even in my 70s it will still be red

My dear lgbt+ kids, 

Statistically, it’s “rare” to be born with red hair. Less than 2% of the world population have red hair. And still, nobody would seriously look my beautiful wife in the eyes and tell her “Oh, come on, red hair? That sounds fake. Isn’t that like super rare anyway? You’re just trying to be special.”. That would be ridiculous. 

Yes, red hair is “rare” - there are only, like, 140 million people with red hair. 

It’s statistically just as (un)likely to have red hair as it is to be intersex. The only difference is that “Isn’t that super rare, tho” seems to be a valid way to shoot down any discussion about only one of those two groups of people. 

And that old “only 1% of all people are asexual” argument? Well, yeah, that’s over 70 million people. 

“Rare”, when it comes to gender or identity, often translates to “actually lots and lots of people but they don’t fit in my world view, so shut up about them”. 

Even if some people think of you as rare, you still deserve respect. 

With all my love, 

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What If Hyde Had Drunkly Married Laurie Forman Instead of Sam the Stripper in Season 8?

And why I think this happening could have made the season much more interesting/believable season:

  • We would have gotten the return Laurie and Lisa Robin Kelly instead of getting some new random character.
  • There would be no way Laurie and Hyde would have stayed married as long as Sam and Hyde did.
  • Jackie would be incredibly shocked and angered that once again she had a man stolen from her by Laurie Forman
  • Cat Fight Part II
  • Fez would be upset that he was no longer Laurie’s only husband.
  • Kelso would joke that Laurie had now been with everyone in the basement but that he was still the best, until he realizes that she didn’t marry him. When he asks her Laurie tells him he was never marriage material, this knocks some sense into him and he starts to act more mature and responsible with his relationship with Brooke.
  • Eric would be so shocked by the news of Hyde and Laurie’s marriage he’d leave Africa and come back home to save his best friends soul from Satan.
  • Red and Kitty would not want Laurie and Hyde to stay married because they knew how good Jackie and Hyde were together.
  • Laurie would agree to divorce Hyde but would hold off on signing the paper until he did certain things for her. Doing chores, buying her stuff, etc.
  • It would later be revealed Laurie and Hyde were never really married because she was never really divorced from Fez.
  • Still married, Fez and Laurie would try to make things work this time around (so no Jackie and Fez)
  • Hyde and Jackie would eventually find their way back to each other, possibly through the help of Laurie.
  • Everyone would get a happy ending. Even Laurie!

Part 1

anonymous asked:

hello! i've recently decided to start a detective conan side blog but since i'm new in the detective conan tumblr community i don't know who to follow so i'm asking some detective conan blogs i already follow (like yours) to give me advice. can you suggest some detective conan blogs to follow? if possibily at least 90% detective conan stuff and pretty active. thanks :)

Sure! I only really have a couple to share with you since most the blogs I follow are multi fandom or post off the reg, but I can share a couple! Note that I’m going to be reccing mainly detective conan and magic kaito blogs since it’s pretty rare to find detective conan only.

Active, literally 99-100% 14/12 would rec DCMK blogs:

Me! muwahah! i mean, uh–

@rumasaca - Akai x Rei nERD \owo/

- Kai nerd \owo/

@experiment4869 - Cute and really likes Ai and Ai’s a cutie okay

@violetstrawberry99 - Shinran wheee \owo/ 

@ran-nee-chann Pretty cool 


@dcrewatch Almost put in a different section, but, seriously Skye is a great person to have on your dash especially if you want quick reminders of episodes or to find something. The blog isn’t active in a daily way, but it’s consistently active in at least weekly updates! All the posts are little synopsis type things and the blog’s just a great resource in general.

@shin-ichi-niichan - More like 98% with 1% voltron but bASICALLY 99% they’re cool okay
@detectiveconans - Pretty sure I’ve followed them for literally 3 years they’re great

Active, 90%+ DCMK:
@raifuujin - Admittedly not active-active in regards to posting, but bias and she’s actively on tumblr, just not quite as active with posting. The reason for this being that she rarely reblogs things, so in actuality she’s super active for all the posts she makes. Generally 90%+ dcmk, does a ton of edits and amazing analysis.
@meitanteimary Generally she’s a solid 90% dcmk, although if you look at the url rn it will show some misc other fandom stuff, but she’s definitely 90%+ regularly.

@tortureddove- They post often, run by a queue. The stuff on here is Kaito/Kaitou Kid centric, and is generally duper dark, torture, non-con/rape, gore, crying type stuff. 100%, however it’s more magic kaito than detective conan since Kaito is the person the blog revolves around.

@miskatsura - Long time Eri fan. Been following them for about 3 years now too.
@meitanteisonoko - Update, hint and fanart gathering type blog. Possibly a bit less active than the others, but does a couple posts at a time iirc.

Active, 90%+ DCMK blogs that I’m not too familiar with but I reccomend you take a look at anyway if you just want a very full dash of dcmk content:

@darenimoshiranai A very new blog(like been around 2 months), so I can’t guarantee they’ll stay active.

@cone-the-detective Pretty new(half a year), active.



Some you should totes look at even though they’re not super active:  

@niveusfides - Specifically an art blog, she posts occasionally but 90%+ of her stuff within the last year has been dcmk, mainly Kaito and Shinichi art in particular! This blog is full of original content ^w^ 

@furuyareis - Nice.

@mk1412 - More of a merch/updates blog?

@meitanteiunknown - Rarely posts tbh but ye!

@furuya-s - They pop in and out but they’re in the 99%+ section if not for sporadic activity

@mistymistery - On and off active

Some you should totes look at even though they’re not quite 90% dcmk:

@monquixote THEY POST LIKE 75-80% DCMK AND ARE AMAZING OKAY more akam trash at 10

@phantom-of-baker-street - Grade A nerd about 65-70% dcmk

Nowhere NEAR 90% - probably more around 5-30% blogs that occationally post some REALLY COOL dcmk stuff anyway:


@meitantei-lavi - HE’S SUCH A NERD

@pocketsizedsleuth - normally they post a lot more dcmk and are more active but recently they’ve been less of both. I love their dcmk art tho please check them out!

@kostektyw - less active with dcmk recently but their art is still amazing and i love seeing them on my dash even when it’s not dcmk too often anymore

@edorazzi - Arts

@headinabox - Arts and shitposts

@alizardjae - They tend to just throw random dcmk thoughts out there once in a while that I tend to super agree with or like tbh

@misty-reeyus - More of a tales blog but they do occasionally post some good ship shit or vermouth and ye!

There are a ton of people/urls that I didn’t put on here for reasons being they’ve been more entirely inactive for a while or fell out of the fandom entirely tbh. I also avoided rp blogs(even the more public ask blogs) in general, and note that most of these blogs reblog most their things, so if you mass follow everyone you’ll see the same post 5 times in a row sometimes ;p

And also a ton I  probably missed because they slipped my mind asjdhkfjhsdkjghg sorry ily all

supernannygirl704things  asked:

What has been your favorite piece to write? Fanfic, poetry, original work, anything! What has been your favorite That '70s shoe piece to write?

What has been your favorite piece to write?

I have so many! So let’s see…

Novel, that place belongs to my girls and boy from ‘The Purple Girls’ Club’. Back in 2015, when my darkest hour was in, these five girls and their boy saved my ass. Writing this story was a blast, and while I’m still working on correcting stuff and changing some others, I enjoyed writing it a lot.

For poetry, I have a few favorites. Let’s start with ‘Red Queen’, a long ass poem I wrote for my mother. S t a r m a n and Jackie on my Mind are two of my favorites too.

And for my fanfictions, I will always be proud of A Primer For The Lost Hunterand ‘Heart Like Yours’

What has been your favorite That ‘70s shoe piece to write?

While I loved writing ‘Hear Like Yours’, I’m enjoying even more writing my upcoming story, ‘Wear My Arms’. This is a fic that not only is aesthetically pleasant for me, but also made me write poetic prose.

It’s been a while since I did someting like that.

Not to mention, the entire fic is written on Hyde’s POV. So it made me udnerstand his character a little bit more and come into terms with the things I don’t like about him. It also allowed me to talk a lot about my love and admiration for Jackie’s character. 

It also made me re-watch some of my favorite episodes to get some facts strainght and talk a lot to my friends to get some other stuff right.

I really love this story.

So I made Church from Red vs Blue in XCOM 2 as a sniper for shits and giggles.

He has yet to miss a single shot with his sniper rifle. At. All.

And they’re not 70-100 shots. These are almost always 30-50 percent shots that he’s hitting. Even when lowering his chance to hit with deadeye he still fucking hits the target. 

And he has no fucking aim bonuses either. I gave him a hair trigger of all things and I don’t have any aim PCS for him.

My first play through of persona 4 was wild I had no idea what I was playing and barely knew how to properly play the game I thought Nanako was evil for a good 70% of the game because I mistook her blushing for her eyes glowing red so if somebody blushed I assumed they were evil until I thought almost the entire town was evil until I figured out it was blush but I was still skeptical of Nanako I didn’t even know why you could change personas

NEW Chapter of That ‘70s Show FanFiction- If You Ever Did Believe

Hi all! I’ve posted the new chapter of the fic today, hope i fyou check it out you like it. Here’s the info:

Chapter Title: The End of The Innocence

Summary: The Formans and the group of friends, who grew up in their basement, are living their everyday lives in the new decade of the ‘80s until something happens that turns everyone’s world upside down. Soon it becomes Jackie’s mission to help everyone, especially Red, mend broken bonds, get answers, and hopefully find peace again.

Pairings: Red and Jackie (family/friendship) Hyde and Jackie, Eric and Donna, Kelso and Brooke, Red and Kitty

Rating: K+

Link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11959480/18/If-You-Ever-Did-Believe

And a little peek inside:

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