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Great excerpt about Niall and his relationship with fans from Billboard’s article on his Today Show performance: 

“If there’s one thing other than his talent that Horan’s Today performance showcased, it’s the fact that his fans mean as much to him as he does to them. “I think they do feel like there’s a relationship with him, and that’s kinda cool,” Alex Ficquette,Today’s plaza producer, tells Billboard. “It’s funny, it’s almost like you get a vibe that [he’s] even surprised of the turn out. That’s why the fans care so much, because they feel that connection and it feels genuine. I think that makes a difference.”

The Friendly Wager (Part 6)

Summary: AU. Reader and Bucky Barnes are neighbors and best friends. After yet another bad date, reader comes home to find Bucky with his typical weekend target. They decide to make a wager about dating, but is there more on the line than reader cares to admit?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 4,608 (went really overboard)

Warnings: language, lots of bad language, fluff, sarcasm, drinking, implied drunkenness, angst, regret, hangover, confrontation, stupid feelings are stupid yeah?

A/N: This is my submission for the lovely Kait’s ( @bionic-buckyb) 5k AU Challenge. Congrats on the followers, friend! My prompt was “Can you please come over so I don’t feel so alone?

Second to last part! Tags are closed. I loved all your messages so much!

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If there’s one thing other than his talent that Horan’s Today performance showcased, it’s the fact that his fans mean as much to him as he does to them. “I think they do feel like there’s a relationship with him, and that’s kinda cool,” Alex Ficquette,Today’s plaza producer, tells Billboard. “It’s funny, it’s almost like you get a vibe that [he’s] even surprised of the turn out. That’s why the fans care so much, because they feel that connection and it feels genuine. I think that makes a difference.”
Watch Niall Horan's 'On the Loose' TV Debut, One Direction Sing-Along on 'Today'
Niall Horan stopped by "Today" on Monday morning (May 29) to perform three songs for the Citi Concert Series. Check out Billboard's recap of the performance.

Even on a rather cold, wet, holiday morning, Rockefeller Plaza was packed and lively as ever thanks to Niall Horan. The singer-songwriter played the Today show’s Citi Concert Series bright and early Monday (May 29), but like his fans in the crowd, he was happy as ever to be there.

“Look at where we are, in the center of the universe,” he exclaimed after acknowledging the impressive fan effort. “Where are all the people that have been here since like, last week? Thank you for being here, really appreciate it.”

Similar to when his One Direction bandmate Harry Styles stopped by the Today show just three weeks prior, fans started lining up for the free show two days in advance. One fan even drove 22 hours to be there, and a group of girls brought him a bouquet of roses to congratulate him on the success of his latest single “Slow Hands.” As Styles did, Horan showed his appreciation for the dedication by sending pizza for those who were in for the long haul.

Once it was time for the show, those who camped out and the rest of the committed fans were rewarded with a three-song set from Horan, who sang “Slow Hands” first, going acoustic for “This Town” and closing with the live TV debut of “On the Loose.” Because he only has those three songs to his name thus far (at least publicly), fans figured he didn’t have any other solo songs to offer. But, of course, they weren’t ready to go home just yet.

“1D song! 1D song! 1D song!” they began to chant as his band made their way off the stage. Unlike Styles, though, Horan hadn’t rehearsed any other material – so he came up with an alternate plan.

“I don’t have anything prepared, but I can play some chords and we can have a bit of a sing-along,” he told the eager crowd, beginning the guitar riff to “Best Song Ever” and subsequently sending fans into an excited 1D jam session. After concluding the first verse and chorus, he smiled and promised he’ll be good and ready for a sing-along he can join once he takes his music on the road.

If there’s one thing other than his talent that Horan’s Today performance showcased, it’s the fact that his fans mean as much to him as he does to them. “I think they do feel like there’s a relationship with him, and that’s kinda cool,” Alex Ficquette, Today’s plaza producer, tells Billboard. “It’s funny, it’s almost like you get a vibe that [he’s] even surprised of the turn out. That’s why the fans care so much, because they feel that connection and it feels genuine. I think that makes a difference.”

I hate when people review fan fic just to say “I prefer X ship but this was cute” I literally don’t care what ship you prefer. Just say “this was cute”. Why do you need to tell me you prefer another ship? It doesn’t matter at all. And no, I’m not one of those people that takes it as a compliment that you found whatever I wrote cute even though you prefer a different ship. 

It sounds rude as hell when you do that because you know what it sounds like you’re actually saying? It sounds like you’re passive aggressively saying “I think you wasted time writing this because if you had written it about a different ship it would be better, but this was still okay I guess”. Maybe people don’t even realize this but that’s what it comes across as? So don’t.

The last thing I posted that got this comment wasn’t even a ship I like that much (because it was a request) and it still pissed me off. If you prefer X ship then either don’t read it, don’t review it, or just leave out the fact that you prefer a different one. I put at the top of every chapter what the pairing and prompt is so it’s super easy for you to skip it if you don’t like it. :) 

Ivar’s Heathen Army has no interest in drama. We’re here to share squee and share stories. Anyone with other intentions is not welcome.

I am so sorry and angry that hateful anons started going out. I was hoping that wouldn’t happen. If you get one, please remember that it’s not personal, it’s not about you. This individual is waging war on the Army, not on you. This individual doesn’t even believe what they’re saying. This individual is actively trying to discourage us from writing, to make us scared to post. They’ll say anything that they think will hit a nerve.

This sort of individual feeds on attention so I’m not going to give them any. I will continue to not give them any. If you get hate, do what you need to do to take care of yourself, and you are welcome to message me about it.

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You mentioned once before that you left some clues in the social media bits in umfb as to how Viktor was feeling and I feel like Viktor's not the only one you did that for because I am 100% willing to bet that "This is the happiest I’ve seen Vitya in literally ever I don’t even care that it’s effing Katsuki that’s doing it I just care that he’s finally smiling again" is exactly what Yakov was thinking at the end of umfb

That wasn’t intentional but there’s definitely an element of that in Yakov’s thought process! Although his opinion of Yuuri does change drastically when he finds out he’s been wrong about Yuuri’s motivations all these years


Jack: …someone come release me from this misery.
Jack: Gavin, can you find out green-and-purple-polka-dots tie’s details? I want him dead later

Gavin: Consider it done love. I can even get it done with relative ease if he’s headed to where I think he’s headed after this
Gavin: Ladies choice.
Gavin: Ooh or I could set off the sprinklers but only on one side of the room.

Jack: No, that’s fine, I just want to cover all our tracks. Ryan, you’re on standby.
Jack: If he comes up to hit on me again, you have permission to shoot.
Jack: I don’t care if there’s blood splatters on this dress. It’s borrowed, anyway.

Ryan: I’m always ready.
Ryan: Do I really have to wait for him to hit on you though?

Jack: Yes, because if he holds back then I can hold back and ruin him properly.
Jack: One more comment about “tit upgrades” tho and I will have no patience left
Jack: The signal is me punching him because I swear to God

Ryan: I’ll watch for it.

The fact that you even post about where they live is creepy. I don’t care if you’re a fan or not, or if you think you’re smart. No one needs to know about what kind of place they live in or how much they are making before/after. That should be private. No one should need to know. You shouldn’t either.

hold on you guys…

so now we all know why lion is pink, yeah? he must’ve died at some point in the past and rose brought him back to life. and we don’t know for SURE how long lion’s been around, but we know it’s been at least fourteen years since steven is fourteen.

and the thing about that is, well…

now you might be thinking, “well, it’s hard out there for a lion, maybe he lived longer because rose was taking care of him!” and that could be, but even in captivity lions only live for up to twenty years, and lion still spent fourteen years alone after rose’s death. besides, we know that rose hung out with lions long before steven was even a thought in her head, from the episode “buddy’s book.” i would guess that one of those lions ended up becoming steven’s lion. not to mention how much lion just seems to know about rose and about the crystal gems as a whole. he must have observed a lot of what rose did, or even just heard her talk about it. he couldn’t have figured it out any other way.

what i’m getting at is, i think that rose’s healing power made lion immortal, which is why he’s lived for so long. steven’s healing power might have done the same thing to lars. even if steven doesn’t realize it, it sure helps his “i didn’t really ask you permission” line to lars make a bit more sense.

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Hi I honestly love your blog so much! I was just wondering if you could ship me with a hp character? Doesn't have to be marauders era just what you think would for best:) So I'm a straight female slytherin, I have long brunette hair and green eyes. I need time to open up to people but when I do im quite funny and very sarcastic and (I think) generally quite nice to be around. I'd do almost anything for the people I love. I can be slightly weird but in a good way. Again I really love your blog;)

aw thanks that means so much x I hope you like your ship, I chose:

George Weasley

  • your sarcasm would definitely put him in his place whenever he got too cocky or mischievous (even though you adored that side of him)
  • when even lee or Ron thought one of his pranks too much, they would always make you talk some sense into him
  • he cared way too much about your opinion that he liked to let on
  • you were always a touchy-feely kind of couple
  • like when he was nervous for a quidditch match or something you would talk to him about it and just rest you hand on his leg, not even meaning to, and he would start fiddling with it and the rings around your fingers
  • whenever you were reading in the common room on the end of a couch, he’d lie down across the couch and casually slide his head under your arms and laugh at the confused face you pulled
  • after Fred died, you would let him lie there and play with his hair until he fell asleep because otherwise he wouldn’t be able to
  • you had no problem hanging out with his friends, you really liked them but were really shy at first
  • of course, lee immediately invited you into the group because of your good looks (before finding out you and George had a thing
  • your quick wit never ceased to make him laugh, often brightening his day by just overhearing a joke you made to a friend
  • you loved the caring side of him, especially when it came to his brothers and Molly was literally in love with you
  • you’d tease each other about the other’s shitty house because they suck George go to hell
  • trash talking each other on the quidditch field
  • him, being a beater, hitting the bludger straight at you as a joke once during a “friendly” game after lessons
  • pretending to be hurt and when he flew over, beating him with your wooden bat and laughing at his concerned face

well thats the end of that one :( hope you enjoyed x

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Okay but Clay is totally the type of person to accept looking like an idiot in front of others if it'll cheer a close friend up, like if someone's sad at a dance he'll do the most ridiculous moves to make them smile even though he looks strange as heck. It's worth it if it makes his friend happy. He also makes stupid faces at babies when the parents aren't looking to entertain them 👀👀👀

Okay but can we just agree Clay would be the best friend ever? I mean sure, he’s a little clueless sometimes, but that’s kind of the best part. I mean my personal favourite line from him is ‘maybe you need some camomile tea.’ Like little one liners like that would just have me bursting out laughing. Also Clay doesn’t exactly care what the other kids think as long as you’re happy. He knows they’ll be dicks no matter what, so he just does his thing. And oh my gosh the babies thing. Clay would totally stick his tongue out at kids all the time.

Overwatch Request Mercy ( Angela Ziegler )


You stared up at the ceiling as the alarm clock continued to ring in your ears. Would it matter if you got up today? Would anyone care? Not most of the team even really noticed you were there, but she did. Angela always was the first one to great you, everyone followed after her. They never came to check up on you, never paid attention to your ideas, never bothered to ask how you felt, never even… What was the point to even think about it? The blaring noise eventually subsided and you flopped over to face the machine, its red eyes glaring back at you.

There was a sudden knock on the door and you brought yourself to stand slowly walking towards the door, and opening it. Your room was a mess. You’d tossed a few things across the room in anger realizing that you meant nothing, nothing to them, to the team you committed yourself to.

“(Y/N), it’s me Angela.”

You opened the door and peeked your head through the opening, “Hey Angela..” It was then she noticed the bags and dark circles around your eyes.

“(Y/N)? Have you not been sleeping, liebling?” She asked her voice soft as she spoke. You looked down at the floor, not really wanting to answer.

“I-I’m just tired alright.” You didn’t know why you were getting so defensive with the person whom cared about you. Angela reached out to touch your cheek, but you flinched away, “Look I-I just need sleep so go away!” You slammed the door in her face and slid down to the floor on your knees against the door.

She sighed pressing her hand to the door, “Oh (Y/N), you’re are an important part of this team. Without you some of us couldn’t get our jobs done. I care about you, they care about you. I promise they it’ll start to show.” She spoke to you before shuffling away.

When you finally emerged from your room that day everyone seemed to be more open with you. Jack apologized for being so short, Reaper for being so tough in you, Jesse for ignoring you, and the others for just not being there for you. Everyone wanted to be with you and all thanks to Angela… All because she cared.

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56. Someone accepting the bad parts of you without judging with Trip? <3

“Trip, I’ve just been worried about you. We all have.” For a moment, you didn’t think he even heard you. Trip gave no indication that he did. “I know it was hard for you to lose your sister, but-”

“Don’t even bring her up.” Trip suddenly snapped out, his eyes finally flickering over. And it was a bit shocking to see such anger in his eyes. “This has nothing to do with Lizzie. It’s all me. I’m the one who’s screwin’ up. Who can’t focus on anything.”

His eyes once again returned to the relay he’d been passively working on. And Trip didn’t notice or didn’t care about your hand now on his shoulder. “It’s okay to grieve, you know. Nobody would think less of you.”

His jaw tightened, wanting to brush off your words. But the dam was broken, and you noticed the slight sparkle of a tear running down Trip’s cheek.

Drabbles are closed

  • Aries: You play all the time, and you play to win. You are a cheerful and a happy person but god help the ones who do you wrong or the ones you love. You know how to party and you know how to have fun. You always give great compliments. You have a great body and great physical looks. Your smile is sexy and your laughter is even sexier. NOW, START LOVING YOURSELF AND YOUR SIGN.
  • Taurus: You have an impeccable taste for literally everything, you are the biggest hedonist out there and you simply know how to live. And you love life itself which comes in many forms. You have a cheerful spirit, intriguing mentality and even a greater heart. You are capable of putting up with so much shit and staying sane, haters can just stay jealous. You have the power to crack the earth in two when you witness negativity and you will. NOW, START LOVING YOURSELF AND YOUR SIGN.
  • Gemini: Your intelligence, style and communication skills know no borders. You are always the funny one, and even while some people might think that you're a drama queen or a double-faced attention whore, you just know that it isn't true. And you don't fight them but you let them learn it themselves that you're not a double-faced backstabber who hurts people for fun. You just love supporting people and making their lives better. NOW, START LOVING YOURSELF AND YOUR SIGN.
  • Cancer: You are literally one of the sweetest experiences one could ever have. You can teach people a lot, and you can stay strong through a lot of shit in your life. You are pure, innocent, loving and caring. You give the best hugs out there and you know how to satisfy people. You are full of positivity and you always put people's needs before yours. You can stand up and keep an insanely happy face even you're being torn apart inside. You are strong and you are one of the most sensitive people out there, which makes you really strong. NOW, START LOVING YOURSELF AND YOUR SIGN.|
  • Leo: You have this cheerful spirit and you radiate with alluring energy. People might accuse you of wanting to be the center of attention but you deserve to be the center of attention because you are special and you know what you're capable of. You just want to assure people that you're a person who's capable of many things and you can lead yourself and people to greatness. You are a natural born supporter and you simply know how to make people's lives better. NOW, START LOVING YOURSELF AND YOUR SIGN.
  • Virgo: You are really a person who's great in many spheres of life. You're deep. People might accuse you of being overcritical and a perfectionist, but don't let them bring you down. Yes, you are critical and you are a perfectionist but that's because you just want everything to be alright. You suffer from tons of anxiety when you want to achieve something but believe me, it will pay off. Just stay strong and don't listen to people who say that you're very silent and unsuccessful because you have the potential to surpass them all. You are a great thinker, a very intelligent person and you are one of the biggest go-getters out there. Stay strong and you will succeed in whatever it is you want. You know how to fix people's problems and you are born to help. NOW, START LOVING YOURSELF AND YOUR SIGN.
  • Libra: You are a person who radiates with positive energy. You are a beacon of happiness and you are one of the most creative people out there. You know how to care for people and you know how to love. God damn it, you have impeccable style and you know how to dress. You are appealing and both your physical and mental beauty are dominant when you enter a room of new people. You are a big, big person with even a bigger heart than your body and you know how to give people an advice. Those pieces of advice you give, often fix people's problems. You are beautiful. You are admirable. You are capable of many things and you know how to get shit done. NOW, START LOVING YOURSELF AND YOUR SIGN.
  • Scorpio: You are a person who's capable of many things. People usually think that you're too intense, childish, evil and vengeful but you're not. You just know how to have fun and you love making people's lives better. You are a master of telling jokes. Your eyes can penetrate deep inside a person's soul and see the sadness inside that person. And you will help that person. You help people on a daily basis, even if they don't see it. Most of the time you are very sad and you suffer inside because you think that people don't see what you've done for them, and that is okay. But believe me, they do see what you've done for them. And if anyone wrongs you or a person you love, you can avenge yourself or that person you love. Many people think that you're cruel and unforgiving but that's not true. Don't listen to the stereotypes for Scorpios and focus on being a good person. You forgive endlessly, you just don't like showing your emotions because people might manipulate you or use them against you, so you might do some things (which you will later regret) just because you don't want to seem weak. But that's how you protect yourself. Don't worry about others' opinions, you're a great person, filled with positivity. NOW, START LOVING YOURSELF AND YOUR SIGN.
  • Sagittarius: You are a person who cares about everyone. You are not bitchy and nervous, it's just that you are sick of people doing mistakes which they will later regret. You are a born teacher and you are born to lead people into a new, better world. People need to start listening to your pieces of advice because the pieces of advice you give are priceless. You are not extreme and you are not impulsive because you want to be, you do it because you want to prove others that you're a good person and a person who honestly and sincerely cares about everything. You often suffer from anxiety and insomnia, but it's because you are a very intelligent person and your mind works a lot faster than other people's. You come off as a person whom everyone thinks that hates emotions and doesn't know how to feel, but, believe me, you know how to feel. You just can't stand it when people don't live just and you are born to fix the mistakes of yours and of other people's. NOW, START LOVING YOURSELF AND YOUR SIGN.
  • Capricorn: You are a deeply caring person but you don't show it as most people do. Others will think that you're unfeeling and cold-blooded because of the way you show your emotions and because of your silent nature, but you are not emotionless. You are a person who cares a lot about your and other people's future. You are not materialistic and money-oriented, you are a person who is concerned with your and other people's well-being, so you work your ass off because you know where you might end up one day. Don't let people pick with you or underestimate you because you are a very sensitive and emotional person who knows how to support people and lead them to happiness. You will be made fun of, you will be insulted, you will be hated and you will be fought but you should know that you shouldn't give up of spreading positivity and working hard to achieve your goals. Don't let negative people stop you and bring you down. Learn that you are a person who knows how to function. You are not dull, as most people think. But let them think because you needn't carry about negative people's irrelevant opinions because you know who you are, and you are not dull. You are a very interesting, funny and creative person. You are a great friend, parent, partner and a lover. NOW, START LOVING YOURSELF AND YOUR SIGN.
  • Aquarius: You are an open-minded person and your intelligence is really great. You are a very understanding person and you know how to have fun. You lead people into great adventures which might seem risky, but you do it for the sake of fun. Best memories always come from great experiences, and you know how to make people experience things. You are not limited and detached as most people think, you are a person who just thinks rationally for your and the lives for the people around you. You are not argumentative as everyone thinks, you are debatable. There's a difference. You love learning and debating, you just seem argumentative because you're passionate for debates and learning new things. You are not a weirdo or a freak, you're an eccentric person. There's a difference. You are a great friend. NOW, START LOVING YOURSELF AND YOUR SIGN.
  • Pisces: You are one of the most insightful people out there and you simply know everything, because you feel everything. you have the gift of unlimited and uncontrollable emotions, which might sometimes take advantage of you but I assure you that you have the ability to control your emotions. You are one of the most intelligent people out there. You are very beautiful, both physically and mentally. You are a natural born philosopher and you're the deepest person there is. You are not weak just because you are hurt or triggered easily, you are strong and powerful beyond limits because you experience everything both with your heart, soul and mind. You absorb people's feelings and you absorb information like a sponge. You are capable of many things. No matter your easygoing, sweet, cheerful or introverted nature, you are one of the best fighters out there and you always win no matter what, because you stubbornly go to extremes and you have the ability to go to the end of the universe and back, if it's required of you to get what you want. You fight till the very end and you know how to sit on the throne. Despite most people's (stupid) opinion, you are not a wallflower. You are a natural born leader who just seems dreamy and lost most of the time but that's because you're very intelligent and you think like no-one else does. When the topic of a conversation is brought, I bet you've already been overthinking about it. You can put up with so much shit and you can go through everything, you can run through hell and fly through heaven in order to achieve your goals. You are not weak, you're just a person with the most intense emotions out there. Learn to control things and you will be unstoppable. When someone hurts you or someone you love, you will turn into a giant shark and every unjust person will feel the ocean's wrath. You are not weak because you're a forgiving person, you are just one level above all those haters and you actually understand why people made those mistakes, and that's why you forgive - when you forgive. NOW, START LOVING YOURSELF AND YOUR SIGN.

Friendly reminder that literally everything in life is in your hands and you have the time to sort things out to prevent future issues or fix issues that have arisen. You’re the one who can sign up for programs, you’re the one who can block social media sites when you’re studying, you’re the one who can delete Instagram because you think it’s a source of negativity, you’re the one who can take free online courses, you’re the one who can drag your ass out of bed 30 minutes earlier than you usually do to go for a run, you’re the one who can use duolingo every day to learn a new language, you’re the one who can brave the morning cold to sit on your balcony or outside your place or on the curb or on a bench and draw the sunset, even if you think you’re not very good. So stop feeling angry at yourself for not making the small decisions that add up to create a better you, in more ways than one. Who cares if you’re not the best artist and dropped visual arts as soon as you could, who cares if you haven’t run in two years and never moved on from your high school athletics carnival, who cares if you’ll lose the great feed you set up, who cares if people will think you’re a bit of a nerd for taking coding courses or going on Hogwarts is Here, who cares if people will scoff as you tell them you’re learning an odd obscure language and question you. So ignore the stupid voice in your head, and the voices around you, don’t let fear, self doubt and laziness screw with the things you know you’ll benefit from. It’s in your hands, so act like it.

hogwarts houses as good things

SLYTHERIN: looking drop dead gorgeous in formal wear, killer eyeliner, giving the most carefully crafted insults, loving your heritage, having a close knit group of friends that you would kill for, sarcasm off the charts, being able to put the fear of God into people’s hearts after one look.

RAVENCLAW: the perfect high ponytail, clear lip gloss, the feeling after you figure out a complicated math problem, getting an A on an assignment the rest of the class failed on, looking killer in business attire, wearing sweatpants after a long day, vocabulary so big even the teachers don’t understand what you’re talking about, the skill of reading while walking, messy desks, inked hands.

GRYFFINDOR: winning an argument, feet hitting the pavement, acting like an idiot with your friends, being yourself without caring what others think, volunteering in class, long, complicated handshakes, wearing whatever you want, dying your hair neon shades of hair, because you like to “rebel against the system”

HUFFLEPUFF: soft hoodies, sitting next to the new kid, getting excited when the new kid remembers your name, long hugs, sunrises, being swaddled in furry blankets, baking, sharing snacks, long hugs, cheering up even a random stranger when they seem down, running back down the hall to compliment the teacher with the wonderful looking nails, the adorable nose crinkle that happens when someone genuinely smiles.

zaynmalickmedown  asked:

So would it be correct to assume Mark will be on the cover for QoAaD? ALSO, did you write Emma and Julian as kind of flips on kinda sexist male and female character stereotypes on purpose? Like how Emma takes on what are generally thought of as more masculine character traits (brash, impulsive, headstrong, more prone to violence) while Julian, besides being a caregiver, relies more heavily on what Cersei Lannister would call 'women's weapons'; his wits and and ability to manipulate others.

I love this question because yes, definitely! Julian and Emma are meant to be exactly that. Julian is the one who holds the babies, makes the pancakes, has the traditional “caretaking” role; Emma is the one who’s out hitting things with her sword first and asking questions later. Of course they’re both more layered than that — Emma has plenty of caregiving instincts and Julian is a more than competent fighter — because essentially those stereotypes break down in the face of individuality, even when you flip them. But it was a lot of fun to play around with them: that is in fact the reason Emma is the one who has sexual experience and isn’t a virgin their first time; Julian is. It’s maybe the thing about flipping the stereotypes I get the most questions about: the idea of alpha masculinity and sexual aptitude in men being tied to experience (often with a string of nameless partners they didn’t care about) while the girl is an inexperienced and shrinking flower is so ingrained in us as the pinnacle of romance I think Julian’s virginity in the first book really throws people for a loop. I actually had a lot of fun writing the “extended” cottage scene in LoS from his perspective because we get to see what he thinks about the scene in LM having been his first time and what it means for him and whether he cares that Emma is more sexually experienced than he is (no.)

(I also like that quote from Cersei, thanks for that, because it’s true that manipulation is seen as a woman’s weapon but strategy is a man’s game. And yet they’re basically the same thing. It’s often about specificity of language and how certain words are feminized. Meanwhile I bet Julian and Cersei would have a killer game of chess.)