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Incredulity // Jughead Smut

Summary: Fred Andrews is the single parent of twins. He walks in on his daughter with her girlfriend in the middle of sex. Following that breakup you got together with your brothers best friend whom doesn’t have experience in sex so you teach your boyfriend. Guess your not the only twin in a forbidden relationship…only one is legal.

Characters: Jughead x Andrews!Reader, Betty x Reader, Kevin Keller, Archie Andrews (mentioned) and Fred Andrews

Words: 3237

Disclaimer: I do not own Riverdale or the characters. I do not own the Comics either. Jughead is NOT asexual in his.

Warnings: Swearing, underage drinking, smut, former same sex relationship,

Author: Caitsy

Tagging: At the bottom

A/N Originally this was going to be a Veronica fic but apparently my subconscious was needy for Jughead.

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Jokes were always made about the Andrews twins, Archie was the boy that got hit by the puberty bus during the summer before sophomore year. You however had came out of the awkward phase a lot early than your twin brother, it was the end of middle school when you hit puberty in the most graceful way.

While Archie incredibly straight, you were bisexual with no real preference to be honest. Nobody believed that you were bisexual, especially your dad because he had never seen you look at a female before. Fred Andrews got a rude awakening when he walked in on Betty Cooper going down on his freshmen aged daughter. Next the whole town found out about the relationship, minus the sexual side, with the knowledge that Betty had been crushing on you. It was purely fun for you and experimental for her so it didn’t cause any problems when she discovered she was only into guys and actually liked your twin. You guys continued to be best friends.

It was amusing when your father walked in on Betty and you because he fumbled through the safe sex talk. He didn’t know much about safe sex between females but he tried his best even if both of you were embarrassed beyond belief. He was happy however that you wouldn’t become the parental nightmare of pregnant teenager.

It was the last day of summer that he caught you with your boyfriend in bed together and getting the shock of his life for the second time. Jughead and you had gotten together at the very end of freshman year. Nobody, even Archie whom knew everything about you, knew about it because there was no real reason that they needed to know. You were a slut by any means, you only had had sex with Betty so you didn’t care if someone found out that Jughead and you were together. The only thing was that you hadn’t gone that far yet.

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Unlike Him

With your brother Archie and dad out of the house, you invite over Jughead. Quickly you let out your feelings for him, which leads to sex. But afterwards it seems that Jughead had changed his mind. In the following weeks you realize something, something that may change both of your lives.

Part 2

Part 3

Warning: Smut

This is my first Riverdale imagine. Sorry if it’s bad I haven’t written in a long time. Let me know if you guys like it and if you want a part 2!


With the recent murders in my hometown of Riverdale I felt uncomfortable as I tried falling asleep with my brother, Archie, and dad gone, visiting my mom in Chicago (a trip with I happily opted out of).  So I called the only person I knew who would make me feel safe.

  Soon enough I heard a knock on the front door. Running down stairs, I opened up the door to Jughead. Pulling him into a hug, I thanked him for coming. We made our way up to my bedroom, both laying down on the bed, turning on the TV, to see what was on.

    After a while of trying to find something good on TV, I moved from my position with my head on Jugheads chest to siting up.

  “I am so bored,” I whined to him. “There is nothing on this stupid TV and there’s nothing to do.”

Jughead laughed, “Of course there isn’t, it’s 1 am.”

With that I let out a sigh, dramatically falling onto Jugheads, still laying body.  Finally an idea came to me. This might just be the perfect time to make my move. The move where I finally let Jughead know I’ve had a crush on him since the 3rd grade, when he told me I could play with Archie and him, even though Archie tried kicking me out… my knight in shining armor.  I tried getting over it, I really did. He was my brother’s best friend, and a matter of fact my best friend too, I couldn’t ruin I and make everything awkward. I made myself do all the things to try to get as far away from him as possible; I even went as far as to join the River Vixens Freshman year. But I guess it was hopeless. I could barely keep my eyes off him tonight, due to his shirtless body, his excuse being that it was “too hot”.  I just wanted to pounce.  

  I finally realized Jughead had been trying to get my attention, but I had just been staring of into space. Well I needed to tell him, I decided. However, I had my fingers crossed that he felt the same way.  

Still on top of him, I sat up, making it so that I was straddling him, then I began to speak, “Jughead, I, uh, I need to tell you something. Just let me talk and then you can tell me how you feel. I- I’ve been in love you since the 3rd grade. I’ve tried to push these feelings down, I really have, but I just can’t. I just couldn’t keep this from you any longer. I completely understand if you don’t feel that way. Just tell me and I’ll never mention it to you again. I-,” suddenly you were cut off.

Jughead had leaned up and kissed me. I basked in the feeling of his warm lips on mine, however it did not last as long as I would have liked.

“That’s a yes, I like you too,” he responded.

Smiling we kissed again, with Jughead suddenly flipping us over, making it so he was on top.  After that he put his hands on my waist, slowly raising them under my shirt, as mine made their way to his neck. Our kiss became more intense, our lips battling one another over dominance, but I already knew it was a losing battle. His lips slowing moved to my neck, sucking on it, leaving what I am sure would be clearly visible hickeys. Once he reached a certain spot, I couldn’t hold in the noises anymore, letting out a moan. I could feel Jughead smirking against my skin, and it seemed my noises pushed him further and he quickly, separated himself to take my shirt off, thankfully he was already shirtless.

As we began to kiss again, I realized that even though this was slightly awkward, Jughead clearly knew what he was doing and ourbodys seemed to fit perfectly together. I could feel his hard on against your leg growing, which just made me want him more, causing to begin to grind up into him, causing him to let a barely there moan. Quickly he began to take off my bra, and move his lips down to my nipples. He focus on sucking the right when, as his hand moved to the other. He made quick work of going back and forth until finally he seemed to have enough. Separating himself from me he began to talk of my pants, and I started to undo his belt buckle. He made quick work of my pants, standing up and pulling the all the way off my legs, along with my panties. Quickly doing the same to his jeans and boxers afterwards.

  Lying back on top of me, he began to kiss me again. Slowly his hands worked their way down my body. Once he reached my core he looked up into my eyes checking to see if I was okay with this. I quickly nodded; I was dying to feel something. Slowly he began to put one, then two in, moving the slowly in and out. I could tell he was teasing me, from the smug grin on his face, listening to my desperate moans.

Finally having enough of his teasing I begged him, “Please, faster.”

  Thankfully, having mercy on me he began to speed up. Keeping up the pace, I started getting close to my orgasm, but suddenly he stop. Despite my anger of not being allowed to cum, I knew what he was going to do which made it all better.

  Jughead looked up at me, while he lined himself up to my core and slowly began to push in. God, was he big, I wasn’t a virgin, but I had definitely never been with a guy who had as much as he did, causing it to slightly hurt as he pushed himself in. I grabbed onto his biceps, digging crevices with my nails as he finally was all the way in. After a second he slowly began moving in and out, creating a natural rhythm.

I could see he was restraining himself from going as fast as he wanted to, just so he could make sure I was comfortable first, “It’s ok, you can go faster.”

After my words he became ramping up his pace. As he began to hit just the spot I cried out, moving my hands to his scratch his back. He clearly got the message, he just that place as fast and hard as he could. He wanted to make sure I came before he did, so he moved his hand down to by clit, quickly rubbing it.

Before I knew it I was there, moaning out his name. A seconds after I came, he also did too.  As he pulled out, he rolled off, pulling me into his arms. It was already late, and with such a workout, we both quickly feel asleep.

I awoke to Jughead, getting out of bed and beginning to get dressed. I looked at my clock seeing that it was only 4 am, I wondered where he was going.

Sitting up I asked, “Leaving so soon, where are you going? It’s still dark out.”

  I seemed to have surprised him and he quickly turned to me, with a look on his face I couldn’t quite make out.

“I, um, I need to leave. Us… This was a mistake, it never should have happened. I’m sorry,” he quickly spoke, trying to avoid looking in my eyes.

Tears started coming to my eyes. How could he say that? I thought he felt the same way. This was Jughead, were talking about, he wasn’t one ot say something then take it back.

“Th-that’s not true. You said you liked me too,” I began.

“Yes it is, I completely regret this happening. Now I have to go. I’ll see you at school or something” he said and with that he was out the door.

How could this happen? I quickly called the only 2 people I could think of.

Soon enough Betty and Veronica arrived. I quickly told them what had happened through my tears. Veronica, being who she is threatened to make him regret every being born, making me laugh. For the rest of that night that was there goal, making me laugh and realize I am better without him.

At lunch a few weeks later, Veronica, Betty, Kevin, and me were all sitting outside the school at our usually picnic table. We had been talking about boys again. So of course Jughead came up. We were all still baffled by the fact that he acted the way he did.

“Well at least he wore a condom, so you can’t have his evil demon spawn,” Kevin said trying to lighten to mood.

Everyone burst out laughing, except for me. He did wear a condom… didn’t he?  I tried thinking back to that night. I quickly realized that I had no condoms, in my room and unless Jughead was just carrying one around with him, it meant that he hadn’t worn one. As soon as that realization came to me, I quickly sat up beginning to sprint into the school, running past both my brother and Jughead, who were headed to the table.

At the table everyone looked around, with Kevin saying, “I thought it was funny, I wasn’t trying to hurt her feeling.”

Quickly the two girls thought about it and realized there was a reason I was running, and it wasn’t because Kevin hurt my feeling. Suddenly they jumped up too, running after me.


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you know you’re on my mind

This is part 1/? of a human AU I’ve been wanting to write for AGES in which Derek and Stiles are long-distance friends/pen pals. Derek lives in California and Stiles lives in Poland. Features brief past Stiles/Malia (Derek and Malia aren’t related in this AU). Idk how long this fic could eventually get; I’m hoping to just work on it as I get the time/inspiration. 

 Title from “Mind Over Matter” by Young the Giant because that song always makes me think of LDRs. 

EDIT: This WIP is now also up on AO3 here.


If there’s one thing Derek’s learned in life, it’s that crushing on someone who lives on an entire other fucking continent is probably a bad idea.

He’s got dozens of photos of Stiles saved to his phone, and a whole box of letters from Stiles, and years’ worth of emails from Stiles, and a whole wall of postcards from Stiles pinned up on the wall over his bed, and none of it is enough.

He wants to do things to Stiles, okay, things besides just watch movies together in two different time zones or talk on skype.

…which… is kind of a new feeling.

Derek didn’t even know he liked guys until three years ago, freshman year of high school, when Stiles came home from a party raving about this girl he’d kissed, Malia something-or-other, and how Malia’s hair was so soft, and how Malia had the prettiest brown eyes and the best laugh, and—and suddenly Derek wanted to throw his computer against the wall.

“I have to go,” he’d snapped, and slammed his laptop shut and thrown on some jogging clothes.

He was five miles deep into the Preserve before it really sank in, not just the jealousy but the absurdity of the jealousy. He and Stiles had never even met, technically. They were probably never going to live in the same country. There was no logical reason for them not to date other people. Especially given that Stiles might not even like guys, or like him.

Still, he was secretly, guiltily, viciously satisfied when Stiles and Malia broke up barely two weeks later.

And since then the crush has gotten, if anything, worse.

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hurricane // panic! at the disco

nursey week day 1 - silence

Nursey hadn’t prepared for how weird this would feel. He only played with Jack for one year, after all. He shouldn’t be that weirded out by seeing him across the ice during warm-ups. He is, though, and he’s not quite sure why. Maybe it’s because Jack was his first real captain, or maybe Jack had pretty much become synonymous with NHL for Nursey these past three years. Like playing Jack makes it official, like he’s really in the big leagues now.

He’s more nervous than he’d like to admit.

Jack talks to him a little during warm-ups, both of them standing at center ice. It’s mostly terrible chirps on Jack’s end and then a weird, tense moment where Jack had said “Welcome to the show, Nursey,” and patted him on the back and Nursey had to remember that he’s not supposed to cry on the ice, especially before the game even starts.

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anonymous asked:

I have a question! Do you by any chance sell anything especially jewelry, that works in support of mental health. Such as a semicolon bracelet or anxiety/depression awareness necklaces?? No problem if you don't, it's just something I'm in the market for right now.

Yes I do!! It’s something I struggle with too, so having jewelry that pertains to it has always been important to me. I’ve been wearing a serotonin necklace ever since freshman year of college and sometimes it even makes me remember to take my meds on time :)

you can find the semicolon necklace here

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This is my Son. i’m very proud of Him. Even as a Freshman in high school He’s made the varsity team this year! He is more of a Man than i ever could have been. As a single father i have tried to make sure all His needs are met. He has been in the Master Suite since my wife died. Six months after she died six years ago He became the Man of the house. That was on His tenth birthday. Since then His power and control has only grown as He has. i am now His complete slave in every sense of the word and my life has been better for it. i’m not allowed to go into details, but whenever He needs relief of any sorts He knows i’m ready to help out. my Son is a God among Men and i’m very happy to serve Him in whatever way He needs! Fuck it’s great to have an Alpha Son!

Jerome Valeska Imagine- Life’s A Joke (Part One?)

I know I usually write Teen Wolf fic, but I love Gotham so much. Are Imagines like this something you would be into? Warning this is quite long.

Y/N Gordon, what a name to live up to. You moved in with your uncle, after the death of you parents. You loved your him of course, but by no means were you anything alike. You had no interest in being the ‘hero’ of Gotham, if anything you were waiting for the city to crumble into non-existence. You weren’t always like this. But being forced to watch the murder of your parents, changed you. You cared about nothing- you were bored with life completely.

It was Wednesday, you and Uncle J had a tradition of eating takeout burgers in the police car during his lunch break. You had grown bored of it a long time ago, but you knew he needed it. Even if you both sat in silence, you were still together. But today stood out like no other. You were parked In an alleyway somewhere, when the police radio flicked on with urgency. “Jim, Jim are you there?” a voice spoke with panic. You looked at each other, before he responded. “Yeah, what’s the problem Harvey?” he asked. You slurped on your milkshake, awaiting the response. “The Maniax have been spotted downtown, you need to get here now!” he reported. “I’ll be there, I just need to drop off my niece” he told. “There’s no time Jim-” he began to say, followed by the faint sound of gun shots in the background. “Shit” your uncle muttered, before beginning to reverse out of the alleyway.

“Stay in the car!” Uncle J said firmly, knowing you had a problem with following authority. “Sure” you shrugged, looking at him with eyes that said otherwise. He huffed, before slamming the door shut behind him. He looked at you through the window and showed you his car keys, before putting child lock on, to prevent you from getting out. He smiled as you rolled your eyes at him, before following the sound of gun shots and shouting officers. You were sitting for no longer than 10 seconds, before you climbed into the driver’s seat and took out one of your earrings, before beginning to tamper with the mechanics of the vehicle. You then shoved the door open and slammed it shut behind you. Like hell, were you waiting in a police car for your uncle to return hours later. You walked along the sidewalk, away from the sound of shooting and screams. You found yourself in an empty street, as the breeze hit your skin. You took a second to spin around and embrace the feeling. When you opened your eyes, you found yourself looking up at the roof of a building. You could see someone with bright hair and an Arkham Asylum uniform on. They appeared to be fixated on you and you couldn’t seem to look away either. He began pointing a gun towards you, but you couldn’t move. Not out of fear, but curiosity. That’s when you heard more gunshots and shouting coming closer towards you. “They went this way” you heard Harvey shout. You looked away from the rooftop when you felt someone grab your shoulder. “What did I tell you Y/n!” your Uncle shouted, pulling you away. “I was bored” you shrugged, with no emotion. “Did you see where they went?” Harvey asked, joining the pair of you. “Where who went?” you asked with false naivety. “Jerome Valeska and the other whackjobs” he added. You thought for a second, before giving your response. “No” you replied laconically. He sighed before nodding and heading off down the street. Jim guided you back to the car, you climbed in willingly, sensing the annoyance radiating from. “Stay” he ordered, and this time you complied. He then slammed the door shut and also headed off. “Jerome Valeska” you repeated.

Your uncle returned to the car, after about an hour or so. You were on the verge of falling asleep, but you soon brightened up as he sat in the drivers seat. The car journey was silent for about ten minutes, before you reluctantly broke the silence. “I’m sorry” you mumbled, looking down at your nails. He simply raised his eyebrows, as a sign for you to continue. “I shouldn’t have left the car, it was irrational and stupid” you added. “Apology accepted” he returned, smug of you admitting defeat. “Did you find him- and the others” you quickly added the last part. “No” he said with clear disappointment. “What did they do?” you asked. “They made a statement, using seven innocent lives to do it” he didn’t want to tell you, but he knew you wouldn’t drop it until he did. “Why?” you pried. “Insanity Y/n, it makes a person do the craziest things” he spoke. You took that as an indication for you to stop asking questions, but by no means did you stop thinking about the insane criminals, about the boy with the bright hair.

It had been a week since you saw him, and the news of the terror group was spreading around Gotham like wild fire. You were the only person at your school who didn’t seem to be petrified by the thought. You were sitting on the school bus, due to your uncle taking away your own car keys as punishment. You prepared yourself for a long and boring journey, but the events that followed were anything but that.

You were surrounded by all the preppy losers, who were meeting up for their traditional meal, before a big game. You sat down on a seat on your own and rolled your eyes, after having no other choice but to hear them practice their cheers and chants. You hadn’t taken the bus since Freshman year and even you knew the bus was taking an abnormally long time to drive off. You opened the window and lit up a cigarette, ignoring the fake coughs from the annoyed cheerleaders, who were certainly convinced you were going to give them blood poisoning. Screams and cries soon began to erupt, from the front of the bus, making its way along. You glanced to the front, seeing a familiar figure. It was him. Before he began to speak, an accomplice of his began to cuff you all to the chairs. You were cuffed by a half-wit, still holding the burning cigarette in your hand. “Give me an O” Jerome shouted with amusement, beginning to pace down the bus. The students around you immediately complied, with shaky voices. “Give me a H” he continued. You simply lifted your hands to your mouth, having another puff on the toxic paper. “Give me a N” he added, reaching you. You looked at him, with no sign of fear or obedience. “Give me a N” he leant down and breathed on your neck. You simply turned to face him and blew your smoke into his face. He quickly jolted up, causing the other students to flinch and whimper. “I know who you are” he worked out. Before giving that unforgettable laugh of his. You watched in complete amassment. “You’re Officer Jim Gordon’s daughter” he claimed dramatically, as if he was giving a performance. “Niece” you corrected. He titled his head, surprised by your disobedience, as opposed to your bravery. “Why didn’t you tell them where I was? You could have saved your own life, as well of all of your peers” he once again grew closer to you. “You could have shot me then, and saved yourself if I did tell them where you were” you equally retort. He grabbed your chin and titled your head, staring into your eyes. He searched them, looking for any sign of emotion and found none. He smirked, before letting go and making his way back to the front of the bus.

Meanwhile, your Uncle and Harvey worked at the station, stuck in an endless pile of new leads and paperwork. That’s when they got the phone call. “Y/n’s on that bus” his eyes widened, as he slammed down the phone and grabbed his keys from his desk. Jerome grabbed the hose, filled with gasoline. “Give me a H” he finished. Your classmates once again complied. “What’s that spell?” he asked mockingly. “Oh No” they all answered. Shit. You threw your lit cigarette out of the window, as he began to spray gasoline all over the bus. He moved up and down all of the seats, spraying each person individually. That was until he reached you. “Anything to say?” he asked you casually, while holding the hose over the person behind you, drowning them in the liquid. “I’ve never been one for cliché last words” you retaliated sarcastically, looking away from him. “How about now?” he asked, now holding a gun to your head. “Shoot me” you said fearlessly, still refusing to pay him attention. You were the only person not coated in gasoline. 

Jerome stood outside, holding a lighter. He then gave a speech to his accomplices, as Uncle J and the other officers began to arrive. He threw the lighter on the ground, after realising it wasn’t working. “Anyone got a light?” he teased, as if he had all the time In the world. He then smirked, after seeing the lit cigarette on the ground. “She can finish this one” he grinned, throwing it onto the trail of gasoline, heading towards the bus, before making a quick escape. Jim entered the bus, getting into the drivers seat. He then proceeded to move the bus to safety, narrowly avoiding the flames. He sighed and the screams come to a halt, being replaced with cries of relief. “Everybody okay?” he asked, before turning around to the terrified students. They muttered their responses, still in complete shock. Uncle J then stood up in adrenaline and made his way over to your seat. The only empty seat. “Where’s Y/n?” he practically whispered, scared to hear the answer. “Where is Y/N!? He repeated, shouting this time. There was almost silence on the bus, before someone spoke up. “They took her- he took her” a voice answered in distain.

Part Two? Let me know if you want this to continue as a Jerome Valeska series x

TIPS FOR HIGH SCHOOL FRESHMEN (and other high schoolers!)                                     

(first year, first grader, 大一, 신입생, 新入生, étudiant de première année…)

these tips may be slightly sarcastic and what you did not expect but it’s the truth!

  • its only the beginning
  • if your school has a block schedule (every other period, for ex: per. 1/3/5/7 on monday and per. 2/4/6 on tuesday), do your homework the day it’s assigned!
  • when you come home, whether after practice or just straight from class, don’t sleep (hahaha says the person who sleeps right after), have a snack, relax for 15-30 minutes then do homework. then, you can do whatever you want after :)
  • actually write in your planner what your homework is unless your teacher posts it online…but still write it down in case of technical difficulties
  • if your school has “tutorial” (a time where you can ask your teachers for help, etc.), go to tutorial and ask for help … or eat your lunch
  • drink h2o. very important.
  • eat breakfast. it’ll get you going through the day if you skip lunch for some reason.
  • get enough sleep, if it’s 9 pm and you are done with everything, dont stay on your phone for the next 3 hours like me! SLEEP.
  • start studying for tests/quizzes at least 3 days before but worst case scenario cram the night before lol sorry can’t help you out on that one but yes study as soon as you know there’s a test or quiz coming up
  • don’t plagiarize! if your teachers use turnitin.com, its very good at finding out your little internet discoveries, at the very most paraphrase
  • join clubsssssssss! if you go with your friends it’s even more fun! freshman year is great for going to a gazillion clubs even if my sophomore year you only end up going to like 2
  • finals week: start reviewing your notes a week or two before, but tbh if you do better when you cram then cram! everyone has different study habits and honestly if you’re a crammer, simply review your notes briefly a week before but the day before the final, start hardcore cramming right after school
  • when it’s the end of the school year, please don’t do homework the period before ..it’ll only stress you out
  • make study guides. make flashcards. make quizlets. make a study tool you’ll learn from. share with your friends, don’t be mean :) JK haha share with the people you trust and won’t share with the whole school
  • if you’re in the u.s., don’t start sat prep freshman year lmao…freshman year is a year to have fun not sit in a prep class for 4.5 hours every week!
  • by having fun i do not mean yolo-ing your grades, still attempt to reach dem high grades
  • make friends! old ,new ,recyclable reusable (haha jk)…introduce yourself to new people or just make friends through friends if you’re shy
  • go to school dances and school football games!
  • don’t be scared of upperclassmen we don’t bite :) (unless it’s right before a test)
  • DO. NOT. CHEAT. middle school may be lenient but high school is not.
  • don’t skip classes when there’s a test because you did not study for the said test because instead of taking the test right then and there, you now have to spend time trying to figure out when you can take the test
  • date if you want to but make sure it doesnt take over your studying/school
  • don’t forget to spend time with your family because they are numba 1!
  • for anyone with long hair that gets in the way: tie up your damn hair when you take a quiz/test/final
  • ask questions and don’t be like the deathly silent corner-sitting person i am right now in english
  • do extra credit that the teachers give you because that may not happen in the later sad (jk…i think) years of high school
  • bring your teachers kleenex, expo markers, etc., because who knows you might get a homework pass or sumthing ;)
  • high five people if they try to high five you even if theyre strangers (lmao based on personal experience which i failed)
  • don’t pull an all-nighter/half all nighter where it consists of you starting and finishing a project due the next day, or you’re just on your phone 24/7
  • please don’t do drugs in the back of the school
  • don’t compare yourself to other people :)
  • talk to your counselor / ta (homeroom) teacher!
  • don’t try to force yourself to be friends with popular people, just stay comfortable with the friend group you already have :)
  • if spending 30 minutes on makeup makes you feel good, do it and own it
  • when people cuss and you don’t cuss don’t look scandalized it’s kind of the norm (oops)
  • if you make a mistake/get a bad grade, don’t beat yourself over it. just move on. like after breakups.
  • don’t gossip about other people because they’re going to somehow find out and ignore you for a long time
  • if you’re dressing like a bum by the second month of school, don’t worry life is life
  • volunteer! with friends! by yourself! try to volunteer someplace where it’s every week and not just random places
  • do not cry over a low a because the student next to you that got a low b may feel like smacking you
  • don’t complain about one test and sleeping at 11 pm to an upperclassmen because… just don’t
  • bring a phone charger it’ll save you if you’re staying at school till 9pm that day for tech or something
  • don’t ditch class you ain’t a senior just yet
  • last of all: BE HAPPY

what a huge masterpost! but i hope it helps! freshman year was the best year of my life compared to sophomore year and now and i really wish that i followed the advice that i just gave!

(sorry this is kind of late and this is based on the experiences of my friends and moi)

[09.24.16] … {26/100 days of productivity}

The Weaver

*continues to throw things at you because Reasons, mostly to do with the fact that this is awesome*

There was once a girl at Elsewhere who spoke to spiders.

She would study their webs, snapping pictures with her cheap instant camera and, later, studiously recreate them with graphite and ink. For the first eight weeks of freshman year her roommate hated spiders, then one evening she opened the door to see ‘him’ feeding the tarantula that had taken up residence in one corner. She never mentioned the odd teeth or the hollowness of his back, and quietly moved all the iron out of the room, bit by bit (except for the bracelet she wore and the old washers she hid in her pillows).

That was when she started weaving.

As a child she had been the one who came home with muddy shoes and dirt smeared on her face and clothes, only willing to take a bath when her father (single, divorced, but still won sole custody - a rarity in 1960’s America) demanded it of her. She grew into the girl in the oversized sweaters that were as comfortable as they were ugly, the sleeves stained with food, ink, and occasionally blood, and never paid attention to what anyone else said - mostly because she never heard. The bloodstains might have been from picked pimples and accidental nicks from the whittling knife she kept hidden in her shoe, but nobody else knew that, and she was a tall girl - six feet even - with the broad shoulders of a swimmer whose father taught her how to punch and kick and scream. So when she went to Elsewhere, the textile industry was the last thing on her mind. She wanted to be an artist, to carve stories and emotion out of wood blocks.

But then, on her first day, she found a large, hairy, potentially deadly spider sitting on her not-yet-made bed when she came out of the bathroom. She shrieked, of course - the spider was nearly the size of her pillow - and grabbed for the plunger next to the toilet (school plumbing was always going to be shit, no matter what school it was). She did not, however, try and hit the spider - don’t hurt the animals, even the bugs was one of the first things the told you at Elsewhere, right after wear your iron and keep salt in your pockets.

So instead, she took a nervous step forward. “Do you need help?” she whispered.

The spider didn’t nod - couldn’t - but the feeling brushed past her face like faint tendrils of web. Yes.

She swallowed nervously. “What do you need?”

The feeling brushed past her face again. Take me.

Her face blanched as certain meanings of the phrase came to mind as she immediately tried to scrub the images away because oh sweet Jesus NO. “Where…where do you need to go?”

Under the hill.

She swore (in Latin) - but the spider rode her yellow rubber plunger to the entrance under the hill, and when she woke up the next day she found a shawl folded neatly at the foot of her bed, made of a strange, silvery material - soft as a daydream and impossible to damage.

She switched her major to textile production that afternoon, and if you needed something stitched or mended, she was always willing - for a price. When she left, she moved back home and started up her own business, taking in customers both humanly and inhumanly strange, accepting payment in oddities as well as in the swipe of a credit card. Everything is handmade on a wooden loom, and everything has its place.

Everything has a story.


How You and Dick Get Together (Headcannons)

This can be read as a part two to my Dick Regretting Rejecting You head cannon that can be found here but its perfectly okay to be read as a stand alone. 

· Dick Grayson had been in love with you for five years now

· The crush that he thought would go away at 14 had turned into something deeper over the years

· Being his friend hadn’t been in a walk in the park, what with all the death that surrounded him

· Wally’s death had hit home and he had temporarily retired his mantle

·As did you when you retired from the superhero business last year to pursue your academic dreams of becoming a lawyer in Harvard

·Bruce was absolutely ecstatic that you wanted to pursue a higher education and had agreed to sponsor your education, even though you had saved up enough to sponsor your own first semester

·You were a really hard worker

· After Wally’s death, Dick had turned into a shell, somehow feeling responsible for the death of his friend

· Bruce saw his son’s unbecoming right in front of his eyes

· He had lost one son, he wouldn’t lose another

· So he suggested that Dick move in with you

· In Cambridge

·He had already spoken to you over the phone about it

· You were the one who suggested the idea

· Dick was sitting despondently at the steps of Wayne Manor when Bruce placed the tickets in his palm

· “Go. Be with her. She makes you happier than anyone else, and this time, don’t let her go.”

· Dick managed a weak smile

· Bruce pulled his eldest against him for a hug hoping you could fix what he had broken

· The service apartment was a 20-minute commute from college

· And although your dorm-mates were sad to see you go, you promised you’d be over as much as you can

· They didn’t mind much

· Especially after seeing Dick AKA the guy you were about to move in with

· And they teased you relentlessly

·“Just friends, huh?” suggestive smirk

·“Yes (Y/B/F/N) just friends,” you sigh before slamming your suitcase shut

· The service apartment was small, well-lit and well ventilated

· It was home before you even walked in

· Thank god it was summer of your freshman year when Dick moved in

· You were absolutely terrified when you saw Dick’s state

· The bags under his eyes were more pronounced

· He looked bloated and grey

· It was as though all his light was extinguished

·This was worse than when Jason died

· So you made him sit on the couch as you whipped up a large bowl of mac and cheese in the kitchen

· Once it was done, you place the bowl between the two of you and handed him a small black and blue plastic fork

· At least he smiled at that

· You coaxed him into talking to you

·  And he talked into the night, tears slipping through his eyes

· At some point, you ended up cuddling

· His head was on your chest and a blanket was wrapped around you as you placed soft kisses on his forehead once in a while

· He was broken, yes but you could still see the fragments of the young boy who had stolen your heart all those years ago within him

· And you were determined to bring him back

· Dick woke up the next day wrapped in your arms

· And he realised he’d not have it any other way

· He’d walk through hell in a parka if it meant waking up with you everyday

· Every day you would take him sightseeing, or just take him out in general may it be a laser tag place or a library or a circus gym

· You would go for a jog every evening and forced him to join you

· You cooked lunch and Dick would do dinner

· You spent most of your time with Dick and slowly, you could see the man healing

· His smiles were brighter and his laughs were turning back to guffaws

· He got along pretty well with your friends too

· He did notice, however, how all the guys would gravitate towards you and he couldn’t blame them

· You had looks to combat that of Aphrodite’s and a brain that could put Athena to shame

· Who wouldn’t be attracted to you?

· His only consolation was that you rejected every romantic advance

· Everything was great and Dick had finally built up the courage to ask you out officially when the call came

· “Dick, (Y/N) we need you in Gotham, now. Joker has placed fifteen bombs around Gotham. All hands-on deck”

· You intertwined your finger with his and dragged him to the roof in the dead of the night

·“Hold on, Dick”

· You said as you locked his arms around your waist and shot up with a swirl of golden energy

· Wayne manor was dead silent when you arrived

· You ran to the Batcave, suiting up immediately

·  Dick had forgotten how good you looked in your costume

· Your hair flowed out in (H/C) ringlets to your waist

· The black body fit you like a glove

· You blended into the night like a shadow  

·“You’re needed at the Bank of Gotham, Master Dick and Miss (Y/N)”

· Sirens were blaring when you arrived

·“13 bombs have been disabled. Batman and Robin are heading to the last location. Help the Bomb Disposal Squad enter Vault 11.”

· You did just that

· Commissioner Gordon was glad to have two of the less reckless vigilantes back in Gotham

· You levitated the team through the traps with one hand while you fought off Joker’s goons with the other

·  Dick was just as concentrated, rescuing civilians as you went

·  But you were too late

·  There was barely a minute left for the bomb to detonate

·  So you did what every selfless hero did

·  You sent Dick and the bomb squad out of the building with a burst of energy

·  You ignored Dick’s screams of protest

·  As soon as Dick scrambled to his feet outside the building he tried to run back inside

· But Tim grabbed his arm

· “Don’t” he said with tears in his eyes, “I can’t lose two siblings today.”

· The second he said that, the earth shuddered violently

· But the building didn’t blow up

· Everyone erupted into cheers

· And then, like a phoenix rising out of its ashes, you flew out of the building

·  Your hair was whipping in the wind and you looked like an absolute goddess

· Dick sprinted towards you, not caring if he was still Nightwing and you were still (Y/S/N)

· He was going to kiss you

· The adrenaline was pumping in his veins

· But at the last second he lost his nerve

·  And settled for a tight hug instead

·  To his surprise, Tim joined in too

· They all were a teary mess, sobbing on the road, holding each other

· Then they felt Bruce envelop them in a hug

· “You did well today”

·  When you were all back home, Alfred was fussing over you the most

·  He refused to leave your side

·  Dick too

·  He was practically coddling you

·  You were perfectly okay but you let them do it for their peace of mind

· It was midnight when Alfred left your room

· You had almost died tonight

· And it had made you realise one thing

· Life was too short

· So carpe diem motherfuckers

· So

· Without warning

· You got up from the bed

· Spun Dick around

·  And crashed your lips onto his

·  Interrupting him as he ranted on and on about the both of you being partners

· Dick froze before quickly melting into the kiss

·  His arms wrapped around your waist

· You pushed him against the wall and pressed yourself to him

· You didn’t want any gap to be left between the two of you

· Not tonight·      

Kang Daniel | Rival!AU

Originally posted by peachyniel

prompt: anon request - “hi! can you write an au where Daniel and the reader are always competing with each other for some reason and end up liking each other? lol thanks!!”

note: my first request! thank you so much for sending it in and remember that my ask is always open! also, i’m using american high school years (freshman - senior year) for this au!

  • you honestly weren’t sure when exactly your friendly rivalry with daniel started
  • was it when you tried b-boying in middle school and he couldn’t stop his laugh when he saw you fail to lift yourself off the ground?
  • or was it when you shot the basketball into the hoop on your first try during gym class when he had been trying for the past fifteen minutes?
  • the world may never know - it only knew that a rivalry existed
  • even as you guys entered high school, you just felt a raging desire to beat daniel at every thing that he wanted to beat you in
  • in freshman year, you guys didn’t even know what to compete in
  • you guys ended up competing to see who could get the most average grades
  • you read right: the most average grades
  • you literally made your teachers add up all the grades for exams and find out the averages
  • whoever had the closest score to that grade won
  • you guys kept this up for at least three months until a kind senior that daniel knew, jisung, finally knocked some sense into y’all
  • “stop intentionally getting lower grades just to be closer to the average! that just shows how dumb you guys are!”
  • and in sophomore year, you guys competed to see who could volunteer the most time at the local animal shelter
  • the two of you literally bolted to the shelter right after classes let out, which turned into another semi-competition by racing
  • he always won but his mom made him go home earlier than you so your times always ended up evening out
  • and on halloween of that year, you guys wanted to see who could dress up in the most ridiculous costume
  • he dressed up in a ballerina costume
  • you dressed up as him lmao
  • you had on a baggy t shirt and a snapback turned around over your head
  • the best part? you were wearing bold white glasses to pay homage to his middle school self
  • he wanted to die when he saw those and admitted defeat just to get you to take them off
  • in junior year, you guys took part in a “who can feed jaehwan the most disgusting food?” competition
  • whoever was able to make jaehwan throw up won
  • spoiler alert: daniel won because he didn’t even bother trying to think up of ways to make food digusting - he just literally put a whole bunch of things in a blender and made jaehwan drink it
  • also in junior year, you guys had a class trip to an amusement park and battled it out by seeing who could go to the most attractions
  • you won because he refused to go into the haunted house without seongwu
  • “you need to hold his hand, huh???”
  • “shUT UP NO I DON’T”
  • you were in senior year when you started running out of things to compete in
  • then you guys remembered that there was such thing as a senior prank
  • so you already know you guys tried that
  • you blew up balloons and put them into every single underclassman’s locker
  • while daniel filled the halls with plastic cups filled with water
  • you won because he got in trouble for that LOL
  • you were passing by the principal’s office when you saw him getting scolded
  • tbh, he was scared of his punishment at first but then he saw you watching him so he decided to act really cool
  • “daniel, what you did was very dangerous”
  • “teeeeechnically, it wasn’t because they just had to avoid the cups?”
  • and with his charming smile and beloved reputation among the teachers, he got off with just a warning
  • but you both decided you couldn’t be competing in things that could get you in trouble - you wanted safe fun!
  • so when you saw a freshman by the name of park jihoon flashing around aegyo, you both stared at each other with mischievous smiles
  • you guys literally had a competition about who could ruin jihoon’s jeojang the most
  • you did some disgustingly cute/sexy combo of a jeojang
  • while daniel was extra and called the class to watch him 
  • he took out a cutesy headband and started doing the jeojang several times, making various weird faces
  • you didn’t even know he had a double chin until that day
  • he won that competition because the whole class was cheering and to be honest, you couldn’t help but cheer as well
  • this is when you started to realize your feelings for him: when you couldn’t help but giggle and blush a bit at the embarrassed and flustered cringing daniel did after his little performance
  • you found him to be so cute but also such a good sport for doing it and in front of the class nevertheless
  • so you went home that day and just started reminiscing about all the time you’ve spent with him
  • due to how much you guys have competed with each other, you saw each other a lot
  • and throughout that time, it was inevitable that you would have fallen for him
  • just because you guys competed in practically everything, that didn’t mean you guys didn’t get along
  • you guys were actually good friends and learned a lot about each other, especially during the time you volunteered together at the animal shelter
  • the first time he held a kitten and a puppy to try to get them to play with each other, you remembered feeling a weird warmth
  • and when he wore that ballerina costume, you saw how manly his body had become through the thin material of the leotard
  • when jaehwan actually got nauseous, daniel got so guilty and took really good care of him and you were able to see how sweet he was
  • and at the amusement park, he was so cute when he was pouty at the idea of going into the haunted house alone
  • you also saw him picking up all the plastic cups, one by one, even though he wasn’t punished to do so during his senior prank
  • the jeojang was the last straw for you
  • “oh my goodness, i’m in love with daniel”
  • coincidentally, the next day, daniel came up to you with a new proposition: whoever gets the person they want to go to prom with them first wins
  • this was your chance!!!
  • you never backed out of a challenge and even if he rejected you, it was senior year - you didn’t have much to lose
  • except your beautiful friendship but whatever right?
  • so you bravely went up to his locker after school ended and waited for him to arrive
  • when he saw you, he looked confused and then smirked
  • “ah, ready to admit defeat?”
  • “go to prom with me”
  • he wasn’t going to admit it but he was shook!!!
  • he looked at you strangely, but you could tell he was trying to hold in a smile
  • “um, excuse me?”
  • “i’ve been in love with you since basically freshman year and i want you to go to prom with me”
  • you honestly didn’t know where you were getting this courage but it was worth seeing his shocked face
  • that face slowly turning into a teasing smile
  • “nope!”
  • you gaped at him, lowkey hurt at his rejection - he noticed this and corrected himself really quickly
  • “just because you would win this competition if i said yes!”
  • and he skipped away happily while you glared at the back of his head
  • the next day however, you arrived to your locker and opened it to find a whole bunch of balloons floating out of it
  • at first, you thought it was a revenge prank by some underclassmen
  • but then you started seeing writing attached to all of the balloons
  • there were variations of compliments on one side and had “will you go to prom with me?” on the other
  • you turned around after reading one of the balloons to see daniel holding one of them by the ribbon
  • “go to prom with me?”
  • it was your turn to be surprised as you took the balloon from his hand
  • “this is why you rejected me?!”
  • he just shrugged,
  • “i can’t lose another competition to you”
  • jaehwan appeared next to you guys, holding all of the escaped balloons in his hands and giving you a pleading face
  • “please just say yes, you guys have been doing competitions for years and i was the victim of one of them…for the sake of the student body, just love each other already”
  • daniel laughed and looked at you after jaehwan said that
  • “well, you already love me and i already love you…sooooo, why don’t we end the war and make peace?”
  • you pretended to think about it and giggled internally when you saw that daniel was starting to get nervous
  • you gave the poor boy a break and nodded
  • “only because i’m in the lead - okay, we can have a draw, i’ll go to prom with you!”
  • and when he hugged you, you let the balloon go, and with it went the competitions you took part in for all those years
  • you could hear your entire school sigh in relief at no longer having to see the “sexual tension” between the two of you
  • instead, they gagged on a daily basis at how cutesy you guys would be due to your insistence that you loved daniel more
  • “no way, i have more love in my body since i’m taller. you’re just a shorty so you can’t love me more”
  • “my heart is bigger and it’s full of love just for you!”
  • your school couldn’t wait until you guys graduated

anonymous asked:

Could you write a fic with the prompt “Stop being so cute.”? (I don't know if you want a specific character but if its directed at Evan then that would be cool~ )

I did this with tree bros, I hope that was okay!

Evan’s fingers shake as he spins the dial on his locker, groaning when he overshoots the third number and has to start inputting the combination all over again. One to the left to 18, two to the right to 3, three to the left to 45. He sucks in a deep breath before trying to pull his locker door open. It makes a horrible metal-on-metal screeching noise, but it pops open nonetheless, revealing messy binders stuffed to the brim with crumpled loose leaf and battered textbooks littered with tiny doodles of dicks. In Evan’s history textbook, one of the previous owners used the eyes and nose of every pictured historical figure as a base for drawing a dick. While Evan can appreciate the effort there, the fact that he has to scramble to cover up his book whenever a teacher passes by his desk does nothing to help his anxiety and he wishes that he could Wite-Out the copious amounts of male genitalia, but that would probably end in him having to pay to replace the textbook and his comfort is not worth a couple hundred dollars.

A tiny scrap of paper flutters out, landing on the sticky hallway floor. Probably another one of the notes Jared has taken to slipping in his lockers between classes. They usually involve dick jokes or sarcastic commentary on Evan’s behavior during their shared chemistry class—because apparently Evan needs to be told how pathetic it was when he dumped watered down hydrochloric acid on his hands and refused to tell the teacher, preferring instead to let his hands tingle uncomfortably until he could wash them after class—or whatever juicy piece of gossip that’s been circulating through the student body. He sighs as he leans over and collects the paper off the floor, bracing himself for a sentence or two on how ridiculous Evan looked when he was startled by a loud noise and nearly dropped his beaker.

Instead, he finds a barely legible phrase scrawled in the messiest chicken scratch Evan has ever seen. The writing looks like it was erased and rewritten about a dozen times, making it seem like whoever penned it wasn’t sure how to phrase what they were trying to say—or whether they should say it at all.

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Hey so since school is starting up again and a lot of people I know are going to college for the first time, I wanted to compile some advice/info I’ve learned from my first year. There are a lot of tips about general things but I haven’t seen much about how college can really deal a blow to confidence, social skills, and mental health. Some of the stuff is under the cut since this got long. 

  • Loneliness is pretty common in college. It doesn’t seem like that because everyone keeps a facade up for social media to make it look like they’re constantly having a good time with friends. It’s easy to think that maybe you’re missing out on something, or something’s wrong with you if you aren’t having a blast and going out on weekends with a big group of happy friends–after all, that’s what all your facebook friends are doing right? In reality, what you see on social media is just the highlights of people’s lives; you’re not seeing any of their lows or stressful times. You aren’t alone if you feel lonely or stressed because you aren’t living a perfect social life.
  • Chances are, you’re not going to find a close group of friends immediately. In fact, it might take a while to establish a solid friendgroup–don’t expect that you’re going to find a ride or die/tight-knit “squad” right off the bat.
  • Sometimes you won’t even form a friend group by the end of freshman year and that’s ok. It’s hard to make friends when you’re placed in an unfamiliar situation surrounded by people who are suddenly very different from you (esp. if you don’t stay local or school demographics are very different from high school); but don’t lose hope. There’s at least one or two people at your college/uni who will get along really well with you and become good, if not close friends. For some it may not take long to find them, but for me it took 4.5 months before I found someone other than my roommate I could really feel comfortable with and whose company I enjoyed.
  • As tempting as it might sound to spend the entire weekend chilling in your dorm/room, it can be really helpful to go out, even to a cafe, library, or any place with people. I’m an introvert who enjoys her own company but I started feeling like shit after a few weeks of not getting enough exposure to other people. You need social interaction at some point to survive.
  • If you find yourself thinking “I have no real friends” (which to be honest, might happen at some point), think about any people you’ve met who have been genuinely warm and welcoming to you. Even if it’s a professor, that cashier at the cafeteria, a library worker, your major advisor, the lady working in the career center. Reach out to them and ask if they want to grab lunch or coffee together. It’s so, so tempting to wallow in self-pity and quit trying to befriend people but you can’t give up. If someone’s reached out to you before and you declined their invitation, now’s the time to take them up on that offer. There are people who/will care about you, but like any relationship, you have to try too. When I was feeling my peak suicidal (and spent a day crying in my room reading reddit threads about how lonely someone was in college), I messaged a hallmate asking to eat lunch together the next day. Lunch was a little awkward since it was a big group at a circular table, but that’s how I met my closest friend on campus (we send pics and videos of cats to each other on discord regularly).

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17 Things I Learned My First Year of College

1. Find all tutoring centers and their locations. Use them.

2. Laundry takes a long time. Don’t sit for an hour on your phone while you wait for your clothes to dry. Take this time to do some homework, do your readings for next class, or catch up on some work. 

3. Your schedule needs to suit your needs and your lifestyle. If you can’t bring yourself to open your eyes, get dressed, eat breakfast, and walk to your 8:30 AM class, don’t take an 8:30 AM class. If you have club meetings in the evenings, try to take classes earlier in the day. If you like taking 3 classes back-to-back, do it. 

4. Do not spend time rewriting your notes if they’re not going to help you get the information in your head. You don’t need two copies of the same exact words. If your notes are messy or incomprehensible, use this time to make condensed summary sheets instead. 

5. Find the gym. Go to the gym. Stay healthy. If you don’t like the gym, you can go running, go biking, play a sport, jump rope, play frisbee, anything. Make sure you are doing something active at least twice a week. It is so easy to get caught up in studying and being busy that you forget to take care of your health.

6. You don’t need to be super good at something to love it. If you’re worried that you’re not in the right major because other people seem to understand everything so quickly on their own while you need to work harder at it, you need to stop worrying. Work hard and do your best. Just because your classmate doesn’t need to study as much as you do, does not mean that you are not intelligent. Stop comparing yourself. There is no shame in getting tutored, there is no shame in failing an exam if you gave it your all. Pick yourself back up, learn from your mistakes, write out your Plan B, and move on. You can do it.

7. Use lysol wipes for your dorm/apartment and hand sanitizer for on-the-go. Wash your hands when you get back from class, before you eat food, after you use the bathroom, etc. You don’t want a runny or stuffy nose during exams, trust me.

8. You look fine. Stop stressing over yourself. No one cares what you look like taking the trash out.

9. You’re going to feel alone sometimes. You’re going to feel like you haven’t talked to people in three weeks. You’re going to miss your friends and your family and you might cry because of how overwhelming everything might get. Drink some cold water, get out of your room, call a friend, doodle, read, watch a movie. Don’t forget about your hobbies.

10. If you have a hold on your university account and cannot register for classes until it has cleared, do what you need to do to clear it before your registration time comes around. Do not wait until the last minute only to find that you can’t register for classes because you didn’t schedule a meeting with your advisor. 

11. Go to career fair, even if it’s your freshman year. You’ll get a feeling for what it’s like to dress and talk professionally. There will be a lot of people, and it will be crowded. Take your updated resume with you. Talk to some recruiters. This will prepare you for when you actually need to find an internship or job.

12. Make at least one friend in every class. Not only will this help you talk to new people, but it will also save you when you’re stuck wondering at 11 PM whether or not your professor wants that essay double spaced. 

13. Set some goals for yourself and plan how you’re going to accomplish them. Write out what clubs you want to join, if you want to get an internship, find an on-campus job, etc. Know what you want and go get it.

14. You’re going to need to learn how to deal with bugs on your own. 

15. Back up your files.

16. Always carry water with you. Always.

17. Time will fly. Make good friends, spend your time wisely, and study hard.

She’s My Girl

Request: “Your imagines are great. Keep up the fantastic work. Can you make a stan uris or richie tozier imagine where he and the reader are dating and it’s the scene where they are jumping off the cliff and he gets all protective. And the guys know this so they make it their mission to make him jealous. -Anonymous”


“Richie or Stan imagine where they’re swimming with the losers and they all start complementing the reader about her body they’re like ‘why date a loser like them when you can”

Pairing: Stan Uris x Reader

Warnings: None

You and your amazing boyfriend Stan Uris started dating a month after Freshman year started. Even though you knew each other a couple of years before that you decided to wait and see if things worked out by themselves. Luckily they did and it was so obvious that you and Stan were just meant to be. Your friends Bill, Richie and Eddie were the first ones to see it and point it out to the both of you. 

You were at home celebrating that you were now on summer break which meant no more school. Why celebrate that in your house locked up in your room? You were planning to just watch TV, read books and anything that involved staying indoors unless someone invited you to go outside with them then that would be the only exception. 

It’s like someone read your mind because your mom came and knocked on your door.

“Y/N Stan is downstairs with the rest of your friends waiting for you to go swimming with them in the lake.” Your mom smiled as she popped her head into your room.

“Tell them I’m going to get changed and I’ll be right down in 5 minutes.” You said enthusiastically. 

First you put on your swimsuit and then over it you put on your regular clothes. Once you were done you slipped on your sneakers and went downstairs.

“Bye mom I’ll see you later.” You said kissing her cheek.

“Okay have fun honey!” She said kissing you as well.

You went through the back into your porch to grab your bike. Once you had it you walked through the side of your house, finally making it to the front where all the boys were standing.

“Y/N!” Eddie exclaimed.

“Hello boys.” You smiled as you walked over to Stan and placed a kiss on his cheek causing him to blush and give you one too.

“Gross.” Richie said jokingly. 

“Oh be quiet you’re just jealous.” Stan said.

“Yeah and don’t disrespect them they’re my parents.” Eddie stated.

“They’re not your parents.” 

“They are my fake parents if I was their real child hell I would be lucky to have them as parents.” Eddie defended.

“Same.” Ben continued.

“Agreed.” Bill finished off.

“Yeah you’re right.” Richie admitted.

“Thank you guys.” You smiled as all the boys just nodded.

“Someday?” Stan asked referring to if someday you and him could have kids of your own if you were still together. “Someday.” You smiled.

“Alright alright let’s go.” Richie said.

You all hopped onto your bicycles and sped off towards the lake.

Once you got there all the boys were standing at the edge of the large cliff/rock looking at the water below them.

“So who’s first?” Richie asked.

“You guys are seriously too scared to jump off?” You asked unimpressed.

“If it doesn’t look scary to you why don’t you do it?” Richie asked.

“Is that a challenge Tozier?” You asked.

“Hell yeah it is.” He replied.

“No Y/N you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to.” Stan defended.

“Actually don’t worry about it Stan. I got this babe.” You stated.

You stepped back and took off your shoes along with your shirt and finally your shorts. The boys didn’t get to say anything because you ran and then jumped off the cliff diving into the water perfectly.

“Your turn Losers!” You shouted as you smirked once you reached the surface.

“Holy shit.” Eddie spoke up.

“That was hot! Her body is WOW.” Richie exclaimed.

“Amazing.” Bill complimented.

“Hey that’s my woman get your own.” Stan said as he nudged Richie.

“Come get her if you can before I get to her.” Richie smirked as he jumped off the cliff.

Immediately Stan followed after him then Eddie, Bill and finally Ben. All of the boys were now in the lake as well as Beverly who the boys had invited after you all met each other when Henry Bowers cut Ben’s stomach.

You were about to swim over to Stan when Richie wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you away from him.

“Stan!” You exclaimed as you giggled.

“Why date a loser like Stan when you can date me?” Richie asked as he continued to pull you away from Stan.

The next thing you know Stan swam over to you so damn quick it was unbelievable. He went in between you and Richie causing him to let go. Stan dunked Richie underwater only for a couple of seconds.

Then he cupped your face with his hands and kissed you passionately. You melted into the kiss as you heard the boys and Beverly cheering and saying many things.



“Get it Stan!”



When you and Stan broke out of the kiss you covered your face as you blushed madly. 

“That looked like a fairytale kiss.” Beverly chuckled as she noticed your starstruck face.

“It was.” You giggled.

“Definitely.” Stan said as he kissed you again.

“Okay okay calm down we don’t need you both having babies at just 14 years of age wait 10 more years I promise you can do it.” Richie said causing you all to burst out in laughter. 

Only the future could tell that. But you knew for a fact that you and Stan’s love would last forever, you didn’t doubt it.

The Liking Game

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Jackson

Genre: Fluff / Angst

Prompt: “Life is a highway, and I’m always drunk. So I’m not driving.”

Rating: PG-13 (college partying, drinking)

Word Count: 2,023

Originally posted by jypnior

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Hamilton High School AU!

A/N: I’m so excited for this! With every person’s headcanon there’s a little something about me too!

Request: no one asked for this, but did that stop me from writing it? No

Let’s start with Aaron because he is me

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Genderfluid Zane headcanons

- He was born a boy, but he always preferred female toys to male toys

- He just figured he was weird or messed up when he was little, because the other kids would tease him, sometimes even his brothers

- When he reached freshman year of highschool, he did some research before realising he was gender fluid

- His feelings changed as he want through phases, but he normally stuck with him/he pronouns, and she/her pronouns were rarely used. Only if he was feeling very feminine that day

- His family was accepting family. They loved him no matter what

- His dad has photos of him when he was 6 in an ariel costume. He shows it to all his friends

- He covers his face because he normally goes by Him/he, and he feels his face is to feminine, and he also has a scar on his lip from when he first started dancing and fell on his face

- He came out to Aphmau and Aaron almost immediatly, he just knew he could trust them

- People like Katelyn and Laurance, it took a little longer to come out to them because he doesn’t know them very well. But when he did tell them they were very supporting

- Gene teased him about it once and misgendered him, but he apologized after a 3 hour lecture from Aph and Garroth

- He still is self conscious about his body, but is just happy people are ok with him and his identity

(Did I do a good?))