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400 Followers and all you get is this shitty picture + a Bias List

                No fancy graphics for me. My only skills are shitposting and drawing.

   I’d like to start this post by saying that I have thoroughly enjoyed being in this roleplay fandom for as long as I’ve been in it (which isn’t actually that long!) and that you’ve all made it a wonderful experience and I felt so welcomed when I first joined - and still do.
—-and, even if you don’t see your URL on here, I want you to know that you’re out there doing your best too and this doesn’t mean I don’t see and/or appreciate you! So have a nice day.
                                          Now to get to dunking on some scrubs.

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Baked Fish?

(Uh.. something for the dehydration thingy?  Because I apparently write too much for the ask box to handle.. rip..)


It was a sweltering summer day, the temperature rising to a level that rivaled even Hotlands, hot enough for Sans to leave the sanctity of home, where the air conditioning had broken to find another way to cool his overheated bones. 

Wandering under the baking sun, he was surprised to find Undyne out and about as well, but the fish monster wasn’t looking too.. hot. 

No sooner had the stupid pun crossed his mind, she was staggering.

Alarmed, the typically sluggish skeleton sprang into action, catching hold of her arm as she was collapsing and, with the help of his magic to support her dead-weight, hefted her up into a lean against him.

His left socket sparking cyan with the strain of his magic, he dragged the unconscious warrior into the shade of a nearby alleyway, before finally lowering her down with a grunt, panting from the exertion.

Bullets of sweat running down his face, he lowered himself down beside her, noticing the sheen of her cyan scales had paled significantly, looking dried out and flaky, her breathing shallow and labored.

Angel blast it.. it wasn’t as if he had any water handy..

Soul quivering with panic in his chest, he tried to rouse her, hand insistently tapping against her pale face, he had to know she wasn’t going to dust the moment he left to get what she so desperately needed.

‘undyne.. please wake up..’

Even his voice cracked with his desperation.