even in context it's still awkward

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Came here for the pro ereri agenda, and now I'm curious as to what Oikage is all about because even though I've never watched Haikyuu, I don't feel like I'm going to get hyped over the more popular ships like Kagehina or Iwoi if I did (I tend to ship rare pairs btw)

Oh my god. I am just.. so.. Happy. *wipes a tear* (♡ಥ‿ಥ♡) 

Oikage is this .. how to even begin.. I came for the perfect chemistry and rivalry but stayed and stanned after seeing how much base they have and I’m still speechless. It also is widely hated, pretty much for the same reason, it has what its so-called rivals lack: CONTEXT.

They are basically this: Kageyama (apathetic, one track mind, blunt af, socially awkward) is the genius kouhai, Oikawa (tsundere, extroverted, childish, emotional) is the vastly talented senpai who is intimidated by his kouhai. Kageyama is fixated on surpassing him and Oikawa is fixated on not letting him surpass him. 


Here are certain scenes, without too much spoiler, I’d die if I didn’t share some, I hope you won’t regret asking me thissdjfhsdj

Oikawa, showing up in the match he arranged specifically to see Kageyama (shameless)

He waits at the gate for them to come out after the match so he can make his prepared speech and challenge Kageyama (the translation is off, he literally says “my damn cute kouhai” *-*)

Yeah ok thank you for that shoujo narrative in the middle of the match, Oikawa.

tfw you see your crush when you’re unprepared:

Kageyama’s “Oikawa vision”, commanding armies, looking smooth af (yeah, the guy who went “GEH.” reeeally.)

Err.. where things get rather.. inappropriate.. *cough*

I hope I’m invited to that dinner.

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What is your problem with ddlg,,, Is it the daddy part? Or is it te people who constantly drag other people into their scene or whatever. Or is it the people who give zero fucks about survivors. or something different.

There are several problems with ddlg:
-there’s nothing wrong with age regressing, but having sex while in the mind of a child is just wrong, no matter what your body is.
-Daddy can be a term of endearment for some cultures and parts of society, but its awkward when used in the context of sexualizing the relationship between a caregiver and a child.
-Another problem that you brought up is the fact that a lot of couples do harm people constantly. The fact that its even accessible on this website is morally wrong, because minors are legally allowed on this website, its not a kink site. Freedom of speech does not condone this. You can’t just post pictures of your kink life on Facebook, so you shouldn’t post it here, either. It’s exposure to minors. Even if it’s sfw, it’s still inherently sexual, because it’s a kink. No matter what you’re doing, it’s for sexual arousal, and you’re willingly exposing minors to it - to your sex life. If that’s not what it is for you, you should look into other terminology, because ddlg is a kink, a subset of bdsm, nothing can change that, and nothing you say or do can change the fact that it’s inherently sexual. Even offline, in the real world, this still happens. Let alone are you forcing people in the vicinity, unconsentually, into a kinky situation, you still do it in front of children sometimes! (ex.parks and stores) Not only is it exposure to minors, but it’s sexual harassment to everyone! They did not give consent to be a part of this foreplay, and you’re forcing it on them by acting it out there. If it happened in the bedroom, we wouldn’t know about it.
-As for survivors, they dont care half the time, in fact they harass us and threaten us after disregarding our concerns for them to take down our content, because it triggers some people.

That’s just to name a few.
I won’t even get into the normalization of pedophilia, I feel like that will spill too much sand in your baby girl parts.