even if you kinda made a bad decision

the little mermaid au! ong seongwoo

the following scenario is based on the traditional storyline. please keep note that there are many different versions of the story, and not just the disney one.

  • ok so you’re the mermaid/merman (your preference) who adores humans bc like it’s so cool they have legs?? the idea of having legs and being on land just FASCINATES you and you’re sneaking around the shores to watch humans
  • and one day you’re just swimming on the surface and saying hi to the cute seagulls when you notice the sky turning dark and the clouds getting shady so like it was basically time to go
  • but just then you notice a ship floating like nowhere cLOSE to the shore
  • even though mermaids were always called a myth and you’d get chewed out if anyone saw ur tail you’re like…I need to save them >:((
  • and so you swim over to save the poor souls when suddenly rain just started POURING and the winds picked up out of nowhere and then you saw a body fall into the sea
  • you’re like oh shIT and suddenly accelerated in water to save the poor soul
  • you eventually find him and you get rly alarmed bc he isn’t struggling or anything he’s just kinda lifelessly sinking
  • you grab him and basically turn into an underwater jet bc you’d never swam so fast no not even when your mermaid mom told you dinner was ready
  • getting him to shore was so difficult because 1) the human was heavy and 2) you had no legs so you had to crawl to get far enough onto land
  • the dude (seongwoo if y’all didn’t realize yet) still wasn’t moving and you were panicking like??? he shouldn’t be dead yet
  • you do the mermaid version of cpr which was to….press your lips against his to suck all the seawater out of him
  • a minute later you start getting dizzy because you’re getting too dry so you had to crawl back into the sea…and you proceed to go back home but you just…couldn’t get that man out of your head….
  • meanwhile a princess from a different country visiting seongwoo’s found him collapsed on the beach and shook him awake and seongwoo’s like…what happened??
  • let’s call the princess rika like that snake from mystic messenger
  • anywaYS
  • rika told him that she “”saved”” him from drowning and he’s like…oh and that’s what she ends up telling the his father aka the KING and rumors spread around the palace like crazy like everyone was like damn they probably gonna get married now
  • meanwhile on yOUR END you were swimming towards the sea witch’s domain to ask for a pair of legs because after being on land and feeling the frustrations of being unable to stay for too long you REALLY wanted to become a human
  • the sea witch asks for your voice in exchange which was…a huge price
  • your singing is like the only thing that anyone’s ever praised you for so giving it up would be the same as tossing away half of your identity but…u know what, in the human world no one’s gonna know u anyway  
  • so she casts a spell and gives you the legs u wanted and then shoots u out of the sea
  • after you get to shore and struggle to get the hang of walking for like 7 hours you pick up some rags to cover yourself bc that stupid witch didn’t give u any clothes
  • you just want to explore the village and ur getting looks bc wtf ur wearing some dirty rags with sand all over and wobbling like jello but u don’t rly care
  • suddenly you find a boy aka sEONGWOO in a quiet part of the area just…dancing and you were like!!! oh my gOD that’s amazing how can his legs and arms move like that…

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anonymous asked:

I'm the Wanda anon :) I'm finding I agree with a lot of what you said, like ppl not allowing her chances like they do other characters, and the dehumanisation I suppose too, though I don't get heavily involved in fandom discourse so I haven't seen much of it. That said, she changes sides during the movie yes but only bc she and her brother were going to die not bc of others' deaths. When she caused the Hulk's rampage, she didn't care then. She changes after the battle, I wish they’d shown it1/2

2/2 I guess that’s what ff is for. In addition as far as Tony goes, though I think he’s irrelevant here, you could argue he makes Ultron as a result of what Wanda does to him. Is Bruce responsible for the deaths of those ppl? If not, Tony can’t be held any more responsible. They both react to what Wanda does, and she played on their worst fears. I think we forgive the others more bc they start as heroes, you know? We don’t know their crimes in detail, I’m talking movieverse here btw, not comics.

Yeah, I’m sorry anon, I still think you’re reaching. She changes sides when she realizes Ultron is going to wipe out humanity, yes, but it’s incredibly cynical to think the only thing she cares about is “oh, I’ll die too” considering we see her and Pietro both going out of their way a lot to rescue civilians, such as in the whole train sequence – which is not necessary just to stop Ultron. If all either of the twins cared about was stopping him to save their own skins, they wouldn’t have actively risked their lives and been willing to die (Pietro sacrificing his life to save Clint and a child, and Wanda very nearly dying too.) To treat them as callous monsters requires ignoring the bulk of their actual characterization. 

Wanda gives Bruce a vision that prompts him to hulk out, yes. It sucks, yes, and it was a bad thing. I wholeheartedly agree. (And frankly think the whole Hulkbuster sequence is dumb and pointless and slows the plot and shouldn’t have been in the movie, but that’s a separate rant focused more on technical flaws of the film.) But a LOT of people have pushed Bruce to hulk out over the years, so if your argument here is that Wanda should be tried for enacting Ultron’s plan to cause Hulk’s rampage, so should everyone else who has ever prompted him to Hulk out. This is one of her bigger mistakes, agreed, and she isn’t there to witness the aftermath – or I think she would have changed sides sooner, because we see how Wanda reacts to seeing suffering up close and personal. 

Also, we see perfectly well how crappy both Tony and Thor are before their redemption arcs, so your argument there is kinda moot. We see Tony brag about the Jericho missiles, and Thor go on a gleeful killing spree, destroying even more of Utgard than Hulk does of the city in AOU. Yet you forgive them both, easily. 

Finally, I don’t know if you’re trolling here, but why is Wanda responsible for Tony’s choices?

Tony is a grown, adult man, with free will. Wanda gave him a vision of a possibility of things going bad. Tony, and Tony alone, made decisions based on that vision. If Tony had been to a fortune teller, seen an apocalypse movie, or had a particularly bad dream, he might have gotten a similar “what if” scenario – and had just as much free will when it came to his subsequent actions. Wanda did not control his will after the fact, did not influence his choices. Tony decided that the response to a scary, manufactured vision based on his fears and not an actual look into the future was to be reckless with his tech for the sake of ‘protection.’ Tony built Ultron. Tony played god. Tony made his choices, and Wanda did not make them for him. And if you will recall, Bruce was opposed to using the scepter to make Ultron and Tony didn’t listen. The choice to be reckless was Tony’s.

(Shit, if you wanna play the secondhand blame game, why not say Tony is responsible back at the start since his bomb was what killed Wanda’s family, driving her to Strucker, who gave her the powers she then used to put the vision in Tony’s head that lead him to make Ultron? We can go back and forth with ‘who influenced who’ all day.)

To blame Wanda for Tony’s choices and hold her to a greater level of responsibility for Tony’s actions than Tony is held reeks of misogyny. Not to mention how people zero in on Wanda alone and never blame Pietro, despite the two of them acting in tandem. And to anyone who feels the need to scapegoat Wanda and then make myriad excuses that don’t hold water for why the rules apply to her and not to anyone else; I invite you to sit down and have a long, introspective look at your own biases, especially when it comes to the standards you hold women to over men, both in fiction and in reality. There’s a lot of misogyny in our societies that we carry over into our interactions in fandom, and we owe it to ourselves and to everyone else to take that long, hard, uncomfortable look at ourselves and our reasons for being shit to certain characters, and consider if we’re being the kind of person the heroic characters we love would be able to be proud of. 

thread on the chaldea forums titled NEED PARENTING ADVICE HELP started by cu under a new account with a keysmash username: ok so like the title says i need parenting advice. i once killed my son and he’s really mad about it and he’s right about that bc it was entirely my fault and even without the killing part I kinda fucked up his entire life because of a series of really bad decisions i made when i was like 16. i feel really guilty about it and genuinely want to be a better parent this time but I don’t know where to even start. please help
first reply, from archer: have you tried talking to him about it?
second reply, from cu but he forgot to switch back to the keysmash account: serious answers only please

Gonna Fly Away

Hello Emus! Guess what? YEEEEESS! New one shot. It’s been years, decades, sinc I posted something decent. (And no, that short thing about Rae and Finn in bed does not count, though I will continue I don’t know how, I don’t know when…)

Anyway, I’m back into writing. Why? I dunno. Inspiration has come to me and I have something prepared for you. It will be posted soon. And I think you’re gonna love it. Now I leave you with one of the stories I said I’d be posting. The one from series 3 (because I have this love/hate relationship with that season and so many ideas have come to my mind (good and bad ones). 

You maybe think it’s kinda short but I’ve written it real quick. I started yesterday and I’ve finished a few minutes ago. I haven’t even checked the mistakes, but I thought I owe you something good, so… I’m gonna be working all December (weekends included) and I’ll be suuuuper exhausted but I’ll try to write as much as possible. 




He meditates on the different options he has. He’s been thinking about it for weeks now and it’s time to take one of the biggest decisions he has made in his short life.

He takes the phone in his hand and clicks on different numbers and waits until someone says Hello on the other side of the line. When he finally speaks, his voice sounds weird, afraid, nervous…

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anonymous asked:

what steps did you take to overcome your depression? I really want to do it on my own but I don't know where to start could you maybe write something about it? :-)

I have written so much of this. It’s in almost all of my work, even if I don’t say it outright! 

Getting myself out of a very bad place meant making a lot of positive decisions and distancing myself from things that catered to my unhealthy thoughts. It meant learning who I am and making decisions which made me like myself. It meant removing myself from toxic relationships-romantic and platonic- doing things I wanted to do, and moving. It meant taking bad thoughts for what they are and not allowing them to convince me to do terrible things, especially to myself. It meant not driving myself crazy with over-thinking and logically looking at my problems to find ways to solve them. It meant accepting myself and stopping thoughts such as, “You’re useless. I hate you,” before they even began. It meant getting away from anything which did not allow me to grow and love myself. It meant not making how I felt about myself something that others so easily manipulated. 

Self-hate takes so much energy and once you believe that you deserve self-love, things get easier. I’m not saying I don’t feel terrible from time to time. I do, but that’s normal. I’m no longer in such a poor place that everything is difficult, especially making decisions which benefit me. I would highly recommend seeing a professional if you are struggling with severe depression. No one deserves to suffer so much without any help.