even in the 90s

I’m Thinking I Want To Host A Challenge

I am currently obsessed with these music challenges everyone is hosting. I’d really like to host one of my own, but with a little twist: The songs are terrible. I’m talking One Hit Wonders of the 80′s, catchy pop songs we all loved to hate in the 90′s, maybe even a Weird Al song for kicks. Okay, no Weird Al. Maybe. Yes. Definitely Not.

But before I host this glorious challenge, anyone want to play? Tagging the pond and a few others to see who’s down. If you don’t want to play but know someone that would, tag ‘em! I want to get about 20 people involved before I actually set it up.

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My internet is screwed. I can’t Facebook, Hearthstone, whatsapp or even chrome 90% of the time because it keeps dropping out. It drops in to let me know I have messages and have been tagged and then won’t let me access them.

I don’t even know if this will post. #pityme

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My humble opinion on Gillovny Week vs. WW Con. If they put on a show in January then that was a genuine show. There's no way they faked all those smiles, laughs & all. They were happy to reunite and excited. Did u see them with the M&S toys? They were like kids and they were themselves. I did prefer Gillovny week because I love seeing them touchy-feely. But do I want them to start overdo their love for the fans? No. I did see love nonetheless. BOTH Gillovny Week & WW displayed the real Gillovny.

Yeah, we don’t see it as all fake either. Again, do people remember the 90′s at all? They couldn’t even fake it then! And that’s when they SHOULD have been faking it. lol. Hell, some faking back then would have saved us some teenage ‘Oh my god they hate each other and our life is over’ dramatic angst! ;)

who else freaks the fuck out after realizing something u said is rude or shallow or something because i do that. this has nothing to do with tumblr i’ve been like this before i even knew what tumblr was. it’s always just an accident or a joke that i didn’t think about long enough (like what happened with me today) since i really don’t want to offend anyone. it’s just funny to me because i’m 90% sure nobody cares or even notices. like im pretty sure im the only one who gets offended when i make an “””offensive””” joke

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Idk why some people believe jc. Like do people honestly believe that Selena or Justin would let someone publish their personal lives, I doubt that. They would only let people know what's happening themselves-when they want to. I think jc or any other "sources" here just either assume(and get it right), hack, or lie. Honestly the only people who know what's gonna happen to jelena is jelena and half the time they don't even know what's gonna happen lol

90% Of the time

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Name 5 fandoms and your OTP in them

i don’t really “do” otps, as i live a very happy multishipper life, but i’ll share some of my pet ships

x-men: kitty (shadowcat)/piotr (colossus), charles (professor x)/erik (magneto), logan (wolverine)/ororo (storm), alex (havok)/lorna (polaris), raven (mystique)/irene (destiny), logan (wolverine)/raven (mystique)

star trek: kirk/spock, kirk/spock/mccoy, scotty/uhura, data/geordi, riker/troi, worf/jadzia, mccoy/marcus (aos)

harry potter: luna/neville, seamus/dean, andromeda/ted, remus/tonks, remus/sirius, ginny/luna, harry/a muggle, albus/scorpius (even if cursed child was 90% utter garbage)

legend of zelda: anju/kafei (majora’s mask), shad/ashei (twilight princess), zelda/link (skyward sword), zelda/midna (twilight princess)

asagao academy: hana/mai, hana/luke, caddy/kakusu, hanatinue, polytinue, satch/shane, creeps/shizuka, mai/kakusu, jared/paul, jacques/better

While I love the show’s premise that Beth will end up meeting Josh and I want Lucas in Beth story to be with David, it would’ve been also beautiful if both of them remained single for the rest of their life but supported each other as the closest ones in their life (and it wouldn’t go too wrong if he’s not in love with her that way anymore) even when they’re in their 90s, like “keep on being lonely, but not have to be apart” forever

i am just sitting here thinking about how differently books and mylene and shaolin interact in even the 80s, let alone like the 90s

because books being able to KNOW that he’s a RAPPER moreso than a straight up poet, and other people understanding that being a RAPPER is a thing, and even that it’s the cool thing on a broader scale

like that in and of itself would change so much of the world for books and i like thinking about that in a very warm way

Okay can we not leave hate in the instagram comments regarding johnsol not debuting right now can we just show support for the babies please.. its one thing to be upset if johnsol is ur bias then yeah you know but leaving rude comments and completely ignoring jisung and the babies is not okay… please be patient and support the babies..


-I wonder when Versace started using Pat McGrath for their shows, because I know Donatella and Nars split professionally in the mid-90s.
-it’s crazy that not even Bella got Pat to do her makeup. I wonder how much makeup Pat actually does when she keys a show.
-the BLOODWINE lip kit is all I want out of life.

finally, finally i managed to edit my complete list of english subbed EXO videos - some people told me that all of the links were broken and it took me like 5 months to finally work on that. but now all of the links are fixed and i also finally added the shows of 2016. also movies, dramas, vlive broadcasts… (credits are going to the rightful owners - subbers and creators of the posts ;; unfortunately some of the videos are reuploads, because the originals were gone…)

you can find all of the links here and search through the years and various shows. please enjoy :3

EDIT ;; i totally forgot to put the links for EXO’s 1st Box DVD4 and EXO’s 90:2014, i don’t even know why, haha. but i uploaded them as well :3







I’m sick of people shutting on Niantic for that game not functioning when it is still in beta. That’s how betas work. That it what they are for, discovering and fixing bugs. Boo boo your tracking system that didn’t even work for 90% of the world is gone. They will bring it back. WHEN IT WORKS.

Once again:
Pokemon GO is currently in beta,
Release 0.31.0
Not 1.0
Please remember this.
Thanks you

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If you're accepting hc for the Diet Coke au: To go along with Daichi being with Iwa chan.. Daichi wearing shorts and Suga the lovely receptionist, who is confused and wants to see what the commotion is about, goes to the window, sees Dachi and accidentally says in a not so quiet voice, THIGHS. Daichi turns to look at the source but Suga runs away in a mess of blush and embarrassment. Teasing from the co-workers ensues. Also I love your art!!<3

I LO VE IT OMG that works so well fUCK asdfghjkl;