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6/26/2017 hi yes pidgance is a cute ship and I love these two very much Im terrible at side view and heads so when put together. yeah. I tried

I sure love when tumblr makes the quality low. click it for better quality

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Can vampires dye their hair?

With great difficulty, maybe. 

As I understand it, the ammonia and hydrogen peroxide react together to activate the dye, lighten the hair (the degree of lightening is dictated by the concentration of peroxide) and to allow the dye to penetrate the hair shaft. 

So here’s the problem: I bet venom coats vampire hair with some extra-protective layers. To strip those layers and actually get dye to “stick”, you probably need to use industrial-grade ammonia. But that ammonia could potentially react very vigorously with the peroxide, bleaching your hair a fetching shade of Caius-white and/or drying it out. That would cause irreparable damage and make every colour you subsequently apply look weird at first, even weirder as it washes out. 

… and this is why most vampires probably go for darker, semi-permanent dyes, if they bother with colour modification at all. True dyes just aren’t worth the trouble. 


Happy 9th anniversary, SHINee!! ♡ ♡ ♡   #9yearswithSHINee

Marinette is probably rambling about how her crush on Adrien is gonna land her in jail while Alya just stares into the camera like she’s on the office.

drew something for a school project
can you tell my laziness;; I can’t draw males to save my life haha;;

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I do think Steve got a similar kind of ~obsession as Mitch, I mean we did 'adopt' him and rave about him too. But I think the difference is that it was actually warranted? Steve raved about us and Louis and spoke well of 1D, showed that he was a genuine friend for Louis, never acted untoward. And we saw plenty of candid interaction between him and Louis, and social media interaction with Louis' friends/family. And it didn't take 0.3 seconds and barely a spoken sentence for us to accept him.

Well, exactly, and that’s the point………people loved Steve for a reason, which is why it’s not comparable to the Mitch thing at all. Nobody is denying that we were up Steve’s ass, but it wasn’t over nothing. Steve cancelled multiple gigs/events so that he could perform with Louis after the loss of his mother. Steve was very obviously there for Louis when he needed someone - the night of TXF performance was the perfect example (right after the performance when he stood by Louis and comforted him, at the club afterwards when they hugged, etc). Steve immediately reached out to the One Direction fandom and was extremely appreciative of us. Steve and his team promoted their song and never showed anything less than 110% enthusiasm when Louis’ team was twiddling their thumbs and fucking him over by doing nothing at all. Steve continued to be respectful, kind, and lovely about all of Louis’ fans and never failed to praise Louis or us in an interview. Mitch has……existed in a documentary, done his job by performing onstage, and shown himself to be friends with Harry. Like…that’s great? I’m glad Harry has a new friend and I’m glad Mitch is doing something he enjoys, but that doesn’t change the fact that we as a fandom have no reason to be obsessed with him considering we know next to nothing about him and he’s shown no desire to be a pet to the fandom or whatever it is that people are treating him as at the moment. He and Steve just aren’t even in the same ballpark at this point and peoples’ obsession with him at this stage of the game just seems excessive, unnecessary, and weird af.

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Paperhat? Maybe some "kissing"? (as far as it's possible with that bag lol) Would you also do more suggestive/nsfw stuff or is that not your thing? (totally fine if it isn't!) I love the idea of a more dominant Dr. Flug, so maybe he is the one going for a kiss ... but still in a kinda shy way? Is that even possible??? Shy dom??? ahaha idk I should just shut up maybe;;; sry

This might not really be what you wanted. My only excuse is that the pure lil’ person, that I am, doesn’t know how to draw kisses.

Sorrey! *cries*