even if we don't know if he's ok or not

okay but tater is absolutely the biggest baby ever when it comes to scary movies. we’re talking even the slightest hint of a scary scene and tater just nopes the heck out of there. like, he still can’t watch the hunchback of notre dame all the way through.

but he is definitely not going to mention that to kent. especially since he knows that kent loves that he’s so big and strong and tater’s pretty sure that ‘screams like a little girl at cgi monsters’ does not fit that description.

except it’s a date weekend and kent’s put on his netflix list of 'quintessential american films that you need to watch tater, how have you not watched these you weirdo’ and then. gremlins comes on. and tater is excited!! gizmo is so cute!! but then the actual gremlins come along and look. tater is a Big and Strong hockey player. he is definitely not scared by evil reptilian dolls. no siree.

it takes kent approximately 2.3 seconds to notice. 'babe,’ he says slowly, 'are you scared?’

'no way,’ alexei 'no pokerface’ mashkov forces out. for a second all kent can do is stare at his giant, russian teddy bear of a boyfriend before he basically lifts tater onto his lap. 'how are you this cute??’ he grins with a face of brown curls. and while tater is pretty terrified he’s also?? all warm on the inside??? because this gorgeous, talented, loving man is His Boyfriend

(that night kent is woken up by tater shaking his arm and plaintively whispering, 'hey…can I be little spoon now?’ and kent just MELTS. tater doesn’t mind scary movies too much after that.)

  • Mendel: *takes a deep breath*
  • Mendel: i lo-
  • anyone who has spent five seconds around him ever: yes, you love Trina, we know, you love Trina so much, she's the light of your life, you love her so much, you just love Trina, we KNOW , you love Trina you fucking love Trina ok we know, we get it, YOU LOVE TRINA. WE GET IT.

ok i need the riverdale fandom to pull through and when making gifs and edits whatever replace c*le with ryan potters face.. it doesn’t even matter if its just a badly cut out or whatevrr just do it do me this one single favor thanks

Ok can we talk about Michonne in this episode??!!

Can we talk about her impaling that kid without a second of hesitation as soon as she realized what he was about to do?!

That’s her family you’re trying to mess with, kid! It’s already over!

Can we talk about how absolutely desperate she was when Carl got shot?! And then when Rick went outside on his own?!

Michonne doesn’t get desperate, man! Michonne keeps her cool no matter what! Michonne is always fucking ready and able!

But when it comes to Rick, Carl and Judith, that’s something else entirely! Because Carl is hers, Judith is hers and Rick is hers!

Can we talk about the awesome dynamic that was created between those characters?!

Think back to when she first appeared at the prison, how suspicious they all were of each other, and to go from that to Rick basically asking her to be Carl’s mother, and to her being by Rick’s side no matter what, to her being pretty much the only person whose opinion he listens to!!!

I just… MICHONNE!!!!!

just you

✧ — ✧

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“It seems we have outlasted them all yet again. Even the dwarf has fallen.”

“To be fair,” Hawke said, “He’s not a very good dwarf.”

The dwarf in question struggled to lift his head from the table. Mumbling, incoherent, Varric gave up at last and slumped back down with a sigh. Fenris chuckled, saluting with his mug as Hawke gave the dwarf’s head a comforting pat and reached for his tankard.

“When are you going to admit you’ve been cheating?” Hawke asked.

Fenris raised a dark brow, one corner of his lip lifting in amusement. “When are you?”

Hawke couldn’t help but to laugh. Throughout the night the barmaid had been replacing his ale with weaker and weaker beverage. He hadn’t expected anyone to notice – evidently Fenris had. Hawke felt warm and relaxed and cheerful, but sober enough to smell that Fenris was drinking nothing more potent than herbal tea.

“I prefer to do my drinking alone,” the elf said.

“That doesn’t sound fun at all.”

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quinn james in every episode

↳8.16 I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here ♔ “So even though we come from a big family, Haley and I have always been close. You’ve always been there for me, my little sis…someone to believe in, someone to share all my secrets with. And now, Jamie’s getting a little sister. And I know that he’s gonna love her as much as I love you. And you’re gonna love your daughter as much as mom loved us.”

Magnus Bane's Birthyear

So we don’t actually know in what year he’s been born. We know he’s born in the 16th centurie.We also know Magnus is half indonesian, half dutch and so is his mother. The dutch colonies builted Batavia (Jakarta today) in 1619. Let’s say his mother was born in 1620. Statistically a women got married and gave birth to her first born with 14 years (back then). So that means the earliest Magnus could have been born was 1634. There you go.

  • Ben Tallmadge: *takes deep breath*
  • Ben Tallmadge: I lov-
  • Anyone who has spent 5 seconds around him ever: Yes, you love General Washington, we know, you love the Commander so much, he's the light of your life, you just love Washington so much, WE KNOW, you love him, ok we get it now, YOU LOVE GENERAL WASHINGTON SO MUCH. WE GET IT.

officialbizness replied to your post: hello tumblr, i’m lacking in motivatio…

Inappropriate puppet show.

firstly, i love you biz. secondly, i don’t even know, man.


“Oh my beloved, what a fine expanse of Tevinter territory we’ve been granted to labor over.”

Dorian groans and reaches back as far as he can, the angle awkward, but he still manages to smack Bull in the arm with his waving hand. “Some of us are trying to sleep.”

Bull ignores him, and Dorian lets out a long sigh and resettles his head on both of his arms. Bull’s doing something on his arse, his hands moving about as though he’s tapping a drum… So, nothing absurdly outside of his usual behavior.

Bull modifies his voice when he speaks next, a dainty falsetto he usually only trots out when he’s impersonating Dalish. “You’re right, my darling – what a fertile land we have come upon this evening.”

Dorian presses himself up onto his elbows and looks over his shoulder. “What in the world are you doin–”

Bull pauses, and Dorian takes in his stockings on each of Bull’s hands – stretched to oblivion and beyond, he’ll never be able to wear them again, Bull’s nails starting to poke through the stitching.

Bull grins sheepishly at Dorian and opens and closes one of his hands in a motion that Dorian supposes resembles a mouth: “He’s onto us.”

“I don’t want to know,” Dorian eventually gets out, and flops back onto the mattress.

Ok I keep seeing these whites complaing cuz ppl don’t like Macklemore even though he’s apparently like a Model Citizen or Exactly What Tumblr (the One Entity) Wants White People To Be or some shit.

Butlike? Maybe he’s just annoying? Maybe we are freaking annoyed by him because no matter how self-aware he is. He’s still a white guy who is getting praised to the ends of the earth and back for doing things Black people have been doing for ages. That’s freaking obnoxious! We don’t gotta praise him or kiss the ground he walks him or wtf ever because he is self-aware. Being self-aware as a white person should be fucking baseline. Same as you don’t get praised cuz you didn’t punch a random stranger in the face cuz that’s fucking baseline.

So a white guy talks about racism and how he benefits from it and all that other shit. So what? Black people have been rapping about racism and how it effects us since the dawn of rap. And y’all have criticized and pigeonholed our music and our words as trashy and angry and horrible until some white guy comes along and does the same exact thing in a way that’s more palatable to your delicate white sensibilities.

It’s obnoxious. It’s annoying that nobody thinks we’re worth listening to until some white mouthpeice comes along and says it. And it’s worse that if we’re at all critical or sour about this bullshit situation, we’re all yelled at for being unappreciative assholes.

Like get off your fucking high horse. I get that sometimes cirticizm of him seems unfair to you but like? Most of the time it’s not even about him in particular. It’s directed at the greater context of the situation… And the bizarreness of all these white people who didn’t even consider rap music to be music until Macklemore came along, suddenly caring about racism through the lens of defending their precious white.

“there’s a clear record of his decline”

So we’ve been watching season seven, and this is the first time I’ve watched it knowing that, um, Mulder is dying the entire time, and it’s devastating. All over the damn place, all of the time, but in a couple of places particularly: 

- OK so I’d always attributed the Millennium kiss to the fact that he’d been able to read her mind a few weeks prior, and at that point (presumably) obtained confirmation that she was into him. But also…it’s probably his last New Year’s Eve. If he’s going to seize the moment, this is it.

- Teena Mulder killed herself (at least in part) because she had a terminal illness. I just…I can’t even. Poor Mulder. He has to go back into the world knowing that, and in a not-dissimilar position himself.

- He is remarkably chill about learning that Samantha is dead. Like, in the span of what, a week or so, he’s lost his mom and any hope of finding his sister, and he’s just kind of…okay about it. Because he won’t have to worry about it for much longer? (and that tombstone he orders, with the new date of death for Samantha, and for himself and his mom. closure, right?)

- Theef is not a particularly remarkable episode, but that bit at the end where they talk about whether or not Scully would’ve tried harder to save that girl: “I would’ve made the same call, as a doctor, if I was certain that I couldn’t save her life and she was in that much pain.” OH MY GOD WHY DOES HE NOT TELL HER WHY

- That bit of Requiem has always ripped me to shreds - when they’re lying in bed and he says, “There’s so much more you need to do with your life. There’s so much more than this. There has to be an end, Scully.” When it aired I remember being super mad, like “ugh Mulder she’s not going to ditch you, cut it out” but he is talking about how he is going to die soon. And how his death will like, release her to do other things. He is giving her permission and I just a;ijrflsdjiao;fwlsdh;uaiwgoekfs noo

Anyway, this is totally fucking me up. If anyone else has feelings about this I would so love to tumblr-message-chat anytime about the total wreckitude that is me watching this season

Please don’t hate me but this is what I assume Mr. Yaoi Hands whispered to Sanji.

Mr. Yaoi Hands: “We know your secret… your secret relationship with your crewmate, Zoro.”

“If you don’t come with us, he’ll be dead. Because Big Mom.”

…and of course Sanji was shocked that they knew.

Capone: “It’s too obvious, even the [yaoi] fans know.”

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

The thing about The 100 though, is that it’s a show with such deep, immense HOPE.

OK, wait, hear me out. I know it’s a post-apocalyptic future with everything that entails but in its heart of hearts, it is a hopeful show. A random sampling of my reasoning:

  • Marcus Kane, after the culling, loses himself in guilt and pain and he CHANGES. He changes for the better. 
  • Abby Griffin comes to earth expecting to find her little girl, and instead she finds Clarke is a woman forged in fire who teaches her about this new world (young people, do you hear that? You will be teaching the older generation about this new world, that is your role, and I really believe this show hopes you will approach that with the same fire and love and passion as Clarke). 
  • Octavia Blake has been trapped one way or another her entire life, and it has made her kind. Not soft. Not gentle. But kind and loyal and fiercely protective. It has made her strong and true to exactly who she is. 
  • Lincoln has spent his entire life with people trying to make him into a monster, and instead he loves and loves and loves. He fights for love and honor and for what is right, with all of his giant thumping heart. 
  • Bellamy Blake… what do you even say about him? Selfish, angry coward who learns to extend his love for family to people other than his sister. He becomes a friend, a protector, a loyal partner in Clarke’s leadership, and a selfless rescuer in dangerous territory. He even does his best to offer the absolution Clarke so desperately needs. A long way indeed from “whatever the hell we want”. 

They all have their flaws. This show is never about black and white choices, and we are reminded again and again that we are the heroes in our own stories, and villains in someone else’s. The world is vast, and complicated, and humanity so much more so but this show, in it’s BONES, is about hope. Hope that even broken and battered as we are, humans can reach for love. Can reach for compassion. That we don’t have to be defined by the harsh world around us, that we can try to do better and even when we fail (and we will) there is something… some special thing in the trying

The thing about The 100 is that at its core it is a show about hope. And personally I find that to be a near-revolutionary take on the post apocalyptic genre.