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What If Hyde Had Drunkly Married Laurie Forman Instead of Sam the Stripper in Season 8?

And why I think this happening could have made the season much more interesting/believable season:

  • We would have gotten the return Laurie and Lisa Robin Kelly instead of getting some new random character.
  • There would be no way Laurie and Hyde would have stayed married as long as Sam and Hyde did.
  • Jackie would be incredibly shocked and angered that once again she had a man stolen from her by Laurie Forman
  • Cat Fight Part II
  • Fez would be upset that he was no longer Laurie’s only husband.
  • Kelso would joke that Laurie had now been with everyone in the basement but that he was still the best, until he realizes that she didn’t marry him. When he asks her Laurie tells him he was never marriage material, this knocks some sense into him and he starts to act more mature and responsible with his relationship with Brooke.
  • Eric would be so shocked by the news of Hyde and Laurie’s marriage he’d leave Africa and come back home to save his best friends soul from Satan.
  • Red and Kitty would not want Laurie and Hyde to stay married because they knew how good Jackie and Hyde were together.
  • Laurie would agree to divorce Hyde but would hold off on signing the paper until he did certain things for her. Doing chores, buying her stuff, etc.
  • It would later be revealed Laurie and Hyde were never really married because she was never really divorced from Fez.
  • Still married, Fez and Laurie would try to make things work this time around (so no Jackie and Fez)
  • Hyde and Jackie would eventually find their way back to each other, possibly through the help of Laurie.
  • Everyone would get a happy ending. Even Laurie!

Part 1

supernannygirl704things  asked:

What has been your favorite piece to write? Fanfic, poetry, original work, anything! What has been your favorite That '70s shoe piece to write?

What has been your favorite piece to write?

I have so many! So let’s see…

Novel, that place belongs to my girls and boy from ‘The Purple Girls’ Club’. Back in 2015, when my darkest hour was in, these five girls and their boy saved my ass. Writing this story was a blast, and while I’m still working on correcting stuff and changing some others, I enjoyed writing it a lot.

For poetry, I have a few favorites. Let’s start with ‘Red Queen’, a long ass poem I wrote for my mother. S t a r m a n and Jackie on my Mind are two of my favorites too.

And for my fanfictions, I will always be proud of A Primer For The Lost Hunterand ‘Heart Like Yours’

What has been your favorite That ‘70s shoe piece to write?

While I loved writing ‘Hear Like Yours’, I’m enjoying even more writing my upcoming story, ‘Wear My Arms’. This is a fic that not only is aesthetically pleasant for me, but also made me write poetic prose.

It’s been a while since I did someting like that.

Not to mention, the entire fic is written on Hyde’s POV. So it made me udnerstand his character a little bit more and come into terms with the things I don’t like about him. It also allowed me to talk a lot about my love and admiration for Jackie’s character. 

It also made me re-watch some of my favorite episodes to get some facts strainght and talk a lot to my friends to get some other stuff right.

I really love this story.

So I made Church from Red vs Blue in XCOM 2 as a sniper for shits and giggles.

He has yet to miss a single shot with his sniper rifle. At. All.

And they’re not 70-100 shots. These are almost always 30-50 percent shots that he’s hitting. Even when lowering his chance to hit with deadeye he still fucking hits the target. 

And he has no fucking aim bonuses either. I gave him a hair trigger of all things and I don’t have any aim PCS for him.

My first play through of persona 4 was wild I had no idea what I was playing and barely knew how to properly play the game I thought Nanako was evil for a good 70% of the game because I mistook her blushing for her eyes glowing red so if somebody blushed I assumed they were evil until I thought almost the entire town was evil until I figured out it was blush but I was still skeptical of Nanako I didn’t even know why you could change personas

preciousmila  asked:

Do you think Kitty would help Jackie get ready for her wedding like her mother? Do you think Red would dance with her in the father-daughter dance if her dad is still in jail?

Kitty would definitely be there to help Jackie get ready for her wedding. Pam might find her way to the wedding too and even to the back room where Jackie was getting ready but she’s not one of the people Jackie feels she needs in there with her like her maid of honor Donna and the mother of her groom, Kitty.

Kitty would have great fun in helping Jackie get dressed and ready for her big day. She would have offered to help her with her hair but Fez had already called dibs. Kitty would however, pass down to Jackie some motherly advice about marriage which Jackie would hold on to forever because of how much she admired Red and Kitty’s marriage.

Just before the ceremony Kitty would show Jackie some pearl earrings in a pink velvet box. They were the earrings Kitty wore on her own wedding day and she wondered if Jackie would want to wear them. Without even thinking about it, Jackie would remove the sparkly new diamond stud earrings she’d gotten from Pam and replace them with Kitty’s pearls. The earrings were Jackie’s something old and something borrowed.

Red would probably not dance with Jackie in the father-daughter dance. But it’s not because he doesn’t want to…okay it’s because of that. But Red wouldn’t want to because Red doesn’t like to dance, and he doesn’t like people looking at him either, dancing the father-daughter dance with Jackie would just combining those two things and make it even worse for him. He’d be happy to let that honor go to Bob.

HOWEVER Red would be very honored to be the one to walk Jackie down the aisle and wouldn’t mind giving the wedding toast-being sure to throw in a few ‘dumbass’s in there. AND eventually Jackie would get to share a dance with Red on the dance floor,  after dragging him out there, it would just be when others were dancing too and not all eyes were on them.

Red would use the time during their dance to let Jackie know that if Steven hurt her again she’d just have to call him and he’d come over to stick his foot up Hyde’s ass. Jackie would appreciate the offer but knew she wouldn’t have to use it. They’d do less talking after that and more dancing, slow and even fast dances too! Red would actually find himself having a good time and Jackie would love it when he’d raise their hands and twirl her around like a princess. Red and Jackie end up sharing several dances that night as well as at other weddings the family attended.

Thanks so very much for the questions! *hug*

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