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Big Time Crushin’ ( G.D)

Summary: He’s the “nerdy boy” and she’s the “popular girl” in school, He’s in love with her, she barely knows his name. He sits behind her in English class, she doesn’t even notice him. But, man he sure is determined to get a date with her this week due to a dare from his twin brother. Will he get his wish? Or will she turn him down?

a/n yes the title is a big time rush joke, and not gonna lie man, i’ve been really feeling HS twins lately lol, enjoy two hs things in the same day lol.

 (Y/L/N is your last name)

Word Count: 1.5k

Warnings:  maybe a few swear words, just fluffy. Oh and beware for extremely cheesy notes.

(Gray’s pov because I feel like their should be more imagines in their pov lol)

Damnit, Damnit final bell i’m going to be late! I thought to myself as I rushed down the hall, attempting to not miss my final class of the day.

“Hey watch out!” I heard someone yell out, as I scrambled through the door, attempting to get into the class, finally, and thank god i’m not late!

“Okay Class, flip to page 225 please.” My English teacher, Mr. Howell spoke to the class, causing the stale classroom to huff out, grabbing their text books and flipping to the page, including myself. But, in all honesty I liked school, yes I was a nerd, but I liked it that way, learning was my escape from the world, somewhere I could get lost in for hours and hours.

“Oh shit sorry Mr. Howell! I forgot my bag in Study Hall, here’s my hallpass!” Someone yelled out, running through the door.

And that someone? Y/n L/n, aka the “class clown” or “popular girl” in school, she was absolute perfection to me, only con? She didn’t even know I existed, we’ve been in basically the same classes for the past two years, and skip to junior year, she barely even knows my name, she only knows me as “The Nerdy Kid” or “The guy with the Twin” not by my name, but damn do I love the sound of her name, y/n, damn that’s a pretty name.

“Mr.Dolan, pay attention please.” The teacher called out, causing me to blush slightly as he brought me into real life, and not y/n land.

“Sorry Mr.Howell!” 

The class longed on, everyone bored out of their minds, just waiting for this Monday to end, but I was actually enjoying the lesson today, we were just reading simple Haikus, which sparked a slight interest in me as I was always a true lit at heart. But today I couldn’t focus as I usually would, yes I enjoy the lesson but y/n grasped my attention.

Maybe it’s the way her hair falls directly over her shoulder in a perfect wave, or the way she could make anyone laugh in any situation, or just simply I could never have her. 

But damn does she fascinate me.

Soon the final bell of the day rang, and everyone got up from there seats, including the girl of my dreams, and headed toward their lockers.

Lucky for me, my locker was placed across from hers on the opposing side of the hallways, which always gave me a chance to glance her direction in hopes she’d notice me one day.

But, today was different, she looked more beautiful than she ever has, which is a world record considering she’s the definition of perfection, I could barely keep my eyes off of her.

“Okay little brother I have a proposition for you.” Ethan spoke, slamming his hand on my backpack as I scrummaged through my locker looking for my psychology  homework I needed for tomorrow.

“What is it?”

“Okay Gray, let’s make a little bet. If you can ask y/n out by Last Period, i’ll um steal some of Cameron’s clothes, and wear them to school on Monday, and if you don’t i’m telling her how in loveeee with her you are. Deal?” Ethan proposed, dragging out “love” to dramaticize the situation, damn he was extra.

“Shh, man she’ll hear you!” I defended

Hesitantly, I thought about it. Come on I loved a little challenge, but y/n, she was way out of my league, how could I even get her to say yes? I could never, i’m a nerd, she’s drop dead gorgeous, with tons of friends, the only friends I have are my brother, and three other guys in band. There’s no probable way she could ever even agree to go on a date with me, right?

Before I could even finish my train of thought, Ethan spoke aloud 

“Okay, Gray it’s not even a question any more, I know you’ll pussy out, ask her out by Friday bro, it’s practically an order, you’ve been in love with her for how long two years nearly? And she doesn’t even know your name Gray. Come on man just ask her out by Friday, okay?”

“Fine.” I huffed out, trying to even fathom how I could ask her out, she would never even consider it! I’m literal trash compared to that angel.

~Few Hours Later~

The rest of my night was honestly stressful, I couldn’t even concentrate on my homework tonight.

All I could do is worry, worry about how i’m going to get the girl of my dreams, in just four days.

I could just ask her out? Or maybe write her a poem? 

Poem, seriously Grayson she’s going to call the cops on you!

Maybe I could use some cheesy pickup lines, and shove them in her locker?

Yeah, that sounds good, but how am I going to put them in her locker without anyone seeing and beating the shit out of me for even considering flirting with her.

Damn, Ethan’s trying to get me freaking killed!

I think I just need to sleep this off, and figure out in the morning, yeah! Sleep fixes everything. Right? I sure hope so.


The entire day, I spent stressing about this damn dare! It’s just a girl some would say, but she isn’t just a girl, she’s my world and doesn’t even know it.       Every class seemed as it lasted an eternity, but I knew there was light at the end of this tunnel, well hopefully. This is either my big break or the ultimate trigger to a year and a half of relentless bullying if she turns me down.                                But even if this is a total bust, at least I tried right?

Okay Big Guy, it’s lunch everyone’s gone! Time to make your move, I grabbed a small scribbled on piece of paper, and shoved it through her locker vent. 

“Hey look man, she’s opening it!” I said under my breath to Ethan, as he glanced over to see the beauty opening the note I slipped in her locker with the words “I sure think you’re beautiful”  god I hope she doesn’t think that’s completely creepy, thank god I didn’t sign it off, I’d probably have a restraining order in my direction.

“Is she running away in terror?” I asked focusing my eyes on my locker, pretending she doesn’t even exist.

“Bro, she’s smiling.” Ethan said, as he turned my direction.

Smiling, wow, maybe the note was the way to go.

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Morning, bright and sunny, full of things to be yet, accomplished, and every student’s favorite, the bus. Today, like every other consisted of myself and thirty other teenagers going on a large, dirty, possible diseased yellow school bus to take us to our educational building. 

“Wait, don’t leave yet! Can I catch a ride?” A high pitched voice called out.

Wait, am I dreaming? Is that y/n? She doesn’t live in this neighborhood? The hell is she doing in my bus? Damnit, Grayson pull it together she’s a girl not satan in carnation, you can withstand an extra thirty minutes in her presence.    

“Hey, this seat taken?” She asked, glancing at the empty seat beside, me?

“Oh, it’s not go ahead!” I said patting the seat beside myself.

“I’m y/n” she spoke, as she sat down.

I well know your name sweetheart, but I couldn’t say that.

“I’m Grayson, remember we have last period together?” I questioned hoping she’d even recognize me.

“Oh yeah! You’re the quiet one right?” she spoke, her angelic tones running through my ears like a symphony.

“Yeah, I guess I am” I replied, damn that’s how she knows me “the quiet one” well, if we ever spent a night together, she wouldn’t even know the word quiet.

Okay, Grayson that’s pervy, just focus on asking her out, that’s your initiative 

“Cool..” she awkwardly stated, before breaking out her headphones to listen to some music, I wonder what she likes to listen to? Pop? Maybe not, well she might be into it, country maybe? Okay really Grayson, it’s not country! Maybe, rap? Yeah let’s go with rap.

Before I could figure out completely what she listened to, which was just a good way to kill time as of now, so I don’t completely lose my mind sitting next to her, I felt a small tap on my shoulder.

“Hey, you want to listen to something? You look a little bored” Y/n offered smiling my direction.

“Oh yeah, sure.” I replied, attempting to play it off cool, gray this is nothing, you’re just listening to music, nothing big.

“Here you go” she spoke, taking out her left headphone, handing it to me.

Man! I was right, well not really, this is hip hop, not rap. But my inquiries were close! She put on a post malone playlist, which if i say so myself was pretty good.

The rest of the bus trip, went by at lightening speed and I wish it didn’t, she was honestly just really cool to hang out with, not just gorgeous with a killer personality, she’s just an overall fantastic girl. That I hope will agree to go out with me Friday, hopefully. Once we arrived at the school, everyone got off of the bus, and heading toward what the next eight hours have to offer.

But, now, show time. Play the day off, and slip another note in her locker.

Today, this was going to be my cheesiest day planned, humor captivates right?

I thought since, it was the end of the day, and we’re always hungry after school why not make a terrible sketch of a burger? The note read; ‘If you were a burger you’d be a McGorgeous’ cheesy I know, but it fit her, she was a funny girl, one of the millions of things I liked about her, but let’s not get too deep into that.

After our shared period together, which she happened to go to on time for practically the first time, well ever! It was time to wait for the inevitable discovery of my note, and hopefully captivate her heart slightly.                            Captivate? A little dramatic Gray, who are you Ethan?

As the day flew by, and the final bell rang, and we were all dismissed  I raced toward my locker, hoping y/n would see the note.

“Damn, I wish I knew who wrote these.”  Y/n spoke aloud, but not too noticeable, I was attentive to her, hearing every little thing that escaped her lips, I needed validation right now, that this plan wasn’t going to completely bomb, and I think I’m doing a pretty good job.

All I wanted to do is yell at the top of my lungs . I wrote them! Go out with me! But I couldn’t, it’s not the time yet, I need to take my time with this, so I can surely make her mine, hopefully.


After, yesterday’s bus endeavor and her giggling at my note, and even asking around who it was, I was pretty nervous to be honest, but this note was close to home. It was a nerdy one, hopefully to bring out the popular beauty’s geeky side.

I could barely wait, tomorrow’s the big day, and this is my last note, my last day of “mystery man”. I was shitting my pants basically, my hands were clammy, all of my classes were just a big blur as of now, I couldn’t think straight, damn I could barely even eat this week. I’ve done any stressful activity you could think of, mathletes, spelling bees, okay that’s nerdy but true.

But y/n, she brought out an entirely new side of nervous, I couldn’t even think! She was all I could think about, the inevitable yes or no, to the big question I was asking her tomorrow.

But here I was now, final period, final bell of the day. 

And she was about to open my poorly scribbled note that read; Are you made of fluorine, iodine and neon? Because you’re damn fine.” 

I was nervous, what if she didn’t get it? Damnit i should’ve picked a normal pickup line! Damnit Grayson!

How was I even going to ask her out, the closer the date got, the closer I was to backing out and having Ethan flat our tell her. But I couldn’t lose, not right now i’m in too deep.

“Ethan? Reaction?”

“She threw it away man.” he responded. Causing my features to immediately drop into a frown.

“Why did she throw it away? Damnit I knew she didn’t like them, how am I even going to ask her out tomorrow now”

“Gray, you have to just get it over with tomorrow, and be prepared to get turned down. So you don’t regret it for the rest of your life. Ask her out, or I will” Ethan threatened, I knew he was bluffing, but still he was right. I had to do this or I would regret it.

Time for a new game plan.


“Class is dismissed, have a good weekend kids.” Mr. Howell blandly said, before taking a seat on his black swivel chair, spinning around slightly.

Damn it’s Friday, and the end of last period and I haven’t asked her out yet, it’s now or never Gray, now or never, no note bullshit. 

Just ask her out!

I somehow plucked every ounce of courage remaining in my being, and walked up to the beautiful sight, in front of me, and tapped her shoulder lightly disrupting her from gathering her belonging inside of her backpack, startling her slightly as she jumped a small bit.

“Hey, so I was wondering….” I rambled on, stiffing up slightly from how freaking nervous I was! Come on she’s Y/N Y/L/N she’d never go out with a nerd like me! But, come on Gray, Ethan’s practically forcing you into it, just say it!

“Wait, before you even finish. Were you the note guy? With the cheesy pickup lines, and calling me beautiful?”

“Uhhh” I stammered.

“Oh, man never mind! Forget I said anything, damn I knew it couldn’t be you, probably just someone trolling me, I knew it couldn’t be you.”

“Actually, it was me. I was wondering if you wanted to go out tonight, for pizza at 6?” I asked, some how gaining confidence through each syllable.

But phew, she threw it away because she thought it was a troll? Not because it was creepy, damn am I relieved.

“Yeah, Pizza sounds Great! Pick me up around five?” She replied, picking her bags up from beside her desk, her hair swinging along her shoulder as she did so.

“Sounds Great! See you then!” I replied, attempting to not sound as truly excited as I was internally.

Now, I just need to shove this in Ethan’s face.

I won the bet bro, some how. Some how I got the most beautiful girl, in this school, hell most beautiful girl in the world to go on a date with me, I guess I actually need to repay my brother, he pushed me out of the friend zone, some how, well I wasn’t even her friend!  And I also get to see my brother dressed as my sister, but that can wait.

 Now, it’s time to go home and get ready to pick her up, because I don’t think I can wait any dang longer!

 Let’s just see how this date goes

Might do a part two of this?

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This Is War (Part 2 of Runaway Ballerina)

Pairing: Dean x sister!reader, Sam x sister!reader, Castiel x sister!reader 

Warnings: Fluff, fluff and fluff

Summary: Chaos and war within the bunker between siblings.

Part 1

For those of who wanted a part 2 here you go!!! Hope you guys don’t mind that I tagged you in Part 2.  @sandlee44 @supdarling @queenpammy13 @evyiione @radstudenttravelerblr @straightasdeanwinchester @violinmyhead @xfanqirlinq @cozyjaws @meeshw777 @sassyspn67 @winchesters-favorite-girl @i-is-small-winchester @dauntless-dean @moose-and-sqruille-lover @galifreyanotaku @skeletoresinthebasement @babygoatsaf

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It’s late at night around 3:15 am and Cas is sitting in the bunker library reading some lure on witches to try and help Y/N get back to normal. He suddenly hears a chair next to him scrape the wood floors. He slowly looks to his right to see a tiny Y/N sitting on her calves with her dark brown hair all over the place with one of Dean t-shirts as pajamas, her eyes red and puffy.

“What’s wrong? Why are you not sleeping?” He ask.

“I has a bad dream. I don’t wanna sleep no more.”

“Why don’t you go to Sam or Dean’s room?”

“I don’t wanna wake them up, I usually went to my daddy’s bed bu-but he’s not here.” She says looking down. Cas face softens hearing this from her. “Castill” she says. Cas chuckles hearing her butcher his name. “Castiel.” He corrects. “Case.. cast…Castie.” She says frowning and Cas sits there smiling. “Can you take me for a drive?” She ask. “A drive?”

“When I can’t sleep my daddy takes me on a ride.”

“Well I don’t have a car.”

“We can take baby.”

“I don’t think Dean would like it if I took his car that he considers as an infant.”

“Well, Dean told me you’re baby in a trench coat and that you have wings like a fairy. So can you fly me someplace?” Cas frowns at this remembering the day at the diner. “I’m don’t think that’s a good idea Y/N.”

“Please Castie!” She begs. “I don’t wanna see anymore monsters in my dreams.” She whimpers. He looks down at her pouty face and sighs. “Only for a few minutes.” He gives in. She gasp reaching up for him. He picks her up and zaps them to a field. Cas sets her on his lap and they both look up at the stars. “How many stars do you think there are?” Cas ask pointing up.

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Heart on the Line (part 9)


You and Bucky had your differences in college, but now you need a place to stay and he needs a roommate, and in order to make ends meet, you two start a phone sex line together.  

“For a Good Time, Call…” AU

author: sugardaddytonystark (formerly buckysbackpackbuckle)
pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
word count: 1247

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Barnes - Names (Drabble Series)

Bucky | Barnes | Buck | Sarge | Jamie | Soldat | Love | James | Epilogue

Character Pairing: Bucky x Female Reader

Summary: She calls Bucky by many different names. Each one portraying a different emotion, motive behind her words changing and telling with every utterance off her lips.

WC: 823

A/N: The feedback on this has already been incredible! I appreciate it so much and I love hearing from everyone.

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She called him Barnes in moments of pure annoyance, a certain nasal ring coming through in her voice to emphasize just how irritated she was. His surname was used against him like a taunt in a school yard.

Barnes, I can’t believe you red-shelled me just before I crossed the finish line!”

Barnes, do you know how to put dirty clothes in a hamper or are you just trying to pick fights with me so we can have makeup sex?”

Steve and Bucky had returned from a mission that afternoon and he rushed to see her as soon as their jet landed. He found her lounging on the roof deck, reading a book and comfortably enjoying the sun. Seeing her form laid out so delicately, knowing that her skin would be so warm from the rays of sun when he finally touched her, sent a shiver up his spine.

“Hey Doll. How is my fiancee today?” He asked sheepishly from the doorway.

Fiancee. He loved the way the word rolled off his tongue.

She peered up from her book.

“I’m much better now that you’re… What happened to your face?!” she asked, taking in the sight before her

He was battered. The smattering of dirt and dried blood stuck in his hair helped to accentuate the several cuts splayed across his face and neck. His flesh hand also seemed to fall victim as well. He was also clearly bruised under his uniform, the wincing giving him away with every step he took.

She lept from the chair and sprinted over to him, carefully taking his face in her hands to inspect the damage.

“I took a couple rough hits out there today. It’s nothing.” he replied, gingerly stroking her hair and leaning into her touch.

The softness of her hands against his stubble made him want to purr. She was so tender, so good to him. After years of only knowing touch equating to pain, she was a distinct contrast. She was exactly what he needed.

“Nothing? At least two of these need stitches. Why didn’t you go to medical yet?”

“I just wanted to see my best girl.” he whispered

“That’s really sweet of you but you need to get those taken care of.” she ghosted her fingers over the gash on his eyebrow, careful not to touch, to cause him pain

The glow of her eyes pulled him in and despite the sheer unamused look displaying itself across the rest of her face, he couldn’t help but smile when his gaze got lost in hers.

“What happened anyway?” she asked

“The mission was fine. We were getting ready to leave and Steve didn’t think I could scale down the side of the building with just my bare hands. You know I can’t back down when that punk challenges me…”

Her expression changed from unamused to pure exasperation.

“And?” she curtly replied

“And I made it about three floors before my hand slipped and I kind of landed on my face. On pavement. And some broken glass from the window we punched out of.”

“Are you telling me that you got more banged up from your own stupidity than the target?!”

He bit his lip sheepishly.

“Look Barnes, I don’t give a shit what you and Stevie did when you were Howlies but this has got to stop. You’re both incredibly reckless and AARP’s finest members should not be participating parkour challenges.”

A noise escaped his lips that could only be described as a mixture of a whine and a snort.

“But…” he retorted

“Not only do you have another person to consider when putting your own life at risk,” she wagged her left hand in his face, showing off the shiny ring he had put there just a few days before “but you also have to keep that mug pretty for wedding pictures in a few months.”

He sighed, knowing she was right. The frat boy stunts he and Steve (and occasionally Clint) pulled were getting out of hand. Clint had a family, Steve had his first on the way, and Bucky was getting married. 100 years old and he was finally growing up.

He pressed a chaste kiss to her lips before turning to head to the Medical Wing.

“Hey Barnes?” she called after him

He turned

“You tried to scale down that building twice didn’t you?” she said with a knowing glance


“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” he grinned

“So that piece of glass got stuck in your rear when your face broke your fall?”

Damnit. He turned and sure enough, there was a piece about 3 inches wide sticking out of his left butt cheek. He didn’t even feel that one.

“Make sure Bruce takes his time and stitches that one smooth! I’d hate for you to ruin a perfect ass and a perfect face!” she shouted after him

Barnes. Not his favorite name.

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please gogh out with me

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader
Warnings: slight swearing
Word count: 1060
A/N: sorry but I’m a grade A art hoe @imaginesyes requested a first date fic and all I could think of was going to the museum and making really funny jokes also I’m sorry for the title I hate puns but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity on this so yea. Hope you guys enjoy it! I’m also tagging @hufflepuffholland bc charissa is an angel and i love her so much. If you want to request anything, feel free to drop an ask or message me!

“Are you ready to be bored to death?”

“Try me.”

Peter let out a deep sigh and proceeded to walk toward the entrance of the museum. You giggled to yourself and quickly caught up to him. In all honesty, you were just enjoying yourself to see Peter so nervous and antsy on your first date, especially because he was taking you to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. You could tell Peter was a bit hesitant about his choice. To anyone else, it might’ve seemed like a boring first date suggestion. But you were ecstatic; it had been so long since you’ve visited the Met and you were excited to see the new exhibits.

Peter and you had just started dating last week, and today would be your first date as a couple. You’ve always had a crush on him since freshman year, and you couldn’t believe you guys were finally going out. Frankly, you were surprised that he had even asked you out at all; Peter was cute and incredibly nice, but he was also extremely shy and seemed to fumble with his words whenever he was with you. (Peter would argue that it’s because he thinks you’re so beautiful that you make his face turn deep red and cause him to freeze up whenever you’re around, but he would rather die than tell you that.)

Peter was walking you to the bus stop yesterday after school when he asked you out tonight. You were talking about some random comment Ned made in class that caused you both to laugh so hard the teacher had to reprimand you for being a distraction to class.

“I can’t believe Ned said he’d rather eat 5 pounds of sriracha than give up his limited edition collection of action figures!” You laughed to yourself.

“Well Ned’s got a lot of pride. He wouldn’t give those up for anything,” Peter chuckled.

“Tell me about it. Oh, I think my bus is here!” As you’re about to gather your things, Peter grabs your arm to stop you. You’re startled but look back at Peter and his face his red.

“Um, [Y/N]? I wanted to ask you… I-If you wanted to go on a date… With me?” He looks at you nervously.

“Peter. You’re seriously asking me if I want to go out with you on date?” you say with an incredulous look on your face.


“Of course! I would love to,” you reply.

Peter looks so relieved, you would think he just finished a marathon with the way he visibly relaxed his shoulders and loosened his grip on his shirt.

“Oh thank god,” he breathes. “U-Um, I can pick you up tomorrow at 5? I mean, not with my car, I don’t have a car. But my Aunt May can drop us off. I-If that’s okay”

You laugh and say, “Sounds like a plan. Looking forward to it, Peter.” You grab the rest of your things and get inside the bus. Peter waves goodbye, simultaneously smacking himself in the face. “Should’ve just lied about the car, damnit…” he mutters to himself.

Inside the bus, you were giddy with excitement. “My first date!” you think to yourself, clutching your bag to your chest. “I wonder where we’ll go…”

After a fun car ride with May, (Peter would disagree) you arrived at the main stairs of the Met. You were so excited to begin exploring the exhibits. Peter bought both of your tickets and handed one to you. You thanked him and started walking inside, but you stop as you notice Peter looking conflicted.

“[Y/N], I’m sorry I asked you to go to a museum on our first date… I really wanted it to be special but they’re ending the Edvard Munch exhibit today and I didn’t want to miss it. God, you must think I’m such a nerd. I’m sorry we can just - ”

You stopped him in his tracks before he started rambling. “Peter, please don’t worry about it. I’m just glad to be with you and I love getting to spend time with you,” you say and give him a big, reassuring smile. Peter blushes hard and returns your smile, staring into your eyes for a long time. After a while, you’re a little confused and ask, “Peter? Why are you staring?”

Without missing a beat, he replies, “Because I love the way you smile and it makes me so happy that you’re mine.”

Speechless, you’re immediately taken aback and your cheeks flush at an alarming rate. You turn away from him and bring your hands to your face in an attempt to hide how embarrassed you were.

“Oh my god. Oh my god I just said that out loud, holy shit,” Peter exclaims and you see the panic in his eyes.

Upon seeing the pure shock on his face, you burst out into laughter, earning a few surprised glances from strangers. Peter, all the while a mess, was wondering what was going through your head. You try to maintain your composure and wipe the tears away from the corner of your eyes. You look at Peter, who’s anxiously waiting for your response.

“I’m glad to be yours then, Peter” and your heart swells with warmth and happiness. You really did mean it; there was no other person who made you feel so loved.

Peter sighs and looks at you in awe. He couldn’t believe that such a beautiful, amazing girl like you was really his girlfriend. He smiles wide and grabs your hand, seemingly feeling a lot more confident than before. He intertwines his fingers with yours, and your heart beats faster and faster as you feel the warmth in his palms. You like the way he gives you a slight squeeze before he says, “Thank you, [Y/N]. I’m so lucky to have you.” Swiftly, he reaches over and gives you a small peck on the cheek, just inches away from the corner of your mouth.

Slightly surprised, you giggle and find yourself blushing again. Peter was full of surprises today, and you were obviously in for a lot more.

Leading you to the entrance with his hand in yours, he jokes, “Now, will you please gogh inside with me so we can get this date started?”

“Oh my god.”

“C’mon, [Y/N]. Time is monet, you know.”

“Peter Parker, I swear to god!”

Completed Kdramas.

Kdramas I’ve completed *In order of how I watched them!* and how I rate them..chat me up about ANY drama listed, or recommend more! :) **SOME CONTAIN SLIGHT SPOILERS!**

1. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon– 10/10 **This was my introduction to the amazing world of kdrama, and oh boy did it hook me!! The chemistry between Bo Young and Hyung Sik will forever be etched into my brain!

2. The Heirs– 8/10 **The most compelling thing in this show for me was Kim Woo Bin.  This was my first intro to second male lead syndrome.

3. Hwarang– 7/10 **Not gonna lie, started this because of Kim Taehyung, and happily finished it because the drama brought more than I expected.  It was slow in places, but wrapped up well.

4. High Society– 5/10 ** Not my cup of tea to be honest…I much preferred the second leads’ relationship over the first leads’.  Even Park Hyungsik wasn’t enough to keep me enthralled…this was a drama I completed just to get it over with.

5. Oh My Ghostess– 10/10. PARK BO YOUNG IS DAEBAK! I seriously love this woman…she was able to portray two distinct personality types, sometimes nearly simultaneously. Also, Jo Jung-suk as Chef Kang made my heart race!

6. Healer– 9/10 ** This would have gotten a ten had they wrapped up the loose ends a little better, alas, they did not…Also, this was my introduction to Ji Chang Wook.  His character is just amazing and JCW depicts him so well!

7. Emergency Couple– 10/10 **This is still one of my favorites.  I liked the progression between Chang Min and Jin Hee, and how it wasn’t an immediate reconciliation when they met back up.  They both had themselves to find and were mature (most of the time) about giving eachother the space needed to make it work.

8. Weight-lifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo– 10/10. **I loved everything about this drama. The story line, the actors, the chemistry between the leads, and I really loved Ji Il-joo as Joo-hyuk’s best friend :)

9. She Was Pretty 7/10 ** CHOI SI-WON!!! Kim Shin Hyeok is my favorite character in all of dramaland…unfortunately he was second male lead, and my favorite part about the drama.  All of the actors portrayed their characters well, I just didn’t connect with many of them throughout the whole show.

10. Fated to Love You 8/10 ** There were times when Gun was literally too much to handle..Also, episode 12 made me take a break from kdramas for a while and reflect on my life choice to become addicted to something like kdramas.  Before this episode I realized that I really was spoiled in the shows I watched not having scenes that literally made my heart feel constricted the way this one did.

11. To the Beautiful You– 7/10 ** I liked the show overall, but thought that Sulli would never pass as a male… to me she still screamed female while dressed and living as a male. Kang Ha-Neul was the shinning point for me :)

12. Angel Eyes– 7/10 ** KANG HA-NEUL! :)  The show was predictable at times which made it kind of drag on in places, and the female lead was frustrating af, but I enjoyed it overall.  Although the teenage years were only in a few episodes (and then some flashbacks) I think the pairing was much more endearing than the adults.  I also really liked the chemistry between Kang Ha-nuel and Name Ji-Hyun

13. Doctors– 6/10** Not my cup of tea….Park Shin Hye was great, but it was kind of boring to me..The guest starring of Ji Soo was nice though :)

14. Shopping King Louie– 9/10. I LOVED this drama.  I thought the character of Louie was endearing in how he didn’t understand much of the outside world (being rich and all) and relied on Bok-Shil to basically survive. Again, loved Nam Ji-Hyun in this.

15. Pinocchio– 8/10 **HELLO LEE JONG-SUK! :) My favorite thing, other than watching the evolution of the leads’ relationship was watching the relationship between Dal-po and his brother, Jae-Myung.  I think the character development of Jae-Myung felt the most real to me.  How circumstances turned him into a killer and how he handled the aftermath of that, letting Dal-po settle things legally.

16. W (Two Worlds)– 8/10 **Back to back Lee Jong-Suk.  I liked the complexities of this drama. There were times when I really wasn’t sure what was coming next and the suspense kept me returning to my computer as soon as possible to finish it!

17. Marriage, Not Dating– 8/10 **Not gonna lie, the more I watching this, the more I WANTED To hate it, but I didn’t.  I’m not sure why I wanted to…I think it became semi predictable and some of the characters were hard pills to swallow, but damnit I was rooting so hard for Gi-tae and Jang-mi until the very end.

18. Love From Another Star 10/10 ** Let me count the ways…This was so endearing, and funny, and melancholic, and in places, SO FUCKING SAD. I will happily admit I cried, and when I inevitably watch it again, I’ll cry again.



“What the hell?!” Jughead jolted upright from his position on the blow up mattress, dangerously close to the ground. Archie followed quickly, falling out of his bed in a tangle of sheets and limbs.

“It’s my phone! It’s just my phone!” He shouted more to himself than to Jughead, they had both been woken up abruptly by the obnoxious ringtone coming from Archie’s speakers. “We connected my phone to my Bluetooth speakers last night, I must have forgotten to turn it off!”

Jughead put his hands to his ears as Archie fumbled with his phone, he was still half asleep and in his daze he couldn’t figure out how to turn it off.
“It’s just Betty, we were supposed to meet up this morning to pick up Veronica’s birthday present from the jewelers, I totally forgot! Will you turn this damn thing off!” He chucked his phone at Jughead, who caught it with surprising ease.

Rubbing his eyes, Jughead looked down at the phone, instantly stopping dead in his tracks. There on Archie’s iPhone screen was the most beautiful picture of Betty he had ever seen. She was in a simple tank top, her long blonde hair down and straight looking like it was made of pure silk, and the lightest red lipstick, the most amazing thing about the photo was that it seemed to capture her eyes shifting from green to blue, a sign that she was content and relaxed. He couldn’t stop staring.

“Dude what the hell? Is it broken? Why won’t it turn off, just answer it!” Archie moaned, throwing himself back onto his bed and burying his face in his pillow. Jughead cleared his throat as he tore his eyes away from the screen and pressed accept.


“Good morning! Geez, it took you quite some time to answer the phone. Wait? Is this Jughead? I recognize that voice anywhere.” She giggled into the speaker and he instantly felt his shoulders relax and any tension leave his body.

“You caught me, it’s just your friendly homeless teen, Archie said he’ll be there soon, he overslept. After you and Archie finish up, wanna grab a burger with the gang? My treat.” Jughead could practically feel her nodding excitedly , she wrapped up the conversation with a quick
“See you later Juggie.”

Closing the call Jughead stared at the picture Archie had assigned to her contact. He couldn’t get over this picture.
“When did you take this?” He asked the red headed boy.

“What?” Archie asked looking up from his pillow.

“This picture. When did you take this picture of Betty?” Jughead asked handing Archie his phone.

Archie stared at the screen for a second and smiled with a shrug

“I don’t know, last year maybe, I’ve really gotta update it, don’t let Betty know I have that one of her, she’d kill me. You should see the one Veronica has of Betty” Archie whistled lowly “smoking” he grinned at the beanie wearing boy and nudged him, Archie was the only one Jughead had told about his fairly deep crush on the beautiful blonde next door, at first it had been awkward but slowly Archie realized he just wanted his two best friends to be happy.

“Veronica has one too?” Jughead asked incredulously, how did he not know about this?

“Sure thing.” Archie threw on his letterman jacket and waved at Jughead promising to be home for Burgers at Pops. Walking over to the window he looked down and saw Archie running over to Betty and scooping her up in a hug as she shoved him away and flipped her ponytail.

What he’d give to be able to just hug her whenever he felt like it, he wanted to have pictures of her on his phone. He wanted to be the one she called up at eight in the morning. He knew Archie and Betty were just friends, both of them having clarified this to the group multiple times, but it didn’t ease the ache he felt when he saw her name pop up on Archie’s phone. Damnit, now he had no choice but to see Veronica’s picture of Betty .

The day passed slowly as Jughead worked on his novel and raided Fred Andrews snack cabinet, before he knew it Archie was calling for him from down the stairs.

“Come on Bro, burgers await. Betty’s already there with Veronica!”

Jughead nearly tripped down the stairs,
burgers and Betty?
Total package.

Walking through the clear glass doors of Pops, he instantly spotted the honey blonde ponytail, it was almost like a halo calling him over. He slid into the booth right beside Betty as Archie plopped down beside Veronica.

“Hey.” She smiled softly at Jughead, he smiled back before asking

“Can I borrow your phone?”

Betty seemed taken aback for a minute but quickly recovered with a giggle

“I’m doing great, thanks for asking” she pulled out her phone and placed it in his open palm.

“Thanks” he smiled goofily turning to Veronica.

“Can I borrow your phone?” He asked, the same smile gracing his face

“Hey!” Betty started as Veronica hesitantly handed him her phone

“You are so weird” Veronica rolled her eyes with a smirk.

He quickly used Betty’s phone to dial Veronica, staring at the screen as a glowing image of Betty popped up.

“Oh god, that picture.” He heard her mumble from his right.

The picture was absolute sin, Betty’s tan skin glowing and her blonde hair left loose and wavy.
He had never seen “bed eyes” before but he knew now he would never be able to look into Betty’s bright green ones the same again, they were so sensual and seductive staring into the camera as she pouted, don’t even get him started on that Shirt. He wanted this picture and he wanted it now.

“Veronica took that at a sleepover, I was just being silly. I’ve asked her to change it over and over again.” Betty rolled her eyes, snatching her phone away.

Jughead had to stop himself from physically moaning as the picture disappeared from the screen.

“What’s up with your infatuation with phone pictures?” Betty asked questioningly.

Jughead looked up at her and shrugged
“I don’t have one of you, I’ve never even seen a picture of you, other than your school pictures.”

Betty smiled scrolling through her phone before handing it to him

“That’s you.” She giggled pointing to Jugheads name and the picture beside it. It was one she had taken a few months ago when they went to visit the national history museum, Jughead was beanieless and staring right into the camera, his hair messy and his eyes relaxed, if you looked close enough you could see the hint of a smile popping through
“It’s my favorite picture.” She whispered, close to his ear.

Jughead turned away from the phone and swallowed hard
“I still don’t have one of you.” He mumbled out, reaching to take her hand underneath the table.

Betty smiled softly, her eyes sparkling
“Well that just won’t do.”

And so two weeks later after Jughead had finally gained enough courage to ask the love of his life out on an actual date, Betty’s picture appeared on the screen of his phone on a Saturday morning at 8 o clock. It was a picture of the two of them actually, faces smooshed together in a goofy looking kiss. And when Betty got angry at him for never answering his phone his answer was always the same

“Sorry, I just get distracted.”

She Tastes like Candlelight 



It starts with, of all things, a pair of old jeans and a t-shirt.

Logically, he knows it doesn’t make sense. She comes to work in form-fitted jackets that go tight about her waist. She’s been foregoing the baggy slacks in favor of skirts that stop just below the knees, with nylons clinging to the defined musculature of her calves; he’s pretty sure he can count on one hand the number of times he’s seen her wear shoes other than heels, excluding the clinical, white shoes she wears with her scrubs during autopsies.

He’s seen the looks she gets. Sometimes, it’s during an interview, when a witness’s gaze will linger just a little too long on her bustline, and her hand will go up and fiddle with her necklace, her arm blocking her chest in subtle defiance. Other times, it’s men on the streets of the city, shouting out obscenities to her, having the audacity to call her “baby,” and “sweetheart,” and he fights the urge to yell right back, brandishing his badge and his gun, wanting to scare the misogyny right out of the bones of anyone who thinks they’re entitled to her body, but he knows that she would find it condescending. “Thank you, but I can handle myself, Mulder,” she’d say, and it’s not that he thinks she can’t—he just doesn’t want her to have to.

And still other times, the looks come not from strangers on the sidewalk, or from people he can reduce to photos in a casefile, but from their peers. Educated, talented men who transform themselves into slobbery, teenage boys when sitting adjacent to her in meetings, eyeing her with an inappropriate hunger while she jots down notes in the margins of her agenda sheet. More than once, Mulder has found himself in the elevator with a man who will look down at Scully, and then catch Mulder’s eye over the top of her head, just so that he can wink, including him in some inside joke he has no interest being a part of.

He supposes that he empirically knows that Scully is attractive—it’s more or less objective fact—but he’s never allowed himself to notice. He’s trained himself to observe her through a filter. He considers her appearance through what he aptly names the Sexual Harassment Video Gaze. He quickly shuts down any thought that could be used as an example in a training tape on inappropriate office behavior.

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Nicknames (Philip Hamilton x Reader)

Words: 5400+

Warnings: Cursing, death, blood, 

A/N: this was a request and i can’t find it! but yes this got out of hand and i hope you enjoy!

It started with the knocks.

You just moved into your home. It wasn’t the biggest, only two bedrooms and one bathroom. Wanting to explore the world fueled your soul, and you felt like this was the beginning. This was the beginning of a long journey that you were willing to go on. Your parents didn’t want you to own a house so early, but you insisted, ignoring their frightening words like mortgage and high property taxes. You would figure that out along the way.

Because you were your own boss. You created a company from the bottom up, using all your savings and extra cash to make it successful. And now, at eighteen years old, you owned a multi-million-dollar business. And hell, if you wanted to buy a small home, it was feasible.

You were carrying your boxes into your home when you first heard the sounds. It was an even rhythm, three taps in a row. At first, you thought it was just because you bought a fixer-upper, but then it continued to get louder and louder.

“What is that sound?” You questioned, unpacking your clothes in your room. You were alone today, your family on vacation for the next few months. You placed your clothing on the hanger, and chuckled to yourself, “How about this: One knock for no, and two knocks for yes. Okay?”

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New Beginnings Part 2 (Chris Evans x Reader)

Pairings: Chris Evans x Reader

Word Count: 5,341

Warnings: Swearing, Fluffy Goodness, Sweet Kissing

Ratings: PG-13

Summary: After your grandparents pass away, you find out they leave everything to you, including a large sum of money.  Deciding to take the advice of your grandparents, you live your life to the fullest; which means moving to Boston and bumping into Chris Evans. 

Part 1 

Chris rose his glass to the center of the table, “To new beginnings” he toasted.  

Raising your glass to meet his, you clinked them together, “To new beginnings.”

You took a long sip of your champagne, the bubbles tickling your throat as the liquid made its way down. Champagne was always a nice little treat and this one tasted so good.  

Chris’ phone rang, “Sorry, I have to take this.  I’ll be right back” he said as he hoisted himself up and walked outside through the backdoor in your little dining room.  

Most of the time, if someone answered their phone on a date it would have annoyed you to no end.  The romantic in you would…wait…no, this isn’t a date.  Snap out of it Y/N.  This is just Chris being nice, being warm and inviting.  Helping you celebrate by getting a new home here in his hometown. But there was something in the air between you two; a sort of energy feeling that felt as if you two were connected. It was a really strong feeling and you’d only ever felt it once, with your last boyfriend.  

Your ex was a great man, a true gentleman, and a romantic like you.  It was probably why you hit it off with him so much.  Spending junior and senior year of high school attached at the hip. He took you on romantic dates, watching the sun rise early in the morning on the roof of his house, cuddled in blankets.  That first year of college was rough, he went one way, you went another.  Long distance relationships was difficult for anyone, but it put more pressure on the both of you.  By the second year of college, the two of you decided to call it quits.  It just hurt too much being away from each other. It was a very hard decision, but you ended it on good terms.  He was still one of your greatest friends. 

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Boyfriend VS Best friend: Cal Freezy X Reader

Pairing: Calfreezy X Reader, Wroetoshaw X Reader (platonic)

Summary: Y/N does the boyfriend VS best friend challenge.

Warnings: Mentions of sex

(Not proofread)

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Happy Birthday @sincerelydayyy !!!!!  Here’s a little bit of corny fluff to, hopefully, brighten your day. Thanking @mizjoely for betaing this. It’s not season four compliant. Hugs & Love (it’s G rated!) ~Lil~

“I believe that I’m… ill,” Sherlock said as he sat across from his best friend.

“Ill? As in…?” the doctor responded.

“As in sickness, John. You’re a doctor. This shouldn’t be a difficult concept to grasp!”

Calling on his reserve of ‘Sherlock patience’, John said, “I need to know your symptoms. And frankly, I don’t mind helping out but if you really think you’re ill, you should see someone else. It’s inappropriate for me to be your GP.”

“That’s ridiculous!”

“No, it’s not. Patching you up after a case is one thing, but being your regular physician is something else entirely,” John explained.

Sherlock sighed. “Never mind.”

“No, tell me what’s wrong. Maybe I can help or send you to someone who can.”

The detective stood up and paced across the room. “I’m not fond of doctors.”

John raised an eyebrow which Sherlock saw when he turned around.

“Oh not you, you’re fine. And Molly. But she’s different, I suppose her patients are already dead. But I do like her. Doctors in general… I’ve no use for whatsoever.”

John took in Sherlock’s appearance: he was disheveled, perspiring and had a slight tremor in his hands. “Okay, I’ll admit that you do look a little ill. What are your symptoms?”

Sherlock nodded and sat back down. “Sometimes I get a flushed feeling, for no reason at all. Heart palpitations, sweaty palms, dry mouth and an odd tightening in my chest.” He looked almost frightened. “I Googled them… I have a heart condition, don’t I?”

John tried to put together everything his friend had just told him and come up with at least a general idea of what could be ailing the detective. However only one thing came to mind. “Is there any pattern to the symptoms?”

Sherlock shook his head. “No. Sometimes it happens at home or at Barts. It’s happened at Molly’s several times. And once while we were at dinner.”

“You went to dinner with Molly?”

“After we finished the Michaelson case. You were celebrating your anniversary,” he said the last word with disdain. “She was hungry.” He rolled his eyes. “So, what do you think?”

John was still having a hard time believing his ears, so he continued his query. “Do you have any of these problems when you’re running around chasing suspects?” he asked even though he hadn’t noticed anything himself.


“This is happening when you’re at rest?”

Sherlock nodded, looking anxious. “What John? What’s wrong with me?”

“Calm down first of all and answer this: does it only happen when you’re around Molly?”

A look of concentration on his face, Sherlock appeared to be searching his mind. Then he stopped and looked up at John. “I’m… not sure.”

Well that seems unlikely, John thought. “Think really hard, Sherlock. Is Molly always around when you feel like this?”

Once again Sherlock seemed to focus, even closing his eyes. He needs his bloody mind palace to help him figure out that he fancies a girl, John mused.

Finally, after some time, he focused on John once again. “Yes. She seems to be a factor… most of the time.” His last words came out slowly.

John leaned forward. “Okay, so what do you think that means?”

Sherlock drew his hands together underneath his chin. John had seen this at least a hundred times… this was it, he was about to figure out his feelings for Molly Hooper!

“I’m allergic to Molly’s perfume,” he said smugly. “I knew it! She changed it last month and even though I told her I liked it, which I do - it’s soft and understated…”

“NO!” John closed his eyes and drew a deep breath. “You’re not allergic to… Sherlock you like Molly.”

The detective gave John his classic you’re an idiot look and said, “Of course I do, John. Everyone likes Molly. She’s kind and generous, intelligent and hardworking. She’s incredibly forgiving and quite possibly the most patient woman I’ve ever known.” He stood up and paced across the room. “She’s loyal and trustworthy and… her eyes… they’re not brown exactly.” He turned to face John but was focused on some point across the room. “They’ve got golden flecks in them, if you look closely…” Suddenly he put his hand to his chest. “Oh my God… I’m in love with her!”

John jumped up. “Bingo… wait, love?” He didn’t think the stubborn git would get that far in their first conversation.

“Yes, John. Of course… It’s so obvious now,” he said, a look of awe on his face.

“Well, yes. Everyone else figured it out ages ago.”


“Yeah, there’s actually a pool.” He thought for a moment. “Damnit. I wasn’t even close.”

“What’s wrong with you people?” Sherlock asked. “You were betting about… What date did you have?”

John looked a bit sheepish. “I thought it would take at least another year.”

Sherlock shook his head the disappeared to his room for fifteen minutes. John used the time to send some text messages, letting the losers know what had just happened. He’d tell Mary in person. Looking up, he saw his best friend grabbing his Belstaff and heading for the door. “Going to Molly’s?” he asked.

“Yes,” he answered tersely as he walked out the door.

John followed. “I already told everyone who won the pool,” he said when they got to the foot of the stairs.

Sherlock whipped around. “You told everyone! Everyone?” He glared down at the shorter man.

“No - no I didn’t mean everyone. I misspoke. I’m telling Mary myself and…”

And?” Sherlock demanded.

“And… Molly’ll know soon enough.”

“Molly was in the pool?!”

“Yes. She must have noticed the symptoms of your ‘illness’ increasing in severity, because just the other day she changed her slot to this week.” Sherlock looked confused. “See, the pool is divided into weekly interv…”

“I don’t care about that, you idiot!” he barked as he stormed out the door.

“Right.” John followed.

“She won? Molly won the pool?”

“Yeah. Anderson didn’t think it was fair to let her in. Said she had an unfair advantage.”

“He’s right, of course. Her advantage is that she’s intelligent!” He held up his hand to stop a cab.

“Are you angry with her?” John asked.

“No. Why would I be mad at Molly?”

“Oh, good.”

“But there will be no betting on any other aspects of our relationship, understand?” Sherlock said as a cab pulled up.

John nodded his head, making a mental note to tell everyone to be careful about the ‘when will Sherlock propose?’ pool he had been planning once this one was over. “Of course, of course.”

“Good.” Sherlock straightened his coat and asked, “Now, do I still look ill?”

John shook his head. “You’re fine. Don’t throw up on her.” He smiled.

Sherlock actually looked slightly concerned before he turned and climbed into the cab.

“Lovesick fool,” John mumbled as he walked toward the Tube.

Chan crushing on you !! // scenario

Originally posted by leecnah

A bullet-point scenario starring Lee Chan/Dino !!

Feel free to request scenarios and reactions on my page :)

- Chan has grown up so much since his predebut days

- he isn’t a lil baby anymore and I CHOKE EVERY TIME I SAY THAT ISTG

- he’s become so mature and intelligent and sassy (courtesy of seungkwan) and charming and

- damnit

- he’s not even the same Chan we started out with in the Adore U era

- his growth over the past few years is just c r a z y


- a lot of times I sense that Chan doesn’t wanna labeled “the group baby”

- and he definitely wouldn’t want to have this kind of “baby reputation” when he’s trying to go after a girl he likes

- because oh man when Chan starts crushing on someone and the members find out

- he’ll be babied a whole lot more than he already is sorry chan

- let’s get right into the scenario :D

- the first day of your internship at pledis, you’re introduced to the group you’ll be working under

- seventeen !!!!

- and during your personal introduction, you can’t help but notice all the members acting…

- strange

- is it something I’m saying? My accent? Is there something on my face??? you think to yourself

- you’re so confused

- but after some more observations, you notice one thing

- the members keep on looking at one specific member

- and the ones who are right next to him are constantly nudging his arm

- the targeted guy’s face is stolid, but it breaks every once in awhile when he tells the other members to knock off their nonsense

- after you finish your own introductions, the seventeen members begin introducing themselves individually

- and the guy that everyone was bothering during your introduction eventually steps up to introduce himself

- “Hi, I’m Dino. Nice to meet you,” he says sweetly

- his brief sentence is followed up by quiet laughter and finger-poking at the poor boy

- “stop it,” he whispers to the others

- you don’t get it

- were they poking fun at him because of you

- and if they were, why??? why you?

- after your introductions, one member agrees to take you on a mini tour of the company building

- “hi, I’m Jeonghan,” he greets you

- you greet him with a hello and your name before you begin a conversation as you walk through your tour

- you guys get along comfortably, and by the end of the tour, the both of you are practically conversing the way best friends would

- as he leads you to building exit to end the day, he asks you

- “y/n, I know this is really random, but did you happen to see any of us members around the building when you first arrived today?”

- you don’t recall seeing anyone so you reply

- “I don’t think so, why?”

- “ah nothing,” he smiles but it appears he’s holding back a laugh. “I was just wondering…”

- did that have to do with the way Dino was treated earlier?

- you shrug it off for a little and head home after exchanging goodbyes with that nice tour guide

- but at night you can’t help but think of what happened earlier again

- even though you don’t know what all the fuss was with Dino and the other members

- it’s bothering you

- what did you do? was it even your fault? or was it his?

- you tell yourself to forget about it and start off clean on the first official day of work tomorrow

- when you report to the company building the next day, everything goes the way your internship advisor has said it would go

- you pick up your to-do list from your boss’s office and go off to wherever you feel like doing your work in the building

- and after spending a lot of time trying to find vacant places to work, you finally find the practice room to be empty

- you find it kind of weird because lol aren’t there a lot of groups under pledis that practice daily???

- but you go with it bc you’re not complaining

- it’s a nice room :D

- wElp s0rry, you were kinda right earlier when you said artists need to practice there because GUESS WHO DECIDES TO WALK IN THE SECOND YOU GET SETTLED

- “Oh, hello, y/n,” Dino greets you with a bow

- you do the same for him, but you can’t help but feel kind of awkward as he drops his backpack by the sound booth right next to your workplace and gets settled into the room

- “I hope you don’t mind if I play songs on the sound system for practice right now?” he asks you

- “oh it’s okay,” you reply. “I usually like to have a little bit of music playing while I work on things anyways.”

- “okay!” he replies cheerfully. “Just let me know if you need anything, alright?”

- aw this guy is so… nice?

- “thank you, Dino,” you smile

- “oh no, please call me Chan,” he laughs shyly. “I mean… Dino, Chan, it’s up to you, really.”

- “okay Chan,” you smile at your paperwork and get started with your tasks

- he smiles as he starts playing the first song

- you don’t know this but Chan gets this warm feeling in his chest when he hears your voice chime his real name for the first time

- ahgghh I can’t let the hyungs think they’re right, he thinks to himself

- promise yourself now, Chan, that you won’t end up liking this girl

- I mean pshh this is only your second time seeing her

- that weird thing in your chest can’t be anything significant

- right?

- lmao just wait, Chan

- so the both of you are pretty much silent in the practice room

- well besides the music playing in the background

- there’s no conversation

- it’s just you working on paperwork and Chan working on choreography

- from where you are sitting, you can see Chan’s phone hooked up to the speaker system on the sound booth

- and whenever you got curious as to what a certain song’s title was, you’d peek over from your desk to see his phone screen

- after awhile, you notice his phone practically blowing up with messages

- since the phone is so close to you, your eyes can’t help but read a few of them:

- Seungkwan: “tryna show off your dancing skills to the girl, hUH”

- Seungcheol: “I see you, Channie ;)”

- Minghao: “yo I didn’t think you’d actually like her, but I guess you do since you’re literally practicing dancing in the same room she’s working in on purpose”

- Jeonghan: “EY AEGI (baby in korean) GO GET ITTTTT~”

- you blush a little at the messages

- it was pretty obvious

- they couldn’t be talking about anyone else but you

- you look out the windows and doors and see if anyone’s peeking into the practice room, but there’s no one

- are they hiding or something?

- how did they know we’re in the same room?

- and does Chan… like me???

- you want to tell Chan that his phone is exploding with messages, but you don’t want to seem nosy

- so you sit quietly and continue your work

- but ofc Chan, being a little self-conscious around the new intern, glances back at you every now and then while he’s practicing

- he catches you looking at his phone

- “hey, is something wrong?”

- “OH nothing nothing!!” you panic and revert your eyes back to your papers. “I’m just… checking out the song titles, that’s all.”

- you technically weren’t lying because you had been checking the titles earlier, but you only told half of the truth so you’re still kinda guilty LOL

- but Chan believes you and flashes you another cute smile before continuing his practice

- you finish your work, and the both of you say goodbye before parting ways

- Chan decides to take a look at his phone after you leave

- and his mouth drops at the sight of all the messages the members spammed him with

- and they we’re all obviously about you

- he’s pretty sure you saw these messages too since they were sent awhile ago rip

- WHY DO THEY ALWAYS GOTTA PICK ON ME AT THE WORST TIMES, Chan would think as he covers his face with a hand

- he informs the members about this on the svt group chat


- Jeonghan: “Oh is lil aegi mad?”

- Mingyu: “dude what’s with the angry text?”



- Mingyu: “because we all know you got a little crush on her lmao”

- Chan: “BUT YOU GUYS”


- Joshua: “wdym”

- Seungkwan: “yeah calm down. it’s not like she saw them”

- Seungkwan: “right?”

- Chan: “…”

- Seungcheol: “shit”

- Hansol: “oh my god we’re sorry, Chan”


- Minghao: “lol guys we really fucked it up”

- Chan: “yes she was looking at my phone and she said she was looking at the song titles, but now I think she was lying”

- Junhui: “oh yeah she was definitely lying then”

- Junhui: “If I were her, I’d be more interested in those juicy texts than some song title”

- Chan: “I hate all of you”

- Jeonghan: “wait Chan”

- Chan puts away his phone and flushes red in anger and embarrassment

- he doesn’t wanna care about what happened because he doesn’t have any concrete feelings for you

- but at the same time he cares a lot because now it’s gonna be very awkward between you two

- what are you supposed to think of Chan after seeing those messages?

- a part of him wants to hide from you for the rest of his life

- but luckily, his mature side takes over and makes the decision to talk it out with you the next time you guys bump into each other

- a day or two later, Chan spots you in the hallway

- and he finds himself walking toward you

- here we go, the both of you think simultaneously at the sight of each other

- “hey y/n,” Chan greets you

- “hi Chan.”

- silence follows

- “look, about the other day… ugh I hate to be like this with you but… were you really looking at the song titles when I asked?” he gets into the questions right away

- you know exactly was he’s talking about, and you know you would feel guilty if you pretended to not know

- “oh, well yeah I was checking for the titles at first, but then… you got a few texts and-”

- “I know, I just want to apologize for… those,” he looks down to avoid your eyes

- “It’s okay! I know what it feels like to be in that kind of position where your friends constantly bug you about a specific person,” you explain sympathetically. Chan looks up at you again

- “oh, really?” he smiles. Wow, she actually understands me…

- you nod. “Yeah, I get it.”

- Chan sighs in relief

- “Maybe we should start again?” you suggest

- you hold out a hand and the both of you reintroduce each other with a handshake

- Chan would be so freaking happy when he clears that all up with you

- he’ll probably hit up the group chat again

- Chan: “I’m sorry for getting mad the other day”

- Mingyu: “now you come crawling back huh”

- Seungcheol: “hey he’s apologizing, just take it”

- Joshua: “no we should be apologizing, Chan. we went a little too crazy with the spam the other day and we’re sorry”

- Seokmin: “none of this would’ve happened tho if Chan hadn’t said y/n looked pretty when he saw her walking into the building on her first day”

- Hansol: “lol”

- Jeonghan: “SEOKMIN STOP”

- Minghao: “he’s kinda right tho, it all started there”

- Chan: “wow I come back to apologize and this is what I get”

- Seungkwan: “Seungcheol: hey chan, did the new intern walk in yet?

- Seungkwan: “Chan: I dunno, maybe. I just saw a pretty girl walking into the building a few minutes ago

- Seungkwan: “everyone else in svt: OOOHHH DID CHAN JUST CALL A GIRL PRETTY???



- Seungkwan: “ok I’m sorry”

- Chan: “it’s okay we made up. I explained everything”

- Wonwoo: “so are you guys friends now?”

- Chan: “I guess???”

- Mingyu: “:3:3:3:3:3″

- Soonyoung: “my boy”

- Minghao: “we all know you want more than that though”

- Chan: “bye I regret coming back to this group chat”


- with this new, clean slate, Chan would feel so confident about initiating conversations with you and joining you at work for mini hangouts

- and tbh he wouldn’t even notice that he’s been developing a legitimate crush on you unless another member talks to him about it

- maybe Soonyoung because he’s got the cutest hyung-dongsaeng relationship with Chan :’)

- you’d be hanging out with Chan in the practice room again when Soonyoung comes in to get ready for the performance team practice coming up in a few minutes

- knowing their schedule, you say your goodbyes before leaving the two dancers alone in the room

- Soonyoung turns to Chan and grins as soon as you close the door and depart

- “Chan, admit it. You like her.”

- “no no, I’d never-” the maknae shakes his head in denial but Soonyoung interrupts his sentence

- “then tell me why you’re always hanging out with her.”

- “I mean is it wrong to hang out with friends??”

- “there’s nothing wrong with ‘hanging out with friends’ but there’s a difference between that and constantly talking to a single person 24/7.”

- “what? What are you talking about?”

- “I see you texting y/n on your phone all the time, and as soon as she gets to the building for work, you guys meet up and hang out for hours.”

- “She’s not objecting to any of it though…” Chan shrugs and hides a smile

- “YEAH EXACTLY. So don’t give me that ‘I don’t have feelings for her’ bullshit because I won’t believe you,” Soonyoung narrows his eyes at Chan and shakes his head

- “okay fine,” Chan blushes. “Maybe I kind of like her…”

- “kind of??? Dude, you’re so whipped for this girl.

- so Chan accepts his feelings for you

- luckily, the way he’ll act around you won’t be too different from the way he treated you before

- except he’d be smiling a whole lot more when he’s with you

- it’s just because he can’t believe how lucky he is to be this close to his crush I’m crying how pure :’)

- the only other difference in hanging out with him while he has a crush on you would be ALL OF THE BABYING FROM HIS HYUNGS OMF

- you’d be having such a great time JUST with Chan, but then some member like Junhui would walk in and think it’s a f a n t a s t i c day to run over to Chan and pinch his cheeks to embarrass him

- “JUN HYUNG, PLEASE NO,” Chan would plead constantly

- his face would be heating up and you’d be there laughing at how funny his hyungs can be

- Chan would probably be annoyed every time this happens, but he’ll get used to it eventually sorry Chan pt.2

- tbh he wouldn’t really think of confessing because he’d love how perfect your friendship is with him the way its, and he wouldn’t want to ruin it

- so if anything, the confession would be by accident

- and ofc what kind of confession would it be without the help of his lovely, supportive hyungs ;)

- so one day, you come a little late to work and find svt practicing altogether in the practice room

- you don’t get to see all of them together very often, so you weren’t ready for the explosion of “OOHS” directed at Chan and you as you walked in

- “jeez, you guys are never gonna live this down huh,” Chan rolls his eyes at the cooing members as he comes over to you to give you a hug

- “again, it’s all your fault for not filtering your mouth when you first saw her,” Seokmin spills out

- “wait what?” you ask out of confusion

- Chan gives Seokmin wide eyes with the other members. Did he really just say that??? Chan panics

- Seokmin adds. “Whaat? You guys haven’t told her about that yet?”

- “NO WHY WOULD WE TELL HER,” Mingyu laughs at Seokmin

- “tell me what?” you quirk up an eyebrow.

- “NOTHING, HE’S JUST…” Chan reddens

- “HALLUCINATING, YEAH THAT’S ALL. I’M HALLUCINATING,” Seokmin awkwardly laughs and scratches the back of his head

- you face gets serious. “Out with it, guys.”

- “y/n, it’s nothing imp-” Chan tries to explain

- “Chan, cut the crap. Tell me what’s going on,” you say a little more sternly

- the maknae sighs

- “just tell her already,” Soonyoung insists

- “okay fine,” Chan says a little frustrated. “On the day you reported to the company building for the first time, Seungcheol was asking all of us to keep an eye out for you, the new intern, so we can let your boss know.”

- “I saw you walking through the hallways, but I didn’t know whether or not you were the one they’re looking for. So when Seungcheol asked us if we saw “the intern,” I told him I wasn’t sure but I saw a…”

- he pauses out of hesitation

- “a girl,” he says and looks down

- “umm… I still don’t get it?” you respond

- Chan hesitates again

- “a pretty girl is what he meant to say. He called you pretty and everyone went crazy over it,” Jeonghan clarifies

- “… really?” you ask

- Chan nods as he faces the floor

- you try to fight a smile but can’t seem hold in the feeling of flattery

- “to be honest,” you cover your smile with a hand as you begin to put a statement together. “I thought Chan was kinda cute when we first met too”

- Chan looks at you and his mouth widens at your words

- if y/n thinks I’m cute, does that mean she… likes me too?

- “OOOOHHHH,” the 12 other guys coo loudly

- he smiles

- maybe confessing right now wouldn’t be such a bad idea, he contemplates

- “well to be honest with you,” he starts. “I’ve always thought you’re…”

- the words are stuck in his throat

- “CHAN JUST SAY IT ALREADY,” Soonyoung yells from the crowd of members

- “CUTE, I’VE ALWAYS THOUGHT YOU WERE CUTE AND I LIKE YOU OKAY?” Chan covers his mouth after his confession.

- his words are followed by another loud cheer from the rest of the group

- you blush in embarrassment as the others rush to Chan’s side and cheer him on with hugs

- “he’s grown up so fAST,” Jeonghan fake sobs as he holds onto Chan tightly

- “don’t reject out little guy, he’s a great boy,” Seungcheol says to you and pats Chan’s head

- you look over to Chan and his face is as red as a tomato. His eyes are glued to the floor

- “I’ve liked you for awhile too, Chan,” you confess quietly, but everyone still manages to hear it

- and at the sound of your response, the members push Chan towards you, and your body accidentally collides with his

- he backs away a bit to take a look at your face

- “sooooo…. what now?” he asks awkwardly as he stands in front of you

- “hmm… how about coffee at the cafe tomorrow?” you offer with a smile

- Chan laughs lightly. “Meet up here at 8am and we can walk together if you want.”

- you nod and the members resume their cheering

- “WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? HUG HER, CHAN,” Soonyoung screams again

- Chan opens up his arms and you come in for an extremely warm hug. He gently sways you side to side in his embrace I’M DEAD

- “NOW KISS,” Seokmin suddenly adds, but his comment is then greeted with light punches and hits from the other members

- Chan and you laugh at the suggestion

- “I think we’ve had enough of the babying today,” Chan says before he plants a soft kiss on your cheek

- “CHAN YOU’RE GROUNDED,” Jeonghan scolds him

Dirty Talk

Prompt from anon: “EXTREMELY ooc smut prompt that I can’t stop thinking about: “I’m gonna stretch that tight little pussy.”

Prompt from @2moms-0fucks“k. you ready? My head canon. Plot Twist: Scully is the one who dirty talks during sex. He wasn’t expecting that.”

Title: Dirty Talk

Rating: NSFW/Explicit

A/N: Thanks, you two, for the sexy little prompts! This was a fun one to write! I hope you enjoy! Thanks to @piecesofscully for taking a look over it to make sure I didn’t write something too stupid. 

I’m putting everything under a cut, because the following is very nsfw. Enjoy!


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What A Feeling #9 - I Miss You

Originally posted by dunkirks


*October 2017

It had been a few weeks since you and Harry had seen one another in person. This time around had been the longest you two had gone without seeing each other. Sure you were texting constantly and facetiming whenever you could, but it was still taking its toll on both of you. Harry had been asking you practically every day when you’d be able to fly out and join him on his tour for a few days, but you never had an answer.

You were still finishing up some appearances for your album and newest single release. You also had been spending the few days filming the music video. There were also countless photo shoots and interviews with magazines, so it wasn’t like you could just ditch them to see Harry. And he understood that but it didn’t mean it didn’t annoy him either.

One day you were out shopping with Eve and Ema, trying to get your mind off everything when she noticed something was up with you.

“Okay, spit it out,” Eve said. “What’s up with you?”

“There’s nothing up with me,” you said.

“You’ve been staring at that shirt for five minutes and it’s god awful,” she said taking out it out of your hands. “Now, tell us what’s wrong?”

You sighed. “I pretty sure the distance is getting to me and Harry. This is the longest we’ve been apart and it’s really hard. I mean the other times we were apart, we always knew a specific date on when we’d see each other again, but now with my schedule us seeing each other again is so up in the air.”

“Ah, Now, you’re in the position that we’ve been in for years,” Eve nodded. “And yeah, it’s fucking hard, but your relationship is still new, so it’s going to be even harder at first. It doesn’t exactly get easier but doesn’t feel so intense after awhile.”

“Yeah, and while it’s tough now, just think of what’s it’s going to be like when you finally see each other again,” Emma smiled. “It’ll be like Christmas morning, your birthday, and Valentine’s Day all rolled up in one.”

“And just like Christmas, it feels like it’s never going to come,” you sighed.


“For fuck’s sake,” Harry snapped. He sighed running his hand through his hair. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

Harry was at soundcheck for his show that night and he was distracted. He kept coming in at the wrong time and missing the wrong chords on the guitar.

“Look, maybe we should just call it day,” someone said.

Harry didn’t respond instead he just shoved his guitar off and walked away. He went back into the dressing room of the venue and sighed. He was beyond frustrated at the moment. He grabbed his phone from his back pocket and sat down on the couch in the room.

“Hey love, can you facetime?” He quickly typed to you.

“Sorry, can’t. We’re about to start shooting,” you sent back five minutes later.

“Damnit!” He shouted throwing his phone across the room.

He regretted it as soon as he had done it and knew that he needed to calm down. But it was hard. He missed you. He missed you like crazy it was starting to affect him.

What he didn’t get was that he was used to missing people, his mother, his sister, his father, other friends and family, but missing you was something totally different. It genuinely felt as if part of him was missing when you were away. If he hadn’t already figured it out, he definitely knew it now.

He was in love with you.


“Oh, come on! It’ll be a great surprise!” Emma said. “If you fly out now, you’ll be there right after the show.”

“I don’t know,” you sighed. “We’re supposed to go that event tonight as a band.”

“And? It’s not like its a charity thing or a something for you guys. It’s a birthday party…” she said. “Besides after tonight, isn’t Harry flying back to the UK for the next leg of the tour?”

“Tomorrow morning, I think,” you nodded.

“So, now is your chance to see him,” she said. “And for at least a good week or so, your schedule is clear.”

“No, it’s not,” you said. “We’re supposed to be performing at-”

“Actually,” Emma said. “That got rescheduled.”

“Wait? What?” You asked. “By who?”

“Apparently, there was an issue with the venue or something,” she said. “Mitch got the call this afternoon and that’s why I came straight over here.”

“Wait? Why didn’t I get this call?” You said looking through your phone. “Oh…I did.”

“See, now I already booked the plane ticket, so you’re going,” she said. “Besides you need to get away. You’ve been working for the last couple of months.”


The show went okay. Harry definitely could have done better, but also could have done a lot worse. He was thankful for the upcoming off days before his next show. He needed to rest his voice and his body from all the traveling. He really wanted to fly to LA and spend them with you, but you’d be busy, so what was the point.

He got back to the hotel, shortly after the show, and went up to his room. He was exhausted and wanted nothing more than to go to bed before his early flight in the morning. When he opened the door, he turned on the light and was slightly confused.

There were rose petals on the floor, along with shoes and other items of clothing that didn’t belong to him. Candles were also lit and he could hear music playing in the bathroom. He was a little worried and thought about calling hotel security, but he was also intrigued to figure out what the hell was going on.

He took off his boots and put his keys on the table. He kept his phone with him just incase he needed to call for back up. He slowly made his way towards the bathroom, when he heard the sound of water. Apparently, whoever was in his bathroom was taking a bath.

He opened the bathroom door to you laying in the bathroom, covered in bubbles.

“Why hello there, handsome,” you smirked.

Harry looked at you in complete shock. He brought his hands over his face and laughed. “W-What are you doing here?”

“Well, I decided to take a nice bubble bath tonight, but I didn’t want to take one alone, so here I am,” you smirked.

Harry laughed and walked over to you. He quickly pressed his lips to yours before jumping into the tub with you, fully clothed.

“Really?” You laughed.

“Yep, now come here,” he smirked pulling towards him.

You giggled climbing onto his lap wrapping your arms around his neck.

“God, I’ve missed you,” he said.

“I know because I’ve missed you like crazy,” you whispered.

“How long are you here for?” He asked.

“Well, it depends, do you want me to tag along with you to the UK for a few days or…?” You smirked.

“Wait? You can come with me? But I thought-” he said.

“One of our performances got reschedule, so that means no rehearsals this week, which means I’m free to do what I want with my time off,” you smiled.

“I’m really happy you decided to spend that time with me,” he smiled.

“Who else would I get to join me for a bubble bath?” You laughed.

“I’m sure there are plenty who would jump up at the chance,” he said.

“There’s only one person I want,” you whispered.

Harry pressed his lips against yours and quickly deepened the kiss. His hands were at your sides and your hands were in his hair. You two were so engrossed with one another, you didn’t hear the door open and someone walk inside.

“Hey, Harry you in here-” Jeff said walking into the bathroom.

You screamed a bit as Harry held you close to him to keep everything hidden as possible.

“Jesus, Jef, what the fuck are doing here?” Harry groaned.

“I uh- Wow. I’m so sorry. I’ll just come back,” he said before quickly walking out the door.

“Oh my god, that did not just happen,” you laughed. “Did you not lock your door?”

“Guess not,” he laughed. “Oops.”

“That’s so embarrassing,” you groaned. “I look like I’m trying to seduce you.”

“Aren’t you though?” He smirked.

“Shut up,” you laughed hitting his shoulder.

“Now, as much as I love this, the water is getting cold,” he said.

You nodded and you both got out. You laughed at Harry trying to take off his soaking wet clothes.

“I can’t believe you got in fully clothed,” you laughed wrapping a towel around you.

“There wasn’t enough time to take everything off beforehand. I just wanted to enjoy a nice bath with my naked girlfriend, who I haven’t seen in ages,” he smirked.

“Maybe I wanted to enjoy a nice bath with my naked boyfriend, who I haven’t seen in ages, but you ruined that,” you smirked.

“I’m naked now,” he smirked wrapping his arms around you and picking you. “Enjoy me all you want.”

“Ahh,” you laughed holding on to him as he carried you over to the bed.

“You’re getting the bed all wet,” you laughed. “You could have at least dried off first.”

“Why? You get the bed wet all the time,” he smirked.

“Shut up,” you blushed.

He laughed pulling you closer to him. He wrapped his arms around you and kissed your head.

“I’m really glad you came here today,” he whispered. “I was having a hard day all day and the show could have been better.”

“Do you want to talk about it?” you asked.

“No, I was just getting in my head,” he said. “And I might have started missing you a little too much.”

“I’m here,” you smiled.

“Yeah, you are,” he smiled. “And I couldn’t be happier.”


The next morning you woke up with your arms wrapped around Harry and the sound of the alarm on his phone going off. You groaned and kissed his back before reaching over to turn it off.

“I love waking up to a view like this,” he smirked pressing a kiss against your naked chest right in front of his face.

You rolled your eyes. “I’ll send you a picture.”

“But the real thing is such more better,” he smirked reaching up to touch you.

“Hey!” You laughed slapping his hand away. “We have a flight to catch.”

“Exactly, which means we have hours before we can properly have sex,” he said. “We just cuddled last night, which is totally fine with me, but it caused a little bit of a problem.”

“It’s not exactly a little problem,” you mumbled.

He smirked. “Please, I set the alarm, so we’d have plenty of time to fool around.”

“Wait, so I could have slept for another hour?” You gasped.

“Yep,” he said. “You can sleep on the plane!”

You groaned dramatically and looked down at him. “You’re lucky I love you,” you laughed against his lips.

As soon as the words left your lips, Harry’s body stiffened. Your eyes widen once you realized what you said and you quickly sat up embarrassed. Harry sat up and looked over at you.

“What did you say?” He asked.

“It’s nothing, I- it just slipped,” you said quickly.

“Did you mean it?” He asked again reaching for you hand. “Do you mean it?”

You sighed looking down. This was so embarrassing. You were afraid this was going to happen and why you didn’t want to be the first one to express your feelings. This was too soon, you two had only officially been together for like three months.

“Truthfully, yeah, I do,” you said. “But I know what you’re thinking. We’ve only been together a few months and it’s entirely too soon to be in love. And that you care about me, but you don’t love me, not yet at least. And I completely understand that.”

Harry laughed. “Are you finished?”

“I uh.. yeah,” you nodded.

“Truthfully, yeah, I am thinking that, at least part of that,” he said. “But I’m also thinking about how much I love you too.”

Your head shot up and looked into his eyes. “Y-You love me?”

“Yeah, I do you dork,” he laughed. “And now that I’ve finally said it out loud, I feel like this huge weight has been lifted off of me.”

“Wow,” you whispered. “Huh, I was expecting this happened,” you laughed.

“Me either,” he smiled. “But I’m glad it did because now I don’t feel like I have to hold my tongue when I’ve waited to say it to you so many times before.”

“I know what you mean,” you smiled. “Can you say it again?”

“Only if you say it again,” he smirked.

“I can do that,” you smiled.

“Well then, Y/N, I love you,” he whispered.

“Harry, I love you,” you whispered.

He smiled pressing his lips to yours and pull you tightly against him.

“Good thing you set that alarm,” you mumbled. “Because I need you so fucking much right now.”

He smirked. “And I’m all about giving my love anything she wants,” he whispered against your lips before flipping you over onto your back and giving you exactly what you want and more.

what the fox doesn’t say

James Potter added a life event: 

met the love of my life today 


Remus posted a new status: remember kids its all fun and games for the first two weeks but then you’re behind in everything and that is how you destroy your future and everything you love. 


Sirius: that was super depressing 

Sirius: wait do we have homework?

James: wait i think we might 

Peter posted three photos: this is why we shouldn’t drink with Sirius

1 Angry React, 50 likes 


Sirius: I feel targeted with this status 

Remus: why are you hanging from a chandelier

Sirius: i was channeling my inner sia  

Remus: makes sense 

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oH MAN so I have to share this… y’know how there’s the general fandom view that Ford’s influence was technically with us the whole time “through the journal,” right? 

well, I was ruminating over this today and sort of spouted a bunch of ideas @witete (sorRY ahahah XD) and we bounced some things back and forth and came up with an awful angst AU and I’m vaguely proud of it so okay here we go…

The sum of all of it: Ford’s trapped in the mindscape forever after Bill Cipher basically murders his body, but Bill’s threat still remains and Ford ends up learning to manipulate objects around him (i.e. like the journal) to try and warn people of this. Things do not go well.

I’ll babble on more under the cut. XD

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Alexander Nylander - Permission Part Five


Word Count: 1700

Warnings: A lot of cursing. Angry Kappy. 

Part One / Part Two / Part Three / Part Four / Part Five / Part Six / Part Seven / Part Eight / Part Nine / Part Ten

The following week had been uneventful. Work and errands seeming to take over all the days passing. You’ve noticed that recently you’ve been feeling motivated though. That you’re genuinely happy. Not a day goes by where you worry. You were enjoying life. You even got the chance to finally rearrange your living room to fit your personality better.

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Put My Heart Back Together

Summary: Reader isn’t human and when she finally confesses her love to a certain metal armed soldier, her heart breaks (literally) when he doesn’t love her back. Will the reader deal with the dullness she has to indure or will Bucky come to his senses? Soulmate AU?

Warnings: ANGST AF, fluff..? sex talk…? so many curse words Cap would be ashamed. 

Authors Note: Okay I am going to write a part two but idk about any other parts. Please tell me what you think! ENJOY LOVES!!! I listened to A Piece of Your Heart by Ariana Grande, when i wrote this. ( even though i don’t like her) This is absolute shit guys..

Originally posted by vanish

Y/N was not human, she was a very rare creature. Y/N’s kind take the appearance of humans at first, they only have one love and they have powers as well. Each one has their own power very unique to them. Y/N has the ability of fire control and the gift of real wings, her wings have the ability to come out of her spine when she feels it’s necessary. Y/N’s kind has one love as stated before but when they finally tell their lover they love them, if they don’t feel the same love their life gets duller, literally. Their heart tears into two separate pieces and the only way they can have it put together again is to have the person they love, love them back. They only and will only have one true love. When their lover dies, they die as well. They are based all on emotions and they think with their heart rather than their brain. When they hurt emotionally, they hurt physically. That is one of the reasons they are rare, they did not rage wars but rather try to resolve the issue. When the war reached Y/N’s home planet, thousands died and resulted in a handful making out alive. The rest of her kind is scattered throughout the universe, each one trying to find their lover so they can do the one thing they were made for. And that is how Y/N found her way into the Avengers compound. 

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Search and Rescue

Summary: After finding a terrified young Beck, you begin the search for her father, Dr Chris Beck, also your secret crush

Pairing: Chris Beck x Reader

Word Count: 2698

Warnings: swearing but other than that, none really. Littered with fluff!

A/N: Thank you, Anon, for requesting! I had my work cut out for me this time, considering I have minimal knowledge of NASA and have only seen The Martian once. Hopefully, I did things good though :)

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Originally posted by rogerses

Chris couldn’t help the grin on his face as the NASA facility he worked at came into view. He glanced briefly at his four-year-old daughter, Carina, as they approached. While being strapped down in her high chair, she was making rocketship sounds with her mouth as she made her little plastic shuttle fly through the air.

“Daddy?” She asked after a moment, clearly getting bored. Chris grinned. Carina had the shortest attention span he’d ever seen. But, then again, she was only four. “Yes, starlight?” He smiled and saw the cheeky giggle she erupted into.

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