even if you're not there

  • <p> <b>Google:</b> Nothing can be worse than our restricted mode on YouTube<p/><b>Tumblr:</b> Hold my beer<p/></p>

Julie’s really following Even’s day with willhell….

  • You: Yurio has too much screen time
  • Me, an intellectual: Yurio is the third core character of the series, shown both by his inclusion in the opening credits and by the fact that he and Yuri share the same name in a thematic break from the One Steve Limit, because they are both Yuris On Ice

also if you’re gonna come at liam for tweeting about his video at this moment please shut the fuck up?? y’all act like you know everything about their lives??? as if liam doesn’t feel sorry for robin’s family just because he happened to tweet about his video right after we learned the sad news???? have you considered that maybe he had no idea about it like the rest of us???? harry’s rep already stated that the family need privacy and time and y’all think leaving nasty comments under liam’s tweet is going to make harry feel better or what???? or do you think you’re actually being more “respectful” than what liam did??????? get over yourself

okay, can i rant? because i am so fucking pissed at fall out boy right now. like why would you make to where it was so difficult to listen to the song? and then we listen to the song and its…not worth it??? like, i’m sorry, but that was one of the most basic fall out boy songs (aside from centuries) i’ve ever heard. what the fuck was that. why make a basic ass song so fucking difficult to listen to? why keep a majority of your fanbase from listening to it? many people do not have access to spotify or itunes for whatever reason? so just put it on youtube?? like a normal person??? thank you??


                                    modern companions + period costumes


….People are either charming or tedious.

Wishing Josie (@josay) a very happy birthday!! (21.05)