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This is Raiza, a filipina makeup guru who speaks tagalog/english (taglish), which is common amongst filipinos. I was excited to come across this guru because im also filipino and her makeup tutorials are actually helpful to me with our similar eye shapes and skin, but when i scrolled down, i was disappointed to see these very ignorant comments on her video AND she was even kind enough to respond nicely and add a proper english translations, which she is not obligated to do btw.


I absolutely HATE in shows when Characters have to fight a literal Omnipotent GOD character.

With Omnipotence you have every power there ever was and ever will be so How Do you match that?

Try to fight it 

 "I already knew your plan because I’m omnipotent I can turn back time and stop it or Just make it so you dont exist anymore"

You’re trying to trick me? “I’m Omnipotent I can read your mind and see into the future, you cant stop me and I can literally just create a new universe”

“Oh well you see I’m Ominipotent so I’ve looked into every reality there ever was in less than a nanosecond and deduced theres nothing you can do to stop me and even if you did try I could reality warp, rewind time, erase you and start over when you ever I wanted because I have Every Power there ever was and Ever will be so there ;P’

Its just like I get your trying to make a Cool Villain but Dont say they’re Omnipotent when thats the Ultimate Power Hax

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Your style is amazing man! I was wondering what your process is/how you go about painting your art to make it look so clean? Its some good stuff my dude

Aw, thanks my dude! I don’t remember anyone ever asking me before, so it’s really cool reaching the point where someone has! Here are my steps:

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the problem with karamel is that in more than one ocasion mon-el treated kara terribly, by being a mysoginist man. its not okay to date someone who treats you bad even tho they have nice moments. its not a okay thing to teach little girls. that a boy can be a dick to you and then change e everything is perf. same thing with chuck and blair, a ship you dont like

you’re interpreting karamel in a specific way thats not written into the narrative. i dont agree with how you see karamel but youre entitled to your opinion. they literally just bicker sometimes its really not that deep to me. disagreements are a part of life. kara is supergirl if mon el was treating her “abusively” she would drop him in a hot second. but with chuck and blair there is literally no interpretation its just flat out physical and emotional abuse the two cant even be compared

i hear stories of your smile

maybe its wishful thinking

but for me the men and women in this life that i see

are wonderful,

some broken,

some arrogant,

some so opposite from my frame of reference

that i just stare,

in the same way that you shouldn’t criticise what you cant understand,

in the same way that even rocks flow from sea to land,

the kind of lightness that comes with being

is also the same kind of heaviness that we all sometimes feel.

this years holocaust remembrance day is very important, given the current political climate. take today to remember the horrifying acts committed against jewish and romani people. take today to recognize the beginning of those same acts forming against PoC in america today. take today to resist those in power however you see fit, and after today, dont stop resisting. i am a jew still personally affected by the holocaust even 2 generations later. every jew is affected by the shoah, but there is a special pain to know what happened to your own family. or worse, not knowing what happened to the unknown people you see in old family photographs. we as a people will never be the same. remember the holocaust today. dont let this happen again.

Save the last dance for me darling, I want to be the last person you hold tonight

pose referenced from this wonderful shot i always see on tumblr


As ever, Watson, you see but do not observe. To you the world remains an impenetrable mystery whereas to me it is an open book. Hard logic vs romantic whimsy. That is your choice. You fail to connect actions to their consequences. Now, for the last time…

Big girl appreciation day February 19th- 20th 2016

Big girl appreciation day February 19th- 20th 2016 Soooo you guys Bgad was extremely successful. I been lowkey busy recently but ive known for awhile know that the 19th and 20th were the perfect days for the next one. What way to celebrate your body than a few days after valentines day! Im so excited to see all the cute photos and themes you guys think of! This is gonna be real cute.

Bgad will be seasonal. So well have some time between to prepare to get out best photos ready for these amazing days! Last time a lot of people couldn’t participate and that upsets me cuz yall are all so beautiful. So I cant stress enough how important it is to boost this and mark it on your calendars. A LOT of people didn’t even know about it until the day of. We can get this circulating better so more women can participate.

So Boost this you guys let everyone know whats up!!! .

ON/OFF - a yamatsukki fanmix
((art by me))

01. IDFC - Blackbear “Cause I have hella feelings for you, I act like I don’t fucking care,”
02. Daddy issues - The Neighbourhood  / “You ask me what I’m thinking about I’ll tell you that I’m thinking about”
03. Butterfly culture - Benjamin Francis Leftwich / “You put out to put up, Even while your widening smile”
04. Watch me Rise - MIkky Ekko /“I’m still standin’, I’m still climbin' Even when the best are fallin’, the best are fallin'” 
05. Shine - Years & Years  / “Don’t leave me behind; can you see me? I’m shining” 
06. I Cant love you - Adore Delano / ”A shooting star, lighting up the darkness” …“ I love the way you touch my lips You live to kiss The freckles on my shoulder So I can pull you closer, yeah”
07. I needed you - Blackbear“You know this was never really about us And everything was always ‘bout you” 
08. The way it was - The Killers / “If I go on With you by my side Can it beThe way it was When we met” 

ON/OFF relationship: They may wish to keep an ongoing formal relationship, but have difficulty doing so because of continuous conflicts between themselves. 

OTP quotes are like my drugs

Mickey: What you and I have makes me free.

Lukas: Because I like you, you idiot.

Philip: I love you, Lukas. Please wake up.

Even: Am I the man of your dreams?

Mickey: You gonna wait for me?

MIckey: He stays here. He’s staying with me.

Isak: Just take it one day at a time.

Isak: It’s nice to see you smile again.

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i was trying to avoid this, but now…im sucked in…. i cant…

  • i will never be over isak calling even “baby” and you can bet your beautiful butt that he has slipped up more than once in school when he sees even and he calls out “baby” in that same tired, but smooth voice that he used in the hotel room and even smirks and does Eyebrow Thing because fuck 
  • magnus, mahdi, and jonas are like myfuckinggodguys keep it in your pants
  • more about the word baby it was like my favourite line from the show bye
  • domestic even and isak, isak coming home to even after school and saying “hey baby” and even has been waiting all day for that so he lifts isak up on the counter and makes out with him in a fever
  • in the background noora and eskild are mimicking isak in the most unflattering voice “baby baby baby baby”
  • even cant sleep again, and hes about to get up, and isak grabs his arm and whispers, with his eyes closed “baby, dont leave me”
  • and even smiles lightly and lays back down and holds isak close and doesnt shut his eyes but is as much at peace as he could be and sighs and breathes isak in
  • isak smiles lightly and drifts off into sleep again


my friend, who i cant release the name of for safety reasons, is at risk of being kicked out of their home possibly within the next 24 hours, maybe even sooner, they’re only 15 years old and have no means of providing for themselves. i’ve called MULTIPLE lgbt shelters but NONE of them seemed to care, nor were willing to help since they’ve yet to be kicked out, i explained their situation was already dangerous and abusive, but one again, they didn’t care

their parents have access to all their accounts and they know they follow me, they can see this post so i cant give out any further information within it

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, if you can help with information on access to shelters or resources who will actually help, IM me!!!!

details about location will be given out through instant messages! 


please reblog this if you can, this is urgent!!!

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How do you do the lik bred things?

yu see, my frend,
it goes like so:
yu rite 4 beates
then downe yu go.
the even lines
(2, 4, 6, 8)
should end in words
which dont create

a problem when
yu need to find
a riming pair -
dont be resined
to assonance:
that’s not enugh.
we must be strikt
about this stuff.

and wen yu’ve writ
two riming sets 
avoid what’s called
‘reblog regrets’
and check befor
yur post’s complete
that words yu’ve used
do not repeet.

(with so few lines
it stiks out plain
wen words come twice
in one refrane:
just look how cheep 
my third text sounds;
‘i’ rimed with ‘eye’?! 
for shayme! oh, zounds!) 

another thing
yu neede, yung Calfe:
an ending lyne
that brings a laugh - 
it’s here that folk
oft mention bred -
but if yu want
make do insted

with something else
that may appeel.
yu’ll do no rong. 
rite what yu feel.
and if yu still 
need bredlik aid -
i link this post 
that someone mayde

explaining this 
with less ado.
i hope between 
posts one and two
the question asked
is answered now: 
go forth, lik bred,
be like the Cow. 

even though I don’t need an excuse to post gifs of Sebastian Stan, I think todays events just make me want to post so many it clogs up dashboards so we don’t see all the other crappy posts about this.

so here goes. 

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yes I could have tons more but this is enough for now. I think you get the point. I love Sebastian Stan so much and just want him to be happy and he makes me so freakin happy!