even included a link

Are people really getting upset that Dan and Phil put their silhouettes on their charity t-shirt? Can’t people ever let others do something for a good cause without telling them they’re disrespectful? In case people aren’t aware, Dan and Phil both lived in Manchester. Manchester held a very special place in both of their hearts. The silhouettes of them are from their Day in the Life of Manchester vlog, as Dan has stated on Twitter. Not to mention, Dan himself said he designed the t-shirt and he seemed extremely proud of it. Which he should be. I understand that some people only bought the shirt because it’s another piece of clothing they’ll have from Dan and Phil. But I, and many many others, bought the shirt because we wanted to support a good cause. I wished that people that are amazing and lovely as Dan and Phil are could do something for such an amazing cause without being called out for it. As it should be, we all stand with Manchester.

As an addition, if you would like purchase the shirt (willing that they’re still available) you can buy it in danandphilshop.com. The shirt can be shipped anywhere internationally, even the U.S! So please, if you want to support this amazing cause and can afford it, purchase the shirt.
Quick Guide to Fanfiction Etiquette

i.e. what are acceptable ways of interacting with fics? 

So in light of many recent fic theft related events and with Miraculous Blackout ( @miraculousblackout ) still in full swing, I noticed there are many primers on art theft and etiquette around interacting with art and not much about interacting with fanfiction. So for any readers out there who are interested in knowing appropriate ways of interacting with our fics, here’s a quick cheat sheet. 

When you find fanfiction online that you enjoy or that you want to share, there are easy and respectful ways to go about this. Simply put, it involves interacting with the original source of the fic. On Tumblr, that’s reblogs and likes. On AO3, that’s comments, kudos, and bookmarks. On FFN that’s favorites and reviews. On Wattpad that’s views and votes. Wanna show us how much you love the story? Tell us what you think and help bump our stats. 

If you really love this fic and you want to share this fic with other people, the best way to do that is by sharing links back to the original stories. Creating rec lists comprised of links to your favorite fanfictions are great ways of sharing stories, plus writers love being included on them. Although links are preferred, even just leaving the title of the fic, the name of the author, and the site you read the fic on works. This spreads our stories and lets people know who wrote them. 

What about creating work based off of our writing?

Yes! We love that! Creating remixes, creating podfics, using lines as captions for art/cosplay, creating fanart, creating fancomics, and translating fics are all great provided we’re notified and credited where appropriate. 

When it comes to creating work based off of our fics that in no way involves manipulating our words (i.e. fanart, fancomics, podfics/dubs, etc.) all we ask is that you credit us. Tag our blogs (if applicable), indicate that you are creating work based off of a fanfiction you read, and leave links back to our stories. Writers love getting art inspired by our fics, but please credit us when you do. 

When it comes to creating work that involves manipulating our words (i.e. translations and remixes/rewrites of our fics), it’s always best to ask for permission first. These are things that writers are not always okay with. If they say no, it’s your job to respect that. For remixes/rewrites, please credit us and link back to our original work. Let people know that this is a remix/rewrite of another fic. If you’re translating a fic, it’s important to be very transparent with the writer and tell them where you are going to post this translation and how you are going to credit them (again guys, links links links). It’s also common courtesy to send a link to the writers to the translated work when you’re done. 

This also applies to using lines/sections for our fics as captions for your art/cosplay, as captions for your aesthetic posts, etc. We love it when our stories inspire you, but if you’re copying lines from our fics you need to ask us first and you need to credit us properly

A bonus tip for those of you who enjoy AO3 is that the site actually makes it very easy for you to credit the original writers in cases where you’re posting podfics, remixes, or translations of an existing work. When you select “New Work” and begin to post your creation, there’s a section where you can check off and indicate whether this piece is inspired off another existing work. 

If you check the box next to “This work is a remix, a translation, a podfic, or was inspired by another work,” you get an entire form that allows you to include the URL, title, author, and language of the original work. AO3 very nicely credits the original author for you when you fill this out. As a personal suggestion, gifting the work to the original author by typing in their AO3 username is a good way to cover all your bases. 

One last thing: please do not monetize creations that are inspired by our writing unless we give you very clear permission to do so.

Making fanart for our stories is great. Selling prints of fanart inspired by our fics without getting our permission first is less great. This also goes for anyone who dubs over fanfiction on YouTube and monetizes on the videos they post. Writers are artists as well, and our ideas are just as valuable as our written words. To monetize work that is inspired by our words and our ideas is unfair to us. General rule of thumb: don’t do it unless you have permission from us. 

To Review:

  • Give fics comments, likes, reblogs, views, kudos, bookmarks, votes, and favorites. This is the best way to show us you appreciate our work. Please do it!
  • If ever you want to share fics with others, always share links leading to the original story. Links Links Links!!!
  • If you want to create something inspired by our work, please credit us by tagging our blogs and leaving links to our stories
  • If you want to manipulate our work either through a translation or by creating a rewrite/remix of the work, ask for permission first
    • If you don’t have permission, it ends there. Some writers are uncomfortable with their writing being manipulated/altered and you should respect that. 
    • If you do have permission, please credit us by tagging our blogs and leaving links to our stories.
  • Please do not monetize work you’ve created that is inspired by our words and our ideas unless you have our permission.
  • If you’re ever unsure, always ask the writer first

Hey guys! I recently reached 2500 followers (thank you so much!!!) and I wanted to do a follower celebration - meaning tons of stuff for you guys. So I decided to start my celebration off with A Bellarke Fic Ref List and I really think you guys will enjoy it! This post is full of amazing fanfiction that I’ve read over the course of this year; some of it is long, some are short - but they’re all equally amazing. I have everything broken down into categories and links to the fics. I even included some of the authors tumblr urls if I could find them! This is just part one - there will be a few more to go over the course of the next year! ;-)

Also, most of these fics are in the canonverse. There are a few that are AUs that are in their own section. And when an @ sign is in front of a username - it’ll bring you to their tumblr. 

*I own nothing, all of this fics belong to their writers*






Future Fic:


stardust ~ 2/3

‘And then my soul saw you, and it kind of went, 'oh, there you are. I’ve been looking for you’.

When your daemon meets your soulmate’s daemon, it knows. That doesn’t always make it easy.

Astra and Alex meet in a warehouse, on opposite sides of a war, and their souls know each other.


art by @alittlelesspain

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so there's a "christian" hate group on my campus right now and it hasn't been a great day but it did make me think of a poetry prompt, if you're interested: an angel at one of these 'god hates f*gs' protests

i don’t know if you were aware of this, but the idea of angels showing up to a ‘god hates f*gs’ protest is sorta kinda an event that actually happened.

in 1998, a young man named matthew sheppard was violently murdered for being gay outside of laramie, wyoming. the case and the trials afterward received heavy coverage in the news because of matthew’s sexual orientation, so westboro baptist protesters showed up at his funeral bearing signs that said things like ‘matt in hell’ and, you guessed it, ‘god hates f*gs.’

matthew’s friend organized a counter-protest group. they came in and formed a circle around the wbc. the catch is that they were wearing white robes and handmade white wings. the tall wings blocked out the wbc signs so that, even though you could still hear their homophobic shouting, the protest no longer looked like a protest, but like a gathering of angels. the friend, romaine patterson, would later name her activist group angel action, after this event, and the group still does this type of counter-protest today. i’m on mobile so i can’t add photos or links, but romaine’s website even includes instructions for how to make your own angel costumes for your own counter-protests.

the message there is similar to what i’d tell you to comfort you in this situation– that gay people are loved in the eyes of god, no matter how terribly anyone tries to convince you otherwise, and we deserve, in life and death, but especially life, only respect and support from christian communities. what you witnessed today is a horrendous display of uneducated bigotry, and not a true representation of god’s love, which is infinite and wholly encompassing of gay people. i hope that the future brings you less hurt and more peace and acceptance.

what i’m trying to say with all this is that sometimes the actions of human people are more powerful than any poem i could ever write about archangel michael holding a counter-protest sign. if you’re interested in reading or seeing a dramatic adaptation of the aftermath of matthew’s death, you should check out the play the laramie project, warnings for triggering material though. thank you for your time

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Do you know the schedule for Baku? Like what times will qualifications and finals be?

This is the official schedule on the federations website. Times are local, Central Europe and EST, in this order.

March 16th
12pm - 3:30pm | 9am - 12:30pm | 3am - 6:30am - qualifications
5pm - 7:30pm | 2pm - 4:30pm | 8am - 10:30am - qualifications

March 17th
12pm - 3pm | 9am - 12pm | 3am - 6am - qualifications
4pm - 7:30pm | 1pm - 4:30pm | 7am - 10:30am - qualifications

March 18th - Event Finals
12pm - 12:45pm | 9am - 9:45am | 3am - 3:45am - MAG fx
12:45pm - 2:15pm | 9:45am - 11:15am | 3:45am - 5:15am - MAG pb / WAG vt
3:15pm - 4:45pm | 12:15pm - 1:45pm | 6:15am - 7:45am - MAG sr / WAG ub

March 19th - Event Finals
12pm - 1:30pm | 9am - 10:30am | 3am - 4:30am - MAG vt / WAG bb
1:30pm - 3pm | 10:30am - 12pm | 4:30am - 6am - MAG ph / WAG fx
4pm - 4:45pm | 12pm - 12:45pm | 6am - 6:45am - MAG hb

The federation has a livestream set up on their website but the Idman TV station is also planning on streaming the competition, including qualifications, and here are two links I found even if they don’t always work and you might need a VPN: link | link

Hope this helps (:

10 post-rock bands you should check out that aren't Explosions in the Sky (music megapost)

Sorry A) for that Buzzfeed-fucking-esque title and B) for anyone who thinks I’m trying to start beef with EITS. I enjoy the band, and won’t deny that they are pioneers of sorts for the post-rock genre (at least the post-rock that I’m referring to), but I feel like they’re the only post-rock band that most people have heard of/listen to (thanks Friday Night Lights/high school jocks), when there’s so much great shit out there. In a genre overcrowded with unoriginality, formulaic song structures, and shit that is just straight-up boring, here are 10 of my favorite post-rock bands that I think deserve more love ((even though a couple are defunct) included are youtube links to a sample song):

*Also, I don’t know how to embed Youtube vids here (this is a “text”) post; I hope you don’t mind copying/pasting

1. Red Sparowes

This band is first on my list (though I’m not trying to order them in any way necessarily) because they’re responsible for re-kindling my interest in the genre; I’d had “At the Soundless Dawn” on my laptop for some time, but hadn’t listened to it in its entirety (in spite of the fact that I’m such a huge fan of their guitarist, Emma Ruth Rundle’s solo work). Okay, so three words:  pedal steel guitar. If you thought that shit was reserved for country/americana bands, think again. Red Sparowes make it work for dark post-rock too.

The Soundless Dawn Came Alive as Cities Began to Mark the Horizon


2. Giants

Oddly, the first post-rock band I ever got into (think they were friends with some midwest hardcore bands and I heard about them through them). The band’s broken up (I think), but I always thought they put out just as quality shit as the greats like EITS, Godspeed!, Mogwai, Mono, etc. There’s nothing extraordinary about them, but I think everything about all the songs on their 2008 EP, “Old Stories,” are perfect. The atmosphere they generate is unbelievable, the emotions they’ll make you feel are unexpected, and the crescendos are jaw-dropping. Listen to this shit at nighttime.

While the Ages Steal


3. God is an Astronaut

Great post-rock band from Ireland. They have a pretty extensive discography, but the record I always have and probably always will keep coming back to is “All is Violent, All is Bright.” The range of emotions you’ll experience through this album is intense; the opener “Fragile,” is uplifting (albeit heartbreaking in the best way possible), but the second track on the album (the title track, which I’m linking) is melancholic as fuck. Perfect music for driving through the forest (as are most of the bands I’m including here; these cliches are basically interchangeable but whatever I don’t really know how ta talk music).

All is Violent, All is Bright


4. Everett

I think this two-piece only ever put out one 4-song EP (correct me if I’m wrong) but it holds a lot of value to me and I used to play it ever night at work around 1:30 while closing. Again, nothing special, but the songs are simple and charming. Lots of pianos, lots of synths. Also, half of the band consists of Dallas Taylor (from Underoath/Maylene and the Sons of Disaster). I think this is the best thing he’s ever done.

The Crown


5. Gifts from Enola

Virginian post-rock band that I believe is now defunct. Their ability to create ethereal, delicate atmosphere with their ambient parts, but create freneticism in the same song with fast tempos and heavy guitars is pretty fucking unreal. In the song I’m linking, the part that starts at 4:20 (total coincidence) marked by that tempo change and the soaring leads is one of my favorite parts of any song ever.



6. Kwoon

Post-rock band from France, which is definitely on the more melancholic/darker side of the genre (peep that album artwork). Admittedly, I need to listen to them more, but the song I’m linking blows me away. It starts off pretty slow (and eerie I think, if you can appreciate that) but the apex and second half of the song are unbelievable (talk about payoff), even though the production isn’t that great.

Eternal Jellyfish Ballet


7. …Of Sinking Ships

This started out as the side project of Chad Waldrup from Hopesfall before he left the band. He put an amazing full length in 2006 (…Of Sinking Ships), was quiet for a while, then put out another LP this year (The Amaranthine Sea) with a dude from HRVRD (I think?) who is now in the band. The 2014 is a breath of fresh air for the genre; it’s a “theme” album (listen to it in order, and read the song titles in order). However, I feel like it more follows the cliche’s of post-rock than the 2006 EP, in which jangly guitars dance over mid-tempo beats. Here’s my favorite song from that album:

The Circumstances


8. Godspeed You! Black Emperor

If you don’t listen to GY!BE, then you’re fucking up. Chances are you’ve already heard them but might not know it (if you’ve seen the movie 28 Days Later, an edited song of theirs plays after that dude wakes up in the beginning, while he’s running around in a post-apocalyptic London). Most of the music they play is morbidly dark, and is perfect for when you’re feeling at all fucked in the head. The build-ups are intense and insane (lose your mind kinda shit) and they are probably the most original band I’m posting here. Their songs are basically all 20 minutes long, but they never waste a minute on shit songwriting.

East Hastings


9. Caspian

Another exemplar for the post-rock genre. I don’t listen to their previous stuff a whole lot, but their 2013 LP, “Waking Season” was fucking perfect. The tracks were great individually, but the way the album flows as a whole makes so much sense it’s fucking insane. Like Gifts from Enola, they’re able to write diverse songs without things sounding weird. Linking you the closing track on the album (it’s one of my favorite songs in any genre ever).

Fire Made Flesh


10. This Will Destroy You

I’ve been riding this band’s jock hard for years and I don’t think I’ll ever stop. One of my favorite bands (fuck I’m saying the same thing over and over again huh?). Will not bog this description down with the same shit (take basically everything I said about the other bands; they probably also apply here), but will instead post an anecdote from when I saw them at Fun Fun Fun fest. So I was on the bus, and was supposed to arrive at the venue like 10 minutes before they played. However, even though several people requested a stop, the bus driver forgot or some shit, and drove all the way across the river (cause the venue stop was the last one before the river), and he ended up dropping us off almost a mile away from the venue. So I fucking sprinted to their set in 8 minutes (an achievement for me) and got there like 30 seconds into their first song. I almost threw up right away (I waited until after their set and did it in a bathroom), but it was so fucking worth it. Check out their 2014 LP “Another Language.”



Wow, definitely did not intend on writing this much. Hope you guys check some of this shit out. What are other great post-rock bands?

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What is hnkna? Can I have a link to the game? Do you download it on a computer??

Hey Nonnie!

HNKNA stands for Heart no Kuni no Alice, or Alice in the Country of Hearts. It’s an otome game (dating sim), that takes its inspiration from the original Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. The best part is it’s not your typical otome. 1: The heroine, Alice, is not nearly as much of a self-insert as most. She’s her own person and you basically just help her make choices, plus she’s 1000% not interested in romance and is a BAMF who takes no shit from these guys.

Unfortunately the company that made it is no longer in business. It was originally for both computer and psp and slowly they cut down on the computer ports and just did psp and eventually vita. It’s possible to find torrents of the games with some googling but you must typically be able to read Japanese or have a hooked translator.

There is a wonderful English patch done by the beautiful @vocaotome and friends. You need to get the original download first though.

 Here is the link!!! and she even included a dl for the game there

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ellen, what's with the dnp conspiracy theory of marcus? :o

you’re in for a hell of a ride mate

ok so he uploaded a video about dan and phil conspiracy theories and it was bad, he slagged the phandom, he tried to copy shanes personality from his conspiracy vids and he didn’t even come up with the content himself

he stole it all and pretty much read straight from the source without changing anything and he didn’t even include a link to the source or give any credit

the owner managed to get the video taken down for copyright and honestly?? i’m living rn 🐸☕️ maybe people will stop exploiting dan and phil and their fans for views

i don’t understand a thing about this so if someone knows better than me, please correct, interject, whatever.

my question is: is it possible the website says SONY MUSIC UK cause he’s staying with a sony label but the label is not announced so they leave it at that and they wait for his first single to come out or new material as a solo artist, idk, just like when columbia suddenly confirmed his involvement with harry only once the website and SOTT were launched and not a day before? (to the point that people here were complaining because columbia didn’t even include harry in that 2017 plan but suddenly he was everywhere linked to them) and also is it possible that the ‘syco newsletter’ thing is there for them only to grab some audience because ‘technically’ he’s still with syco until he’ll be confirmed to have moved to another label? (hopefully with a publishing deal)? 

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Can you please link me to a bunch of character building questions, checklists, and any other posts that will help me make sure my characters are developed enough for me to start writing?

The Character Building tag here has a ton of resources, including checklists, worksheets, questions, traits, and masterposts (with even more links to great resources)!

Hope that helps; feel free to message again!

– Kate

I’m glad that KARD’s tour manager clarified the situation about Jiwoo and Jseph on both Reddit and Instagram and that they even included a link to the full AR track for anyone who might try to counter with “you say that but we really did hear it”. It’s hilarious that people will randomly believe a Twitter account that didn’t actually attend the fanmeet over those who actually did attend the fanmeet (and there were black fans there as well) and said they didn’t even hear the N word.


the “goat legs” google images has way weirder crap than i’d expected.

Tumblr User Experience Improvement Tip

When posting about a thing in the news, even if you’re posting a link, it helps to include the date (or at least the YEAR) somewhere in the body of the post.  Not in the tags, because those are stripped if anyone fails to manually copy them.

Tumblr posts have no dates built in, and often a 2-3 year old story will still be circulating and people will think it’s new news.

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To be honest, I want to ask what the mods think of each House's respective style. What style springs to mind when you guys think of each respective House?

Jamie (Gryffindor):

Gryffindor: Vaguely punk. A mashup of exceptionally utilitarian and completely unnecessary. Pockets for days. Hoods that never get worn. Bold color combinations. Chunky jewelry. Bright accessories. Plaids. Boots with laces that won’t stay tied. Weird hairstyles. Pins and patches everywhere.

Hufflepuff: Breezy looks in warm weather. Cozy looks in the winter. Nearly everything just pulls on. Not a lot of buttons, zippers, etc.  Everything is cute. Pearls. Delicate jewelry. Handmade accessories. Worn out sneakers. Soft colors. Bows, butterflies, flowers. Hiking boots. Soft fabrics. Cute socks. 

Ravenclaw: Prep school meets boho. Oversized sweaters. Messy buns held in place with pens, paintbrushes, etc. Layers. Always toting an overstuffed bag. Simple looks sprinkled with some very quirky pieces. Everything serves an actual purpose or is there for a specific personal reason. 

Slytherin: Clean cut as hell. So sharp you’d get cut. Solid colors. Satin sheens. Clean shoes. Heirloom jewelry (including things like cuff links or even pocket watches). Not necessarily even outfits of the suit variety. Some how just a plain tee and jeans suit them exceptionally well. Minimalism done right. 

Amy (Hufflepuff):

Gryffindor: I personally picture Gryffindor style to be something in your face- They’re gonna have the awesome hair style, crazy colors, etc. They also wear their fandoms or passions in your face- a nerdy t-shirt, a sports shirt, some political message, buttons, etc. V punk appearing, even if they aren’t punk

Hufflepuff: Puffs, to me, have classic style. Girls wear like skirts and cardigans, and they tie it all together with accessories- a hat, long necklace, pearls, things like that. Puff guys wear sweaters and loafers. Their style is comfy but classic and classy.

Ravenclaw: Ravenclaws are the ones who wear something that is simultaneously sloppy but put together. Leggings with an overlarge sweater and boots, a sloppy bun. Boys are the ones who wear like suspenders or sweater vests. It ends up looking like they just grabbed something out of their closet, but a lot of thought went into it.

Slytherin: Snakes dress to impress. Even when they’re just going out to hang out, their clothes are perfection. Jeans or shorts and a schwanky top. Same with guys’ fashion- dressed to a T, always looking neat and put together and like they could kick your ass without even trying.

Caitlin (Ravenclaw):

Gryffindor: When I think Gryffindor, I think of of tons of personality. There’s always something big an noticeable going on, whether it’s the shoes or the hair or whatever. Gryffindors have a  devil-may-care sense of style. It’s for them and for nobody else but them. 

Hufflepuff: Huffelpuffs are about comfort. Big sweaters and boots and fun socks (I have a Hufflepuff friend with a sock collection it’s so cute). I liked what Jamie said about everything pulling on. In the summer, it’s effortless flowy things like breezy dresses, and in the winter, it’s bundles and coziness. All soft and sweet. 

Ravenclaw: So messy. Everything is kinda everywhere, but it works and it’s together somehow. Everything is just hanging in balance with Ravenclaws. There are doodles somewhere, maybe on their jeans or their arms. Messy buns galore. Worn out sneakers, leggings and sweaters, music festival t-shirts or random tie-dyed things. There’s not a lot of thought put into it because their minds are elsewhere.  

Slytherin: So put together. Everything is so neat it’s like every time they go out, even if it’s to get some milk, they consult a fashion designer. Everything flows too, and it’s like they speak with their style. They could win arguments without even speaking. 

Justin (Slytherin):

Gryffindor: The first words to my mind are comfort and utility. Gryffindors are probably the most likely to rock the nearest pair of basketball shorts and an oversized t-shirt because they gotta be out the door in 5 minutes.

Hufflepuff: I think comfort and inviting. Probably lots of warm sweaters, scarves, and cardigans. Lots of use of color.

Ravenclaw: Thrift store fashion immediately comes to mind. Ravenclaws are often so artsy and bohemian that they could make a trash bag look good. 

Slytherin: Clean and sharp. Dress to impress. Ready for a job interview or an impromptu work meeting at any moment.  I’ll personally admit it takes me at least an hour just to get ready to walk my dog down the street because I never know who I might run into.

A list of my favorite Sails/Flint stories from AO3

Just to raise awareness and spread the love. Links included. And this is not even remotely a complete list of my favorites, so I deeply apologize to all those fics that are just as good and aren’t listed. Perhaps I’ll have a part 2 to this.  

(And I’ve humbly decided not to include my own fanfiction, but of course it’s also on there). Bolded entries are must-reads.

Grouped by ship as follows:

Keep reading

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Thank you for bringing the fanfiction to our attention. We'll do everything we can to get it removed. I would like to make a suggestion if you would of editing your post to explain what's going on.Your title and content on the original post don't explain anything even if you include a link. People don't know what's going on and you're coming off like as just another cross tagger. It would really help get the word out and prevent people from getting confused.

I added pictures to the OP’s.

Jonerys people, you need to do something about this. THIS is what this is all about.

I’m not cross-tagging, I’m alerting. 


i hear we’re making compilation videos so here’s my contribution 

{ some of these get loud }