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six of crows au where kuwei doesn’t exist

  • nina and matthias never have that moment where they realize they’re on the same side and therefore can’t trust each other
  • by some miracle they make it out of the ice court alive without nina having any parem
  • wylan never finds the courage to stand beside jesper on the way home because he’s too shy in his own skin
  • without the promise of reward for the scientist inej doesn’t consider her dream of hunting slavers possible, which means she never tells kaz so he has no reason to ask her to stay in ketterdam with him, and inej goes on thinking he doesn’t have deeper feelings for her
  • they go back to the barrel empty handed and their friendships never strengthen and most importantly to kaz—they never make their millions
  • pekka, heleen and van eck are still at large 
  • kaz never gets the help he needs to find inej’s parents
  • there’s really no reason to work with wylan again since raske is better with demolition after all and they’re not working with jan anymore
  • jesper’s life lacks chaos without any big heists and he goes back to gambling regularly
  • and poor matthias
  • he still meets his fate the same way when it’s found out he’s not in hellgate anymore. but the sad difference is it would have all been for nothing….

spoiler: it’s just not realistic.jpg stop acting like the story could exist without him. he’s a crucial character thanks bye

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“What if Burrs and Hamiltons roles were reversed?”
I present you Alexander Burr, because @burr-ito made me draw the AU too, thanks for making me stick with my stupid ideas


Please Help me and my cat!

Hello there and sorry for taking up some of your time but if you could help me it would be really much appreciated!

First of all my name is Killian, I’m 20 and living at home in germany with my parents and my precious cat who helped me through a lot of trouble and emotional stuff, and I’m really really grateful for having him.

Around a month ago he started crying all the time, had trouble peeing and some other issues. We went to the vet and they managed to fix it for around 3 weeks, but now the same issue is back, and even worse. We went there again but it’s not clear what he has and how bad it is and worst; how expensive it could be to find out and fix it. I’m currently without a job because of my apprenticeship (which I’m not getting paid for), I get around (~80€) $90 a month from my parents but I have to buy food for myself and for the cat so I don’t really have any to pay what’s coming up. But the vet expects it to be at least ~(280€) $300, which is terribly expensive. And I’m in (~150€) $160 dollar in debt because of an uncleared issue with the registry office and it might get more and more expensive.

I’m trying to earn money with drawing and selling designs but it doesn’t give me that much, my friends can’t help me because they don’t have any money themself.

Any help will be appreciated, even if it’s just $1 or even less, I need anything I can get. Reblogging would also help a lot to share it, so if you can’t help us, maybe someone else can..

If you wanna help me, my paypal is: askjell.lindner@googlemail.com

I….I made another Ryder….Specifically for Vetra since my Erin Ryder ended up going for Jaal. BUT THIS ONE SHALL BE VETRA’S CUZ VETRA IS WIFE MATERIAL

I just went and saw the new Beauty and the Beast. It’s rather amusing. After the announcement about LeFou, I remember reading someone’s prediction as to how his characterization was going to play out, and it legit did. Beat by beat. I mean, what other way would Disney have done it of course? But… yeah… 

On that note… and not to say this is a good thing per se, but during the Gaston song, I got the strong impression that Gaston would be more than happy to have LeFou as his companion. I don’t know, nothing about the performance made me feel like Gaston felt anything at all—even lust—for Belle other than the desire to ‘win’ over the ‘girl’ who everyone thinks is ‘the best.’ The only line that remotely felt like Gaston genuinely having any interest in anyone other than himself or LeFou was the ‘remember the widows’ line. 

But he was more than happy to have LeFou lounge across the back of his chair like a cat. The only thing to cheer him was LeFou serenading him. He was more than responsive to all of LeFou’s touches and embraces. In fact, the one where LeFou asks ‘too much?’, when Gaston is legit embracing him and LeFou is holding his arms, that was a joint effort. That was not just LeFou. Gaston just backpeddaled away from it when LeFou asked him about it (probably because he was confused how it got so far when he never would have dared to dream…). 

He felt very much to me like a man trying desperately to keep up pretenses, most especially to himself. While in the animated film, LeFou felt like a resignedly put-up-with tag-along, he felt like a genuinely valued comrade in this in a way no other person was for Gaston. In fact, the moment LeFou passes on the task of rubbing Gaston’s ears, Gaston is alarmed to realize it’s not LeFou—well before he realizes it’s some other (grimy) dude. 

I don’t know that this take away/interpretation does the movie any credit. If this were the case, it would still be giving us only villainesque queer representation with the primary villain’s motives stemming from his queerness. I’m sure too it wasn’t at al intentional by anyone writing the script (who knows if the actor did it intentionally… though doubtfully). Still, it was interesting to realize that that interpretation felt more organic than any other being attempted on screen to explain his actions. 

Anyone else get this feeling? Especially my mutuals? 

“Exclusionists” like: “Ace tumblr™ is so bad about (thing society as a whole is bad about, often very clearly including the anti-ace/aro crowd), wow aces and aros are so horrible, what terrible groups of people, but I’m not bigoted I’m just stating facts lolol.

My own crowd? My own crowd is this close to perfect. We’re so perfect ppl here get to call out Ace Tumblr™ on everything ever regardless of whether it’s an -ism that personally affects the exclusionist in question. Aces and aros always have more privilege than other ppl, no matter what axis of oppression we’re talking about. Also they’re privileged groups so stop this “not all men” shit okay. Idk why inclusionists don’t know how oppression works”

OCD and Politics

TW: OCD pedophilia thoughts, suicide

Disturbing intrusive thoughts are one thing that no one ever talks about when they discuss OCD. Yet for many people it’s at the core of their OCD symptoms. One type of intrusive thoughts that a lot of people get is where they get intrusive thoughts that they’re a pedophile. This person is actually not a pedophile and often performs compulsions to assure themselves that they are not a pedophile or prevent themselves from getting these thoughts.

I’ve dealt with OCD suicidal thoughts, where my OCD tells me that I’m going to impulsively commit suicide. At the time I was not suicidal. I was so scared that I was going to kill myself that I performed so many compulsions I couldn’t function and avoided everything that I could possibly use to harm myself.

Recently I’ve been experiencing a different type of intrusive thought. My OCD has been telling me I’m a Trump supporter and giving me intrusive thoughts about it. Let me be clear: I am not a Trump supporter. I hate Trump as much as I can. But my OCD likes to make me question this and force me to do compulsions to prove to myself that I am not a Trump supporter. If I walk by people I know to be immigrants, my OCD tells me that if I don’t count right or move a certain way, I’ll shout something xenophobic. These thoughts really disturb me and cause a lot of anxiety. It’s even worse because I know I can’t share them with anybody besides my therapist because people won’t understand. I’m even scared to post this here because I’m afraid people who don’t know what OCD is will think I’m a horrible person. OCD can be really isolating sometimes.

anonymous asked:

i'd like to create an ask blog like yours (about the idiot marimo though) so any advice? thx

//get lost.


jk. XD

OMG!!! LET ME ENCOURAGE YOU TO ACTUALLY DO IT!!! I might be not the really best person to give one advices, but here are some tips for you and everyone who owns an askblog or planning to make one I guess

  1. It’s good to dedicate yourself into an askblog, but don’t tire yourself over it. It’s okay if you are slow in responding, people won’t take it as a problem. You have a life. Remember you are a human too.
  2. Also if you got hate for question number one WELP FUCK THEM and just ignore the shitheads. If they dislike your blog they can find another or make one of their own.
  3. It’s good to KNOW and connect with your character, emotionally. Find out about them, know them. Be the character. Feel the character. So you can imagine what they would act in ANY kind of situation. Use your own headcanons. It’s okay! Don’t be scared! People interpret the same character the different way. Take me and @ask-the-cook‘s Sanji. We are similiar, but not entirely. He is definitely gayer. (I fucking love you you piece of shitty me.) We have our own headcanons and portrayals and it doesn’t make us any less “Sanji”. Keeping things IC are okay, but being OOC(whether it’s on purpose or not) at times is OKAY too. GO WILD. People have different headcanons and it could be interesting to see all of them.
  4. I personally recommend making your askblog a MAIN BLOG. As in you make an entire new tumblr account using a different e-mail address yadda yadda (yeah it’s hella complicated). But it’s kinda worth it! You can interact with other askblogs and people more! Making your askblog a secondary blog is not that much of a problem either. Maybe you can do it like @asknijivinsmoke‘s style, where the mod types everywhere with @asknijivinsmoke whenever they interact with someone or sending asks (in anon or not) writing the said URL before saying your commentary/ask. The other reason why I recommend making your askblog a main one is because you can manage your follow list easier so you can keep track of other ask/rpbloggers so you can keep interact with them.
  5. INTERACT!!! It’s up to you! You might be shy or too awkward but don’t worry people are mostly chill! And interaction can leads to ridiculous roleplays and dramas and events just like what I did with all my brothers (hahahaha!)
  6. This is optional but I recommend to use TAGS. I have to admit I am the MOST UNORGANIZED PERSON you could’ve ever meet… but I try my best to keep track and tag every of my posts so people can filter things out easily when they want to find something (I have a tag list page here and I keep it updated every time a new one is added). The tag page could be optional, but at least make sure to tag your posts so people can check it out even if they have to do it manually to do so.
  7. Some askblogs don’t really open their submission, but I think it’s best if you kept both ask and submit box open. The PM could be turned off if you are awkward. And you can close both of the ask and submit boxes when you feel like closing asks for a moment. OH! And place the ASK LINK to somewhere VISIBLE so people can find it easier!!!
  8. AND MOSTLY… REMEMBER TO HAVE FUN!!! Don’t stress yourself just because you own an askblog. Do the blog for yourself, and not for anyone else.

I hope these helps! I am not really good in writing this kinda thing. It’s messy and all but bleh whatever XDDD

So once again, have fun and good luck!!! And welcome to the askblogging world :D Don’t be shy to CONTACT ME anytime and INTERACT. I AM ALL OPEN!!!!

Also if you want some tips for getting popularity in askblogging, @askrosetto got it covered in this post.

Oh,… and for the “get lost” comment on the beginning of this post..

maybe you should actually go do it. Go and get yourself lost. You are planning to be a Zoro anyway, right? It would be IC. lol.


Okay, I’m having a serious issue here. For tagging purposes, what would I call what Gideon’s done to Killian at the end of 6x14???

It doesn’t really count as a “kidnapping” if you’re not taking the person with you, does it? I mean, I think that’s sort of a requirement for a kidnapping. You have to, like, steal a person and take them somewhere else, not just… show up unexpectedly and send them on their way with totally different people.

In actuality, Gideon has more or less hijacked the Nautilus, but it’s not really accurate to call this a “hijacking”, as the way tags are used on this blog would imply Killian is being hijacked, and he isn’t. It’s more like “happened to be on board a submarine when it was hijacked by Kylo Ren Gideon Gold” but that’s much too long for an organizational tag.

I have a tag for involuntary teleportation (what even IS this blog right now, ISTG), but this isn’t teleportation at all. I could switch that tag to “involuntary traveling” but that kind of sounds more like he’s gone to see the Eiffel Tower entirely against his will (which would just be silly - I mean, who wouldn’t want to go see the Eiffel Tower?), and this is definitely more of a forceful ejection from the premises than a jaunty holiday in the country.

“Forceful ejection” does have it’s merits, but I know at least half of you mis-read that as “forceful erection” just now and on the off chance I may have a need for that tag in the future, it would seem prudent not to confuse the two now. I could be more specific with something like “jettisoned away on a submarine unexpectedly” but that seems a little TOO specific, really.

So what’s a good general tag term for what’s happened here? I could go with a simpler “jettisoned away” or perhaps “torpedoed away” (borrowing on the wording from the 6x14 press release there)… Maybe wax poetic with, “disappearing into the night” or maybe “taken by the sea” *heavy sigh* Or I could be a smartass and go with “gideoned” - maybe even put it in all caps to truly capture the Homestar Runner influence. Speaking of which, I could also tag it “he’s a pirate and” and just use that for everything I don’t have a tag for from now on.

Or is there a term I’m missing? A term for reverse kidnapping / incidental hijacking / forcefully bon voyaging someone? GIF for reference.