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sorry but ratatouille’s ending is such a perfect ending. i gotta be honest: even with movies i adore, the ending doesn’t tend to be my favorite part, even when they are good. i’m usually all for the middle, the journey, the action. 

but this fucking ending is an exception. just put it on and i’ll tear up over that brilliant representation of how just one little thing (such as a simple bite of simple food) can bring back the most nostalgic childhood memories full force, in an instant. that great speech by ego, where he finally understands what gusteau really meant when he said that anyone can cook. that cozy little restaurant they end up opening. that beautiful, soothing song in french. ego, no longer a respected critic but clearly much happier, walking into the restaurant knowing the truth and asking remy, ‘surprise me!’, just. it’s so good. i love it.

Domestic!Destiel with canon bunker setting based on this tweet:

Dean takes his time in the shower. It’s the one thing he’s extremely grateful for in the bunker. The water pressure is just perfect, beating down on his back and shoulders. There’s a rhythm in his head that’s been in his head the entire day and he begins to sing. Rubbing his hands over his face and ducking his head under the water he doesn’t hear anyone open the door. Hell, he didn’t even realise he forgot to lock it - years of living in motels with just his brother meant he hadn’t really needed to.

He’s just grumbling the chorus when he hears the shower curtain sliding open and whips round with a yelp.

When he blinks water from his eyes and covers himself as best he can with the small face cloth he find Cas staring at him with a bag of crisps in his hands.

“Cas!” He yells. Cas isn’t moving though and hold the crisps out in front of him.


“CAS!” Dean yelps again.

“Are we - Dean, stop screaming, it’s just me… are we out of cheetos?” His eyes are wide and look impossibly blue in the bright bathroom. For a moment he forgets that he’s only got a face cloth covering himself.

“What? Cas, you’re holding the empty bag, of course we’re out of cheetos.” Cas’ eyes grow wider. Dean sighs. “I’ll make a run… just… just leave me for a moment to finish.”

“Thank you, Dean.” Cas grins. Dean’s pretty sure he is on the verge of melting at that look and smiles back. Cas has gone through eight packs of cheetos in the last week and he’s sure that it’s unhealthy, but buying more of them will make him happy and a happy Cas is a happy Dean. Plus, when they’re pressed against each other watching TV, Dean can’t help but dip into them.

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Daddy!Dean x Reader


“I think he likes the toy cars you got him.” You whispered to your husband.

Dean flashed a smirk, glancing back at you. “He is my son after all.” He winked. “By the way, Sammy and My mom are going to come over in an hour, so we should probably get dressed soon.”

Taking a sip of your coffee, you snuggled closer to Dean. “Not yet.” You exhaled.

He pressed a soft kiss to your head, a smile forming on your lips.

Being in his arms made you feel whole. With him being gone for hunts most of the time, you cherish every moment you have with him. Even if it’s just for a little while.

“This is perfect.” Dean hummed.

“What is?”

“This. Cuddling with you, while watching our little guy play with his toys.” He couldn’t help but smile. “It’s the best Christmas gift I could ever ask for.”

Playfully you nudged his side. “You’re such a sap, Dean Winchester.”

He glanced down at you, and furrowed his brows. “Shut up!” He tried to keep from smiling. “So Mrs. Winchester, where’s my gift?”

As you were about to respond, Dean was immediately interrupted when bobby jumped in his lap. “Daddy car!” He yelled.

Dean let out a chuckle, and nodded. “Yeah that’s like daddy’s car.” He put his cup of coffee down on to the coffee table and gave his son his full attention. “Come on, let’s go play with your cars.”

“Wait.” You exhaled. Pulling out a small box from under the tree, you felt your heart beat begin to race. You were nervous but also excited.


Dean took the small gift into his hand, and looked at Bobby. “Want to help daddy open this present?”

You watched the boys tear the wrapping paper off, growing more and more anxious as the seconds passed by.

He opened the top and as soon as his eyes glanced at the surprise inside, his mouth dropped. “Are you freakin serious?” He asked, shooting his gaze up to you.

You could only nod, holding your stomach.

Dean jumped up swinging his son around in the air,along Bobby giggle uncontrollably.

“You’re going to be a big brother!” He exclaimed. “We’re having another baby!”

He put bobby down and quickly stepped over to you, his hand gently pressed to your belly as he flashed a cheeky grin. “How’s daddy’s little girl?”

wrote this for shits and giggles:

Yuuri skated off the ice, but, even as the crowd roared behind him, he didn’t notice them. He was too busy staring at the kiss and cry, at Yakov with his arms crossing over his chest.

“He would have been proud of that if he had been here,” Yakov said, smacking Yuuri’s back, a bit too hard for comforting someone. The performance was perfect and the ending spectacular, but that wasn’t important to Yuuri at that moment.

“I wonder if he was able to see it…” Yuuri trailed off as he leaned down and covered his blades.

Yakov was silent on that, not the type to get people’s hopes up. “Let’s go see your score.”

They walked together awkwardly to the bench, cameras all pointed at them, some of the operators whispering about Yakov’s presence at Yuuri’s side and Viktor’s absence from that same spot. Yakov and Yuuri were silent, neither looking at each other. Yuuri’s hands were clasped tightly.

Then, a ringing came from Yakov’s pocket. He glanced at it and immediately tossed it to Yuuri, who fumbled with it. “Your coach has some words for you.”

Yuuri lit up so much that Yakov was stunned, before he scoffed and looked away. Yuuri answered the phone quickly and put it to his ear, “Viktor?”

There was a pause, before Yuuri asked, “What does that mean?” Then, he took the phone from his ear and looked at it, confused. He put it back to his ear, “Viktor?”

Yuuri seem concerned when he handed the phone back to Yakov. “He hung up after saying something.”

“Well, what did he say?” Yakov asked, pocketing the phone.

“Um, I think it was Russian… it was like…” Yuuri leaned over and covered his mouth as he whispered the jumble of syllables into Yakov’s ear.

Yakov paused for a moment, before starting to laugh. “I suppose that you could say that he quite liked your performance, among other things.”

“What does it mean?” Yuuri asked, extremely curious and dying to know.

“Oh, you’ll figure it out. You should hear it directly from him.” After a beat, Yakov pulled his phone back out. “Here, call him right after your score is announced, and repeat exactly what you told me. You might just kill that rambunctious student of mine.”

In Japan, Viktor covered his warm cheeks as he watched Yuuri and Yakov talking on the television. The triplets were next to him asking for a translation, and Yuko was shushing them, knowingly. Viktor was hoping that he would have some time to calm down before dealing with the consequences of his little outburst, but no such luck apparently.

On the television, Yuuri’s eyes suddenly widened, and his eyebrows shot up, as Yakov started laughing. Bringing the phone to his chest, Yuuri’s face went red, and Viktor felt his own flame up again. Looking into the camera, Yuuri gazed directly at Viktor and smiled so radiantly that Viktor nearly died right there, and he thought, in that moment, that this would be a great way to go.

BTS reaction to you cuddling them in your sleep.


He would roll over and be woken up with your legs being tangled in his with your face inches away from his. He would grin at how perfect you were, from your eyelashes to your lips barely parted letting out even breaths. He would wonder how he got so lucky, kiss your nose and drift back to sleep.

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Lets be real, he was so ready to be mad because you accidentally woke him up when you snuggled up to him. But one look at you, and he just couldn’t find it in himself, you were the one thing worth waking up for. He’d just put his arm around you and draw soothing circles on your back before falling asleep again.

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Seeing you next to him, cuddled up close, his face inches away from yours he’d lean in and just put his forehead on yours. He would try and memorize your features and how beautiful they each were, being careful not to wake you. (You’re Jimin). 

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He would feel like a 12 year old again, getting so giddy at just your lightest touch. He would look at you and smile at how content you were and wrap you in his arms, making sure you were his to keep safe. He’d brush the hair from your face before laying back contently, never once waking you.

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He’d freeze as soon as he woke up to you shuffling, making yourself comfortable as you latched onto him and nuzzled your face into his side. He wouldn’t dare move through fear of waking you, so he’d just lie back once you got comfortable and get lost in your small movements, the pace of your breaths and the way your hair tickled his arms.

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He would think your pouting, sleeping face was just the cutest thing ever and would wish he had a camera to take a picture to show you off to the boys later, despite the fact it was five o’clock in the morning. He’d just kiss your nose once you were comfortable and snuggle up next to you, putting your hair behind your ear to get a good view of how pretty your face was.

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Like Jimin, when he felt you curl up next to him, he would freeze so he didn’t wake you. But after a while, he would pluck up the courage to wrap a strong arm around you and pull you closer with his head resting on yours, slowly falling asleep to the rhythm of your breathing. This would be his face when you two woke up the next morning:

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Please, Don't Go*

WARNING: Imagine might contain mature material so read with your own risk! No need to come say to me that I didn’t warned you

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Y/N’s POV:

“Baby, not yet please” he begged and gave me that famous puppy look. “I have to or I’ll miss the bus, Justin” I sighed and tried escape from his tight grip around my wrist. “And that would be the world’s end.. right” he rolled his eyes but finally let go

“Thank you” I just said and didn’t pay any attention on his recent comment. There was 30 minutes time before my bus was leaving but I still had to walk to that bus stop with my extra heavy backpack. “You know that you could still stay here longer. I mean, I could drive you back home in the evening” he mumbled and moved his hands on my shoulders when I was taking my jacket from the hook

“Even that idea of yours would sound perfect, I just can’t. I have to go back to school tomorrow and I haven’t finished my homework yet” I turned over him and ran my hand against his chest before I pulled my denim jacket on. My answer didn’t pleased him I could tell but I couldn’t nothing about it that it was time to leave

If I could choose, I’d stay here with my boyfriend and spend one more day while cuddling with him under the covers and watching movies with him. But I couldn’t and it made us both sad always when it was time to say byes. “I’m sorry, Justin” I mumbled

I was about to give him a quick kiss on the lips before I would have been leaving but for my suprise, his hand moved under my chin and the kiss got longer than it supposed to go. “Justin” I mumbled between the kiss but he muted me by pressing his lips harder against mine

We stood there just kissing in his hallway before we had to pull away to get some air. “Justin, I really gotta go” I said again and tried grab my backpack on the floor but he was quicker and he grabbed it first. “Give it to me!” I straighted out my arm over him and raised my eyebrows. He chuckled and shook his head. “Justin, c'mon! I’ll miss the bus soon and it’s all your fault if I’ll get a F from my project” I said annoyed and moved closer to him

“You act like a child, boy” I groaned when I stepped in front of him and tried reach my bag which he was keeping high above me. He just chuckled and bit his lip. He put my bag on the highest shelf of his bookcase. What was his problem?

“Okay, it stay there then. Keep it, I’ll get it next time then but after that I remember that some of my books were there and I’d need them tomorrow. I turned around and looked him. “Okay, fine you won” I raised my hands in the air

He grinned and walked again closer to me before he took off my jacket. “You know, we could have used that time so much better than that if you know what I mean” he mumbled. “No, I don’t actually. Would you like to explain a bit?” I asked and he smirked. “I have always loved that innocent side of you, Y/N”

His hand moved behind my back and there over my ass before he pulled us even closer still each others if that was possible anymore. His breath hit against my neck and it sent chills down my body. “Hmm, Y/N?” he hummed and I snapped out of my dreams. “What?” I mumbled and made him laugh

His lips connected mine and he groaned low between it before he tugged gently my bottom lip. “You look so sexy on that dress on but you know, how I would like to see you even more. Hmm.. do you, babygirl?” he asked and tilted his head. “In my bed, naked” he whispered and when our eyes met, it made me startle a bit. They were so dark and I was able to sense how much passion there was running inside his head

“What are you waiting for then?” I tilted my head and moved my hands edge of his shirt and I pulled it off. He grinned while his hand run against my hips to my thighs. “Turn around for me, please” he told. He didn’t wait for me but did it for me and soon I felt his a bit cold fingers ticking my back when he started open zipper of my dress. “Please” I mumbled under my breath and made him chuckle darkly

“Patience babygirl, patience” he whispered before he pulled my zipper down and I let my dress drop on the floor. Room got silent and it made me a bit scared. Was something wrong, I thought but when I was about to turn my head to look behind me Justin’s hands met my shoulders and turned me back

That moment felt so awkward. We just stood there without saying a word. I was getting a impatient but I tried contain myself because I knew what would happen if I don’t

Justin didn’t like to be under anyones control or didn’t like that someone gave him orders but it was really hard for me not do that on that moment. “Justin” I whispered with shaky voice. “Hmm, what’s wrong babygirl?” he asked softly and his hands set over my bare shoulders

“Touch me” I whispered and felt his warm breath against my back. “I thought thst you would ever ask” he said and turned me around to face him for few seconds before he pushed me on his big king size bed

He kissed my legs inch by inch while he was coming closer to the place where I needed him the most. It was sometimes suprising how little thing like those made me almost lose my mind. I loved his teasing but same time I hate it

Justin’s POV:

Her body jerked a bit when I was just few inches away her heat. I gently bit inside of her thigh and made her moan softly. I was already having a hard time while I had to listen her angelic moans when I’d have just bury myself deep inside of her

She cursed under her breath when my fingers made contact with the fabric of her panties. She was tribbing wet already for me. I slowly moved my fingers against her sex and listened her unsteady breathing. “Justin, pleasee” she cried out and gribbed tightly on sheets around her

I removed my fingers there and pulled her panties off. “I love the way you beg me. You have been such a good girl today and I think that you deserve a little something” I mumbled and set myself between her legs but for my suprise she pushed me away and kneeled in front of me

“No foreplaying, okay? Just let’s go straight to the real deal. I think that we both think that it’s a better idea” Y/N’s words made me even more excited that I was already. Somehow I liked that way she was talking and giving orders to be even I didn’t like it usually at all but now her acting was driving me crazy on her

I helped her to open my jeans and she pulled them off and after them followed my boxers. It was such a relief when I finally got free from those. A light groan left me mouth when I felt Y/N’s hand pumping slowly my shaft. “I thought you just told no foreplaying” She just giggled and laid on the bed on her back

She looked there so beautiful like she always did actually but especially now. It was getting dark. Just street lights which shone outside my apartment and lighted the room a bit and made the moment even more sensuel that it already was. I just stared my girlfriend out of breath

Finally after few minutes staring and lip biting I was able to land back to the real world and I hovered over her. “Ready?” I asked and she nodded. I slowly let myself fill her tightness and it made us both moan in unison. “You’re always so fucking tight for me, baby” I groaned and started thrust my dick inside her back and forth

Y/N’s POV:

He was making me feel so good that for few minutes I forgot everything around us and focused nothing but the pleasure which was filling my body. I arched my back when he hit my g-spot and moaned weakly his name which made him thrust me even harder

“Mm.. am I making you feel good? How does it feel? Let me know babygirl” he mumbled and started rub my clit with his thumb slowly. I gasped and closed my eyes just because I would have wanted to scream. “Oh my lord, you’re making me feel so good. Please don’t stop, papi”

I felt how his body jerked a bit and his hands took tighter grip of my body. His thrusts got slower but harder. “That’s right, baby. I’m your papi and no one else. I’m the one who can make you feel good” he mumbled close to my ear and sucked my neck leaving there a couple love bites behind my ear

I felt how he started throb inside me and I was gettting close too. My grip against sheets got tighter and long list of moans slipped out of my mouth. “I know, baby. Just come when you’re ready” he mumbled and did his ladt thrusts before he released himself inside me. I came shaking around him seconds later

“Please don’t ever make me do that again” he mumbled tired and out of breath. However seconds later he kissed gently my collarbone and his touch made me shiver a little still. I giggled and caresed his messy hair. He pulled off and wrabbed his arms around my naked body

“I won’t but..” I told and he raised his head. “I should be going. It’s late already and I really need to go back home to finish that project, so if you could..” I raised my eyebrows and he nodded. “Of course, I won’t break my promises when you ever break yours” he smirked and threw my panties and dress next to me from the floor

“Get dressed, your ride will leave in 5 minutes. You better be ready if you don’t want pay for it” he smirked and pulled his jeans on before he disappered in the kitchen get his car keys. “Don’t you even think that we will do that in your car” I yelled after him and pulled up the zipper of my dress before I ran after him

When I was outside of his apartment I remember my backpack and got in panic. “Shit, my bag” I cursed and I was about to ran back but heard Justin yell for me. “You bag is here if you’re looking for it” he smiled and kept my backpack on his hands

I rolled my eyes and grabbed it from him before we both jumped in his car. “It took 15 minutes for you, miss” he tapped his silver Rolex on his wrist. “Fuck you” I spat out and put my seat belt on

“No, I think that will be you who do that” he smirked and moved his hand on my thigh but I slapped it away. “You’re crazy freak, Justin Drew Bieber” I told him but he just laughed for me. “Only for you, baby” he said and kissed my cheek before he started his car

“I don’t even know how I love you” I joked. “Because you can’t stop it because without me you wouldn’t get dick anymore” I looked him shocked and slapped him: “Shut up!” He just laughed and turned to the road which lead to our destination, my home

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BTS reaction to you wearing their clothes? Thank you!! 😁🙏🏻


“Is that my sweater?”

“Yes… (rambling) All my clothes are in the washer because they were dirty. And I didn’t have anything else to wear. I can the-”

“No! No, It looks cute.”

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*fake pouts forever bc that was his fav jacket*

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Rap monster

He would buy another snap back. That way the two of you had a matching couple item.

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“Wooow! You look so cute! I love you for life!”

(You’re V)

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*Looks at you with the purest form of love*

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(While on tour) He would be so happy to see you in one of his sweaters. Unfortunately, that happiness has a side effect…

“Now I miss you even more! When is this tour over?“



*Buys 50 more white t-shirts*

“Perfect! now we ’re even!”

“Kookie… No.”

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Wet Dream - Jeremy Gilbert Smut

“I’m not getting in.” I crossed my arms, looking away from a half naked Jeremy. It was almost a half hour past midnight and I would’ve fallen back asleep comfortably in my sweat and pathetic attempt at peace had he not knocked on my door and persuaded me to come downstairs and JUMP A FENCE to swim in the pool. I’m not some kind of saint but who wouldn’t rather be sleeping?

“Come on!” He whispered, his teeth chattering as he smiled widely. “It’s perfect.” He lolled his head back as I rubbed my hands over my face.

I felt the dew on the blades of grass under my feet and the mild wind blowing at me. The sky also wasn’t completely dark somehow. It was a dark shade of navy blue with stars and clouds and the occasional airplane making it’s way through, so far away.

I couldn’t imagine my life without Jeremy now. It felt like he was always there even if he just showed up out of the blue three years prior and forced his way into the best friend gap in my heart.

He understood me and I figured I might as well be his slave forever because he helped me so much and my other friends still believed he was a bad person for almost choking me to death that ONE time.

“Helloooo?” Jeremy said, his arms wading in the water, the moons reflection in the ripples.

“What did you say?” I asked, clearing my throat. I could see the beads of water on his shoulders, some of his hair in his eyes.

“I said please like fifteen times.” He said. I sighed, taking off my shirt.

I would be at work the day after, probably with baggy eyes and more caffeine than usual but there would be something more to have in my diary and our memories.

“Oh-hohoho! Now we’re talking.” Jeremy lowered his face further underwater, his nose barely above the surface.

I swam to him, his hand already extended for me. I kicked my legs to stay afloat as our fingers entwined.

“I was having a dream,” he said. Our eyes met and my breath got caught in my throat. “You were in it, it felt so vivid, I woke up and I had to see you.” He said, his lips so close to the water that he blubbered at times.

“Simply riveting.” I put my hand on his freckled shoulder and he smiled, rolling his eyes.

“You’re such a jerk!” He splashed water in my face, swimming away before I could react. I screamed, wiping my face and paddled closer so I could splash him back.

“Come back here, chump!” I giggled as I tried grabbing onto one of his limbs. I finally caught up to him in the shallow part of the pool and he was laughing at me.

Is he a damn Olympian, or what? I swam next to him, letting my pants become regular breaths. I looked at his face again, a drop of water falling off his nose as he glanced back at me.

“What was your dream about, Jeremy?” I grabbed his hand again. The pads of his fingers were pruned and I laughed.

He started to lean in and I almost gasped. Before I knew it our lips were touching and my mouth fell open as his lips traced mine. My hand traveled up out of the water, holding onto his arm.

He shuffled closer to me, pressing me against the concrete side of the pool, his body molding a great match into mine.

“Jer.” I watched the sky hazily with half lidded eyes as he moved warm kisses down the side of my neck.

“I apologize.” He whispered, his face too near and dear for me to catch a breath. “But my dream was about you… just like this.” He started, his hands reaching behind my back so that he could unclasp my bra. His mouth dipped down as his hands traveled to my ass. My eyes fluttered as he lifted me up so that he could envelope one of my nipples in his mouth, pressing his tongue against me.

My eyes flickered awake when I felt his bulge shift against me. I swallowed.

“Was this in your dream?” I whispered, boldly snaking my hand into his boxers and grabbing his dick. He groaned, pulling his mouth away from me. “Do we dare have sex in this very pool?” I asked.

“I don’t see why not.” He replied, his voice deeper. I grabbed onto the wall as he pulled my bottoms away from me, pulling my legs tickilishly towards him, a big geeky smile on his face.

I struggled with his shorts underwater, frowning at the strings tying it together. “What, did you square knot this or something, boy scout?” I pulled at the strings in frustration.

“Relax, sweetheart.” He stifled a laugh, reaching down to do it himself. “I knew your bird brains would catch up soon.” He joked, naked before me then.

He hid his nose in my neck as he held me carefully against the wall, pushing in me, his hand guiding himself in. My breath stopped and I tried looking in between our warm bodies.

“Perfect.” I muttered, my eyes falling closed as I let out a choked moan. It was perfect, although he was quite sizeable in a way that definitely made the experience a little painful.

He let out sighs as he pulled me toward him easily, eyebrows clenched in concentration. I wrapped my arms around his neck, my pants going straight into his ear.

I almost screamed as he hit a sensitive spot. I grasped his shoulders as he continued stroking the spot barely. I frowned, digging my nails in him as an orgasm built inside me.

I couldn’t breath and every few seconds an exasperated gasp would escape me for forgetting how to intake oxygen. I bucked my legs in the water, trying desperately to get off.

My stomach flared up in a frenzy and I melted, letting go and gushing as I let out a long moan in his ear. He grunted on my shoulder, my heaving chest pressed right against his.

I fell limp in his strong arms, my legs weakly wrapping around him.

“You get brownie points for that one, scout.” I muttered, leaning against his shoulder.


Just before Prince picked her up, Lisa’s mother told her, ‘You’ll be fine. Just be yourself and don’t do anything stupid.’ Her guy pulled up, 15 minutes late, at the wheel of a white Buick convertible with personalized license plates that read LOVE. Eschewing the gravel driveway, he vaulted over a chain-link fence and knocked on the door. “Hello,” he said, kissing her hand. “My name is Prince. Ready to have a good time?”

Prince sat with Barber in a back row. He did not buy her any Raisinets or popcorn but otherwise behaved like a perfect gentleman. “Well, there was one time during the movie when he played with my hair and he put his arm around me,” says Barber. “But that’s all he did. Honest.” And did Prince, rock’s reigning purple enigma, actually engage in conversation sometime during the evening? “Oh, yeah,” says Barber. “I asked him how he liked it here. He said it was real pretty and that I was lucky to live here. In the car he asked me what the best radio station was, and when he turned to it, the deejay was talking about him. He said, 'If I had a phone in here, I’d call him.” –PEOPLE, July 23, 1986

Prince and Lisa Barber, MTV’s contest winner, at the Centennial Twin theater for a private screening of “Under the Cherry Moon” in Sheridan, WY., July 1, 1986.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Fic: The Advent Ball

7.5k words, G rated

By @xoruffitup

When Albus and Scorpius hear that two fourth year boys are going to the Advent Ball together, their minds start racing with all sorts of wild new possibilities. Could they go together too? Is it still Scorpius’ dream to spend an evening with Rose? And how do you even get over the terrifying hurdle of asking your best friend to a dance? 

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oh my gosh he would lift you off the ground and spin you around

-him making you laugh

-generally just smiling at each other

-being so in love its plain as day

-he would love carrying you

-like bridal style, on his back, doesnt matter

-cuddles where he’s the big spoon (can you even imagine, gosh)

-he would totally be the kind to nuzzle his face into your neck when he hugs you and lifts you off the ground

-if you were human it wouldent even effect him, like he would never hurt you

-he’d be rough, lets be honest, but not enough to hurt you, like he would make sure he would never hurt you

-hes like so strong right, so you would always feel protected in his arms

-being the perfect team

-he would totally walk with his arm over your shoulders because yes

-he’d love kissing you, or just generally being in your presence

-he would LOVE playing with your fingers for some reason

-he would totally try to braid your hair sometimes (and actually get quite proficient)

-people at school being super jealous because you two are #GOALS

-the Cullen’s adoring you, your an honorary sibling 

-watching sports games with him (even if you dont like sports games) because he gets super into it and its pretty great

-if you’re friends with the pack they would learn to accept him

-him getting jealous of the pack if you were friends with them (especially Paul)

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Martin Margiela

“A studio condo 15 minutes’ walk from work, 88,000 yen a month, with separate bath and toilet. The place is so immaculate, it’s hard to believe he’s been living here for six years. An instructor at Bunka Fashion College, they call him “maestro Margiela.” He’s been into the Martin Margiela scene from seven years back. Originally his soul belonged to Comme des Garcons, then one day a department store manager got to talking with him and he changed over just like that. “The Margiela philosophy and concept of clothes was just so perfect.” Now just look at him: the only clothes he keeps here are Margiela, “because it’d be improper to put anything else together in the same closet. I’d even wear Margiela underwear, if there were any!” Each season he siphons his entire salary, some 2 million yen into his high-end habit. No normal obsession, he stretches forward when eating so as not to dirty his precious clothes, and scrubs the cuffs and collar with soap when he gets home. He never washes patterns and whites together in the same laundry load – his white shirts are absolutely spotless – so say he’s got a weekend engagement, he’ll spend an hour working out the order of washes counting backwards from what he’s got coordinated for tomorrow. No drying outside either, because smog will stick to the clothes; he uses a hanger rack to dry everything indoors, each item in a specific order. And when spring comes, he stores away his knitwear in special airtight vacuum bags. A perfectionist in all things, does his Margiela-style fussiness extend to his living quarters? Well, he’d rather eat out than infuse his clothes with daily life smells, and only keeps eyedrops in the refrigerator. He’s never once lit the stove or run the water in the kitchen, keeping only a precision stack of room-tempered process soy milk packs. No wastebasket even. When he gets thirsty, he rushes to the nearby shop and drinks on the spot, taking the trash out at the same time to discard at the store. No men allowed to piss in the john standing up, lest they cause a mess. This is a man after Margiela’s heart (not to mention his landlord’s).“

what i mean by watch the end of tld and then watch this it doesnt make sense is even when they end it with them in baker street being parents together and in a nonplatonic nonromantic grey area is in BETWEEN then there were multiple moments where it was possible to continue, not even ramp up but just continue what that hug in tld started and it makes no sense that it didn’t ? after the coffin destroying scene was the perfect opportunity for john to comfort sherlock right back even if they didnt have time for a full on cry and cuddle they could have done more. it was telling mycroft and sherlock both know he could never kill john even over his own brother but it could have been more. sherlock calling john his family was good but john not already living back at baker street is ????? like im just lost

time for a good ol’ story in the name of the holiday season
K so I had grown up with Powerpuff Girls, Teen Titans, Codename Kids Next Door, all that nice stuff, and Lazytown was one of the later ones.
Over my teen years I have went back and watched episodes again, and listened to the old songs, and I am so happy that Lazytown has had a surge in popularity, even if it is a meme.

This year I also found @arrt-jim-lad’s stuff and I fell in love with it all, not only for how he perfectly portrays the Undertale characters (in my opinion), but as I could relate in that the way Jim connected with Papyrus reminds me so much of the way I connected with Sportacus. He’s like a level of happiness/perfection/goodness that I looked up to even though I knew it was unrealistic and unobtainable. I want to make him proud okay

Anyway I watched Glanni Glæpur í Latabæ and it was amazing and u guys need to see it if you haven’t. Magnús is still Sportacus and Stefán is still Robbie too so don’t worry

Winter break just started for me, so hopefully you’ll see more on this blog! Thanks for reading.

You attempt to film them sleeping


The movie was over, Jungkook was fast asleep, and this was the perfect moment to get the picture you’d been dreaming of for weeks. You’d managed to sneak away quietly to get your camera, but your foot found the only squeaky place in the floor on your way back. Before he could wake fully, you pounced and tried to wrestle the blanket from him. Unfortunately, even a sleepy muscle pig could easily push you away and roll himself up before you had a chance to record him in the Hello Kitty pajamas he’d asked to borrow for the fourth movie night in a row. Plans foiled once again, you stomp your foot and demand a picture, but Kookie just laughs and grips the blanket tighter, sticking his tongue out like the overgrown toddler he is.


The sun rose and shone on a sight that you’d had to capture on your phone. The pillow fort had collapsed and your TaeTae was asleep amidst the ruins like a big drooling baby. What woke him, you weren’t really sure of, but you didn’t mind when Taehyung smiled for the camera and insisted that you join him in the pile. You were more than willing and laid with him, listening to his sleepy voice tell you about the awesome dream he’d just had. It was “truly truly daebak” and you had to agree.


While he was napping, you decided to get a Goodbye Mochi video to add to the ‘CheekyCheekyChibi’ folder in your computer. It was full of photos and clips of you pinching or kissing Jimin’s cheeks, and it had grown to a rather ridiculous size. It seemed that Jimin was bound and determined to melt your babies away with this latest diet and workout schedule, and you couldn’t resist one farewell caress of his sweet, perfect, chubby little face. The tickling sensation and your whispered narration woke him. Whining softly, he took your hand away from his face and held on, not letting you go until he’d drifted back to sleep.

Namjoon/Rap Monster

You’d crawled into Namjoon’s room, hoping to get a recording of him snoring so he would finally admit that he sounded like a truck without a muffler sometimes. But you found that he was still wide awake, hard at work, and was actually glad to have someone to bounce his ideas off of. Patting the pillow beside him, Namjoon offered you a sneak peek of his latest project. “So I read this book right? There are two boys, two realms, and this weird bird…”


Your goal was to get a double chin video to post online as revenge for the many, many, many pictures he’d posted of you drooling. But the borrowed camera was a little heavier than you’d anticipated, and since you had no idea how to work the zoom button you very nearly dropped it on your Hobi’s precious face while trying to get a close up. He awoke with murder in his eyes, but immediately softened when he saw it was only you. Too sleepy to say much, he just turned off the camera, set it aside, and pulled you down to rest on his chest. “Take a nap with me, I don’t even mind if you leave a puddle.”


*who dares disturb my slumber* He’s pissed, there is no humor in this situation. Yoongi had just fallen asleep after hours of struggling with a stubborn track, and then here you come to torture him. Probably drunk, humming the Mission Impossible theme, and tripping over shoes left in the doorway. Yoongi pinched the bridge of his nose and took a deep breath to keep himself somewhere within the general range of calm. Too exhausted to scold or clobber you, he just rolled himself into a ball and said to turn the light off on your way out. Quickly turning off his new camera(which you weren’t supposed to have), you tiptoed backwards out of the room and did as he asked.


You were nearly late for work but couldn’t bring yourself to wake Jin as you got out of bed, so you spent several minutes inching out of his grasp and then quickly placed your biggest toy where you had been. Jin snuggled it closer immediately, nuzzling into the soft plush. You couldn’t resist getting a quick video of the moment, and his eyes fluttered open at your giggle. Smiling up at you, he asked you to stay a little while longer. You never could say no to Jin, and ended up calling in sick.

Little Devil

//Jongdae x you ❤️

Word count: 1,508

Warning: toys

So I guess my inspiration works a little… Differently let’s say. Because everybody is head over heels with this thing, and I am as well, but yeah, I see Jongdae all squishy and happy, and my brain answers with: yeah, kinky sex, let’s go with toys.

He cracks up. His eyes disappear into small crescents behind his round glasses (fake ones, you know he did lasik years ago), his mouth falls open in the process, giving you a nice view of his perfect, white teeth and pink tongue. He throws his head back, and you watch him, not amused, over your tea. You’ve chosen the warm version, even though you were suggested taking the iced one, and you regret your decision. Your cheeks are burning and you wish to have something cold to put it to your face.

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Daichi: He would like to do something semi-active, but not too much. Walking in a park or spending the day at the beach would be more his speed. This gives him the perfect time to bond with his partner while the two of you are enjoying the day out.

Kuroo: He seems like the type that would just want to chill out. He would invite his partner over to his house and order food for the two of them. They would kick back and watch movies or play video games together.

Oikawa: This boy would practically pamper his partner to death. He would give them special massages, make some delicious food, and he would even go as far as preparing a bubble bath for the two of them. 

Bokuto: He would love to take his partner on wild and crazy dates! His favorite things to do are probably laser tag, kayaking, and running around an amusement park all day. He’ll take you pretty much anywhere that will have your hearts racing and adrenaline pumping through your veins.

Ushijima: Although this seems slightly boring, he would like to keep things somewhat traditional. He would take his partner to try out new restaurants, star gazing, or he would even like to just invite you over to his house and have a nice date there. As long as the two of you get to spend time together he’s happy.