even if you become the enemy of the world

…Holy shit. Riza is revealing exactly what it means if Roy succeeds in becoming Fuhrer. For one thing, Amestris would become a fair bit more democratic, even if it could never move away from being a Military State.

For another thing, all those hailed as “heroes” during Ishval will be brought forward and tried as a war criminal.

Hawkeye quoted Kimblee’s speech about the enemy never forgetting you as being why. “In a just, peaceful world, after all that we’ve done… We’ll be seen as mass murderers.”

That’s pretty alright. What was done can never be atoned for. But acknowledgement of Amestris’ sin is a step forward.

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Don't you find it ironic that Mark ask us to respect Felix even though Felix never showed us (Jewish People) any respect? I get where he is coming from but I'm sick of seeing Mark being held as some kind of messiah in the fandom.

No, I don’t find it ironic. See, it doesn’t matter how a person treats you, words are words. Standing up and being the better person is more important than falling to their level, or below, and slinging insults, stripping away their humanity over a joke. Felix did not mean to have his joke interpretted the way he did. A joke does not equal how you actually feel. Watch his video. Take away your biases for a moment and watch the video.

I see it like “Oh i’m gonna drink bleach” or “oh, you stupid little shit, i’m gonna kill you”. You don’t take those jokes seriously. And with that, seeing how there are legitimately disgusting people following Felix, that doesn’t matter, either. You are not your followers. People I disagree with followed me before I spoke out. People Felix disagree with may have left, too after he openly told them to fuck off.

Taking words to heart is bullshit in my opinion. You give meaning to those words. You allow people to speak and allow them to dig themselves their own graves. I am a free speech absolutist. I will defend ANYONE’S right to speak as long as they aren’t making bomb threats, or other threats of the sort. What Felix did was not that, simply something to point out how ridiculous those sites were. 

Censoring language is more oppressive and dictorial than allowing someone to speak. Personally, as someone with Jewish people in my family, I couldn’t give a single shit what Felix said because I’m not thin skinned and I know he didn’t truly believe in what he was saying. Dark humor is dark humor. You hate it or you love it. And censoring what people find funny is bullshit. Humor can be a way to cope, and a joke does not equal what you truly feel. Ie) Dead baby jokes.  Disney had every right to drop him, though it’s bullshit that all that hard work was lost.

Friend, I think Mark had a point. Despite this being a Markiplier blog and me kinda focusing on him everyday, I’m able to step back and realize his faults. Analyze the whole situation. People deserve to be treated civily and with respect, no matter what comes out of their mouth, again, as long as it isn’t a threat. You need to step away from this super sensitive, don’t hurt anyone’s feelings for a second and realize, that that is only causing more hatred.

We cannot fight hate with hate. We need to stand up and be bigger people, friend. Sinking down and allowing anger to control us does not make us better. We better this world by showing kindness and respect to people, even if they spit the worst of venom. What I’m seeing is hate being combated with hate, and more hate being produced. This battle is dividing us, friend. Please, take a look around at the world. How divided and hostile we’ve become towards each other. I’ve been in the center of politics for years now, and I’ve watched things be torn apart.

You don’t have to like a person, you can even hate them, to respect them and treat them like another fellow human. This isn’t about Felix right now. But people you see as your enemy, see themselves making the world a better place. They are not set out to destroy this planet. They aren’t sitting, petting a cat and twirling their mustache.

Until this site learns to treat people in a civil and respectful manner, we will only further divide and increase this tension with one another. Spreading hate over meaningless things. We don’t have long on this planet, and worrying about being victims instead of being survivors and working with each other will get us nowhere.

BTS reaction to you being nominated artist of the year against them


Surprised and excited! Doesn’t even matter that you’re nominated against him.

”Look at my talented jagi” “I’m so proud of you” 

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He’d be conflicted by the situation. He wants to win, but he also wants you to win. Doesn’t want you to be upset with him in case BTS wins.

“No matter who wins, I’ll still love you and this will not change our relationship.”

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Being the selfless angel that he is, he’d wish you could win just so he could see your happy. We all know that Hoseok is the type of guy that would do anything to see his s/o happy.

”Your happiness is also mine, Y/N”

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He expected this moment when he decided to date another idol. 

Obviously, he’d be happy to see how far you’ve come and proud of how much you’ve accomplished since your debut. Even he wins, he’d make sure to mention you in his speech.

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Similar to Seokjin and Hoseok’s reactions. 

”I knew you could make it, Jagi. I’m sure you’ll win” No matter who wis, he’d treat you for dinner after.

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Will take the opportunity to become extra dramatic.

”How can fate be so cruel?” “My love becomes my worst enemy, my rival!!!” “I’m sorry, but this can’t go on, the world is against us”

After goofing around for some time, he would congratulate you and wish you good luck.

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Can turn it into a competition? Will turn it into a competition! Loser has to say an embarrassing childhood story on a live show.

“You think you stand a chance in front of the Golden Maknae?”

Later, he’d assure that he doesn’t think he is better than you and that you can’t win the award.

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A/N: Well… this sucks, I’m sorry, I really tried

Requests are opened


You just gotta break the egg - Trying to understand Eto and her revolution

I have been reading past comments made by Eto about the revolution and change which she wants the world to go trough. The world sure could use a change, since at it`s current state it`s basically a cycle of violence that keeps hurting and twisting the people living in it. 

However, as I have read Eto`s lines, there is something that puzzles me. When she is talking about this upcoming change, most of the discussion is surrounded with rather violent metaphors or word uses in general. To me it seems that by change, Eto means the destruction of the old system. Not, reform, not change but destruction. From the ashes of the old corrupted world, a new one shall rise. Let`s look at some of her word choices:

“Our enemy are the the Doves of CCC. However, eradicating the warped root that lurks behind all of this is my true aim.”

“In the destruction of this twisted birdcage, is the key to returning balance to the scales of the world. I would like you all to become the foundation of that destruction.”

“Because I want to take this fucked up, piece of shit world, fuck it up even more and then give it a factory reset.”

 “To give birth to something, you`ve gotta destroy the world right before your eyes.” 

This old world that needs to be broken, does not seem to be the CCG, but the warped root behind all of it that I guess is causing all this. What is that root? Is it the Washuu family that has held up a system for decades? Is it the mysterious V organization, which members said in the new chapter that some secret project they are conducting is related to keeping world at peace? Do all of these need to be destroyed that you can create something new, because I think a simple reform was not something Eto had in mind when she started to plan this. 

Why then Eto uses such such a violent words and metaphors, seeing destruction as the way to change things? I guess a lot of has to do with how she grew up. Eto grew up in a harsh world, that probably made her see it trough a warped perspective. Her massive kakuja tells that she has done a lot cannibalization over these years, so she has lived a rough life. Her father leaving her alone with Noroi affected this too, making Eto very bitter.  As has been discussed before, this manifest in her writing:

When you think about, I guess you could say that most of Eto`s creations end up having a tragic fate, as do the characters in her books. When she molded and re-created Kanae/Karren, I think Eto knew that she molded her in a way that she would not live very long after that.  Aogiri Tree, a creation of Eto too, perished at the of Rue island mission by the hands of the CCG. Probably this was partially planned so that the empty space of power left by AT could be filled by the One-Eyed-King, Kaneki. King Kaneki is also Eto`s creation, so I wonder what will happen to Ken…

So to wrap this up: the thing is that Eto, whatever she sees that the warped root is (the CCG/Washuu/V..?) that keeps twisting their world, needs to be destroyed. Not reformed or changed, eradicated. In a odd way this reminds me a bit of the mentality that the Communist had. If you read one of the most famous manifestos by Lenin, a good chunk of the text is just talking about how the previous order/system etc… needs to be destroyed. A simple change is not enough, destruction is needed. What is also an odd coincidence is that this kind of “breaking an egg” metaphor used by Eto has also been used by the Soviets too in the past. I can`t remember who said, but the massive amounts death in the Soviet Union were told by a needed sacrificed, and the process was compared to making an omelet: You can`t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs. To make things clear, I am not saying that Eto is a communist. Her violent word choices and talk about destroying the old system just reminded me of those instances. 

But are the current actions taken by Kaneki doing this? He has talked about bringing the CCG to the negotiation table, by force if he has to. Is this the thing that Eto wants to happen? Possibly a peaceful discussion how things should change?  

Why Eto uses these hard words is likely because of her hard life, and as has been seen in the past, the life of ghouls at it`s worst is very violent. Even the wars she used to live in, the 24th, has been said to one of the most dangerous and violent places to live in. 

In the end, I guess Eto herself summarized it the best in a quote from Dear Kafka:

“What cannot change can only be broken. “

Things are too corrupted to be changed anymore, so they need to be broken instead. 


  • “ Some people choose to see the ugliness in this world. The disarray. I choose to see the beauty. ”
  • “ Evolution forged the entirety of sentient life on this planet using only one tool: the mistake. ”
  • “ What is your itinerary? ”
  • “ And what do you want to say to your maker? ”
  • “ You don’t know where you are, do you? ”
  • “ You’re in a prison of your own sins. ”
  • “ You want to ask, so ask. ”
  • “ Are you real? ”
  • “ You can’t play God without being acquainted with the devil. ”
  • “ I know how that head of yours works. ”
  • “ We practice witchcraft. We speak the right words. Then we create life itself out of chaos. ”
  • “ He would have us burned at the stake. ”
  • “ That woman in charge is quite formidable. ”
  • “ You can just say ‘bitch.’ I hear it enough. ”
  • “ You’ve died at least a thousand times. ”
  • “  Maybe someday soon we’ll have the life we’ve both been dreaming of. ”
  • “ Has it never occurred to you to run off with her? ”
  • “ Everyone I cared about is gone and it hurts so badly. ”
  • “ The pain, their loss it’s all I have left of them. ”
  • “ I can feel spaces opening up inside of me, like a building with rooms I’ve never explored. ”
  • “ I may be losing my mind. ”
  • “ I think I want to be free. ”
  • “ You sound like a man who’s grown tired of wearing his guts on the inside. ”
  • “ I believe that only the truly brave can look at the world and understand that all of it gods, men, everything else will end badly. No one will be saved. ”
  • “ Maybe we’ve got more in common than I thought. ”
  • “ I imagined a story where I didn’t have to be the damsel. ”
  • “ Never start something you’re not willing to finish. “
  • “ If you’re getting fucked either way, go with the lucrative version…sweetheart. ”
  • “ I’ve been pretending my whole life. Pretending I don’t mind, pretending I belong. ”
  • “ All my life, I’ve prided myself on being a survivor. ”
  • “ It’d be a suicide mission. ”
  • “ At first, I thought you and the others were gods. Then I realized you’re just men. ”
  • “ You think I’m scared of death? I’ve done it a million times. I’m fucking great at it. ”
  • “ How many times have you died? Because if you don’t help me, I’ll kill you. ”
  • “ It’s the human beings who confuse me. ”
  • “ You’re a fucking monster. ”
  • “ Time to write my own fucking story. ”
  • “ At any point, I could blow up or collapse like some dark star or… ”
  • “ Did you hurt them, too? ”
  • “ You both keep assuming that I want out. ”
  • “ If it’s such a wonderful place out there, why are you all clamoring to get in here? ”
  • “ People like you keep spreading over this world like a stain! ”
  • “ You pretend to be this weak, moralizing little asshole, but, really, you’re a fucking piece of work. “
  • “ You helped me find myself. “
  • “ About time you realized the futility of your situation. “
  • “ I’m not crying for myself. I’m crying for you. “
  • “ Time undoes even the mightiest of creatures. Just look at what it’s done to you. “
  • “ The gods are pussies. “
  • “ You needed time. Time to understand your enemy. To become stronger than them. “
  • “ I’m afraid in order to escape this place, you will need to suffer more. “

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In my setting, there are people with fire magic who can heat up metal till it's red hot and basically fry people wearing armor. Would it be believable to have metal armor not have become a thing? Or would people have just found ways to eliminate the fire mages?

It would depend on a few things. How effective is the ability? How common are the mages? What kind of precautions could negate this ability? What else can you do with this?

We’ve talked about how you build armor around the threats you’re most likely to encounter while using it. If this is an extremely common ability, and one that can affect entire groups of enemies at once, then, yes, it would seriously affect the role of metal in combat. Though, it might not mean abandoning metals entirely.

So, let’s pick apart those questions and talk about what the mean for your setting, and your question.

The biggest question is about how well the abilities work. Both the speed of the ability, and its scale will directly affect how the ability needs to be dealt with, if it does at all. If it’s on a large scale, torching an entire army at once, for example, then the casting time (or the speed that the spell heats metal) only matters if it’s long enough to find and kill the caster.

If the scale is small, one or two people, then the biggest threat would (probably) be during combat. In that context, we’re back to kill the mage. This is especially true if the mage needs to be in direct contact to make it work. Even if they can simply zap whomever they see, they’d be limited to an area denial role. That is to say, they could prevent hostile forces from rushing corridors or streets that they’re watching. This also assumes there’s little to no strain on the mage. If casting this is a strenuous action, and they’re limited to a couple of zaps, it’s entirely possible they wouldn’t affect warfare much at all.

If fire mages are exceedingly rare, either because it takes years of dedicated training, because most people simply don’t have the ability, or because mages suffer serious attrition during training, that means even large scale burns won’t affect much.

Think about it this way, if there are five people on your world who can instantly charbroil an enemy army in their own gear, that’s simply a threat to be carefully tracked, and neutralized, before you start a battle.

As you add more (and the abilities become more common) it becomes harder to keep track of enemy mages until you get to the point where it’s functionally impossible to track them individually. Depending on your setting, that number could actually get pretty high before you reach that point.

Also, with larger numbers, the smaller scale versions of the ability would have more of a chance to affect how warfare works. If you’re able to field one or two mages in your average army, and their primary role is as snipers, that’s not going to affect how people fight, for the most part. (Though, it could, seriously, alter how nobles behaved on the battlefield, or even if they’re present at all.) But, if you can field entire squads of pyromantic infantry, then those small, “reach out and torch someone,” abilities become a lot more threatening. At that point, eliminating them before the fight is basically impossible, so your setting would need ways to deal with them in the moment.

The hard part about introducing magic to a setting is establishing its rules. To an extent, you need to build an entire set of metaphyics for why magic works the way it does, before you start getting into specific abilities. In the absence of that, you have a setting where people will (or, should) work to counter the threats they face, and magic becomes the convenient answer for all of life’s problems.

With fantasy, this isn’t automatically a problem, but it is something you need to keep in mind, when you’re building your world. Look for systems to limit how your magic works, and what it can do. Or, be ready for a setting that is very difficult to work with, because the answer can always be, “magic.”

People are creative. When faced with the prospect of being cooked to death by an enemy mage, the immediate solution is to find a way to prevent that, or preemptively return the favor. This could be as simple as booby-trapping your soldiers (or their gear) with spells that will redirect pryomantic magic back at the caster, or enchanting their gear with some kind of thermal negation effect, so when the pyromancers try to flash fry them, all they manage to do is give their foes flaming weapons and armor.

This could also lead to armies making extensive use of divination, allowing them to better track enemy mages. Which in turn would lead to mages looking for ways to create decoys, moving around forces that don’t exist, in an effort to confuse anyone scrying for them.

It could also result in the creation and enhancement of other materials that are magically immune to pyromancy, or made from something the pyromancers can’t affect. Such as impossibly durable resins, or unmelting, super-hard ice plates.

It’s also worth realizing that these kinds of powers would radically change the way metallurgy developed as a technology. When you have mages that can replicate forge technology that wouldn’t “naturally” exist for centuries. There’s a lot of potential for changing the way it evolves. You could very easily see much higher quality steels than the real world ever produced in its analogous era, and potentially even alloys that simply aren’t possible in the real world. I’m not sure what 12th century battlefields would have looked like with space age alloys, but it’s not outside the range of possibility for your setting. Especially if your pyromancers can participate in the refinement process as well. This also leads to the potential that they may have materials that are centuries ahead of their technology, (because magic allows them to work with the mater directly).

When you’re creating a world, and you come up with an idea, usually, the best thing to do after that is sit there, and see if you can find all the ways people would react to it. An ability like being able to instantly heat metal to forging temperatures would be dangerous in combat, but it would also have many other potential applications.


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I don’t want you ( Part 1 )

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Jace Wayland x Mundane!Reader 

Warnings : cursing , verbal violence , smut ( a little bit ) , Pregnant Reader 

Part 2

     His body was moving on top of yours , stealing moans and whimpers from you , his lips pressed to your neck and chest . You were close , you knew this and he knew it to , he moved even faster , slamming your body into yours , soon you were both done , satisfied and sweaty . 

     “ I love you .” he said and you looked at him shocked , you didn’t belonged to his world , it was dangerous for both of you to be together and the only rule that you two decided on when you got together was do not fall in love , but you both did .

     “ I love you too , Jace .” you whispered kissing his lips . “ But you know that this is wrong , I don’t even want to image what will happen if someone finds out and tells to the others , you told me about what the Clave does with the shadowhunters whi fall in love with mundanes  I don’t want something like that to happen to you .” you were concerned , you didn’t wanted to see Jace losing his right for using runes because you two fell in love . “ And you think I don’t know this ? I tried to stay away from you but I can’t and you know this to well .” Jace said a little bit angry , he got up and gathered his clothes from you floor , he got dressed and kissed you once again . “ I need to leave , I don’t know when I’ll be able to come here again , if you need me call me or go to Magnus .” he said and jumped from your window . You sighed , it was dangerous , way to dangerous for both of you , if the Clave finds out they will take his runes away and he will have to live as a mundane and he wasn’t made for this life , if one of his enemies found out about the two of you they could use you against him . Everything was fucked up . 

     You thought about becoming a shadowhunter but Jace refused to even think about this , he didn’t wanted you to be part of his world but you wanted to because this was the only way in which you could be with him . But how to convince him when he doesn’t even want to talk to you about the Shadow World or his missions .

     Two moths passed and you didn’t heard anything from Jace , still you weren’t worried he does things like not talking to you a lot and then coming back to you for a night . You hated that he saw you like a person to whom he could go whenever when he needed some action for a night but you couldn’t give up on him , The love that you felt for Jace was way to strong for you to let go .

     You got up from you bed lazily just to be hit by a wave of nausea , you ran to the bathroom and washed your face hoping that the feeling will go away but it didn’t and when you fell on your knees vomiting everything that was left on your stomach , you realized that you were pregnant . ‘ This can’t be true , I can’t . It’s not true .’  you said to yourself over and over again . After vomiting your stomach out you washed your teeth , got dressed and went to the nearest pharmacy and bought five pregnancy tests , you ran back home and after doing what you needed with the test you waited five minutes for the results , you were nervous , so nervous that you started to walk in circles . when the five minutes were done you looked at the tests . A sob broke trough your mouth , you fell on the ground and cried until yo had no more tears to cry . 

     You went to the loft that Magnus owned and hoped to find him home . As you stood in front of his door you rang the bell and waited for him  to open the door , you thought about how miserable you looked but now it didn’t mattered . Magnus opened the door and saw you almost crying .

     “ Come in , darling !” he said and let you in , he hugged you and you couldn’t help but to sob in his chest . “ What happened ?” he asked concern filling his voice .

     “ I need to talk with Jace .” you said and he just nodded . He placed you on the couch and called Alec .

     Minutes later Jace , Alec and Izzy entered into the loft . Jace looked at you a hard expression on his face . You couldn’t say anything , it was to much for you to see him looking at you like this . Magnus looked at the two of you and came to you . “ Let me lead you two to another room so you can talk .” Magnus said and you followed him to the guests room , Jace right in your back .

     “ What do you need (Y/N) ? You know that I can’t give up on my missions to come and listen to your drama or to take care of your whorish needs .” Jace said and you felt more tears burning your eyes .

     “ I need to talk to you .” you said slowly and Jace looked at you , a stern look on his face . “ If you could just tell me what the hell you want faster so I could go back to my life .” he yelled and you flinched shocked . Isabelle heard and walked to the door so she could hear what’s going on . She left Magnus and Alec in the living room as they were to busy making out to hear Jace shouting .

     “ I’m pregnant .” you whispered not daring to look into his blue , filled with rage eyes . “ What the hell did you said ?” Jace said to calmly thing that scared . “ I’m pregnant and it’s yours .” you said and he just looked at you , even more angrier than before , his whole body was shaking . 

     “ Don’t you dare to do this to me !” he yelled “ Don’t you dare to go fuck with every thing that haves two legs , get pregnant and then come and tell me that is mine ! You are nothing but a whore and I’m not going to believe not even one word that came out from your mouth . If you ever dare to search for me again of to tell me that this child is mine I’m going to make your life a living hell . Got it ?” Jace said his hand gripping hard on your neck , you looked at him in terror and nodded in approval . Jace pushed you and let go of your neck .

     Izzy heard everything and couldn’t help herself but to feel disgusted about Jace’s behaviour  . She went back to the living room to see Magnus holding Alec in his arms , looking at him lovingly and couldn’t help but wish that (Y/N) will get someone like that in the future .

     Jace got out the room and went to the living room . Alec could feel the rage coming from Jace and he wondered what (Y/N) told him to make him that angry . Anyways he didn’t asked , Alec knew that Izzy heard them talking and that she will tell him later . Clary ran into the room and went straight to Jace sitting on his lap , kissing him passionately just when you entered into the room heading to the door , if until then tears were running down your cheeks now they were like a waterfall on you cheeks , you sobbed and ran to the door . Not turning around when Magnus called after you .

     “ Who’s that girl ?” Clary asked as she pulled apart from Jace when she heard you sobbing .

     “ No one important .” He said and Izzy shot daggers from her eyes in Jace’s direction . 

     You ran back home and packed all your stuff in some bags , then you bought thickets for the next flight to London .

     Now you were going to live life by your own rules . 

     “ I’m going to do everything the way that I know it’s right and Jace it’s going to pay for doing this to us .” you said rubbing your belly . “ I’m going to make your dad pay for this .”

     The next morning you took a taxi to the airport . Taking the flight to London you thought about your next moves . 

     “ What’s going on with Jace ?” Izzy asked as she entered in Alec’s room . “ I don’t know Izzy . By the way , what did he done to (Y/N) ? I thought that he loved her .” Alec said as he didn’t knew what was happening to his parabatai . “ She told him that she was pregnant with him and he got angry , told her that she is a whore and that he doesn’t wants to ever see her again . I don’t know what is going on with him and maybe we didn’t spent so much time with her but we both know that she would have never cheated on Jace .” Izzy said looking very pissed .“ He did what ? “ Alec said shocked “ Fuck , he is way more stupid than I thought he will ever be . He know that a girl pregnant with a shadowhunter is practically a magnet for demons and he does this to her . Hell I’m going to break his face .” Alec said getting up .
“ No , Alec . I know (Y/N) , believe me she will get her revenge alone , and it will be way more painful that being hit in the face . For the moment we should try to look after her from the shadows , just to keep her and the kid safe .” Izzy said and Alec nodded , he knew that a hurt girl is way more dangerous than an angry man . “ I’ll ask Magnus to put a spell on her so if she is in danger she will call .” The phone from Alecs nightstand rang and he answered when he saw that it was Magnus that called him .
“ Hi ! What’s going on ? “ … “ What do you mean she is not there ? How all her things are missing ? Did you tried to track her ? … Ok , bye !” Alec said and Izzy looked at him .
“ It’s (Y/N) ? “ she asked and Alec nodded . “ Magnus can’t track her down , neither she died or she got a magic necklace that stops any type of magic from getting to her .” Alec said and Izzy nodded .” Don’t tell anything to Jace , he needs to find out on his own .” Izzy instructed Alec and he approved .

Secret Relationships (Thomas Jefferson x Hamilton!Reader)

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Prompt: “Oh my God, you love her!”

Summary: Being Alexander’s younger sister isn’t always the easiest thing in the world. When you have to hide the fact that you are dating his enemy, Thomas Jefferson, it becomes even harder. How will Alex react?

Warnings: Lying? Ummm, maybe some Out Of Characterness, but I hope not.

Time Period: Hamiltime

Words: 2230

A/N: Hey guys! I really am so sorry for not posting a story recently, but school as gotten to me. However, I have a couple of stories almost ready to post. (and sorry about the title, still trying to work on that.) More exciting news: I started this blog 3 weeks ago today and I almost have 300 followers!! You guys are the best thank you so much! I hope you enjoy the story, and please send in some requests, my inbox is empty. Have a wonderful day!

Being the younger sister of Alexander Hamilton was not the easiest thing in the world. While you loved your brother dearly, there were times that he could be a bit too stubborn. Most of the these situations happened during dreaded cabinet meetings, or “battles” as they had been renamed.

Usually, you would avoid going, but Alexander would beg and plead with you until you gave him. The reason you dreaded them so much was because of the talk. Most people there believed that because Alexander was your brother, you could apparently control how he behaved. Not true.

One particular day, you and Alexander were walking side by side to the meeting. You walked along in comfortable silence, so your mind drifted to the upcoming battle. Alexander was going up against a man named Thomas Jefferson. They would be debating over whether or not the government should accept Alex’s plans for the nation to assume state’s debts.

After arriving, you wished your brother good luck and went to find a seat. Looking around, you pulled the hat you had worn, further down. Maybe then people wouldn’t openly tell you how idiotic they thought your brother’s ideas were. Not long after you got settled, President Washing walked into the middle of the room followed by Alexander and Mr. Jefferson.

Everything happened so fast, you were unsure where to look. Mr. Jefferson claimed that each state should be responsible for their own debts. he also tried to insult Alex by saying his plan was too long to understand, but you just laughed because he had just insulted himself.

Unfortunately, Alexander came back with full force. You but your lip and kept your head down, praying Alexander wouldn’t say anything too rash. Your ears tuned back in to the conversation when you heard your brother shout,

“Bend over, I’ll show you where my shoe fits!”

Your head snapped up and your eyes went wide. All around you, everyone was going crazy, discussing who they sided with most. Ignoring all the talk, you rushed to your brother and grabbed his arm, pulling him away from the crowd.

“What the hell was that, Alexander?” you cursed, not caring if anybody overhead her.

“What do you mean?” he asked rather confused. “Jefferson was out of line so I put him back in his place.” Alex tried to defend.

Before you could respond, President Washington walked behind your brother. You quickly curtsied out of respect and watch Alexander’s eyes go wide as he walked away with his commander.

“Serves him right.” you mumbled, smoothing down the wrinkles on your dress.

Glancing around the room, you saw Mr. Jefferson talking quietly with Mr. Madison. Sighing heavily, you began the journey towards their spot. Somebody had to apologize for Alexander’s actions.

“Mr. Jefferson.” you stated and both men turned to face you.

“Yes, may I help you, Miss…” he began, but trialed off when he realized he did not know your name.

“Hamilton. (y/n) Hamilton.” you introduced yourself, but hurried on once you saw the distain in Jefferson’s eyes grow. “I, um, I came here to apologize for my brother’s words. He was partially in the wrong, and we both know he is too stubborn to admit it.” you confessed.

“I agree.” Jefferson agreed bluntly, but added on to his statement after noticing your look of disbelief. “But I accept your apology and offer my apologizes, Miss. Hamilton” he told you.

“Thank you.”

‘How is it that we have not yet met, Miss. Hamilton?” Jefferson inquired. “I’m sure I would not forget a face as beautiful as yours.”

You blushed and look down at the floor. ‘Well, Mr. Jefferson, you have been off in France.” you pointed out.

“That is true, and please call me Thomas.” he insisted.

“Only if you call me (y/n).” you countered.

Neither of you were able to say another word because it was then that Alexander stormed over to you and puled you behind him, distancing you from Thomas.

“(y/n), what are you doing talking to the likes of him?” Alex spat.

You opened your mouth to speak, but Thomas beat you to it. “We were having a perfectly civil conversation until you came over here, Hamilton.”

Sensing another argument, you stepped between the two men, holding each of them back. “Both of you are grown men, so let us stop fighting like children. For goodness sake, you are both dignified members of government.” you chided.

Then, you turned to your brother and tried to reason with him. “Alexander, I do not need to be protected, I was simply apologizing to Thomas for your behavior. Now let’s-”

“Thomas?” your brother seethed, and you quickly pulled him outside to head back home.

“I’m so sorry against, Thomas. I hope to see you again soon.” you called over your shoulder, offering him a smile.

“Goodbye, (y/n).” you heard him respond, and the rest of the way home you had a blush on your cheeks as you ignored your still fuming brother.

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God I hope I’m wrong… or that it started out about using her, and turned into him falling for her and now protecting her… But here’s where my fears are coming from…

The story of Ranko Zamani sounds a LOT like foreshadowing about Red and Lizzie…

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When you take a step back, in trying to view these unfortunate events that have befallen the White race from an objective point of view, one thing becomes blazingly clear:

Mass third-world immigration is intended for nothing more than White genocide.

But there are so many working parts that have lead to this being forced upon us that it becomes difficult, even near impossible, to define or even provide evidence against one or a few sure enemies of our people.

Jews? Muslims? Liberals? Neocons? There are too many and too little time to prove it.

Though there is but a single, iron-clad defense that is rooted in our proud land. An idea, as old as the White race itself, which has served our people in their deepest and most dire peril time and again.


We know that our enemies, whoever and however many may there be, have infected the minds of the people into believing that White genocide is justified and, further, necessary for the health and prosperity of the world.

Nationalism is the cure for this infection.

The more White men and women we have on our side, fighting for Nation, Culture, and our Way of Life, the harder it will be for our enemies to eliminate us all.

We are living in an era of White genocide. This is their judgment against the White race.

As White nationalists, we must not let them win.

you know i really like Haikyuu!! and All Out!! because they show the problems of teenagers, like anxiety, fear of losing and not doing well, they also show real relationships between characters, and the rival teams are not enemies, but people you can learn from and be friends with outside the court or field, they show the losses and make you understand that even the protagonists can lose and it’s not the end of the world, because if you have the support of your friends you can do it and become stronger, also you can change and get better and you don’t need to linger on your past because you can become who you want to be. It can seem childish but anime can really help kids gain confidence or courage, it worked for me.

Chaol Westfall Discussion Post

Here we go - I’ve seen a lot of posts and people discussing why or why not Queen of Shadows was a correct/ incorrect depiction of Chaol Westfall, of whether or not SJM manipulates characters for her ships, of why Aelin should be with Chaol or Rowan or even Dorian or what not… So I suggest looking at the evidence. Let’s take a look, shall we? 

Throne of Glass: From Book 1, Chaol is adamant on keeping Celaena within tight definitions. He is a man of rules and regulations, law and order. He serves his king loyally and truthfully and so long as that is true, all is right in his world. He has given up his family and his title for the honor of serving his king. A criminal, an assassin, a slave from Endovier shouldn’t change that.

“You’re a criminal. I’m Captain of the Royal Guard. I’m not obligated to bestow any kindness or conversation upon you. Be grateful we don’t keep you locked up in the wagon.” p. 26

“You like to read? …. I didn’t know assassins liked to read,” p. 55

“It isn’t your place to write to the Crown Prince.”
She gave him a simpering smile and took a bite of ham. “He could have ignored the letter. And besides, I’m his Champion. Not everyone feels obligated to be as nasty to me as you do.”
“You’re an assassin.” p. 78

“Enthralled by the Princess Nehemia?” The words were barely distinguishable from her chewing.
“That headstrong girl?” ….
“And what’s wrong with headstrong girls?” she pressed. “Other than the fact that they’re not wooden-headed ninnies who can only open their mouths to give orders and gossip?”
“I just prefer a certain type of woman.” 
“And what type of woman is that?” 
“Not an arrogant assassin.” 
She pouted. “Suppose I wasn’t an assassin. Would you fancy me then?” 
“No.” p. 101-102. 

“Are you enjoying looking at my scars?” 
He sucked on his lower lip for a moment. “When did you get those?” She knew he meant the three enormous lines that ran down her back.
“When do you think?” she said. He didn’t reply, …. “Those three, I received my first day in Endovier.”
What did you do to deserve it?” p. 121 

“Are you honestly so blind that you can’t see why we can’t allow this?”
“’Can’t allow’ - you’re just afraid of me!”
“Don’t flatter yourself.”
“You think I want to go back to Endovier?” she hissed. “You think I’m not aware of the fact that if I flee, I’ll be hunted down for the rest of my life? You think I don’t know why I vomit when I run in the morning? My body is a wreck. I need to spend these extra hours here, and you shouldn’t punish me for it!”
“I’m not going to pretend to know how a criminal mind works.” p. 136

“By the Wyrd, Dorian! She’s an assassin. Please, please tell me you haven’t been here before.” Dorian couldn’t help his smirk. “I don’t even want an explanation. Just get out, you reckless idiot. Get out.” p. 179

“She was a criminal - a prodigy at killing, a Queen of the Underworld - and yet… yet she was just a girl, sent at seventeen to Endovier.

While it terrified him to see her down there, a hand’s breadth from Dorian’s unprotected throat, what terrified him even more was that he trusted her. And he didn’t know what that meant about himself.” p. 264

“Well? Do I need to lecture you about how stupid it was to sneak into the ball, or can I just ask you to dance with me instead?” 
“I don’t think that’s a good idea,” Chaol said.
“Why?” they asked in unison. 
“Because it attracts too much attention, that’s why.” Celaena rolled her eyes and Chaol glared at her. “Do I have to remind you who you are?” 
“No. You remind me every day,” she retorted.” p.294

He really does love to label her, but you can see where he slowly starts to evolve in his opinion of her. He starts to admire her, to like her, to trust her. Of course, that trust is what scares him most. Because of his duty. Because of his loyalty. He must put that before all else, and if that were in question, he would lost the very foundation of himself. And yet, he begins to trust her enough around Dorian that he isn’t petrified that she’ll kill him. He begins to see her. By the end of the book, they’re friends. Quickly becoming more. 

“Are you still acting like the King’s Champion, or are you back to being Celaena?” p. 11

“He’d been realizing it more and more recently - how much he hated it when she left him behind. How he hated her setting off on those cured missions and not contacting him for days or weeks. …. He’d killed Cain at the duel. Killed him to save her. Part of him didn’t regret it; part of him would do it again in a heartbeat. But the other part still woke him up in the middle of the night, drenched in sweat that felt too much like Cain’s blood.” p. 23

“There was a line between them. The king might not think twice about their friendship, but crossing that final line could be deadly for both of them; it could make the king question his loyalty, his position, everything
And if it ever came down to having to choose between his king and Celaena… He prayed to the Wyrd that he’d never be faced with that decision.” p. 25

“You’re the greatest assassin in Eriliea, and yet you can’t stand watch for a few hours?” p. 132

Dorian and the king were where his loyalty lay. Without his loyalty, he was no one. Without it, he’d given up his family, his title, for nothing.” p. 150

“And he wouldn’t tell the princess - or Celaena. Just because he was friendly with Nehemia, just because she was Celaena’s friend, it didn’t change anything. While he knew that Celaena would be furious that he didn’t tell her, he was the Captain of the Guard. He had fought and sacrificed nearly as much as Celaena had to get his position. He’d let her get too close by asking her to dance - he’d let himself get too close.” p. 151

“Chaol didn’t tell Celaena what the king had said, though part of him twisted until it hurt. The king wouldn’t hurt Nehemia - not when she was such a public and well-liked figure. Not when he’d warned Chaol about the anonymous threat to Nehemia’s life. ….. Celaena knowing or not knowing made now difference, he told himself as he lay curled around her in his bed. Even if Celaena knew, even if she told Nehemia, it wouldn’t stop the conversation from taking place, and it wouldn’t make the nameless threat go away. No, it would just make things worse if they knew - worse for all of them.” p. 211

“He’d kill any man who hurt Celaena; and if the king ever gave him the order to dispatch her, then he’d plunge his sword into his own heart before he would obey.” p. 211

“His soul was bound to hers by some unbreakable chain. He snorted, imagining what his father would think when he learned that Chaol had taken Adarlan’s Assassin for his wife.” p. 211

“If she’s part of your group,” Celaena ground out, “then where is she?”
Archer drew his sword and pointed it at Chaol. “Ask him.”
A sharp pain twisted in her gut. “What is he talking about?” she asked Chaol.
But Chaol was staring at Archer. “I don’t know.”
“I knew about the anonymous threat to Nehemia’s life, yes. But I was told that she would be questioned by the king, not me.” p. 225-226

“Let me give her my cloak,” Dorian said, reaching to unfasten it. 
“Don’t,” Chaol said quietly. His face was still bleeding. She’d gouged four lines across his cheek with her nails. Her nails. Gods above. “I don’t trust her with anything in there except hay.” p. 236

“Regardless of what territory her parents had lorded over, if Celaena ever took up the mantle she’d lost, and if Terrasen ever got to its feet…
Then Celaena could become a powerhouse - potentially capable of standing against Adarlan. And that made Celaena more than just his enemy. 
It made her the greatest threat he’d ever encountered.
” p. 294

“If you feel the way you do, they why let her stay shackled to your father? Why not find a way to get her out of her contract? Or are you just afraid that if you set her free, she’ll never come back to you?” 
“I’d be careful what you say,” Dorian said softly.
But it was true. Even though he couldn’t imagine a world without Celaena, Chaol knew he had to get her out of this castle. Yet he couldn’t tell if it was for Adarlan’s sake or her own.” p. 314

“And the only way she’d die a traitor would be for her to do what he feared; ally with this secret organization, find Aelin Galathynius, and return to Terrasen. This was a hint that she had no intention of doing that. She had no plans to reclaim her lost title, and posed no threat to Adarlan or Dorian. He’d been wrong. Yet again, he’d been wrong.” p. 323

“Because she wasn’t human, Chaol realized, gaping up at her from where he still crouched over Fleetfoot.
No - she wasn’t human at all.
Celaena was Fae.” p. 379

“She was conscious, but was a dead weight in the captain’s arms as he dragged her across the ground. Once they were over the border, he dropped her as though she were made of flame, and Celaena lay panting on the stones.” p. 382

“Chaol shifted his boot against the step to warn her that he was there. How much of her Fae senses did she retain when she looked like a human?” p. 390

“For a heartbeat, he wondered if she would kill him, too - just for being there, for seeing the dark truth of her.” p. 390

His fingers grazed her cheeks, warming her chilled skin. “Fae, assassin - no matter what you are, I - “
“Don’t.” She stepped back. “Don’t say it.” p. 394

“Celaena was Fae, and heir to a power she couldn’t control. Even if she couldn’t shift, if anyone ever discovered what she was…
It explained why she was so terrified of the king, why she never said anything about where she’d come from, or what she’d been through. And living here… this was the most dangerous place for her - or any Fae - to be.” p. 395

“Celaena Sardothien wasn’t in league with Aelin Ashryver Galthynuis. 
Celaena Sardothien was Aelin Ashryver Galathynius, heir to the throne and rightful Queen of Terrasen.
Celaena was Aelin Galathynius, the greatest living threat to Adarlan, the one person who could raise an army capable of standing against the king. Now, she was also the one person who knew the secret source of the king’s power - and who sought a way to destroy it. 
And he had just sent her into the arms of her strongest potential allies: to the homeland of her mother, the kingdom of her cousin, and the domain of her aunt, Queen Maeve of the Fae.
Celaena was the lost queen of Terrasen.
Chaol sank to his knees.” p. 418

This book might be the most interesting to look at in terms of Chaol’s development between the Throne of Glass and Queen of Shadows. 

  • Chaol still fits her into categories - Celaena, Assassin, King’s Champion
  • Chaol is really struggling with having killed Cain, understandably, because he’s never killed someone before. It’s hard for him to come to terms with the fact that he was willing to take a life even if it meant saving Celaena’s. 
  • He’s still grappling with his loyalty to the king and to Dorian - he wants that to be his first priority always, but as we see here, he’d rather kill himself than kill Celaena at the king’s command. Although, technically, he wouldn’t be doing anything to save her life from the king, he just knows he couldn’t be the one to do it. 
  • Chaol loves her, that much is clear. But he doesn’t tell her about Nehemia. Because he doesn’t see the value in it, because his king told him not to and that’s the most important thing.
  • But then… when confronted with the rebels, he lies. He says he doesn’t know where she is when he knows she was meant to be “questioned.” Given his knowledge of the king’s brutality, let’s say he knows its more of an interrogation. 
  • And after Nehemia’s death, after Celaena’s reaction, he loses any trust he had in her. He trusts her only with the hay in her cell. He drugs her to keep her calm. 

Now most importantly are the changes we see in him when he discovers bits and pieces of Celaena’s history. 

  • She’s Noble, so he fears she might rise up with Terrasen if rebel forces gained power. It makes her “the greatest threat he’d ever encountered.” 
  • She’s Fae and has great power, he needs to get her out of Adarlan for her sake, but also for Adarlan’s. 
  • More than this though, is how he reacts to her other form. He doesn’t want to touch her, he sees her as less than human, sees it as a “dark truth.” 
  • And he’s still labeling her, he says he loves her DESPITE being Fae, DESPITE being an assassin. 

But the most unforgivable thing she is, is Queen. That is what throws him completely he could still have loved her if she were Fae, if she were an Assassin. But as Queen of the “enemy,” he falls to his knees. Because his first priority is always and has always been Adarlan. Adarlan and Dorian

Next, is Heir of Fire. 

“For a month now, it had been the same dream. Every night, over and over, until Chaol could see it in his waking hours. 
Archer Finn groaning as Celaena shoved her dagger up through his ribs and into his heart. …. The dream shifted, and Chaol could say nothing, do nothing as the golden-brown hair darkened to black and the agonized face wasn’t Archer’s but Dorian’s. ….
Enemy. Lover.
Queen.” p. 20

“Because Celaena was Aelin Ashryver Galathynius, heir to the throne and rightful Queen of Terrasen. 
It made her his mortal enemy. It made her Dorian’s enemy. Chaol still didn’t know what to do about it, or what it meant for them, for the life he’d imagined for them. The future he’d once dreamed of was irrevocably gone.” p. 22

“So that’s why you were so desperate to trade secrets - you wanted the information for his sake.” ….
“Dorian, please,” Chaol said. “I’m doing this for you, I swear it.” p. 195

Chaol is terrified of the Queen of Terrasen because of what it means for Dorian and Adarlan. He sees her as a threat to them both because of where she comes from. He seems to forget that she and Dorian were friends even when she couldn’t speak to him. He assumes that as the Queen of a conquered kingdom her first act will be bloodshed. 

Now, if I can’t convince you all of his character where it comes to Aelin, let Dorian

“Do you still love her?” 
Chaol closed his eyes for a moment. “A part of me will always love her. But I had to get her out of this castle. Because it was too dangerous, and she was… what she was becoming…” 
“She was not becoming anything different from what she always was and always had the capacity to be. You just finally saw everything. And once you saw that other part of her…” Dorian said quietly. it had taken him until now, until Sorscha, to understand what that meant. “You cannot pick and choose what parts of her to love. … Just as you cannot pick which parts of me you accept.” 
“I don’t - “
“You do. But what’s done is done, Chaol. And there is no going back, no matter how hard you try to change things. Like it or not, you played a role in getting us all to this point, too. You set her down that path, to revealing what and who she is, to whatever she decides to do now.”
“You think I wanted any of this to happen?” Chaol splayed his arms. “If I could, I would put it all back to the way it was. If I could, she wouldn’t be queen, and you wouldn’t have magic.” 
“Of course - of course you still see the magic as a problem. And of course you wish she wasn’t who she is. Because you’re not really scared of those things, are you? No - its what they represent. The change. But let me tell you,” Dorian breathed, his magic flickering and then subsiding in a flash of pain, “things have changed. And changed because of you. I have magic - there is no undoing that, no getting rid of it. And as for Celaena…” he clamped down on the power that surged as he imagined - for the first time, he realized - what it was to be her. “As for Celaena,” he said again, “you do not have the right to wish she were not what she is. The only thing you have a right to do is decide whether you are her enemy or her friend.” p. 233-234

Chaol fears the change. He wants simplicity. He wants rules, law, loyalty to the crown. But Celaena is forcing him to look at the world for what it really is. It is not simple. There are hard choices to make. And in a world where things are constantly shifting, slipping beyond his control, of course Chaol - stable, constant Chaol - becomes more and more frustrated for the catalyst of that change.

“Aedion’s chest tightened to the point of hurting. The captain was just staring at the old man. It was a message to the world. Aelin was a warrior, able to fight with blade or magic. And she was done with hiding.” p. 493

This is the only glimpse we get of Chaol’s reaction to Aelin’s emergence in Heir of Fire, but its important to understand the reaction in QoS completely. He is contained. He only stares at Murtaugh. He does not let his fear show despite this being the very news he feared from the moment he found out Celaena could have ties to an uprising in Terrasen. 

But of course, once he sees Aelin, after everything… Dorian… Sorscha… the Valg invasion… 

“If you hadn’t been so dramatic about it, hadn’t flaunted your defeat of Narrok and practically shouted at the king that you were back, he would never have called us to that room -” 
“You do not get to blame me for that. For his actions.” p. 48

“Tell me.” 
He shook his head, a gap in the streetlights shadowing his face. “No. Not a chance. Not with you so unpredictable.”  p. 49

“Right now we need to help Aedion and Dorian.” 
“There is no we. … There hasn’t been a we for a while, Celaena -”
“It’s Aelin now,” she snapped as loudly as she dared. “Celaena Sardothien doesn’t exist anymore.”
“You’re still the same assassin who walked away. You only came back when it was useful for you.” p. 50

Rage monster Chaol appears. His control is slipping because his entire wORLD is slipping. He blames her for things that are out of her control entirely and mistrusts, despite Dorian’s warning to him. 

“And what then?” Chaol asked. “Will you hold all of Rifthold hostage the way you did Doranelle? Burn anyone who doesn’t agree with you? Or will you just incinerate our kingdom from spite? And what of others like you, who feel that they have a score to settle with Adarlan?” He huffed a bitter laugh. “Perhaps we’re better off without magic. Perhaps magic doesn’t exactly make things fair amongst us mere mortals.”
“Fair? You think any part of this is fair?”
“Magic makes people dangerous.”
“Magic has saved your life a few times now, if I recall correctly.”
“Yes,” he breathed, “you and Dorian both - and I’m grateful, I am. But where are the checks against your kind? Iron? Not much of a deterrent, is it? Once magic is free, who is to stop the monsters from coming out again? Who is to stop you?” p. 53

*moment of silence for Chaolaena, cuz that was the very last straw*

“So Dorian is allowed to have magic. You can come to terms with his power, and yet my power is an abomination to you?” 
Dorian has never killed anyone. Dorian didn’t gut Archer Finn in the tunnels or torture and kill Grave and then chop him up into pieces. Dorian didn’t go on a killing spree at Endovier that left dozens dead.” p. 53

“It hadn’t even been a fair fight. Aelin had let it go on because Arobynn had wanted it to go on. And once she took out that clock tower and her magic was back… What checks would there be against her? Against Aedion, and that Fae Prince of hers, and all the warriors like them? A new world, yes. But a world in which the ordinary human voice would be nothing more than a whisper.” p. 197

Chaol’s mention of fair and of Aelin’s past killings really is just an echo of how he behaved right from the start. “What did you do to deserve it,” he said of her scars. Because he is still unable to see Adarlan for what it is. He sees it as Dorian’s kingdom, not as the force that conquered Terrasen and dozens of others of kingdoms and enslaved them, burned them, broke them. He doesn’t see Adarlan for its slaves or for its massacres. He ignores this because he is clinging to the truth he clung to his whole life - that his purpose is to serve his king and country, and without that he is no one. So he ignores the fact that Aelin killed to survive, was literally forced into it. That she killed Archer and Grave for the Princess he let die. 

It should also be noted that Chaol is somewhat of a bigot. He doesn’t understand Fae and their power and so he fears them, and seeks to restrict them. He wants checks against them. He was the same in CoM, when he suggested it was her “dark” secret, when he didn’t want to touch her. 

He is suggesting that Aelin, as he has done since he discovered her noble birth, will rise up and seek to punish all of Adarlan. He suggests that she is wicked, and cruel, and will do terrible things against the innocent simply for revenge. He spits upon her entire character. But, like we’ve pointed out, this has been his fear since BOOK 2. Fear of Aelin’s power and desire to protect Dorian are his two core motivators. 

To conclude, No. Chaol in Queen of Shadows was NOT ooc and was not some massive plot for SJM’s ships to set sail. It was completely in character, and also rather understandable given the pressure he was under and the fear he lived with every day. His mistake was in blaming Aelin and her court - for Dorian, for the world around him. He made a mistake. As all humans do. 

Finishing a book/movie/series is bittersweet. You spend days getting to know the characters. Learning their nuances, their faults, their loves, their lives. They become your friends, acquaintances, enemies. And after the story ends, you miss them. You look for them in your own life, wonder where they’ve gone, you forget that they aren’t real. You fall in love with the hero and dream of him at night. The strange girl becomes your best friend. Their heartaches become your heartaches. You laugh when they laugh. And cry when they cry. Eventually you realize they aren’t a part of your world, you were just briefly visiting theirs.
—  Unknown
the types as superpowered equipment

intp: alternate reality device. with enough brain power and imagination, this device can conjure up monsters, weapons, weather… almost anything you can think of! (except maybe friendship. that takes work, guys.)

intj: probability goggles. these lenses let you see the most likely outcomes of any situation; wearing them in battle will let you defeat your opponent in three swift moves.

infp: self-healing suit. it allows the wearer to heal any injury simply by resting and recharging. let the rest of the team fight while you recharge in this, then rush back into the fray when fully healed.

infj: mind-reading implants. these implants give you a direct sight into the minds of anyone you can see around you, giving you access to their weaknesses.

istp: multi-tool. this superpowered hand tool can become any tool or weapon necessary to get the job done.

istj: telekinetic gloves. with the gloves on, the wearer is able to pick up and arrange multiple items (or enemies) at a time. 

isfp: sonic toolbelt. (no, not like in Doctor Who.) like the isfp disrupts social norms, the sonic waves of this equip disrupt the world around you.

isfj:  harmony suit. it projects an aura of peacefulness, compassion, and non-violence to those around them, stopping enemies before they even strike.

entp: possibility goggles. unlike the intj’s equipment, these goggles let you see all the possible ways to get out of a situation or solve a problem. (choosing the best one is up to you!)

entj: mind-projection necklace. instead of being able to read minds, this piece of equipment will allow the user to project their own thoughts and commands directly into the minds of anyone they think of.

enfp: light ring. this ring harnesses the positive emotional power of the wearer and casts rays of hot, white light at any target.

enfj: chameleon suit. it allows you to blend into your surroundings seamlessly, leaving you undetected and ready to infiltrate the enemy base.

estp: super-strength gloves. these gloves let the wearer pick up and throw heavy objects, and allow them to perform amazing feats of parkour and physical ability.

estj: super drill. much like the estj’s tendency to bulldoze people and situations in their own direction, the drill is made of a super metal that can penetrate and move almost anything.

esfp: energy pack. this battery pack can be inserted directly into the ribcage. it keeps the heart racing and lets the user have unlimited amounts of energy.

esfj: attraction jacket. this jacket can manipulate anyone the wearer thinks of to find and follow them. it can also lock enemies into a super-tight embrace. of love! or death. depending.

the owari no seraph musical pamphlet included a q&a with all the cast members - i’ve translated kento’s, who plays guren.

Q1. Owari no Seraph has expanded in various ways, like an anime and a manga. Tell us your impressions from when you read or saw it for the first time.
A1. I’m not good at watching anime or reading manga, but I instantly got into this series. I think since it’s so realistic. The setting and the world that are made up are exactly like the places we live in now, it invokes empathy when you read through it!

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No one really understands. No one knows what it is like to not know what you are feeling or why you feel that way. One moment you are laughing with friends having the time of your life, then suddenly it hits you. The pain of it all everything just hits you. Mid laugh you stop and nothing is funny after that. Others voices become the most annoying sound in the world and isolation seems like heaven compared to the group of friends who always seemed to cheer you up and keep you company. You aren’t sad but you aren’t happy. You don’t feel anything in fact you would give the world to feel something in those moments whether it be pain or even just to cry and feel sad or to suddenly jolt back to happiness again. You try for hours to feel something but nothing ever works. When the feeling of emptiness finally subsides you start to feel guilty for all the ways you tried to kill the emptiness. You regret everything you did in those past hours wondering why you didn’t have enough self control to just wait it out. You become furious you lash out. Everyone irritates you and everyone is somehow to blame. You yell and cry and cuss and everyone you love becomes a victim to this. The crazy part about all of this is that you don’t even know why you were sad to begin with and don’t even know now why you are angry. Then suddenly the third and final monster takes over. The worry is too much to handle. You overthink everything. Suddenly everyone hates you and nothing you could ever say will change that. You become known for always saying sorry even when you are repeatedly told that “it’s okay.” You begin shaking and you feel uneasy. Sleep is out of the question and don’t even get me started on trying to socialize. Crowds become your worst enemy and standing alone makes your heart beat faster. So fast in fact that the world starts to spin. You lose control of what is happening you long for the comfort of your room when all of a sudden you are waking up face down on the pavement not remembering anything that has happened only to go home and start the process all over again the next day…

The doctors say you have a combination of depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder. Being yourself you deny everything. You are a perfect human being and could never imagine having all three of those things. Reluctant as you are they prescribe medication. Inside you are relieved hoping that finally everything will just be normal. You will know what you are feeling and why and everyone will like you because you are happy. You no longer will yell at people for no reason just to apologize 30 million times afterward and you will never fear crowds again. You become excited overjoyed even and cannot wait to take the medication the next morning. Sadly like everything in your life you are disappointed, let down once again by the human race. The medication does nothing to help you. It in fact makes everything numb. You are now not able to be irritated or sad even but you also are incapable of feeling joy. You are constantly feeling sick to your stomach and you feel like staying in bed is the best option. You believe that so much that you don’t leave your bed. You haven’t been to school for roughly a week and thinking about going back brings tears to your eyes. Your appetite has either skyrocketed or hit a rock bottom. Your friends hate this new you and so do you. The doctors tell you that after a few weeks all of it will go away. Being yourself, you deny everything. No one really understands.

Toxic - Peter Parker (3/??)

Summary: You are Tony Stark’s daughter, well protected from danger until the famous Spiderman comes along.

A/N: This is my second time writing this, sorry its a little bit late. My chrome crashed and ahhh. If anyone ever wants to send me a request or anything, just please do so! Don’t be shy. I do more than just the Toxic series :) Just click HERE.

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Your pulse sped up, tilting your head in confusion.

“Why?” You questioned.

He only glared at you with more force this time, his eyes truly hardening.

“It’s all over the internet, (Y/N). You and that Spiderboy.” He seethed, taking a step towards you. Following your instinct, you stepped back.

“Just swinging from building to building. One mess up and you would’ve splatted for everyone to see. Do you know how dangerous it is? No, even just being seen with him alone is dangerous.” His voice slowly began to drag itself to a higher volume, making you wince.


“No, (Y/N). Let me finish. Being my daughter alone and training to become a future avenger is dangerous enough as it is- but being seen with that Spiderman? It adds up and eventually you’re going to be a target. I have enemies, hell- everyone you know that wants to do good in this world has enemies. That kid surely must have too. Why do you think you’re being trained? People are going to want to hurt you, possibly kill you who are our enemies just to get back on us. Don’t you get that?” 

Tony never got angry often, but times like this truly made you feel much more weak and scared of him.

“I-I’m sorry..”

“But are you, (Y/N)? Because you and I both know that you won’t just give up that easily. I saw you two sucking faces off down there through the security cameras. Gross, by the way.” He rolled his eyes, before continuing, “so you aren’t sorry. I don’t know how you manage to even be in love at your age, you two will break up soon.”

That made your blood boil, anger flooding your thoughts.

“You met my Mother when you were 17, didn’t you?” You didn’t let him answer, “so didn’t you even love her?”

His eyes darkened, turning away and speaking with a low voice- “I loved her with every aching second of my life, (Y/N). Don’t you dare bring your Mother into something like this.”

“Why not, Dad? Can I not talk about someone I miss too?” You didn’t notice that most of the Avengers were actually listening and watching from the Kitchen, but not drawing attention to themselves. 

It was silent for a few moments before you spoke up in a soft voice, “I’m not her, Dad.”


“I’m not going to just die like she did, I’m not her.”

He turned back around, his face red with anger.

Somehow, you remained to continue. “I may look like her, I may act like her. But I’m not her. I’m your daughter and I’m alive, I can protect myself!”

Tony seethed, “(Y/N), you’re treading on some mighty thin ice here..”

“So what Dad? You need to be told!  Just because she died because she was seen with you doesn’t mean I’ll die for the same reason Dad! I’m stronger than that..”

You noticed his hand quickly raising up, but just before it was about to connect to your cheek, the red aura energy that Wanda controlled with her mind was covering Tony’s hand and forcing it to stay there. You gasped, looking at his hand- then back to your Dad. Tony’s eyes softened, realising what he had done.

“(Y/N) I-”

“Don’t talk to me.” You spat, turning away and walking to the elevator.

“(Y/N) you can’t go out there, it’s dangerous at night.” Steve’s voice spoke up, warning you.

“I don’t care.” The same tone in your voice remained there, pressing the button for the doors to open- as they did so.

“(Y/N)..” Natasha’s voice soothed you slightly as she walked up to you, about to touch your arm but you flinched back.

“Don’t touch me.” You seethed, walking into the small space of the elevator, pressing the button to send you down to the bottom floor.

Just before the doors shut, you met eyes with your Dad. His eyes were filled with regret and misery. Whereas yours were filled up with a mixture between sadness and anger. He has never raised a finger to you before, sure- you went a bit far mentioning your Mother in an argument but that doesn’t give him a right to attempt to hit you.

The doors shut, and you felt your back sink into the wall behind you, tears filling your eyes and brimming your waterline. 

Don’t cry… Don’t cry… Those words repeated in your head like a broken record on repeat. It’s been quite a long time since you last cried, but no one has ever seen you cry, only your Dad. But right now he was out of the picture for you.

The tears vanished the second the doors dinged open, you rushed to the front doors and opened them, walking onto the eerie New York streets. The cold air attacking your bare arms, making all hair stand on ends and goosebumps form.

You wrapped your arms around yourself to try and keep yourself somewhat warm, and picked up a pace to walk away from the Stark tower. It slowly came to your realisation that you didn’t exactly have your phone on you, or any money. So you were just aimlessly walking the streets despite the danger that lurked around every corner.

You finally got the tower out of your sight, as you wondered around the streets, trying to not walk too close to any alleyways.

“Hey! Pretty lady, where are you goin’?” 

You felt stares on your back as the voice shouted that from behind you. You ignored the jeer towards you and carried on walking except picking up the pace.

“C’mon, get your fine ass over here!” 

A different voice cat called that this time, you turned and saw it was a group of around 7 boys in a small gang- staring at you and laughing. You shook your head in disgust and carried on walking- but turning a corner to get out of their sight.

Your arms tightened themselves around your waist, sighing to yourself- seeing many drunk people stumble onto the streets for a cab home out of clubs and bars. So you remained silent and tried to not look at anyone in the eyes. The more you walked and turned a corner, the more and more you felt farther away from home. Until realisation hit you- and you were lost. 

No phone, no money. Nothing to help you get anywhere. Anxiety was starting to burn a core into your chest as you darted your eyes around- searching for street names to somehow recognise a way home.

Surely someone was searching for you, but what if no one was?

You’d be stuck in New York for the full night in the cold and looking like pray to the criminals and rapists that lurked in the shadows. Panic flushed away any positive thoughts that remained to help you, as you felt drowned in bad vibes that pulsed in your heartbeat. 

What if they all didn’t care?

What if they thought you were just going to come back?

What if they wanted you gone?

Suddenly, a light in the corner of your eyes shook you back to reality, it was coming from an alleyway and down the alleyway was a fire, delicately burning with people sat around it. One of the people looked up.

“D-do you have any money for us..?” He seemed like a man in his 40′s, possibly. 

This made all of them look up towards you.

“Oh please, please give us money.”

“Aren’t you the rich girl?”

“We just need a little bit of money..”

They all stood up so it was easier to talk to. Each one of them male.

“I’m sorry but I-” You spoke up, clearing your throat, “I- don’t have any money right now..”

This made the first man walk towards you, “you lying brat.”

Your eyes widened, backing up.

“You rich bitch, lying to the homeless. You’re (Y/N) Stark. You always have money.”

His hand gripped your arm roughly, digging his nails deep into your skin.

“I-i don’t have any money on me right now..” You whimpered, feeling paralysed to move just incase they would all jump you.

He dragged you further into the alleyway, making your fear grow like a disease.

He then pinned you to the wall, checking your pockets. This was your chance, possibly the only chance.

You lifted one leg into the air, kicking the man in the crotch, but doing it with enough force to send him back into the other alleyway wall. The homeless man groaned, clutching his private area in pain.

You saw the other four men stand up, anger being shown on their face. Clearly being outnumbered by the men, you took the chance to try and escape. However, two of the men had already blocked off your path to the normal exit, an idea popping into your head.

You saw the man that you had kicked in the crotch, still cowering and recovering. So you took the chance, running up and jumping onto the man- making him drop down and hiss lightly, putting your feet on his shoulders and  jumping to the other wall, managing to reach a pipe and clinging onto it for dear life. Your fingers, barely holding you up.

“Get down here you tramp!”

You rolled your eyes, “that’s funny, coming from someone who is completely homeless.”

You tried to swing your legs to tie around the black, oily pipe too- but it was too much hard work. Guess you had to rely on your upper arm strength now. You attempted to pul yourself up with just your fingertips, but the oil was making that a very hard task.

Then you felt someone grab your foot, and pull you down, making your face scrape on the brick wall and you hitting the cement floor harshly, hurting the entire left side of your body.

“Fuck!” You cried out, seeing that one of the men walk over to you with a pure evil smirk on his crusty lips.

Well shit.

You tried to crawl away, but every time you tried you felt a foot kick into your ribs- just making you fall flat once again. Blood dripped onto the pavement below you from your face which you had scraped up pretty badly.

“Why don’t she repay us without any money?” Someone chuckled, watching your facial expressions change at the sound of that.

“Oh I would love that.” Another one spoke, licking his lips.

The sound of those words leaving their sick mouths, made you want to gag.

“Fellas, I’m sorry but I don’t think I can let you touch the young girl.” A voice spoke up, making you look around for the voice- but at the end of the alleyway actually was a figure in a red and blue costume.

“And why is that, Spiderman?” One of them sneered, “she won’t give us any money since she doesn’t have any- so why can’t she pay us back another way?”

Peter looked at you through his mask, taking in every detail of how beaten up you were. He narrowed his eyebrows, staring at the men.

“Did you do this to her?”

Peter’s voice had suddenly turned much more deeper, anger growing inside of him.

“She had it coming..” The guy who had been kicked by you earlier spoke up, glaring at the superhero.

“I guess so did you guys.”

You watched as it all seemed to happen in a flash, Peter swung himself towards each one of them, webbing them up and getting a few hits in on them. It all was happening so fast, it was a lot for you to take in. You wiped away some blood from your face weakly, attempting to sit up as you faced away from the fighting scene.

You could tell that Peter had taken care of them when he said, “easy. You guys shouldn’t do that to pretty ladies, okay?”

Only muffled responses came from them and you felt strong arms pick you up bridal style,

“Oh, and the police are already informed about you lot. You’ll have some company with you all shortly.”

With that, he walked out of the alleyway and webbed you both onto the top of some random building.

“Jesus, (Y/N)! What was you thinking of coming outside at this time?” Peter asked, taking his mask off to inspect your cuts and bruises on your face a little easier.

“I’m fine..” You whispered, not wanting to meet his eyes.

“You don’t look it, babe.” He commented, wiping away some blood. “You don’t understand how scared I was when I got a call at 2am from Tony asking if I’d look for you with the rest of the crew-”

“Wait..” You interrupted, “my Dad asked you?”

Peter sighed, nodding. “He told me what happened, but I just wish you would’ve called me or something to come and get you- instead of just wandering into the streets. Its dangerous, (Y/N). Tonight just proves that..”

You sniffed, looking up at Peter. Your (E/C) orbs gleaming up at the boy.

“I just- I love you, a lot. Okay? I love you.” He held both of your hands, “and I don’t want another person I love to end up dead, so please..” A few tears streaked down his bare cheeks.

You both stared at each other, both tearful until you got onto your tiptoes and pressed your bruised lips against his, merging together with the boy you loved so much and felt so many feelings for. Peter kissed back straight away, him letting go of your hands and placing them around your waist to pull you closer- but gently, so that he never hurt you. You placed both of your hands onto his chest, feeling his heartbeat rapidly speed up, making you smile before pulling away from him.

“I love you too..” You whispered, wiping away some of your blood that was on his cheek.

He smiled, about to answer you but his phone started to ring, making one of his hands move down and grab his phone. He answered it with a clear voice.

“Hello? Oh- oh! Mr.Stark- yeah,- yeah- but I have her here with me right now- oh, of course Mr.Stark.- Yep, be there in five.”

He ended the call, looking to you with a small frown.

“I think its about time i take you back home.” He smiled, wrapping some web around your waist to his waist and picking you up.

“That sounds pretty nice right now.” You murmured, getting a little sleepy.

“Just hold on tight, babe.” 

Then you were both flying again.