even if you don't know each and every fan

Personal opinion but comic books would be so much better if I wasn’t reminded of joker’s existence every five seconds. You know that stupid line “When super-villains want to scare each other, they tell Joker stories.” and all other stupid lines similar to that? 

They’re always made by people outside of Gotham. Because any Gotham rogues fan dang well knows that none of these assholes takes any of the other assholes seriously. 

This whole war of jokes and riddles is stupid because who in Gotham doesn’t fetching want Joker dead? Rogues and civilians alike should just team up, beat the crap out of him, spit on his corpse, pee on it, and then let him get eaten by a shark.

supernaturalemowalkingphan  asked:

I don't even care about being anon right now I'd just like to say thank you. Thank you for popping up on my dashboard lately, thank you for making me smile lately, thank you for being here and talking to all of your fans, thank you for your amazing art, just thank you. I've had some of the worst days ever lately, crying non stop, but every time I see your posts I just smile a real smile. Just thank you for being here, even if we don't know each other I just wanted to say this. 😊🖤

Oh my gosh I hope you feel better soon <3 Thank you for such a lovely message! I hope I can keep making you smile!!! <3<3<3