and is not breathing, wrap your hands around the baby’s chest until your thumbs encircle and push hard and fast in the center of the chest until help arrives or the baby pinks up/starts crying. Keep the baby at the level of the umbilical cord until it stops pulsing. Tie off the cord in two places 4-5 inches apart with a string or shoelace and cut between the strings. If baby is okay(pink and crying), place on mom’s bare chest, and keep both mom and baby safe and warm.

16. If you stop at a wreck, unless the patient is not breathing or is in immediate danger, please DON’T pull them out of the vehicle. If they have a neck or back injury, you could cause them more harm. Instead, place your hands gently on either side of their neck to stabilize it and remind them not to move their head until help arrives to take over. 

…I think thats it for now unless anyone else has any other additions! Remember, stay calm, call 911, do CPR if needed, get patient information written down, and KEEP THE PATIENT SAFE AND WARM. You go lifesaver you! :)

A Single Kiss

Destiel AU where Cas texts the wrong person, asking them to bring him cat food. for @castihalo​, because she’s pretty great.

see @castihalo‘s SUPER DUPER FREAKIN’ CUTE art for the fic HERE!

>> So did you kiss him?

Cas read Anna’s text message with a sigh, standing next to his bed in his pyjamas, only just woken up. He should never, ever have allowed his sister even the slightest of glimpses into his meagre dating life.

<< Not exactly…

He typed out the response quickly, and then dropped his phone down on the bed. Curled up on the covers, a cat with soft, blonde fur narrowed its bright blue eyes at him, and purred. Cas reached down, and scratched its ears.

“I wanted to,” Cas said. “But he didn’t look like he wanted to. How was I supposed to just… do it?”

Balthazar only purred some more. Cas supposed that his failed date wouldn’t feature hugely on his cat’s list of problems. Cas smiled down at him, and then padded out of his bedroom and down the stairs. He needed coffee, and fast; the early morning’s sharpness would only be softened by the taste of caffeine. Crossing the hallway, feeling the boards of the floor underneath the slightly threadbare carpet, he entered the kitchen.

It was the same as it always was, of course. Cas switched on the coffee machine and leaned against the counter, looking out of the window at the familiar view. Same little yard out the back, overgrown a little since he hadn’t been able to take time off work to tend to it. Same view over the back fence, of the same trees that had been growing in the same ground for decades. Same, same, same.

Usually, the unchanging days were a comfort. Today, Cas found himself chafing at the familiarity; the staid, unending pace. The date, last night… he’d been looking forward to it for weeks beforehand, and now it was over - and not much chance of a second date, if the lack of a goodnight kiss was anything to go by. Obviously, the guy just hadn’t been that into him.

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New animated cartoon for ADULTS!

here comes a funy new series! its a COMEDY and we have BOTH varieties of grown up joke! 

it has SEX JOKE and WEED JOKE.

 ha ha its great! also its about CHARACTERS standing still in a ROOM telling these jokes! yeah, you heard me ;) theres no animation at all other than walk cycles and lipsyncing because we didnt actually want to pay the animators! 

hha ha, literally why did we even pay someone to animate this when we could’ve just filmed ourselves drunk on our cellphones? 

this show is exactly like a 5 panel sunday newspaper comic but we put it on tv and it lasts for 30 minutes and theres also 5 seasons.

Can we talk a bit about how AFAB people are still affected by sexism even when they’re not women? I see a lot of support for our trans sisters (which is great!) but the lack of support for people who are not women and still subjected to sexism is disgusting. If you say you’re a feminist don’t just stop with transgender women when there are nonbinary people and transgender men out here practically invisible.

We’re here too. We’re not the same as you, we’re not women, but we’re going through the same struggles.

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What books would you say are a good starting point for someone interested in learning more about naval military development in the early 20th Century?

Most of my books on naval history are on the Pacific Theatre of WWII (surprise, surprise), so I don’t exactly know a lot of books. @uss-edsall reads a lot more so he might have something to add.

That said, I do have a few books to recommend; Ian W. Toll’s Pacific Crucible does an excellent job providing an overview of the first two years of war in the Pacific, and I’d imagine its “sequel”, The Conquering Tide, would be great as well, even though I have yet to get around to reading the latter.

Kaigun by David C. Evans and Mark R. Peattie is a fantastic book on the Imperial Japanese Navy’s development in strategies, tactics and technology from its very beginning to its end. It is perhaps the most detailed book I have read on this rather niche subject. May not be a very good starting point if you want to get to know the full picture first, but if you do want to know more about the Japanese Navy’s history this book is excellent. Have yet to find an equivalent on the US Navy though.

While not exactly about naval military development, For Crew and Country by John Wukovits is an excellent book on USS Samuel B. Roberts (DE-413), and deserves a special mention for being the book that got me into this whole Pacific Theatre naval history thing.

Art Rant

Maybe I’m just petty and I don’t even really draw anymore but it gets on my nerves sososo much when I witness people get angry or annoyed at artists for choosing not to answer a billion and one repetitive questions about their process. Like I get it! You see work you adore and maybe want to emulate that person’s style or results. You try to find out exactly how they do it in hopes of creating something even half as great. It pushes you to eventually find yourself as an artist and develop your OWN style. Its great to learn from eachother, to help others. God bless all the artists who choose to share their skills, experience, and knowledge for free simply out the goodness of their hearts!

But what a lot of, mostly younger people need to understand is though, that copying every single step from someone else to a T isn’t going to necessarily make you better. Its OK if another artist you admire chooses NOT to give their time away for free. Their time is already devalued by society enough as it is. Would you barge into a classroom and call an instructor selfish for not giving you free lessons?? And no, some artists are not “Just trying to keep their process a secret so you can’t copy them”. Maybe they’re tired of getting the same 100000 questions. Or better yet: They. Just. Don’t. Want. To. Share.

Plain & simple….

I just hate seeing people who put years of effort into their art being disrespected by others who feel entitled to free in depth tutorials. Plz 👏stopppp👏

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can u stop posting about riverdale its not why i followed you

buddy, pal, friend, dude, ive been going through a rough patch for a long time and finally found something that makes me feel less miserable (dare i say happy even) so im sorry to disappoint you but no. i only posted about it twice so im not exactly sure why you’re mad to begin with anyway

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Piaaaa i just want to say that even though it's taking so long for Pitch & Jack to kiss in TGATNW the world building is SO GOOD that i ain't even mad. also, your description of the creches reminds me of the different hunger games districts ? which is probably just a coincidence, but it's still neat

It’s not exactly a coincidence - a lot of dystopic fiction that sections off the poor and so on has existed for decades (like, The Hunger Games was inspired by a lot of YA dystopias that hung around in the 80s and 90s like I was, lol —> it was the actual hunger games themselves that were a new-ish spin, but also not really, because The Hunger Games is an almost direct rip of Battle Royale and like a thousand other things that have existed for years and years and years - death games amongst the poor have featured in reality and also in media for aaaaaages (see feature film The 10th Victim plot synopsis and it’s ‘Big Hunt’ concept from 1965, and also Stephen King doing it twice in the late 70s early 80s) - Collins just got more famous off it* vs. others who didn’t get as famous or things that are old enough now that even I’m not old enough to have seen that in my lifetime when it was out lol), and also real life. Sadly real life.

Sadly this shit happens in the real world (or stuff that is similar), and I’ve always had this side interest in basically how monstrous things go on in our world and everyone tries to ignore them and pretend they aren’t happening (*cough*North Korea*cough*) while tens of millions of people die and folks in poverty die from government induced starvation all the time.

Like, reality is the best informer of dystopic fiction, which sucks. So yeah. I find dystopias really interesting as a genre. I actually devoured dystopias as a teenager, and given I was a teen in the 90s, there were a ton of them available for me to read. It was a very cynical time. There were a lot of post-nuclear dystopias to sink into. Ahhhh those were the days. Except not really. Because waves of dystopia tend to follow or precede a lot of global bullshit.

* Suzanne Collins has actually been criticised for her Hunger Games concept being totally unoriginal (I mean it is essentially based in gladiator exploitation, like you know, a ton of media since then). Which is some bullshit if you ask me, because most story ideas are totally unoriginal, and the thing that makes them original is the author’s voice / characters / audience engagement. :D



It has:
•An entire species that are polyamorous and its like treated really well not made out to be “wrong” at all
•Different sexualities and its just normal and accepted 100%
•Cool space adventures
•It’s honestly so good and actually realistic? About how different species might interact
•space lesbians what else do you need to know

i wanna talk about this little segment of animation on peridot because i think it’s really great.
a'ite so at the beginning of the ep here she’s having this breakdown right?
peridot’s already infamous for her incredible facial expressions, and this segment is definitely no exception,,,

but what i love even more is how it’s expressed through her fingers, how such a unique design element is used so naturally and dynamically in her language.

i don’t know how exactly she moves them, but it’s clear they reflect something of her state of mind.
peridot loves nothing if not order; keeping a bunch of little poles in a hand or otherwise functional arrangement all the time seems like a unnecessarily small thing to point out for that, until you look at how they behave when she’s not fully keeping control.  

they go everywhere.
she’s a mess. girl’s on her last desperate nerve here and it shows.
she doesn’t even have them in a sensible arrangement until she deliberately gestures with them, and even then they’re way more loose in this scene than any before.

like she’s literally barely holding together.

it’s mildly interesting that she’s more collected [visually, at least] immediately after he last hope is extinguished, until she has to explain to steven about their shared fate.

it’s easy to see what she’s trying to do with her hands, just a general “throwing hands up in exasperation” gesture, but geez, at this point their arrangement barely resembles anything any more. and then this:

side note- i also think it’s cool how they managed to get her to simultaneously do like 3 different nervous gestures with one hand here; she’s just putting her fingers to use wherever they ended up.

even the hand that’s just idling as a hand is floating everywhere haphazardly

anyway my favorite part is this bit here,

it’s again easy to understand it simply as an “okay listen, kid” kind of gesture, but the way her fingers methodically reorganize back into hands as she inhales, it’s like she’s recomposing not only her stance, but her thoughts, both of which are conveyed awesomely through this deliberate “lining up and holding together” animation.

peridot has so many ways to be expressive and the crew utilizes them all  so expertly and i love it.
and i mean, this isn’t even touching how shelby rabara nailed every voice crack and anxious falter in peridot’s voice while all this is happening…

Sam Winchester appeals to me more than all the other characters on Supernatural

I’m not aware exactly what the American society requires of its heroes, but it is not surprising that reasonableness, sensitivity, intelligence, tenacity, relatedness, loyalty, a sense of humor, coherence, healthy living, sarcasm, pro-activity, strength, self-discipline, endurance and empathy are all characteristics that could be found in a great man that most of the world look up to.

Sam is such a dense individual, who’s acted so brilliantly and awesomely well with tones and expressions, that to me he comes across as more vocal and rich a character on the show than any other, even with some lack of dialogue.  More often than not, Sam Winchester gets even more layered and intricate by twisting and tortuous plots.  Merely a handful of people can comprehend another person well enough without bias and, with Sam, as unfathomable as he may appear to some, he has nonetheless the humblest motivations and basic values to follow (like to save or defend or accomplish), diverging from other characters who mostly harbor their own agendas for distorted goals and corrupted gains.

I don’t think I’m able to put into any amount of words what Sam Winchester has meant and done for me. But I can say that, through Sam, Jared has undoubtedly made an impact in my life.  It is Sam’s strength I call on whenever I feel weak and his hope when it seems I’m losing mine.  Sam’s determination can restore my own when I feel like giving up.  Honestly, quite a few times it felt as if it was Sam who carried me on when I deemed I could not carry myself any longer.  From his attitude to his compassion, from his sarcasm to his kindness, watching him grow and mature has been a privilege and an honor.  I have learnt from his strengths and from his weaknesses equally, and I feel I got the obligation to admit that Sam is heartily dear to me.

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As a teacher, what is something a student could write to you in a thank you note of sorts that you would truly appreciate?

I think with ANY thank you cards, specificity is key. As a teacher, when students tell me exactly what I did to help them get better as a student and how it impacted them, it makes me feel super touched. Even if it’s something like “with you, I finally understand the quadratic formula!” 

I feel like, as a math teacher, its often not as personal as other subjects. You get to have these great, personality developing deep conversations in social studies and English classes, so I feel like I’m ever the favorite teacher (also I am a hard ass bitch)

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yeah i love the name of the wind its a great book - but patrick rothfuss is a douchewad. Even if you portrayed kvothe exactly how he intended him to be portrayed patrick rothfuss would still be a dick. Love his books, but yeah, he's a total cock shit.

//What did he do to you?//

@booasaur replied to your answer post:
I believe most people would agree that this season makes not much sense.

The season doesn’t feel as positive to me either. I wasn’t exactly fond of them, but where are all the pep talks? This particular episode was about “keeping your convictions in your friends even though everyone says otherwise” and then “the great task of eating crow and admitting you were wrong,” which is positive on its face but didn’t feel bright to me in the execution of either of its parts. also there was a scene I thought for sure Alex would go talk to Kara with the way the camera lingered on Alex’s face last after everyone declared the evidence too strong against Lena (but notably Alex stayed quiet and looked worried) but instead it was made into a tense confrontation between James and Kara that was edited to butt up against Mon-El being oh so spirits raising by showing up and establishing he’s de facto single.

I can’t quite put my finger on it. I think with Cat being so focused on Supergirl in S1, we had a lot of focus on Supergirl as a symbol and what that meant. Because Kara was never involved in the narrative-building part of Supergirl–that was outsourced to the actual reporting. Her actions were influencing and influenced by the image-building and the media coverage, so there was this high level of consciousness about what she projected in her actions and the personal beliefs she had to foster and maintain to form and become and remain that symbol of heroism and hope. That was actually layered now that I’m thinking about it. Cat managed to provide constant scrutiny, pressure, and critique on Supergirl in that way and that media coverage became a way for the public to relate and connect with Supergirl. But the media aspect inside the show seems to have moved sway from that and so there’s no dialogue about who Supergirl is anymore and how she’s evolving in the private vs. the public.

I don’t know if that made any sense. XD

The modern proletarian class does not carry out its struggle according to a plan set out in some book or theory; the modern workers’ struggle is a part of history, a part of social progress, and in the middle of history, in the middle of progress, in the middle of the fight, we learn how we must fight… That’s exactly what is laudable about it, that’s exactly why this colossal piece of culture, within the modern workers’ movement, is epoch-defining: that the great masses of the working people first forge from their own consciousness, from their own belief, and even from their own understanding the weapons of their own liberation.
—  Rosa Luxemburg