even if they're lame


James/Thomas Appreciation Week

Day 3Favourite episode -> XIII 

Men like Thomas need men like you. To protect them from the world.


because the fanfic “flash point” by @actuallydeglace has made me alive lately. as in, i was almost caught at work for being lazy and reading.

my love for this ship has sailed once more.

doodles because i was lazy to do a proper coloured one- but i will surely make a proper fanart of a fanfic screams. also addd the 2nd one because i loved that chapter. (and i would totally draw all the moments i loved, there’s so much, they made me laugh alot)

  • BAP: We came from hell
  • ME: All hail Lord Beelzebang
  • ME: All hail Lord Sachan
  • ME: All hail Lord Daevil
  • ME: All hail Lord Jaecifer
  • ME: All hail Lord Demoon
  • ME: All hail Lord Mephistojellos

Serves you right (◕‿◕✿)

  • Q: Would you guys ever date a fan?
  • Ashton: Well it would suck if you dated someone who just despised your band. Like you would take her to your gig and she would just yell beside the stage 'YOU GUYS SUCK'
Boyfriend Monsta X
  • <p> <b>Shownu:</b> big sweaty bear hugs after he's done with practice. you've basically adopted six children good luck with that. him resting his head in your lap after a long day and you just comforting him. tries to keep the skinship to a minimum at first, but the longer you're in the relationship with him the more comfortable he is just having his arm around you in public.<p/><b>Wonho:</b> tries to get you to go to the gym with him, but he doesn't force you. always reassures you about how much he loves you. pulling you onto his lap whenever you're together on the couch cause boy loves to cuddle. trips with him to his mom's cafe, probably introduced the two of you three weeks into the relationship.<p/><b>Minhyuk:</b> making bets on video games and getting way too competitive during them. every time you guys walk past a pet store he tries to convince you that adopting a dog is a good idea. full of spontaneous date ideas, like texts you at 7am on a saturday like 'get up we're going to an amusement park'.<p/><b>Kihyun:</b> sings you to sleep whenever you ask (and when you don't). constantly teasing/dragging each other and people question whether you're actually dating or hate each other. him trying to teach you the basics of cooking and it turning into a big mess in the kitchen<p/><b>Hyungwon:</b> lazy days in bed just enjoying each others company. whenever he walks you applaud him and his model legs, he blushes and gets embarrassed every time. wants you guys to wear matching sweaters, but doesn't want to bring it up directly. lowkey really sweet, like will just randomly send you flowers at work.<p/><b>Jooheon:</b> does his aegyo for you whenever you feel sad. constantly dragging you to the studio because he wants to show you the new track he just finished. has a picture of you sleeping as his phone background. is just so proud of you and wants everyone to know that he's dating you.<p/><b>Changkyun:</b> telling each other bad puns and pickup lines even though you're already dating. laughing at all of his jokes even though everyone else thinks they're lame (which they are but you think its cute). the rest of the members teasing him and him getting all cute and pouty so you just kinda snuggle into him. ridiculously clingy, like always touching you in someway.<p/></p>

Dear Lee Taeil,

Thank you for being born and sharing your sweet voice as a gift to us all.

You are living proof that looks can be deceiving. Not only are you adorable on the outside, but you’re tough and inspiring. Words cannot fully describe how much you have inspired me. I can only hope all the best for you for years to come. Please work hard and continue your journey with Block B and look after the members. 

I am forever grateful to have you in my life.

Thank you, Lee Taeil, for simply being you.