even if you kinda made a bad decision

thread on the chaldea forums titled NEED PARENTING ADVICE HELP started by cu under a new account with a keysmash username: ok so like the title says i need parenting advice. i once killed my son and he’s really mad about it and he’s right about that bc it was entirely my fault and even without the killing part I kinda fucked up his entire life because of a series of really bad decisions i made when i was like 16. i feel really guilty about it and genuinely want to be a better parent this time but I don’t know where to even start. please help
first reply, from archer: have you tried talking to him about it?
second reply, from cu but he forgot to switch back to the keysmash account: serious answers only please

Gonna Fly Away

Hello Emus! Guess what? YEEEEESS! New one shot. It’s been years, decades, sinc I posted something decent. (And no, that short thing about Rae and Finn in bed does not count, though I will continue I don’t know how, I don’t know when…)

Anyway, I’m back into writing. Why? I dunno. Inspiration has come to me and I have something prepared for you. It will be posted soon. And I think you’re gonna love it. Now I leave you with one of the stories I said I’d be posting. The one from series 3 (because I have this love/hate relationship with that season and so many ideas have come to my mind (good and bad ones). 

You maybe think it’s kinda short but I’ve written it real quick. I started yesterday and I’ve finished a few minutes ago. I haven’t even checked the mistakes, but I thought I owe you something good, so… I’m gonna be working all December (weekends included) and I’ll be suuuuper exhausted but I’ll try to write as much as possible. 




He meditates on the different options he has. He’s been thinking about it for weeks now and it’s time to take one of the biggest decisions he has made in his short life.

He takes the phone in his hand and clicks on different numbers and waits until someone says Hello on the other side of the line. When he finally speaks, his voice sounds weird, afraid, nervous…

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anonymous asked:

what steps did you take to overcome your depression? I really want to do it on my own but I don't know where to start could you maybe write something about it? :-)

I have written so much of this. It’s in almost all of my work, even if I don’t say it outright! 

Getting myself out of a very bad place meant making a lot of positive decisions and distancing myself from things that catered to my unhealthy thoughts. It meant learning who I am and making decisions which made me like myself. It meant removing myself from toxic relationships-romantic and platonic- doing things I wanted to do, and moving. It meant taking bad thoughts for what they are and not allowing them to convince me to do terrible things, especially to myself. It meant not driving myself crazy with over-thinking and logically looking at my problems to find ways to solve them. It meant accepting myself and stopping thoughts such as, “You’re useless. I hate you,” before they even began. It meant getting away from anything which did not allow me to grow and love myself. It meant not making how I felt about myself something that others so easily manipulated. 

Self-hate takes so much energy and once you believe that you deserve self-love, things get easier. I’m not saying I don’t feel terrible from time to time. I do, but that’s normal. I’m no longer in such a poor place that everything is difficult, especially making decisions which benefit me. I would highly recommend seeing a professional if you are struggling with severe depression. No one deserves to suffer so much without any help.