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Request: Can you do a Bucky x Reader X Steve fluff(maybe smut), where the reader needs help with a world history unit about World War Two and they go to them??? And they fight over who’s going to help the reader??

Pairing: Bucky x Reader x Steve

Warnings: none rlly (I’m so fucking sorry, ik you probably wanted smut but the cold hard truth is I fucking suck ass at writing smut and I don’t want to make y’all cringe)

A/N: Hello my name is Victoria Martinez (just call me Tori), I was born on December 25th, 1999 (I’m 17), I love reading and writing, I have a fucked up sense of humor, I attend Primavera online high school bc public school gave me bad anxiety, panic attacks, made my depression worsen and much much more. I only have one friend (I’m a loser, I know), and ye homies. If ya have any questions for me/about me I’ll be happy to answer them. I just want you guys to get to know me better.

Putting down your pen, you release and frustrated sigh. You had to write a 5 paged essay about World War 2 for your World History class that was due at the end of the week (granted that your professor gave you nearly 3 weeks to work on it). You look down at your paper and read over what you had wrote down.


March 8th, 2017

World History

The Second World War

That was it. Your mind went completely blank after that. You looked over your notes once. Then twice. Now nearly six times and still nothing. You tried reading the articles your professor suggested but to no avail.

You pick up your pen again, tapping it on your desk before dropping it and throwing your head back, not forgetting to let out a loud groan. You couldn’t put this aside any longer - you’ve already done that for two weeks.

“What the fuck am I supposed to do?” you mutter into your hands. You didn’t want to look at that god awful paper again. Then, an idea hit you. “Friday, where’s Bucky - or Steve?”

“Mr. Barnes and Mr. Rogers are in the living room.”


You stand up, taking your pen and notebook with you as you rush down the hall. Nearly slipping twice, you make it to the living room and spot the two men sitting on the couch while watching some movie.

You tuck your hair behind your ear and walk around the couch, waving your hand to catch their attention. “Hey guys.”

“Hey Y/N.” Bucky spoke first, throwing a handful of popcorn in his mouth.

“We just started watching this.. Kids cartoon, I think. It’s called Sausage Party. You can join us if you want.” Steve added, glancing over at you.

You laugh. “You’re in for a rude awakening, my friend.” he looks at you with confusion written all over him but you decide to move on. “Um.. I actually came here to ask for your help - or Bucky’s.”

At the mention of his name, he looks over at you.

“What is it?” Steve asked, turning his body towards you as you took a seat on the far end of the couch.

“I have this five paged essay to turn in at the end of the week about World War Two but I dunno I’m just having a hard time doing it.” you sigh. “I mean, I’ve gone over my notes so many times and I’ve read the articles but-”

“The articles are bullshit.” Bucky says. “They always have the wrong information.”

“Which is why I came to you guys for help.” you gesture to them. “Maybe you can put it in a way that I’ll understand? Since, you know, you guys were there and all.”

Steve makes a face. “Sure, I can help you.”

“It’s cool, Steve. I can help her.” Bucky sits up, body now turned towards you.

Steve turns to his friend. “No, it’s fine Buck. I’ve got this.”

“Steve, I can do this. I was there.” he smiled and you knew they were about to start arguing.

“Well so was I.”

“Yeah but,” Bucky scoffs. “I was there.”

Steve frowns, crossing his arms over his chest. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It mean that… Well..” Bucky pauses, trying to word it correctly but Steve interrupts.

“I was in that war, Bucky.” he spoke.

“Yeah but you weren’t there in the beginning, I was.”

Steve huffed. “It’s not my fault that I was a skinny man and no one..” his voice became background noise when Bucky sighed.

“Here we go again.” he rolled his eyes before preparing for the conversation. “No one said it was your fault, Steve.”

“Well obviously you are because-”

“Steve, don’t start.”

Steve pursed his lips like an immature child. “You don’t think I was a good enough soldier.”

“Oh god.” Bucky breathed, closing his eyes for a split second before looking at Steve. “I never said that.”

“You didn’t have to.” he huffed. “I only saved your life, nothing too major.” sarcasm laced his words and you had to slap a hand over your mouth to prevent you from laughing. You’ve never seen Steve get like this before and it was honestly hilarious.

“You wanna go there? Fine, let’s go there.” Bucky sat on the edge of his seat. “You let me fall of the damn train.”

Steve gasped. “I did not!”

“You did!”

“I tried to get you Bucky!”

“Well you didn’t try hard enough and because of that, I fell off the train, lost my arm and was captured by Hydra.” the soldier crossed his arms.

“Don’t blame this all on me!” Steve shouted.

Deciding that you should stop them from arguing, you interrupt.

“Hey uh, I really need help with that five paged essay. Really important.” you say, causing the two to become silent as they glare at one another.

“I’m helping Y/N.” Bucky spoke.

“No, I am.” Steve hissed.

“You weren’t even there for the first part of it, how could you-”

“Oh, I’m sorry that I was too damn skinny to be enlisted, Bucky!”

“Don’t go there!”

“You already did!”

“You think you’re Mr. Perfect? You didn’t even bother looking for me after I fell!” Bucky argued.

“I thought you were dead!”

He scoffed. “Well clearly I’m not.” he gestures to himself.

“Bucky, I’ll help Y/N because unlike you, I was there till the end.” he smiled sweetly.

“You little shit-”

They start bickering back and forth and finally realizing that you would get help from neither of them, you up and leave the living room, bumping into Tony and Sam along the way.

“What are the old men arguing about?” Tony questioned.

You wave your hand. “Something about Steve leaving his condom wrappers out in the open.”

Tony looks at Sam. “I told you Rogers was getting laid!”

Sam rolls his eyes and they continue on their way towards the elevator. You make it to your room and you’re about to shut the door when you hear Bucky’s voice.

“Where’s Y/N?”

There was a pause.

“See, I told you, you were gonna scare her off!”

Me? More like you scared her off!”

“Don’t turn this on me, Bucky! If you-”

And you shut the door.

A/N: I didn’t know how to end this so ye. I hope ya guys like it, it was pretty fun to write. Tell me what at think :)


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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child has changed my life.


I’m Maia and I’m 22 years old. I’m a cancer biology PhD student so my days are pretty academically demanding and sometimes pretty emotional. I am the biggest geek: I was bullied all through school because of it and that left me with shitty self-esteem which did (more or less) repair itself during uni. I’ve loved Harry Potter since I was 7 years old and I am Hermione Granger. (No, seriously, sometimes I quote her without even meaning to). 

I took this photo the day the banners and that famous nest went up at the Palace. I stopped writing my masters dissertation, took the afternoon off and decided I needed to see it. I got a little tingle. [No, I’m not wearing make-up, get over it!].

I didn’t have a ticket until March 2017. However, I am a Ravenclaw (with a lot of Slytherin) so I decided I was going to see it and I was going to see it during the previews! I was on twitter constantly and I finally found someone selling one as their sister could no longer go. She wanted face value and someone who was a big fan to sit with so I fitted the bill and I was going to see Cursed Child on June 25th. 

I had butterflies for WEEKS. 

Safe to say that I LOVED IT, and was sat in the middle of the Grand Circle, which is a great place for first timers as you see everything. As soon as it started I cried because HARRY WAS BACK AND RIGHT THERE. And for the first time in my life I had a character that I could relate to looks even slightly like me in Noma’s Hermione. I cried and cried during the play and when I got home that night. Before this play I wasn’t a big crier, it has changed me. 

A week later I bumped into Sam and Anthony while I was slightly drunk on the street and sort of lost my mind a bit, which should’ve been a tell-tale sign that this play was about to be my next obsession. I mean bloody hell, I am an educated, level-headed young women and I was crying because some boy liked my tweet.

I knew I needed to see the play again. I also knew there were no tickets but I’d read on Twitter that the returns queue was a viable option. We got to the theatre at 5am on the Wednesday after the gala and were lucky! Row F of the stalls (Probably the best seats I’ve sat in during this whole thing).

The play moved me even more the second time and my stage door experience was INSANELY good. This cast are the most generous, brilliant, kind people I’ve been lucky enough to meet. This time I got to meet Noma. I had a speech ready to say to her but then she recognised me from Twitter and knew me by name so I panicked and said nothing useful. (I even had to call my mum afterwards because this shook me so much). Noma I have told you a million times how much I love you but you’ve honestly made me a better, more confident person and I’ll remember that forever. Maybe someday I’ll post a picture the letter I wrote her.

Following this amazing day I went to see the play once more with a friend and then started to build a bit of a twitter friendship group. First I met Fuschia, who is such a brilliant Slytherin who I treasure dearly. Then a girl called Adriana followed me and sounded like she’d been having a shitty week. So I messaged her to say I had access to some tickets and wondered if she wanted to come. For a split second after sending the message I panicked that she would think I was weird and would just say no and unfollow me but we ended up going together. I’m so grateful it worked out because I can’t imagine my life without her now. Adriana then introduced me to Iona who splash landed into my life and has been stirring it up in amazing ways since. 

We then proceeded to start script reading and drinking wine at 3pm. We ended up meeting up with Gemma who we nearly scared off because we were very intoxicated and loud but (thank God) she stayed and is now a beautiful friend. 

This is Adriana hugging a pillar outside the palace at like midnight which sums up October, when I went to see the play 5 times because you’re all fucking insane. 

At some point during this drunken month I met Jack (I think this was we love the spare night), who is the wittiest, loveliest friend now. But I’m still slightly concerned that he came and stayed at my house for the Fantastic Beasts premiere after only meeting me once, piss drunk at stage door. I mean I know I’m ok… 

At the FB premiere we told all the press that we were most excited to see Jeremy Ang Jones and got unnecessarily excited to see the cast even though we’d met them at stage door about 300 times. This was probably the first time the cast recognised us and I realised just how deep I was into this fandom. 

We then picked up Emily, Miriam, Megan, Steph and Anna and somehow acquired the name “Cursed Child Inner Circle” which we promise sounds more cult-like that it actually is! (We now prefer HP Love Crew because this isn’t a cult.)

On December 17th, 2016 we all went to see the play together. It was a ticket buying feat. We had to pool all our skills. Jack came down (JACKS IN TOWNNN) and we all had the BEST day hanging out together. 

When we’re in, we whoop and cheer and clap and try to bring the audience up to our excitement level. The security can’t believe how excited we still look whenever we walk in but we still are so SO excited! 

Since then, Susy B and Manon have joined our group and I’m loving getting to know you two!

Something about Cursed Child had clearly struck a chord with me. This is a genius production- I have honestly cried more than once because the lighting looks so beautiful with the cloaks in the movement sequences and the music brings up emotions which I didn’t know I needed to feel. The fact that the crux of the play is two geeky losers having their first adventure really resonates with me because that’s kinda where I am in my life now. My obsession with the play coincided with me starting my PhD and moving out of my parents house to living with friends. As much as I could’ve watched every play in the West End with the money I’ve spent on this one, it has been so important for me to really get to know these characters. 

More than anything, Scorpius’s character development throughout the play from a fidgety, confused kid to someone who walks up to Rose and asks her out (however much I don’t ship that) is something that I’ve gone through in these 7 months. I’ve met so many new people, allowed myself to get to know them, pushed myself out of my science-y world and allowed myself to really start feeling things. I’ve got a lot of comments from family saying that I’m so outgoing now, people who can’t believe how social I’m being and this play is to thank for that. I’ve been confident enough to go to writing and spoken work workshops (god, I’m even going to a performance workshop this week) and push myself so far out of my comfort zone in ways I never thought I would.

But this is so much due to the amazing friends I’ve made. Every single one of you has made these past few months the best of my life. You’re all so unique and beautiful. I feel honoured to have witnessed us all grow into more unapologetic, geeky fangirls and blessed to see you grow in your lives. I know that I will be able lean on you for support and encouragement as I embark on PhD insanity and I hope you all trust that I will do my best to be just as good of a friend. The love and support that comes out of this group has strengthened me. We all come from different places, we’re different ages, we have different dreams but we’re all on our way up to great things and I’m so excited that I get to see where we all go and live it with you. I can’t believe this play brought us together but I’m so SO glad I have you all now.

I love you CCIC.


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Putting this under a read-more because it’s 2,600 words long

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Swifthaal/Gyllenswift Timeline 2010

Following the modifications of the Buzzfeed article about Taylor last week, I decided to make a timeline of Taylor and Jake Gyllenhaal’s relationship. (Might be helpful for the newbies, you got to understand the PR side of her short-lived ‘relationships’.)

Do I think that it was a real relationship? No, I believe that it was purely a PR stunt, though somewhat more believable than Connor, Harry, Calvin and Tom (IMO). Now, this brings State of Grace, All Too Well, WANGBT, The Moment I Knew, and other songs on the table. Did she write those songs about him? Who knows; she wrote them, not me. Anyway, I’ll explain more after the timeline (at the bottom). 

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you gave me back life and love


lemme be sappy for a minute here

i left fandom in 2012. i LEFT. i didn’t post a damn thing anywhere anymore, i certainly wasn’t writing any fic, and the way depression was going for me, i did not believe i would ever be back. this was, mind you, after i literally came of age in fandom, so it was an extremely influential part of my life from age 12 to age 22. i also quit skating, which i’d been doing from 17 to 22.

when you go from writing every day to barely writing at all—for five years straight—it feels like you forgot how to do it, and the urge to keep trying gets smaller and smaller until it’s gone.

a lot happened in those five years, mostly dark and sad. but then it started to get better—therapy, cool. meds that worked, awesome. but even though my life was no longer a trash fire, the writing and skating didn’t come back. and i tried not to think about it, because it hurt too much to have lost those things.

my friends started telling me to watch YOI in october or november. i was busy and still kinda depressed and i kept brushing it off… and then in december i suddenly fucking mainlined it, and for the first time in five years i felt that spark ignite again. i couldn’t stop thinking about YOI. the show was over and i wanted more. so i worked up EVERY OUNCE of courage, wrote like 600 words of victuuri, and threw that shit on Ao3. while panicking, tbh. …and a few people read it and liked it. wait, okay, so maybe i hadn’t forgotten EVERYTHING about writing?

i finally read one otayuri fic and my mind LIT THE FUCK UP, and i got back on tumblr and suddenly i was writing every day without even trying. i couldn’t NOT write.

…because of you. you friendly, loving, kindhearted, encouraging bunch of people. i’ve never met a fandom like you, so dedicated to holding each other up. you read my shit and you commented and you followed me. and you messaged me and you said kind things to me and you told me it was going to be okay. you made me feel like i could write again. all of you are so dear to me, every follower and commenter and blog i ever interact with. i’m literally crying right now because i don’t understand why this is happening to me, why this level of GOOD is flooding into my life. all i want to do is pass it on. i don’t understand why things are going to be okay, but for the first time in so long, i know that they will be okay.

maybe 300 is not that big of a number to some people, idk, i don’t really have a frame of reference. to me it’s unbelievable. this has never happened to me before and i don’t know what to do with it but love you all as hard as i can.

please never think your effect on the world is too small to matter. you rarely know what other people are going through; how much even a short keysmashed comment on their fic or a like on their post might mean to them. you all mean so much to me. come to me anytime, i mean it. sometimes i am slow to answer, but i see you and i care and if you need someone, i’m here for you. thank you for being here for me. <3

Yuri on Ice interview translation - Spoon 2Di vol.21 (p22-27)

Here you have the loooong interview with Mitsurou Kubo that was featured on Spoon 2Di vol.21 (released at the end of December). It was 6 pages on the magazine… I know that some bits have already spread around, but it’s a very interesting one so I really wanted everyone to read it in full and not just tidbits, hence I translated it first even though I still haven’t finished the previously released magazines (sorry again Georgi..). It’s also the first interview with her published after the end of the series, so with comments covering up to the very end and the “future” too!

EDIT: I originally referred to the manga storyboard drawn by Kubo as “name”, which is how it’s technically called in Japanese, but it seems that it was a little confusing, therefore I changed it back to “storyboard”.

Obviously this will be the last interview of the year. In Japanese “happy new year” (before the old year has ended) is said “yoi otoshi wo” (よいお年を), therefore I necessarily need to make a stupid pun and say to you all “YOI otoshi wo!”. Let’s hope that the next year is a “yoi” (=good) not to mention “YOI” one too! I’ll be back with more translations whenever I have time of course.

Enjoy! (it’s under the cut because it’s long)

***If you wish to share this translation please do it by reblogging or posting a link to it***

***Re-translating into other languages is ok but please mention that this post is the source***

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Life Lessons, chapter 2

Life Lessons masterlist

Mr Stan called to me. Sorry. I haven’t even read it over except for spelling mistakes, I’m just splurging it on the page so it’s probably rubbish!

Mr Stan has a great line in jumpers (blatant excuse to use one of my favourite pictures)

Nothing quite like walking into a meeting, late, with snot on your shoulder, to make you feel small. Non-parents 1, 2, and 3 all gave you that understanding head-tilt that you knew meant they were weighing up which one of them could get your job when you were fired/resigned due to stress.

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  • December 21, 2016
  • I saw your name in my notifications for the first time in a long time.
  • I had waited forever to hear from you again, yet when my phone was blowing up with messages from you, I was too scared to even touch it.
  • After you left the country, I promised myself I wouldn't let the pain stop me from opening my heart again. But there I was, afraid to even open a damn text.
  • I just sat there for half an hour, pretending like nothing's happening. When I finally gathered the courage to pick up my phone, I replied to a couple of other people first — delaying the impact — before I took a deep breath and opened your messages.
  • You said you missed me like hell, and that life has been treating you terribly. You apologized for staying away... you simply feel you have no control over anything... not just over your situation but over yourself too, whom you said I wouldn't be able to recognize anymore.
  • I don't know if I should be insulted or flattered that you think of me when you're at rock bottom. Insulted because you ONLY come to me when you need saving. Flattered because you come to ME when you need saving.
  • Even worse, I don't feel like you're coming back to ME. I feel like you're coming back to HURT ME some more. It's tragic that I now see your attention as a threat.
  • I went back and forth like a general strategizing for war. "If I reply to his messages he'll break my heart again. But if I don't, I wouldn't be able to forgive myself." Because despite how much I fear letting you in again, I couldn't bear the thought of you telling me how much you're suffering and then me doing nothing, saying nothing. So cold. So bitter. So heartless.
  • But the fear was too strong, so there was no way I could say "I miss you too" or "I'm here for you". Doing so would be opening myself up to torture.
  • I had to find a way to comfort you without making you think I'm ready to be broken by you again. So I wrote, "Your situation changed, but you're still you. Don't stop believing in yourself. I hope the New Year brings you better things. Good luck and take care."
  • And you noticed. You noticed that I replied two days later, when I used to reply in less than two seconds. You noticed that I wrote four sentences when I used to write four paragraphs. You noticed that I didn't include a heart, a kiss or even a smiley when I used to send you dozens. You noticed that I didn't call you love, babe or sweetheart. I didn't even mention your name. You noticed, and so you said "Thank you, dear", when you used to rant some more until you fall asleep.
  • We both know that by "Good luck and take care" I meant "Farewell", and that by "Thank you, dear" you meant "Goodbye".
  • I am very happy to have heard from you once more. But please, unless you wish to stay forever, don't ever knock on my door again. Because even though I still love you so much, I now love myself too.
My personal experience meeting Bobby

So to begin the reason I was able to meet Bobby was because of my best friend, whom I will refer to as Y in this post for her own privacy. A little background about her, her family and Bobby’s family are very close and have known each other for a while. Her family and Bobby’s family live very close together so they see each other often. Y went to school together with Bobby until he moved to Korea his sophomore year of high school to become a YG trainee. 


Y and I had planned on eating together on Saturday. Since Saturday was Bobby’s last day here though she wanted to make sure that I was able to meet him. He didn’t have enough time for lunch so we decided to go get snocream instead. She is the sweetest girl ever, she told me afterwards how she “was so scared that he wouldn’t have time to go out cause she really wanted me to see him.” So I got to snocream and went on the bus to meet Y and Bobby’s cousin, who I will refer to as JH. For the record, Y, JH, Bobby and I are all the same age. JH, Y, and I ordered our snocream and then went out to the car to wait cause it would take about 30 mins for our order to be ready.

I got in the car and the first thing I see is Bobby just curled up like a ball in the passenger seat which I thought was really funny. Y introduced me by saying “Ya Bobby this is my friend Madeline” so he turned around to say “annyeonghaseyo” and bowed his head at me before turning around. Y replied at him saying “she’s not korean” so he turned around and said hello instead haha. Before I got there apparently Y was telling Bobby how I was coming to eat snocream with them. Bobby asked “is she my fan?” and Y lied to him saying “no she has no idea who you are” to mess with him LOL. So when I got in the car he had no idea that I was his fan.

Since JH, Y, and I are all college students we talked about school and stuff. Y and I were telling JH that he should come visit us at our school and come to a party sometime. We proceeded to talk about drinking and such and Bobby said that he doesn’t like drinking cause he doesn’t like the taste. I told Bobby that I could change that if he came to visit Y and I at school and he laughed and smiled at him. According to Y, Bobby’s always wanted to come visit her at school to see what college is like but he never has enough time when he comes to the US. Also since he usually comes in December/January, Y and I are usually on winter break. I talked to Bobby and JH about Y’s drinking habits since they’ve never seen her drunk. I told them about she get’s really emotional and cries when she’s drunk which they thought was hilarious and couldn’t stop laughing. I showed them some pictures of her when she got really drunk and just some funny pictures of her in general which made them laugh. AND HE TOUCHED MY PHONE LIKE 3 TIMES, I was honestly freaking out internally. Anyways, the pictures weren’t the most attractive photos of her but Bobby and JH kept saying in korean to her that she’s the prettiest girl they’ve ever seen. Bobby even said that Y is prettier than Beyonce which was really nice and funny LOL.

While we were waiting Bobby kept saying how it was really hot in the car. The windows were fogging up from the heat so he start playing around and writing on the glass. First he wrote his signature on the windshield. After that he started playing around with the sun roof. JH, Y, and I were talking until we noticed he was up to something cause Bobby and Y’s younger brother couldn’t stop laughing. We looked up and they were drawing dicks on the sunroof glass. We all said that the dick they drew looked so small and sad so Bobby said he would draw a better one, He proceeded to draw the weirdest looking dick I have ever seen in my life. The dick he drew looked like a rounded edge upside-down triangle. After he was done all of us just burst out laughing saying what the fuck kind of dick is that. He got hot again so he would kept opening the car door to cool down. Eventually he decided to just get out and walk around the parking lot. At one point he randomly started dancing which was cute. 

A few minutes later we decided to go check on our order. So we all went on the bus to get our snocream before going back to the car to eat. Bobby had the honeydew flavor at first so when JH asked him how it was Bobby said it was a little too sweet for his taste. JH was nice enough to trade his taro with Bobby’s honeydew though. Bobby liked the taro better than the Honeydew. He started complaining about how it was cold now and kept putting his hands in this weird position cause they were cold from holding the snocream. After we finished eating we were trying to clean up all the cups and stack them together. They made Y’s younger brother do it cause he’s the maknae of the group haha. When he was trying to figure out how to do it Bobby told him to scoop the contents of one out into the other cup and called him a dumb (insert curse word here) in Korean as a joke which made everyone laugh hahaha.

Y and I got out of the car to throw away the cups. Y told Bobby to get out of the car to take a picture with me which he was confused about. Meanwhile I was starting my car and connected my phone to the audio system, my car started playing I Like 2 Party by Jay Park. He got out of Y’s car and heard the music playing and said something to Y about the music. I couldn’t hear exactly what he said but I definitely heard him ask something about Park Jaebum. Y told me that he was surprised because he didn’t know I was into kpop since Y didn’t tell him. So Y finally told him that I like kpop and that I was a fan of his and he said that he liked my shirt hehehe. You have no idea how happy I am that I wore that shirt on Saturday LOL. So I took a couple pictures with him before saying thank you and I told him he smelled good which made him smile at me haha. I’m a very straightforward person so I will say whatever’s on my mind so that’s why I said that to Bobby. Y came over and I hugged her for a while and saying goodbye and how I would miss her cause I probably won’t see her until I go back to school. Y kept saying “anajwo” to Bobby so he would give me a hug but I didn’t make a move and neither did he so it was just awkward haha. I waved goodbye to her and when I got to my car door I looked up at Bobby, who was looking at me, so I smiled and waved while he did the same back and ugh can I just say how adorable he was when he waved at me. 

Looking back I kind of regret not wishing him a safe trip back or that I look forward to his debut or something more fan like since he knew by that point that I was a fan haha. But for those of you wondering his English is good, he has not problems speaking English. He spoke mostly Korean though because I was the only non-Korean of the group so I’m sure he was more comfortable speaking Korean. He’s just a regular teenager honestly. He’s funny, dorky, chill, and nice. He’s very good looking in real life. Every time he smiled, my heart melted though cause he was way too adorable. It was nice to see the side of him that isn’t super bad ass rapper Bobby. Now that I have experienced both sides of him though it’s kind of hard to imagine how they are same person. Bobby can be a regular dorky guy or he can be this incredibly charismatic idol. I think we all forget about how all these idols are just regular human beings sometimes. 

Honestly I’m still stunned that I was able to meet him. Y always reassured me that she would make sure I met Bobby whenever he came to the US but I honestly never thought it would actually happen. I got so excited when she told me he was coming to the US. But after he arrived she wasn’t sure if I would be able to meet him for other reasons which I was a bit disappointed about I’m not going to lie. I tried to keep a positive outlook though, that there would be other opportunities to meet him cause I don’t like to be negative. But Friday night when I was texting her she was saying how she was trying to text him to see if he was free during the day on Saturday. She texted me the plan Saturday morning and no lie I was freaking out internally all the way to meet them. I couldn’t stop thinking about what would I say and what I should and should not say. 

Now that it’s actually happened and I’ve met my #1 bias, I am so grateful and I realized how lucky I truly am. This is literally a once in a lifetime opportunity that I was presented with and I’ll never be able to forget it. I’m so eternally grateful to my best friend for making it happen for me cause she knows how big of a Bobby fan I am even though she hates to hear about it haha. I think I’ve told her 3 times since I last saw her about how much I love her and how grateful I am for her being my best friend. So if you are reading this Y, although I doubt you would read all this shit, I LOVE YOU SO SO SO SO MUCH <3

But yeah that’s about it, if you still have any questions please don’t hesitate to send me an ask! I’m sorry it was so long but if I don’t write everything down I’m afraid that I will forget about it. I hope you all enjoyed hearing about my personal experience!

Been Thinking About You a Latte

Day 1 of 25 Days of Christmas


“You’re the cute and quiet customer that frequents the coffee shop where I’m a barista and also where my rival barista works and we’re both fighting for your attention in increasingly creative and inconspicuous ways (making foam art, writing cheesy pick-up lines on your napkin etc. etc.)”

One-shot based off the above prompt, found on ‘onetruepairingideas’.

Read it on AO3

A/N: I’ve decided to do a 25 days of Christmas where I basically post a one shot a day, from the 1st December till Christmas. Here’s the first one, I hope you enjoy it!

The clock ticked eight o'clock in the morning and Phil’s head shot up, looking around excitedly. His eyes lit up when they landed on their new customer and he quickly got the coffee machine started.

He heard a curse coming from near him and smirked. There was no way that he was going to let Mark win today. Twice in a week had been more than enough. He was about to serve some of their homemade biscuits in a plate when he noticed that their customer was already munching on a muffin.

“What the hell?” he mumbled under his breath. He had only been distracted for a minute. Phil shook his head in disappointment and focused his efforts on making the best ever coffee. He should have known better than to allow himself to get distracted.

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how can people think that nick wrote stay for selena? Don't they love her? She fucking cried because of that song it broke her heart

Sorry for the late reply but I haven’t really been on for the past two days and I wanted to take this ask as a chance to talk about Stay. Really talk about Stay. Actually, about both Nick’s Stay and Miley’s Stay. Yes, people (Nelena stans) think Stay was about her because he first performed it in January 2010 when they were dating again and she was attending that particular concert. And since she cried, every single one of them assumed it was because she got emotional over the song he wrote her. I couldn’t disagree more.

Let’s start with some context. As we all know, Miley and Nick definitely had some kind of reunion in 2009. It started with a hug on stage and the looks at the Golden Globes in January 2009, then lovely pics at the KCA in March, the lunch date in April, Miley’s breakup with Justin Gaston articles in early June, Before the Storm (the tweets about the writing, the live performance in June), the jet ski pics in potato camera quality (to my fellow Larry shippers: Wellington camera level, seriously), Send it on in the summer, Larry King with Joe’s confirmation (’Nobody’s as famous as Miley Cyrus’), then Miley’s enigmatic tweets and pics (which were actually pretty obvious) in August about love and talking to someone on the phone for hours, and missing someone (she was filming The Last Song at the time, so to those who think she was already in love with Liam and those were about him: sorry but no, because he was with her on set, sooo…). Then it basically all stopped and Miley turned up with Liam on the Wonder World Tour and Nick with Selena.

Now, on the WWT DVD, which was filmed in December 2009, at one point Miley sings a couple of verses from her Stay, which was on the Can’t be tamed album that came out about 6 months later, which means she had already written it/she was writing it. Nick first performed Stay live in early January 2010.

Now let’s talk about those lyrics. Nick’s Stay is literally a reply to Miley’s 7 things which the whole world knows it was about Nick.

7 things:

Your hand in mine when we’re intertwined, everything’s alright


Your hand in mine, babe,
Feels right somehow.

7 things:

the previous relationship we shared
It was awesome, but we lost it


We’ve had our past (I know),
let’s leave that behind.
Cause none of it lasts,
All that we have is tonight

7 things:

I probably shouldn’t say this
But at times I get so scared
When I think about the previous
Relationship we shared


I know you’re scared,
But I promise, babe,
I’m not who I was before.
Now the pain is done,
there’s no need to be afraid.
We don’t have time to waste,
Just tell me that you’ll stay.

I mean… yeah.

Besides, considering that he first performed it on January 7th, even though we don’t know when exactly he wrote it, I think it’s safe to say it could easily have been at the end of 2009. So whether it was written to try and prevent their second falling out or as a way to cope with their breakup, I’m quite convinced she had already performed it for Nick before, which makes me believe his Stay is a reply to hers and hers is not about Liam like she tried to convince the general public in those interviews to promote Can’t be Tamed (besides the fact that during the Gypsy Heart Tour she replied ‘it’s not that easy’ to a sign that said ‘if you ask Nick he’ll stay’). Why? Let’s look at Miley’s Stay lyrics for a second, shall we?

Well it’s good to hear your voice
I hope you’re doing fine
And if you ever wonder
I’m lonely here tonight
I’m lost here in this moment
And time keeps slipping by
And if I could have just one wish
I’d have you by my side
Ooh oh, I miss you
Ooh oh, I need you

Doesn’t this remind you of those phone calls and tweets in August? And wouldn’t it fit if they weren’t in a good place/had just broken up and she realized she still wanted to be with him by feeling the same as she did when they were together but physically apart back in August because he was on tour and she was on the set of a movie?

I love you more than I did before
And if today I don’t see your face
Nothing’s changed, no one can take your place
It gets harder, everyday
Say you love me more than you did before
And I’m sorry it’s this way

How could she say that about someone (Liam) she had never been in a relationship before? Someone she was dating for the first time in her life? Right, she couldn’t because it wouldn’t make any sense.

Well I try to live without you

Same thing here: how could she try to live without someone she had never been apart from before?

Nick’s Stay:

Beautiful, one of a kind.
You’re something special babe,
And don’t even realize
That you’re my heart’s desire.

Miley’s Stay:

I never wanna lose you
And if I had to I would choose you
So stay, please always stay
You’re the one that I hold onto
‘Cause my heart would stop without, you
[…] Nothing’s changed, no one can take your place

They were on the same page. For some reason even though things weren’t going so well they still needed each other and wanted to be with one another.

And finally…

Miley’s Stay:

And if you ask me I will stay, I will stay
I’ll always stay

Nick’s Stay:

Just tell me that you’ll stay.

He asked her to stay just like she wanted him to do, and to do that he basically replied to THE Niley breakup song which is 7 things. The one where she put all her anger and any type of feeling about her heartbreak.

Now, to (finally) get to the point: Selena is not stupid, she never was. She was just a bit naive maybe, but not stupid. When she heard that song all the pieces of the puzzle fit and she realized Nick was just using her once again to fill the void inside of him left by the breakup with Miley. She realized that just like in 2008 he wasn’t really into her, but just trying to cope with Miley’s absence, once again. She realized he probably wouldn’t ever feel the same way she felt about him, and love her as much as he loved Miley. And that, OF COURSE, broke her heart. That’s why she was crying. And that’s why by February 2010 we had articles about Nick and Selena’s breakup. The second and last breakup.

This turned out even longer than I expected it to be and I’m pretty sure you anon were not expecting such a long-ass answer either but I had been keeping this to myself for way too long and this message was the perfect one to let it all out, so thank you (and congrats to you if you got to the end of this. And to everyone else who stumbled across this post and did the same).

Are we gonna talk about how, so far, absolutely no Tomione fanfics (to my knowledge) have had one (or both) of the characters actively addressing the hybristophiliac element of the relationship? 

Or any ‘ship involving Tom Riddle, actually.

For those who don’t know what the term means, hybristophilia (“Bonnie and Clyde Syndrome”) is a paraphilia in which sexual arousal, facilitation, and attainment of orgasm are responsive to, and contingent upon, being with a partner known to have committed an outrage, cheating, lying, known infidelities or crime, such as rape, murder, or armed robbery.

It’s also the reason why high-profile serial killers (or other criminals) tend to get multiple marriage proposals before they’re even incarcerated, and also receive large volumes of fan mail while in prison. In some cases, admirers of these criminals have gone on to marry the object of their affections in prison.

Sheila Isenberg, author of Women Who Love Men Who Kill, spoke with dozens of women who had relationships with murderers. She found that there are two primary groups of people who end up with murderers: those who fall in love with “ordinary murderers,” believing they see the “true” good side of the killer…and those who start relationships with notorious, tabloid-headlining murderers because they are drawn to the spotlight.

“They want to be infamous, too. When Scott Peterson was sent to prison, he got marriage proposals by the bucket before he even got to the prison. They know that if they get involved with these men, their name, or maybe their picture, will get in the paper,” Isenberg said.

On the other hand, Katherine Ramsland, who is a professor of forensic psychology at DeSales University, mentions that some of the women in particular who have married or dated male serial killers have offered the following reasons:

  • “Some believe they can change a man as cruel and powerful as a serial killer.”
  • “Others “see” the little boy that the killer once was and seek to nurture him.”
  • “A few hoped to share in the media spotlight or get a book or movie deal.”
  • “Then there’s the notion of the ‘“perfect boyfriend’. She knows where he is at all times and she knows he’s thinking about her. While she can claim that someone loves her, she does not have to endure the day-to-day issues involved in most relationships. There’s no laundry to do, no cooking for him, and no accountability to him. She can keep the fantasy charged up for a long time.”

One of the most infamous examples of hybristophilia is the large number of women attracted to Ted Bundy after his arrest. He often drew scores of women at the jammed courtrooms of his trials each day. Bundy also allegedly received hundreds of love letters from women while he was incarcerated.

Other serial killers who attracted hordes of female (and sometimes male) admirers also include Jeffrey Dahmer, Richard Ramirez, Charles Manson, and Timothy McVeigh. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, James Eagan Holmes, and Adam Lanza. The list literally goes on and on. Even Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the last living Boston Bomber, seems to have a “cult” of women admiring and fetishizing him and his actions from afar.

Even J.K. Rowling has noted the trend of women “admiring” less-than-admirable characters in the Harry Potter books. While Rowling’s words addressed the female “adoration” of Draco Malfoy (after all, “Draco in Leather Pants” is a trope), I feel that her sentiments are identical in relation to the character of Tom Riddle as well.

From the aptly-titled Entertainment Weekly article, “J.K. Rowling blames Tom Felton for turning Draco Malfoy into a heartthrob”:

J.K. Rowling watched Draco Malfoy go from school bully in the Harry Potter books to teenage heartthrob in the films, and she blames Tom Felton.

The actor who portrayed the Slytherin bad boy in all eight movie installments apologized to the renowned author on Twitter for his popularity with the ladies. “I’m sorry girls like Malfoy,” he wrote in response to a fan’s purchase of a “Draco Malfoy Is My Boyfriend” T-shirt, noting the character probably wouldn’t make a great boyfriend.

“I’m not too sure Draco would be a good boyfriend. Ron however? (@jk_rowling I’m sorry girls like Malfoy)” Felton posted on Twitter.

Rowling, in turn, playfully responded by tweeting: “I don’t blame you, Tom. (I do blame Tom).”

n December of last year, Rowling published a response on her website Pottermore about how “unnerved” she was over “the number of girls who fell for this particular fictional character.” 

She wrote, “Draco has all the glamour of the anti-hero; girls are very apt to romanticize such people. All of this left me in the unenviable position of pouring cold, common sense on ardent readers’ daydreams as I told them, rather severely, that Draco was not concealing a heart of gold under all that sneering and prejudice and that no, he and Harry were not destined to end up best friends.”

That being said, do you really think that Hermione would be any different, in Rowling’s view, from “one of those girls who likes to romanticize” men like Tom Riddle? Especially since Rowling originally based Hermione off of “an exaggerated version of herself”, and the fact that Rowling’s words seem to be words of warning based on her own, prior experience of “romanticizing” certain men?

Chamber of Secrets may very well answer this for us. From my own contribution to the HP Wiki, all based on observations from the book:

…Hermione, after fully recovering from her Polyjuice mishap, was shown T. M. Riddle’s Diary by Harry. 

At first enthusiastic that the book might have “magical powers”, Hermione first came up with the theory that it was Tom Riddle who originally “caught” the “Heir of Slytherin” when the Chamber of Secrets had been opened fifty years prior. 

She also correctly guessed that the Diary contained the answers to the Chamber’s location, how to open it, and the true identity of Slytherin’s monster. Thinking that the Diary was written in invisible ink, the attempted to use the spell Aparecium, and then a Revealer, on the object, but to no effect. 

Later on, when Harry went to the trophy room to try to learn more about Tom Riddle, he was accompanied by an “interested” Hermione. 

When Ron compared Riddle to Percy “in disgust”, mentioning the former as being “Prefect, Head Boy…probably at the top of every class”, Hermione responded in a “slightly hurt” voice, “You say that like it’s a bad thing." 

Later on, she also correctly deduced that Riddle had "caught the wrong person”, and that “it was some other monster [not Hagrid’s Acromantula, Aragog] that was killing people”.

 After Harry mentioned “hearing the voice” again before the Quidditch match between Gryffindor and Hufflepuff, Hermione ran immediately to the Library to research, where realised that Slytherin’s monster was a basilisk. 

Tearing the page out of the book, and putting it in her right hand, she left the Library, where she warned the first person she met, Penelope Clearwater, to look around corners with her mirror. However, both Hermione and Penelope were petrified by Salazar Slytherin’s Basilisk, which was controlled by Tom Riddle’s memory.

From this, we can reliably deduce that Hermione - to some extent - is “interested” in Tom Riddle. She’s even described as “interested” in the book, if not outright “fascinated”. 

T.M. Riddle - and his Diary - present to her what many Tomione writers (ironically) write as why Tom is attracted to Hermione: it provides a mystery - a puzzle - for Hermione to “solve”. 

However, as Hermione follows the trail of clues, getting closer and closer to the truth (she’s already correctly deduced much of it already on the first try in the book), she gets deeper and deeper “down the rabbit hole”. 

For this reason, I think this is why the Diary Riddle targeted Hermione to begin with. Riddle recognized that Hermione was getting “too close to the truth”, and saw her as a threat

Tom Riddle, the character purported by so many fans to be an “ardent blood purist”, was afraid of a ‘Mudblood’ finding out what he was doing

To some extent, I also believe that the reason why Tom Riddle saw Hermione as such a threat was because he saw so much of himself in Hermione. He saw her fascination, her interest, her intelligence and cleverness, and her ambition…and how much it mirrored himself. 

In Chamber of Secrets, Riddle talks about the “similarities” and parallels between himself and Harry. However, why do you think Riddle noticed this (other than Harry’s Parseltongue ability, probably information fed to him by Ginny) to begin with…if not after a realization of what exactly Harry’s ‘Mudblood’ friend was doing, and just how terribly close she was to discovering the truth? 

If Harry reminded Riddle of himself in looks and his Parseltongue ability, what are the odds that Riddle was also reminded of his own ambition and personality in Hermione’s quest to “solve the mystery”? I’d say pretty high.

To add the metaphorical “icing on the cake”, do you really think that Tom Riddle - a serial killer (of sorts) in his own right - would not consciously recognize this effect as a possibility in Hermione’s interest in him?

Chamber of Secrets, again, answers this for us:

“How did Ginny get like this?” He [Harry] asked slowly. 

“Well, that’s an interesting question,” Riddle said pleasantly. “And quite a long story. I suppose the real reason Ginny Weasley’s like this is because she opened her heart and spilled all her secrets to an invisible stranger.”

“What are you talking about?” said Harry.

“The Diary,” said Riddle. “My diary. Little Ginny’s been writing in it for months and months, telling me all her pitiful worries and woes - how her brothers tease her, how she had come to school with secondhand robes and books, how” - Riddle’s eyes glinted - “how didn’t think famous, good, great Harry Potter would ever like her…”

…”it’s very boring, having to listen to the silly, little troubles of an eleven-year-old girl,” he went on. “But I was patient. I wrote back. I was sympathetic, I was kind. Ginny simply loved me. No one’s ever understood me like you, Tom…I’m so glad I’ve got this diary to confide in…It’s like having a friend I can carry around in my pocket…

…”If I say it myself, Harry, I’ve always been able to charm the people I needed…”

Even in the books, we see Tom Riddle using his good looks, charm, and appearances in order to deceive (almost) everyone around him. From my own research into the Kinsey studies and population demographics of the WWII era, Riddle would have also had no shortage of women vying to court and marry him. In that age, men were a commodity, hence the “baby boom” that followed after the end of WWII.

Tom Riddle knew the effects of hybristophilia. Of course, this is Tom Riddle we’re talking about - the same man who was a master of Legilimency; likely taught himself Legilimency; and therefore, he likely studied psychology extensively. (You also likely have to understand how Legilimency works on a base level to even begin to become “good” at it.) He was also a master of manipulation, misdirection, and making others his puppets.

In a later book, Hermione even says to Harry:

“Harry, he has overpowered the Ministry, the newspapers, and half the wizarding community! Don’t let him enter your mind, too!”

This quote, to me - and particularly, the “too” - shows that Hermione also knows just how dangerous Tom Riddle is. While Hermione with the Diary [instead of Ginny] in Chamber of Secrets, probably wouldn’t work, as she’s suspicious of it from the start, there are other factors to consider. Other ways how Tom Riddle has “gotten inside her head”.

Counting Chamber of Secrets, Tom had already entered Hermione’s mind. Hermione’s previous “interest” in Tom Riddle - perhaps, even, “fascination” - directly led her to being petrified by the basilisk to begin with. She’s gone “down the rabbit hole” before, and is warning Harry not to fall for the “mystery and charm” of Riddle himself - in turn, paralleling Rowling’s words of caution to those girls “infatuated” with a man “like Draco Malfoy”.

This is why I want to see a Tomione story with either Hermione or Tom - and particularly Tom - address hybristophilia at one point. I may even write such a scene myself. I want Tom, knowing that Hermione knows what he’s done, challenges her motives - her “interest” - by calling her a “hybristophiliac”.

“There are two primary groups of people who end up with a murderer: those that believe they see the ‘true’, good side of him…and those who start relationships with notorious, tabloid-headlining murderers because they are drawn to the spotlight,” I want him to say. 

“Which, one, I wonder, are you, Miss Granger?”

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Okay but Ginny and Blaise falling in love around Christmas would be just so wonderful.... like I need the headcanonsssss

so i got another request for blinny during their eighth year, so this is going to actually be combined for the @slytherdornet winter/holiday challenge!

  • ginny and harry broke up a few months after the war.
  • something was just missing.
  • and for awhile, it was awkward, but it eventually became like they were siblings once again.
  • ginny felt like she should feel guilty that it was that easy when she broke it off - but a part of her was relieved to have harry back in her life without all those expectations.
  • she was happy that he was going back to hogwarts with her, too, along with her brother, hermione, and all their friends.
  • maybe some normalcy would come back and be good for them - but ginny knew it would never be the same.
  • especially when she ran into blaise zabini in the hall that first night back.
  • he was taller, sleeker, more muscular.
  • her mouth went dry, and all he said was, “excuse me, ginevra.”
  • his voice was like velvet.
  • she had hated him before, so why was this leaving a mark now?
  • he plagued her dreams after that.
  • and the first few months went by quickly without any direct interaction between the two of them.
  • ginny was frustrated that she was even frustrated by that fact.
  • it wasn’t until the beginning of december when they spoke again.
  • ginny was walking back alone from hogsmeade.
  • neville and luna wanted to stay behind for a little longer, but ginny was tired.
  • and she enjoyed the walks in the snow to clear her mind.
  • she took a deep breath as she shoved her hands into her jacket pockets.
  • and she focused on how the falling snow felt when it hit her cheeks and the sound of her boots crunching against the snow.
  • ginny was an athlete - she was known to be observant of her environment - but the one time she wasn’t, she ran right into blaise zabini.
  • he was walking back to campus alone too, and he seemed to be in his own mind just as much as ginny.
  • ginny felt her cheeks flush once she realized who she had ran into.
  • she felt as tongue-tied as she used to when she was little towards harry.
  • “sorry, blaise. i-i didn’t mean to run into you.”
  • he looked down at her with a smile on his face.
  • not a smirk - but a smile.
  • ginny’s cheeks turned redder.
  • “it’s okay, ginevra. it’s the first time you’ve called me by my first name. did you notice?”
  • ginny felt flustered - her guard was down. 
  • “whatever zabini.” she replied coolly. 
  • she tried to push past him, but she felt him grab her arm.
  • “you don’t have to do that, you know,” blaise said seriously, “we’re not at war anymore.”
  • ginny was stunned by his words - she felt like he had hit her with a snowball.
  • her mouth dropped open, but it snapped shut quickly again.
  • she didn’t say a word, but he just gave her a small smile - a smile like he pitied her - and he walked away.
  • she saw him again a week later - the day before they were supposed to leave for the christmas holiday.
  • she was sitting in the snow by hogwarts lake.
  • her sweater was pulled close to her chest, and she looked out at the frozen water - she wondered what it would be like to ice skate, she had never tried it before.
  • she was startled when someone sat next to her.
  • and it was him.
  • her cheeks turned red again, and she swore at herself for making her embarrassment obvious.
  • but blaise just turned his head to face her.
  • she tried to avoid looking into his eyes - they were like melted honey. eyes shouldn’t be that beautiful - it frightened her.
  • “what are you doing for christmas break?” he asked her.
  • ginny shrugged. she didn’t want to talk, because she knew it would bring her guard down again.
  • he suddenly sighed.
  • ginevra, i told you that you don’t have to act like we are at war anymore.”
  • she huffed in response.
  • “it’s ginny.”
  • “i know, but ginevra is gorgeous, don’t you think?”
  • she turned her head so she was looking directly at him.
  • a small smile played at his lips. 
  • he was teasing her.
  • she couldn’t help but smirk slightly, but she looked away.
  • “whatever zabini.” she replied.
  • “i have to go,” he suddenly said.
  • he got up and shoved his gloved hands into his pockets.
  • before she realized she sounded desperate for his company, she asked, “why?”
  • he chuckled slightly.
  • “well, you technically have to go, too, the train is going to leave shortly.”
  • she blushed again, and as she got up, she tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear.
  • “right.” she replied.
  • they walked toward the train in silence, but as they got closer, blaise grabbed her arm and stopped her.
  • you know, i wouldn’t protest if you wrote to me over break,” blaise explained, “i enjoy talking to you.”
  • “how do you know?” she asked, “we have barely talked.”
  • he smirked.
  • “i’ll be looking forward to your letter.”
  • he walked away then toward draco and pansy.
  • ginny noticed harry rubbing the back of his neck while talking to pansy parkinson.
  • ginny couldn’t help but grin - that was his nervous habit, he was liking parkinson.
  • she couldn’t wait to tease him about that later.
  • but she was still more preoccupied with blaise’s request.
  • she didn’t write to him when she get home.
  • but on christmas day, an owl came for her.
  • it didn’t have a signature, but she knew it was from him by the slanted cursive writing and the beautiful parchment.
  • his words stuck in her mind for the rest of break, but she didn’t write back. what she wanted to say to him needed to be in person.
  • “it’s time for a fresh start, wouldn’t you agree?”
  • she re-read his short message over and over again until it was permanently etched into her brain.
  • and all she could think was, yeah, i suppose it is time. 

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How about a hospital AU where Eren and Mikasa are patients together? The morbidity in me wants them to have a serious, incurable thing but it's your call.

I seem to always write New Year’s fics in hospitals lol but I really thought this would be cute as a holiday fic. I actually fell in love with this AU as I wrote it, like how precious would they be. I did have it be longer term illness but I tried not to specify too much since I don’t have too much medical knowledge and I didn’t wanna get anything incorrect. I really did enjoy this more than I thought I would so thank you for sending it!

The bottoms of Eren’s slippers scuffed at the pure white floor of the hospital. The lights were dim in the hallways since it was technically after hours but at least it was quiet tonight; no machines beeping aggressively, no nurses rushing around the halls, no one crying out. It was almost serene, well, if he knew he wasn’t walking through a hospital. In the least, maybe everyone in his ward would have a good New Year’s Eve. The nurses usually gave them sparkling cider so there was that too.

He poked his head around the corner and saw one nurse carrying fresh blankets into another room but that was it. Eren stepped out into the hallway, walking the familiar path to the next ward over. His robe swung by his legs but even though it was December he still didn’t find it that cold whereas other people would bundle up with their robe tight around them just to step out of their room. Well, when they were allowed to.

So technically, he wasn’t supposed to be out past lights out but it was New Year’s Eve. Who wanted to sit alone in a hospital room and watch the ball drop? Boring. He’d rather sleep if that was the case.

He couldn’t really remember a time he wasn’t at this hospital; though admittedly after his surgery as a baby he did pretty well up until a few years ago when he declined in health a bit but like any kid, you spent a lot of time at your parent’s work. Where other people would get caught in a second, he at least knew all the ins and the outs, as well as the nurse’s shifts which helped significantly. Being able to charm the nurses for information helped too.

“Going somewhere, Eren?”

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First World War: letters from the trenches

Writing home during the war was a constant concern for the soldiers in the trenches. They wrote as often as they were able. To receive a letter back from a loved one was a (usually but not always) happy event for a man and his comrades, as the letters were shared and read out loud. It kept the men connected to their loved ones and the lives they had once lived (and hoped to return to if they survived the war). It did not matter which side the soldier fought for, the kindest thing a friend, lover, or relative could do was write.

The letters were censored on all sides. The soldiers were not suppose to write about their geographical location, and troop movements, strategic commands they had received. They were not suppose to write about combat experiences… but they did, and the letters often slipped by the censors. With the amount of correspondence which occurred it was impossible to censor every letter so the censoring was of a representative sample only.

A British Soldier writes home

A French soldier receives a letter from home

German soldiers pass the time smoking, reading and writing home

Russian soldiers write home while serving on the Eastern Front during World War I

Canadian Soldier Writing Home

Salvation Army worker writes letter for a wounded soldier during World War I.

Some Letters:

1. Dick to Molly 

Dear Molly, 

A Happy Christmas. I am sending this to my aunt to forward to you as I do not know the address. Please tell me your [sur]name as I have forgotten it. 



2. Frau S 

to her husband’s commanding officer 2 January 1917 

Dear Leader of the Company! 

I, the signer below, have a request to make of you. Although my husband has only been in the field for four months, I would like to ask you to grant him a leave of absence, namely, because of our sexual relationship. I would like to have my husband just once for the satisfaction of my natural desires. I just can’t live like this any more. I can’t stand it. It is, of course, impossible for me to be satisfied in other ways, firstly, because of all the children and secondly, because I do not want to betray my husband. So I would like to ask you very kindly to grant my request. I will then be able to carry on until we are victorious. With all reverence,  

Frau S 

(Oh I bet her husband got a merciless ribbing for this one! I wonder if it earned him some sort of manly stud nickname)

 3. Gunner Wilfrid Cove to Ethel Cove  

Tuesday 14 November 1916 

 My Darling Ethel,

I hope you have received my birthday present, but in case you haven’t here’s again wishing you many many happy returns of your birthday. It is the first of your birthdays that we have been apart since you were sweet 17 that I can remember. I hope it will be the last. Heaven send that by your next birthday – or mine come to that – this terrible war will be over & that we may both be spared & united on each of our birthdays and those of our dear little kiddies & for many years to come. It causes me many regrets and much sorrow when I remember that my selfishness has more than once caused you unhappiness and I sincerely hope that my future conduct will make you realise that notwithstanding my shortcomings I do love you with all my heart and realise I have one of the best wives in the world. 

I can now quite understand the Late Lord Kitchener’s preference for bachelors as soldiers. He must have realised, altho’ a bachelor himself, that it is not the coward’s fear of death but the fear that by death many a good soldier may thus be prevented from rejoining the wife & family he loves so much. I have just that very feeling myself at times when the shells are dropping all around us and the air is whistling with them. 

Goodnight my darling. Longing and hoping for a letter from you tomorrow. Xxxx 

4. Gunner Wilfrid Cove to his daughter Marjorie 

Monday 4 December 1916 

My dear little Marjorie, I have only just received your little letter which Mamma sent with hers on Nov 19th. Do you remember that you asked me to be home for Xmas? I only wish I could but there are many more soldiers in our Battery who are more entitled to the Xmas leave than I am, so am afraid you will have to do without Daddy this Xmas. 

Santa Claus will come as usual. I think your writing and dictation just splendid, and your drawings are getting funnier than ever. I have pinned your crayoned tulips on the wall of my dug-out bedroom beside your photograph. Daddy is as comfortable as possible. I expect even you would get tired enough to go soundly asleep in this dug-out. It would be a change from your pink bedroom. 

And how is little Daffodil getting on? I expect you quite enjoy the time when Mamma reads you more about her. It was Mamma’s book when she was a girl like you. Write again soon, dear, + send another crayoning to help cover the sand bags. 

Heaps of love & kisses, which you must share with Mamma and Betty. 

From your ever loving Daddy 

(A photograph of Gunner Wilfrid Cove’s daughters and a letter from Marjorie were found in his breast pocket when he was killed in 1917) 

Gunner Wilfred Cove’s daughters, Marjorie and Betty.

A letter from Marjorie to her father Gunner Wilfrid Cove.

 5. Ivy to Private John Bateman Beer 

 24 August 1917 

 My Dear Jack, 

 For the last month I have been endeavouring to pluck up sufficient courage to write and tell you that everything must be over between us. No doubt you will think me awfully unkind and perhaps fickle to write this while you are away, but this matter has worried me a great deal, and I have been halting between two opinions, as to whether it would be kinder to let you know now, and let myself be called unfaithful, or to wait until you come home, although knowing all the time in my heart that I was untrue. 

When you went away, and I told you that I loved you best, I really meant it Jack, but such a lot seems to have happened since then. I really thought that I had forgotten Charlie in my love for you, but it is no use Jack, I cannot help loving Charlie best. I suppose it is because he was first. At first I made up my mind to fight it down and be true to you, and if you still wish to keep me to my promise under the circumstances, I will do so. Don’t take this too much to heart Jack. I am not worth it but don’t think me altogether heartless. I would not hurt you dear unless I could help it, but unfortunately we cannot control our own feelings. 

Will you believe me when I say that I am very sorry, for I am, more so than perhaps you think. Anyway, forgive me if you can, and I trust that you will still let us be friends, whatever happens. One word about Charlie before I finish. He would have waited in honour bound until you came home. All at home send their love to you. Trusting this will find you in the best of health, 

I remain, Yours Very Sincerely, 


6. Lothar Dietz to his mother, 1915

You at home can’t have the faintest idea of what it means to us when in the newspaper it simply and blandly says: “In Flanders today again only artillery activity.” Far better go over the top in the most foolhardy attack, cost what it may, than stick it out all day long under shell-fire, wondering all the time whether the next one will maim one or blow one to bits.

For the last three hours, a corporal has been lying groaning on my right, here in the dugout, with one arm and both legs shattered by a shell. Anyone who is badly wounded generally dies while he is being got out of here …

Only 60 yards away from us are the English, and they are very much on the alert as they would be only too glad to get back our hill. Six hundred yards behind here is our reserve position, a little wooded valley in which the most frightful hand-to-hand fighting has taken place. Trees and bushes are torn to pieces by shells and larded with rifle bullets. All about in the shell holes are still lying bodies, though we have already buried many.

As one can’t possibly feel happy in a place where all nature has been devastated, we have done our best to improve things. First we built quite a neat causeway of logs, with a railing to it, along the bottom of the valley. Then, from a pine wood close by which had also been destroyed by shells, we dragged all the best tree-tops and stuck them upright in the ground; certainly they have no roots, but we don’t expect to be here more than a month and they are sure to stay green that long. Out of the gardens of the ruined châteaux of Hollebecke and Camp we fetched rhododendrons, box, snowdrops and primroses, and made quite nice little flower-beds.

We have cleaned out the little brook which flows through the valley, and some clever comrades have built little dams and constructed pretty little water-mills - so-called “parole-clocks”, which, by their revolutions, are supposed to count how many minutes more the war is going to last. We have planted whole bushes of willow and hazel with pretty catkins on them and little firs with their roots, so that a melancholy desert is transformed into an idyllic grove.

Every dugout has its board carved with a name suited to the situation: “Villa-Woodland-Peace”, “Heart of the Rhine”, “Eagle’s Nest”, etc. Luckily there is no lack of birds, especially thrushes, which have now got used to the whistling of bullets and falling of shells. They wake us in the morning with their cheerful twittering.

(killed on April 15 1915, near Ypres).

George Harrison and Madonna, Shanghai Surprise press conference, 6 March 1986

Photo: Dave Hogan/Getty Images

“I don’t like people who think they’re big shots.” - George Harrison

* * *

“[George] Harrison was uncharacteristically curt in summing up the two stars. ’[Sean] Penn is a pain in the ass,’ he complained to the Hollywood Reporter. Of Madonna, as quoted in Cleo magazine, he said, ‘All this aloofness and star stuff… it’s bullshit. I’m not trying to be nasty, she’s probably got a lot in her that she hasn’t even disovered yet, but she has to realise that you can be a fabulous person and be humble as well.’” - Very Naughty Boys: The Amazing True Story of HandMade Films by Robert Sellers [x]

* * *

George Harrison: “…We got the wrong actors…”
Q: “But as actors you had Madonna and Sean Penn.”
GH: “That’s what I mean! [Laughs]” - Countdown, 22 February 1988

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so i finally finished this, i’m so sorry for the wait and i’m super excited for you to read it! hello, @ackermanss it’s your hq!! secret santa and i’m so happy that you were my recipient and i wish you all the best with this upcoming year, and it was an absolute pleasure to chat with you, you lovely person :D 

i wrote this small iwaoi one-shot for you, and i hope that you enjoy it as much as i had fun writing it (even if it’s not as festive as i would have loved it to be ;_;) have a wonderful, wonderful end of december, and good luck with everything! :D

“What a beautiful night.”

Iwaizumi looked to his right. He was met with a pair of eyes as brown as the hair that came with it, and they sharpened when they noticed him staring. He looked away before they cut him.

He stayed silent, letting the cool breeze ruffle through his short hair.

“Tired of the festivities?” The voice came again.

He tapped a finger against the marble ledge. “This is a private balcony.”

The man laughed, and Iwaizumi couldn’t help but steal a quick glance out of the corner of his vision. The soft curls bounced on his crown, and they seemed to be incensed by that crystalline laugh. He was relieved those eyes were closed while he chortled.

“I’ll be sure to tell anyone who tries to come in,” the man smiled.

Iwaizumi supposed it was his own fault, that he had dismissed the guards outside his room. There was a small moment of concern that pricked him for a second- the realization that this man could have accessed anything in his private office without obstruction. Maybe he’d go back inside just to find several official documents swiped off his desk.

The man moved closer, and Iwaizumi let out a soft breath when he felt the gaze on him intensify.

“It’ll be harder to leave undetected than it was to come in,” he spoke plainly.

The man waved a hand airily. “Who says I’ll be leaving?”

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As the February snow melted, 
the Earth turned to a puddle 
and much like the flowers,
had carried me away 
into the dirt and mud 
and leftover love letters
that never made it through the storm. 
When I found the letter you wrote to her
last September when the leaves were 
still on the trees and everything
seemed more alive,
I forgot how to breathe
but by April I had learned how to swim again
despite the waves of anguish 
that I found myself under every night. 

By June, I hid in a bomb shelter 
that was your chest 
and when the wind hit and the trees
crashed into the Earth 
I did not dream afraid. 
Even when the floorboards shook 
and the water turned grey 
I only feared for the day
that I would not find peace
in the landscape of your collarbones
or the roughness of your hands.  

August wind collided with body heat,
creating magic - I, impulsive, and you, reckless.
Your grip against my wrist was a tsunami warning -
I’m sick of warnings, they told me ‘build a strong foundation’. 
We had brick walls, but no steady floors, 
So that the water seeped in, and we forgot how to breathe.
At night I found myself treading the sheets, 
And you pulled me close - whispered ‘breathe’.
Was it a warning or a reminder?
I still have sea salt in my veins, baby, 
Pillows stained with saline. Were we cleansing ourselves?
Going down under with the anchors of our hearts.
‘Are we beginning again?’
We began again, bodies pressed against 
The sea bed, legs intertwined like sea weed, 
Two lovers drowning in love, and lust, and greed.
Good god, we were never prepared to drown
And we admitted, we were not made for stability.
Could you come back? Place two palms against my chest,
My chest is filled to the brim with sea salt and laughter.
And laughter. 
We were drowning, hollowed hearts filled with water, 
Fingers interlaced, heads both under and above, 
It was euphoria in dysphoria,
but Poseidon welcomed us home. 

December came in the form of falling snowflakes,
A spectacle of winter fairies, calling me home.
At night when the ice froze my chest,
So that I could think of nothing but the birth of death,
I traced circles on your chest with a pale finger - 
An act of mercy, and in return you offered me a heartbeat - forgiveness.
Some nights it would sound like an earthquake - 
Some nights it would sound like the world was coming to an end - 
Like doomsday was upon us and your heart was attempting to salvage,
What little we had left before the seasons could change. 
When the snow melts this year, 
I’ll remember how I watched us melt between my finger and thumb, 
And how you left nothing but size 7 footsteps in the snow.


How the earth returned to the sun, and how we learnt of change, m.k. writing

Poetry collaboration with heartofthebitter-mindofapoet 

Arthur's Perfect Christmas REMIX

the-girl-whos-waiting-96 is back biddies! And I’ve got a holiday recap for y'all!! Grab your hot chocolate, Santa hats, dreidels, and lutefisk because here we gooooo

We open on some lovely piano music playing over shoppers buying gifts. We also see Binky getting gifts hand delivered from a toy shop to his doorstep, which always confused me. I mean I understand his relatives shipping gifts to his house, but these are hand delivered by a guy in an elf costume. Is this a thing? Does this happen?

External image

One of the shoppers, Bitzi Baxter, drops a small present and a stranger kindly returns it to her. This puts us in the Christmas mood as we move on to Casa de Read where we are treated with a surprise song. Yes, this episode is a semi-musical, meaning there are musical numbers but not very many. Also the songs just sort of show up in the special like uninvited yet unexpectedly pleasant dinner guests. No one saw them coming, but no one is upset over their arrival. 

During the musical fantasy Arthur describes his vision of a perfect Christmas featuring a ton of snow, a traditional dinner with 17 types of pie (dayyyum son), and a  huge tree decorated perfectly with absolutely NO TINSEL. I never really understood Arthur’s loathing of tinsel. In the fantasy DW tries to put on a bunch of tinsel but Arthur tells her to get that bitch ass shit out of his face and then he punches her again. Truly a perfect Christmas.

External image

When the song concludes, DW comes in bitching about how Arthur has to write her letter to Santa for her since there are only three days until Christmas and time’s a wasting! Dis bitch. If she wanted to guarantee presents from Santa she should’ve mailed that shit months ago. What a scrub. As DW laments over how she should greet Santa in the letter Arthur tells us that everything will be “Almost perfect” this Christmas and resists the urge to deck DW.

External image
The next morning as the kids are on their way to school an ad for Tina the Talking Tabby plays, an annoying toy DW desperately wants for Christmas. She asks her mom if Santa will get it for her and Jane responds with a “I don’t know we’ll just have to wait and see” accompanied by some foreboding music. Sorry DW the foreshadowing just screwed you out of a toy. 

At school Muffy boasts to Francine about her party and when Francine tries to tell Muffy she can’t go, Muffy runs off to invite George.

I guess this is one of those gotta-invite-the-whole-class kind of parties. 

Francine rants to Arthur that she can’t attend the party because her family is celebrating the last night Hanukkah. Arthur suggests a direct approach so Francine walks right up to Muffy and declares, “Muffy I am not going to your party tomorrow”. However, Muffy ignores her and talks about the band she hired. Dis bitch. 

In class, I guess Ratburn gave up on a lesson plan because George describes a tradition from Sweden where they have a parade early in the morning of December 13th in which people follow the Queen of lights. This is a real St. Lucy’s day celebration in Sweden. Afterwards George tries to pass around the Lutefisk, fish that’s been tried and boiled that his grandparents sent him. Of course Buster is the only one to eat it. See George? This is how you ruin a lesson about your culture, by saving the worse for last! This is why you’re left out of the promotional stuff. (Although the ornaments on his antlers are adorable)

External image
Next Binky presents his attempt at a pecan pie, since he’ll be making dessert for the homeless shelter this year. Everyone is excited to try it, until they learn that Binky hasn’t shelled the pecans! Was no one supervising him when he made this? Ratburn pulls a real dick move here by making the class think there’s no homework then psyching them out by assigning a 5 page essay on what they did over break. WTF five pages? That is crap Ratburn, there is no way they’ll be able to fill up five pages on that shit. 

After class, Buster tells Arthur that ever since the divorce, every year his mom keeps waking him up everyday for about a week until the 25th thinking it’s Christmas. After Buster tells her the correct date, she goes back to bed. He knows that his mom is only doing this to compensate for Buster’s dad not being there. Damn, this kid is pretty smart for his age, if only he would study.

External image

Outside Muffy has donned a princess outfit and is announcing her epic party to all through the sunroof of her limo. Didn’t she already invite everyone in person? Guess she just wants to toot her own horn! (Pun intended) She tells Francine to come early to help her set up, and Francine once again tells Muffy that she can’t come and is once again ignored.

External image
Arthur and his mom go last minute shopping at the over crowded mall with too many Christmas displays. They agree to meet back at one of the candy cane displays in an hour. Wait, hold up, this kid is only 9 and he’s allowed to wander around by himself? What the fuck Jane?!
External image
Arthur tries to get the perfect gift for everyone on his list, which only consists of his parents apparently. I guess DW and the grandparents get the cold shoulder. Arthur wants to get his dad the veginator, a kitchen tool that can do practically anything which is only $5.99 due to the 1950’s prices! Before Arthur can even ask if the store has a veginator the employee tells him they’re sold out but offers Uncle Niko’s olive de-pitter and even throws in the olives for free. Arthur then spots the perfect gift for his mom, an exact replica of the glass bird he broke last summer. This is an ongoing gag in the show, and I think this is where it originated.
External image

Having purchased the last gift from a bitchy cashier for only $9.59! Why can’t I live in a world with 1950’s prices? Arthur has to go through the hell that is the toy store to get to his mom all while the annoying Tina the Talking Tabby ad is playing. It’s pretty intense. When they meet up his mom explains that she got almost everything on her list but there was just one thing that was all sold out…HMMM I WONDER WHAT IT COULD BE!!! 

Back at Casa de Read Jane explains to DW over a plate of cookies that Santa can’t always give kids what they want. DW thinks it’s because she’s been bad but Jane lies to her face and says that she hasn’t been bad at all, but before she can continue with her bullshit explanation DW concludes that it’s because Arthur wrote her letter all wrong. Jane doesn’t bother to correct her, so i guess she’s fine with throwing Arthur under the bus for this one. 

David comes in with Uncle Fred’s video christmas card! Ah yes, good ol’ Uncle Fred, the character whose only appearance is in this special and is then promptly left out of the rest of the series, which is a shame because Fred is awesome. (I just looked it up, apparently he’s mentioned once in season 18) Fred says in the tape that he can’t be with them this Christmas because he and his dog Rory are going to Florida! What kind of hotel allows giant ass dogs? The tape gets interrupted by Rory eating the camera. The kids laugh about their uncle and joke about how last christmas he stepped on the tea set David got for Jane. How do you step on an entire tea set like wtf?

External image

The family has a traditional Christmas dinner before Christmas because David wants to have an authentic Christmas dinner this year with food people might have actually eaten in Bethlehem when Jesus was born. Arthur thinks that sounds like a load of suck but tries not to let it show in front of his father, since David doesn’t need anymore disappointment in his life. 

At the Baxter Residence, Bitzi wakes Buster up thinking it’s Christmas when it’s only the 23rd. She puts the presents away once more and says that she “just can’t wait for the holidays to be over” 😞

Thinking Arthur has failed her

, DW mails her own letter to Santa at the mailbox next to the Tibble house.
We cut to Muffy’s Christmas party where things are in high gear as the band sings to have “a boogie woogie Christmas and a rocking and reeling New Year”. I demand a full version of this song. For some reason Mr.Ratburn is there. Ok weird. Wow this literally is an everyone-in-class-gets-invited kind of party.

External image
Arthur bitches about the lack of snow even though Christmas is tomorrow, Brain responds by saying that technically no one really knows what day Jesus was born on, boring him with facts and Arthur tells him to stuff it. Muffy announces that the time has come to give out presents and there is one for everyone at the party. Wait…so she invited like everyone in the school, how many gifts does she have?! When Francine doesn’t come to collect her gift, Muffy angrily calls her in front of everyone, demanding to know where she is. Francine explains that she told her 28 times that she couldn’t come because of Hanukkah. Muffy says “it’s not like Hanukkah is as important as Christmas” and Francine hangs up on her bitch ass.
External image
External image
Arthur and Brain find Buster sleeping on his cake, and tell him that maybe he and his mom shouldn’t celebrate Christmas since it just makes him tired. They suggest Buster create his own holiday, Brain, the human textbook, says that he celebrates Kwanza which wasn’t a holiday until 1966. Brain’s only function in this special is to spout facts.

 Buster fantasizes about Baxter day, which is the chillest holiday of all time. Stop whatever you’re doing, let me hear you say today is Baxter day!

External image
Buster likes the idea but thinks his mom will never go for it. Meanwhile Mr. Ratburn tries Binky’s brownies which he neglected to put sugar in. Who is allowing this child to bake?!

Arthur comes home to find that tragedy has struck! DW has decorated half of the tree and it’s NOT FOLLOWING TRADITION!!!

External image
Jane lets Arthur decorates the top half the way he wants, but he whines that it’s still weird. On the way to church Arthur begs his dad to change the station when the Tina the Talking Tabby ad plays. Without skipping a beat, David puts in the Crazy Bus tape. David is such a douche. After church, Arthur tries Binky’s banana bread which I guess he’s just been carrying around in his pocket or something? Somehow Binky forgot to peel the bananas. HOW HAS HE NOT BURNED THE HOUSE DOWN AT THIS POINT?!

DW insists that she and Arthur make sure everything is set for Santa’s arrival: no fire in the fire place, cookies and milk, and even water for his reindeer. As a snowflake falls in Arthur’s hand he thinks it’s finally going to snow but it rains because the universe hates him. Arthur awakes after hearing a loud crash outside and comes downstairs to find that Uncle Fred has crashed into their fence and has to spend the night since no one can fix his car until after Christmas.

Fred’s dog Rory chases Pal around the house and manages to snag the gift Arthur got for Jane and runs off with it. Arthur and Pal cause Rory around the house, they get the gift back just before it breaks because Arthur Read don’t take shit from nobody. He puts the gift in the upstairs closet to prevent another mishap and goes to bed. 

It’s Christmas morning and DW runs to wake everyone up when she notices Uncle Fred shaving in the bathroom and thinks it’s Santa. But when she goes to show her dad, Arthur is in the bathroom peeing! Pretty sure this is the most adult joke this show has ever gotten away with! DW saw her brother’s ding-a-ling!!!! (Editor’s note: That moment was 100% intense.)

At the Baxter residence, Buster is the one to wake his mom up this time because it’s actually Christmas! Bitzi gets nervous that she accidentally bought Buster a toy he already has but Buster explains that they are two different characters entirely. Duh mom!

External image
Unfortunately Bitzi manages to burn the pancakes and Buster tries get her to mellow out. Just give her some of your stash and this will be over in like 10 seconds Buster!

External image
At the Crosswire abode Muffy excitedly goes to play with her 37 presents, but laments that she won’t be able to play with Francine because of their fight. Oh woe is her! Who will she brag to now? Another fantasy song sequence starts as Muffy imagines Francine basically being her bitch at playtime. Clearly their friendship is one of high value.
External image

External image
Back at Casa de Read everyone is about to exchange gifts when Arthur runs up to get his mom’s gift, fantasizing about how everyone will know he’s perfect after this. He’ll even get a balloon in a hero parade! (No one tell him that his balloon was cut from the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade). But when Arthur reaches for the present it falls over and breaks. Wait a minute, so you’re telling me that this thing can survive being bounced around in the toy store and chewed on by a dog without a scratch, but a littlet fall takes it down?! That is bogus!
External image
We cut away to see Bitzi has taken Buster to a fancy restaurant for brunch to make up for burning the pancakes. The place is cleverly called “La Bruchenie- A Fancy Place For Brunch” subtle. Buster tries to tell his mom not to make a big deal over christmas but chickens out.

Going back to Casa de Read, Arthur is crying because he broke his mom’s bird again and thinks he ruined Christmas. Fred goes to comfort his nephew convincing him to come back downstairs.

In the Muffy storyline we see her eating her feelings at the Brain’s ice cream shop, better known as the lesser Sugar Bowl. They’re open because Kwanza doesn’t start until the 26th. Okay, I understand that the Powers family doesn’t celebrate Christmas, but having their shop open is just a bad business practice. They have to pay to run the electricity- the lights, the air conditioning, etc. on a day they’ll be lucky to get any customers, because 

a) it’s Christmas and
b) it’s December, most people don’t want ice cream when it’s cold outside
Wait a minute…do the Powers even pay Brain? He’s the only employee! Does the time loop cancel out child labour laws?

External image
Once again back at Casa de Read we see everyone opening presents, and the Read family is struck with another tragedy as DW gets a talking duck instead of Tina the Talking Tabby and throws a tantrum until the duck talks and she finds that she loves it.
External image

Arthur imagines what will happen if he tells his mom the truth, his family will hate him! Binky crashes his fantasy trying to get Arthur to try his shitty ass peach cobbler. In reality Fred has Arthur take the credit for his gift to Jane, the tea set Fred broke last Christmas! And a miracle tow truck shows up to get Fred the fuck out of the series. 

We then head to the Frensky home where the Crosswires have come bearing ham. A fucking ham. To a Jewish family. White people.

External image
Muffy apologizes to Francine and Francine explains why Hanukkah is so important to her and why Muffy is a piece of shit for ignoring her when she said she couldn’t go. Muffy realizes she sucks and they all go to the movies!
External image
Back at the fancy Baxter brunch as Bitzi goes over the day’s schedule, Buster interrupts saying that Christmas doesn’t have to be a big deal, in fact they could celebrate their own holiday, Baxter Day! Bitzi is 100% down to clown and they go celebrate Baxter Day.

Transition to Christmas dinner at Casa de Read and Arthur is surprised that the dinner doesn’t completely suck ass. As Fred leaves the series–I mean, house- -Grandpa Dave gives him a ride hitting the fence on the way out. Nice. It finally snows and Arthur is over the moon as he sings the final song and we get a glimpse of what the other families of Elwood City are doing.
George’s family is partying it up Swedish style

External image
Brain’s family is getting amped for Kwanza
External image
Binky’s family is working at the homeless shelter where he feeds the homeless store bought cookies pretending he made them! What a sneak!
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Ratburn is planning all of his tests for next year because his family disowned him long ago and he has no friends…festive!
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The Frenskys and Crosswires are living it up at the movies

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And the Baxters are looking for Doctor Who
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We rejoin Arthur as he reiterates the moral of the story through song. “Sometimes the thing you hope for isn’t the thing you get. But after today, I just have to say, this was the best Christmas yet!”
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DW interrupts the moment with her annoying ass duck, and Arthur breaks the fourth wall wishing us all Happy Holidays, before going back inside to beat DW over the head with her duck. It may not have been what he expected but it was Arthur’s Perfect Christmas.

Grade: A (This is honestly one of my favorite holiday specials from any show, I love that it celebrates all sorts of holidays rather than being all about Christmas. The morals are ones that I feel everyone needs to be reminded of every holiday season. The songs are fun and silly but unnecessary as they don’t drive the plot forward at all. Baxter Day steals the show.)

Rating: 200% intense Forgotten Uncle Fred is intensely cool!!!