even in the last she thinking about taylor :'(

i think the symbolism of the snake is more about taylor reclaiming her identity rather than engaging in petty drama. she purged her social media accounts (like a snake sheds its skin for a new beginning/rebirth) and she’s fighting back against the narrative that was built up against her last year. i don’t think the snake is meant to be a giant middle finger to the kimye situation specifically. i think this is taylor’s empowerment coming back full force, much like in her “you don’t like who i am? watch me be who i am even more” mantra she expressed throughout the 1989 era. 

you want to call me a snake? fine, i’m a snake. watch me strike.

No, Taylor did not cheat; in fact, I might have an explanation for this entire reputation era.

Our best friend Taylor Swift is a mastermind, and we’ve become pretty good at figuring out the rules of her little games, but this era, we have failed pretty miserably thus far.

After Taylor released Gorgeous, my dash went crazy. To be expected when a new song is released, right? But this time, it wasn’t so good. Everyone needed to know if Taylor cheated on Calvin or Tom and when she met Joe – including me.

It took a few listens, but then it clicked. Here’s what I think:

Taylor wrote each song of reputation with clues – but not the kind we’re used to looking for; on reputation, Taylor uses each song to twist her truth with her reputation. She’s so good at it, we didn’t even really notice.

I think that every song on reputation is going to be this way, except, probably the last one. Taylor has to include a purely Taylor song on the album, so it makes sense that it would be at the very end.

The media doesn’t care about getting their facts straight, so Taylor is done with it too. That doesn’t mean she’s lying; she’s just playing the game better than they do.

This is the New Taylor’s idea of revenge. Instead of giving us sweet clues like Maple Lattes (RIP), she’s telling the stories of the past two years in her own way from the power position. If Taylor had given us the literal story of how she met Joe, the media would have found a way to rip her to shreds… so why not take what they are already saying about her and run with that? 

For each song, Taylor takes a different rumor and makes it part of her story:

Ready For It: “She’s a heartbreaker”

Look What You Made Me Do: “She plays the victim” (+ more, if you count the music videos)

Gorgeous: “She cheated on Calvin”

Instead of writing a song about how she didn’t cheat on Calvin with Tom, Taylor wrote a song about how she wanted to cheat on Calvin with Joe, even though it’s highly unlikely they had even met.

The clues in this song affirm my suspicions. Sunset and Vine are the cross-streets for the theater where she saw Joe’s movie. That was obviously after they met. 

This song IS the story of how they got together, but it’s more than that. It’s the story of how she FELT when they met but TOLD through the lens of her reputation as a cheater.

When you think about it that way, it clarifies a lot from the other two songs we’ve heard. 

This is Taylor’s way of speaking her truth, facing the criticism, and being vulnerable. Because Taylor chose to write the album this way – which is more like a musical or novel than the diaries we’re used to – we get to totally focus on her happiness with Joe while still seeing how the rumors of the last few years affected her. 

Please reblog, spread the word, and tell everyone what we already know.

Taylor Swift is so much damn smarter than you.

So today I was listening to and thinking about Dancing With Our Hands Tied and I think I finally figured it out. Maybe everyone already came to this conclusion but I thought I would post my thoughts anyways.

When someone says, “my hands are tied,” they’re saying there’s nothing they can do about x or y; they can’t help it.

Taylor had mentioned earlier in the song that she didn’t think anybody could handle the issues that came along with dating her. Everyone had an opinion and it is a lot to take. Taylor didn’t think anybody would willingly sign up for it. “I️ had a bad feeling.”

They danced anyways. They danced with their hands tied because whether or not the relationship in question worked out, there was nothing they could do about it. Turning to the last page doesn’t change the ending, it only spoils it. So even though their hands were tied and they didn’t know what was going to happen, they danced. They made the best of things.

anonymous asked:

Do you think bringing in all the different girls, is so not one of them is more prominent and easier to attach committed love songs too? Because his personal ones are about a committed relationship? I just think if he wants to keep his private life private he doesn't need Kendall and Taylor, and Tess, and Townes.

He doesn’t “have” Kendall, Taylor, Tess, and Townes. 

Kendall is a friend, has been, will be.  She’s also dating ASAP Rocky I believe, so she’s not in the picture. She wasn’t even at the gig last night.

Taylor is… Taylor. She’s written songs implying heavily that they were about him, he co-wrote one with 1D that was a Syco cash grab “reply” to 1989 that made her out to be in it for the publicity. 

And now, he’s not denying that Two Ghosts is about ANYONE (he leans towards no on Louis after a very inappropriate question. Way less firm than NOOOOOOO!!!! about Taylor, yeah?) because once he starts confirming or denying, he’ll have to answer for all of the songs. And clearly, blatantly, Harry is not looking to alienate any of his “shipper” fans which honestly, I think is nice of him.

The media is dead set on making it about Taylor because she’s the only “confirmed” ex-gf he has other than Kendall (even though he has NEVER confirmed any girlfriend). And fans are just eating that up and making it way more about her than they should be. The song mentions red lips and blue eyes, then goes on to talk about a long term relationship which clearly Taylor and Harry were not, no matter what story you believe.

Townes is a friend of a friend that agreed to pose as a background muse. She’s dating someone, she’s not claiming to have ever been anyone truly important to Harry.

And Tess?  IDK what that is, but he’s sure not trying to convince anyone of that one, no matter what Paige 2.0 is doing.

So this massive “het push” that everyone is claiming is happening, really isn’t. It’s just more het than we were expecting, so even relatively low key het trolling is grating on people like it’s something major.

But to me, we’re seeing more of who he really is than we have since 2011. 

Some of who he is is acting like a dumbass guy around other dumbass guys. Some of him is a rainbow unicorn frog baby. Some of him is an iconic artist in the making. 

And some of him is a shrewd, intelligent, ambitious man in a cutthroat business where you have to think two steps ahead of anyone else just to keep up.

We forget about that last part to our own detriment.

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What is your opinion on the whole "Taylor is missing" thing? Do you think she's using us? I personally think she's doing just fine, there's no need for high fan or public involvement two months before the album, people will just get sick of her before it actually comes out

she’s not missing, lol she’s just not living a public life now (like she hasnt been for almost a year, idk why this is surprising) bc even living a semi public life during the last era brought her constant shit and bashing. 

and this is gonna get lonnnnng but let me just use this one anon to answer the pile of similar ones i have in one post. 

 I am completely stunned if people can not see that by not being public about her life - and i dont just mean her bf, i mean the entire thing -  she is diminishing a significant majority of the reasons she got hate. is it at the expense of not being able to ‘see’ her? yes. but it’s … her life, she’s not some character in a tv show that people should be able to tune in to every other day or week and see what she’s doing and know all the details of who she is with or what she is wearing. She’s an amazing talented artist who i love but she is also a person, and she - like all famous people - deserve the chance and choice to live a life outside her career w/o everyone butting in and knowing about it. And bc of the paps and the fact everyone has a camera nowadays in their pocket, the only way to achieve that is to live as privately as possible, avoiding photographing situations and avoiding situations where walking out of a door becomes a news story. 

she’s about 10x more involved w/her fans than any other artist that i follow bc the other artists are involved 0%, so um, to that end i think anyone complaining about the level of fan involvement being disappointing or not good enough or fake or using fans is just complaining because they want more from her and to that end i would ask, aside from the fact it is rather demanding of someone to always want more, what ‘more’ do they want of her … that she can reasonably do w/o backlash for it? let’s run throught the options. first off…  interviews about her personal life ( i thought it was ‘all about the music…’?) .. interviews where even if her personal life were off-limits, and she wanted to only talk about making her music, there is no way that any interviewer would not take the opportunity to ask her about the backlash of last year, trump, kk, feminism, being hated, all that was a part of the album’s coming-together and process, and why the fuck would taylor want to sit there and be asked about all that? sounds fun, haha, not? that would all only lead to more criticism and spur the news cycle even more?  does she want another feminism 2.0? or maybe talk about her friendships which brought along the whole squad nonsense? if people can’t quite frankly see that interviews right now would inevitably or immediately be turned against her i think they were not paying attention the last 3 years and watching what happened. she’s obviously saying what she wants to say to the public via her music / mv and the way in which she is presenting her music thus far in lieu of any sit-down interview. . now that said if she decides to do interviews then fantastic, i would love them too, i’ll be the first to read them,  but i have to say if she doesnt, then i can 150% understand why not. Why set yourself up to be attacked and have your own words used against you later?

maybe these folks want candids? missing taylor is fine and valid and that is okay, and you can want candids, there is nothing wrong with wanting to see her, but to be actually upset with her not wanting / allowing the paparazzi, who are the actual impetus to so many of the rumors about her and a significant majority of the bullshit she  has faced (not to mention the stalking), and ½ the reason for the overexposure,  to make money off unsolicited pictures of her? who can blame her? what good would those pictures have for her …. so that she can be plastered across the news, making the public sick of her again at a faster rate than she would be otherwise? or to lead to stories made up about her about being pregnant/having a boob job / about to b/u with her bf/ or just simply having her picture taken when she doesnt want it taken?  Look at the pics of her and joe running into her apt from the other day. they were picked up by a lot of sites. and those were blurry, shitty, no-face pictures. imagine what would happen if she casually walked from the car to the door and smiled for everyone? 

are people upset bc of things she experimented with during the 1989 era… like the secret listening sessions… so that the fandom can fight again about who got picked and who didnt? it was a wonderful idea she had to do that and generous and kind, and i’m happy for the fans who got to be a part of those types of things, but it also caused a lot of sour feelings. Same with swiftmas and other fan-specific things. you just can’t please everyone or people feel like there is favoritism and hurt feelings,… maybe it is better to treat the whole class equally… than only have a small group over for your birthday party, hmm?

 maybe people are upset of the lack of replies and reblogs on tumblr .. sure those were fun!! even tho it led to people thirsting for her attention harder which maybe made the experience for her on tumblr disingenuous? maybe if that expectation of getting involved in posts or fans’ personal lives is gone then that expectation will subside, and she can stay focused on liking things that pertain primarily to her music - and occasionally a few about her? her likes so far have been 99.9% pertaining to her and her music. not to mention the replies/rb’s let to buzzfeed and bustle etc running articles picking apart her replies? 

 or perhaps people are upset about the lack of  instagram posts so that those can also be dissected and mocked for whatever content? her insta was constantly regarded by the media as a bragger, ‘look at me, my life is so great, but also im a cat lady with a lot of famous friends’.  Trust me i loved seeing her ig pictures too, i love her sense of humor and that came through in some of her posts, but i have never seen someone’s instagram more attacked than hers in the last 3 years no matter what she posted unless it was a direct relation to her work … and even some of those were the source of negativity. her friend ships were attacked so hard, it became a topic of discussing and mockery in other artists’ interviews “are you a part of ‘the squad.’ Then there was the whole craze if she didnt wish someone a hbd, suddenly that friendship was in turmoil and there go the tabs again. So she’s using her ig like most businesses use theirs: to promote their brand. Seems reasonable to me. Why set yourself up for attacks. And back to tumblr, look at what happened last time she reblogged a certain blog playfully, it led to a story running across every outlet mocking her when she was just trying to have fun and being goofy re: the og blog’s sassy post? who can blame her for going, ‘guess i cant do that anymore’? even her ‘likes’ are being reported by the news now!! there is no ability to have a semiprivate fan-artist relationship because the media. gets. ahold. of. everything. and. they. ruin it. 

and since we are a society who loves to blame, if people want to blame someone for the way things are, blame the press, blame the paps, but don’t blame taylor. she’s simply reacting and adapting to the culture around her.

and i do expect she will do performances around the album launch, bc those are generally well regarded and not torn apart… 

and as for ‘using us’ .. .thats just an insult wow. first and foremost no one is holding a gun to anyone’s head. the door is right there. use it if her current approach is so bothersome, but to sit here and whine about it? If you hate your job, find a new one? if your friends suck, stop hanging out with them? but to sit there and bitch? come on. if you’re that unhappy and think taylor is some changed person you dont like/relate to anymore.. then go! the ongoing complainy judgmental negativity is puerile and rooted in underlying selfishness … and we are only three weeks into this era.  

i have heard people feel ‘disconnected’.. i thought the whole reason people liked taylor swift was to connect and relate to her through her music? isnt that what ultimately, every reviewer has said since the beginning of time: Great music, Great lyrics, Very Relatable. love story, fifteen, white horse, trouble, enchanted, all too well, sio, 22, clean, i could keep going but arent those all songs people have really related to, got them through good and bad times? was it not the music people related to with taylor from the beginning, to her experiences, growing up, love, love lost, coming of age, that she shared in lyric? that’s how i have since ages ago? it was always music first. The rest was gravy? but if some connected to her primarily through her personal life - interviews, instagram, baking, cats, boyfriends, friends, clothing, outfits -  was really where it was at…… and the music is just a footnote… if people are truly disconnected now bc the above don’t exist .. then maybe it is the very right choice of taylor to remove them… remove the ‘other’ way people felt connected .. .because maybe she really only wants people to *feel* connected to her through her art, not her private life?  i respect her choice to try to keep something to herself. 

idk if people were simply not paying attention, but taylor seems to have cut everything out of her life that people ragged on her for in the past. like, wouldn’t you? isn’t that basically self-preservation and protecting yourself? if someone is going to use something against you, why would you continue to do it anymore? wouldnt that be rather masochistic? i mean really give that a solid five minutes of thought. if you are taylor swift and you are doing something that you are repeatedly and vigorously torn down for - like all the things i have mentioned above - why on God’s green earth would you continue to do them? honestly, why? is pleasing some fans by doing A, B, and C above really worth the expense of allowing your life to be one where you are trashed daily by literally the entire media? what kind of life is that? 

good for her for putting herself first.

A (Brief) Lesson On The Music Industry

Hello love bugs (I would call you children as that is my term of endearment for my friends but I suspect a lot of people would find that condescending and would therefore ignore every word I say after it so, what would be the point in that. I know there is a lot of frustration and anger right now over what Taylor is “doing” (or not “doing”) and that anger is causing a lot of hatred. Hatred towards Taylor and hatred towards anyone who believes differently than yourself. We are known as a fandom that will vehemently go after anyone who says anything negative against Taylor with a dictionary thick list of reasons they are wrong backed up with facts and figures so I figured, maybe in your time of being angry and frustrated and trying to figure out what you are going to do about it, you would like some facts and figures to understand why things are happening the way they are. I am no expert but I am told that sitting in class for however many hours a week I do at the end of four (?) years may make me close to someone who someday might be an expert so I figured I would give it a go. That being said if you still disagree thats fine but just know when you disagree by saying someone should die or kill themselves or go cook a casserole because they aren’t good for anything else, that doesnt really drive home any points you made that may or may not be valid. I am going to stick with ticket prices and merch prices because that seems to be the biggest debate right now but much can be said about people complaining her music still isn’t on streaming sites and whether she performed as well as she should have but that is another thing for another day.

A common myth in the music industry: an artist makes money by selling an album. Bull shit. It takes a long time for an artist to many money in selling an album even artists of Taylor’s caliber. She has ways around this (which I will get to) but for the moment she does not release Reputation at midnight and start collecting $20 an album times 1.2 million dollars to equal $24 million in the first week and up from there. No ma'am. When an artist signs a record deal with a label, the label pays for the artist to make that record. The artist then has to pay the label back for everything the label supplied in making that album. Whether it be producers, recording studio time, vocal lessons, marketing, photographers whatever was involved in getting the record made, the artist must pay back. In the “old” days the artist paid the label back in album sales and would keep adding to what the artist owed through all the albums they made on the contract and then kept resigning contracts to get the artist to pay them back. Nowadays artists don’t really make (most artists-Taylor aside) don’t make money in album sales so record labels having something in their contract called a 360 deal. Basically that means the record label gets percentages of everything the artist makes money on to pay the label back for the money they put into making the record. The 360 deal would include things like merch sales, ticket sales, publishing royalties etc. This is how artists who have massive one song hits on streaming sites and iTunes but came out of the woodwork help pay to record albums - their label has “shares” (bad use of that word but you get the idea) and are banking on the success of one song will mean the success of a whole album. There are no guarantees in the music industry so people like Cardi B and Meghan Trainor have to hope that the huge popularity of their first songs and all the facets of their career that their label is dipped into will pay them back for the cost of the record and maybe someday start generating money for themselves. This is where the business side of Taylor comes in handy. Back in ye olden days of Taylor Swift (album) and Tim McGraw (song) Taylor had (still has) a publishing deal. This means that not only will Taylor (16 year old Taylor) possibly see some profits from “Taylor Swift” after she pays Scott back but even if she doesnt and even if after her second album she still owes him and she is still not making money from pure album sales, she gets publishing royalties every time her songs are played on the radio (terrestrial not satellite–iheart radio doesnt pay her anything), any time someone covers her or they put a song on a tv show (say greys anatomy…) she gets royalties. Now flash forward to 2017 Taylor and she and Scott can assume she will be able to pay him back in the first week. However, record sales are no the way they once were and no one since well…Taylor has managed to sell pure records (meaning not including streaming–because it takes more streams to equal one sale…about 1500 streams = one album) the way they once did in the industry. So even though Taylor is Taylor, its been three years since the last Taylor Swift album, they know what they think she will sell but nothing is guaranteed so Big Machine cannot risk losing money on an artist making a record (not even Taylor) so because of the 360 deal they make money other ways and Taylor makes publishing so even if she doesnt sell 1.2 million or more in the first week its really not that big of an issue. Now, what does this have to do with merch prices? Remember how I said the 360 deal was the label getting money from all facets of the artists business dealings? This includes merch. The artist goes to a company to get the merch made, they then figure out how much the merch costs to make and ship and store and then determine prices that will both pay back the company for making the merch, pay big machine their portions and then taylor gets the rest to a) keep up the supply and make more merch for fans to buy b) pay the people who work at her warehouse who send you the merch (shout out of customer service rep Wendy for putting up with us) c) pay for the utilities and rent at said warehouse d) pay the office workers who are hourly or salary at 13 etc and e) also money for taylor to be able to keep her lights on, feed the cats, buy fans christmas presents etc. At the end of the day the $150 green snake sweatshirt that some people are upset cost that much Taylor gets possibly 15 cents of that (obviously the more products you sell that adds up) but calling her selfish and greedy the way haters did a year ago and we defended her against really makes no sense in the grand scheme of things. (Of course I am guessing on these percentages I have no idea how much she actually gets on merch but for most artists its really not that much. Plus the fact that if you take into consideration selling this merch at a concert she has to pay the venue a large portion of the profits to be able to sell the merch but that is a different story for a different day. Venue tends to take 10% of sales give or take just to give you an idea. And again she then has to pay everyone before she gets paid.) 

Part two of this is tickets. Tickets have and always will be much more complicated. You don’t have to have a single song out for an artist to sell concert tickets. But, there are lots of fees that go into pay concerts and most artists in their early stages of career never see a dime of what they got paid to pay a gig. Most times they do it for exposure before they ever make money. In large world tours such as for example the Reputation stadium tour many many MANY people have to get paid before Taylor. For example: Taylor’s tour manager would have been talking to venues (and to Taylor about this tour probably before we even knew the album existed). Taylor’s tour manager would say where do you want to play and taylor would tell him. Her booking agent would then go to said venues and say we want to play here this date. They would say yes or no. (Its Taylor you’re gonna say yes unless you have something already booked) if they do and Taylor won’t budge on the date then they go somewhere else. The venue then has to agree to a certain percentage of tickets or a flat rate that taylor will get. These percentages vary but lets say 10% of the ticket sales or a flat guarantee of $10,000 whichever is greater. 10% of 50,000 (general size of a stadium sold out) is $5,000 so lets say for arguments shes gonna take the guarantee because if she doesnt tell out say Metlife stadium at 10% guaranteed then the $10,000 is more. Now, that $10,000 that Taylor just got after playing one show at MetLife stadium has to be split up to her team. Artist manager gets probably 15% commission (hers might get more I don’t know what they negotiated but for an artist of her caliber that is average) so he has to get paid. Booking agent gets 10% commission, tour manager gets salary but he still has to be paid, everyone else in the office that is salary has to be paid, everyone hourly has to be paid then whatever is left taylor gets. Obviously I low balled this you can google what they actual ticket sales were for say 1989 tour but the percentages are always going to be the same regardless of if its a dollar or a billion dollars and salary is always going to be the same. So arguing about how its horrible that VIP is $500 yeah I get it from a consumer standpoint, it sucks its expensive. I can’t afford it because I can barely afford to feed myself but at the end of the day we can’t really argue its so horrible when you think about everything that $500 pays for. Taylor is  losing money (Taylor as in team we discussed how little she actually gets on merch already) on giving out comp merch in that package, she has to pay the vip company because we know it will be organized by an outside team and all of them have to be paid and the company has to be paid for their services, the venue has to be paid for serving the food and drinks and whatever else comes in the vip package whether it be a party of a separate concession stand, the venue has to pay the workers and pay to order the food, venue has to be paid for having the concert there, all of the commissions and salaries have to be paid and then taylor gets paid. Your $500 is being stretched quite thin. And there are only a limited amount of packages at that price so its not like all those people are getting commission and paid based on 50,000+ tickets at $500 each because thats not the case either. Now one could argue she does make money because the venue has to get a license for her to be able to perform her music and her as a the copyright owner gets paid for license and shes the publisher and blah blah blah and that is true but every time she performs a song that either was produced by say nathan chapman or jack or max martin they have to get paid too, any time she covers someone she has to pay for that (well rather the venue does but that comes out of her bottom line), her crew has to be paid, the costume designers, lighting crew, local crew, truck drivers, bus drivers, gas for the trucks, dancers, band, lodging for everyone that all must be paid before taylor ever sees a dime (except on performing her own songs as she has the publishing and copyrights but again if she has a co-publisher she has to pay them their portions as well).

Obviously all these numbers are on a tiny scale but if you think of them in the much larger scale the percentages are the same. Its not about her being unfair to poor fans or not caring or her being selfish or greedy or anything that people seem to all of a sudden think. It is about at the end of the day taylor works in the music BUSINESS her JOB is a musician and just like anyone else who has a job the goal is to make money. These days the music business is not all that lucrative even selling at taylor level mostly because people aren’t selling at her level or they have millions of streams but aren’t seeing any money. Everyone has to get paid before the artist, thats why artists get involved in publishing and writing so they can see money generate faster but its still not all that much depending on what kind of deal you have. Taylor is lucky she has a really good publishing deal but arguing that shes greedy because shes selling a $150 sweater makes zero sense because at the end of the day shes barely seeing a dollar from that sweater. It sucks no one is saying it doesnt but calling people names because they disagree with you saying shes greedy is lousy. Saying shes selfish and then being up her ass tomorrow during the grammy nominations sucks because shes not greedy for releasing music into the world not knowing if she was going to make a dime on it and releasing it anyway is just plain rude. You can be annoyed, you can be upset that you might not have the money to see as many shows as you wanted or get the seats you wanted but at the end of the day no one is forcing you to go no one is forcing you to buy the $150 sweater no one is forcing you to even listen to the album but you know you’re going to. If you can’t or don’t want to thats fine and don’t let anyone make you feel bad for what you have to do and what you know you can and cannot afford but you also don’t have the right to make others feel like shit for having the sense to sit back and recognize that there is more to this than dollar signs, there is more to this than it being fair or not fair. No one is asking you to change your opinion, but we are asking you to have more compassion for those who believe differently than you the same you want them to have compassion for you being bummed things aren’t the way you wanted them to be.

I hope this helped and like I said at the beginning I am no expert this is based on some people close to being experts teaching me in classes and what I have learned from reading things and looking into things. Its interesting to know the back end of things because then you can view things from both a logical and emotional perspective and understand both sides. You can threaten me or send me hate if you want I’m sure you will cause people are that angry but maybe if one person sits back and reads this and realize there are two sides to every story then maybe just maybe this world will be a better and kinder place.

Getaway Car

-Don’t let the upbeat tune and melodies fool you this song is sad! First of all it is the most Jack Antonoff styled song on the album and I LOVE IT!!! Secondly, I have no authority to claim I know exactly what each song is about but let me just try this one because it’s my fav song on the album:) In this one she’s basically saying we met while I was running away so you shouldn’t be surprised I left you too. So to break it down, the song starts where I think it has to do with Taylor being in a relationship where she feels trapped. The person she’s with (cough cough Calvin) had her hands tied “the ties were black the lies were white” and she just had to get out of that toxic relationship “I wanted to leave him I needed a reason” but she needed a reason and that’s when she met Tom. But if you recall the same night she met Tom she also met Joe, but we will come back to that later. Anyways he frees her of her bad relationship and they “were flying” in a getaway car as they escaped and travelled around the world (Rome remember?) and had a good time “the light of freedom on my face.” But then it takes a turn for the worst. I think the line “well he was running after us, I was screaming go!” Is more metaphorical than literal. I think the running after us was Calvin’s attempt to shoot her down that day he lost control on twitter saying she was a liar and whatnot and trying to spoil not only her relationship but her reputation. The part where she claims it’s a “sideshow” has to do with the way the media viewed the Tayvin drama and her quick jump to Hiddles as just entertainment. Furthermore on the subject an especially heartbreaking line is “a circus ain’t a love story.” She’s basically saying their story will never work because it’s so in the public interest she feels it’s more for the world’s entertainment than their own good. This ties into the the claim everyone swore they were a PR stunt. And now Tom and Tay are “both sorry” because the know it won’t work. Taylor even warns a getaway car “never gets far” and as we know their relationship only lasted a few months. Now here’s the sad part, reputation is all about putting everything on the table plain and simple and I think the bridge highlights that. She says “it’s no surprise I turned you in” she’s admitting what she did in retrospect was hurtful and wrong and what really connected the dots for me was that last line where she says “don’t pretend it’s such a mystery, think about the place where you first met me” this lyric is loaded!!! First of all, if you think about it the place where Tay first Tom was the MET Gala. She met Tom there while she was still dating Calvin but left him for Tom, consequently she also met Joe there and ended up doing the exact same thing she did to Calvin to Tom despite the fact Tom saved her and that’s why she owns up to her crime “I was crying in a getaway car said goodbye in a getaway car” she knows she hurt him but nonetheless escaped in the car to Joe. Here she is basically calling Tom out saying don’t pretend to be surprise as if her plan all along was to leave him. She holds nothing back in letting people try to figure out what she means with that line “think about the place where you first met me” she’s telling him straight up you should of saw it coming I did it to Calvin now I’m going to do it to you. It’s so brutally honest I don’t whether I want to hug Tom or Taylor first. I’m a swiftie always but I also adore Hiddleston and if you know the story of their romance than this song definitely has a distinguished hurt and sting to it.

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“Drinks and snacks?”

“Check and check, we are ready to go!”

It was Friday and that meant one thing. Movie night. Though it wasn’t so much a movie night more so a sleepover arranged by Chloe and Michael to deal with their… problems. It had started a couple of months ago when Michael spilled the beans on his crush on Jeremy after an unfortunate event during lunch. Jeremy had started to go on about this new movie coming out in the next week or so and how he wanted Michael to join him.

“Hell yeah dude! I’m totally up for a get-together next weekend!” He beamed, happy that his best friend chose him to go to the movie first instead of Christine.

“You two going on a date?” Came a voice from behind them. Michael whipped his head round to see Chloe with her lunch tray, obviously joking with the two. It didn’t stop Michael’s brain from processing the thought though, leading to a bright red face.

“Haha, no way Cloe.” Jeremy joked, completely oblivious to the fact that his best friend was burning up with embarrassment beside him. Chloe on the other hand noticed immediately. She pulled him away after class and refused to let it go until Michael had told her everything.

In hindsight, the event wasn’t so bad as Chloe told Michael about Brooke not long after and so, movie night was born. Again, it wasn’t so much a movie night. The two just called it movie night for everyone else’s benefit.

So here they were, spread out on Chloe’s bed with ‘Titanic’ playing on her TV. Chloe had managed to convince Michael to let her paint his nails, something she was very keen on doing to all those who enter her room. He had wanted rainbow nails but Chloe said that would have been too difficult, so he just went with purple.

“How’s the situation with Jer?” She questioned, continuing her art on Michael’s nails. He groaned in response.

“Don’t get me started Cloe. He’s completely oblivious! He wouldn’t notice a full on World War 3 if it hit it right in the face.”

“Have you tried-”

“Yes I tried the flirting tips you gave me. Nothing. Zilch. He just thought I was teasing him. And his stupid smile! He started laughing and smiling, his eyes lit up and- ugh!” Michael flew his arms up in the air in frustration. “It’s not fair Cloe!”

“Hey careful! You’ll smudge them,” she replied, carefully lowering Michael’s arm so she could start on the other hand.

“He’ll realise one day, the dude’s all over you. I got a phone call from Christine last Tuesday saying how horrible her date went cause he wouldn’t stop talking about you.” She giggled, thinking back to how frustrated Christine has sounded that day.

“Did she really?”

“Yeah… it was hilarious… Though I suppose I couldn’t blame her, I haven’t had much better experiences.”

“Is this about the ‘date’ with Brooke a few weeks ago?”

“Yes! Ugh don’t even get me STARTED Michael! Do you know what it’s like to sit in a cafe listening to your crush gush over some boy?! 'Oh Taylor looked so good today Chloe did you see him? He got his second piercings last week, they look amazing! I should get mine done. What do you think I would look like? Would Taylor like them? God he’s so hot and sexy and-”

“Chloe! The nails!” Micheal exclaimed. Chloe broke out of her rant and looked down to where she had apparently started to paint Michael’s finger instead of his fingernail.

She sighed, reaching for the remover. “Sorry Mike, I just couldn’t stand it. You know what I did? I stood up, and walked out. WALKED OUT! ON BROOKE! Right in the middle of her conversation with me… I feel awful but I had to do it! She started talking about what she would look like with a nose ring and I just couldn’t stop myself from imagining it…”

“Bad move.”

“Yeah tell me about it. She looked hot, like 50% hotter.. how is that even possible?” She laughed, smiling to herself as she did so. She had never really thought about it before, but it was nice to be able to do this - to have someone to talk and rant and gossip with without having to worry about what others thought about her for doing so. Michael didn’t judge, he just listened. It was relaxing.

Across the mattress, Michael was having the same thoughts. He had never really considered Chloe a friend before she found out about his secret, but he didn’t regret it for a second. Having Chloe to go to every other Friday and having her sit there quietly listening to his problems, it helped. Jeremy was the only person he could turn to the past few years but this was something he couldn’t help with, something he had to hide from his best friend. He hated it, hated keeping secrets from him. But at least he had Chloe to get him though it.

“So, what do you think?” The voice snapped Michael out of his trance. He looked up to see Chloe smiling at him, gesturing to his hands. They were painted a bright lilac, perfectly shaped and no spillage whatsoever.

Micheal sighed and smiled. “They look great, Cloe.”

Karlie and Martha are hanging out inside Karlie’s dressing room, getting ready to tape the first episode of Movie Night with Karlie Kloss.  

“So tell me, what’s the latest?” Martha asks. 

“Latest? What do you mean?” Karlie says, unsure of what Martha is asking her about. 

“What’s the latest between you and Taylor.”

“Oh.” Karlie answers, not knowing how to respond. “Well… it’s hard to tell really… Have you talked to her recently?” She asks Martha, hoping somehow that her friend can provide some insights on what Taylor has been thinking about their situation.

“No, not really. Just texting. Been a little busy.” 

“Yeah, me too. I mean, we’ve exchanged a few text messages here and there but that’s about it… “ Karlie says.  

“God, you’re so slow! Start making your move, Kloss. She’s going to be really busy soon.”

“I know.”  Karlie says with a tinge of disappointment in her voice

“She’s got some shows coming up. Christmas thingy.”

“Yeah, yeah. I heard.” 

“Have you also heard she’s going to London?” 

“Is she?” 

Martha nods.

“I’ll be in London, too!” Karlie excitedly says.

“I know that’s why I’m telling you.”

“Do you know when she’s going to be there?”

“She texted me that the other day. Hold on, let me check.” 

Martha starts scrolling through her messages.

“There it is. Okay, she said the London show will be on December 10 but I’m sure she’ll be there a day or two early.”

“That’s great! Our schedules will overlap so I can still see her.”


“I’ll be with Josh though.” Karlie says.

“Yikes.” Martha says disapprovingly. 

“Stop! Don’t be mean. He’s a really good dude.”

Martha laughs. “Whatever, Kloss. Whatever.”

“Wait. Um, do you think she’ll bring along that guy?” Karlie asks refusing to say his name.

“Joe? Probably.” Martha responds. 

Karlie’s mood immediately changes and Martha notices.

“Oh my God, Kloss, don’t tell me you’re jealous! You know that’s all for show, right?” Martha says.

“Of course, I know! I just hate the idea of her being with “somebody else.” Motioning air quotes. 

“He is harmless. Believe me.”

“I know. I just don’t like it… I don’t like him.”

“Well, prepare yourself Kloss ‘cause I think they’ll go public very soon.” Martha warns her friend.

“Really? You think so? Did Taylor say anything to you?” Karlie’s shoulders dropping a little. “God, I hate this so much! I hate this part. I’ll never get used to this.”


“How can I relax, Martha? Tell me! The whole world thinks she has a boyfriend. Oh, not only that she has a boyfriend but apparently she’s so fucking crazy in love with him.” Karlie says rolling her eyes.

“Gross.” Martha says with a look of disgust. 

“I’m serious! I don’t know what’s going on… I don’t know what’s going on between us.  I’m tired.”

“God, you’re so dramatic.” Martha says and starts scrolling through her contacts to call someone. Phone starts ringing. She puts the call on speaker.

“Who are you calling?” Karlie asks. “Martha, the show will start any minute now.” 

“This will be quick. Don’t worry.” 

“Hello?” The voice on the phone says. Karlie immediately recognizes whose voice it is.  

“Hello baby girl!” 

“Hi Martha! What is up with you?” Taylor asks.  

“Guess where I am.” 

“Um, I don’t know but I’m pretty sure you’re about to tell me.”

“Ha! Well, yes I’m going to tell you.  Remember I told you I’ll be on Karlie’s show.” 

“Oh, right! Yeah, I remember. Is that today?” 

“Yes! We’re taping the first episode today. And I’m very excited. I mean, it’s not Ellen or anything.” Martha says teasing Karlie. Karlie then gently punches Martha’s arm. “I’m in her dressing room, by the way.”

“Oh. Is she there with you now?” Taylor asks. The thought that Karlie has been listening to their conversation has made her self-conscious all of a sudden.

“Yes, you’re on speaker actually. She can hear you and she wants to say something.”

Martha hands the phone to Karlie, who suddenly feels very nervous.  

“Hi Taylor.” Karlie says, her voice unsure. 

“Hey. Hi.” Taylor responds.

“How are you?” Karlie asks. 

“I’m doing good. Thank you. Hey, um, congratulations on your show.” Taylor says.

“Thanks. It’s crazy! I can’t believe this is actually happening. I mean, it’s no Ellen…“  Karlie says then looks at Martha who’s laughing silently. “But this is all very exciting.”

“I’m sure it is! Who knows? Next thing you know you’ll be doing morning talk shows.”

“Okay, now you’re reaching” Karlie says.

“No, I’m serious. Even Ellen had to start somewhere.” Taylor says. 

“Well, actually, what I really want is to do a late night show in the future.”

“Okay, now you’re officially reaching.” Taylor says and they both laugh. “But seriously, I’m happy for you.” 

“Thanks. I really appreciate it. God, I’m such a nervous wreck right now!” 

“You’ll do just fine. You’re a natural.”

“No, Taylor, you’re a natural.” Karlie says. Martha rolls her eyes and says, “Stop flirting you two!”

“Shut up, Martha!” Karlie says. Taylor laughs on the other line.

Assistant director enters the room. “Get ready ladies. We’ll start in 5.”

“Okay.” Karlie says. “Um, Tay, sorry but we need to get ready.”

“Yeah, I heard. Well, good luck!” Taylor tells Karlie.

“Thank you.” 

“I know you’ll do great so don’t worry.” Taylor reassures Karlie. “Plus, Martha’s there with you so what could possibly go wrong?” 

“Everything can potentially go wrong with Martha around!” Karlie says. 

Karlie and Taylor laugh. 

“Shut up, Kloss!” Martha says and grabs the phone from Karlie. “Bye Tay. Talk soon! Love you.” Martha says. 

“Alright, bye. Love you.” Taylor says and hangs up. 

“Love you too.” Karlie says.

Martha laughs. “Too late, Kloss. Too late. Come on, let’s go out there and kill it.”



Hi Taylor. I heard you’re in London. Happen to be in town as well… Can I see you?

Taylor reads the text message for the nth time. She doesn’t know what to reply. She’s pacing back and forth in her luxury hotel room when she hears the doorbell rings.

“Taylor, it’s me.” Tree says.

Taylor walks towards the door and opens it.

“Tree. Hi!”

“Okay, Taylor we need to talk. Karlie is also here in London.”

“I know.”

“Okay, I’m glad you know. So let’s talk about how we’re going to —“

Taylor interrupts her publicist.

“Tree, there’s something I need to tell you.”

“Oh okay. Is it urgent?” 

“Yes, kinda. But I want you to stay calm, alright? Actually, you know what? I think you should take a seat.” Taylor says, leading her publicist to the couch. 

“What’s going on, Taylor? You’re making me nervous.” Tree says with a concerned look on her face.

“Okay here it is. Um, Karlie and I have been in touch lately.”

“In touch, like… like what?”

“Like, um, texting. We’ve been texting.” Taylor says not being quite truthful.

“Since when?”

“Just recently. Like around Thanksgiving maybe.”

“Thanksgiving Taylor! And you’re only telling me now. What else are you keeping from me?”

“Nothing!” Taylor says.

“So you haven’t seen her?” Tree asks.

Yes, I have. We had an amazing sex actually. 

“No.” Taylor says. Another lie. “But um… she just asked me if she could see me here… in London.”

“Taylor! We talked about this!”

“I know. I know… But Tree, I really want to see her. And I’m telling you now because I know you’ll know what to do.”

“You’ll get yourself into a lot of trouble, do you know that?”  

“Can you just hear me out as a friend for once and not my publicist?”

“No, I can’t do that. I need to think as a publicist, Taylor. That’s my job. That’s what you’re paying me for.” Tree says.

“You’re right.” Taylor says softly.

Tree suddenly feels bad seeing the conversation is upsetting the singer. 

“Okay, but what does she want? Why does she want to see you?” Tree asks.

Taylor shrugs. “I don’t know. She didn’t say.”

“Does she want to get back with you?”

“Jesus, no! I don’t think so.” 

Tree gives the singer a suspicious look.

“I really don’t know what her intentions are. I would know when I see her, I guess.”

“Taylor, you have to be honest with me. I need to know.”

“I’m being honest, Tree. I mean, I honestly don’t know what she wants. She just asked if she could see me… And I really want to see her too… So please? I know you can come up with something.”

Tree sighs and knows that there’s no point reasoning with Taylor, who obviously has already made up her mind to see her ex.

“Okay, okay. But promise me this. No more secrets. I need to know everything ahead of time. I can’t cover for you if you keep things from me, Taylor.”

“I know. And I will… I will tell you everything.”

“Okay, you know the drill. Be discreet. Don’t go out. Just stay in the room. What time is she coming?”

“I’ll ask her.”

“Okay, ask her then and tell me right away. I just need to make a few phone calls.” Tree says, getting up from the couch.

“Thanks, Tree. You’re the best!” Taylor says hugging her publicist. 

“Don’t thank me yet. I need to make sure that this doesn’t go out in the media. I’ll talk to you later… The time, don’t forget to tell me.”

“I won’t. Texting her now.”

“Okay.” Tree says before leaving the room.

Taylor does an awkward celebratory dance as soon as she closes the door. She opens Karlie’s iMessage from her phone and types a reply.

Hi Karlie. Would love to see you.

She deletes the message.

“Don’t get too overly excited, Taylor.” She tells herself.  

She types a new message.

Yeah, sure. I’m available tonight. I told Tree. She’s going to call you later with the details.




Yeah, sure. I’m available tonight. I told Tree. She’s going to call you later with the details. 

Karlie reads the message. She’s been anxiously waiting for Taylor’s reply and now feels ridiculously giddy that the singer agrees to see her even if it means dealing with her publicist. 

Okay, great. I’ll wait for her call then.

I’m sorry.  

For what?  

Had to tell Tree.  

No big deal. I know how it goes.  

As soon as Karlie sends that last message, she suddenly feels a bit sad about their situation. 

Here we go again. Hiding. She thinks to herself. 

Okay, so I’ll see you tonight. 7pm?  

Yes, 7pm works for me.

Okay, I’ll tell Tree. Later. 

See you.

Karlie looks out of the window of her hotel room. She needs to tell Josh of her plans tonight. She dials his number. They don’t share the same room. It’s part of their arrangement. 


“Hello Karlie.”

“Are you in your room?”

“No, I’m actually outside.”

“Oh okay.”

“What’s up?”

“I called to tell you that I can’t join you for dinner tonight. I have other plans. I’m sorry.” Karlie says. 

“That’s okay. Are you going out tonight?”

“Um, yeah, I’m meeting someone…” She hesitates before telling him she’s meeting with Taylor.

“Oh.” Josh says, clearly surprised. 

“I thought you should know.” Karlie says.

“Yeah, well, thanks for the heads up… Are you sure about this?”

“About what?”

“I mean, do you really want to see her?”

“Yeah, I do actually… Is that okay? I mean, I know we’re here to—“

“Yeah, it’s okay. Just be careful. I mean, you don’t want to be photographed.”

“Of course. I know what to do, Josh. She also informed her publicist so…”

“Okay, well have fun, I guess.”

“Thanks. Enjoy your night as well.” Karlie says and hangs up the phone. She’s relieved that the conversation with Josh went better than she anticipated. 

“Okay, so what should I wear?” Karlie tells herself, getting extremely excited about spending time with Taylor. 

(Note: Sorry for the late update! Hope you enjoy this one!)

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Okay I take you as one of the more mature people around here, you have a kid and you're working mum and everything (my point is you are realistic and know a thing or two about life) so my question is... what is you most honest opinion about Taylor and Joe? Are we getting our hopes up too much? p.s. you're a fabulous writer, I LOVE your stories :*

Let’s take a look at the last year….she essentially upended her life and moved to another country.  Would she have done this for a guy she didn’t think was the real deal?  Would she have been so incredibly protective of their relationship if she didn’t think they were going to last?  She wore wigs and disguises.  She did everything and anything to put a protective barrier around their relationship as they developed it.  And then she wrote love songs about him and released songs about him and confirmed songs are about him….not typical Taylor behavior.  She hangs out with his brother for gods sake.  But beyond that, have you not seen how amazingly happy she is?  The woman is literally beaming with happiness.  I not only think our hopes are valid, I think we haven’t even touched how in love these two are.

The Other Side of the Ocean - Chapter 3

A Taylor & Joe fanfiction

Need to catch up? Read the prologue, Chapter 1, Chapter 2

Nashville. It’s what Taylor thinks of when someone says ‘home’. Her mom and best friend live here. It’s where she recorded her first song, created her debut album, and every single one thereafter. Nashville is the birthplace of her first kiss, first love, and first heartbreak. Braces happened here. Birthdays have come and gone, so too have anniversaries and Christmases and New Year’s, all precious memories firmly cemented in her mind.

What hasn’t happened here? The grime and filth. The lies, the made up stories, the stalking of her by paparazzi, the snarky Ed Drosteish opinions, none of that.

Nashville is safe.

She loves the people, the community, the manners, the food, the music. The lakes and the forests are her sanctuary. She enjoys going out for brunch to have her favorite sweet potato pancakes, running into people who aren’t overwhelmed by her fame or celebrity. She likes that she can have a sense of normalcy in Nashville. 

Here, she can be Taylor. She doesn’t have to be Taylor Swift every day.

No one really bugs her here, and there aren’t usually paparazzi. She can drive, and she can go places without her bodyguards sometimes, even though they always get wishy washy about that.

When she comes home, fans aren’t standing around her gate, and no one’s taking pictures through her windows. No drones are circling overhead. Her neighbors generally ignore her. Sounds weird but, she loves being ignored like that.

It’s the perfect place to spend time when you don’t really want to be noticed.

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New beginning Pt.2 (so much for oneshot)

(A/N) First of all: I, personally, don’t have anything against Taylor Swift. I took her as a character, because of the relationship she had with Tom some time ago. It was the time, I just lost interest in Tom Hiddleston for a few weeks. So, if you want to hate on me, go ahead, but don’t think I will take you seriously or change anything because of that.
Second of all: I just left the first point, but this here is new. I hope you like the secnd part, and yes, I’m planning on a thrid one. That’s going to be the last part.

Summary: Imagien working on the set of ‘The Avengers’ and falling in love with Tom Hiddleston. You being way to shy, don’t tell him about your crush. But as your bestie, Taylor Swift, visits you, she crushes on Tom and they become a couple, even though she knew about your crush. The rest of the cast comforts you and helps you to get over it.

Pairings: Tom Hiddleston x Taylor Swift

Warnings: negative things about Taylor Swift, a little angst I guess

Original: here

Part 1


@elliecapper (here’s part 2! <3)

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Seven months later

“Hey honey! I’ll be a bit late. Got hold up at work. I’m sorry.” Jai sounded breathless over the phone. He was probably running to get to this little diner, where we decided to meet up. “Don’t worry! I’ll just order the drinks. The usual?” Confirming my suspicion, I hung up and waved at one of the waiters.
“What can I get you, Miss?” “One beer and one coke, please.” Scribbling down my order, the waiter walked away. I used the spare time, and checked my new messages and mails.
Three movies asked me to do their make-up, Scarlett wanted to know how I’m doing and as always, there were some from Tom and Taylor. I really thought I made it clear that I didn’t want to stay in contact with them, but they still reached out to me on a daily basis. Well, A+ for trying I guess.
But I was happy with Jai. He was a world-famous actor, but he always had time for me.
I met him on the job, and it instantly clicked. He treated me the same way he treated his famous co-stars, and after a few weeks of doing his make-up, he asked me out. Of course, I said yes. He was incredibly nice to me and, let’s just say that he doesn’t look to bad.
I was lost in my day dreams and didn’t notice the waiter putting down our drinks. I also didn’t notice the man that sat down in the chair across from me.
“Hey sweetheart.” Jai waved his hand in front of my day, causing me to snap out of it and focus on reality. Smirking at me, Jai, still breathless, gulped down half of his beer instantly. “Hey. I hope you didn’t run.” Instead of answering, he shot me a coy smile.
That’s exactly what I loved about Jai. We could always joke around, no matter what situation.
We spent the rest of our lunch break chatting and, of course, eating. Everything was perfect.
Well, until a tall, brown-haired man entered with a blonde woman.
What are the odds of Tom and Taylor coming to the exact same diner, we were eating at? Big enough, I guess. I ducked my head and silently prayed that the pair wouldn’t notice me, or Jai. But I knew my luck, and I wasn’t surprised when the two stopped right next to our table.
“Y/N, how nice to see you. You haven’t been replying to my messages lately.” She seriously didn’t get the hint. Even though it wasn’t just a hint. I told her the she should never contact me again. Ignorance is a bliss, or in this case a curse. “Can I help you?” Jai’s voice was cold and distant, completely different than usual. And it had the effect he wished for. Taylor took a small step back and Tom followed her.
“I-I guess not. It was good seeing you Y/N.” Tom pulled Taylor behind him, out of the diner. She was complaining, but her boyfriend just ignored her.
Wow. Lunch was definitely ruined now. A wonder Jai even put up with me for that long, with Taylor and Tom always on my heel. I shoved my plate away from me and leaned back in my chair. “Don’t worry about it.” Jai took my hand across the table and shot me a warm smile.
Although there was no way he would be satisfied with the little food he ate, Jai declared that he had enough and paid for the meal. I gave up, trying to pay. Instead I took care of our apartment, went grocery shopping and cleaned.
After leaving the diner, we decided to stroll through the park. Hand in hand, we walked by trees and over a small bridge, before Jai’s phone started ringing. The call didn’t take long. “I’m so sorry! I’m needed back on set.” He looked miserable, but I just smiled at him. “How many times do I have to tell you, not to worry. Are you coming home, or are you staying on set over night?” “I’ll have to stay ther.” Smiling, I pressed a quick kiss to his lips. What was only meant as a short goodbye kiss, turned out to be much more passionate than expected. After a few seconds, he pulled away and smirked at me. After one last peck to the lips, he took off running.

Another night I’m going to spend alone…

Wearing one of Jai’s shirts, I stood in the kitchen, cooking myself dinner. Since I’d be alone, it was only some vegetables with crème fraiche. Humming along to the radio, I started to wiggle my hips to the beat. It didn’t take long for me to sing at the top of my lungs and wildly dance around the kitchen.
A knock sounded on my door and at first, I thought I had been too loud and my neighbours were here to complain. My second thought was that maybe Jai managed to come home tonight. But what never occurred to me, was that Tom was standing in front of my door.
“T-Tom? What are you doing here?” My eyes widened and I instantly felt the need to put on some pants. “I…just wanted to talk to you. I have something I want to tell you.” Shaking my head and inwardly cursing at myself, I let Tom inside the apartment and led him to the living room.
“Wait here, I’m going to put some pants on.”
After I returned, I sat down on the other side of the couch, as far from him as possible.
“You wanted to tell me something?” I raised my eyebrows at his unsure expression. Tom was a lot of things, but he has never been unsure of anything! That was definitely something new.
“Yeah…I-You see-!” “Spit it out!” I was getting annoyed at his behaviour. If I’m going to talk to someone, I think about what to say first.
“I love you!”
What? Did he really just say that? I opened my mouth, wanting to say something, but nothing came out.
“I love you. I always did. I never felt anything towards Taylor, but she had the idea that maybe you would confess to me if we made you jealous. And…I was frustrated! All I could think about whenever you did my make-up, was pushing you against one of the walls and kissing you until we’d both be out of breath! Taylor told me about your crush and how easy it was to make you jealous. So, I thought, her idea was a good idea. I-I didn’t think you’d react the way you did, and-“
“Wait what? ‘React the way I did’? Are you serious right now!? How would you react if your best friend always snatched your crushes away from you, right in front of your face? Every single time! And you were trying to make me jealous? Did you hit your head on something?” By now, I could feel angry tears pooling in my eyes. Tom didn’t look any better. His eyes were wet and if you looked closely, you could see one or two tears running down his face. I stared at him. Angry, sad, in denial. The man, I loved for so long, broke my heart because he wanted to make me jealous. Because he wanted me to admit my love towards him. Now, tears were also running down my face.
“I’m sorry Y/N. If I had known, how you would react to that, I’d never have done it. I swear! It was dumb and I was an idiot. But I love you, really!”
I couldn’t even listen to him anymore. I sat down on the couch again, and buried my face in my hands. Sobs escaped me and soon, I was crying like a baby. My body jerked with every sob and before I could react, Tom pulled me against him, trying to comfort me. And I let him. For those few minutes, I let him hold me, and I enjoyed his warmth and closeness.
Feeling my shoulder getting wet, I looked up at Tom, his eyes red and puffy. I must’ve looked just as terrible.
“Give me one more chance Y/N. Please.” His voice was pleading and he took my face into his hands, forcing me to look at him. I was so short of giving in, giving in to all my desires and my love that still burned deep inside of me for the man across from me.
But out of the corner of my eye, I saw a photo. It showed me and Jai and I knew I couldn’t do this to him. At least not without an explanation.
“I’m sorry Tom.” It was barely a whisper, but Tome registered it immediately and his eyes widened. “No. Y/N, please.” His thumbs swept over my cheeks, wiping away new tears that found their way out of my eye. “Please leave…I’m sorry.” This time, Tom’s body shook with sobs. He covered his mouth and pressed his eyes closed as he realised that all he ever wanted, was lost.
And he left, without another word, but not without a kiss. At least one time both of us saw what could’ve been but never was.
After spending the whole night thinking, I decided. I needed to talk to Jai.

Release week shenanigans!!

Hey everyone!!! So who all is planning on going to NYC for release week? Or would be interested?

@jtmaster13 and I were talking last night about how we were excited for release week, but nervous Taylor wouldn’t be doing anything. But then we realized that even if she doesn’t, if enough people go it’ll still be a great week! So we were thinking: huge meetup in NYC for release week?

Jess and I want to document the whole experience. Cameras, interviews, events, everything. Make our own documentary out of it. We can plan just different little events, food, whatever throughout the week. Then have a huge listening party when the album drops at midnight?!

Obviously these plans are still very young and new, so nothing is set in plan. But if you’re interested, let me know! We can start getting an idea of how many people and what to do! :)

okay but the “oh she’s dead” line has such a stronger meaning than the world thinks. Taylor isn’t saying that she’s literally dead or a complete new person. Taylor has had a rough few years and as much as she tried to shake it off it probably was hard cause everybody literally hated her for breathing!!! She probably may have been upset about it cause I mean who wouldn’t be? And even with the hate she got in over the last year that probably was very hard for her. But she realised it was all wrong. She had to be stronger and fight through it and not take it bad and not let it drag her down. That’s why the old taylor is possibly dead because maybe she was a little softer but now this taylor but now she’s smarter and got harder in the nick of time. (She’s obviously way stronger too) cause she realised it was all lies too. She knows the truth she knows her real reputation and it’s her time to share her story. This song has such a deep meaning and im so excited to hear more I love you taylor ♡♡♡♡ @taylorswift

I don’t think any of us are paying enough attention to the story Taylor is telling in “Getaway Car”.

It’s clearly about a rebound relationship that she didn’t plan on getting into. She wanted to getaway from a poison relationship and this guy just happened to come along and save her from it but she realized there was no way it was a relationship that was going to last.

He was the best of times, the worst of crimes
I struck a match and blew your minds
But I didn’t mean it
And you didn’t see it

She says that the rebound guy should have realized they weren’t going to last just by how they got together which is HUGE for her to admit that a relationship didn’t start in the best way or the right way and that she went into it in a way she shouldn’t have.

Don’t pretend it’s such a mystery
Think about the place where you first met me
We’re ridin’ in a getaway car
There were sirens in the beat of your heart
Shoulda known I’d be the first to leave
Think about the place where you first met me

In a getaway car
No, we never get far
No, nothing good starts in a getaway car

She even says right off the bat that her ex “poisoned the well” which I’m assuming meant her feelings towards relationships, love and trust, at the time and that this new relationship didn’t have a chance even before it started.

X marks the spot, where we fell apart
He poisoned the well, every man for himself
I knew it from the first old fashion, we were cursed

It hit you like a shotgun shot in the heart

 And as in usual Taylor fashion she compares herself and her relationship to tragic relationship. She feels like a traitor for leaving her ex for this new guy and that she a traitor for leaving this new guy too even though she never planned on being there anyways…

We were jet-set, Bonnie and Clyde
Until I switch to the other side
To the other side
It’s no surprise I turned you in
‘Cause us traitors never win

I’m in a getaway car
I left you in a motel bar
Put the money in the bag and I stole the keys
That was the last time you ever saw me

I think the whole song just screams that Taylor feels like she used someone to get over/out of an old love and she feels bad about it but they should have both known what was going to happen.

For such a quick paced song, this is a seriously deep and sad story that Taylor is telling and it deserves so much more attention and appreciation than it is getting! It is such a tragic story and the music video for it could be so amazing and fast paced and almost confused while still telling the story and then coming to a sudden stop like their relationship did. I’m am just so mesmerized by the story telling of this song. It deserves so much recognition

Our Secret Moments Part 2


I woke up from my fantasies with with a slight headache and butterflies in my stomach, the headache from the amount of alcohol i had consumed last night, but the butterflies? They were from Joe. I couldn’t hide the smile that crept over my face as i recalled his hands in my hair and his lips on mine with my body pressed against his. I reached over to my bedside table to grab my phone realizing it was almost 11! , i wouldn’t usually check in on what people were saying about me but i wanted to be sure that no one had found out about what happened behind the flashing lights of the paparazzi’s camera’s, i didn’t want that for him. Before i could open safari i noticed a text message from an unknown number “good morning beautiful” forgetting that i had given Joe my number last night i started to panic, earlier this year i had some dramas revolving around someone stalking me, it’s not something i would like to experience again especially with everything else going on right now. My nerves were soon put to ease as the mystery person sent another message bringing a smile back to my face “by the way its Joe ;)”. After replying with a simple “good morning :))” i rolled out of my warm bed and made my way down to the kitchen to feed Olivia and Meredith who were being very vocal this morning, they get it from their mother, i laughed to myself. “Are we still on for tonight” Joe messaged me followed by a grinning cat emoji, after telling him my address and that he should come through the back entrance just to be sure he isn’t photographed “sneaking into Taylor Swift’s apartment” i decide to go and shower so i could start preparing for dinner.


After i left the concert last night i’m pretty sure i didn’t get much sleep, I’ve known her for under 24 hours and yet she consumes my every thought, did she dream of me, like i did her? I woke up at 7:30 this morning and my first instinct was to text her, but i restrained my self, i didn’t want to be “that guy” or seem crazy, even though i clearly was. So i waited about 5 minutes, wow some effort Joe i smiled to myself.

Its been 3 hours since i texted Taylor and she hasn’t replied yet, did she give me the wrong number on accident? did she give me the wrong number on purpose? Had she regretted last night? Because I definitely hadn’t. I yet again self diagnosed my self as crazy, i needed to stop making up conspiracy theories and just assume that maybe like any normal person she likes to sleep in? Who am i kidding she probably doesn’t even remember my name… I almost had a heart attack as my phone lit up indicating i had a text message from Taylor, i felt giddy as we messaged back and fourth to organize that i was to come over too her place around four.


I didn’t want to appear like i was trying too hard but i definitely wanted to look good so i went for some black skinny jeans and my favorite grey jumper, to make it look like i wasn’t up until 4 thinking about him last night i put on a little bit of makeup and brushed my curly hair with my fingers not bothering to straighten it, i felt like i didn’t need too with him. I had prepared most of the ingredients for the dinner i was going to make, it was just a simple but delicious chicken piccata, i was hoping Joe didn’t have any special and unnecessary dietary requirements like one of my exes use to have.

It was exactly 4 when i heard a soft knock on the door indicating that Joe had arrived, i would be lying if i said that i hadn’t been watching out the window waiting for his car to pull up at my back entrance, why was i so damn excited? I took in a deep breath and checked myself for the 100th time in the mirror to adjust my hair and make sure my makeup still looked good before opening the door. There he stood, so effortlessly perfect, i could already feel my cheeks heat up as i tried to control my smile and casually say “hey”, dimples appeared in his cheeks as he handed me a bottle of white wine “i wasn’t sure what flowers you liked, so, i brought wine” he softly laughed. I invited him inside and poured the both of us a glass of wine before sitting beside one another on the sofa, i was just about to ask him where in England he was from when Meredith jumped on his knee and began purring. I couldn’t hide the shock on my face “what? how? she hates me!” i laughed to Joe who had taken a liking to my unusual cat “aside from being a new actor i’m a professional cat whisperer” Joe laughed as i joined in causing Meredith to leap off his knee and run into the kitchen we laughed again at how moody she was. The next hour was us spent laughing and getting to know each other, i learnt that he has 2 brothers Tom and Patrick and that he is from North London among many other things, i appreciate that he doesn’t just want to talk about my career or the whole Kanye and Kim thing but he just genuinely wants to get to know me. We move into the dining room to eat the dinner i had put into the oven earlier as he continued to ask me about my childhood and about all the stupid and embarrassing things i did at high school.


“Dinner was amazing, you can cook for me anytime” i joke to Taylor but secretly meaning it in all seriousness, after i had helped her to clear away the dishes we moved back into the living room with a fresh glass of wine and “Thinking out Loud” by Ed Sheeran lightly playing through the speakers. Taylor was telling me about how she got the tiny scar on her left leg from Olivia when she was still a kitten when my hand subconsciously tucked a strand of her perfectly messy hair behind her ear, my hand lingered against the side of her face as i slowly leaned closer to her “is it okay if i kiss you?” i barely whisper, but she could hear me. Her head nods as she bites her lip “god, your perfect” i whisper underneath my breath before brushing my lips against hers. I start the kiss off slowly compared to our heated kiss in the back of the concert last night but after a few minutes i feel her growing impatient, i smirk before depending the kiss. She climbs over my knee so that she is straddling my lap, her small hands pull at the bottom of my hair while mine slowly move from her face to her hips and up under her jumper. She moans as my hands run against the bare skin on her back, i can taste the faint hint of white wine in her mouth as my tongue finds hers, wanting more she starts to rock against me. Man do i want her, but this isn’t just some hook up to me and i don’t think it is to her either, so not wanting to rush into anything i pull away resting my forehead on hers making her pout. “You want to watch a movie” i breathlessly ask her making her smile and simply reply “yes”, looking into her eyes i don’t see hurt or rejection but i see understanding and admiration and something else, but what?

Okay so I’m going to be completely 100% honest w you for a second
Since this era began we literally have not heard one (1) word from taylor…. she deleted all the content on every social media. posted the videos of the snake. announced the album. put out a single and a music video. dropped another song out of nowhere. So much has been going on and yet I feel so distant from her…? Like idk about y'all but for me part of the excitement about new music comes from the talk shows, photoshoots, interviews and I don’t think I’m going to be as excited for this new album without everything that used to come with it. I understand why she doesn’t want to give the media anything, and I will obviously love and support her even if she chooses not to promote this album at all, but I can’t deny that it makes me really sad and makes taylor feel unreachable

It’s really astounding to me that Katy can claim Taylor ‘started it’ when Taylor perfectly explained why she wrote bad blood.

“For years, I was never sure if we were friends or not,” she says. “She would come up to me at awards shows and say something and walk away, and I would think, ‘Are we friends, or did she just give me the harshest insult of my life?’” Then last year, the other star crossed a line. “She did something so horrible,” Swift says. “I was like, ‘Oh, we’re just straight-up enemies.’ And it wasn’t even about a guy! It had to do with business. She basically tried to sabotage an entire arena tour. She tried to hire a bunch of people out from under me. And I’m surprisingly non-confrontational – you would not believe how much I hate conflict. So now I have to avoid her. It’s awkward, and I don’t like it.”

(Pressed, Swift admits there might have been a personal element to the conflict. “But I don’t think there would be any personal problem if she weren’t competitive,” she says.)“

Notice how Taylor never mentioned Katy’s name and never has. But Katy has made it her life goal to insert herself in all Taylor news. Katy keeps talking about Karma but from what I see is Taylor has had 3 hit songs, in three separate genres in 2016. While Katy struggles to enter the top 20 on iTunes with her latest 3 singles. Which all have had features. Karma is here but it sure isn’t coming for Taylor.

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21 and sidgeno plz

#21 - best friend’s sibling au - Obviously I aged Taylor up for this one and made them twins just bc I could. Sid’s still the oldest, but Taylor’s chill about it. Or so she tells everyone.

Thanks for asking, and I hope you enjoy it!

Taylor and Geno were studying together when Taylor’s phone buzzed at her. It was a text from her mum and she groaned loud enough for a chorus of ‘shhh’ to rise from the other students in the library. Geno looked up from his notes, looking like the only thing stopping him from laughing at her was that they were sat in the silent study area.

“My mum has this idea that we’re dating, or that we should be dating, and I don’t know how to convince her that we aren’t,” Taylor whispered. “It’s driving me nuts.”

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When It Comes to Feud Songs, Ed Sheeran Says Taylor Swift Doesn’t ‘Need’ to Be Defended
Ed Sheeran won’t be wading into the Taylor Swift/Katy Perry feud anytime soon


Ed Sheeran won’t be wading into the Taylor Swift/Katy Perry feud anytime soon.

Perry recently made waves recently for appearing to take aim at Swift in her song “Swish Swish,” apparent retaliation for Swift’s 2014 track, “Bad Blood.”

Though close with Swift, Sheeran says he feels no need to defend his friend in song. “I don’t think she needs that at all,” the “Shape of You” singer, 26, told PEOPLE at the 2017 Songwriters Hall of Fame 48th Annual Induction and Awards Gala at the New York Marriott Marquis Hotel in New York on Thursday night.

What does the honoree of the Hal David Starlight Award think about the current trend of diss tracks? “I don’t think feud songs are a hot thing—there’s always been beef songs.” A famous example? “It’s mainly been like Carly Simon,” the British singer-songwriter said. In 2015, Simon revealed that the second verse of her legendary revenge track “You’re So Vain” is about Warren Beatty.

Was there a frenzied response when Sheeran penned and performed a musical attack? “I’ve done feud songs before but no one cares about them!” he told PEOPLE with a laugh.

Sheeran’s extra fire power might not even be necessary, because Perry, 32, has apparently squashed her beef with Swift, 27, once and for all. “I forgive her and I’m sorry for anything I ever did, and I hope the same from her,” she told Thrive CEO Arianna Huffington last week. “I love her, and I want the best for her. And I think she’s a fantastic songwriter.”