even if we dont know each other


Relax Cas, its called a bonfire for a reason







A few things to keep in mind as an Army:

-The boys are all extremely excited about these new songs, so they would appreciate your full support of their hard work.

-THE BOYS THEMSELVES CHOOSE WHO GETS LINES. Mostly, anyway. Stop getting angry with maknae line for getting more lines than Hoseok (or targeting Jungkook specifically, bc he already was catching shit for getting a lot of lines even before this comeback). Those boys love each other so much. Do you really think they would make it a situation of “stealing lines”? Do you really think Jeon Jungkook would flip his hair and say “Yes I think I deserve these lines because I’m the best one here”? They probably thought long and hard about line distribution and had a good reason for deciding on Hoseok not having any lines. For all we know, Hoseok could have felt like his voice didn’t fit the song as well as the others. They could have not had a choice. WE DONT KNOW AND WE NEVER WILL SO JUST BE MATURE AND WORK THROUGH YOUR DISAPPOINTMENT RESPECTFULLY.

-THIS IS NOT TO SAY BEING DISAPPOINTED WITH HOSEOK’S LACK OF LINES IS BAD OR INVALID. If you’re disappointed, that’s fine. But BE MATURE and stop bashing the others who had more lines than him. It’s rude and immature and probably causes tension between the members, just as much if not MORE than reading all the gross and sexual comments on their YouTube and twitter updates.

-I think a lot of people forget that Jungkook is actually the main vocalist and therefore it makes sense for him to have a larger portion of lines.

-I know it’s weird to think, but Bangtan is literally made up of grown men. Yes they’re young adults, but they’re adults nonetheless. They know better than anyone what goes into their job, and they can sort through it with the support of each other and the support (not hissy fits and rage filled messages) from Army. They’re stronger than many of us give them credit for.

-There is no “Hyung line” and “Maknae line”. There is so division between those boys other than the fact that hyung line is older. Stop working so hard to make inter-fandom-warfare a thing. We have enough fandoms against us as is. Be mature and realize that Bangtan is a GROUP of seven INDIVIDUALS that deserve respect. All. seven. of them. Deserve. Respect.

-Bangtan Sonyeondan is allowed to explore music styles. Having a different sound that they did when they debuted is a GOOD THING. It means that they’re growing as people and artists. They have more creative control with their music than they did then, which means they’re working together to make it fit their personal tastes.

-Spreading negativity isn’t the way to bring justice to something you think is an issue. To the boys, if they dug around and read comments (which we know they do), it more than likely seems as if a large portion of Army aren’t enjoying the comeback because of one reason or another because of all the negativity being spread. The truth of the matter is: IT DOESNT MATTER HOW GOOD YOUR INTENTIONS ARE IF YOURE HURTING SOMEONE ELSE IN THE PROCESS. Whether it be another Army or one of the boys.

-You don’t have to love all of their music. You don’t have to love every concept or music video. And you don’t have to know every single detail about them to be a “true Army”. What makes you a true Army is respecting ALL SEVEN of those boys and all of their decisions. Musical or personal.

ika and demetres talking abt cass

ika: you know what’s sad, her and i have similar interests in people that we dont like but we do not work well with each other, it just sucks

demetres: you know why else you have a similar interest in people you dont like?

ika: why?

demetres: because you guys dont like anyone

ika: how could you say that to me?

demetres: you dont even like her

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tbh the “if were mutuals then were friends and you can just start talking to me” thing makes me kind of uneasy. Especially that Ive seen posts fucking GUILTING people who dont automatically consider mutuals friends. 

like thats fine if you feel that way 

but respect when people DONT feel that way?

mutuals to me….I dont feel like that makes anything even beginning to be a friendship with me. Just because we have things in common and like each others content doesnt mean we will click as friends. Theres people who I have been in mutuals with I discovered I didnt really like as a person that much. 

Also, friendship is a commitment to me. I don’t say I’m friends with someone unless I know them pretty damn well and talk to them a LOT.  And that means talk TO them, with them, back and forth. 

I don’t have enough emotional energy OR time to make friends with everyone I meet.  If I say im friends with someone, I mean it.  So tbh I don’t say it often. Part of that comes from the fact that I fear the possibility of being in a relationship with someone who feels more strongly about it than I do. For a while, I’ve had trouble really emotionally connecting with people on MY end.  My emotions arent as strong as they used to be. I don’t want to hurt people by my lack of an ability to feel close to new people easily.

I dont want to seem unapproachable or cold or mean but like.  Its not like I feel that I’m too good for people or I dont want people to try to be my friend, but its something that has to happen organically. I need to click with people.  Idk how that works or what makes me click with a person but sometimes it just doesnt happen. 

Imagine Sam Looking at You Like This When You Confess You Want To Get Married

You watched his adams apple bob up and down with his nervous swallow. You smiled shrugging “Never asked you or said we had to, I just know that this whole being open and honest with each other works both ways….I want to get married eventually and maybe even have a baby.” you sat cross legged on the bed looking up at him. 

Sam nodded “I figured you would eventually bring that up….I just-” “Dont.” you shook your head “you dont need to justify your thoughts or anything. I just felt like I needed you to hear that” You got up kissing his cheek. “I love you Sam Winchester, that won’t ever change” you smiled and headed toward the bathroom to take a shower. 

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is it possible to have a friend crush?? like I really really really love him a lot and I will talk about him all day but I’m not in love, I love him as a best friend. does that make sense? idk. anyway.

• he calls me every day when he wakes up, calls me when he’s bored, and then calls me when he’s in bed to say goodnight and even though he sometimes interrupts my day its still nice to know that I’m important enough to call like that lol.

• even though we pick on each other a lot he takes the time to stop and let me know that he’s only kidding and will proceed to tell me how he actually feels about me so I dont feel bad.

• he always comes up with silly nicknames for me like ‘noodle head’ because I have curly hair but then he also uses a lot of pet names like ‘selina baby’ and ‘baby boo’ and shit

• he freaks out when I dont feel well. like if I have a headache for two days he nags me about going to the doctor. and if he thinks I’m late on my period (because somehow he knows that) he does the same thing.

• he gets jealous/protective with me when other people are in the picture. mostly other guys but when I hang out with my girl friends he gets jealous too

• he lives a couple of states over and he’s always offering to buy me a plane ticket to go there because he says he needs me to be happy with his life and I think that’s adorable

• every time I say I’m fat, even jokingly, he reassures me that I’m not, tells me that he’s proud of me for doing all that I have, and then either gives me the ‘weight doesnt matter’ talk or finds some way to make me laugh instead

• there have been a couple of times where I’ve been a little irritated and answered the phone with ‘what do you want?’ and sometimes I do it jokingly and every single time he says 'you’

• he talks to me in a bunch of funny voices just to get on my nerves

• he says if he isnt already married within the next four years that we’re getting married lmao

• every time he’s about to go on a date with a girl he freaks out so he calls me for like a pep talk the day before

• we can talk about really weird shit and he doesnt judge or anything. this morning we researched how different foods make your cum taste because I saw something on reddit about minty cum and was really confused. it turned out to be a hilarious conversation because he was just like 'WHAT THE FUCK’ the entire time 😂😂

• he gets concerned about my eating habits even though he doesnt know about my ed (i think) so he will randomly ask what I ate that day and if he doesnt think I’ve had enough he bugs me until I eat something

• he does joke about how little I eat sometimes but then he’s like 'no but seriously I really just want you to be healthy’. I still dont eat enough to his standards but I’m working my way up there.

• he calls me cute even when I think I look like shit and took a picture of me without makeup and messy hair and just looking disgusting but he set it as his background on his phone because he likes it

• I watch him play video games a lot and he’s always so angry and aggressive when he plays against other people but when I play with him on this one game he loses a lot and he says its because he cant get mad at me so he’s no good at the game when I’m playing lmao. I think he just lets me win tbh

• he has social anxiety but he says that its always been easy to talk to me, even when we didnt really know each other, so thats how he knows that I’m a good friend

• this one involves a short story. I have this other guy that I was friends with and we would get high and drink together and do video chats every other night and mess around with each other and it was kind of like that 'we’re friends but I’m totally dtf if you are’ situation like I’ve seen his dick and he’s seen me half naked and we talked about like what if he were together like that, it was kinda all in fun, but he ended up telling me that he only talked to me to make his ex jealous and got with her and of course she hated me so I stopped talking to him for a while. idk if hes not with her again or if he is just being genuine and trying to be friends but he’s been telling me that he misses talking to me and stuff and I’m not gonna lie, I miss it too. like even before the sexual tension started he was a cool friend and we had a lot of fun so I’ve been kinda talking to him a little more and more. but my best friend doesnt like him at all like every time I say his name he gets all pissy and tries to talk me out of hanging out with the other guy to just be with him instead and even though I’m friends with them both I think thats kinda funny

• every time he’s out and drunk out of his mind he calls me to let me know that he’s okay. even if its at 4am.

• if I dont reply to his calls or texts for a while he gets super anxious and needy so his texts will be like:
where are you??
its been like 5 hours
what are you doing?
dont die on me
I just want the attention that I deserve
and then when i finally text or call him back he acts like ive been gone for five months and pretends to be mad about it lmao

• when he’s depressed he kinda gets angry easier and doesnt really feel like talking much so he usually will isolate himself but he still will call me or tell me to come over just to literally be there because he won’t say anything for hours so we just sit there but he always says that it helps just knowing that I’m there and iT MAKES MY HEART HURT

• he smokes weed a lot but he hates that I do other drugs because he’s paranoid that im gonna od one day so we have made these agreements when it comes to my drug use.
1: I’m only allowed to use cocaine once and that is with him on new years because he knows that I want to try it but he doesnt really want me to so he tried to find a middle ground. I get to try it but he gets the satisfaction of knowing that I only get to try it once.
2: when I move in with him I can smoke but he doesnt want me doing anything else as much as I do now
3: When I am high, he usually wants me to tell him what it is and what it does so he’s aware and if it turns out bad he can make sure I don’t do it again.
I dont like that he doesnt like it but I can see why he wouldnt and just the fact that he cares enough to do any of that is nice.

• I feel like he’s super easy to talk to and even though there are things that I havent told him about and am kind of afraid to tell him about I know that in reality he’d be totally cool about it so idk why I’m scared

• I could be feeling like total shit but even just hearing him say hi makes me feel better

• just everything okay idk he’s literally the perfect friend ugh this post is so mushy and gross wow but im probably gonna add more

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Ok so I've loved one boy since I was 14 (2 months away from 19 now) & for the past 2 months it looked like we might actually be developing feelings for each other?? but 9 days ago he told me he got a gf & my heart broke. i've been really struggling with this bc all of my dreams for the future included him, but even tho this is gonna take a long time to get over (srsly never felt pain like this b4), I think it was meant to happen bc I learned I dont need a man to feel content & I know I'll be ok

Hello there is this message from me? Because girl I’m in the same spot exactly right now. And I know how much it sucks. I’m so sorry, but I’m also so glad you’re learning how to be on your own! That’s really important. 

Probably my favorite misconception about twilight saga is this idea that E and B are like… all over each other/desperately in love right from the start. That they’re all like “ooh Edward, we are soulmate…. dont leave me…” “I’m… too dangerous.” 

When in reality they just….give each other shit…,, for like the entire first ¾ of the book???? And even after that they express love by CONSTANTLY teasing one another???? 

Like I don’t know how it came across that they’re this mushy cringe-worthy overdramatic couple when right from the start all they ever fuckin do is be little shits to each other and then have moments of actual affection. And if you ask me, that sounds like a pretty damn healthy relationship.

I hate astronomy class bc i was just listening to smash mouth and taking an exam and then i realized that the universe is expanding constantly and scientists theorize it will rip apart and everything will end one day but no one actually knows because there’s no way to tell whats happening outside and even in our world and existence is finite and nothing we do matters and the universe is so big and meaningless yet the world is a terrible place we’re all just animals fighting with each other and hurting about things that dont matter in the grand scheme of existence as the universe collapses outside of us and we have no safety net for what happens and there’s no rhyme or reason to the universe and theres no control im just sitting here listening to smash mouth

True there’s no us, so you’re free to do whatever you want, but don’t ask me to trust you when you are the one who keep on looking for someone else to fool around.

Even if we’re not yet together and just getting to know each other, you can’t be even loyal to me now and keep on entertaining someone else, now you wonder why can’t I trust you.

If you want me? stick to me and just me. walk the talk. If you can’t stick to it, then let me walk away and don’t waste my time.

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Name ? Libbie
Nickname ? Liberty (even though that’s not my actual name) Libster (I know okay my friends are strange) and the simple yet classic Lib
Also my best friend and I refer to each other as our ‘best kahoots’ yeah we’re not funny
Zodiac ? Taurus
Height ? 5'6 I think Sexual orientation ? Asexual grayromantic (but girls are v pretty just saying)
Ethnicity ? White British
Favourite fruit ? Apple (I’m starting to think I am the most boring person on this planet)
Favourite season ? Spring
Favourite book ? All of them!!
Favourite flower ? I like lilies for some reason
Favourite scent ? I love the Yankee candle that smells of lemongrass and s̶l̶e̶e̶p̶ ginger does that count as an answer ??
Favourite colour ? Green or blue Favourite animal ? Tapir they’re so cute
Coffee; tea or hot chocolate ? Well since I’m British it’s obviously tea
Average hours of sleep ? Not enough How many blankets do you sleep with ? A grand total of two. I am perpetually cold Cat or dog ? DOG DO NOT FIGHT ME ON THIS
Dream trip ? Either Ireland or Australia
Number of followers ? More than I should have literally why are you all here ??
What do I post about ? In the words of @phaninspired, ‘a mix on dnp, memes, and other fandoms’ pretty accurate tbh
Do I get asks on a regular basis ? Apparently yes
Favourite band ? Panic! At The Disco
Aesthetic ? Eyes that aren’t quite any colour; holding hands platonically; reading until you can’t keep your eyes open anymore; listening to music on full volume and an abundance of cushions  (wtf is this how am I supposed to answer this question)
Fictional character I’d date ?  Spencer Reid; Dr Reid; Spencer Walter Reid; that one with 3  PhDs from Criminal Minds; the one with an IQ of 187 who can read 20,000 words per minute; Dr. Spencer Reid; Matthew Gray Gubler’s character in Criminal Minds; the only reason that I know I’m not completely gay
Hogwarts house ? Wise old Ravenclaw

20 people is too many. There weren’t even that many people in my year at primary school. Anyway, I tag…
@anotherinternetfangirl ; @suchphanmuchtrash ; @nonbinaryphan ; @helpimmadeoffire and @you-found-the-vegan

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Hello dear, my bf and I are together for almost half a year now but lately hes been actin so different towards me,we cant see each other often because he has to deal with a lot of school stuff and he always takes so long to reply so i have to doubletext him and i feel so dumb for having to practically beg for the attention of my partner like idk what to do he just seems to kind of forget about me or at least thats how it feels and i dont wanna be there if he doesnt even want me do u have advice?

Aw Hunny:( I know u said you don’t see him often but you do need to go see him or make him come to you and you need to talk and tell him what you told me, you and carry on feeling how you feel! He needs to know so he can hopefully change. No relationship can work things out with out communication 💗

Just love...

 “ On the darkest days I think of you. Every time your gone I feel as if im missing that one piece. Your love for me and my love for you is the strongest love youll ever feel. No one can replace you and no one ever will. Even if we do argue, we know its just what every couple will do. Ive loved you  from the day we met and it will always stay like that. If you ever leave me then i know i cant go back. I know ive made many mistakes, but i did them to keep you mine. Every mistake we made was just a sign of how far we will go to keep our love sealed. I dont care if others dont like us together,  I dont care how much they try and keep us apart, Nothing will bring us apart, our love for each other want be effected. I love you and always remember this, No one can surpass you, You are the one for me, and You always will be the other piece to my heart. I gave you the key to my heart, and you gave me yours. We both know we can count on each other. Im willing to do anything to keep you protected, i know you would to. Your smile is the only thing i want to see, it hurts to see you sad, I am just so used to seeing you as the happy person ive known since the begining. You are the one who has changed my ways, i havent been the same ever since. You are the one who spread the first smile across my face. I love how you encourage people to achieve there dreams. You tell others to never give up, to get back up and try again, to never give up. I have so many secrets i want to tell, but they will only hurt our relationship. Ive kept the secrets for years and i havent told you, i never will have the courage to. Everyone has secrets, but mine cant be told. The secrets are what keep us together. You are special to me and always will be. If we do ever split, then i will never be able to find another like you. You have helped me from the start, to feel love, to be able to do things i was never able to do.You helped me achive my dreams, and i hope ive helped you achieve yours. “


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Reason why Taekook never get photoshoot together
  • vkook: /take photos with a girl/
  • vkook: /cuddle in their own world/ /don't even remember there's another girl/
  • Members:
  • Rapmon: hoe stop it
  • Jungkook: we dont give a shit
  • Taehyung: once gay, gay then
  • Bts:
  • Girl:
  • Bang sihyuk:
  • Bighit:
  • Jackie chen:
  • Barack Obama:
  • Jimin: *sigh* this brat
  • vkook: makes out behind the camera
  • Yoongi: *proud* /thumbs up to jungkook/
  • Jin: my babies
  • PD-nim: what an actual fuck
another thing about my best friend, sorry

i’m gonna start doing these in longer posts instead of a bunch of small posts so they’ll be less frequent and yeah.
anyway, he’s gotten like super… needy ?? lately. like he’s always talking about cuddling and how he just wants me with him all of the time and I know it’s because he’s lonely, he always does that but especially when he’s lonely. And the fact that he’s doing it even more now makes me worry because when he’s lonely he gets sad and I dont like it.
He was sad last night and I was also sad last night so we didnt really talk a whole lot, he played a game and I kinda just laid around, but we were just there for each other if one decided to talk. he eventually got high and kinda started spilling things and said that he’s been really lonely but that when he talks to me, our personalities just match and he wants me to be there with him. He said that he wants to hold me and he wants me to love him and he likes the feel of skin but he particularly loves the idea of mine. He said he wants to play with my hair while I lay beside him and he wants to take me places and take care of me and wants to come home from work to me waiting up for him. He says that he would be totally happy with his life if I were there but the fact that I’m not and that he can’t do any of that makes him really sad.

and I think that why he asked that girl out and is thinking about doing it again. I think its because I’m not there with him but she is. Even though she treats him like shit and he knows it and even though he doesn’t actually like her for anything other than her looks, she’s within reach and he wouldn’t be so lonely.

I’ve been planning to go there, I have to save up my money to move out first, and he is excited about that but if things just did happen to work out with this girl and him then I feel like it would be a mess and I dont want to cause a mess so.. yeah. idk

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SINCE WE'RE TALKING ABOUT THACE (and shipping) I had a really weird dream last night about Thace and Lance (I can't remember it all that well) but Thace and Lance were interested in each other 😏😏 and Thace for some reason could shape shift and kept shifting between normal and a merman version of himself while talking to Lance and idk bruh, but is Thace/Lance a thing?

i dont know if it’s a thing but like,,,, tell me more about this dream i’m Interested™

hi eddie, if youre reading this i want you to know that i truly do love you with all my heart and that you mean the absolute world to me, im so glad we met and im so so so much more glad that were best friends, i dont ever want to lose you and i know for a fact that well be friends for a very long time, i cant wait to see you again and be able to hug you and see you smile and laugh and maybe even kiss you idk, i hope that one day soon we can climb in bed together and fall asleep in each others arms and get tangled up in the covers together, i want to make you the happiest youve ever been, im so glad weve started talking again, i love our late night phone calls and i love hearing your voice and i love thinking about you and it makes me happy to hear that you think about me too, i promise that ill love you till the day i die and im going to remind you of that everyday until then, thank you for being a part of my life, eddie, i love you so so so so so so much

actually hold on theres more types of relationships i have to ppl

- ppl i dont care about (theres lots of those)
- You Seem Nice Enough But I Wouldnt Know What To Talk About (quite a few of those)
- I Like/Dont Mind Spending Time With You But I Get Socially Exhausted Very Fast (a handful of ppl in here)
- I Consider You A Close Friend Even Though We Only Talk/Send Memes To Each Other Maybe Once A Month (very exclusive club with only two members as of right now)
- My Goal In Life Is For You To Like Me (only ever one person at a time, randomly pick a new one if the last one didnt work out)

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for the ask thing. pearl, waves, seafoam & tsunami. russian-hater asshole

Pearl, if I could travel anywhere in the world where would I go and why? Manhattan for sure. There are other places I’d like to see but it is my favorite place. I love it bc it consists of many cultures and people who come together in one place that has just about a little of everything
Waves, favorite person and why? There are so many I can’t count and it so depends om the context so I won’t say the favorite but what comes to mind rn is @dont-judge-me-im-a-fangirl bc we know each other for the longest time and even though we both changed so much nothing about our friendship did.
Seafoam, describe my ideal summer vacation? Well, I hope I can make my next one pretty ideal since it will hopefully be almost 4 months of summer vacation. Basically take my time. Keep routine but not stress over it. sleeping schedule. seeing a new pretty place everyday. Flying away to travel in Europe or any country that’s not too hot during the summer with extended family. Learn something new currently I’m planning on arabic. prepare myself to when summer is over and make the most of it. have someone/s to do fun things with is always a plus but worst case scenerio there’s always my mom.
Tsunami, describe a dream outfit of mine? Idk it but it’d include the fw17 ysl disco ball sparkly boots for sure.

There you go u fake russian-wannabe