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//Almost two weeks into June and I just took my time to draw something pride-related ffff-

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oh??? lizzy is also a protagonist in kuro? i always thought she was a supporting character, well, an awesome supporting character

Ahhh sorry for the confusion Anon! Ciel and Seb are obviously the only “main characters" as in “protagonists”, but I just meant to say that Elizabeth and UT were the most important/recurring characters to the plot after them. :) Which is why I call them…

the “4 main characters”. :)

I hope it makes more sense. Have a nice day Anon!

Shoutout to the people who developed an interest in saving the bees through prior interests.

Like, maybe you’re really into Sherlock Holmes, or practice witch stuff, or hell even if you watched a certain movie heavily featuring Jerry Seinfeld whose name we shall not mention. The important part is that whatever it was made you want to increase your awareness about the importance of our bee friends, and that’s awesome. 🐝

hello lovely friends who follow me for some reason 5k of you think this is a good idea and i think that’s pretty damn cool!! thank you so so so so much for sticking around with me and being lovely and sending me messages even though i don’t do a lot of interesting stuff around here anymore!! this blog has changed my life in some pretty ridiculous ways. it is a privilege to be hanging out here with all of you and screaming about harry styles, tbh!!!!! and i guess as i way to thank you all since most of you were originally here for fic you might wanna click here and just see where that takes you!!


Let’s have a good round of applause for some other fellow YouTubers! A stoic af Dutchmen and an eternally sugar high American! YouTuber Ned really satisfies me in a way I cannot explain… And yes, their Minecraft skins are their canon clothes!

Also, Nor is suspiciously good at games and no one knows why. 

Burnt Fries


warnings: morbid and detailed, Jihoon isn’t just cute here anymore, he literally changed in 360 degrees according to Ong.

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I don’t give a shit if you disagree with each other and I don’t even care if you have to argue constantly about this disagreement I just don’t understand why you have insult each other so much? What the hell does a person being ‘ugly’ or a 'bitch’ or a 'motherfucker’ have anything to do with your God damn discourse!? I mean I can handle you guys getting all passionate for reasons you truly believe in – even if I don’t agree with what you’re preaching – but throwing meaningless insults at someone isn’t defending your beliefs. It’s being nasty for the sake of being nasty and hiding it behind a 'cause’. It’s not about fighting for your ideas or trying to sway people’s minds for whatever greater good you envision, its about senselessly attacking people to hurt them. And that’s really fucking harmful.

And if you come across something or someone you disagree with, then by all means write out your hate filled replies BUT FUCKING WAIT BEFORE YOU SEND THEM. Go ahead and rant and rave in private, bitch to your friends, punch a pillow, scream 'fuck’ into the void, BUT PLEASE WAIT BEFORE YOU PUT YOUR IDEAS INTO WORDS! Please hold back until your mind is clear and your argument is logical and concise and not filled with irrational shit like 'go kill yourself’.

Because even if you think the other people are 'shitheads’ or 'bitch ass hoes’ what the fucking hell gives you the right to bring them down, what you don’t like their ideas? Cool, now argue with fact and logic not underhanded insults which only serve to demean your own argument. Remember all the times YOU have been called something horrible for your ideas and then remember how that made you feel. And instead of lashing out like a child be the mature one. STOP THIS FUCKING CYCLE OF NEGATIVITY AND HARMFULNESS BECAUSE ALL IT DOES IS MAN THINGS WORSE. You all keep talking about the 'toxic environments’ that fandoms have created but you just keep contributing to it anyway.

AND TO THOSE WHO ARE ADULTS THAT ARE ATTACKING CHILDREN? YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES. Instead of trying to guide these kids into maybe thinking healthier or whatever, you insult them and destroy them. That’s not okay. And I’m not trying to single just one side out here because ANTIS AND PROS CAN BE JUST AS BAD AS EACH OTHER!!!! I’ve seen anti and pro arguments that have actually swayed me. I’ve seen anti and pro arguments that have made me ashamed of sharing the same view as them. IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT SIDE YOU ARE ON JUST BE RESPECTFUL.

I generally dont like to get into discourse because honestly that shit is poisonous and I have this policy of live and let live, if you dont like something then keep yourself AWAY from it and don’t let it get to you. And if you feel attacked by what someone says about your beliefs then stop listening to those people. But of course I know there are people out there who just can’t help it. So what I’m asking you, fucking pleading with you to do, is to not let this trend of fighting hate with hate continue. Argue with logic, validate your ideas with facts. Be the bigger person. Because people are being seriously harmed from these experiences and I you make someone WANT TO KILL THEMSELF then you need to re-evaluate if being right is worth being a terrible person.

Don’t delete all of your old writing. Some of it, yeah, if you want. But don’t delete all of it, because it’s important to see how much you’ve improved, especially on days when you feel bad about your writing. Because look how far you’ve come! You can’t give up now.

Muffet art, because why not.

But I lost ideas (because I drew all ideas I had), so do you have some?

Now I can say what sky is beautiful tonight (it’s 9 pm when I was making this post), so maybe I’ll drew something with stars I guess.

Stay Determined :)

Guess what!

You’re doing amazing :) you woke up today!! And you turned on your phone or tablet or computer and you got on tumblr!! And sometimes that’s a pretty big deal ^-^ so good job! You’re doing wonderful :) I hope your day is as awesome as you cause you deserve it, okay? You really do ^-^

A peek into history: The founding of Watchpoint Gibraltar

by Atlas News Staff  04/14/2077

Omniums clustered around high population centres, dozens in Europe alone, have turned from a shining beacon for the future into the gates of hell.
By building factories close to big cities Omnica Corp promised to create more jobs, but the truth is they never solved the problems of shipping their creations long-distance.

While families on TV shook hands with Omnium supervisors before taking their omnic home like a dog from the pound, the military had their own facilities, building Bastion and Seeker units for battles they no longer had to fight themselves. Victimless wars they called it. A golden era they said it was.
But underneath the golden patina lay lead and it poisoned the land.

The year is 2047 and the Omnic Crisis shows no signs of slowing down.

The military no longer employs human soldiers, quickly drafted recruits no match for the weapons of mass destruction in the hands of God Programs.
The omnics lay Europe to waste, marching ever south. Millions die in the first year alone. Humanity faces extinction.

Then, the news. Overwatch is coming. A Strike Team, better and more ferocious in battle than anything seen before. They have won key victories in South America, Canada, the former USA. 
For Europe they come too late. Governments have ceased to exist, civilians have become refugees. There’s little left to save.

The remains of Europe’s militaries only have to hold out. If they bunker down they can save their own lives until Overwatch arrives.
Instead they turn south.

The Omnic Warmachine marches towards Africa, almost untouched by the war so far. Poor Africa was never Omnica Corps target demographic and as a result, few Omniums are scattered across the continent. A point of chagrin, envy even, has become a blessing.
Under Leutnant Wilhelm the Crusaders call for a last stand at Gibraltar, to stall the Omnic forces until Overwatch arrives.
12 000 soldiers from all over Europe make it to Gibraltar.
153 survive the massacre.

But no Omnic sets foot on African ground that day.

Overwatch comes and saves the day and humanity from extinction.

After the war Reinhardt Wilhelm and Torbjörn Lindholm, two survivors of what is still dubbed Europe’s Last Stand, ask for one thing in return for their service: That the Numbani Coalition help rebuild their homes.

Aided by cutting edge technology several African and Middle Eastern countries provide funds and people to rebuild Europe’s cities from scratch.
Self-sufficiency and carbon-neutrality are the words of the day, and while nature reclaims tens of thousands of small towns and hamlets, sprawling metropolises pop up on Europe’s landscape with little to remind of their once historic origins.

The thousand year old city of Stuttgart has been reduced to ashes, but in the place of history millions have found a sustainable new home, surrounded by fields of grass and miles of forest.

Historians point to many ways in which Europe redeemed itself for centuries of colonisation during its final days. Even before the Crisis Europe’s leaders agreed to stop undercutting African economy with their own cheap exports, along with many more political and economic decisions, thereby giving a continent a fighting chance. But it was the Crusaders’ Redemption at Gibraltar that went down in history.

To commemorate their sacrifice Overwatch built a Watchpoint in Gibraltar in honor of the twelve thousand that rallied to a call, not to protect their own burning homes but strangers they’d never seen and that most never would.

In a speech given just weeks after the war, Reinhardt Wilhelm states:

“The spirit of Overwatch was born that day. We care for others, we work together. We watch over all.”

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