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Arcusaurus by thewoodparable!

Asylosaurus by thewoodparable!

Efraasia by artisticthingem!

Nambalia by thewoodparable!

Pampadromaeus by thewoodparable!

Pantydraco by thewoodparable!

Plateosauravus by thewoodparable!

Ruehleia by thewoodparable!

Thecodontosaurus by askedmontonia!

Agnosphitys by thewoodparable!

Chromogisaurus by askedmontonia!

Saturnalia by spinosaurus-the-fisher!

Panphagia by askedmontonia!

Guaibasaurus by thewoodparable!

Unaysaurus by artisticthingem!

Plateosaurus by thewoodparable!

Plateosaurus also by thewoodparable!

Plateosaurus by spinosaurus-the-fisher!

Plateosaurus by sheriff-kyle!

Riojasaurus by thewoodparable!

Eucnemesaurus by askedmontonia!

Euskelosaurus by thewoodparable!

Jaklapallisaurus by thewoodparable!

Sarahsaurus by askedmontonia!

Glacialisaurus by artisticthingem!

Coloradisaurus by askedmontonia, spinosaurus-the-fisher, and fezraptor!

Massospondylus by askedmontonia!

Massospondylus by redtallin!

Massospondylus by dirntbag!

Massospondylus by bookrat!

Massospondylus by ryuukiba!

Massospondylus by a-salute2satire!

Lufengosaurus by asklokiande!

Pradhania by askedmontonia and thewoodparable!

Adeopapposaurus by radicalestes!

Leyesaurus by radicalestes!

“Thotobolosaurus” by fezraptor!

Xixiposaurus by thewoodparable!

Xixiposaurus by snowysauropteryx!

Yunnanosaurus by thedigitalfeather!

Yunnanosaurus by mybelovedtwinflower!

Yimenosaurus by loveoperaphan!

Jingshanosaurus by fezraptor!

Seitaad by thecarnalscientist-jt!

Gryponyx by dinofloof!

Anchisaurus by ohshitikilledbaurus!

Fendusaurus by spinosaurus-the-fisher!

Aardonyx by mymissedcalling!

Aardonyx by cherry-bubblegum!

Chuxiongosaurus by spinosaurus-the-fisher!

Ammosaurus by tepuitrouble!

Ammosaurus by euphreana!

Ammosaurus by rafallerart!

Leonerasaurus by cake-of-awesome!

Mussaurus by askedmontonia!

Mussaurus by wanderingnork!

Sefapanosaurus by spinosaurus-the-fisher and artisticthingem!

Sefapanosaurus by packymae!

Lessmsaurus by moonofthestrawberries!

Melanorosaurus by fireflysummers!

Antetonitrus by keberyna!

Camelotia by comicbookmama!

Blikanasaurus by eomao!

And finally, Gyposaurus by ryuukiba!

HOJLY CRAP that is a lot of art!!!! I seriously appreciate each and every artist that has helped contribute to this project. It’s been amazing, and you guys have definitely helped in the cause of increasing feathered dinosaur reconstructions! 

Here’s to the beginning of Sauropod Perdition! WOOOOO! 

I might not need to scramble for feather art but there are a lot of obscure taxa and quite a few of them look nearly identical! LET THE FUN BEGIN!

But the main point is, thank you to all of these wonderful artists for your help; this blog literally would not be the same quality without you guys ^_^

How to Not Fall in Love with a Winchester

You should definitely avoid ever looking at either of them. Do not notice the strong line of Dean’s jaw or the sharpness of Sam’s cheek bones. Don’t look into Sam’s eyes when they are filled with emotion. Don’t notice that Dean’s eyes are sometimes the exact color of a midwestern sky just before a summer tornado. Don’t admire the way Sam’s shoulders hunch over dusty books while he researches for a case. And you should not let yourself enjoy watching Dean’s lips wrap around the neck of a beer bottle when he takes a drink. Don’t ever focus on the way Sam’s forehead wrinkles when he raises his eyebrows or how his adam’s apple dips when he clenches his jaw. Don’t think about Dean’s freckles or his stupid adorable smirk. Don’t watch Dean walk. Trust me, just don’t. Avoid looking at Sam when he’s sprawled over a chair. 

Don’t go to a bar with them. Or a diner. Don’t let them buy you a cup of coffee because then you’ll probably notice how Sam’s hands make that coffee mug look like a child’s toy. Don’t look at Dean when he smiles with his tongue just visible behind his perfect teeth and his eyes crinkling at the corners. Don’t imagine what he looks like when he bites his bottom lip. Don’t go for a ride in their car because then you’ll just be asking for it. Don’t watch Dean while he drives, tapping his thumbs on the steering wheel in time with the classic rock spilling from the speakers. Don’t look at Sam’s long legs folded into the passenger seat, his head practically hitting the ceiling. And under all circumstances, avoid seeing Sam smile; those dimples will definitely do you in.

Especially don’t imagine what they look like under all that flannel and denim. Don’t even think about what it would be like to run a hand through Sam’s hair or the way his hands would feel on your skin. Don’t imagine what it would be like to feel his lips on yours, to feel his hand wrapped around the back of your skull or cupping your ass, pressing you against him. Do not imagine Dean lifting you up, wrapping your legs around his waist, his fingers digging into your hips possessively. You also shouldn’t imagine what it would be like if Dean took you up against a wall or what it would be like to have Sam’s head between your legs. Don’t ever let them wink at you (you might implode).

But most of all, don’t listen to their stories—about how they kill monsters and demons. About how they save innocent lives everyday. About how they saved the world once. About how they always save each other. Don’t ever imagine them saving you from a supernatural being. Avoid realizing the expanse of the guilt they carry for every person they could not save, for all their loved ones that have died, for letting each other down. Don’t let them show you the depth of love they have for each other, how either would do anything for the other, how all either wants to do is sacrifice his own life so his brother can live. Don’t talk to them about growing up together in cheap hotel rooms and a chevy impala, when all they had was each other. Don’t let them tell you stories about their prank wars or their teenage dares. Don’t let Dean tell you about how he will always always look out for Sammy. Don’t let Sam tell you that Dean is his hero.

Just don’t do any of that, okay? If you don’t do any of that, I promise you’ll be fine.


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she got them when she was in college

sensory issues run in the family it turns out thank u momther

brokenbluetopaz asked:

I love so much your tumblr, you write very well, I love reading your fanfics.I created this Tumblr to follow you and try my luck with my drawings here. <33



Welcome to Tumblr! I can’t wait to see your drawings! <3

If you ever have a fanfic request, then please send it to me! I’ll try my best to get to it! 

(Although I’ll admit, I’ve been pretty lazy lately, ha ha. Summer makes me wanna nap all day and laze around.)